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Welcome to the Doris pack has number four zero. Eight, I hope you're having a nice day. Thanks became too. The shows that I did in San Francisco. Cubs services go. I love you you're. Whether was amazing. The Americas CUP was cool, even though I don't know anything about sailing, but really really fun shows the thanks again. It's it. Is it's so nice to meet people that you can. I go for a second, because there are some comics. That may be. Don't have an audience that they would like one a hang out within stuff but honest to God if, when people come up after shows and say hi and show stuff that they ve made or stay outta, the Gay Ives, unlike could hang out with you. Where were you when I was growing up, I needed friends, so we're gonna be doing more. These shows on the twenty seventh of September in Boston at the Wilbur theater. I will be there with the map. Myra he's gonna, be opening for me
Myra he's growing up. So if you have a boss- and you probably know mats of come out to the show and then I'll be at the Carolina Theatre November, eighth enduring North Carolina, so tickets are unnoticed. Accomplish counter, go grab those hate, the sponsor for this episode. There's blood cast his flax. Yet it's right. We get a big media, sponsor a little niece media
Two sets of terror. Seventeenth is a premiere of dads which achieve under a b c and nerves. Podcast pals set grain is from the creators of family guy and TED, and then also right after that is Brooklyn. Nine Andy Sandberg also noticed podcast. Guess I'm trying to tell these things back manoeuvres, podcast, but it's kind of hard not to when that happens. To be the case of those two new companies coming to Foxy should absolutely check them out. Let us know what you think that in September, seventeenth Tuesday, thank you so much to Fox and dads and Brooklyn nine nine for sponsoring this episode of the nose pot gets good luck to you. Sandberg and green crass Hardwicke is pulling
oh yeah, oh, I got sort of weirdly, Irish and Burgess Meredith. At the same time, this episode of the broadcast is Alison, Bree, delightful, Alison, Bree, making a return visitors black ass. She was on our first year than there is progress and has come back her triumphant return. Let's talk about hilarious, delightful, wonderful, talented, Allison Borri. This was an incredibly fun episode and again when comes on and they can to end their just like riff monsters on the show, just elevates everyone's game and that's what alley does with us. So here you go. The notice black cats number four zero. Eight with Alison Bree Community will be returning some time. No one knows there making
so it'll be somewhere, but let us know what I've gotta haven't NBC come on come on now mean merely Stockholm what I love about the spaces I am, I am often surprised by the things, are going: so it's great to walk into the theater and see it's completely black in the theater all and there's a spotlight and a guy with a puppet another guy playing a cat keyboard
it's going near yeah yeah yeah like similar to what I like this when they were like a fool. I was walking up to the door and I heard it was like. I don't want even see it that way. Because I heard it knows. Maybe that's Chris a mirror cash Moldova warrant of it. Now, now. You guys do to prepare for my, me Ellison Breeze here and a man give me all of us I don't know what that is there, but it's a man, I think even said as I walked by like this seems right like pictures, exactly the kind of thing there's like that citizens of silver bar it looks into the offices of mad magazine is just a bunch of we do we that is essentially what's going on here. Early, it's nice to see you get to see you.
It's good to be back? I know you're returning! Guess yes, and I would like to point out that I was the first woman to ever beyond the nervous podcast, or at least that's what you told me. It may also brought it back up on the tv show version we brought it You know you were the first woman I was IDA first around on the tv show. No now, well, I don't believe so didn't Brad Phone call in time well had youth in our hearts slipped through have at this summit the racks? What? If? If, if you, if you re people air that, if they watch them, First then its lie I get so if they create their own playlist with you know what they buy writers whenever the Volkswagen and then that's like then you're, the first ok and that's what I would recommend but I think that since the tv show respond, The pay is still I'm the first woman to have ever done. What we refer to. You was podcast
Eve Eve knowing localities hate Steve is so you're you're you're. Basically the eve of of an earnest project gay. Take it good. It was good to see you comecon. Yes, there was a fund, the p. You guys we're hall Age community with an holly? It was crazy. I didn't even I couldn't even fathom how many people were in their while we were doing it because it was like only after what I was looking at photos that like guilty, and Jim, took that I was kind of oh shit. It goes all the way back. There is like a bags ozma between sixty five hundred and seven thousand in a room. That's what's scary about it. If that was people feel nothing, I would we're not big deal, you re out and look at the old, you can fill up with way more people get exactly, but just one room of that many people is based.
Comfortable, I'm uncomfortable. Now, I'm retroactively uncombed God and let it go to me, will you do survives Harry? What's going They went away, let a fire, and we know that for sure you guys we die during the panel, sorry. Yours years later, we still wonder I'll you there I was thrilled to be able to do it yeah. I so much better. Having someone like you do it then someone who's. Just like I don't know asking straight questions are not giving down any shit dangers himself, an object they when it splendid to watch that banter. I mean I liked his his iron man, was validated by road shrub robs Rob mad, that mail pulled it off, and yet there was a fair amount of rehearsal time that went into that in a green room before Would. But none of us have any idea Dan just walked in with all these pieces of Ireland
That is what it looks rather brew, comical old timer. Just for the Sunday. I know it was a pop in it was a quick sting operation I got in Saturday. I got an Saturday, so we did a lot of like running round and talking about the show nonsensical E said a word when the b, where it is nonsensical, was not the right way. For now. I was gonna like it's gonna work. Your way, based off your greta nonsensical Israel made pair of nonsensical, is we think we was very difficult to figure out what he was actually about. I just want to know like one big testicle in one little and maybe like a weird third testicle, oh you're, thinking of comparing, please I always get those. Greek out of one things way bigger than the other, that's right, re yeah! That's compare how many guys there's one for everything as winning where everything so
we came and Saturday we bought dollar owned and, unlike partied, we didn't Merlin Party and then and then set on day was let you, but only by the limits of earth. Gonna know because I felt it's a misrepresentation of me like that. I think in party lurking rode on. You just have a fund that if one night I yeah parties very specifically no kids, kids party over time, it does mean that their drinking to new drugs, It doesn't know no, no they're, just like the cake regards hearing the cat upper downstairs course. What's that reality, right here right now there is no live.
