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Trump Jr.: Pence 'systematically destroyed' Biden-Harris record

2020-10-08 | 🔗
Trump Organization Executive Vice President joins 'Hannity' to give his reaction to vice presidential debate
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Elected to four more years, Sarah Sanders ARI Fleischer, always good to have you buried him. The president tonight had high praise for his vice president tweeting out MIKE Pence is doing great. She is a gaffe machine and, by the way in case, youre wondering according to the stats. Well, Senator Harris had a lot more speaking time in this debate. Joining us now, with reaction is Donald Trump Jr. I thought the vice president was like a surgical strike, effectively smoking out the radical policies that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Represent, which the media has given them a pass on. Up to this point, one hundred percent sean- I felt like I needed to dial nine hundred and eleven to report a murder I mean he literally just systematically destroyed Joe Bidens failed record commonly Harris Disastrous record Joe Biden leniency and softness towards China that allows them to grow while
selling our american dream to them. For nothing I mean he related a perfect job. It was just awesome to watch and she was just not prepared for it. You could see it in the facial expressions in the attitude that she talk and the fact that she started resorting to all sorts of lies and going back to the usual allies that theyd been pushing for decades, because you know, of course, if the Democrats, the media, is not going to debunk things that are known to be lies for you, they will let you get away with it. So she will try to pull that over the american peoples eyes, but he didnt let her get away with it and he did it with a smile on his face. It was an amazing performance. There was a moment. Let me play one vice President Pence lasted Senator Harris for undermining the confidence in vaccines. Now, by the way, youre a dad, the president, he will be the one that will decide for himself whether or not a vaccine is safe. That would be the scientific community, the scientific researchers, but there has been
an undermining going on and MIKE Pence called out Senator Harris on this. I think very effectively lets roll that tape speak with the reality is that we are going to have a vaccine senator in record time. In unheard of time. Less than a year we have five companies in phase three clinical trials, and we are right now producing tens of millions of doses. So the fact that you continue to undermine public confidence in a vaccine. If the vaccine emerges during the Trump administration, I think is unconscionable senator. I just ask you: stop playing politics with peoples lives a powerful moment, your father implemented theres, a couple of things where I thought the vice president set the record straight. One was on the travel ban that, through the end of March, Joe Biden was calling hysterical, xenophobia and fearmongering
that one decision, as Dr Fauci has pointed out in interviews with me, safe, potentially hundreds of thousands of lives, maybe more and that moment also Joe and Kamala, and the entire democratic Party were missing in action all of those early months. One hundred percent Sean but thats reality with them does a party of science when it behooves them. They always like to claim that, except for when the facts dont line up to whats, going on when Dr Fauci and get on the air and say that was single handedly, the biggest decision to save lives, to stop the spread. Stop the exponential growth of this virus thats. Why we didnt see an overwhelming of our hospitals thats? Why? No one went for indiscernible. You combine that with Donald Trump and MIKE Pences ability to channel a public private partnership with so many of our great corporations that took a businessman to make that happen. Thats why you had unprecedented success with ventilators cutting the bureaucracy and the
red tape is whats, allowing these medical companies to get a vaccine through in record time, like its never been done before. Meanwhile, they like to talk about the science of climate change were literally a one point. 4 degree change indifference in average temperature over, since I guess its one thousand eight hundred and sixty according to the science is responsible for the disastrous state of California work. Kamala Harris resides and is the senator thats the kind of nonsense they are going to try to push in the american people. That one point four degrees is why California is burning over one hundred and forty years, but the science from the CDC from the experts in the medical community that shouldnt count because it works against us because they didnt do anything for years and they had no response when they had their own pandemic, which was swine flu in two thousand and nine which their own people said. They handle disastrously and they were just simply lucky that it wasnt as deadly as this is.
Let me go back to lies that were told in the first debate and told by Kamala Harris tonight that we can easily fact check. I dont assume my esteemed colleagues that I call the media mob will ever do this, but she got caught lying about taxes, because Joe would repeal your dads tax cuts, which impact every american family. But this idea that neither one of them said they would ban fracking. They can say it come, but we still have something called videotape and they ought to be called out on it because its a flat out lie and lets go to the videotape Senator Harris youre entitled to your own opinion, but youre not entitled to your own facts. You yourself have set on multiple occasions when you were running for president, that you would ban fracking Joe Biden looked his supporter in the eye and pointed and said I guarantee I guarantee that we will abolish fossil fuels. I am not banning fracking.
Let me say that again, I am not banning fracking no new fracking. Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking, in a Biden administration? No, we would work it out. We would make sure its eliminated and no more subsidies for either one of those. So, first of all, I will repeat- and the american people know that Joe Biden will not ban fracking. That is a fact. Will you commit to implementing a federal ban on fracking your first day in office, adding the United States to the list of countries that have banned this devastating practice? Theres no question im in favor of banning fracking, you heard Joe. He would eliminate fracking no question. I will eliminate fracking both of them lied and say we are not going to illuminate fracking. So what is it I can offer it for you? They obviously will
I tweeted about it because he said it on so many occasions, its all most ridiculous, but thats the problem, thats sort of the dilemma we face. Joe Biden said he wasnt going to eliminate it, but in Pennsylvania, where he knows that fracking jobs are huge part of the economy and the media will let him say that there he can then say exactly the opposite in a more leftist crowd to get the applause lines and they wont say anything about the contradictions in turn: thats the problem thats. What we face hes allowed to live, he can lead to the american people. Just like Kamala Harris can lie to the people about the taxes just like she can lie about the Charlottesville nonsense, to give one line when its very clear, if you read the full sentence, everything that is talking about, but they continue to run with it. They continue to get away with it. The media continues to pretend that its even remotely truthful and thats the nature of the game and thats, why its so important for us to be able to correct these things. On the record in real time when we come back im going to show the full
Charlottesville tape, I will show all the times that your dad has condemned white nationalism and white supremacy and David.
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