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Trump supporters respond to Biden's non-answer on court-packing

2020-10-12 | 🔗
'Hannity' election correspondent Lawrence Jones talks to Trump supporters outside Sanford, Fla. rally
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Thank you, sir, for being with us all right tonight, president is healthy. Back on the campaign trail hes declared by his doctors, a massive rally earlier tonight, Sanford Florida, our very own Lawrence Jones, two thousand and twenty correspondence on the ground. He gets the heart assignments and he gets to hang out and get all the love. Everybody recognizes LJ wherever he goes, hes a rock star, hes doing selfies and signing autographs its unbelievable LJ. I saw the be role of the crowds loving on you tonight, oh good evening, Sean Busy Day, indeed in the sunshine state. This is the presidents first rally since tested positive for the coronavirus and Sean he was fired up and so were his supporters. The topic of discussion, the court packing do voters deserve to know if Joe Biden plans on packing the court watch.
Joe Biden says that hes not going to let people know if hes going to pack the court until after the election do voters deserve to know if hes going to pack the court now before they vote. Yes, he needs to put out his list and, if hes going to pack the court him him not answering clearly says that that is thats. A decision hes going with us to pack the court, its disrespectful to the voters and his nonanswer is an answer. He will pack the court. Nobody knows what the guy stands for. Why can he answer it? Thats the question: pico you got to be straight up. Are you shocked by the fact out here waiting to get into the rally, not really surprised, not surprised at all, you realize its a red state hes going to win for this, a swing state and the President won at the last time, and will he win this time? Absolutely go trump
you played earlier and the show Joe Biden responded to reporters saying this voters dont deserve to know in twenty three days I was until the election here. I think voters have decided if they deserve to know when they cast their ballot by the way. Dont think I didnt notice that the hard assignment that we give you today that I heard one of the greatest all time classic bands and classic tunes of all time, free bird to playing in the background by Leonard Skynyrd, unbelievable weve, got to switch jobs, ill go on the road and used within the chair. Lj people are asking for your. I want to go back out.
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