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Trump campaign demands transparency, accountability in vote audit push

2020-11-11 | 🔗
Sean Hannity weighs in on claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.
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Great honor tonight, thanks Tucker, he is a great man, amen, welcome to Hannity. It is 900, p, DOT M on the EAST coast, 600, p, DOT M on the West Coast and, while the very frail the very weak cognitively struggling Joe Biden is probably fast asleep in his basement bunker dreaming of picking out drapes for the oval office. Well, investigations continue in multiple key states where hundreds now of sworn affidavits are being filed. Lawsuits are being filed, alleging serious election misconduct, and I have a message for the media mob and hypocritical democratic socialist tonight. But we begin tonight lets start with a look at the state of Pennsylvania after shocking scenes of election day, chaos in Philadelphia questions about mail in ballots and across the state lawmakers now on. Both sides of the aisle are calling for an election audit thats a first step in Michigan. The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit, accusing poll workers of blocking election observers from viewing the vote
counting process which, by the way it is written into the law. Meanwhile, other suits are filed in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and breaking earlier today, Georges Secretary of State finally ordered a full recount by hand. Now this is critical as we get into the software as John Solomon reported used in twenty eight states that had the little computer software glitch in Michigan youre going to be hearing a lot more about this in the days to come. This comes too is the Trump campaign highlighted a number of Georgians who voted from beyond the grave. This is an amazing thing in this country. I never knew this was possible, but, according to the campaign, James Bolick from Covington Georgia got his name used to pass a ballot. Last week he died in two thousand and six averaging Christianson from Ross. Well, I lived in Ross Ball. Four years, suburb of Atlanta
of two thousand and nineteen get someone registered October fifth. This year the campaign found votes from Linda Kessler, who died in two thousand and three also from an advert ski out who died in twenty fifteen. Of course, these are just a few examples. Look at your screen state after state after state. There is evidence of numerous individuals somehow able to cast a ballot after their passing. What an amazing accomplishment at this point, its not totally clear just how many dead people voted, but according to an ongoing lawsuit from the public interest Legal Foundation, the state of Pennsylvania alone, twenty one thousand deceased individuals remained on the voter rolls prior to the election. The same group filed a similar suit against the city of Detroit in two thousand and nineteen alleging the city had over two thousand five hundred dead people on their voter rolls, including one its pretty amazing, born in eighteen, twenty three. Meanwhile, in Michigan there are roughly two hundred thousand more
registered voters in the state than actually voting age. People. If you look at the twenty ten census, even in the state of Connecticut come in one house race, a Democrat was declared a winner until a county clerk discovered votes from an entire polling site. Nobody had ever reported them and lets not forget the software error. We are going to be focused on this. A lot wrongfully awarded Joe Biden, thousands of ballots that were cast for President Trump until the problem was amazingly fixed and according to a report that very same software, its from a company called dominion, voting systems, yeah that was used in twenty eight states, including for the very first time all of Georgias. One hundred and fifty nine counties now this hand, recount in Georgia, im very interested in watching this one. This is the most technically advanced we are as a country. We are the wealthiest nation in the world. We have apple, we have Microsoft, we have
Silicon Valley, we have some of the best engineering, medical, researching scientists in the entire world and american voter. The isles you, the american people, lets all put this on re demand better. It is now more than a week after the election, and some states are still counting votes and other states may handle them perfectly had results within hours. This comes after weeks and weeks of early voting, millions of mail in ballots and well. I have a question tonight for the entire country. Why cant? We have one election day, just one where Americans vote in person, with the exception of those who are really unable to make it to the polls. We have the proper checking process. Why cant? We have a system where voters are actually verified with a photo. I dot d, just like. If you go to a democratic national convention, I needed a photo, I dot D. Then I needed to go through the metal detector that
I needed to be wanted. Why cant the worlds only superpower count all of the ballots the night of the election. I think we could, if we wanted to after witnessing the chaos over the last week, does anyone actually trust the process? I do not by the way. Many of us do not fear. If I make no mistake, still razor thin margins in very important key states, we must count. We must verify every single legal ballot its that simple and by the way, this is exactly what Joe Biden promised. Perhaps he forgot just a few weeks ago, Joe, if you are awake- or maybe someone will show you this in the morning, they can remember, take a look. Will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified? Yes and Heres the deal count the ballots come, as you pointed out, some of the ballots in some states cant even be opened until election day and if theres, thousands of ballots its going to take time to do it
once the winner is declared. After all of the ballots are counted come all of the votes are counted. That will be the end of it. That will be the end of it and, if its me, fine, if its not me ill support the outcome, what happened to that Joe? What is the rush? He barely left his basement at all over the last six months. I think he could wait a few more weeks and certainly did in two thousand. You can count the days of the week may be memorized what job he actually ran for. He seemed to forget that a lot of regardless of what the mob and the media says. I do have a message to you, regardless of hypocritical democrats, the people that never accepted the results for four years of Donald Trump being duly elected by the people of this country. Every legal vote needs to be counted and I dont care how much you whine and complain and cry or your hypocrisy, all your double standards and neither do about seventy two million other Americans thats all before you get to start measuring drapes, of course, Joe and his fellow
Democrats and their allies in the mob. They dont really care about the integrity of elections or counting every vote. They only care, as we have been telling you about winning at about power. As we have now witnessed over the past five years, they will do anything and everything to achieve their goals. No conspiracy, theory to grant no riot to deadly no witch hunt to insane the left power is all that matters we dont get this right. Senator Lindsey Graham, is right. We may never have another honest election ever again. We deserve better. The world is watching us and they look at these states and then they look at a state like Florida, a state like Ohio, Florida, two time zones, elderly population mail in voting they prove they can learn from mistakes and get it right did.
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