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Former Vice President Al Gore chats with Chris about An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, why he felt it was important to make a sequel to his first film and their mutual love of Tennessee. They also talk about how the world of politics has changed over the years, being an advocate for the internet in the early days and what people are doing to combat climate change and how you help! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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An inconvenient sequel truth. The power which is in theatres and l in New York, now opening wide Friday August fourth tickets and info. Can we found it inconvenient sequel, dot com? I saw its prey now. I this was never really had on We ve had a politician in the first year and so it for me, rather than getting into the nuts and bolts of like, let's bash one side of politics and not another side, and let's up, I was self interested to hear about the process of how government works and how its chain and how and how its changed and sort of trying to unpack sort of the human side we like government is. You know, I think some people look government, they go well, it's just this sort of like faceless body that Minos makes decisions based on. However, it makes decisions and- and- and I and I think it's made up of humans I am interested to hear how these humans interact and how they react and how do they know so we actually, we actually talked a lot about that stuff. So
really nice and really itself and will really engaging in and it was a fun- it was a fine podcast he's at any. Sometimes I you know. Sometimes I get nervous because I think you know people to have different types people on the show you sort of getting your comfort zone. You like nigh oughta talked actors are not attacking meetings. I can talk to directors, I can talk to musicians, but it was. It was fun for me too, step outside a little bit and and have a different kind of a common, and that's all. These are just conversations yeah like what when about this person and how do they had they interact and and so on, and it was interesting to do as we did at the four seasons, whether its press, drunk it was happening and you could see downtown LOS Angeles purposes, This plan of gunk just saga hovering. You know that just cuts out the middle of the bill, all smog hazelnut
now, but then you know, like I said when the podcast like I'm, you know. I complain about that and I am one or two percent part of the problem. I don't have an electric car. My house is not a solar powered, I mean you know I am. I am part of the problem, so some of it was you know what I do as a citizen who doesn't. Who says like I want change. Why need to die? Need to be a part of that change? I can't just complain and shake my fist like a family. If I'm on a bitch about stuff, I need to what can I? What can people like me do if your interested- and he talks about that here- any doubts about that. Movie, but is also about finding information way. No matter what you yes, or no matter what you think, you believe just make sure that you're, you know that you're sourcing and from its like fights, seek out information. Yeah, don't just read headlines! Yes, but yes, so this episode, Thou Gore, also stamps dot com, sponsoring the nervous, podcast, They ve been really sponsoring a spur. There is such a great, therefore really like us. They really are and so
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now entering nearest star com, a million things today, but this is basically just they very casual conversation. I know the nervous. Ok are all right. Ok, I didn't know, I wasn't sure, I'm all assume you're busy. You know like trying to fix the climate and steps. Do thou so that'll be your microphone
there. How is your day so far too great. Thank you good. It's kind of its almost ironic that we're looking out the window and you can see like hazy, downtown LOS Angeles, like just like a light How is less Angeles in terms of pollution index? Are we were away in the top ten or that we have to be at least in the top twenty well, at LOS Angeles has unique challenges and has historically and sandals actually has come a long way. Reese whether there there was a reversion on some of the levels, but you know California Zone a global leader now and just last week, Jerry Brown Pass this historic legislation. He has. Really been fantastic. Governor Anna leader on the climate issue, partnering with other regional governments. And citys around the world? And yet I was in Australia. Two weeks ago
and deliver letters from Governor Brown to the premiers of the four largest states and Australia. They same kind of deal there were where they actually have the levers of power out of these things in a federal government that, Sir, not on side, so in any way, LOS Angeles is, is sir, is making some briars. Well, that's good debt to hear because it feels it- you know I live in EAST Hollywood and it probably took me I wish I was telling Katy open. Sir and Debbie are Booker that every year just feels like more cars, more more people more and more construction, and it it feels like a precipice of some type of an apocalypse aired Galifron your, but but I guess, if it's getting better, that's good to hear, The the electric cars are poised to take a much larger share of the market soon and the
who has now it gets more global warming, pollution and conventional pollution from transportation than from the generation of electric power. So Ex frontier for the. U S is really accelerating the the shift over to electric vehicles powered by renewable electricity right I mean I feel I must come to the fact that I- and I assume this is most people, but I A complete hypocrite, because I wanted to look says we need to do something about the environment. We need to do something for the climate, and yet I dont know electric car, you know my house isn't solar powered while they haven't, electric cars haven't really been, and the price range to to make them affordable for a whole lot of people until now write an hybrids have have been in that range, but now the shift to electric vehicles is gonna, be massive India just announced a couple months ago, astonishingly, that by it
thirteen years. One hundred per cent of all their new cars and drugs are gonna have to be elected a while, and then incredible. That is incredible, especially after what I saw in the sequel in the documentary last night. Yeah he s going to muzzle David on it, a big. You turn just hence the Paris agreement their shutting hundreds of covering plants and massively expanding solar volvo. By the way just announced it's not gonna is gonna stop making internal combustion? Oh, why engine based vehicles by the Two thousand nineteen model year, which right basically the end of next year, so every Major manufacturer in the world out of manufacture is introducing electric vehicles and the new Tesla. Model three. I guess it is the consumer. Affordable amounts well is coming out eminently so there there or answers to the dilemma you ve been facing and worse
we're panels are concerned. There are now companies in California who will make you the following deal. They'll say we will put sore animals, Oliver your roof tomorrow and the next day your bills will drop twenty percent for electricity. How much will it cost you? Nothing really what it wants to bring it William? What's incentivize in these companies too, that they make the savings are large enough that they can make a profit even azure bills go down. Now part of it is because of the incentives sure, but is remembering that the subsidies for fossil fuels are forty times larger than the subsidies for renewables, but now a lot of these companies, a testily bye bye. There was one of them. A solar city was absorbed by Tesla they're, probably the leading come near, but there
