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Will Joe Biden open America's borders if he wins the presidency?

2020-10-28 | 🔗
'Hannity' 2020 election correspondent Lawrence Jones talks to Trump supporters outside Arizona rally
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Government benefits for anybody that crosses our borders illegally. Here with more from the site of the presidents rally in Arizona Hannity, two thousand and twenty election correspondent, the best job in television. We pay him to follow the president and hang out with all of the great people at the rallies Lawrence Jones. You have a good job thats. All I can say I love my job. We are just six days out from what some call the most important election of our lifetime. Joe Biden spent the morning voting early and gave some brief remarks then decided to answer two questions tonight. He is back at home. He did zoom with Oprah the President of the United States after three massive rallies yesterday hosted another two on Arizona
zeroing in on forty seven years of the failure of Joe Biden in politics. When I talked to his supporters today, the number one issue on their mind is immigration. Will Joe Biden get rid of the wall? Take a look. One of the main issues is immigration and how illegal immigration impacts this state. What will happen if Joe Biden is elected from what I heard? He is interested in opening up the borders. Do you believe he will open the borders? I think he will open them again. If that wall goes, there will be a flood of illegal immigrants. Coming in everybody is afraid of Joe Biden is elected. It will be more of the same. He doesnt care about anything other than enriching himself. What happened if Joe Biden is elected,
big trouble, what type of trouble trouble in the streets everything will go raze if Joe Biden gets in it will be open borders. Anybody can come in a big free for all. Should Americans be concerned? Yes, if you love this country Sean, it is heated in Arizona, and I am not just talking about the hot weather heated, not just for the president, but in the Senate, race mcsally is facing Mark Kelly in a dead heat. We are waiting to see Hugh. That will go its been. Seventy four million votes already cast in this election thats, the national election. We have to wait and see six days out all of those Senate races matter. You have Tillis in North Carolina and Alabama Carolina and Alabama.
We have a lot of it Purdue in Georgia. When you meet people, they read the polls and hear the media and know the media is in the tank for all things, Biden and the Democratic Party. Are they listening to the things that they are saying? Oh, this is a run away. Election and Joe Biden will win. Nobody knows I wish. I could tell you for sure how this will end in six days. I dont know, but neither do they its interesting, because, with all of the polls pointing to Joe Biden, you would think there would be some fear among the presidents supporters. They have zero fear and point to two thousand and sixteen they said everyone doubted them. They said they were dumb for voting for the president and he would never win and would destroy the Republican Party, but he won.
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