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St. Louis homeowners recount having to defend themselves as demonstrators approached property

2020-07-06 | 🔗
Mark and Patricia McCloskey join Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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Remember St Louis remember St Louis couple last week Mark Patricia Mccloskey. They were seen a woe is a viral video defending themselves and their property. After demonstrators, they broke down a gate they stormed into their neighborhood and, as Mr Mccloskey explained at the time, Annas wife grabbed their firearms as protesters gathered in there, threats were made on Friday black lives matter. Demonstrators returned to the St Louis Mansion as the pair watched from their balcony, explaining more about recent events Mark and Patricia Mccloskey. Thank you for being with us. I know. Senator Josh Hawley spoke up for you this weekend. Some overly ambitious prosecutor wants to actually charge you for what our legal weapons lets go back to the first incident. He broke down the gate. They made threats specifically against you, both of you and even your pets. Thats true, it was shocking. The gate came in seemingly
everybody in the world came forward literally. I think the estimate is three hundred to five hundred people came right towards us. We are preparing to have dinner on the porch and we were literally maybe seventy feet from the gate. By the time we got our guns by the time I got my gun, the crowd was maybe thirty feet or forty feet from us help with the threats. Patricia people were screaming everything that they were going to kill us. They were going to come in there. They were going to burn down the house, they were going to be living in our house after I was dead and they were pointing to different rooms and said thats going to be my bedroom and thats going to be the living room and im going to be taking a shower in that room. Then the dog barked there were so many threats, then the dog barked and they said im going to be killing her too or it. Mr Mccloskey, I talked to you at one point and
you told me that the police knew that this was happening the first time and they just decided not to show up it was posted on the web. Sean there was no mystery was going to happen by the way. If you look at the group that actually sponsors this its an entity called expect us. If you look on their facebook page the advertisement for this riot says we are going to March on the mayors House and a special surprise something extra that something extra was us lets talk about this weekend. Patricia you had put up a gate in front of your house. I understand what happened in the community did that we got a tip that the people were coming back and they were coming back specifically for us and to get us and to burn the house, and so we started trying to get private security. We had been Paul that the city police have been ordered to stand down. We had past holds that there was going to be no official help in our neighborhood association, put
out a flyer saying that if people broke- and they were just going to let them, and so he started trying to hire private security entity after entity said they didnt want to get involved. Thursday afternoon we started hiding valuables and securing the house, the last group of security people- and we were talking. These were special forces, guys told us they couldnt do it and we should just walk away from the house and abandon it, and we said we werent going to do that. I dont mean to tout another fox host, but I had some help. This is defunding the police. This is Americas future, defend yourself, youre on your own. It shouldnt happen in Chicago or New York. City shouldnt happen in St Louis either to anybody. Thank you both for joining us. Let me tell you one thing: real, quick sure we had a good routine on Friday, the local police stood up like champs and we had our own security. Everything happened just like its supposed to happen. The crowd was loud, but they
werent allowed to do anything.
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