several others who will make you that deal. That's great, and I know that on, whose you know that the basically a modern day, Tony STAR a real world only start here I was seeing that did the seal, the ceiling, tiles that he was making that that we're solar tales, but I think a lot of it is, is just hoping that the efficiency catches up is like if there are more charging stations around in those charging stations could charge faster and more efficiently. I think it'll start to Tipp more you know, rather than I mean an electric cars. Fine, if you, if you the travel in the same radius? But if you have to go a long distance I know I was just icon and a guy down there had a testimony was like a really nice. About cutting up, because I don't know you know he was that a hotel and he'd think he thought he had just enough to get home but was really concern cause. There wasn't really a lot of places from the staff on the way they call that range anxiety, but I just got one actually. The sounds like an extended commercial ones not intended that way, but but I just go
one last month and I will tell you right on the dash where the recharging stations are, how long it will take to recharge, and you can plan out your trip. There is basically no where you can go and make it ok. So anyway, I wanna. First of all I wanted I wanted. We got to get the Tennessee part of this into the conversation cause I'm from Memphis, oh yeah, that's right. They told me that yeah a group in Memphis I moved there when I was probably in my parents were there when I was in third grade and then I moved away. You know my mom and I moved to entice what my dad we now live in Memphis until he passed away, but Tennessee as such lovely state a year you Nashville base yeah. You are national Base Year and my farmers fifty miles east of national hell. That's Nashville is such a good tat. My thank you very much. It's hard city, I'm down it's really it it's getting a lot of getting these days and deservedly so. Well, it's you know.
You have a university there and wherever there's a big, unified state University, you have a lot of culture how about you. You had the music culture that was already there and the food and the people as a food, a city and actually a lotta universities. There that's. It was named a hundred years ago, the Athens of the south of the cause of all the universities there Vanderbilt is sort of the star of that of that group, but there are a bunch of others as well and them that culture is incredible, it's the song riding capital of the world in one of the three biggest music. Reporting cities in the world, New York and allay being the the other two and the number of artists and also actors, son who have Move to Nashville. Really it It's an amazing seen there now- and I am this- is against my interests because most of us who live there are
You know not not really wanting to encourage faster road, but it's a physical, it's a great city. Really this is this. Is it he had? there's a Parthenon. There will be a partner of southern and remember DEC. Ago, when they install the the pagan stature of Minerva, aren't than some of the fundamentalist preachers were very upset. Of a more fine weather, because they understood the whole thing, but a few of them really got upset about the Parthenon is really girl at its legal area is driving around it's like little there's like Starbucks right there and you look across me from a Starbucks there's. Just the Parthenon Hark, but it's just such a lovely city for culture and tendencies. I have nothing but good feelings about the statement see, do you ever I mean you must travel none. Stop with what you're doing a travel broadly loads,
much because I give my slide show all around the country all around the world, and I spent at a time, training, climate activists and that that that leads me to travel more than I should write. I wanted to ask about because I know- and I want to talk about politics per se, but I'm interest sort of the human side, a politics, because they think when we see What we see in the news, what we see in the headlines are, we see, you know just footage of people in Congress. Sort of you know wagging fingers at each other. I think we think. Is very one dimensional. In terms of this you know I agree with this person, so that person is good and that person is bad, but obviously there's a human element to its now. So, first of all, what made you want to go into politics because to me it just feels it's so messy, and how can you ever uncover what's true and how can you retain what
believe in while compromising with other people it just it just feels like such a disastrous mess. Well, while my story is a little a typical in that I was born in to your father s, family. My dad had been in the Congress for ten years before I was born and let the Senate was defeated and his last election, because he was an early opponent of the Vietnam WAR in the volunteer state. Right- and this is its nickname. I was very proud of him, but I saw it all my life and then in the mid seventies I was elected to the house and I've watched it from different points of view all my life and in answer to your question I'll, tell you a couple of stories. I wanted to do what my dad did when I was a kid, but and I saw the presidency of Lyndon Johnson, then the Vietnam WAR based
a lie at talking talk. It was the Tonkin Gulf Resolution and then Nixon followed the added I just thought man ass, a last thing. I'll ever do, and I became Vietnam. I came back and I worked as a journalist for five years and thought: that's what I would be for the rest of my life. I started covering government added Conor. Reawaken some of those young childhood thought. Sir. I began to think that maybe I could do this little bit better than some of the people on cover anyway, I jumped into a race for Congress in point I want to make is that when I
or to do in these town hall meetings, I call them open meetings and then went back to the capital and DC honest to goodness. It was so thrilling. The sounds a little corny, but I get almost hear the battle him of the republic, be an hummed and the banker an anomaly nice. I promise you. I was really an amazing experience and I loved it an hour, founders, said designed a system that takes into account all those contradictions that you referred to and setting up your question. They knew these tensions would exist, and it's, not a problem to be solved, it's a dilemma to be managed and if you have really strong feelings about something in the majority of your constituents. Disagree have a chance to explain yourself and collect information from them. Take it back to diesel,
then go back and tell them what's going on in the in the committee meetings and on the floor, the Congress, and I did that in the end, it was, as I said, thrilling Later on, when television became dominant and the thirty second tv adds caused all the candidates to spend all their money, all their time, begging rich people in special interest for money, it really did began to change. So the way those natural and healthy tensions are reconciled today is very differ. And it's not good. Our democracy has been hacked and I dont mean by the Russians that happened to, but hacked by big money before Putin got hold of the system.