Be me. I don't know what that is downstairs that there was a much bigger course than what I heard before. It's getting intense down there. They have like two hundred Gatt. When tat cow cat, audience yeah you're thing. I cannot decide to cats, I all very well. They are going on scouts or from a shelter is the only thing they gotta go up there. Trying to show my guitar. I would love it. I would love to swim in a sea of cats. I left, you know you have kids, I have two cats, you do well, yes, but full disclosure there, my boyfriend's cats, but they they live with me. So there now my cats, the others, are more your cats. In his case, do you guys we're
together we do allocating them and the gods moved in before he did. Ok, yeah scope, it out static, add were they like sentinels, I was sort of like. I want you to see you every day, but Kennicott aid. We need the cats here, doesn't like a house here and there. John everyone around just to see if the cats are cool, he asked yeah. When they were having separation. It they were. It was more like yeah, we weren't spending enough time at the cats and they were lonely it like that at their own place, but the gutter they stopped eating. No, they became anorexic. There really upset really only one because he was never around. It was those at your place, yeah, oh my god, what way better than me that way, better than Mew Lamia. Now now what maybe
I mean cats are kind of merely make they throw up. Parables yeah that same cat. This anorexic it throws up quite often well, and I am always worried. I'm constantly worried and what can you do they're not even or that you consider them your cats now ideal? I call them I caught. You asked about cats, I said I can, I guess a true and call them. I can state of their your catch. You'll know their names oh shit. I didn't. I didn't think this through the one there's the wind. Its name is tabled tabled in able to end pause, Templeton Pause tabled in and Micro Michael phone, my Michael bone for it sits there it interesting pair of real cats. Do indeed live with me in our mind, microphones sounds like a shitty superhero, whose only power that it can projectors voice. Really, I am, I got no more and that events waiting, that's gotta windows,
Can you guys stand of current doing the crimes does the following at one another. I have your attention links it all stop it all I can do? I have to recharge Merla I'm not a thing pun, songs. Until you start, we robbing things Emma no night, I'm not microphone I'm more. I you're not you're not going to really hurts. You know where I could be good work, are you shooting a movies online? You were gone. I was yeah, I was shooting. I further shot. I shot a movie in Baden, ruse, beautiful batten rule. We have called search with T J Miller, Adam Polly in little bitch middle, its movements, middle age is grave. Did you with digital agenda that yeah J Miller was then they out one alibi. Wildlife glasses,
Adam Polly, I am Adam hey. It's me The item Polly me out, I'm doing a Dj Miller, impersonation It's good of the other wanted those blast, those guys who superfine it was cell phone. I think everyone is kind of bombed that we're in Baden Rouge, not New Orleans except me. I was like oh it's like the suburbs and there's a yoga plays beverages. Great right, guys and ever do is come like now board yeah. But what was your typical barrymores? Do? You know all we're gonna go to yoga. Go to the second report by whole. Foods are gold, that's just the same. Suddenly prison guards I'm going to live here as I like, I dont like adventure. Examining, set up my hotel room, the same way as the Michael Jackson posted in the same spot, cardboard, cats and
in the minutes, but nothing with, then what that when one day something unexpected happened and another thing it was a fine. It was now, but I think I think, a new and I feel it would be intimidating to shoot in because it so crazy. All the time I've been, I love going out for Marty, gruffer a quick forty, eight hours and come back to her sick, but I feel like that environment would be crazy. I was in breach got on while you won't believe our allies and worry is willing to go again, have temptation to close to me. Well, I'm working yet and will accordingly but all in battle goose. Wherever you learn ban ruse Don't ever their speaks with a french accent, really yeah, it's crazy like legitimate that, like a creole, excellent now I've never believe friends,
really know she's a good actress Joanne. Well, it's you know. I've never been there. So there's really way of me now, I'm so glad. That's it you're going to die, said she's, a good actors. Well, there's no way of knowing that I ve never seen one thinks she's. Why losing their ears in the Madman Comedy our know that the one with the guy from the talks, if you didn't know, Mona allows could jaw have played down draper. You know world. I just saw it orally do. As I was not answered. One of my favorite songs, I loved it about the guy's records. All the war is over world on land. Large Oliver. I am but it's like bells movie. It says she wrote directed at Dmitri Barnes at it and he's really go easy illegal net and, as I feel that they have ever seen him in Savior yeah, like he's
fantastic, get it it's a dreamer cordially is like fear, who played his wife, who was Mikhail Watson. Yes, yes, gray, prefer I love her she's she's. Always great genetics is active in a whirl apart that sea to have been diligent excellent. I do know Johnny, I dont know genetic recognise our mountains govern she's, very good director, but she she was the she's, the one that was in snacks, no wonder and ultimately, no yeah. They may take. That's his guards: yes there, because we scared cigarette. Yeah, examine it very well. Sir, come you weren't in it can wait a minute It should have been in that those people. Excuse me whenever Buber booby them is that they don't know cause it. It's a pipe gas via whiling tall young, I poupa Bubu Physics, nine, nine numbers. The latter, denied
on press boob again, but who are you calling this now about away from the past? Yes, tat all, but it is really good. I I loved order them came straight. You put me in a good mood. You know how like I'm, so I feel like really affected. If I see a movie that is really terrible. I get so grouchy afterwards and if I see a movie love. I leave like Ben upset our great for the night, and that was realized. I did then excited. I was excited, I haven't, I've seen a lot anything lately, because I was catching up on breaking bad. For me, like real. Your job? From my work of German, it's really heard someone suggested on someone's. I wish I knew the username or their like you. When madman comes beg you to host mad mentions, I, like it
heavy arrives I'm in I'm behind the last season, though I saw the first episode or to the trail you don't see. Let no not yet, but I did I did I did see. I did you're too Campbell laying down some fucked in law, which was yes that was a smack up. Yeah, So I, but I don't know what I dont know, what the result of all that is, and I want to give anything away for people who have seen even up to that far yet, but but but but watching you be like super, like aright fuckin bullshit over there was I sent tat winter to be like a human being and showing look well, it's nice. We always have always played tree. I think, is a smart character and end. You know talking with mad about her and something tat we ve always done in and out of does she know things is not unknown trying to be now super vague verbs broiler alert purposes,
It is always nice than to have those moments where you just like see everyone yeah. She knows what she knows. What's up like she's, better than you thought, although I don't think people are already that same with a person comes to the kitchen. The great Saint Andrew had seen that was. I try not to see it that scene, where prison terms of engaging. What's your breakfast shut, She knows what was rolling valid all much to it. I was called mommy and before we started to cause I it's like, I dont get scripts, I get them. I get them for the episodes I mean, but not the other producers get them. Sometimes I get them another time to adjust to get them, but I saw everybody right before we shot in my hand. The script yet never been because there's such so much secrecy about the show universally allowed to talk about it with other cat members, even though its already written- and they know I'm gonna get the script the next day it like. I saw everyone two days before we started, they will boost
Did you read? It knows no. What happens there like you'll see You know I just go, read it, I'm gonna get it out of its. Everyone saw I mean aroun, so afraid of getting getting buster, etc. I get episodes four things now where I basically have to. I have software and then the software is viewing software that, on my desktop and I'll get an email like you have something to do. In your software and editors Software- will self destruct Ivan there's a watermark of my name across the middle of it, so they can track exactly when it was when if it gets out than they know, you know it's fuckin intend madmen. Is everything is hard copies? not like community, where they just email us our scripts are a script changes its like hand delivered by a guy
