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Trump on Kamala Harris: I'm not sure Americans want someone so liberal

2020-08-11 | 🔗
President Donald Trump joins Sean Hannity to react to Biden's vice presidential pick of Kamala Harris.
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Going to join us right now, and I guess if we have to give way nobody better than the President Senator think he was always for being with us joining us now live hes in the White House as we speak, the President of the United States. Mr President, thank you, Sir, for joining us appreciate you being here. Thank you. Sean lets start with the Big NEWS today, Kamala Harris your initial thoughts. Well, if you read the various political pundits you wouldve said, maybe that wouldve been the one. A lot of people think its a dangerous choice. She is the most person supposedly in the Senate, thats pretty liberal, but she supposed to be the most im, not sure thats what the country wants. I think, if it is weve got problems, I would be surprised if it is. She wants to raise taxes. She wants to get rid of your second amendment, no guns for protection, no, nothing! She is very strong on the second amendment, getting rid of it very bad to the military
she wants to cut the military. She wants to cut spending for the military and the vets, and you know I dont quite get the choice, but we will have it out here. We have a great vice president named MIKE Pence and he will take care of business just like he did the last time against a different candidate. Vice President Pence will exclusively join us on this program. Tomorrow. Lets go through some of the specifics one of the first Democrats to cosponsor. I call him Bolshevik Bernie Bernie Sanders. He used to be an outlier in the Democratic Party way outside the democratic mainstream. She cosponsored not only his single payer, Medicare for all, which would be anywhere estimates from thirty two to fifty four dollars trillion. She wanted to eliminate private health insurance, even for Americans that, like their plan, that sounds extreme, serve
well thats, one hundred and eighty million people, they love their plan, not like it. They dont want to take it away and if you going to socialized medicine, which is what she wants, and support strongly and thats, what Biden wants ultimately not quite have a choice, because his party wants it the people that really control the party he will never control the party they wanted. That means youre, destroying something that one hundred and eighty million people love. They have a plan that they really like thats, a very hard thing to do very hard thing to do with my the way I have to say Larry and LEO and Janine, and your great Senator John Kennedy, who was fantastic, Karl Rove, has been so great. You know Karl, and I had our disputes previously. We like each other, a lot hes been great Karl, was great tonight and I will say that was some precast I had on. That was very impressive. Thank you. I guess we call that the opening act, Mr President, they were good.
They were good. Ive talked a lot about this and when you were a candidate, I asked you many many times about the need for America to become energy independent. You went forward with the Keystone Xl Pipeline, the Dakota pipeline youve opened and Warren for the first time in seventy five years. America is now energy independent, and we are now also its been a longer period of time, the largest producer of energy in the entire world, cosponsor in the U Dot S Senate of this radical green new deal, Joe Biden has already pledged trillions of taxpayer dollars for that plan. All I see is it would eliminate the lifeblood of the worlds economy, Americas economy in the next ten years. According to the original plan that she was a cosponsor of,
how do you see that, in terms of the geopolitical strategic, even defense of this country, that to me is a crucial program that is scary to go back to energy dependence is scary to me. We are now energy independent for the first time I guess ever we are very powerful on energy. When we have the pandemic hit us from China, it shouldve never happened, they shouldve. Never let that happen. There was obviously a lot of energy around we saved it. I saved it. We called Russia, President Putin, we called the king of Saudi Arabia, they cut ten million barrels of oil a day we saved the energy. Now we are at forty one dollars a barrel. More importantly, for the people driving cars, we are around two dollars and even less a gallon and its fantastic shes against petroleum.
She is against fracking, so is Biden. That means you cant win back Texas, you cant, win Pennsylvania, you cant, win Oklahoma or North Dakota or many other states that it also means your electric bills would go up literally by ten times it wouldnt be even sustainable if they went with this crazy, its like childs play if they went with the so called green new deal. Youre talking about a catastrophic for the country probably have to close twenty to twenty five percent of your businesses even to qualify and they wouldnt function properly, because we dont have that kind of energy, its crazy, they cant power. We have these massive plants, some of which and many of which are being built under me. The car companies are moving back from Japan and from other countries coming in from Germany. Theyre, coming back to America first time in forty two years,
you cant even think about firing up those plants with the kind of things theyre talking about. Wind is nice, its nice, but its. It causes tremendous environment of problems, home values going way down. If you see a windmill and hear a windmill, your home is worth half or less than half. It kills all the birds. The whole thing is crazy. What they want to do and theyll destroy the country we built the greatest, and if you see what happened, we have the greatest economy and history of the world better than China. By far we were lapping them and then all of a sudden when the plague came in, we are to close it down. We saved millions of lives and now were opening it up and resetting records, and you see that stock prices today the markets the NASDAQ is higher than it ever was. The DOW is just about ready its right at almost the same level, who would have believed that, in the middle of a pandemic, which we are soon going to have vaccines and therapeutics
its going to be its going to all be good next year were going to have one of the greatest years weve ever had if it isnt blown out the window by tripling and quadrupling taxes and regulations. Let me specifically go into the issue and it was a signature issue for you in twenty. Sixteen building the wall update us on that part. It was a heavy lift and you had to find a way to reallocate funds from the Defense Department and elsewhere, but you have two candidates now that support Amnesty Kamala Harris supports Sanctuary cities. The sanctuary state of California wants to eliminate. I dot ce, your reaction to the very different positions that you have on this very key issue and an issue that has defined your first campaign and is a big issue still today.