And now they will invite lobbyists to actually write the the bills and let them really make the essential decisions on governing, which is disgusting, and it's a betrayal of what our founders intended. In spite of that, I see this process of change continuing and just as television displaced, newsprint and install gatekeepers that could charge grants for access to the public mind now the internet based media- and you are a prime example this phenomena, not too in indulging idle flattery, but
it really and truly now, if you don't have a gatekeeper that you have to pay a ton of money, no dot two, and when people connect with the thinking process of someone who's really taken time to collect information process, it apply their values, share with others. That's the that's! The basic mechanism at the heart of the constitution and its coming back now and yet see. Internet has all these harmful problems and echo chambers and all the rest, but there's some self correcting mechanisms and were beginning to see the evolution of it, the first decades bring browser pretty dang messy also, and you saw the Bernie Sanders campaign, whether you agreed with his agenda or not just in terms of the fundamentals. He proved that its now possible to run an effective campaign and potentially a women campaign without having
any special interests money without having the lobbyists right the position papers without relying on big fat cats donors but just going out on the internet and asking for small contributions from people who agree with the direction or proposing that's exciting. To me, It brings back that feeling that I had in the MID seventys when I was able to get a life Congress without having a single fund raising without relying on any special interests contributions we can get back to the way american democracy is supposed to work. When you were incentive, icing internet growth early on, did it become what you thought it would way beyond what you imagined or you know, did you think all this will just be some you know, informed it'll be like like a large public library where people just be able to freely of some information I mean. Did you have any inkling of how much it would,
the matrix essentially well a lot of what has developed. What was so something that could be anticipated and I had the privilege of working with them scientists and engineers who were there in the earliest days, and it was possible to envision much of what I has unfolded. But there have also been developments that I did certainly did not anticipate and do not welcome. We have a stalker economy now where people are tracking your clicks and compiling of you want to call him dossiers, but they have a huge, compilations of information about everybody, I'm an end before even get to the intelligence, services and security agencies. The advertiser supported the internet companies have in earnest.
Of to collect a lot of data about everybody and I don't think that's very healthy. I saw a story yesterday and this is maybe a tangent, but it illustrates these Lloyd. You know this company rumour, of course story, bought a vacuum cleaners. They go around and cleaner Lord, while you're at work, and now that this are. You saw also their proposed to sell a road map of your house you know lore plan of your house to some of the other. Companies, and I'm thinkin wow that If I had a rumour that would cause me to get rid of my remember, I mean serious, I mean the by what right I mean you know it's so invasive now and you know you ve had the experience, I'm sure some people have of using some word
in an email and all of a sudden, you start getting ads for cripple oh yeah, whatever that thing is well that's just that still I mean I kids, you know when I first started, years ago, it seem benign, Now, when you, when you to all of the other information. I just think that we need to to really be be careful on that stuff and have some restrictions on it and I M and by the way I think, is really important to defend the principle of net neutrality. I'm a hundred up. Of course, it is absolutely I mean it. The internet is, you know, Edmonton, I wouldn't say its air, but it's it's something that so integral to the way that people need to exist now, and to tear it into throttle. Certain people, if they're not repaying enough money is, is is rotten I mean in. We are it's almost like consumerism is, is, is leading us
we're welcoming this age of like Techno Fascism, almost in a way we just allowing and in some cases, you go K. I guess it's fine, you know I I do like this one product so when it gets offered to me, ok great, I like that, but just the the farther reaching implications about becoming reliance on this now to exist. Really is, is discussed and now now they have this new development called ambient computing, which basically mean like Amazon. Echo and their rights or others where it's always listening, and you know you're supposed to trust the fact that its only gonna, you saw the story about the kid who bought a doll on her parents. So yet Amazon and the parents were furious and got into the news and a tv news cast her broadcaster, the the story and repeated the little girls a command and hundreds of homes bought this
doll, because yeah not mathematical, picked up in order to support and that are needed it's really. You know it's a brave new world for sure it is, and we really gonna have to figure out how to begin, manage it responsibly in and especially you know it because I mean I, like that our culture has become a niece culture, in the sense that the that the internet is really created. A lot of communities that were very difficult to find in a pre ins era, everyone can find now community now. But of course, the downside to that is that the older people are less owing to form a larger. You know communities for a sort of greater good. It's like I have my tiny little community oriented care. What's goin on, over there by the way, assuming since your audience has grown so much that there are a lot of homes with these
my yes I'd just like to say, Alexa, goat who inconvenient sequel, dot com by Sweden and by advance tickets to an end, convenient sequel, truth to power which opens in LOS Angeles and New year, city, on Friday, eight July twenty eight and in cities all across Amerika August. Fourth, thank you, Alexa, those very very well done. There was very well slit in and I think people are even gonna notice that that it's just gonna also they're going to wear these tickets come from. What am I doing at the theatre? Some other elects has gotten them to the theatre set them down, but I I you know when Hey watch things that are going on politically, like like most people. I do the thing right, so why can't they just dot dot need everyone over simplifies the process. Is there anything you
