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Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show, This Way Up, Evil) returns to the podcast! He and Chris talk about mindfulness practice in performance, how TV is quickly adapting and evolving into streaming, and dealing with tinnitus. Season 2 of "Evil" is on Paramount+ and "This Way Up" is on Hulu!

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Hey it's Chris, with a quick little request for help from you, the identity community to take a short survey, very short of just one of them little more about the eighty twenty audience and make sure that we get advertisers that are the most relevant to you and your interests so visit pod listening dot com, Slash idee, ten t, that's pod listener. Dotcom slush idea one zero duty to take the floor quick surveyed is completely anonymous and really helps to show not only that help us. You know keep the lights out in stuff over here with good advertisers, but also you might discover its end or services that you will like so again. Public dot com, slash, eighty twenty and thanks again for taking the time I really appreciate it. And request locally. Eighty twenty pike number eleven twenty seven. Let's talk about you, the idea to anti community events at eighty twenty dot com for the
thing that maybe you have made or someone you know, has made and would like to promote like Scott who writes my name's Scott Green Book the copyright upon cast her music nerd. Originally from Detroit now living and Charlotte North Carolina, two thousand three, I started in a click music radio show as a way to help keep my sanity while in between jobs. This turn into a labour of love and something I can't imagine not doing in February of twenty honey. I lost my job a week before my tenth anniversary as part of corporate restructuring. Three months later, station folded, and I found myself without a radio home within days or radio friend from back trade presented me with the opportunity to turn the radio show into a podcast now, a year later, and I've got fifty episodes up great job Scott. While I liked it, that debts. No honest man can pay, is a glorified eclectic. Music radio show masquerading as a protest. Remains a labour of love Some of your listeners might take a moment to check it out, find it any you listen to podcast. Thank you. So much for Scott. Everyone else. Events that idea
anti dotcom? Unlike Scott, you could appear getting about gas, promoting your thing that you have made this episode It is ass. If Molly, who was on the pad cast, I looked up. It was like years ago, and you know us was on a daily show, super funny, guy, really great actor and he is in one but our favorite shows we'd. My wife and I discovered after he. Can, on the back ass, we started watching his show. It's called evil and it is fantastic its, I guess, I'm a supernatural thriller. You would call it, but it they about psychologist, who is teamed up with a guy who's training to be a catholic priest who, by the way, is played by MIKE culture? But you may know as Luke Cage and then this guy's,
like a regular blue collar contractor guy and that's all six character Ben and they investigate the backlog of unexplained mysteries at the church has, including suppose it mirror in demonic possessions and other extraordinary occurrences in they sort of. Like you know, is this is this a science thing? Is this of religion thing and they kind of within the group trying to sort of figure out each each each occurrence of others, was fantastic and Michael em and is it a too, of course, was Ben Linus and lost and Chris in Lahti and cut your harbours and when one of the priests, the guy who's gonna, like the main priest as a Peter Scalery who was, both somebody's Tom Hanks and went on to be on the new heart show and the Ladys Early Ninetys, and he just side note, is the guy taught me how to juggle or how college. I met him There we hit it off and I used to go
that's him on the set of a new art show any tell me how to juggle. So I was so happy to see Peter honour on a show as well. I haven't talked him in years, but Lydia and I absolutely love the show and ass, if his great on it and is paramount plus it was on CBS and whatever the Paramount Plus, which is really cool, they can swear on. The show taken full advantage of dreaming services, but it's a season two. Up now, and I believe I examined a double checked, but I'm pretty sure got picked up procedures and three but did cause we're way into it. So that's evil. is the name of that show, I'm also, ass, if has is on another show called this way up and that is on Hulu, so
This is, as it was, just really find a cat. It I've been off the pages. Was it a great way for me to catch up with people that I haven't talked you in a long time, and this this also in particular, because a massive has tonight, as which I also have an really had like a conversation with anyone else who has it for so, we talk about that a bit in here as well. So here we go. This is the ideal anti pike S number eleven. twenty seven with us. If convey returning to the podcast in. I can't even
Oh I got it will be good for you in person in ages, yeah. I think that you and I well- I did you're podcast years ago several years ago now I mean, I think it might years now, and then I saw you on the late night and I was on the late night share with you, the game, Shell, the midnight programme. Yes, I did that. I was like a guess. Not much contested but like a guest on it and then I'm having to you, I think at tat date, not at the other, not the enemies, the up, the other enemies, the creative arts, any security ripen.
The current EU backstage at the creative rights enemies think he might have gone to the green room, and maybe I was gone to the thing and we did the kind of like a k- AIDS, we have those things are so at the those things are sort of weird. As its you see, people, you wanna talk to, but you also know that other people might be like trying to focused, especially if you're backstage right bad about saying more than towards the people. If I dont know that they have already done their thing exactly, I don't know what it's like for. You re a good policy actually cause. I did. I was backstage at the Tony's and I saw Tina Fanny and basically, my wifi like
pink, just like kind of got her in a toothless standing by herself was watching the big screen. You know that they have in the green room and then, like basically just talked to her and this lady for like ten minutes, she was like five minutes after she was on the screen like presenting something- and I was like. Oh, she was totally trying to prep will probably in her own wife, you left alone, and we just send. Girls are feel like you couldn't derail her like you. I don't think you messed up whatever it is that she was like my kind of I just I just kind of thirdly shut down, because I mean my had just going over and over again the beads of what I think the thing is gonna, be because I don't know like what Energy is gonna be like when I go out on states largest, sorely tried again
Much as I can evangelists once you take that first about, I say just like what you don't let it go on like that backstage in the times I've done stand up and am backstage. I'm like one of those like like you're in the green group. the other comics alike, coming over the talking to you in a manner that, and I'm I am one of those who I do stand up infrequently enough to serve, get nervous everytime. I do it horse, but frequently enough to sort of feel like. I know people in that way all who like see me and I like a man, you bet you didn't get tonight. I get very, I get very like anti social, because the people living among a dick as they like already stressed good evidence. I think color punch Tunisia like six months and I like it
the way for saying. Like I'm sorry, I'm just going over my set, and we talked you afterwards if you like, of course, of course, dialect and yes, I don't ever say that I just couldn't I purchased, in the conversation and then I'm halfway and half out sort of like right, yeah, ok, yeah, great great you like, when you're doing that your dividing your brain, like half of your brain, is trying to just keep this. This ball in the air, for this conversation is minimally is positive. and the other half your brain is like just that the list of everything you're supposed to do and then the other pie away is God I wish this person was shut. The fuck up. I love this, isn't what I wish they would leave me alone right now. I feel like most com, would understand if, if you said that I dont know, if this I mean, I think, for a long time before I found out that it's actually a thing, but I would if I was backstage
really nervous. I would start looking around and sort of calling out what everything in the room was tiktok. Okay, like those curtains or blue. This flaw or is tile and then I realized it appears that you like that fullness, like that's just that I didn't relic intact, philosophies and religions are done it, and here I thought so clever, but really it so easy to get trapped in this, the ether of your thoughts and how it can in no way to control the result and try to projected that it. It just help me. You know just kind of ain't that so funny that you say, because I actually took an acting class years ago, the an end as you can tell Basically, I learned this technique where he, the teacher in his class, said you know if you are having that sense of like you're, about to go on stage in. You
