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Ted Cruz discusses next steps in legal fight over 2020 election

2020-11-05 | 🔗
Senate Judiciary Committee member joins Sean Hannity to discuss the ongoing voting controversy
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Trump dot com- here, five bucks goes trump dot com. Here, five bucks goes a long way. We need to get to the truth, TED Cruz of Texas Senator you are one of the smartest lawyers and best students of Alan Dershowitz. You know election law, you are allowed to have partisan observers, they are not being denied, they are being denied access. What does that tell you and what is the remedy? Sir? Well, Sean, what we are seeing tonight? What we have been seen in the last few days is outrageous. It is partisan, it is political and it is lawless and we are seeing this pattern and democratic city after democratic city with the worst in the country right now, Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. They are not allowing the election observers in despite clear state law that requires election observers being there. Despite an order from a state judge saying election observers have to be within six feet of the ballot counting, they are just ignoring the law, they are defying the law and there is a reason they are doing that there is a reason they are
defying the law. The reason you dont want observers there is because you are doing something you dont want to be observed. I am angry and I think the american people are angry because, by throwing the observers out and clouding the vote, counting in a shroud of darkness and setting the stage to potentially steal election, not just from the president but from over sixty million people across this country come all across this country. It is lawless and they need to follow the law. It really is that simple, how are Americans ever to have, and whichever way the election comes out im for free, open elections? We are the home of Microsoft, Silicon Valley and Microsoft. Do you think that we could come up with a better system than this system with last minute, millions of ballots being sent
out and no observers of the count when the law requires it? Tell me legally. How does this play out is that the state legislatures? Is that the? U DOT S Supreme Court? Who will make the ultimate determination with the law being violated? That, in fact, invalidates the election that the law isnt followed, so its all of the above. We may see the state legislatures get involved. We may ultimately see the: U Dot S Supreme Court. The standard should be that we should be following the constitution. We should be following federal law. We should be following state law, the one its not happening, thats the point, and so in my view we need the Department of Justice in there to enforce the law. We need public scrutiny. The media is acting as apologist for what is going on. They cant figure out how to
count of vote. The state of Texas counted over eleven million votes and we got it done and we got it completed and yet Philadelphia and yet Detroit and yet LAS Vegas. They sit in a darkened room in Detroit and cover up the window. So no one could look at them and it is only the hard democratic cities where they know what the total is, that theyve got to get the votes. Theyve got to try to beat the president and they dont want anyone watching them. It is outrageous. I talked with the president this afternoon, Sean and ill. Tell you, the president is angry and im angry. The voters ought to be angry. The media has a shred of integrity. They should be angry too, that there is no transparency. This is happening under the cloak of darkness. Senator. Is it a fair statement to say that now that the law was violated and election observers were not allowed in the room and were not allowed to have their rights by
law that it invalidates the election on the local level, there have been through overs im, not saying for the whole country, but in a state that can prove that the law was violated and observers were kept away, which is their right, which is the law? Do you have a revote? That is a tough question. I can tell you in election law litigation. The standard for holding a new election is extraordinarily high. Courts. Try to do everything else before they do that, but you know I am more than a little frustrated that every time they close the doors and shut out the lights, they always find more democratic votes. Twenty years ago we had Bush versus AL. We saw that pattern. Every time there was a recount. There were more. It was always the Democrats that
would keep on finding votes. It was our belief that they were just sitting there. They were willing to steal the election. The answer really is dont. Give them the opportunity to steal the election zero. This afternoon I began my radio show im looking right now and Pennsylvania. He has over one hundred and eight. Almost one hundred and nine thousand vote leads. That is in six hours and forty two minutes. Welcome of the state attorney general has been very candid. He said that they intend to keep going until Joe Biden wins. It is, unfortunately, a partisan operation at a time when so many people just trust the process, distrust our democratic system. Refusing to allow transparency, let me give you an example: if someone goes into a bank and cuts off the security system and cuts off the cameras, is it
because they just intended to pause a check or is it because they intend to break the law when these partisan operatives throw the observers outcome of the natural inference which any court of law would take the natural inference? Is you dont want anyone seeing what you are doing? You intend to break the law and the consequences arent just a Philadelphia City Council election, but it is the presidency of the United States, and it is ridiculous that this is occurring right now, Daniel Horwitz, I will put it up on Hannity dot com who depends the outcome on any given state, thus, ultimately, according to the constitution, they wind up serving. So there is a lot of power there, like in a state like Pennsylvania, where its a
republican legislature look thats exactly right, thats, a big cannon to use. I can tell you in Bush versus Gore. We were having very explicit conversations about that in an attempt to steal that election. The answer that I want to see the outcome I want to see is to count every vote that was legally cast senator. How do you go back and do that when it wasnt observed when they were counting the votes? Well, we still have. The president still has a forty two thousand vote to lead right here in Pennsylvania. We need to get in there now not an hour from now, not two hours from now right now, I would bet you that ship has sailed and any shenanigans have already been done. That would be my best guess.
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