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Trump campaign insists that every legal vote should be counted

2020-11-20 | 🔗
Former RNC chair Reince Priebus gives 'Hannity' an update on litigation in his home state of Wisconsin
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Its ongoing, we have a lot of work to do here now. Lets turn to Wisconsin, where recounts and two of the states, most populated counties are now officially underway, joining us with the very latest, his former White House, chief of staff, Reince Priebus and American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp. Thank you for being here with me appreciate it. Thank you are to be here. This is a situation where the Trump campaign paid two very populist, mostly democrat or lean Democrat counties for the recount. Can you explain why that was important and how its going? Thank you. This is really a straight up legal case in Wisconsin just to recalibrate, where things are and where they were. First of all, just for everyone, not understanding Wisconsin is not an early vote state.
In other words, back in two thousand and four the State Elections Commission said we are not going to be an early vote. States of whats happened over the years is clerks have allowed people to vote in person absentee early, which requires an absentee than the Trump campaign set. Their three dollars million fired the competition and after that was sent in they got together and said. We want to change the rules as of today in Milwaukee and Dane County. They havent told them, if theyre even going to allow them to review the actual applications which just strengthens a potential Supreme Court case in Wisconsin for a violation of due process and administrative proceedings. So so far, so good in Wisconsin not easy, but on the law, the
Trump campaign is direct. We just talked very quickly that this is about due process, but equal protection as well when we are dealing with whats required of Republicans and Democrats and who is allowed to vote and who, who is allowed t cure their ballots, who gets a chance to have their provisional ballots counted is in that the trajectory to the Supreme Court when it comes to that large framework about equal protection and due process it is and on an equal protection claim. One of the allegations is a good one that this is Madison Wisconsin, where the university is a very liberal area. The county clerk decided and declared it to anyone in Dane County, but in order to get around this big voter, I dot d law that you could come to the clerks office in early vote time for absentee
ballots. Declare yourself indefinitely can find a new that it will not have to show a photo. I dot D. So that was one of the reasons why, instead of the normal eighty thousand people that are indefinitely confined in Wisconsin this time around one hundred and forty thousand people in Wisconsin, the emotional support animals at airports just show up and say I need the animal had everything in a golden retriever on the plane with you, there goes bringing the Llama on board youve been, of course, on the ground involved in all of this. In Nevada, weve got states with some very colorful histories. We all kind of laugh at it, saying it. Doesnt really affect things, but youve been seeing certain things on the ground that really do have an impact thats right and id. Like to send a message, ive been reading on twitter
flying back to our nations capital, Senator Mitt, Romney Liz Cheney, saying this mantra of. If you have evidence of voter fraud, please show us. We have so many thousands of cases of illegal ballots in these other states that they completely one hundred percent Democrat Controlled County commissioner in Clark County, which is the County of LAS Vegas. This week just said they had almost one thousand instances of voter irregularities and they cant even explain. There are so many that, for the first time in a generation, they threw out one of the county commission races that occurred on election day, because they think the results are polluted. With this illegal activity, thats true for the County Commission, that must be true for the presidential race and over eight hundred written statements from people that saw irregularities. We have over twelve whistle blowers,
were being attacked and all of our lawyers are being attacked and losing professional responsibilities for just doing. One simple thing: in a democracy having transparency on our election, so that everybody in this country, when we walk away from this process, can feel like the true winner gets four years in the White House as it sits right now. There were so many illegal ballots, Nevada that actually its Donald Trump, who won nevada- and this is the same type of thing we are seeing in these other states. We have to get the bottom bottom of it. We do, and this is the founders knew this. This is why they extended the dynamic. They expected there to be a contested, dynamic and problem anticipating the modern world, but it really does come down to the court process going to play out. The american people deserve a few weeks for this to move through the system after
spending years dealing with hoaxes in an attempt to legitimize a Trump presidency. I think this is fair and the american people would agree that its fair and we will find out, I dont believe in litigating on television, but clearly within the court framework. We will find out and deal with it a day at a time, but in America clearly, cant stop looking at this once this is done. This is going to take some time, just like everything else. Trump has face down. That is major and takes a lot of time and focus on.
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