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Solomon: 'Big revelations all throughout' declassified 'Spygate' documents

2021-01-14 | 🔗
Just The News editor-in-chief joins 'Hannity' to discuss forthcoming release of 'Russiagate' information
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Conservative thought James Okeefe, we will be watching. Thank you for sharing. Turning to another breaking story, the source tonight telling Fox NEWS. Hundreds of documents pertaining to the greatest abuse of power corruption, scandal in american history are about to be dropped in droves, were talking about depositions, transcripts interviews, other key materials, all related to the Biden, Obama, administrations, effort to spy on the Trump campaign and the Trump White House. The trial presidency here with a full report on all of this, just the news, dot com founder John Solomon investigative reporter John. This is something you and I can report were not hiding it. We have been digging and digging for this information, for we have been trying to get a hold of this now its finally coming out. Yes, absolutely Sean, we will be a foot in height fourteen inches in documents and theyre, going to get to the heart of the things that the FBI
and the Justice Department have tried to keep in the american public. I will tell you a couple things for my reports. You havent seen the declassified documents, but from my reporting this is what I know Christopher Steele. After he was fired. He did a long debriefing and made expose of revelations to the FBI. The reason why he leapt to the whole Russia Collusion story during the follow up was to take the heat off Hillary Clinton because he was concerned. The email story was not going away and still burbling out there and he wanted to change the topic of the Washington thats, so significant hes, a foreigner who admits to the FBI he meddled in the election to help Hillary Clinton separately. He told the FBI in the long debriefing that he got his first primary sub source, the one that gave all that salacious stuff weve been talking about later debunked in the sub source disown. Some of the information saying I did not say that to Christopher Steele the person who connected him to that the impeachment was the
former and FC the person who hooked me to my sub source and later I went back and told her hey. If you help me out with the dossier, I witnessed the impeachment and having this level of involvement, we were kept in the dark during the trial until the last days of the Trump presidency. Big revelations like that, all throughout the documents. Okay, this is pertinent on a lot of levels and on the informative pop Annapolis Carter, page told by the FBI to stop by the Mackinac spy the higher honor himself, Jim Comey said. Why are we fighting to get him extradited where we find in Christopher Steele hes in the press business? It makes no sense to me its all to protect Hillary thats coming up tomorrow. Lastly, we will get to this in a second.
What do we know about about the preplanned premeditated attacks on the ossoff to max before? Apparently, a lot of people knew apparently a lot of people knew and did nothing. Yes. As early as Monday January, two days before the attack, the FBI had intelligence that they felt credible enough that there were multiple people planning an attack talking about killing police officers at the capitol. They briefed it to the joint terrorism tax course in Washington. The capitol police were alerted and the metropolitan police works. Mackinac were alerted Heres, something I confirm today. I confirm today none of the intelligence got the President Trump. They learned the effort to breach the capital started before the presidents speech started, and we now tonight have evidence from the FBI an affidavit that one of the instigators charged and the
involvement as a liberal anarchist activist named John Sullivan previously charged in Utah and another violent ride, RI the first of what may be many Nontrump people who will be cots involved in the breach of the capitol the police chief. That resigned was begging while before the event days before the National Guard, as it was beginning to unfold, they didnt give it to him. Then it like the optics that changes the whole story doesnt it that if it was preplanned, I guess that doesnt fit the narrative. That Donald Trump said now youre going to peacefully and patriotically march to the capitols. Are your can be heard? I think they got a problem here.
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