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Trump campaign announces states to hold public hearings on election

2020-11-24 | 🔗
American Conservative Union chair Matt Schlapp and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus discuss on 'Hannity.'
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Welcome back to Hannity, we are just six weeks away from the crucial Georgia Senate race money is pouring in control, for the Senate is on the line with so much at stake. Democrats resumed door to door, Canvassingar pausing, the Canvassingar pausing, the practice due to covid concerns. The Trump campaign announced that Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will hold public hearings on the twenty twenty election joining us now, with a conservative, Matt and Michael LAW President and former chairman of the Republican National Committee Ryan Matt, there is some news: coming out of Nevada, tell us what you are hearing and seeing
yes for the first time in this whole tragic story of the two thousand and twenty election, a state court granted the Trump campaign, the ability to present their case of widespread illegal balloting and depose up to fifteen people who know what went down in Clark County in the state of Nevada. This is big news. A lot of people in the national media said, if you have evidence of voter fraud, show it. We have thousands and thousands of examples of real people and real life instances of voter illegality. Its a great step, we will have a chance to present it in court. I believe the results in Nevada should be switched. I would like to hear the Clark County clerk explain
to people why non residents of Nevada can vote there. I cant wait to have him in a deposition, thats right people voting twice dead people voting the biggest thing, which is true in all of these states, including Georgia, where a third of the ballots were cast in the mail in Nevada. Half of the ballots were cast in the mail with no were cast in the mail with no legal signature. Verification in this Nevada. You had a massive task as the chairman of the Rnc to remake the republican brand, and the success was phenomenal not only for President Trump, but there is not a single Republican in the House of representatives running for reelection that lost this year. Thats phenomenal. Look at the number of women that gained seats in the House of Representatives on the
republican side of the aisle. Explain what happened? What did you do? Well, back in twenty thirteen, and one of the things we talked about in the party was having a full time year round, operation in communities not representing in Congress or in the state Senate seats or state assembly seats. The only way to do that is putting full time, people in Atlanta and Cleveland hispanic and black communities with leaders from those communities talking about things that the party believes in. We grew that the Rnc and what Ronna Mcdaniel has done is grow it bigger and do it in a way that is precise. When we talked about weeks before the election, we were telling everyone. This will be a much closer election than you think when you can see by a person when two million people are
filling in absentee ballots, you can see who is filling them in who they are voting for, based on consumer data, that you can look at thats. What happened? The party has grown successfully and grown in hispanic and black communities and the president of all people. Donald Trump grew our party in faith communities and in black communities and hispanic communities, and it was a great team effort. The national media ignored it never ran stories about, but it was huge. Our time is short. I want you each to tell me about Georgia. The swing of the Senate rests on the vote in Georgia. Matt. What is your perspective? There is a great push back from what happened on election day. Seventy three point: three million Americans. People like the election was handled in an improper way.
There are too many illegal ballots in the tally. You will see Trump nation push back in Georgia, like you have never seen the first test of what the american people think about the election results. I think it will result in two Republicans being returned to the United States Senate and Mitch Mcconnell and the Republicans being the majority there. I hope thats the conclusion, but this is a very difficult fight here. I hope to God. Matt is right. I think he will be right. This is a 50 50 race, dont. Think for a second that, just because this is Georgia, it can go either way. We will either win two or lose two. It wont be a theory. We will win one. We will win them both or lose both. This will be a 50 50 shot. Everything will count. Everything is on the line.
If you are out there and you can help or send in money, we are going to need it its going to than close, it is going to be a tight race. Thank you and have the best possible thanksgiving. You can.
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