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White House reporters caught on hot mic bashing Trump economy remarks

2020-11-24 | 🔗
Fox News contributors Emily Compagno and Joe Concha join 'Hannity' with reaction
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Overlapping talking bleep joining us with more our Fox news contributors, Emily and Joe Joe, I dont know what is up with these c span. Reporters gone nuts. They blew up a presidential debate and swearing. What is going on with these folks? Well, the president came out three times and made statements, but hasnt taken questions. The implication is that he is afraid of the press corps. If you look at the last four years, he has taken more questions has been more accessible than any other president in history. We are talking about a president there for four years. I would think that the president has likely been told by his legal team. He cannot answer any questions regarding the legal
process going right now and on going as far as investigators into voter fraud and so on. He wanted to make a statement around the DOW hitting thirty thousand and a third company coming up with a vaccine, which is the presidents legacy the fact these vaccines have come out so quickly before anybody ever could have predicted thats something that probably those questions would not be focussed on. They would not be focussed on the economy, it would be, Mr President, you have not conceded he decided to get out of there. He understands what the press corps is going to do in those situations. Donald Trump should be winning awards for his openness and transparency, the most accessible president we have ever seen. I want to talk about the core message of what happened its remarkable.
You touched on it, Joe Emily. You have new vaccines coming out in warp, speed, operation warp, speed the DOW hitting thirty thousand that helps all Americans thats right Jason. We know that the market likes certainty. The GSA announcement today was responsible for that final push across the thirty thousand line, but the reason this landscape led up to it is because, during this administration, the burden of taxes and over regulations in combination with unburdening the free market and operation warp, speed thats how the DOW reached thirty thousand the Sampp five hundred up twelve percent. If it goes higher the first time in history, it was down thirty percent and
finished higher. This affects all Americans positively. The fragillity of this we cant ignore that we are facing down an administration who backs these over broad executive orders, threatening people with jail and fines and closing small businesses. One in five business owners are not sure they will make it to the end of the year end of the year. These play out in the miracle micro level. Hopefully, the administration ahead wont back the wrong idea. The reason we are successful now is because of president trumps policies thats right Emily
Joe. If Biden is sworn in on January, 20th, the news corps will just let them do whatever right. I would think that you can count on one hand in terms of the number of press conferences that Joe Biden will have in his first year. Compare to President Trump who had press conferences on a daily basis for ninety minutes in terms of taking all questions very hostile. Here you have Joe Biden who has a friendly press corps and he has a staffer that has to call on reporters a pre, determined list who will call on Joe Biden. We have to keep him in the safe space- God forbid Peter Doocy from Fox NEWS challenges him. I am sure China and Russia are saying the next leader of the
free world. Cant accept a question from the american press that are friendly and go ahead with that thats amazing. To me, he cant even call on reporters on his own. At this point, I hate to use this word. The next president of the United States is a coward and Kamala Harris has barely hasnt done. Actually, since she was chosen as Joe Bidens running mate, she hasnt done one press conference. He is afraid of the press. Also, what is going on say what you will about President trump. He takes questions and takes the fire. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have not done either thats what you will see for the next four years, as well as far as two candidates and two people that will be president and
vice president, who are afraid of the press corps that is friendly to them. Emily. I see Peter Doocy out there trying to pepper Joe Biden with a question. He never makes himself available. How do you think America will react to the no news, Joe Biden thats? Not who we are? Hopefully it will be a bipartisan consensus. It is unacceptable. Hopefully they wont make it acceptable. The reality is that the office of the presidency deserves of the presidency deserves respect, but also deserves scrutiny and challenges
without it, after the four years with the left in the media, the opposite is just as unhealthy. I hope we can look forward to the end of the softball or no questions and insight into the presidential office. From day to day. The lack of curiosity from the media, millions of Americans have figured out what that game is.
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