you know, they desire whatever ground yourselves in the scene in what's real like this. On the table, the floor and exactly what you're talking about which is like you know, here's there's a lamp post is taking it whatever. It is just grounds or staff in the reality, of your surroundings and it'll bring you into the present moment and making present, and you right now. say it. I realise that is mindfulness, that's kind of that, but I learned it like an acting class as like a technique to just Keep us often spinning out of control that you spoke a reward of course, the down side is: if you do that, before a stand upset. You say that backstage than you walked out. Forget everything, you're gonna stay NGO Dakota a blue that Florence grenades and not as helpful, not as healthcare body. It's a way to go its own way to go
I've done that and then got out and just stood there for like a minute without saying anything, and then people think its a bit move because, like that is a hard to do because every molecule in my body would want to be like suck and fill the time. What do you do and fill the time? Did you find that it kind of got people too, like focus like? What's he gonna do like they really did at once, and I realise that what I went out there and just like
smiled and people. I just looked at them and sometimes give em like low. Like love, Gallagher, hey, there was entirely not filled, but it was filled with. Like a lot of you know, it was filled with kind of like and people. What was interesting was grounded me, but it also grounded them. since they were like what she did like he's, not saying anything he's just looking at us and just stood him. I just gotta go like it. I, like you, don't like that kind of thing. I just gotta pick out people and just to the ground self in different faces, a people, and you could see what people like. What's he doing what you gonna do it brings a man about putting both your opening joke like was it was it about them, the situation was it something personal like what we're? How does actually just I just I just launched into a story
but it was very like it was just like you, I'm just like to walk down you erase just sort of like started with aggressive war. That's a really great idea. I mean That literally, would never occurred to me to do that, because I feel like the second. I stand again in front of the microphone it's like Hayworth. Here we go really it's it's. It's definitely and I haven't done it a lot, but I found it helped me luggage. Will you help me like a fire like? I went out there rather than just like, because I'm gonna, otherwise I would find like and then the first like a minute or so was me just just like I was swimming, but not a studio and then and then after it,
find a groove and you're in it, but I just felt I just like a member was that it was actually enacting teacher told me he was like just try and go and just she's not just be still feel like the first and see what happens just try it out. That's because, ultimately I think an audience when they come together for a show for Stanhope Show. Of course they want you to be funny but I think they also need to feel comfortable that you know how to lead the room. You know like you, their seeding there. The momentum of the night, in that our two would have is an whatever it is that you do, even if they're, not even if it's not something it's designed to make them fold over in half with laughter and as long as they feel like. You know what this guy's got this. I can trust that he knows what he's doing
a pilot, basically, you know you wouldn't want to pilot is damaged. Why waiting, yeah. No, I realise that lake it took me a while to learn that another do stand up all the time, but the one thing I have realised about it as long as the audience knows that you're in control- and you know where we're going there- ok really want hate you. the minute they realize fair in control and you're out of control job. That's when Dame resent you and then it's like just fuckin contempt. Then it's just like fuck, you yeah, guess here
point, one realizes you don't know what you're doing in there like get the fuck off ye. I got you a cool you're. Not could all. This is not exactly an that's that's. The thing is that it's, it's almost a fallacy. It's like more than anything. Is that exact projection of like you and you can be crazy, an erotic what or something you know in that. But as long as the audience feels like you have what you said when you ve got your hands on the steering wheel, Europe and, if anything other than some other seen an that's true. Probably even in any kind of not just stand a black, even if you like giving speech somewhere or you just like presenting, or you know me like you just doing whatever light, if you know what you're doing and you feel, even if you do in a steady job
long as you know the audience think. So he knows what he's doing he's just a shity, but he's not like your jokes are your stuff, but they will respect you to the degree that you are up there doing it as opposed to like when you lose control, and then they just go like fuck you. What we're going to kill you now, ok, though, in its UK, it's difficult to fake that you, but you really have to feel like you know, no matter what happens appear, it'll, be fine and as long as it's someone that comes with experience and some people just naturally have that then there are people who are suffering a basket, never don't either way, but the but be back long is as long as you kind of field way. Univer joke doesn't kill, I feel it. You can rule past it pretty quickly and it won't register with them you know unless you really pointed out like a pure pilot, a new hit, some terminal
severe like well, I didn't see that come into job man. I think that everyone, the pilot the place going like five, I don't feel safe. Now. I know what am I you know, but if it is like, oh yeah, you know like we had a part in its final repining. Ok, it's fine! That's why I'm here now that it's it's true! It's true and I think I had an eye. I mean it's one of those lessons that I continue learning, which is an continue trying to learn, which is that idea? It's ok to fail. You know like like a few. If you go up there. you like embracing failure at some level like yeah. Ok, then then you're you're action
patients for yourself a certain you actually don't get rattled as much by it. But again, that's it. You know that's a whole other levels, mindfulness. I wonder if its if its birth, it's ok I'd, love to above. To add to that and say that, if you're even thinking, bout. It in terms of failure. You might be few result oriented. You know I think you're right with whatever obviously failure is sort of the fair. I think we would define failure is just bombing horribly doing a job, but even if you said it's great It doesn't necessarily have to be a failure. Ass, you take
there you know what I mean. I know it's true and I have been trafficked and I remember one time I did stand up and I still wonder as it was down in his village and I remembered gone out there and I was like I'm gonna read because it was a good at a try new stuff. what kind of place night and I just like. I wrote the story and a better read it because I haven't memorize knows I am going to read it reading the story. I have realised that went through like that funny and could see me like. I was literally it was. It was horrible, it was horrible horrible feeling.
and I look at the audience and I see Peter think, which I find very silly girl and I go Peter. Do I've known him for a number of years in New York and stuff, but I remember looking at his face. I ll never forget it. because it is just like a whole universe, just stop. He was sitting next to women and he was sitting like Anderson and, like you do, like other brother got a boost for something and he was so then he had this look on his face was basically like us. Look he's trying to work out what you're doing like he was just like going ass. If doing this with, I think I think,
I don't think that's fine! No right I mean I mean I was at the fire and yet I was devastated and I just came off state and my friends were some friends when the audience who had been there and they had like what drinks and stop and they were like hanging out by the bar and I came off and as we gotta get out here, we gotta get out you gonna guy, and I was there and they like we just for drinks linking outlets in annex gradually, and does it not that I have to I gotta go I gotta go. I gotta go a little like walked out of them out of the bar of the club, and they were like. We just want drinks liquid assets, obviate the restaurant downing Street on the corner. I would probably be there when you're done and my brains legislate. Ok, exactly four guys they drank half their drinks and then just let me at this was what the fuck am. I couldn't be in that room. I couldn't. I didn't want to look appeared English any. I could not even like her.