on a preserves, dress like us, like a union soldier. He hides. Wouldn't that be effectively. I urge good it's good. The confederate causeways is worrying and rename, but yeah I would I almost I almost. I really don't like knowing things too far. Hence I agree, and actually I'm I'm such a huge wounds always sounds really nerdy that I'm such a huge fan of madmen that I actually really like watching the show as a fan, because I'm not in that many of the episodes. So it's nice that I don't get the scripts because one eyed I don't have to keep to many things secret, which is like I'm like. I don't wanna know because then I won't accidently spilled means not that I would We would see those beings you have to spill some. You can just drop of your views on the ground. For us, I just open again and tell you to sniff the beans that would give us the Essen. You can solve your finger in the b words. Oh, that's is ours. I wonder you present preserving,
looks like somebody's juggler engineers, your dog. You start your vigour you want it all up and that means of Renault bring your fingers. Being Jews, dog, prevented being June over. What are you talking about and step up its your your growth house, I've, never Lavinia Azalea, sending your being Jude. I've got a wet, it was ass. I have put was of all fingers advantages and I saw him. Mad you have been with the case. We had you on before. Can we use, There's that whole thing, where you told the story about the guy that you had sex with in college and then it was like a near like, and this thing blew up- and I did
really it might again friend jazz. Yes! Well, it's still out there wolves in a book writing exert a book which in hindsight you know, maybe not the gray eyes us again will be published in a book and I think like. Oh, that story is kind of intimidation, and Very sexual and hurrying repercussions sort have repercussions you know still once in a while. It is, is up on. On and on some unlike nerve dot, com or something, and so still people will send to me every so often and then the reaction seems to have flipped. I don't remember what it was that people were. I do know that people are like so outraged before, but now there just like This is awesome more than I didn't you straight did come up tuna, like hampered yea should probably but on the project. I was just working on not search party but at a different one. A questionably straight character did approached me and was dislike. Can I ask you a question that is nothing.
With work? He was working on the movie and I was kind of I don't know, that's why they re jargon but but but sure, because it's me It's like you here. Would you want to know you love adventure, you know what I'd love adventure and he was soon I read a story. It took up a long time get it. I knew was like a I gotta wear the icing. You wrote it yeah about your your friend in college. Where are you going with this and its final got ives values? It was that we said story true and I just like you rock, did we couldn't we didn't? We couldn't get a hundredweight grab a shirt. God you want to find out, let's do it, even though he was like masquerading as straight. Maybe he's a straight guy. I don't believe it I don't believe it
that's very- had repercussions for for for years to come. Well, yeah yeah! I guess guy ever really is still a good friend of mine. Yes, he read it and he I think you really liked because I really shines more of a poor light on me that it does him and he was kind of too. He was fairly sort of like this. I totally how I remain and I was just go with it. It's funny, but also people who get is like. You write a comical like some out by our honourable arrival, the thing and it's a true story, but you are gonna embellish things for comedy in your making jokes, and it is from memory that I met your kind of coming up with this thing. Have you know like I said we had performed it as as like alive monologues? It's like you gotta work workshop of audience reactions than you writing a downright I've changed, so it's sort of like yeah. It all happened, but you have to take every single little. You know like if you off handily make a joke to someone about murdering
someone inimical to shit. How simply kills me? Well, I'm so I'm gonna go home to kill myself. I was put on watch me. Well, I think I think an unfortunately, you know the people have a general perception of you and if they see you on Madman, even if they see you as a as comedic actress on greening, they may not think of you as a comedian per se right and so you're. Not given the same even comics, you can say something that you it's your up, your say so obvious why won't you think, I'm serious about that and someone so like what is that supposed to mean totalling when they see it written down on line, and they don't have an and contacts it it's a they cannot they just think of it is like this is like a news door. I gotta know what do I get in trouble for lads up, because you know he has no filled journey all right. These blogs and people want to take on and make it stories or just like there was a quick metal
or I don't know what you are you're making a big deal? That is like those like that, every few people, you know failed, understand hubris metaphor. Sometimes I think I don't know I in some ways I'm I'm still glad. Actually, I think I was so when the story had first written people like hasn't very big reaction. I was more just shocked that that would have gotten so much attention, but now I think that that anything I would have done would have gotten so much attention to or to have negative attention, but now it sort of nice because I don't know it's like a quick, easy way to break that's persona that people just think that I'm like an ear that I'm like treaty with regular. Do you kind of like the pictures like this sexy spanking pictures you took of Julian? Are you ever
Is there ever a point like if someone comes up soon, they want you to sign or they talk about it. They make it up all about that kind of stuff. You like, I am. I really regret doing that stuff. No, you know I don't I don't regret it. Certainly, there are creepy people that you're, like you, I'm not there for too long now, that's weird butts What did your head feel like as it was striking her where she Jonas, is that I think I see part of your nipple? I've been Photoshop. One tell me this is close to the one thing I will say is like it's like one of whether you take those pictures or not. There's a picture. I took it where I'm like in a tank top and like kind of sexy shorts underwear. Maybe and people have Photoshop like gratuitous nipple on many and, I might add other what people find it online and there like. This is back in red and friend it to me on Twitter, and I like you can't just let it go.
Or you can add, leads one of those people that always have longhand here's. What I really want is really yet every time I send it to the eyes of our nothing like that, so this is sort of an interesting. This is the question that I am curious to know because I'm you know this isn't really an area that I'll ever probably ever really be able to explore as as performer but the editing rotation of Naples. What it's gotta stop location is concerned. I just what I am curious about, so you use a performer you're, obviously our serious accuracy officer, comedic, actress and you're. Obviously, sometimes you know like, depending on like those kinds of photo shoots your presented, also as a kind of a sexy. You know like what their dignity of we like. Those are all travel thread. I thought the lad. I mean it's just like we, we don't have a loading, it has to know. Do I find it? I mean like how like what do you think of like how do you wanna be presented to you, like all of those different things together do one more than the other? Is it
no. I don't think it's odd. I think you know, since I've gone up, loving acting and I did a lot of theatre when I was when I was growing up when I wanted one on the college and something that I think the idea was always to just be as many things as you could possibly be, unlike as a performer, because I just want to have as many opportunities as possible make. It's been great work on madmen, which is a german and community, which is a comedy and- and I wouldn't want people to think of me as one or the other, because I don't like to think that I can do both in and so I think, with the wood sexy, Is it all goes hand in hand? I think it sort of dislike, hey everyone. I don't know this is, I do know, is it like? I can do it all but sort of like there is that that sends it. I think, because I played a lot of buttoned up and sort of neurotic characters that there is already having like, and I can be sexy do, and sometimes I like to do that and there's nothing wrong with that, and people like after such a stigma with sixty four,
In fact, I read a whole, an article that feature that photo of giving an aim, and it was about like why do female comedians, not or comedic actresses feel like they need to be. See, you know, there's your little by little, the kind of projecting on you what your intention was. Will there is a sort of like isn't being funny and smart enough like white women have to you know, do this to themselves and they do it for men and I was like that's not. Why do I dont think that I'm constantly craving like I need acceptance from men and I need to know that they want to fuck me like an that's my world, I'm trapped in it. Let us not just in this desperate come. You can't break out, although unfair for women? I think that, like I think it's good for women to own their sexuality and and that's a loud and it's not a negative thing, and I think that its empowering for women to say yeah, I can be smart and I can be.
