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Why Donald Trump is keeping up the fight over 2020 election results

2020-11-25 | 🔗
Charlie Hurt and former White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus discuss the president's claims on 'Hannity'
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We are still waiting to learn when lawyers will be back in court on this case Trey. Thank you. Rick Democrats and enablers in the media had a different when it comes to election integrity. Stacey Abrams doesnt concede shes a hero president trump. Well, that is x, substantial threat to the republic. So ask yourself what is an exceptional error rate in elections? How many unlawful votes are acceptable, whether a mistake miscalculation an innocent error or fraud? Wouldnt you want to correct it, so they elections are as close to perfect as possible. President Trump and his campaign are bowing to ensure that every legal vote is counted and no unlawful votes are counted. Three years were spent gathering zero evidence to impact the twenty sixteen election three weeks. Are they too long to look at the integrity of the one in twenty twenty, or is the analysis different depending on whether
the media likes the results or n joining me now to explain more Fox news, contributor, Charlie hurt, along with former White House chief of staff, Reince Priebus good evening to you both hey Trey? Let me start with you. What is wrong with desiring the minimus or zero mistakes in our election? You were in charge of Wisconsin. You were in charge of Rnc, tell us about election integrity and what you have learned in those two roles. Well, thank you for having me on high Matt, Charlie, happy Thanksgiving look. This is nothing new. This has been going on for a long time and I think both parties have plenty to blame and I certainly believe the Democrats are taking advantage of the coronavirus but weep at the same problems. In Wisconsin years and years ago
we had the Milwaukee Police Department of all entities issue a seventy page report many years ago in Milwaukee, and it wasnt the Republican Party, saying this. It wasnt Donald Trump. At this time it was the Milwaukee Police Department saying that clerks not doing their job voter rolls where billboards and vacant lots were located. I think what the party needs to do moving forward as well. We need a permanent group of people that come together and that all the players in the party, the conservative movement, to hold these legislators accountable. They have control in Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, and we need to clean it up. We can take advantage now of our majority in the states and finally get to it. I think the Rnc can lead on this effort. Moving forward, Charlie, the
president said the evidence is pouring in, but the deadlines are closing in. How do you see the legal efforts, particularly with the electoral college meeting in a few weeks? Certainly it is an uphill battle for the president. At this point, especially, the states have already begun the certification process, but I think you put your finger on the most important point, and that is what is the level of fraud or abuse that we would accept. The thing to remember is for every illegal or improper vote that is cast. Somebody who should be allowed to vote in this country is having their vote canceled out. That person is being disenfranchised, so any number above zero should be unacceptable to all of us. I think it is so interesting. We are hearing a lot of these. They seem like outlandish accusations about votes that are switching and about voting
machines and all of this kind of stuff. Maybe four years ago I would have said. Oh, that is ridiculous. I dont believe any of that, but think about what we have been through for the past four years. Think about what General Michael Flynn went through in the past four years. Think about what you had to deal with for the past four years with all of these endless russian investigations and the impeachment and all of this stuff, my level of credulity might trench hold of credulity has fallen for it, and I have to believe just about every accusation if it involves an accusation of something that these people will do to Donald Trump to stop. Donald Trump in the media will look the other way, I believe anything all of his sleep. I want to see the evidence, and I want to be assured without a doubt that the accusations are correct and accurate, but my goodness im open minded to everything
because of what we have been through for the past four years. You know reince the great thing about living in a democracy. There is always another election, this one we have coming up and it just a few weeks is there going to be an impact? Do you think there will be an impact, this litigation and illegal pursuits on the runoffs in Georgia? Well, that is a great question. I hope the impact is that it energizes Republicans even more to get out and vote and realize that you know you always hear Republicans say we need to win by three or four points to combat the fraud. Well, maybe that is true, but what I would also really focus in on is getting as much as you can. The president down to Georgia getting Don Jr down to Georgia Eric because we dont want to see you know the most ardent trout fans in Georgia, say: hey it isnt worth it.
We worked hard and went to these rallies, so I really would focus in on that pier. That is where my mind is on it really trying to speak, to motivate them and to get them excited about voting in those really pivotal Senate races in Georgia. Come January fifth, Charlie, do you see a danger that the longer the presidential election is litigated that the President supporters in Georgia will be less enthusiastic about going out in January? It is only the United States Senate that hangs in the balance, and that is a pretty big deal. It is a really big deal and because it is the United States Senate and the last refuge of any sort of sense of sanity in Washington, it is the entire federal government hanging in the balance. Because of those two seats, I dont blame the president for wanting to fight this thing to the very end. Here is why?
Because that is not what undermines peoples, faith and frustrates conservatives and Republicans what frustrates them is the fact that there is all of this evidence and that there was funny business that went on in the election, whether that was enough to turn the outcome of the election or not, I dont know, but the problem isnt President Trump shining a light on it. The problem is the fact that this stuff happens in the first place. You think, but I do think you are right. If we think the suppression poles at the beginning and before the election, that said there Biden winning by double digits and Trump, has no hope or chance of winning Joe Stay home, you think that is bad. Think about what it is like on the back end where you feel like, and you would think that the guy got ten million more votes than last time. After being told he couldnt win or no chance of winning, and then people say well it doesnt matter anyway.
I cant think of anything more devastating, more demoralizing peer. That is why we have to fight so hard, as you said at the beginning of this, to make sure.
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