for an interim again. I actually day like Later I saw something- and I was like: do you remember that night, when I got out me, and this is the elephant write to me. It was such a huge experience of just I'm so humiliated, employee and peered. Anyone remember, but he would you but he remembered me doing stand up. He was like those of you in there. I looked out at you and you had this look on your face like what the fuck is happening right now like. Why is this happening and you looked like? I had just decided to do a strip teaser, something like you would like. Why why? Why would you do that and he was just like really gets any just kind of a totally like that? Was now a risk, and so so funny also encouraged. You know project,
what it is that you what I thought that moment of myself I projected onto peter- and he was probably just like that some vacant expression on his face- that you know it later. He had no recollection of at all so your map, all this stuff onto it, based on whatever kind of insecurity are feeling he might have been thinking about an audition that you don't even know. Oh yeah, that caused the order. You in your
I know that, but in a way it did so maybe go like out I've had that happen. The couple attack like I had one filled and dropping names now, but whatever like, when I was in the daily, shall just in timber lake was aghast, and I went back stage just to say hi wherever, like you know, it was like a living amongst the show, the challenges like some sand. Just in case I went back and said how suggested- and my niece you Know- was about ten years old, something at the time and as lightless night. I never do this. I never on business The thing is I, but could you get clear picture with you, because my niece is big? Fan of yours and yellow and any was surely was totally cool about any and we took a selfie in and he was like How old is your? How old is your niece and I said she's young ten
and then he said, oh pushes for little young, for my music isn't cheap and I said yeah but she's, just gonna figures. Guess run anyway? I really had the paper was body. Didn't three laugh he did love and then I walked out of the room and Bolivia was like. You say that for like I was like, wouldn't you say, what would you say that like like? Why would you insult of like that allows like? Oh, my god, I believe, and here I just made an it- was just a joke. It was like You know what it was like a kind of any kind of Joseph. He certainly you didn't, laugh you just gotta what looks like a half thing which- and I was just like- oh my god- so humiliated and an end and thought about that moment. Like oh, my god, I totally light was such an act,
all too just in Tripoli. We have no reason to be an asshole took a story. Like reason, then, years later I run into her. I go into the berry hotel in New York and I'm with my wife and some friends and my adjusted jubilee just sitting there with friends of his and he sees me- and it goes hey ass. If any remembered me out right now, so I I went over them he's goin like how do you know just in timber like she's, confused but all thing, and I go over there and he's like. however, when we just making Malta and then I said to him, I said- I'm really sorry about that time. When
dont, Show- and I made that really in a cab very fond of you, and I can't do that and he was literally like what at the time when night and then he was, I could see like he was just like. Oh yeah, I was like you forget the whole thing I like, I really feel like the way to a closed loop as when it called you ever go on. How are your body like that? How that's how you today, but clearly He had no memory, it didn't land on him at all. It was just on me when I was the one who was like per separating over for six years. I don't see why. I love you bring it up, because I do think that has been a lot of people. Do a lot of There's a lot of ruminating alot of replaying, and I
There were sort of having this cover the conversation about these, embarrassing things that we do and I've done that a million times do is like How do we know a lot of people do over think honey finally, let yourself out of it like do you? Does it just kind of disappeared? after a couple of days, or do you have any kind of thing You do like a camera to allow myself, because I guess we're talking about mindfulness. My mindfulness would probably dictate that you would say you'd see or suffer the observer of that thought. I am I. That my thoughts are feeling bad about a silly thing that I did and just kind of observer do let it go like. What's your process, I think that the ultimate realisation is that no
These thinkin about shit that you did fix up do as much as you all know that these moments in my life, for I just made an acid myself, and I realize like like I just I just told you to them. I can tell you more, but the thing is in those moments I'm going to fuck you another, but you realize like people are repossessed, are obsessed with their own lives like the way you are like, like thinking about all shit like the faintly you said to them like five years ago, in an off like a corridor somewhere like you know like while you, whenever its it doesn't he doesn't. He, and I just realized that, like oh yeah, like like most people, just like you, I would have an end then also
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At other times, I feel like we're unconsciously testing, to see if other people have kind of like a comedy thing. You know, because when you meet those people in you, you make a silly joke. If they can, one up at or go along with it. Then it's like hey, admit you ve, really to someone if they don't you, Michael, ok. Well, that's not that's not the whether they are not in the mood or maybe they're. Just now, that way and to have a more were like yeah, I think it's happened to be. The other way is warlike people such stuff to me- and I have just read out to me just like went away when rolled off my back or whatever it was just a moment, it happen. You know that person was loaded stupid, that we stick with it.
They were, then that's it. You move on and when they have come to me and said something about it or whatever, I'm I'm, I'm all I've ever moments. In my life, I've been like with what one when it really summer. You gonna go like oh yeah, ok, yeah, no worries you and I know what you don't want to dismiss the fact that their having these fuels rights, but they also just like you, didn't read them like, didn't make a big impact on me. So yeah, you know, and so you guys are like yeah we're all Canada human. I really do hope. I tried a super, let people off the hook if they say if they're like. Oh, that's one time and I have no idea or even if I do remember, but it just wasn't a big deal. I try re try to say, like I understand what you're feeling I have felt this way before, but I am telling you do now, worry yourself about it, even one. Second more, why deal
fine, we're fine, all good at nights, you know you're, not scared. That's gonna be a good way to like you know, just not dismiss the feelings or whatever you now and now you cause you don't let them go away, go about the next time, when I brought up the thing about the other thing, really just a doubly gaps that exist there, but like all angel, more stupid about bringing up the goods traded? Big like when you do money at a black jack table- and you start doubling your bets light and then all the You ve lost an order of magnitude and what you can you do that you ve lost your house is keep double and now he's gone down, ask you about something that I read about you online and and because it something that I experienced two, do you have denied us or Tinnitus. I do I do to, and I haven't talked to
Other people who have it yeah ends I would love to just talk for a few minutes about it, because I have this feeling that it's you know they say like ten to fifteen percent of people have it, but that numbers pragmatic want because we're in the generation that grew up with fucking headphones and walk winds, and now you're pods and your buds, and I feel like the the occurrence of it, is going to increase nothing. So I'm curious: when did you discovery? Was it a certain events or is it just something that you also? What happened to me was on I had so so mine was a little bit uncharacteristically, like the way them people Norma, get it where I got it because I want to talk about. I dont know what it is. I just don't have. No it's fine. I want I gotta, because
I had a situation and may in my ear canal and still do, which is a condition: chronic condition its skin commission, that is a major canal which causes my ear canal to want to close down a legally, and I now after years of seeing doctors is that I have a new treatment for it and I'm on going doctors who take care of it, and but when I first discovered this situation, it was that a doctor in Yorkshire, Jean Name
a cheap, discovered this thing and she did something that you shouldn't have done. I allowed you to do it, which was she went in and she just did some minor surgery in my ear, canals and topical colored effort as that it, and that caused scar tissue in my ear and on my eardrum, and I literally woke up the next day and there was like a friend in my ear and I do know what it was and I remember I'd gone and it was weird cuz. I didn't hear it because at my apartment in New York was pretty noisy and whatever I didn't hear it as much, but I went out to the hamptons for the weekend with a friend- and I was in this.
