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Will Dems still pursue a post-presidency conviction of Donald Trump?

2021-01-20 | 🔗
Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, and former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus weigh in on 'Hannity.'
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We will know More- maybe tomorrow Peter Schweizer INC, you, former chief of staff and republican congressmen, join us if they go ahead with this post presidency, unconstitutional impeachment sham im hopeful that the Republicans in the Senate wont be stupid and go along with this. In my view, the Republicans should walk out united. We are here to do business in the country. We will not participate in a snap impeachment by the house and validate or nor will we involve ourselves in something unconstitutional. If they do, how do you see that going down? Will the Republicans come out and end the nonsense? I dont know I dont think there is in they can convict western trauma. This is a democratic session. They tried to remove President Trump from office before he got there and they are trying to remove him now
that hes already left its ridiculous. We talked about this for years. They started going after him on July 31st, two thousand and sixteen when the FBI set up the Cross fire Hurricane Investigation and they continued this obsession with going after the president, even after he has now left office. I hope it ends. This is not good for the party. This is not good for the country if this doesnt bring us together as a nation, like Joe Biden talks about doing in his inaugural address. I hope this gets over quickly and I hope they dont conviction the president. This is ridiculous. What theyre trying to do in any scenario, do you see Republicans that would go on a suicide mission and partake of this nonsense? I dont think the Republicans in the Senate will be willing to fracture the party for decades
to come. I think they are smart enough to have a strategy to keep the party together its not easy, but there are basically three buckets in our party. There is the Trump bucket there is the regular old republican bucket and the good old conservative bucket you cant grow the party by subtracting any parts of the equation out of the room. The biggest bucket is the Trump bucket thats, the bucket that we have to keep together voting to impeach him out of the party after hes already left the White House isnt going to do anything to build our party, the senators that are up in two thousand and twenty two. If they were to go along with this, obviously are going to have a very difficult time. I dont think that they would do that. I think they are smarter than that. Certainly all this talk of third parties is very dangerous, its a very for the future for conservatives and Republicans in
our country. Jim, will you be a party to a question mark im definitely going to help. I also have to remember this. No president has done more of what they said and accomplished more than President Trump did in his.
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