I share that people mean understand about how the process works, because nothing is a similar process. Any process enacting bills enacting laws are making change in government because you know when you- and I know when when When interest politics, I'm sure most people's agenda is, I want to do good things, then you get into it. You find out it's not so we to do exactly what you want. You want it. So what is something that you could share with people so that, could understand a little bit better. How this process work so that they understand it is not as simple as just do and get be result yeah, it's some. Of course our constitution was constructed in reaction to the perceived abuses of King George, back in the day, and so they made it intentionally difficult to enact new laws and the kinds of laws that
barred passions in the late eighteenth century taxes. In particular, the initiative has to be taken by the House of Representatives, which is on a two year, reelection leash and therefore in theory, much more responsive to the electorate, so it its intended to be difficult now here, ears, a thank you. As a citizen have a member of the House representatives who is responsive to you, you have to senators were whatever state you live in a present. That is the only one that represents the whole country and, let's just keep it at the federal level, but the same essential dynamics operate at this in four state government and for local gum city government, county gum at just at the federal level. Ok, so it is more difficult nowadays for you, as an individual citizen
yet your member of Congress to be responsive to you but cause, they are more a tuned now to the sources of their campaign. Contribution got it okay, so that's it. That's a problems But it is not an insurmountable barrier, the all cliche, their strengthen numbers still applies, and if you can go out on social media and collect a number of other people who agree with you and then you can go to your Member of Congress, you can knock on the the District office door that person the member Congress. He and she here, she's, probably not gonna, be there, but they'll have people who were who were trained to recognise a passion set at start to two of cars, a bubble up. If they have town all meetings, you can go in and take some other people with
go to the indivisible Le Organisation, they ve got this really down there. There really good at that indivisible guide, dot com, I think, is there their site, and so here is the message you deliver. If youve, for example, you want to solve the climate crisis right, you deliver a two part part number one eye and all my friends want you to to support solutions to the climate crisis, we're tired of the people responding only to the carbon fluter? If you do the right thing, we are prepared to work for you and help you get reelected and campaign for you and and tell our friends on our social networks, we were really for you part two of your message. If you are not on side, if you're for the carbon polluters, instead of the public interest, I guarantee
d, you, we will not rest until we defeat you and kick you out of office, so choose door number one or door number two. Now, if enough people deliver that message with passion and conviction and back it up with their physical presence at a tunnel, eating or a district office and handmade signs, and really convinced that person that you're deadly serious about this you can clear the bar that makes them think may be. I can't go with the carbon polluters on this one. Maybe I'm gonna get defeated. If I do it works, I've seen it worked. Well, that's good to hear, because I think that you know most people today are a part of
hashtag activism where they just feel. Like I tweeted other thing. I was angry in a moment and I tweeted at a thing- and that was my political activism. Don't work that wouldn't work that where you got you that that idea of you know- bring up in real life is really, I think most people. Don't don't do that yeah yeah, there's a there is a famous phrase, a weak ties that describes The phenomenon you're talking about, if you just check box on the internet, if you just click it,
it's not meaningless it it it. It makes some difference, but not much of a difference. If, on the other hand, you actually show up in person that that does make a difference- and you know it's interesting- that so many businesses now use this phrase- clicks and bricks where they will use the internet to distribute information and get people into a store, get people to a physical location, but then they're prepared for them when they show up person that hybrid of clicks and bricks works in politics as well. You can use as indivisible does as the climate reality project does. You can use internet to inform people to tell him where the meat
SAR where the meeting is but there's something about face to face interaction where groups get together to make decisions collectively and then take action together. That is that that that's the king and politics, that's the dominant force in politics, the internet to the networks and social media can empower that and magnify it, but it has to involve ass, a physical, broad, there's, an old african saying when you pay move your feet. What, when you want something to happen in our country, fine to click, but follow it up by moving your feet and go on with your physical party? and putting it on the lines and ok, I'm here, I'm serious, I mean it. How did a politician must have to develop such a thing? to be a politician, because almost every time you open it the percentage of people going to go yea representatives of people are gonna, it
you, horrible names and so an especially now with social media. That's much more apparent than it. Was even when you were vice president. You know you see morbid, so I mean how do you- and I guess this is just good advice for anyone, but how do you stay on stay on point take your emotion out of it and try not to personalize, and just we recognise like well, you know everyone's passionate, so maybe that's, maybe that's just the way they express that passion in a very negative and broken way