a quiet house, and I woke up the middle of it. Like that. I went into the room. It was like a broken. I was going to bed and I was like midnight. Remember that and suddenly amended place where there's no sound, and I just hear this lake- and I thought it was like the Cables or something outside like that power lines or something and it was it was really scary for then I called my doctor and she said I will go away, don't worry about. It is probably just so that happened at and that I knew no subsequently didn't go away and stayed, and I went back to see her and she was like. Oh the sky to shew and delight it was just the whole thing and so yeah. Consequently, its remained with me.
since then and die. That's was ten years ago and I and I still haven't, but if the amazing about your tonight as an and how it manifests for you, but I did a lot of reading about it at the time and I and I today. This is is, it is a condition that actually is and the brave it's not in the ear. does your ears, you simply a vessel through which sound travels to the brain and adjust puts the sound in order. So it's like having feedback on out on a speaker you now and The amazing thing about tonight, as also is that. initially your brain. Here's that sound as a threat and it freak- and it goes what the fuck is- there's like this- is not supposed to be here but overtime depending on the media
people have different experiences for me. I will just say that, like over time, I have adjusted to the sound and also it was. It was my hearing diminished as a result of one. and and and I sure where you are wearing a hearing aid in the end, then that help through the tonight is that because it's also like a kind of its connected to hearing loss and allow people who have from like law law loud noises, whatever it's, because you have hearing loss of certain pitch and the brain is trying to fill in the frequency. Oh, my god, and so like, where what is yours like? What are you here mine was, I want your a the Hollywood bowl
years ago when I went with some friends and we had kickass seats, we're like right behind the orchestra pit and they we go, and I just I don't gotta concerts very often- and I just never occurred to me like bring your blogs and, at the beginning, the concert they all pull out like these one guy had moulded with your ear plugs, and I was like what the fuck now and I can. I had this realization of like that's something I should have done yeah after the first call songs, so what gave me an extra set of them when I put him in, but it was sort of too late at that point very loud great conservatives really loud and and then they re they rang for awhile and and I went to an event about a month later we were out wars and there was a dj. It was loud and I started a kind of oh. This is idle. This might not be good for my ears and we learned
tonight, we were in the car and it was just like so for me I hear it in both ears and its of incredibly shrill high, pitched tone and the thing about that I think people some people dont really realises. Like you said it's in your brain, but it also this weird emotional component, because if you find yourself If I find myself anxious, it goes up, but what's been city about it- is that it will sometimes create that anxiety, and so it's like, I don't know like butter, word feedback loop. and you're gonna. Let me I first discovered it I was like I don't. I don't know, I'm gonna live my life hearing this all the abuses and I realized I read and like all everyone feels that way when they first then I always have this, and I just didn't notice it. But you find, like you said over time, your brain it just its doesn't it becomes alive
less stressful, and now, if I hear it when it's cool, at night. It's like oh yeah, that maybe turn on a little white noise machine or something or little on our yeah, but there's can my I find goes up, like you said stress, if I'm tired, if an overly tire Sometimes my yours, sugar and stuff, like that. So we always been a good sort of thing for my diet, what about they I and know what this I don't know if there's actual sites to back this up, I don't know, but they say things sugar and capping anything that elevates your heart rate increases the yeah yeah. Then that makes it
There's a company, that's just come out with a device, and I don't know if it's I don't know anything about it. I can't tell people to go. Do it, I just find it interesting and I might try it, but it's the it's a wristband that has like haptic feedback on it and four day for like two months. It plays a series of tones and I guess, and it vibrates on your wrist, and I guess I did theory behind it is that it rains your brain shit, you're you're, trying to train your brain to recognise what sounds are exterior to her ears and what sounds are interior your ears are interesting about? Your brain will automatically so that your brain will go I don't need to hear this because I gotta thing in the external world. I don't works, but I think it's called NEO sensory, but I, but I might try it.