So the wall as well under construction, we have two hundred and eighty one miles up. Two hundred and eighty one miles one of the reasons the border numbers are so good because, wherever its built, nobody comes through. You cant get through it unless youre a climber of Mount Everest thats about it. You have to be of that talent. We have two hundred and eighty one miles. The rest is being built by the end of the year. Itll be mostly finished. We may add another fifty miles it was unplanned for in certain areas that are little bit. Tough will make that determination. The wall is built. You dont hear about that anymore. That was the biggest topic as soon as I won. The Democrats stop talking about it when they stopped their copartner stops. Thats the media, the corrupt media, the fake news see dont hear about it, so the wall is going up and having a tremendous impact and its exactly what the border patrol wanted. We decided together its exactly what they wanted.
They wanted to steel, concrete and rebar. I said how about one they said, wed all three for strength and for other reasons, security, so that, and if you look at I see these people are incredible. They are taking out thousands of MS 13 gang members. These are the roughest. There are anywhere they are. They are crazy. They are crazy. We are either bringing the back to their country or we are putting them in jail. In some cases, we really have to put them in jail. We dont want to have to pay for them for the next fifty years, but we dont want to take a chance. They are so violent. They kill people with knives because its more painful any go slower, thats what they say. It goes slower and its more painful. We are taking them out by the thousands Guatemala. You look at Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador. These are countries that wouldnt take people back. Tremendous problems came to our country, they wouldnt take them back now they take them back. You know we are paying them for years, hundreds of millions of dollars a year ridiculously, I said you mean, were paying
them the money we dont. We bring them to the country, they wouldnt, let our planes land before me. When I got there, I said they wont do that and we are not going to pay them anymore once they said that we stop paying them and then all of a sudden they take these people back gladly. Very very happily. Mexico has twenty seven thousand of their soldiers on the southern border and people arent coming in now they dont go past the mexican soldiers very, very few people coming illegally thats helped, of course, by the wall. We have made tremendous strides. We let people come in legally. We want people to come in through merit where they can help our country. They can love our country and thats whats happening the Democrats. I call them the radical left, because if you look at the races, you look at some of the races that are taking place. All of these older mainline democrats are being
beaten by radical left. I dont know I guess you could say anarchists in a certain way, the people that are winning these races. For the Democrats, Eliot Engel he was a staple many many years. You know who im talking about a staple from a very nice part of the world, thats going bad on us New York, its going bad. I left there four years ago. It was a wonderful place, you could see signs of badness, but it was a wonderful place and now crime is up by many many times. Whats happening in New York is so horrible for our country. What theyve done what Mayor De Blasio has done to that city and a short period of time is horrible, but you look at Elliott. Engel gets beaten easily by a radical left and the Democrats thats where they are, they dont want petroleum. They dont want second amendment. They dont want religion, they dont want anything its disgraceful.
Let me go. I pleaded that the beginning of the program is interesting to me that you would tweet almost within minutes today the ad about Kamala Harris and did you have an instinct that it was going to be Kamala are perhaps the names that have been mentioned? The most did you have ads prepared for all of them know, but we have some very talented people. It was quick. We have talented people, I thought it might be her if you remember she was going to do very well. She was one of the people that was projected to have a chance at winning all she did. As people got to know her, she went down. She finished at two percent, probably less than that, and she fled remember how quickly she said horrible things about Biden. The one thing I felt he couldnt do. She took what some buddy said about her some horrible things that were said about Joe and she woman. That said them.
That was a terrible statement, and I said you know just that statement alone. She made terrible statements. She essentially called him a racist and other things that were very bad. I said we probably cant pick her, but lets do something on her, because people were saying it could happen. Then we had others in mind. Also. We had some other choices. She was my number one draft pick. She was the one I thought would.
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