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Steve Scalise on Nancy Pelosi's hair salon scandal: Liberals want the rules to apply to everyone but them

2020-09-03 | 🔗
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuses to accept blame for salon incident; reaction from House Minority Whip Steve Scalise and Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy.
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Welcome back to the welcome back to the special edition of Hannity Nancy Pelosi continues to come under fire for a visit to her shuttered hair salon. On Monday and during his rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump called out Pelosi and said this have a look. She made them open in the salon turned her in the salon that did business with her. How much do they hate? How much do they hate Nancy Pelosi? She said I was set up. I said it tell me she didnt. I said it tell me. She didnt say that she shouldnt be leading the House of Representatives. I want the salon owner to learn. I want the salon owner to learn
the House of Representatives she set up as speaker of the house. That was a big mistake. As soon as I heard she said she as soon as I heard she said she set me out house, minority whip house, minority whip, Steve Scalise, and I had a chance to chat with you on air. I want to ask one of the enemies of the state, Steve Scalise. What the reaction is this. This is another one of TH of Marie Antoinette moments. You have to close your shop and every storefront will be open.
There are safe protocols to do this and you have states like California that will cripple your businesses, shutting down businesses left and right. I think what angers people the most is having this attitude and we have to get this economy back open. There is protocols to do it. They are killing businesses left and right. What is angering from people of the most is a different set of standards, its a vast right wing conspiracy that somehow is engaging in this. You didnt use those exact words but thats impression she gives. Why was it even flows in the first place? Its such a great question
and the other question: is she wasnt wearing a mask and people arent surprised, shes, wearing a mask ive by the way had to wear a mask? When I got my hair washed, I thought it was ridiculous too, but I had to follow the rules because the owner of my salon is petrified of being shut down if petrified of being shut down. If I dont wear it its a high risk group and shes, not afraid of Covid, is it about slowing the disease or slowing down the economy is as political or not when she said she was set up. We didnt just insult that salon, owner or former hairdresser. She insulted every salon, owner and hairstylist across the country.
She is an elitist, no question about it and that Marie Antoinette moments, as a representatives, Kelis says, will be long remembered by everyone who is struggling through all the rules that she hasnt a list a congressman. She said it was a set up said it was a set up, thats her excuse, and what is your reaction to that? It doesnt pass the smell test in the salon owner. Some person is struggling to get by right now, her business, like so many others, are shut down and limited, and then shes going to blame her when she knew what she was her when she knew what she was doing.
We also know that people are dying because businesses are shut down. People are dying because they are not getting their mammograms or the cancer screenings. We have to get this economy safely, open kids that are not going to school because its doing long term. If the system is taking money and not educating her child shouldnt, you be able to send your child somewhere else where they will educate the child safely. Jason last time for Rachel last time for Rachel Rachel
and its making people question and its making people question: where are these rules and why are they in place and is there another sort of political.
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