The steep. You know why are the Abbe engineer I mean for me right now. It doesnt in my day to day life. I got it doesnt affect me, but I do here it like. You said like late at night on from tired from stress the fact that, even though I was sort of sugar stuff like that or like I'm just not you know like light those things any kind of thing, I'm feeling anxious soared over like I will. It will start to be louder. Sometimes I'm just like you know that if I go loud places it's the same thing like if I go to a loud club, which I don't I really do that much anymore, and luckily you know this happened to me. Is a middle aged guy wasn't like raving and partying like him out of my one, but if I do go to aloud
concert or even a Broadway musical or whatever, like I've, noticed that it's like I'll come over here. It'll be louder, and then for me so that I just gotta go back right. Am I spend a lot of time? I live like it's really loud right now I can. I gotta go to sleep and then, if I go to sleep by the morning, it will be at another it'll, pitched down a little better outcome, but it's our yeah. It's been a long journey. and an eye, and I have to say, like I thought the same thing when it first happened. I was like this is alarming, The career do this and I live. I remember telling my manager like listen. I've got this thing and I don't know what's gonna happen, but it may affect like my ability to work, and you know and get jobs, and I look things
you know it's it's about the resilience of us of the way our brain works and how stuff that we deal with in life and and and and so yeah. I don't know what it's amazing, also, how many people have it and live with it came out of it. I guess I thought it would be interesting to talk about just because I don't talk to a lot over the people who have it, but also for anyone whose just discovered for anyone who has it, who has that initial, like panic, would like it will get better and like it gets ok, your body. Does it just to put it in what it is most will be like. Why doesn't sound like? Well, if you, if there was there was like a car alarm going off all the time. Well, you need a certain point. You be like, ok, what the fuck you too,
Oh, I guess. I guess part of this was also to let people know that, because I do think it's going to become more of a problem because were in an ear button. Culture now now think it. I think it's totally troll. I think that you know I mean people listen to music, probably loud on their airbags and there- and this is a lot of you know- our ears are actually nine, especially if you live in a city like New York or you know how big urban centres like our are not really meant to deal with this much constant noise,
after the industrial revolution right. It's like it's like we're. Just meant eleven like the woods and my black beard here and dear something like like it's like, so so yeah. We I think that the more and more it's kind of all haven't you gonna, see people maybe struggling with, and hopefully that will also inspire because I, unlike unlike people who have things whether I saw I feel like things at the connected to the ears- does not as much research and money being spent on on stuff for the ears because will help for that. In particular, I dont think its wouldn't really be considered life threatening, but it's definitely reality of life running out how to deal with it in an end and distressing trying to keep your anxiety levels down because you, you know like a lot of them
commendations are like you know. Like it Anxiety medications like when I want to be a man like who I gotcha I don't have to rely on. Why did I just I just got a pin? Ah sir, for awhile like right after is caught up in that, isn't it? I think I think and though Diana being maybe cited canapes for about a month or so when it first happened to me, just as I would be shaking at night in bad what I could get to sleep without just like lie, but I remember I was I was travelling and several have been about our will and I just be like have these shakes, because I was like hearing this noise images, terrifying and then I took upon it better to help a little bit, but then also lay the thing that help the most. I mean this is just a reality, arisen
over time you just you just start, it just adds to integrate into your life and it starts to become a thing you know like. Ok, I have this. I've tell us about what I have this man distracted, you don't notice it s all right, I'm glad you said because I just again it I just want people to know like if you have it or you ve just discovered it. You know it's manageable and it will now be that an even occasionally if it's so little bit it won't king it'll go back down. You know like your bilbil, because even that, even during that, like videos, Bywater people said that I could almost. I would almost feel it quiet. a little bit, knows moment tat. Okay, I you know I'll just did. Also one of those things where the more you talk about tonight is the more use use here. It right to address your dreams.
Those arrived, I think it is worth eggs were then, let's, let's not about and talk about some other things? First of all, you you do so many cool things not not just be no with acting in writing, ends, but also you did up, but you did the Smithsonian Podcast no loss of this mazzoni. There's really cool stuff on there. You guys are finding like fancies kids and all these rights cool like Dorothys, OZ, Ruby slippers and all these really cool cultural artifacts? That now, as we are a you know like in the in the in the input, nineteen hundreds, you would think of historical items, is being like a good Gutenberg, or like the quill. Did you know that? to sign this document. But now Well, you're funds, these Jack
These things are like art, their artistic cultural touch, stones, yeah and be preserved, and so there are these things at this time Smithsonian just locked and archives yeah, no, that they actually let me run wild in the the scenes. the archives and that they have this huge storage facilities. There temperature controlled- and you know you walk in there and its I didn't say, that's like it's like. Oh here's, a booths jersey. and I was focusing their the the series I did. A lot of the sun images was focused on american entertainment and observe all our artifacts America, American at him
the charter amazing people. You know I got to interview Henry Winkler, nice guys, which was a dream, come true for me, because I was that nobody kid that had a picture fancy on my wall when I was a kid like I had like so. he was like you know me. My friends walk around school, but I do not find anything and then in view of the man himself and just you know, talk to women. Suffer is really gonna call an eye, and then we did an episode on party bunker, Ediths chairs from all the facts, way- and I got to any of you, Norman Lear and out, will we then we get episodes on the day when we saw the whipping was one of the episodes came about, because we were going through the air
we did the markets you know and and and that we can really cool, and I got any of you. Frank eyes, set him up, it's bad, but you, one of the curious, was taken me through the article that open up these doors of these metal closets and they just be like you know, at least meanwhile his ears from the last STAR Trek Movie or what I really just like this crazy. Everywhere. You know, and I want when he pulls out this lack job, and he goes. This is so just a parkers laptop from section the city, and it so happened that I was on sex in the city right and I was the guy that fixed her laptop
with that actually was that the actual one, so that was I'm just dumb shutters more one but like the lady was one of the tsunami, and so he was like of this is the laptop that she forgot account is named very diverse, Chirac cells. I haven't used, so this is carry branches laptop from second sitting there and I was like yeah. I know I fix this character, use the laptop on the up. The so called my Mother Board, myself which was now ready for any so then like what we just do an episode about this, that's really good, and so we use these artifacts as a conversation even to larger Thebes soda. The carrier. Bradshaw computer became a conversation with the creator of second city, which was the original broken and any became about. Ah you know women and men.
and it s sort of the culture of television by telling stories about women for the first time. In that way, the felt like we ve never seen before, what are we would already have somebody's gray conversations like the competition everyone clearer about, finds his jacket turned into a competition about acting and and and how he created that characterises nerdy jewish kid who, like was like you know so this? Never she guy created this like almost Jekyll and high character like that was his. Mr hide. You know that was like it was like this character came out of him. There was not help and an how'd. He said I did that
not so here we are talking about the sort of inherent weird massaging, even existed in that time, that you know like fancy clicking his fingers, girls running over him and you know like what would that be today like hell Did you talk about? Could you tell that story today and could you do know at an end and he talked about his thoughts on that which are really interesting, and I then I also intervene Jose Feliciano, which was a fantastic thing, because we walkin around the macedonian envy and the guy, It opens up this thing and there's Jose Feliciano guitar that he's and the national anthem, with at the nineteen sixty eight world series and he got booed because they didn't like the way sang it as he did. This really folksy factor is on Youtube. You can watch it really cool.
oh see kind of artistic version of oh say: can you see the stars and start talking about people brood here and they will I get? This could be like his span Hippy guy out here, and it was really interesting right here and he was actually stand down the street, and so they brought him to the specificities of his entire. So as a kind of you, and so they bring em, always comes with his wife, we sit down, we end up with any and we're talking it's one of the best episodes on it. Because we're talking- and I said to him- you know what happened to you is sort of way. What's happening to the current cap, annex of because you and doing something which is an expression of what you thought was true and you know, and on and on, and he was like almost totally different.
