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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott provides update on surge of COVID cases, urges Americans to wear masks

2020-07-14 | 🔗
Gov. Greg Abbott joins Sean Hannity with insight on 'Hannity.'
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Every single person that comes in how is it? Okay, thats, not right joining us now, and the reaction with the very latest of ailments, Governor Greg, Abbott Governor lets, go put up some charts. I love our friends in Texas, youve been very firm and, I anecdotally have said im for masks. I am social, distancing, use of plexiglass and opening stadiums. If I have to go to a baseball game football game and wear a mask ill wear it in New York, I saw that it worked in my grocery store, my drugstore, nobody contracted it and they all had plexiglass and masks thats exactly what Texas has adopted. We observed the same thing early on. We had some grocery stores. They were ranked Americas, favorite grocery store. They had best practices in place to slow the spread and thats exactly what we are doing in Texas Sean. We do not want to shut
down business or Texas. Again, we cannot have that, but we can do. We can use these practices. Like will you just said, and if people can wear masks, we can use these other strategies to slow the spread. I want to add one thing, because I heard on your show what I hear on every show that, as people talk about the vaccines which will be coming before vaccines will come, will have therapeutic drugs coming and maybe two or three months before vaccines will come. So people will be treated to contract, Covid, 19 governor. We do know that, after all was said and done, it turns out the first real study on Hydroxychloroquine. It turns out Donald Trump was right. Very effective. Remdesivir is another drug showing promise im putting up on the screen, for example, the deal of new cases and your great state of Texas hospitalizations positively rate. We are seeing this a lot in the Sun Belt Pyramid Governor Desantis on
he pointed out something that I found very interesting. A lot of the new cases are younger people. They are less at risk that they are at risk of may be infecting grandma or grandpa. That concerns me as you look at the charts and you been very outspoken. What do you make of it? What are you seeing and what have we learned from the last time that you were implying? We are seeing two things we are seeing a meaningful increase in hospitalizations and thats, a very dangerous sign. We are seeing, however, what youre pointing out- and that is almost half of the people who are testing positive, are under the age of thirty five. As a result, it means that more people who are testing positive will not be going to the hospitals as before, but we do need to be very concerned about those who are hospitalized, but also we must emphasize exactly what he said, that is, for the young adults who do test positive. They can spread it with their parents with their grandparents
that can lead to the serious problem thats exactly why, during this time period, while we are waiting on medications, its so important that people in Texas, as elsewhere, wear masks, remember this also Sean this isnt, just Texas and florida- remember see whats going on in California Louisiana Illinois, all of which have upticks in the number of cases. My point is this: the coronavirus covid is not blue, its not red its, not democratic, its, not republican, its going to happen in any state, and we all just need to respond in ways to contain it. Without crushing our economies and without killing jobs, we can close the country down again. Let me just say this protect our economy. The same time I lived in the epicenter of this. I went to that same grocery store. Every week I saw the same cashiers. I saw the same kids. I even interviewed LA my radio show in our mass. Not one person got it so why? Why do I say ill? Wear it its short term,
its not going to be long. We will kill this thing number two. I wear it for grandma, grandpa, mom and dad and selfishly. I want to go to a baseball game and I want to go to football game if I have to wear it to go ill. Wear the stupid thing I dont like it but ill do it for other people, governor keep us updated.
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