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Turley: Court-packing would be a 'blunder of the first order' by Biden

2020-10-12 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley tells 'Hannity' why Joe Biden should say whether he'll expand the Supreme Court
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This mission and to their radical agenda at the ballot box joining now constitutional scholar, Fox NEWS, contributor, Jonathan Turley, all right, packing the courts and they wont give an answer. If you basically have heard from jock, he will end the legislative filibuster. We know they want d, DOT C and Puerto Rico statehood. We know they want amnesty which could be. I think Democrats want to because they think its going to be more democratic votes down the line, even some talking about a constitutional amendment to get rid of the electoral college. How scary is that to you? The most unnerving thing about these plans is that this country is already divided. Weve, never needed the Supreme Court more. The supreme Court is an extraordinary institution that President Jackson says, presidents yielded to it and the american public has yielded to it because it has wettability because it has authority.
If you packed the courts, you lose that when you lose the Supreme Courts in this moderating institution stabilizing institution things can go really badly and really bad times. This is one of those times. Weve been divided as a nation before, but weve always had. This stabilizing influence thats, why its wrong for Biden to refuse to answer a period of many people of both parties will not vote for someone who is even considering a court packing plan plan to say that youre not going to tell people until after the election is just rather bizarre. I probably should not do this to you, but im going to do it anyway. Youre a lifelong Democrat right youve been a Democrat most of your life. I come from a very strong democratic and liberal family
and I consider myself now a independent. I have a lot of respect for Biden. I have a lot of respect for Biden. I have a lot of respect when he was in the Senate, and I find this all rather strange, because the Biden that many of us on the Senate was very popular because he would speak to you straight out, particularly when it came to constitutional matters. He had a Northstar that you can rely on. This is not the Joe Biden that many of us on the Senate between all the things d, dot c statehood. Amnesty Isaac is a power grab. Am I wrong in my observation? He seems weak to you frail to you, as he does me and cognitively that he struggling. Is that a fair observation because they said it about Mccain Ronald Reagan, fair question for them? I dont want to assume that hes in decline, but I do think its fair for people to ask
whether such a lack of clarity and coherence in his positions. This is really a blunder of the first order. Come on refusal to talk about whether youre going to take this destructive step in the courts. Ruth Bader Ginsburg before she passed, spoke against this proposal as something that will destroy the institution that she.
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