totally different and you did not go for and I was really shocked cuz. I thought he was going to like identify himself with these football players will take him to me and all that and he he was in. He had a whole like different opinion of it, and I thought that was really fascinating to listen to it and and then he wrote a song right there about his guitar The way to get there. You didn't actually play the guitar I plan to Qatar. Does he have the guitar right there and they just started playing it and started singing and the next thing, Now she singing the song and it's beautiful, like you know, acoustic guitar song and he gets done and then he goes
bright and after you, you know published. That was something so you could use them, use it in the thing, and as I wait, what do you mean? That's nodded a song. Unease acknowledges wrote that crop up at that is on the pact. Asked it all in there. You can listen to its work attitude, phenomenal idea, because on this, level. It's already just interesting to sort of talk about the history of these different pop culture. Things props things are, you know the fabric of pop culture, but for you to take that and then expanded and use it as a way in to these broader conversations. such a brilliant idea, which is such a such great idea and an eye
no that lost the Smithsonian is available still cause. I thought so I can listen to me. I think you can you can download and all the different things that you do. Is there anything in particular that you feel like red what's with you, the most, whether its hosting or comedy, or, writing or or or or fee, interacting, film acting or television acting. How do you like? What is the thing for you that come on we're to me. You may go haywire grits Chris were
I got to go about it. I do like what what would you say I made at the end of the day. I guess I am where I started, which is of an actor loot. Now, I'm an actor I'm an hour. I mean, I guess, I'm an artist that sounds very kind of like weighty twenty pompous. You know, but it is like to tell stories in our later and I like to create, and then I have had the opportunity to do that in different formats. Writing a book due in part gas, doing penal being an actor in telling other people stories on tv, removing sort ever back and I've done comedy another drama. I've had a gun the opportunity to talk
back and forth do you know do both of those things. I ve never thought of myself having because the daily show with such a phenomenal site, guy sort of show people, often think of me as a comedian, and but but that's not how I ve been right, and if I myself, I feel like I've, always thought of myself as an actor who does comedy and who does dramatic suffering like what I'm doing now and evil is a completely different type of thing than the devil said, a drama you now, and so I have done both in Microsoft. I guess you're, my first like us, my first love or the thing where I started was acting in Vila. You know that's what I really want to start and when I
sudden identify with as the purest form of whatever it is an idea, but it is also interesting that, because I think when you- and I were growing up, things were very you know like hosts- were hosts actors were actors. Snap stage there wasn't a ton of cross over. and it just feels so nice now to be able to do so. Many different types types things are you back, then it was like a view. tv you're gonna do movies you now like of you ever tv actor wasn't gonna, be in a movie arm of we saw you know, and and and now I think the world is just so difficult there with them,
You know me like, like we live in a different world like now, you can host to show you can you can host a game shell and yet a guinea fox is hosting a game show as an Oscar talking now and it's like it's like yeah, you can do that. It's not there's no set of rules any more. In that way. he just gonna, that's great. I feel like for someone like me, who was just always thrived, undoing, allow different things. I love. I love that you know when you buy your current room dot com. They delivered straight to you. So you know have to go to a dealership, which is great because Last time I went to one with I may I help you a group, a salesman started, smiling and walking towards me. You want to buy a car. I had nowhere to rhyme. I've got an suv with your name on it. I was slightly surmounted, never go to dealership again go to Britain.
had come by a car will deliberate straight to you will use your car on room dot com you can offer in minutes, which is greatly The last time I tried to sell my card to dealership. The salesman said I'll be back in a flash, but he wasn't back in a flash, second sternly, two minutes it's in two hours. Run wild people Daphne watered down coffee. They wasted my whole weekend, never go. What dealership again gotta room.
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quality, furniture and decor cost less is because I know evil evils back now. I think it came back June, twentieth yeah, that's on C b s and then some is actually on Panama blocked. So my plus yeah you're, just like it confused, because everything's Perma plus was CBS. All access and impair my plus incorporated all this by come stuff, and so it even that I'm still its when we were growing up, everything was pretty much just the way it was for decades, and now we are in the midst of this whole issue. Formation of what kind, It means like what's television. What's all these traditional broadcasters are now like absorbing all
content to be streaming and so like what streaming What'S- and I like, I legitimately- have no predictions for what five years from now looks like in terms of what What tradition like what media is, what all right? Yeah, though it were an account, renaissance of television and me, yeah and entertainment in this. In this way you know, because, with the emergence of the streamers I also like now we have you can reach a global audience, which is something that you never could do before. You know making a television show on ABC Nbc. You will basically try region an american audience. That was what you're making your father now, if you make sure Netflix people in India watching that Shell, you know or on HIV. whenever you like it's it's like so there's a whole different. I think in
ways. It is amazing and also people are watching content differently. Now they watch it when they want to watch it, they sit in a way they streamer, they either been. Did they watch a week to pin I like it all based on how you want to experience and engage with the content now, and so you know this move back. My show evil, for we went from CBS to a paramount plus in some ways. I think you know what this is. Some people are, like all you know now we'll have prime applause. We had CBS, but I think ultimately, its creatively amazing for us, because we got to do stuff on paramount plus without like standards and practices right and you get to tell stories and all the way and also like reach up a much larger, wider audience. Ultimately, and- and I think it's just so creatively- it's a great.
Adults and also like network tv. I think, is also recognising that people I'm sitting down and an tuning here like this, days at tat, you know what I'm doing Merci TV, like one others like you know, NBC from eight to ten eight to eleven. It must see tv, United, consign folder, you don't have any more and swords and at an you, like my kid, are like my niece over there watching content in a whole different way and on devices and stuff you know. So I think that this is the future and, as you Know- and I think this is absolutely not with the networks are realising that. Oh, this is where we need to put our energy,
our money and our dollars and advertising dollars into like setting you gotta see like a man who knows what's gonna happen and in terms of light. What's gonna happen the next five years either we might see huge Like already, we saw like Time Warner and each was ten wandering HBO or something like merge, redoubt discovery, ass, a thing, However, I think it was discovery and AOL Time Warner, yeah my speeches of weird marriage bed, but I think you gonna start seeing these. mergers happening where people are gonna go. Oh, we have a bunch of content. We have a platform that long people are too, but we don't have the contents. Are you? U single already upon a blessing of fire com and then you got like all movies are paramount. You're coming so they're trying to create a place where you go and you just have like all kinds account and you can watch movies. All tv shows with Frazier watch. You know whatever, like young
the upper Jones, whatever the things that are good about it, I think, are also challenging about it, which is yes, it's good as a subscriber. You go So if I pay no ten or twenty bucks whatever. What am I, whenever it is eight ten out six box him up the again? What's that great, that even better and allow I you know, rainbows what value for all these things, I get in then practical application. I think what can be stressful is like. But how do I sort throughout that? He knows that we still have to would it somehow- and I feel like what we used to you were we'd, go to her like a blockbuster, and spent an hour looking at vs jackets and going doing this algorithm in your head of like cast. You know like quality of work on box production all right. I guess this is worth the rental.
