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Trump supporters send message to the president: 'Fill that seat'

2020-09-22 | 🔗
Lawrence Jones asks Pennsylvania rally attendees what they think about Supreme Court vacancy
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Supreme court nominee joining us first at the sight of snakes, massive Trump rally well Camara Hannity, two thousand and twenty election correspondent and investigative reporter Lawrence Jones. We give him all the hard assignments he gets to hang out at every party, whatever event and have fun. Lj is out there getting a lot of love. People love, they cant get enough of Lawrence Jones working hard whats going on laughs. I agree im an awful human being. You are awful laughs good evening Sean a lot happening here today. Sean ive talked with folks on the ground and getting a good gravel what they are thinking today in two thousand and sixteen a lot of conservatives were reluctant to support the president because they didnt know if he was going to govern like a conservative. They went out and supported him because of one issue: the courts. Now the president has a record to run on
two Supreme Court Justices and two hundred and sixteen federal court judges. I talked with folks today to see what they felt about the president appointing another justice on Thursday. They say that the president should go forward, because if the shoe were on the other foot Democrats would do the same watch. The president announced that on Saturday he could nominate his pick for the Supreme Court. What are your thoughts, I think its appropriate and supporting the constitution? If the Democrats were in the same position, do you think there would be any delay? No, not at all, absolutely not they would be all over it. If the shoe was on the other foot, they wouldnt hesitate to fill that seat. No chance, no chance. The Democrats say if the President announces Saturday and they are confirmed that they are going to add more justices to the Supreme Court. They are going to go into the streets. What do you think about that?
They are going to do all of that anyway. What do you think about the Democrats response? They are unfair. They have no, they want everything their way, Nancy Pelosi, shes totally out of control. Do you think that disappointment helps the president or hurts the president? I think it helps him. I think it does Sean. As you know, progressives and Democrats are upset about the presidents appointment. Even people, like former attorney general holder, says of the president, goes through his nomination. What it looks like he has the votes right now that its time for Democrats to stack the courts. A lot of folks are saying: Democrats have no one to blame, but their own, because they change the rules in twenty thirteen with Harry Reid. Back to you, Sean all those people, people make this country great, and you get to hang out with him.
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