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Why are the Supreme Court confirmation hearings so important?

2020-10-12 | 🔗
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham give his thoughts on 'Hannity'
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Supreme court at that simple that straightforward here with more reaction, such Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey, Graham Ill, be honest, not one senator had to be in the room and you made teleconferencing zooming facefacetiming, whatever you wan call it available to everybody. I understand that antivirals were cleaned out in the entire room. Ahead of time. I saw distancing between every senator people have the option, as I understand, to get more tests of the felt the need to do so, Michael. He was cleared by his doctor to be there, but they try to attack you on that issue. Your reaction, probably the safest room in America to be in. We took a lot of care to make sure that it was CDC compliance. Millions of America went to work today in restaurants and factories, military members reported for duty, police and firemen.
When you have a positive and the United you dont shut the unit down you deal with it responsibly. I dont need to be tested to. I was negative a week ago Friday. I have no reason under the guidelines to be tested. It was a safe place to conduct the hearings, but its important. We tell you what I got out of this. Nobody mentioned this today. When they spoke in there. Ten minutes, you could see the emotion coming from their soul. Why is this so important? Donald Trump nominated someone to the court, the fifth woman in the history of our nation, who is unashamedly conservative? We have to win for all the young women out there who are conservative to show them that there is a place at the table for you. Finally, women go through to embrace conservatism who dared to be pro life and the liberal media
TIM Scott goes through senator. If I remember correctly- and I dont agree with you at the time- didnt you vote for liberal justices on the Supreme Court. What were their names? Elena Kagan Sony sorted a you k, issues different from yours, sure, yeah, so Justice Scalia got ninety eight votes and Justice Ginsburg got ninety six votes. It used to not be this way. If we had backed out on Cavanaugh, who would step forward in the conservative world hope we can get this wonderfully qualified conservative woman on the court, we will be making a statement to all young conservative women that theres a place at the table for you, this may be. The most important thing I ever do in the United States Senate is to make sure this fine nominee, who
happens to be a conservative woman mix into the process. I promise everybody whos listening. I will do my best. Let me ask you this: they are trying to scare the american people that they know that Amy Coney Barrett will get rid of Obamacare by the way none of the promises of ROE V Wade by the way if it ever was overturned, which I dont think it will end by the way even Amy, Coney Barrett said that all abortion would be illegal. It would be sent back to the states. My question to you is: is any judicial nominee for the Supreme Court has any of them ever telegraphed how they would vote on any topic, or is there something called the Ruth Bader Ginsburg answer? Well, the Ginsberg rule is that youre not supposed to tip your hand or tell somebody how you may rule in ongoing litigations justice. Ginsburg said a couple years ago, the president elected for four years, not three, the Ginsberg rule is alive and
well, and you can ask her to tell us in the committee how she would rule on the particular case you can bargain with the judge. If you tell me how youre going to vote, I will vote for you, heres whats important of three and six, the film three hundred and sixty five dollars million have been raisedby. Three hundred and sixty five dollars million have been raisedby. I am afraid that the democratic base is going to push the senators to declare war on the nominee. My opponent raised fifty seven dollars million and the reason hes raising so much money is up to Brett Kavanaugh and are trying to take them out im worried about Amy Barrett. She can handle what comes her way, but all Republicans need to defend her and we will help me at Lindsey, Graham dot com, theyre, trying to silence us all by swamping us with money. This is a fight, so that does matter one hundred dollars million thrown at you by the way of Rosie Odonnell Barbra Streisand. I hope people in South Carolina dont allow Barbra Streisand and.
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