you get around that yeah. Well, there say it's worth remembering that it set time honoured truth that when someone or a group or some company hate, say particular message, they are tempted to lash out and attack the messenger, and so I don't take it personally. I've been trying to catalyze solutions to the climate crisis for forty years now, and I have seen it been there of experienced it and yeah you do get a thick skin just because its human nature, when you go through this kind of thing you you cannot develop an immunity of sorts, and when when it when it does get to you, you can easily pretend that interposition better, but that's it basically. Well yeah. I mean, if you believe, in what you are
going. I mean the whole thing is about lodge authentic passion for for what you believe in and all of us have. The ability to two to feel was more likely to be true that not- and if you take time to gather the best available evidence and engage in discourse with others, disorder, refine, you're thinking about it. Knowledge is power and then you're willing to to really put yourself out there and express it passionately and forcefully. Then you, you can really met, make make a difference yeah, but we know to even sir five. A presidential campaign to me seems I don't even know how some it, because people net, especially just pulling out everything and trying to spin everything, is negatively against opponents as possible, and I am sure there are three is the commission aware that you know hey. I really wish I had time to explain. This did not happen. That way, not yours,
in that context and that's a headline. But I guess you really have to figure out how to somehow just push that also out of the way, yeah and and and again, to put it in context. Soften illuminating, to go back and read about the presidential election of eighteen hundred corporatism, the sum of the earliest political contests, when America was was young boy, some of the personal attacks and some of the outer rages campaigns against individuals back then exceed anything in today's of politics in here but there were people shot on the floor of the IRA, rides beaten, senseless with gains and it's a dub. There was a Senate. There was a blind senator from Oakland a man named Gore, was actually
grandfather of Gore of it all, and there was a blind, sir I'll, just tell you this quick story. Does it popped into my mind? He though, he was blind, he was a very skilful orator. Athens story goes that one of his defeated opponents mumbled it on this floor if it were not for the senators disability, I would challenge him to a contest of a different kind, to which Senator Gore replied. Blindfold, that son of a bitch and point out in my direction so, what's going on now is a man precision of human nature, which hasn't changed. It can do in a quarter centuries. Italy's do think we're doing a do. You think we are doing what the our forefathers, the founding fathers would have thought we should be doing because sometimes I'll see like you know, things are going to go. I don't know
What Jefferson had in mind like I'm, not a hundred percent sure that we are following you know what day, what they hoped for Our future. Do you think we're in line with They saw or do you think you know we should really did take a take a minute and re examine. Oh yeah, I think we should re examine for sure we leave strayed far from their design, but again to put it in contacts. There been other periods of the robber Baron era- Raby, maybe not quite his, not quite as bad, but at least close. There been other periods when wealthy, powerful fat cats were able to to pull the strings and punch and pull the levers and make things happen for them. Instead of for the public and the
that ports not new? It's worse now and in my opinion- and I think this is it in the previous periods- they have been followed by waves of reform right. The populace movement that Teddy Roosevelt can enact at all these. Forms and anti trust laws and all the rest. That was a healing period for our country and when the abuses have gotten out a hand they they ve often been followed by reforms. We are overdue for a reform movement, but you know: there's a love is that sometimes operates in politics for every action. There is an equal and opposite reaction force and the reaction to the excesses and absurdities of Donald Trump is quite another so now we are now seeing an upsurge of progressive activism on lots of issues, not least among them climate, that's really an unprecedented
The individual movement I mentioned earlier is working with the climate reality project in a paramount within participant, with the release of this movie this weekend and over the next few weeks to two to mobilise people who have really had it. To hear with what Donald Trump and his robe gallery of climate deniers are doing, and I am optimistic that this may be the beginning of one of those reform pirates, and so just for people who may be don't understand the full scope of everything's going on so removing ourselves from the Paris agreement which is in which is a large arc- I mean its laxative, come until the end, but a large arc of the sequel is about the Paris agreement in twenty sixteen. So what does this mean? That America is is not doing anything to reduce carbon emissions or is it is it now
on each citizen to do their part to pick up where the governments not putting money into that anymore. Well, it's everybody can make a difference for sure, and you start by learning about it. I hope people will go see this movie, because it will tell them what they need to know about the crisis, about the solutions and about what they can do individually. There is a book being published tomorrow with the same title and an inconvenient sequel truths power. It is partly a guide book for how you can be an activist, but it also again tells you everything you need to know about the problem and everything you need to know about those solutions, but it's not only down to individuals, because we have a lot of governors and mayors and business leaders who are stepping up feeling
