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Whistleblowers share firsthand accounts of election irregularities

2020-12-01 | 🔗
Whistleblowers allege on 'Hannity' that ballots in some states were backdated, tampered with
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In order to find a solution, we need to know what went wrong joining us now are well more three whistle blowers. One is Kristin Param, oh, who is an election observer from Michigan, testified today, also Ethan piece: U Dot S postal service contractor from Wisconsin, Jesse Morgan, the truck driver subcontracted by the? U dot S, postal service, Ethan and Jesse have signed sworn affidavits and both are nonpartisan it. Let me ask you both that youre, both nonpartisan Jesse Ethan politics, not important to you important to you. I didnt vote this year, Sir Indiscernible me personally, im not really democrat or Republican. I consider myself may be or libertarian all right, Ethan Ethan, you tell your story. You told your story today that you are working in Wisconsin
along so much around election day. Her job was to drive ballots to a postal service center youre nonpartisan, and you said you were told by two separate postal workers on two separate occasions that there were gathering over one hundred thousand ballots on the morning of November 4th the day after election and to backdate those ballots. Can you please tell us that story? Yes, so lets see o on election day. I only had I had no ballots on election day the day after the election. I didnt really think anything of it until the postal service supervisor asked me if I had forgotten ballots the night before and I didnt have any so. I was like thats kind of a weird question. No, and he explained to me that one hundred thousand ballots were supposedly missing in the state of Wisconsin and an order came down
to look for them from the Wisconsin Wisconsin Illinois USPS Chapter of the postal service and by the way Ethan you signed an affidavit. You know that if you signed a false affidavit that you could be charged with perjury correct. Yes, Sir and Jesse, you told a story that well from New York to Lancaster P Dot a you drove to drove almost three hundred thousand ballots across state lines that they had what been filled out in New York. Yes, sir, I dont know the exact number of ballots. I mean I really sucked up the guess how many jelly beans are in the jar, but I can tell you. I took twenty four pallets, indiscernible to Lancaster and thats where fees ballots, these were Pennsylvania, ballots. You were bringing in from New York.
What was the date of that? This happened on October October 21st and I picked them up in New York and drove them to Harrisburg and from Harrisburg. I them to Lancaster dropped. The trailer in Lancaster dropped my truck off and went home now. Did you get a chance to see those ballots? I saw them loaded on my trailer and did you notice how they were marked or were they concealed? I saw that, like the top corners addresses on them was filled out. I didnt see every single one. It was like im sitting there just looking. You know. I was more so watching to see how the load was put in making sure it was secure and everything like that in some of the pallets when they drove by some of the letters were out, and I could see like a little bit, I couldnt tell you a name if
youre looking for names or anything like that and you signed a legal affidavit, but also you know that if you lied and that affidavit, you know that in fact you you could be charged with perjury too. Yes, sir wow, why did you both decide if youre, both not partisan? You dont really care about politics, politics, what Ethan motivated you to come forward and tell this story? Why was this important to you? Well being that im pretty young im only twenty years old? This is clearly probably the most important election of my lifetime and I couldnt go to the grave, knowing what I knew and just keeping that to myself. Knowing that something went wrong in this election, you let me bring in Christina
your shot, went down for a second, so we lost. You were glad youre back. You testified today that you witnessed ballots marked straight ticket Democrats, Republicans and you were told they were to be counted even if they were republican. As Democrats, you challenged it and then you lost the challenge. These were republican votes that you saw. What happened was is that the adjudication table a ballot came up and it was straight party. The person had voted for straight Party, Democrat and straight Party Republican and the important part is. They were filled in circles. So thats an intentional mark, indiscernible inconsistencies say the person voted for more than they were supposed to for that particular race or didnt, make it clear thats where they try to figure it out with the filled in circle, thats an intentional mark. The person didnt make any other votes for judges proposals. Nothing else in the poll worker just was like im going to give it to the
Democrats and so im like no. That ballots should be tossed out in his person had previously given a boat to Joe Biden, where a voter had voted for Joe Biden in the Green Party candidate for president. So that alerted had my attention, and so then, after that I want to go, get her supervisor and her supervisor asked the girl. What do you think and look what she thinks doesnt matter? The ballot should be tossed out, so I go get the guy who was overseeing this 1000 p, DOT M 500, a dot m, absentee counting process, and he does the exact same thing and asked the girl with the sheathing. So I just in play asked the question. I said: why not give it to Republican of the Democrat and he begins to scream at me and tells her to push it through me and him have this big argument do what you want extremely nasty, extremely rude and he just committed open fraud and push the ballot through people. Try to say this is just one incident,
no, its a bunch of instances. We had no way of coordinating these mass stories that all add up, but the Democrats have plenty of time to coordinate their stories, so it doesnt make sense that all of our stories are telling the same type of situation where we witnessed massive fraud, fake birthdays being given to people. I mean. Why are these voters not on the voter rolls it doesnt make sense, ballots being dropped off in the middle of the night? Thousands of them I mean it was awful youre telling your story. You signed an affidavit also like Ethan and Jesse under the threat of perjury right. You know, thats a legal document document absolutely absolutely. Why was this important to you, because I would assume this is kind of not your average day to be a public figure. You know about it. I guess im a Republican, but this is beyond Republicans and
Democrats. This is about our republic being protected. We dont have confidence in our election. We dont have a nation. You know we give our consent to be governed by those in office, not in power but an office to make decisions on our behalf. But if we dont pick the people that are making the decisions on our behalf, then we have a rogue government doing whatever they want to do. That is completely acceptable in the way the media wont even take the time to investigate our claims. They just roundly dismissed us just roundly dismissed us. What can of journalism not even talk to us not to see what we said its disgusting, that a lot of our officials dont want to hear us. We are the citizens they work for us, our tax dollars pay them. We tell them what we want and they are to listen to us. We have hundreds and hundreds of people telling you we witnessed fraud, do not even bother to want to hear Us- and this is I mean, were talking almost a month ago. This should have been talked about as soon as we started. Complaining
many of us started filing our affidavits right away, so im just really upset about the whole situation. You know I want to thank you all for telling your story. I know this is probably not easy for any of you and its amazing how one whistle blower every Democrat and everybody in the media wanted to believe and said, was courageous. Now they dont want to hear from.
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