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What will be the Democratic agenda under Biden-Harris administration?

2021-01-19 | 🔗
FOX News contributor Dan Bongino and 'Justice' host Judge Jeanine Pirro give reaction and analysis on 'Hannity'
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The people of Kentucky and let somebody that knows how to lead the lead here with reaction, Fox NEWS, contributor, Dan Bongino host of justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro. We will start with you tonight in your reaction. Your monologue was terrific and what we are seeing with Mitch Mcconnell right now is hes going to be the minority leader we saw him is the ring of Chuck Schumer and basically trashed president Trump on his last day in office, which, to me last day in office which, to me, makes him ineligible. They cant then remove him from office because he is already out of office. Having said that, living out the tipping point right now, the left is so hateful and so
vengeful they are determined to cancel, not just the President of the United States, who has done but cancel anyone as a conservative. They want us to lose our jobs. They want us to be arrested mob. They want people in our faces, but this has to stop. This is America, Joe Biden is not the guy whos Joe Biden is not the guy whos going to stop it for sure and im as disgusted with him, as you are Sean is time for new is time for new leadership. They learn nothing from Donald Trump. This is what I was thinking about.
Is it because we are in a cold? We kept this promise cut taxes and at protected the border mad US energy, independent, better trade deals, peace through strength if no foreign conflicts or wars goes back to my golden rule of the Republican Party, which is youll never be disrespected, is that most Republicans are really Democrats, its an axiomatic truth. If you ever want to be let down, you can always rely on the Republican Party in your moment of need to kick you in the faces. You you try to get up.
He did a decent job on the judges. This is what we hired you to do. You had one job on my on podcast thats. What on my on podcast thats, what youre getting paid Mitch Mcconnell had to put together a rep is at the book on how to destroy the republican Party. This is exactly how you do it by falling right into the trap of falling for media narratives. I want to make a point because its important we need a third party. Forget it thats, not the solution, its a strategic disaster. We dont have a parliamentary system and we have winner, take all congressional districts. Here is my solution, because I owe you a fixed rate. Is your republican party youve built it? You donated you knocked on the doors you
built the email list. Many of you gave your email. We have a primary season coming up the infrastructure of the entire party to them. First things. First, no Republican should legitimize an unconstitutional act. They need to walk out from a walk back in when its time to acquit when humor is done. Putting on his show, listen to me, weve got losers. You got Ben Sasse, listen the most dangerous people in the world. This is important. Smart stupid people are the most dangerous people in the world. Stupid stupid people know theyre, stupid theyre, not as much trouble as smart, stupid people and the Republican Party is populated with smart, stupid people like Ben Sasse, thirty seconds heres. The bottom line
weve got to get these whizzes in the Senate out of office, and if America is not enough to do that in two thousand and twenty two America understands the pulse of whats, going on with this leftist fascist ideology, and none of us are going to be erased or canceled, and we have been brainwashed. Theyve been brainwashed and all we want is a free country and we get them out of office.
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