Funny- and I can be sexy and I can be sexual show you one more than the other- that it's that it's like that. There's a holistic approach to people into all people- and I feel, like that's beautiful people, often with me- are just like. We talk so sexually. All the time like why and I'm just like I dont know. Why not be it's just part of everything itself, what am I way to be like so all sex all the time with our simple like. I just think it something that people are fascinated by and they want to bring up. Cause we anyway, and why not? Go there a little bit or not. I Oh yeah, I mean they're in and Tina Facebook. She talks about. You know how it's like you're doing a sexy Photoshop and as our approach that goes a writer and then she's I play is kind of like lives, lemon buttoned up, but she does the howling. You know what it's like it's fun, its London thrust of sexy and having picture of other actually do feel like in her, but she also points out and to a very funny degree like how unfunded those photos sheets,
duck being like. You got clips up your back and it is always that we give your leg over here. Nobody no hold that position had already that. I'm I sign up to do one. It's like I get anxious not like you know. I do so because of this will be found the timings create for burned away, and you know you get there and there just like hears what you're wearing illegal God, It is also becoming gal one of those things. Where is your breath? You just hold your breath. It you're just trying to find the law, Mr Poos, like you know so, on the flip side, I guess it's important shit. What is, I feel like now responsibility to say, like younger You should know that women in magazines don't look like that. They were all holding our bread, and we need that day and then they photoshopped at first I was gonna, do wholly rupture with Jennifer Lawrence. Although they showed a picture on the Red carboxylic, you know they. They showed this picture that should be taken in a magazine. She was like
oh yeah, that's not what I would like at all that way for my legs way lies echoes. No one looks like that is the kind of funny it's true any sort of like a bummer intimidate. I sought this in her back to wish you sort of like there's goods Photoshop, and there is bad but a shop and, like MRS hate it entirely, and I totally agree, but it is like cause. It's nice that you're like. Let me make me look at em into being your magazine. You look like shit, but at the same time you like That doesn't look like my face. I dont know account or an interval of aids, and then people will also get they like people like to get mad at you. Like you, don't hey girl, you don't need to be filled,
the short lived. I feel good about yourself on like this is so out of my control, and I worked so hard on United Photoshop eyes opened. I had them send me the pictures that this threat is in Photoshop monthly. I don't understand. I wanted catalogs. What's the problem know how much I like tat, I love anybody. Go phone quickly now yet edges. I mean I'm sort of fascinated by the idea, because it's not you know because of the position. It's not it's not like people, Coming to us, as you know, of comedian, lining up your clear, you wanna, be a sexy, photo shoot and that I don't have to go like. How should I be this or is it? Ok is because the other thing that you know done Photoshop where you have to
look debonair where you usually wearing. I submitted a guy as a guy. It's like you're, trying to you, know you're, trying to present yourself as a handsomely as possible in some tat. Sometimes I was like, but now, but it certainly not. I certainly not feel expose, and I certainly don't ever have to you know I mean I guess I have my own things about me were at sir. Following us, unlike oh wow, right away, why they have to catch yeah. There was the lighting, but you know, but it's not, but it's not really. I don't necessarily think like this is. This is a part of my identity. At the world wants to see and they're gonna dried. I you know right yeah. I don't know it's a weird thing. On the other hand, there is with theirs there's gotta be sort of like that, like us, Samantha from sex in the city
motive. Oh, you guys get that reference is awaiting their material, but some people will combine. I never thought about. My one man shows gonna. Do was all gracefully, as is U S demands I saw some man in a man was calculated was in France to see tat. It was just that the whole thing was o sweetie. You just have to fuck him. You just have to. Balls like a lot. A lot of those subject to my point about Samantha Point about Samantha bodes well there about fucking devoutly, there's an episode where she takes naked photos of herself naked photos of result taken because she's, like I'm an amazing shape, and I kind of one remember this time, we're like I looked good and that sounds so vain put there. I'm you know, there's a small part that you, like you know, I'm workin hard. I feel good to have this opportunity like these photos. That probably won't want to take them in twenty years, and I can look back on me like
ah, that's cool. I would that way ones our would be like now, God what happened? I know that, on the other hand, you I gotta know, then you sit there with your grandkids being like usually sapping my ass with that about Greece good night. Those here comes, grandma. I don't know, maybe I just said is, but I dont know about them but there is something really important economy like at the core of it. I think. Sometimes we tend to swing so much to the opposite side, so that were not a culture of objective fires which obviously we are re but bits of it, so that its like. No, you should appreciate these other things, were
these are important like, but it still we're still sexual creatures, and it still feels good to be desired. Sire I Bowen, that's not bad as long as you're, not compromising you know, I think it. I think it all sort of comes from the same. Critical places of people go like Iraq, I sold out within a commercial take, will selling out or copper it's like when you compromise your ideals, or something that I met here. You write that selling out. That's like it if you're doing it, because if you feel good about it in its kind of gibes with Europe, your own belief system than right and that's just expression, I any get it's like taking photos where you're in a bathing suit is different from, like you know, a sleazy adding like take you tap off in the back room. And and taking for us that we not that I'm following upon what additional actually you think I got here. You know not did not deny begrudge women the postscript
a boy or any that stuff either, if, if, if its empowering them and eight are choosing to do it, verses, there's the cd version of people who do get manipulated into doing those things when they dont and they do I think in that way. I dont there's not many. I do. I dont think I think I think there are some sort of Lee extreme points of view that are like. If anyone does it they're always being manipulated and may just don't realize right right and that I disagree with, because I think, Women are allowed to love their bodies to an end to choose to show them do over. They want problem solved, yes, problem solver to the rescue. That's me, name is problem solver, I'm working on the song, but I am I here I'll cut open. I will go on. I have a picture of you by the way, problems, albeit through the rescue. It was Alison Breeze. What was it that we did our website the cutie cutie you all my people up to me, for that is what they were like. How dare you you tricked me into looking
