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Trump town hall 'nodding woman' explains why she left Democratic Party

2020-10-16 | 🔗
Trump supporter Mayra Joli and civil rights attorney Leo Terrell join 'Hannity'
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Or call 1 877 866 8555, one audience member one audience. Member in attendance at last nights, NBC Town Hall with President Trump went viral on social media, her name my originally seated right behind the president, seen for a behind the president, seen for a big part of the night nodding, along to many of the presidents comments, giving a thumbs up at one point here to react to the viral Trump reporter Myra Jolie and a civil rights attorney. Thank you for joining us. Did you expect youd become a viral sensation by the way sort of like LEO Leo is a viral sensation. I certainly didnt expect that, but im glad I could help you were nodding im assuming in agreement it seemed like it was in agreement.
I picked that up on my own and people started tweeting. Look over the president. There is a supporter and an NBC town Hall of the President. Was it nodding in agreement absolutely nodding in agreement, because I was following exactly what he was saying and thats my sentiment as well emotionally or from the logical point of view, so just natural to follow the conversation and when you feel like what the person is saying is correct. I nodded in approval. How did you feel about the treatment of the President by Savannah Guthrie, like every other presentation that the president has had its like? The president is fighting with one hand tied behind his back, in which the judge and the prosecutor are both against the attorney practically.
So there is no way that anybody can have a decent conversation when, from the gecko, its just attacks and its not only a town hall and its not only a town hall, its been the norm throughout the whole candidacy and presidency of President Trump and their supporters, a dot ka myself. I have not been a victim of attacks just because I just was sitting behind the president happened to be sitting behind the president. Ive been the victim up attack. Just because I expressed my views and im a person who thinks on her own and im a grown woman, a businesswoman, and I believe that thats the right that I do have to come to this country and think for myself. When I watched the first twenty minutes of this LEO, then here we go again.
Are you going to condemn white nationalism? Okay, hes done it how many times and played it earlier the show and then we get to Qanon really. This is what you want to know. Hes never been asked about his kind words about the former Klansman Robert Byrd, the guy who filibustered the Civil Rights ACT with the fact that he worked with him to stop the integration of schools. Didnt want his kids going to schools that are racial jungles, not one time. Not one time has he ever been asked. I tell you right now. Last night, those two town halls were a perfect example that Republicans are always fighting uphill, because the media is so far left and so far in the pocket of the Democratic Party, Savannah Guthrie was trying to maintain her invitation at democratic cocktail, parties and thats. Why she went off. The president has answered the race question, twenty thirty times
its all on tape, but she still goes on and answers that question peer. The reason why im here the reason why I am Donald Trump, the reason I will program next week, im campaigning across the country for the President, oh youre, going to be on the program well find a way. You look better and I had to be honest, wheres the hat, and I I tell you so much. I will be campaigning for the president. He didnt answer the question about you: aint black. He didnt answer how about his praise of a klansman. Imagine if Donald Trump had praised a klansman, he has to call them a domestic terrorist group at the Democrats will not confront Joe Biden its a double standard and by the way you cannot communicate with Republicans or you are a sellout im proud to be working with Donald Trump im on the campaign all week next week,
did you get to meet the President? I do I did get to meet the president. He was right directly talking to me saying he was mentioning a Sammy Sosa who is dominican as well, because what people dont understand is that the Democratic Party left me. I was a former Democrat when we have a party whose willing to kill a baby. I cannot be along with that. A lot of people like her Sean theres, a lot of black going to the president hes going to get record numbers.
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