gap. They have said in large numbers. We are still in the Paris agreement. We're gonna meet the commitments made by former President Obama, regardless of what Donald Trump does California, I mentioned just pass this historic legislation. Last week, Jerry Brown came from Sacramento for the red carpet. Premier Tuesday night of the movie here and allay he's been a real hero, and it's not only Democrats. He had eight republican members of the California legislature support that legislation. Some from very conservative districts. There is now a Noah's Ark Caucus in Congress. With reference to the biblical daily, but also with reference to the fact that they come by twos. You can only join with one democratic one Republican, so lots Republicans are now switching on this and in movie there's the inspiring story of the city of Georgetown Tax, and I wanted to
I'm so glad you brought that up your mayor, Dale Ross as a conservative republican Trump supporting mayor of read a city in the red is county in Texas. He also happens to be a c p and he did the numbers and found that the citizens of his city could save a lot of money on their energy bills if he switched over to a hundred percent renewable electricity and they ve done it now and the bills are going down, the heirs, cleaner and aside benefit, as we can save the future of humanity. I love that part of the movie, because you know so much now. I think everyone feels that they have to be one hundred percent in two something and if someone else isn't their enemies peep are talking? I'm not someone who believes that ever republicanism monster in every Democrat is awesome. I think there's jerks on both sides and I think, there's a nice people in both beneficial orbit, we're all human and to see you go down to Texas and it in.
And talk. I have a very simple conversation with someone who is politically opposed to many of the things that believe in definitely didn't vote for you. You know. And just say hey, you know what we don't agree on a lot of things, but we do agree on this thing. We're going to be civil to each other, we're going to have a conversation, we're going to work it out that I think, was one of the most inspiring parts of that movie, particularly with how people deal with each other. Today How is it is it meeting in real life again, like you said before? How can we get rid of this idea that someone who doesn't fully agree with this across all platforms as our enemy and we can actually understand each other as human beings yeah? Well, we ve got two big changes goin for us in in the effort to create this new political
reality that says that you're hoping for him. It is beginning to happen that there are a lot of republican mayors and governors by the way who are waking to the reality of the climate crisis and the availability of the solutions. The first big change in the decades The first movie is that the climate related extreme weather events are way more common and weigh more serious. Today there are more than a hundred fires burning. In the American Wes today there are day loses happening, the U S has had in the last seven years, eleven so call once in a thousand year. Events every night on the tv news is like a nature hike through the book of revelation, and even if the mainstream media does not connect the dots people are connecting the d
lots of farmers, ranchers fishermen, others who work outdoors or sand to their neighbors. They may not used the phrase global warming, but their send aid is whether is getting to be a very serious problem and it is- and I won't go into all the details, but that's waking people up. So that's in our favour. Unfortunately, the SEC Big change is that the solutions really are here now. The fact that the electricity produced by solar and wind is following a pattern that we saw with computer chips and with mobile phones and flat screen tvs is amazing and when the production scales up, the cost comes down even faster, their contracts being sign now for electricity from solar at rates less than half what you can get up from electricity generated by birth.
Fossil fuels on an unsubsidized basis so and in its continuing to come down what batteries are now beginning to come down and cause very rapidly now to add, batteries to solar is a game changer. The whole energy system of the entire world is changing and, to put it in a broader, on TAT. Still, we are now in the early stages of a global sustainability revolution, which has the magnitude of the industrial revolution, but the speed of the Digital Revolution and its empowered by the new digital tools. We have not least the internet of things which are giving people the ability to manage molecules and atoms in the same way that bits of information or can be managed New Material Sciences set new design
This is really transforming the world decoupling, GDP from energy use and emissions, and it's a very hopeful sign so now we're still not solving this crisis fast enough, more damage is being done. Every day will put a another hundred and ten million tonnes into the sky. Today, as if it's an open sewer, the cumulative amount of man made global warming pollution now traps as much extra heat energy every day, as would be released by four hundred thousand Hiroshima Class atomic bombs exploding. Every twenty four hours, nine
percent whats going into the oceans, the heat energy, and so that is disrupting the water cycle. So we're getting these rain bombs punctuated by periods word, droughts, occur quickly and go deeper and for longer were seeing the timing of rainfall chain so that farmers, or have their planting and harvesting disrupted in many areas, the heat stress last year was a hot assure ever measured. Second, how does the year before that? Third, how does the year before I mean it's pretty clear. Jimmy Kimmel said recently the way you know global warming as real as if the hottest year ever is the area. Currently in and we ve all been living through that an end now that we do have the solutions now that they are more often but every day the missing element is sufficient political will, but political movements that a renewable resource,
we are now in the process of renewing it, and this climate movement is in the tradition of other great, morally based movements that have improved the lot of humanity: the abolition movement, the women Suffrage movement, the civil rights movement, Anti apartheid in in South Africa. Most recently the gay rights movement. If somebody had told me five years ago that in the twenty seventeen government, gay marriage will be legal and all fifty states an will be accepted, honoured and celebrated by two thirds of the american people, I would have said, I sure hope so, but what are you smoking that just doesn't seem very realistic?