Now, my wife and I will just for an hour just watch trailers, four things lingo had an entire. Let's do not go to bed or put on by this all that's just problems like I will just watch. Trailers, yeah and then just be like exhausted, said that, because they have watched the whole shop budget, trailers and movies. Is that I'm not gonna watch but here it is. It is hard to short through the counter, and this is why you see in a weird way that thing that used to happen that water cooler thing you know: where did you watch sign for last night or did you watch whatever was you know now is happening in terms of the stream? When I feel like you still there still things like all. You gotta see this shell, and I just saw this thing, and you know that people are now having those canvassing like. I just wish tat some friends over the of their unit was like.
part of the conversation was was like. Have you seen this year? All you gotta see this thing it's great, and only then can we just we just brings the euro and so that it is now the conversation on the word of mouth. Europe becomes very relevant in all in all this. I got a prediction ethic, which is that when we start to get older that our that Senior citizens centre is gonna, have a series of actual water coolers where people can just cluster talk, talk out our approach and the way we did when we worries that exactly what this will just talk about it but it could be curbed, shows you know, could be. What have on allay law, like I don't know, but just by law weird pull out of nowhere that I don't know. I just put my brain just sort of like cross reference. shows from it is about.
The water cooler. and our laws? What proved to be a drug a lot of cash members had to be. thing where, like that people yeah, my brain did a very clear laws get. I like, I was a good place to go abroad in the thought about the Shell Ella LAW since allay law. I don't think so like what was the last time. Anyone had like a real the crazy figures at the minute. What do you think this? The tower the minute, you said Ellen LAW
everyone who I know my care, the market, whose very Hamelin Harry Hamelin, Yup Susan Day Susan Day and now I'm totally blank? I just I just had all the images of all the actors, like, I remember their names, but I know all the faces of the of Jimmy Smet's, jimmied smitten yeah and I was like that's why I remember it was very much part that was back when you know you want. There are only ten channels. Now, there's a hundred and eighty nine, you probably remember a carbon Bernstein said our man until then, like I'd, kill I can't remember what I had for dinner like three days ago, but unjust, rattling off allay lock, ass members downward and, in my view, it is going there's just thinking about the opening credits, what the like rising and then the life like that,
Ella LAW like that that nothing, that's highly useful, those those those made indelible mark son ass, you another shares, will because that's what we we I mean what what else do we really have to do at home in the eightys and the seventies, but why television, it's like you know, like home, game systems were fine, but we had an maybe in a tight one, six hundred or if it was late enough in the eighties, maybe in an intended, but but general are dimity at home was not really have hope, computers. That did that much. Was television for back then also the audience for these shows was huge legs tat,
twelve million people- will be watching the show you know like I spent a lot of my career. Try it on a network show, and then I finally got one and now nobody gets a shit about now. God dammit and you know now, it's like you, get three or four minutes people, like you, picked up forever. Yeah you're doing great, you know, and it used to be that, like you mean like twelve million to one, but you know that was the candle numbers that network to be used to get. Your friends, I think, was the finale of friends Thirty million people watching us meticulous number episode of Mass might have been like. Eighty, like it was like Rodeo, with some insane. I got look it up because it was Some number, let's see, mash final man, manage finale ratings, Jesus Christ, one hundred and five point million viewers.
In saying that in saying that is like slightly less than a third our population of the United States population now yeah yeah. She realized like that, was how many people tune in at a particular time of need to watch a shot ok so displaying time. This is where the internet rabbit weapons are now. Ok, what was the population of the United States in eighteen? Eighty three, two hundred and thirty three point: eight million fifty percent of the five percent of the country's washed by public tvs, fifty percent people in the United States watched one tell program when it aired that's fucking bananas, and I remembered I remember because I had only been in the country for about a year that point, and I remember in high school I've always talking about and weed. I grew up in England, so we did watch mash and everyone
in school was talking about the finale mashes on tonight. If Nellie man- and it was like I was just like- were and my friends- oh my god, it's the British, you got a guy like you and those all this they like in a like. If you don't want to finance, My people watch mash are worthy citizens, people don't want watch, MASH, a drug, attics and criminals, and you know it was like it was, and I remember, like I've, I've I've never even watched the series, because I grew up in a different country, but I watched the finale mash, because It was such a important moment two to two seemingly to everyone in the country that I came home and I and I and we watched it s, not really what was going on love but imagine, I mean now that would be like a hundred and seventy five million people. Yet watching one thing at one specific time I really can't even read my mind around it now it just isn't. I mean it just now,
something that would be possible anymore. It just isn't there's just not a paradigm for anymore makes it just wouldn't. Even there would have to be like a technological apocalypse And then slowly, there's only one way for people deceased like so much he's, not gonna have not an app and we can't we would yet you can't put de whatever the Genie back in a bottle. Whatever you want, but I'll tell you. I think that's good, especially prefer for performers. You know one one perspective might be. Oh, my god. Can you imagine if you're on a show that a hundred and five million people watch, but I think also where it could. Where was totally averaging if you're, on a show like that, the good and bad side was that, because so many, we'll start, you was one character a show very, very difficult for people to then go on to do other things, people. Saw them is like that. You know that's cool,
So I can only see that act. I can only say not saying that but I'm saying that I'm guessing you know and now, because the audiences tend to be a little more niece that if you like, allows us to be more. Nimble is performers because you know like evil will have its own audience and this way up the show you're doing with Ashland me will have an audience and there may be cross over. but that doesn't necessarily have to be- and that's ok and then people then you're on and then that sort of a gateway into other stuff. I've been an end. I think Hollywood is, is also catching up to that idea. It used to be that you know
If you want to show you do I gotta find with that show and that's how they wanted it to be. You know they didn't want you they're doing another shot, and now it feels like with the emergence of always content. It's almost like the good things actors is, we could do multiple things now is becoming more acceptable to do. Multiple things which you couldn't do before congratulate you know, and I think people seeing that like. Oh, it's good for our show is ass. It goes and does this other thing you know also game show or whatever you can now be used to be,
Oh territorial yeah yeah used to just ended up until about five or six years ago. They used to be like a sense of light. If you're on this network, you know if you're on Netflix, wherever you can't go, do something on on Showtime. While you know like and now it I'll just feels like people are much more, I mean is still a little bit about, but this I think that slowly stand and the acceptance of the fact that, like we don't live in a world any more aware these programmers and these networks and stairs a controlling you know the kind you don't have the view a ship to command that kind of control anymore. It. I have a prediction which I think my apologised for the negative effects of this prediction: little cynical
May I have this kind of like mild fear that some of that could come back because as these as these mega companies become yeah we're mega companies. If you know of your work, and I dont let things is happening on this thing. I wonder if it will happen that, if you're, that, if you work for a show under an umbrella of one super, streaming conglomerate that you know fifty things they might go. Oh, where were you know? Whenever AOL Time Warner discovery you did a Netflix show We don't want you do like dirt, because now the camp, the competition is fer. You know subscription dollars. So maybe, but that doesn't happen, because I think that it may just be that, like at the end of the day, we just got Netflix Apple Disney at the three of them just over everything