awful thing on the internet. It is geared to get I like you. No it's over everything. Do we also do? Did he die without some very and there was another one those are worthy. Wasn't killed. Peak PD, like whatsoever doc algebraical tragedy is immediately immediately pictured. It spelled out Is that really did he die? Didn't do? Did he die We should not look good. Did he die, we showed picture very videos of people who pulled stunts where they were horribly injure themselves, and it was a yes I permitted, yeah. I know and then, like an italian nebulae data from all of us, that we have brought havens come out as the boys, father rosetting. Again, I
Our member web super. Actually I do appreciate that about because jaw couldn't be it. The community panel Ex COMECON shooting a movie and he he'd levity of him came out. So I could be here any introduce me as an above average bowler and the guy who could web soup work. A classic Joe Wegg website did work. No more personally, neither is really really hard on those videos, but that's ok, but was one is it to come and go yes. That is very true what he said. I I probably did kill g for. However, one of us cared enough to come to come in there to defend himself sitting on a pile of money on these power for money
man, my name is John Mccain, make tones of money and that's my power, etc to afford them. Problems relating to Working Morgan needs alone, like I'm still working on this area, The whole start, the bridge is working on the sun the work on the cell phone, so we should soon so you gotta come back with a full will do the greatest. It's ok! Ok! I try to do it when I try to do the other day and Daring Donald just would not go along with me on the song, those like pig, I tried to like trick lemonade thinking that there are new assign making those by the other wildlife exiled from about like a remedy. It was like it was like. Oh she's, amongst yourselves, my art of my arm is often have to be a Strasbourg
this is almost like. A british historic like together again and others but it ended- I not ended. It was like you, like. I was gonna, do a key James, so sick of the beam you do you think. I'm doing I stole this. No I'd! Think no! No! Yes, I think. It's like we together, we're gonna, be you and ok, I'm laughing eyes nor due almost all about you know that my singing quality is compromised by my laughing, destroy the router. I stay together. You and I could stay you and then I was like murmur that song guys and there were just
no, you made it at sea. Are you trying to get Donald till? I get a loop, so. Who am I gonna stay mega plenty, these here's a good sample. To deal with the past, be bought. Boop, come in the past, but the phone that you picked up on the other and does not call in a person. Then I don't know I'm gonna answer, maybe they're, not hello freak out. If not we draft does Donald he's not going to be on the forces of the show is untrue. Not now five episodes the Red Sox dilemma.
You know it's good, no Donald doing so much like we're all really proud of em and its great that he's got that he's gotta gonna. What's the reel off my story got another so anyway, the real truth is decent return. This ok click I don't know I don't wanna, be a Meda or made up your city, because anything you say could be taken as news, because people do never underestimate the inevitability. To not get irony Donald is having complete. Reconstructive surgery might continue his toy. So and lower half of his body, except for his peanut catalogs. So it's Africa. Private. Anything wrong with his penis is exerted. You and if any extra darling movie shall examine cock. Yes, I thought Tabletop was gonna, give up its Keller. Above human clocks areas, the legs of the capital of a dog? He basically it happen one day when collided with crazy.
With an animal shelter and while a it was going overhead videos, perspire, Gypsy, ninety animal Jews, animal Jew, stay, Andrew Animal Jews? What about you they're all outside those crazy animal Jews, they're gonna get me I'll talk me out all tat. Oh you're, talking about the her kitten ones, baby, I'm laughing and I'm crying I mean this year- show I think one of the five said before that. I think I think your show in future. Amr like the two nerdy shows on television. Well I'll. Have you know, oh that when I put this appointment to come and do this body cast in my Iphone? It Otto corrected it to new.
Yes, pied- can really cause it. You started corrected neediest, which I felt was more of the subjects of the no one Apis Helen. I my phones for some reason, corrects Jonah Ray what in what I have to do it as one word as to Jonah eat, which makes me feel really bad about myself. Your phone is trying to Joe to even we get a hold of that. You need to be your own. I was really frightened myself. There's, like you know, any time. Anybody girl or guy, like grass, my arm, I'm like dont flax, yeah, like usually herbal, then I just can only a yeah what are you don't normally is assigned it's fine, good action by the way I was saying I have now felt both though there you that's the thing, that's what I think a girl wants is like you know, soft enough for a pillow, but also there's a muslim amateur Duenna love would a girl knees worded. We do have a hang a new one.
You're gonna leave me. I wasn't nothin because community, I think it is, is not just the content of the show isn't just nerdy, but I don't feel like it. Hammers you over the headings. Look at all these nerdy things like it just is, but also the spirit of the fact that the show is this. The sort of like this underdog and sensitive keeps getting punch in the face, but it keeps coming back heartily. Yeah its aid. I couldn't agree more I'll feel like on the joke friend to its danced really great at at layering, in lots of jokes and obviously when, when chubby was on the show, he took a lotta like the physical humor, and so my back, that's what he loves to do and then there would be layers of Joe. You know to mean that there would be some method humor than there'd, be some like super nerd, humor and and stuff, despite our fans of their oil. That was our attempts or
like trying to be accessible, Behan failing on the physical races to remedy this, makes it all the spit, nothing but its, but it, but I think the soul of the show to like me just that, but under the Serbia really feels like to show itself or you want to go away, and you just put in one or two then as soon as you know, we do. I appreciated our fans are fucking cool even last year, when they weren't loving the show. You know they were still like, bring it I don't want to stop watch its shit now and I was not ingesting it really.
