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Trump supporters don't believe polls, predict reelection 'landslide'

2020-10-27 | 🔗
'Hannity' 2020 election correspondent Lawrence Jones talks to supporters of the president outside Omaha rally
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With tens of thousands of people, so what does it mean for the upcoming election joining us? Now, with more from the presidents latest rally in Omaha Collection, correspondent, investigative reporter Lawrence Jones? We send you out, you get all the love, all your fans. Are there adoring crowds? We are going to have to change roles here. They missed you. They want you out here on the road to see them and hug them and kiss them, and all that good stuff. This is a busy day, and I can tell you right now that his supporters are fired up. They dont believe the polls, the way these candidates have operated their campaign, couldnt be more polar opposite as focused on digital ads and hosting small groups. The president is hosting three events a day mingling with supporters, as well as a digital campaign as well also doorknocking, thousands and thousands, but I have the
opportunity to talk to the President supporters today they say the polls are wrong in twenty sixteen and they think theyre wrong this time as well. Watch you surprised about the amount of people that are out here, standing in the cold waiting for the president. Why not? Because he is our hero, do you think he is treated fairly? I think that a really good job of exposing the deep state, also the mainstream media. Do you believe the polls out there that the president is behind the president is doing three routes a day. Joe Biden is not doing it. Much do you think that will impact the election? Yes im, not into the polls. I dont believe the polls theyre not reflecting whats actually going on on the ground. We are seven days out the polls say the president is behind.
Do you believe the polls and who wins at the end of the day? I think its a trump landslide. The polls are wrong, an 16 the wrong again this year. It is seven days into the election a week from today and the president is leaving it all on the table. Joe Biden did have a couple events today, small group, but again not as big. The question is: does that really translate to whats going to happen on election day? Over sixty million people have voted. We will have to see what the final results are week from today. I think your vote will decide everything we wont put the pressure on you.
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