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Team Trump marches forward with legal challenges in key states

2020-11-12 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Ari Fleischer and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee join 'Hannity' with reaction
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Election process, thank you both here with more reaction, ARI Fleischer and former Arkansas Governor and Fox NEWS contributor, MIKE Huckabee. You are very clear. This is healthy. Something Biden said in his first debate that he would do hes not waiting. Is he as usual? President Obama is exactly wrong. This doesnt delegitimize our elections. It legitimizes them. This is the exact type of review you do after to give people faith that the system is proper. If we find nothing has been done wrong, thats good if they find things just like when Kayleigh Mcenany is talking about seven counties in Pennsylvania, where Democrats get the cure their ballots in advance, contrary to the law and Republicans dont thats, exactly what the Democrats did to the Bush campaign in Florida in two thousand,
they sought a recount in the three most democratic states run by democratic officials. Weve seen this game plan before it doesnt mean they are going to get the president over the top. I think the margin is too high for them to climb its what you do after an election, especially a close one, if you dont have integrity. Look at how great your state runs on election. Nobody is going to convince me. We cant get this right if we want to get it right. They dont want to. I have this document here. This is September 23rd, two thousand and twenty, and this came from the House Judiciary, Committee, Jim Jordan, is the committee. Jim Jordan is the ranking member everything that happened he predicted, like the President predicted governor. Can you hear me
I didnt realize you are throwing the question to me. The crazy thing is we can take votes on american Idol and judge a comedian with one hundred million votes in less than an hour. You cannot tell me that something as important as the presidency of the United States cannot be tabulated and its going to take us several weeks. I would suggest what Joe Biden should do if he wants to bring unity and bring these seventy one million trumpeters together. Let him be the one to call for a full transparency investigation, a complete clearing of all the ballots to make sure they are legit. If that turns out to show that he did in fact get more votes and won the electoral college, then we all go quietly into the night licking our wounds. What you cant have is an election that has lots of dark clouds hanging over it, because this election is too important. You cant unfry the catfish once
its in the grease and im afraid that sometimes these reporters and news agencies have been so anxious to try to get this result agreed to by everybody before we know what the results really are, thats what I hope people will understand. We talked about Joe being weak and frail and struggling cognitively. A lot of Democrats told me that every Democrat tells me they cringe any time Biden his mouth not going to be able to hide. Is he going to hide in the White House Bunker now what Joe Biden has gone off and it drives me? Crazy- is an easy going press corps. All they did was put balls on tees. Tell us why you hate Donald Trump.
I have no faith. They are going to be tough on Joe Biden and hold into account. He can skate he can get by if the press lets him get by in. That has been the pattern with him all along one thing, I have to say going back to what Governor Huckabee said about grease and shrimp and frying pans. You cant take the cream cheese off of the bagel after its toasted laughter, he wrote a whole book about all of these things, something about grits in the title. I would fear, if im a Democrat, that their great nightmare would be if their dream ever comes. True, God forbid a Donald Trump announcing hes going to run in two thousand and twenty four and hes going to literally be on every issue every second every day and dominate the news cycle, because Biden is not capable of it. It would certainly mix things up. I think theres about seventy one million of us. That would be
ready to go if he gives the word word. They throw pitches at Biden like they throw at a 5 year old in a peewee game. How the american public cant see how the press has discredited self shamed itself disgraced itself. That is beyond my understanding. We send election observers to other countries. Maybe we need other countries to send them here its sad. We are capable of so much more, but they dont want that capability. Speak of the New York Times ran a banner headline saying there is no fraud. The story was that there wasnt sufficient fraud to put the numbers over the top, but the headline said there is no fraud in America. What I want to know is, we know dead people vote. Is it three people? Thirty three hundred three thousand? We have a right to know that,
because it can affect a local election Senate election, it is a much closer election. We need to run this to ground. We need to have legal standards that apply for everybody every state, so people.
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