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Terrell: Obama trying to 'reestablish false racism claim' against Trump

2020-11-17 | 🔗
Candace Owens and Leo Terrell join 'Hannity' to discuss the Obamas recent attacks on the president
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Tonight the Obamas continued tonight the Obamas continued to spend their free time, smearing trump. Twenty four slash: seven on Instagram, Michelle Obama, accusing the president of spreading racist lies about her husband and in the same postacute, dismissed real evidence about voting irregularities is a conspiracy theory. The democratic party knows all about it. They fed US conspiracy theories for three years, but you know what was actually a conspiracy. Theory lies fake news about Trump and Russia and Ukraine in ignoring Joe and Hilarys dirty dossier. With reaction blackout, author Candace Owens LEO to point out, Candace thats, pretty hypocritical, I would say they are the masters of the conspiracy theory, not only that, but they seem to be so miffed by so many Americans view them is a divisive couple. Look at what theyre doing right here. This breaks, the etiquette of. Basically every former
administration has granted. It successors the decency of their silence when the Obamas you didnt, hear the bushes criticizing them at every turn, because it was the unspoken rule theres. A certain decorum lets leave them alone because they share an understanding of how difficult it is to be in that position to have your family reviewed under a microscope every second of every day and have so many people in the country, hate them, and so many people in the country love them theyve, never granted that to the trumps freight. I think it said that they move in this direction where they say im going to respectfully remain silent. Instead, they turned into activist which diminishes their record and their own reputation LEO. I cant think of a simple single Democrat. That said, you know what we were wrong on Russia and Trump, not one. They didnt care the Obamas, never open their mouth. All tell you right now, Sean its clear. The most important question in law is why
Donald Trump got seventy three million voters in the problems that Michelle and Barack are doing. They are trying to reestablish the racism claim, which is false, because it is a form of power, of keeping on the Democratic Plantation, Donald Trump shattered. All that it is all about power and to have a president Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama lie about Donald Trump and its feelings for people of color. People have woken up and they say its not true. President say its not true. President Obama, people of color all colors, are moving towards republican Party, but this is a way to keep power Sean. How are democrats doing with law and order in big cities?
How are they doing of the education of our kids in big cities? I will jump in here and say: please can desperate, I was going to say I jump in and say. If you call seventy five percent of black boys, they cant pass a basic reading, exam and California successful. I would call them incredibly successful. This is what LEO was talking about when hes about the democratic plantation. When we were slaves, illiteracy was necessary to maintain the plantation mentality. They have a must read orchestrated this by design making sure that our kids are focused on psychological conditioning. We have to learn about white privilege, theyre, not learning, academics and its when the great evils of the democratic party. Today he had eight years to fix it didnt he four thousand dead in Chicago his home
town, twenty thousand child. He barely mentioned it tell you right now: the black on black crime that happened during the Obama administration, the creation of black lives matter. During the Obama administration, there was a failure on racial politics, a total failure, and then you have Donald Trump who comes in and in four years blows away. The Obama and Biden Administration was school choice with the lowest unemployment rates for black Americans with the ice candace- and I were talking about ending his black colleges and school choice- is the key to break the poverty cycle. Thats. Why? I am on your program, thats? Why Candace is on your program because of education? Can you bring your hat next time? I think you need to make one for Larry and for can desperate, Candace doesnt need it. She is way ahead of us. No. She is one point, oh ear to point near the one that finally got on board
im to point out. Candace is eight. The first time I met Candace, she predicted to me that African Americans were moving to.
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