That are they were just projecting they. I know it's a change. I wasn't there. I didn't hear you I said: nerdy change adds chill and I think it was. I think it's a little bit about. Then I think it's. It would be like a big lie to just say that the show was not different at all and was exactly like it was when Dan was there. I don't think that is true, though I'm sure we set it in a number of interviews. Not season fans. I'm sorry reason, liars browser, one we're doing those interviews, there's no way, but we were gonna making. It is hard to know, but I think it's both, I think it's like
Bans are so connected to Dan as they should be it I'm so glad that he has such a great relationship with them an end through twitter and stuff, and he really listens and cares about the fans and an does stuff for them. So there was such intense, an intense relationship that they were having Dan and and the family, so when he left it, that was, people were going into a just so ready pissed regardless and then did I don't you see any of the panel from Jersey under the banner from collagen, not deal say metropolis asked a question from the audio nice and the first thing is to defend and then was on great behavior, but there is definitely a. He was definitely had this tone of like ok, I don't wanna fuck and make anyone mad like he was very much, and so was. The first thing dino said was: hey is for Dan Harmon, so
on FUCK Sony. I go to dinner yeah, this is common. Many attacks as all during the pay and all to say that he told everyone to go up, wrong door now, could we correct and tell them to get the right door, which we would someone did, I think Gillian as well. The show it if it does, it feel has ever started anything. Yet we haven't Monday's our first aim. So in a couple days we just had our first table reed and it was really exciting it so great to have Dan back right. You know we're all just fuck an exact Airbus excited nervous excited, but much more excited the nervous. I think I don't feel nervous. I feel excited in these weeks leading up to it. Starting am I
you started already. There has been a period of time were almost every week you would sort of sea on the internet like what happened this week even last season, the entire less isn't it is well even in leaving leading up to last season of the show too that there was a lot of their will. Of news things, that's world alone, yes, which really should dramas ones knows. Why can it be forgotten and we agreed on a funny to me of all the shows I mean there are lots of other shows it gets done, have drawn on them, but like community, it's just like this little comedy that, like is, is the little engine that could and meanwhile there's so much drama behind the scenes. It's what are we real housewives? I like it real housewives, but we must give all that new swirled around madman. I would, I think, be would bogus ok over the show of big, everyone's, really famous. Now, of course, there's eager freight and there you do you're gonna like what does it by how much people care about the drama, unlike but you're, not what
The show how goods unfair, because I think the Nielsen ratings do not accurately reflect the expression, cultural penance creation of the show it just as an irregular flecked. How deep The call to penetrate were, but I think this- and this is I'm sure- that someone's working on a summer but somebody to come up with a a three dimensional model of a really is the cultural penetration model of like how people are watching it Andy. Are there watching it online there watching it they're watching videos about it there making fan would like that said something so crazy to me. The people still try to claim that they can't you know, figure out how much people watch things online like There does not seem like a thing. I've got a paper trail, but there should be some. What the problem is a kind of trade. The problem arises. This is about to get really
you're wonderingly financially in areas. Let you get really boring, which is that you know when you think about each of the individual platforms as as advertising models and advertisers advertising in the traditional way on television. They don't necessarily give a shit about every Jaime Lily Day of this. They should because it makes the show more popular, but they don't, and so I think you know it's it's the responsibility of of advertisers, I guess to sort of figure out or someone to figure out the how to spread their exposure across all the groups, so, then I take an interest as opposed to just where this Nielsen raining. I don't know what I've been about. The truth is, I feel it when I watch something on Hulu and they make you pause for those little commercial breaks yeah. I I watch more commercials on Hulu than the shows I watch on actual television, because I've record everything
fast forward through all those commerce and by the way I did it and watch the ruler commercials and then I had a rate elevated other. If, if commercials by the way are entertaining people will watch them if there should be an boring than people want to give to him, but a, but no one people don't have a problem watching commercials. They just need to be engaging will, as I think that the Superbowl show you guys, don't know much about that, that We really dig out like a Perry. Maybe I, like trust people dress like humans, like the people and its funding. Watch them have used their articulating digits. Yeah yeah exact grown. Allow one of Mps yeah
You are talking about the as yet also all the other. I know people lamp girls, but who will be like I recorded it, but just to watch the commercial sure and its because they such there's so much hype and they put so much money and something to those commercials, but they and the creative is is great. Yes, I mean not always, but they they have a lot of fun them. Do you feel, like you, don't know commercials. Does anyone else? You too, I don't think so. If anyone booked offered the truck or money to do something. You know when I was like first starting out, I did a an industrial commercial that was just my legs running like a data there's something over and and other than that know. What I do. I d done it and Anti drug Pierre say We also urge on. Is that those? The first thing I ever did announce how I got my sound card was doing this now to create a sad panel or your trapped. Hardly though no I rather I wasn't paid. I just got yeah why? But I- and it was just put- it- was most be anti drug-
but it was just the whole commercial was me sitting on the edge of like a bathtub with a pregnancy test crying and it's like you kind of suddenly see Maybe a parents, you no shadow of feet, walking by outside the door, and it was, I don't, do drugs That was an angel get right. Now, Y yeah, I was led by four. I think it was like dont, let some guy coming. You already have is doing cards of time. People like us are: you brings you commercial as I broke it see. Who was drugs is for drugs was right right right, you gonna take something else. You know I got me a pregnancy, drugs. So I think I got really preventive approach. Drug thing when you think about it for drugs limit, my pregnancy took so long. I haven't done it everyday big versus? So as to the last couple years, because when when we first met, we first had you on things are really starting to take off for you like, like you're, really start
and so I know you ve done like now. You re really are like you, ve done a lot of stuff like these are you are you are very here. You have a string of grey, movies added. I believe you were like less I we did this interview elixir on Madman, unity now later, but are you mad men and community avails? You involve over wide, thereby still are easy. Yes, that's true chrome, it's crazy! He had a great role in five. Your engagement thing, which I think is a great romantic comedy thank you and then You had a great knows, you're the most dramatic. I think the Maastricht performance and save the date you foreseeing save the day. Well, you know I was afraid. I don't know what it's about wise. Now, the cause, the guy who wrote a Jeffrey Brown. I've read his coming. Yeah and I guess he was always really good adjust. His art was never really you're in crude, but it was like. The stories were great was always he had a really good way of just finding like these moments,
just like oh yeah, I know that exact awkward momentum has books like Sulkin any easy intimacy in every girls end of the world. To me you know, for like a guy in is we want to go to break out. These are like the rest egg about our legs yeah. Well, his great by your grain. That Martin was really re. Mine was so good at my goes. The present people could really see. Martin has just like this leading guy. Yes, yes, I would like well what he really actually taxi. Yeah see undermines pray. Sexy notes, it's a real. I said it, it's ok, I said it is a shame that those connected with me emotionally, like the beard and that's good! I then their ads. It's it's a great movie! It's on tv, not unlike Showtime I believe, however, that or maybe just I have seen because it was Bobby I've seen they put it up very, very briefly here and in New York for like a night, I think but yeah two Greek, ass, Lizzie Kaplan is neither a Jeffrey Errand Mark Weber. Ya know for save the day. Yes, oh tyranny. Bousfield,
I think he gets the and credit coveted and credit. The other was a those there's, a pretty north Lizzie and that's the sky from Skype Pilgrim those mark, whether of yet more clever. Words. You know he's a hey. We should go like. Let's go to issues that I think I just need a break right now is any like he like he does that thing that, like the putting on the table speeches like you know in your heart that That's right. You just scared you're scared of this and do just how to be in there Let me read was he was, whereas I have at times you have to listen to a guy gave you that speech. She doesn't the lane and on the care. Likewise, this me you're just scared that could, because this is so right. This is so get real, has asked me. Sheila put it back on the Islamic hesitant as a woman had that beach ever worked, or does it make you just like? Oh, I think it works. It works short term, but not long term. It makes you uncomfortable enough to not.