to me, but it happened as Nelson Mandela once said, it's always impossible until it's done. The climate movement is right at that tipping point now. What we need is for Europe listeners, just a personal as it to make this a priority, communicate that priority to others, develop a conviction and passion to desire this change and then use your voice. When the conversations on climate, the civil rights movement, pass new laws, when the conversations were one user votes, The techniques we talked about earlier in communicating with elected officials and candidates, use your choices in life. When you go into the marketplace, when you insist on the most climate friendly alternative that out not only reduces Europe
impact. More importantly, it also sends a powerful signal to business and industry that this demand is growing. The difference of doing for profit and loss is often at the margin, and that's why you see all these companies now out their advertising where greener than our competition. It's one of the reasons why companies like Apple and google- shifted to a hundred percent were in renewable energy in this country and soon will be worldwide, so we're making progress, but we need more into visuals to speak up to use their there, their voices votes and choices. Now, when you started politics, I feel like there was, and even when I was younger as well, finding information was difficult because there were two information was just difficult to track down when they got it from a handful of sources. Now we have the opposite problem. Where information is, you goodness but tracking down the truth is what's very difficult. So whether or not people agree with some or any of what you're saying, how can you inspired,
I'm too just seek the truth. Just you know like how do you find the truth? a world where there are so many strata five layers of crap to sift through and most people. You know, won't put in the energy to look past a headline. They see a headline they go. This is confirmation by. That's why. I already believe that so that not so, how do you get them to find? You know? What's real someone says why don't know about this climate change thing? I want to do some research. How do you sift through all the crap to get to the? I think that one of the biggest challenges have as a culture right now is finding what's real anymore yeah. I think that's true, but there are some trusted sources out. Their wikipedia is pretty
M good, I mean it's very effective. Snopes is good. I saw where they were asking for help from the public, I'm going to help him there. There are good source, their skeptical science dot com. If you go to the climate reality project dot org there there there are reliable sources of of solid information, but you are quite right that the information ecosystem that we now live in is very noisy, very busy filled with distraction. Eight thousand, the average person, these eight thousand advertisements. Every day I mean of impressions right right, right, right, right in the line between entertainment and news has eroded the great the late, great NEO Postman wrote a book called amusing ourselves, the outcome as yet
and so it is a legitimate problem. By the way, I think the the noisy, uncluttered information space is one reason why this is the golden age of documentary movies. And that's why, as there has been such a good reaction and the pre screening so this movie an inconvenient sequel truth to power and when people sit in a communal setting and give nine thousand two hundred minutes. Ninety four minutes in this case two of the very well thought out well constructed rigorously fact check presentation, it's kind of a unique opportunity to find what you're looking
bore. But you you're you're right that if you just go on the internet to try to figure out what so what's real and what's not you'll have to develop your own list of sites that your trust and we again Wikipedia recommend what I have this idea that politics is maybe hopefully like the West Wing innocence where you can beyond the outhouse guards. Why does mean in the sense that you know you can be on the euro? You could be on in there house arguing with someone. You know how If I don't believe this new, what you're saying is, above all a crap- and you know, but then after do you know you I'll go to the same biology is pretty good out there. You know I'm doing my thing. You know it is how much the Patrick's is involved and how you know like how. How do you have access to actually just have
you'll conversations, because there is a seat. There's a scene in the movie where this senator is asking you a question, and then you start to respond me cut you off again is was trying to answer the question I mean it. Is there any? Is there any room for real conversation? I really want to understand. You know what the human elements of of of this type of interaction is yeah. Most of my friends who are still in the House and Senate, agree the loss of some of that comrade area that was more prevalent in the past. Maybe it's coming back. I don't see it yet, but when I was in the House of representatives there was a genuine comrade area and we could. We had friendships across the aisle that were genuine and real will be. At a year we had a basketball carcass by partisan.
