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Trey Gowdy: Democrats are 'terrified' of their base

2020-09-17 | 🔗
Mob rule, socialism, and lawlessness: The new extreme Democratic party exposed.Mob rule, socialism, and lawlessness: The new extreme Democratic party exposed.
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Citing unanswered calls the cops and as if that wasnt predictable here with reaction to all of this Fox news contributor, former republican congressman, he has actually filled in on the show I dont watch the show when im away otherwise im not off Trey Gowdy is with us so good to see you when you look at the rhetoric of Joe Police, become the enemy and we are going to redirect funds. Kamala Harris says they are applauding and attempting to assassinate police officers. Thousands are injured, and forty five cops that this year on the job. Do you believe that rhetoric has an impact? Of course it does thats the only thing inside of violence, but had ten thousand arrests this year connected with the rioters and two dollars billion in property damage,
we have mobs chanting. We hope you die, took two police officers who are almost executed in the line of work, and we have other folks blocking access to an emergency medical care. The New York Times on the Washington Post and those on the left want us to believe that these protests are mostly peaceful. Two billion dollars point ten thousand arrests and we hope you die chanting thats, mostly peaceful. I hope it doesnt ever get violence, but the reality is: how do you have an entire convention and not mention the violence in city streets? How do they somehow bifurcate the twisted socialist brains into denying? What we see before our eyes happening and rejecting the help that the President is begging them to President is begging them to take? They are terrified of their base.
It was only when it became apparent that they were losing independent voters. Middle of the road voters because they refuse to acknowledge of the country is on fire. They didnt need to alienate their base so thats the conundrum they had to do. We speak out against this and alienate our base. The only reason that Joe said anything is because the polls are tightening and they are losing on the issue of public safety. They thought they could run the pandemic all the way through the election, and now the country is on fire and you have countries being assassinated and even Joe cant ignore that now I dont know if you are getting whats up with Joe. I dont know. If you want to work
in this in this dominant industry. You better have some frequency, because this is a hard job. I dont think I would hire Joe Biden to work on the show because I dont think he has energy to keep up. I dont think he has energy to work at a busy restaurant. Are you getting the same questions im getting? I am getting that question, but more than anything and getting who is Kamala Harris, because I think that there is a very real likelihood, a very disproportionate role in the administration if he wins weve seen coronavirus put that hold people with Michelle Bremmer or you can watch an interview, thats painful, to watch, but he will not be running the country even if he prevails in November howD. You like, like hosting the show
I miss you and your viewers, not as easy as it looks as it. If Jason Chaffetz can do it, then anyone can do it.
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