yeah, but then, but then there's NBC you and via com and well Time Warner and Discovery and that's a shit. Of discovery plus alone is a factor of content, already yeah and then time order is a mega factor of content of its like. So it just it it. It is watching everything, just like a lobby lamp just like watching these things break apart and then just you know like globs back together, but How do these companies work out of the infrastructures that these mega companies work fold together and how did they do liver, whoa, put a ball on what I would like our now. If you you know, if you subscribe discovery plus than you also get yeah, you know, then you get this three hours of America online I have no, I mean I have no idea how it's gonna work, but is also an emerging of the entertainment industry and tack right, your law. Let me see what
shouldn't ethics. And how does that work? Because you have companies like Apple which come from tech and are entering into entertainment and running all of that tech? a large and then he got companies like em up also CBS, with ever greater entering from the entertainment side or if the Earl into attack world and creating these platforms that are driven by algorithms and technology in Scotland, and I dont know I know
I think our content is gonna end up becoming more like british television, where they do. I two seasons of something here. Then there done that in the end they make yes and even with evil. When I do, and twenty two of the cells would do in thirteen and see the s, and now when we gotta Panama, possibly do in ten rather authorities and had so and after that, actually help for the quality of a sharp because the pillar- I you know, I know you don't because because I was talking to rubber king about this earlier on, we decided if they were like we're gonna, do thirteen instead of twenty two, which would be a normal network by and he was like walking. We did. That is always like three or four shows that you just kind of don't like
just like those who just fell, are you not like men, are still in twenty two episode funds from episode that budgets are they gonna do those they gotta? Do those episodes or maybe you're just in an office for the whole time to examine with just a little bit, so we could blow up something an episode. Ten this lack of an old man around a bunker, something you know it's like you remember that we all you resort to like a very special episode area, very special I just what I want to remind us of evil is on Paramount plus, and this way up is on Hulu show would actually be an that's that's July knife. Anything else. You're working on that you want people to know about or anything do you. while evil is screaming. Right now were swimming. You know we just started up. Like you said this way of July. Ninth is really excited, not that we get season to arm the great yeah now and then I had such a blast working with those people
Joan Holger Nationalism, unsecured fans of theirs, that I don't even work went to London. I did it for no money so dislike. It is just a complete package said fun. I've got a couple of animated projects that are coming out at some point, one for Netflix. scholar, magicians elephant, which is a basin of the selling french novel, ah, at its custom, great people, medical taken down and then another think I'll blazing samurai, which is based on the seventies movie, blazing saddles that now Brooks dead above works is producing the animated movie, which is all about a dog that ends up in a western town, full of cats and so excited about that's coming as well. Those are two animated
fears that I'm now that will come out, probably maybe this year later this year and next year. Some time then pass a good. Are you in New York now I'm in new york- and this is where I, where I live and manage to actually stay here, this whole time during this pandemic, we were bunker down in my and our home travel, the law? Are you gonna? Try you gonna travels more, you know we just we didn't. We haven't travel costs, we have a baby, and so, although we just did take a road trip with him down, my wife is from Atlanta drove South Carolina to help him had for a couple of weeks and then drove over. The latter then drove back to New York, and I was like I'd never doing us again. I was like we travel my wife. I said what
all the time before we had child, and now it's like we're like the rolling stones like we, we like trot, we just got, saw my shag, I'm literally that guy with a huge suv. Now the freeway like the kids in the car seat. I got you know just boxes of like toys in books and yet a baby bathtubs and all this ship in the back it up and we're just drive across country so but it was grey and we got to take our centre the beach for the first time, and that was really does also that he was born during a pandemic. So he hasn't seen the world price gaily seen. Yet I see people on screens and smoke, but he's not really Gunnar was like: let's go down and taking the beach and it was really gonna cost I haven't gotten any good, because it eventually, my wife and I are our plan- is to have kids and I we like. We also like road trips
gotta. Think like okay, so could you get out in some stretches when there's not like you, you know you you get to these now, there's a lot of stuff. When I was growing up my dad, DR everywhere, so less stuff in between in the seventies and eighties. But now, however, you will these stretches. So if your child is like freaking, the fuck out as they are prone to do sometimes and there's you can't really stop you get what what is it distraction do likes, we could toy. Do you have to stop you get out you kind of walking relic? What's what's your What are your two sides funny you asses, because actually this happen to us in North Carolina, and so when I, when my wife was pregnant and he was in vitro or whatever you call it
in utero. Ninety four in Europe, I would say to him every night in her stomach, because you know they say that you should do that and then the child. In have, and so the thing is, I sang the beetle I want to hold your hand to my son when he was in my wife's double every night. So now, as is now fifteen months or a year, and I almost your ass in words- get it to go to sleep, we have to say
I want to hold your hand all my loving yesterday yesterday, but currently beetles badly, that is dealt with jocular. That's a good like baby right back by the way I do so we were like Lily, like will be in the car and will not be going to sleep and he's crying at ease in its is nap timing, and my wife will mainly be like say said: I literally it's the mole yeah tell you so Bobo Bobo Stare and I'm just like at the top of my latins, and you know what it works like. He comes down and his
ever like you know thing he's got no one on calms down. He settled down often fall asleep fall asleep. I have to just do it on a loop after you sing Beatles Old, Beatles songs on a loop, and then he will just slowly come down. I hope to me Paul Mccartney one day and tell him that that is spect killer because you know that in twenty years or twenty years, you're gonna get a phone call. yeah. I got really bad insomnia. Can you just do the thing clock in the morning? I know, but please yeah thirty seconds as we enter the recording, because the pretty good work
that song? Are you sure it's got of it? I had a funny. It's like it's like an end, because I sang it to him when he was incited, like only I can sing it like my wife's things, it doesnt work and I feel that he's gonna actually one day discover that I didn't write. These songs. Do you're gonna have to go. to go into a studio and record them? Because if you work on a job and you're travelling yeah You gotta be around in my elder play it on her Ipad honour. I saw and had me yeah away. That may be true that major Well, it is so wonderful to see you. I am so great man really like it is. one person at some point, maybe I'll run into another, create about Sammy situation. You know how ya gotta we can be around me. again, so I hope you
Karen, and I hope I see you open sea you sooner. I got. I really feel like it's been like seven or eight years since as the wedding. The last time I did it, I did your password, you, you had a place, once again. We also sad, though comics yes, not bear any more by the way. Now the comic shop, the entire block is gone, is really like that the person who own that whole block so that other developing into something, but it is across the street from that guitar place that right, yeah. It's it's gone like the merely than a whole city. Black is propaganda, just be like Glass Box, condos, lipid, always or some
being underneath, so I don't know I was there, it was it, but that that was fine man. It's really really good to see you great to see you and I hope, to see a person someday the end I ii and iii incomplete.
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