I don't know if it's safe to tell this story, but we would. We would have a game almost every day when the congresses in session- and we would leave One democratic one republican member of our basketball group on the floor to objective votes until the we did it with which our quickly and yet the little dryly bag just in time to vote, but one of the benefits of that kind and a calmer artery was There were many times when, I and other members of that group had legislation and I'd go to one of my bodies I was planned, basketball with and and say, hey look. You think you can help me oh yeah. What? What? What? What? What's that oh here and I will explain in a lady s couple question as a yeah yeah I'll help you out in
talk to someone so yeah more now. Will you help me with him yet and that it used to work? That way a lot and again. What change, that I think it started with the the pressure that came to raise big sums of money and now a newly elected member of the Congress. Their respective party committee will get him on the first day and set him down and say: look we ve done the Galileo what is going to take for you to get re elected you're going to need your district is so and so you're going to need x million dollars over the next two years. That means you're going to have to raise a x amount every single day for the next two years. You're gonna start today we have a special room offer out of the capital,
you can sit down. I will give you a computer generated list of special interests and wealthy people and others who supported your point of view and you have to spend on average forty five hours every single day of your life begging these people for campaign contributions, and so the time I doubt the basketball carcass of allied, I dont really not sure, say because I just don't know, maybe they revived it. But I do know that when you have to spend all that time on the telephone and go into these cocktail parties with special, an interesting begging for money. There's not much time left to to to get to know your your colleagues across the aisle, much less developed, really close friendships. Actually see some signs of it. Coming back in the Senate a little bit. I hope I hope what I'm saying is real and again I'd put some hope in
the onrushing internet media, which is making it possible for individuals to to use their reasoning capacity and find the best available evidence, and Events- people there is also seem the movie where you're standing in my mother's home city of Miami Florida, where you're you're. So basically here in Europe, almost like a knee high rubber boots and there's water flowing in because it's either the waters overfly because it's I died as a sunny day, but its high tide and by the way I just wanna, come You do not do that. You fought the urge to stand a metal afford and after the two thousand actually go say, this is what happens Florida but honestly justice, we're sort of wrapping this up, because I think you know you you, you ve overcome a lot and you're still working for the four people and you're so working for the environment- and you know I don't want to rehash step, but I'm just curious again
on what the human side of this is, but because this is about overcoming odds, for example, who are overcoming anything, and so you know after the last election that you ran in its the day after what do you do that next day? After you, seed. Are you looking at the ceiling all day? Are you angry? Are you like? Well, I guess that's kind of a relief, because I think you were able to spend that into something that was constructive and positive. None of that. So what is as a person? What do you feel that next day, as did you feel anything Or is it just like? Don't talk to me for a week while you're, given me PTSD I realize you know Winston Churchill famously once said of of the american people. Here they generally do the right thing after first exhausting every available alternatives it it. It turns out
that there was no intermediate step between a definitive Supreme court decision and violent revolution, and the thing discarded the latter option. I decided to do the right thing. I eggs. So to configure the global lottery buddy more seriously. I have felt lucky and privilege to find a way to serve the public interest outside of the political. Testament to continue passionately advocating for solutions to the most serious crisis we ve ever Iceland, and this movie inconvenient sequel truth. The power did, I mention the name of that. I am not sure did so, but I listened a website inconvenient singled out now. I don't think we're animated scattered all your Alexa
you can buy advance that it gets inconvenience, illegal, dot, com and the hashtag be inconvenient. I think I've got all the plugs I intended to get him, but seriously. I have really and I found a source of joy and pouring all my energy into this cause and it gives me energy back in return, and so I've put a lot into this. Some movies of directors of Bonnie, Cohen and John Shank. It have, in my bias view done a fantastic job and I hope everybody will see him. What is a piece of advice Having said that, you can give to people who feel like you know. I was on one path in and there was a roadblock, but I'm not gonna give up like how do we know like what keeps you going in? What what? What what advice would you give to people to stay focused, be true to who they are. You know find what it is that they
I want to do when roadblock after roadblock might come up. How do you? How do you push through well does never give up? Just just keep pushing were and remember that all of these great causes have eventually one out. There is a great line of poetry from Wallace. Given that I actually site in the movie. He said after the final no comes a yes, and on that yes, the future world depends. We have seen that phenomenon, happen over and over again and in human history, when the odds of seemed impossible people who care passionately and who are basing their arguments on the best available evidence and truth as they feel it deeply do, have the ability to eventually overcome
that distractions and the false arguments that are always the thrown up. If its, if his worthwhile youth, you can win just keep going excellent. I thank you so much for your time clearly those chatting with you I've enjoyed it. I was I know you have, and I hope you have you know. I hope you have a great rest time promoting the film. Hopefully, people go see the movie, the case we did mention it. It is inconvenient, siecle, truth devour and in its available it can you just it is available to purchase anytime soon, I note that we are now is that the website inconvenient signal dot com is a place where you can buy advance tickets in your city. It opens July twenty eight in New York, in LOS Angeles and in every way the following a week from Friday August forth,
for the United States and it's gonna be shown in countries all around the world the soon after the excellent. So we end the podcast by saying, enjoy your burrito. It's how we tell our audience to enjoy their present enjoy the present as its happening. Would you sign off today, MR go to say, enjoy your burrito enjoy your burrito perfect. Thank you! So much. Now, leading noticed dot com who really pays the price for free porn, find on the butter I effect with John Rats and a former noticed podcast guess grip regional original audio series available now from audible listeners. Best selling writer of the psychopath tests in Britain tribute to this american life through a journey for answers and unexpected places uncover surprising consequences that popped up the world got at what it wanted, seemingly free porn lives were mangled. Fortunes were made all for your pleasure. I listen to the study audio series from audible now at audible, dotcom, slash, butterfly,
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