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Will Warnock domestic dispute footage impact Georgia Senate race?

2020-12-23 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Karl Rove joins 'Hannity' to discuss the state of the runoffs.
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Reince Priebus, thank you all so much merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday all eyes continue to be on the great state of Georgia at the critical runoffs that will determine the fate of the upper chamber and tonight far left Democrat Raphael. Warnock finds himself embroiled in another controversy after police footage after a domestic dispute in March of two thousand and twenty earlier this year, that was first obtained by Tucker Carlson tonight showed his Ex wife holding back tears, while telling police that he is a great actor, have a look, the way that he acts and today he crossed the line. That is what is going on here and hes, a great actor. He is phenomenal at putting on a really good show, I feel for her.
Meanwhile, the Georgia Secretary of State is doing in the Republican. Push to end no excuse absentee voting amid mounting concerns about election integrity. Geordie may now for reaction is former White House chief of Staff, Karl Rove. I got to tell you im not missing being in Congress right now. Im not, but I am focused on Georgia, because its bad enough having Nancy Pelosi with the gavel ive lived through that, but to give one to chuck Schumer too, I cant even imagine what is the latest on what is going on in Georgia, lots of things going on in Georgia. Early voting is underway, Republicans won early voting in Georgia, narrowly it starts out badly and its getting better as it goes on. Republicans were the majority of the vote, as they
were the day before its going to be close. Every bit of indication is that this rate is tight. The Republicans have a modest lead. They began with an eighty eight thousand vote margin for David Perdue in November. Forty four thousand combined vote for Republicans in the twenty one person: jungle primary for the seat that Kelly Loeffler holds its going to be close, and everyone is throwing everything at and the Democrats have a get out the vote machine that is hard to beat, but will not ultimately beat it. But nobody should underestimate what Stacey Abrams is capable of doing. The libertarians are really interesting in this equation, because theyre something like one hundred thousand that voted in the general election. Where did they go? Where do they sway? Do they show up and vote or are they disgusted with the candidates? My sense is, some of them will come out to vote. I dont think it will be voting for the socialist we do have in Jon,
Ossoff and Raphael. Warnock very far left figures who are not free enterprise, not limited government, not low taxes. My sense is: there will be some libertarians to come out and vote the libertarian vote in the Senate race, essentially where the people who kept Purdue from winning fifty percent plus of the vote and avoiding a runoff. He was within ten thousand votes of doing that. Eighty eight thousand votes ahead of Jon Ossoff and one hundred thousand votes for the libertarian. He wants to run for governor in two years, hes not going to be endorsing anybody, but a lot of his supporters have been endorsing David Purdue and supporting David Purdue, because hes clearly the more acceptable if your limited government kind of person hes clearly the more acceptable choice. Is there anybody that is undecided at this point or is it merely a game about who shows up and whos able to get out the vote? There are people who are
undecided from two angles, one or two or three percent who are truly undecided about who they should vote for, should they vote for Purdue and Kelly Loeffler. There is also a larger group of people hard to quantify. Who is this important enough for them to get out the vote? The party who gets more of its people out as a result of making a convincing argument that it matters, is going to be the group that wins. This is a state that has on a good day, 52 48 republican. It is no longer the Georgia we took for granted in the 1990s for the first decade in the 20th century, its a rapidly growing state and very competitive and Republicans have got to make a very strong argument that it matters who controls the United States Senate Raphael Warnock. We saw that video of his wife from a few months ago saying this guy
is an actor saying, hes a fraud so much so that she had to call the police. Is that going to factor into the minds of Georgians? Are they hearing that or is it wiped out by the hundreds of millions of dollars of ads that are being put out right now? She is very compelling when you see the whole footage its very compelling and my suspicion is a lot of people are going to see it. It is close to the election. We are thirteen days away and at the end of the campaign, a lot of people say I dont trust any of those politicians. I think its very compelling footage the thing about Warnock is it you have a twenty one person primary. Nobody knew much about him and since then people have seen lots of footage of him giving sermons at his church. He gave the sermons its his words come you dont have to have somebody interpret it for you. You can listen to him, say things that are way over the top. The police are gangsters and thugs come you cant serve the military and serve God.
Socialism is getting a bad name. Fidel Castro has a complex legacy. The early church shared everything in common, its a pretty remarkable left wing view of what life ought to be like hes, also very facile Heres, a guy who sang socialism gets a bad name and he says im in favor of free enterprise. Fidel Castro has a complex legacy and I refuse to condemn him, but when he gets hit on it, I believe there ought to be freedom in Cuba. Hes very facile and doesnt hold an opinion, but he is much a left winger. I know im just a guest host but im kind of disappointed. I didnt get the White Board, but maybe I can graduate that at some point. We are both from Utah but im suspicious about your Utah credentials. Rapid fired quickly, look at the time we.
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