Take out sending out an ominous exactly and maybe a month, maybe three months yeah something's gonna go down I've because I've done that speech before and it worked up early and unlike adjust, fizzled out again, but its yeah. Never work signal doesn't work because you can't fundamentally convince someone with your mind, your care view of our Darrow somewhat generating a lover. The all the facts are right here. Plane is day. That's what guys do they just go? Here's why it works out of you. If you could see, I have all these dogs,
president eight hundred works nosey will be staying with me. We find for the plaintive. Let me show you exhibit see it's a bull box. I will now hold above my head man to go with them, so we ve been married for forty, oh well. I don't do you sort of you like in the old days that that actually, the prey worked more like an authorities. Yeah tell you we belong together, looks good on, but you know what that's what it is look good on paper. That's the thing that the guys guys come from it up from a looks good on paper kind of thing: they try to come. See you in that way, but all women now that the looks good on paper guy is not usually gonna, be the guy. While I know I just go in my heart of ours that really Spinelli and that's the guy at the work now over Now I guess they now it's all vowels
you. Yeah. I know all the time do you feel like in the last two years that you feel like yeah. This is it I live in the thing that I always wanted to, or do you still feel like now so much I haven't. I it's tough. I think it's a constant battle between luck? On the one hand, it is everything's great, I think there's all I am. I feel good life is good. I've I can't complain, I feel super lucky. I feel super fortunate, I'm and I am very happy with how things are going at the same time. It's just like anything like any dream that you have when you think like there's gonna. Be that point when you know
made it and everything works and, like you, cut the tat, you cut the tape in the languages that remain very star burst, like yeah. It's it just doesn't happen like that, like the dreams are not realised like that. In that way, I think a lot of people does even like working actors are like. If I could just book a tv show like that, would be in it. No. They think that, like a now and I've been on, these shows that are so fortunate to have been around for seven and five years, which is incredible, and it still is just like it's a constant uphill battle. We ve never felt like it's like I'm just on community and, unlike full gonna, go by that Euro ten million dollar home and that, furthermore, like a real convergence, that is the sort of like ok, but do you have a steady job because nothing really feel study and I just want insurers are becoming one or another step up and what's happening on the brake, and you know I think this is your in a constant state of of panic all the time. Still as as much as I am happy unlucky in and fully appreciative of of everything, that's going on every time I see Europe
a beat and then and like fun and risky and selling its inferior and generally amnesty you ve really really you are or do you feel like you feel it Theo you liked, but are not a persona but just a facet, and because I find that I'm pretty upbeat all day, but a lot of times when I go home, I've spent a lot of energy, hopefully on very much like you like. I just can't I'm he's really kind of wiped out for the person you're with at the time of our three seasons of community where a real relationship fucker, but that's just like this just now work every all at work but waited in stone. Don't talk to me, but I haven't seen you day year. I say when you're not acting you're, doing bits, undecided, endless energy and then you wrap in you get home. You don't talk to me. Don't even touch me. How many times have you ever heard this, but how come you can. That way for other people tat
I don't know, I think it's called I mean one. You know, I'm just always really happiness. Eucharist will represent a vein of love. Gore's. I put everyone, I'm I'm the world cheerleader I am the world's earlier, because both your people learn- and this is my son- I still do people before that you them are still working on So where do we go rigour? Ruddy ruddy? Please, please! We have to shoot this. I want and I want to shoot. I wish you a sketch of the Ngos the wizard you're out was called still working on the end. Their commercial is pieces of solvency written, but you always look at her.
We can always on the song it sounded like will do the commercial. I learn a shoot it has to have a list of all is that every saw him here in that it go after it still working on this historic, and on this I mean all my god yeah. I think it's interesting also your catch me like during the summer and am spun unhappy. I think whenever you like jovial occasions, I don't know I'm pretty, I'm a pretty happy person. I will say I guess it does depend on what
me. The what just happened I didn't hear it was very like a silent airborne over just like Kale and lemon espionage, Alberta, worse parts like other backers game. I back the hammer made me want to silently on family. I just put it a little bit about the. I think. It's again, there is a thing to wear. Suppose you are in a mood. You know I didn't like loner moods. I can be kind of a loner person which seems weird for me, but it's true unlike and you get in those moods. There is plenty to run into like fans that those moments where they can be you yourself and you like. Ah, I really appreciate that you are coming up to mean that so nice, but I bet you know this- is out and not like dance monkey dad
breathe. A bitch she was ran under the budget girl and of people. Will I hope you will say that also its different. I arose gonna references that was in Toronto for a couple months this summer, shooting this movie, no stranger than love, which is really cool, interesting script. This the movie with Collen Hanks, unjust and chat with an awesome he's or some kind of roped him into it, and and just in China, whose great- and it was great but my character in the movie- like the going to main character. The movie and she's like very depressed and hates. Most of the people in her touches are constantly pretending to like everyone, but kind of really doesn't like. Actually, this kind of really more like a shy, nervous quiet. Person and I was so depressed while I'm shooting not because I was also I was like. I was like unintentionally like method acting. It cause. I was alone in Toronto and everybody else was locally cast locally working social governs Goin home normally, when you're on.
Patient on a movie. There's like a vibe like we're workers, even though maybe it sucks here, although I didn't think it did like we can, we can all go, get a beer at that place, unlike the vibe. Wasn't that way it was just like me all that had the guys we're coming in and out of town because they weren't sort of on all the time, and I was alone a lot- and I was just like so different- was such a was. So it was very, very unmeet and even then I feel like I've come to set to try to be like we weren't set so great, but that wasn't totally conducive to at either because you'd be like ok, now and again character, yeah now that it's actually kind of a romantic comedy. So it's weird that I've making it sound like I was like super like Billy Billy. The movie is darkened directive into the depression, or do you like fight it a little bit of both can sometimes you just let it run its course. It's true, I'm gonna, sell by a more just, be like going to go to the movies and like gets him Peanut Evan aims or also peanut butter.
And aims at what the fuck you're being sad, you're being bad. Your black girl. I often this weekend in Toronto. I went to the movies is one weekend and I'm not use. I will say that I'm not used to seeing peanut butter eminence for sale at the movies. That's like a specialty, sweet and I've been watching alot of arrested development online of the new season and I walked in and I'm alone, and I got into the cavern. I see that I was gonna. Do my classic peanut Eminem strangely go for a snail now, and the truck story is incredible. Nobody was like it was a nerd moment because I fully walked up and I was like the girls like we want and, unlike I'll take the peanut butter feeling like. I was Michael Sarah like he now I got origin being Edward. Would you are really worried? You release lousy the peanut butter
Emma ends. I set it just like that with a fuckin smug, little a fine like a high DR another one extra, they understand it's another unanimity, but the peanut Then I get you some weed. And I got totally dodoes gray on others. The end it was ass. I was gonna start, oh no. I think this is the and I love the way this is the end. Not worlds, and this is the end- is great. Yeah well then said coming next week, I was gonna start checking it with you. A different coyly want to collect money. How about now right now I gotta, see day next day is everybody's got ups and downs right guys, he doesn't stop to have an uproar damages the constant down at sex. No. Actually,
Oh, you know I used to not be able to handle time off. No Chris same same I just had to this year. I figured it out me too. What was what's the track? I dont know I and I did figured out, but I'm just wondering what you're doing. What's your trick on measures of a famous my trick, which is a really good trade, which is an awesome but I don't know if I want to say without you say your preferred to say yours, but the same at the same time. Ok, one two: three, I don't know I just set up- has deteriorated Claypole Georgia, You will help me relax rift. I, but I turned tricks. But I want my proposal gravy. No, I don't know. I think I just I got more comfortable this year than I mean with myself. Not more comfortable generals were covered with myself this year, I'm like that's, ok to relax, will but yeah. That's probably the biggest happens when you're asking about, like
me three years ago in me now it may be- is just that slightest bit of comforter ability extra that I have now that I'm sort of like I can enjoy downtime and it's not like I'm a freak out as much about where my ex what's happening, what we do, what we do- and I should be doing actually allowed a week off- and I like ok. Why this is so doing things happening to go there? but I'd go collar manager like is everything about to start, and it was like you ve been dont you better to take it like agreement. As long as you like ours day, everything's fine here, but when there are no is the Euro most when there are things to do yeah, I say you spend a long time juggling multiple balls. Oh my This is because I too was his name. It wasn't the one which There was the recycling and a second one, then thickly, nonsensical it was apparently heresies physically. You can understand
good hearted waiting to hold back. That way. You know. No, I'm Google edited together so that it sounds like you're right on top of any please here comes as areas where yeah, I think it really just comes down to it. Being little were covered with a now. I get you fight. If, if I can sleep in until you know, if I don't get my first meeting, I would have an excess and until like ten or eleven, unlike fuckin, sweet earn. My finnish, like for the afternoon sometimes- shit. I get the rest of the night. I forget what I was led by seven, oh yeah. No, I passed out our girl s eye like eleven o clock. I just could not good nowhere yeah lands. Where are you I'm pretty
the hour of almost the witching hour. That's weakening our the witching hour glass. So what so use our community and then are you off you're? Not you can't do anything else are a matter for the fall. Well yeah. I don't know yet it's it's it's, while community, we just shoot it until December and end I'm pretty. It's a midseason, Univer Donovan AIR date so that a link with the call for another year there and down. So what brings you guys great ones worrying beyond one their children. Like a cable will know that was so trailing up guys. I guess I just thought I'd like you to Olaf and so on, oh. I don't know what the future horror is trying to get it. I'm trying to get a community bowling match against you guys and it now What do I know did Joe was the hardest wonder: pin down, of course he's the hardest. One depends
Mr Monti, Remodel I'm driving around in Mamma cargoes, I'm on a man, I'm still work or not. Song, had a man urge greater motive. I know I don't like to go further. He is or like to walk like six blocks away from their rhyme. A man and know I can get in my money car I got your minute away. I got a modicum of our body even higher than you run around the corner right, I'm just a no rhyme in girl, and I don't you'll get all, but it is still working on this by Al Asma. I don't even have time, I'm gonna eat a line, but I don't like rhymes and who
who can forget that last week, the vague endeavour, so that's it we're gonna, take all the ones that you ve already done on the show again make these are making the greatest itself will get pretty. We women and I like the idea that, if you did It is by guess you would have no fucking idea what it is. It is just so weird like what what is it Did they make? That is its spoofing? What we have now everyone thinks it because now run things something has to be connected to something else. You know I'd be promoting this vodka Voting your out at the end. Still in other words, by gas, working on those files and breathed over who is Alison Brie on Twitter as well, when no one else, one I e So it's not you it's not a silent. I e the beginning. I agree that the people yeah yeah, it's crazy.
Say that raise and ease the pretty great fuckin dead thought. If I may well, you went there dies pretty great funding. That is why it is so. Why do you have to wear dip things in your pictures? Why can't you just be happy being successful? Heavy actress, I think I, like my phone is ringing your phone. I didn't really evolves on silent, but I do how could you here again? I see the light. I see the light flash. No No there's nothing flashing! Hades over there she's not happening. You're breaking up its own after doing space work right now, people newfound backward your debts that those are coastguards I'm needed right now by the posters. Oh, oh yes, Mister Mister Catherine he's got like you. Does the call on any I'm glad you called the
didn't see line than they were there for you. I wish we could see the eyes that you gave me I got into a curse, is working for Christmas, occurs them in the brisk brisk utters a character that job Jonah discovered he could do. We call them, we named Bruce Gutter Worlds, pronounced greater while he's MECCA. Coincidentally, that's my boss, herds. Uk only why you were riveted wrath in, like you, ve, probably more ref wrapping around major wrapping. He was like you better leave. I'm gonna go really. I didn't go any other part of the conversation from what you were saying. Well, it's like. I need you right now.
So I am very well didn't negative work when you that these are two the posters and I'm holding up, which don't seem to have any type of transmission now themselves as they want it for you now. So you have Cyprus. Rules, are closing netteke system. In my ear there's a thing all the time has been implanted. You put you put that energy, so you can answer posters. He he's really important. Mister postman is really important the big guy ouster world border, the benefit of trying to court corner the postal market. You know, lotta Lotto would tables in this world. Christians, lotta, crochet, avenges, don't bring tables you brought devil, did say about Michael phone, but not labelled in trying to tie up the beach together, we appreciate it. Landing goals. Gnostics do what an Amazon
every struggle? That's a reverence, but it's good to see you and please come back any time. You want ok, but be given enough time since you ve been on the first dinner before you come back. Everything has to be another two years I mean. Have you come anytime? You want, but like that, like I wouldn't come on next week or anything is a site. I agreed and said. Okay, and I backtracking backtracking, let's just see on this feels very clinging like I just I just need a little space. I kindly laying. Why can we not record when more enough? Well, we could you ask you, ask me I did I did. I did and I really like you, but I just I'm just worried their deal. I can't even ITA Guzman your posters
He lives in their liquidity. Transmitting irony is actually the embodies. The goal is devising. An entire government was long legged man. Why won't you up the pod caused? Is your? Is your ear ok and other vegetation busier problems that inner ear have tubes thing. No, no wait until and to enjoy the breed enjoying a bird search engine your Bree tell I made it. Am I right who move. Our path,
food aid through regional. Can we still have a third like a bike. Now, leaving noticed dot com enjoy your router this observatory. Spot gas has brought you by the new comedies a Fox Tuesdays September. Seventeenth omits the premier dad's, followed by the premier of Brooklyn. Nine nine
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