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Amy Sedaris joins Chris to talk about how her quarantine has been, their love of comedy and Amy talks about her pet rabbit. They also talk about Strangers with Candy, the first things they want to do when the quarantine is over and At Home with Amy Sedaris on truTV!

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And hello. This is the attitude to progress. Number ten! Seventy three! Let's talk about you, the idea, ten t community. I talk about myself enough. Let's talk about you, events that idea ten t dot com for all the stuff that you might be wanting promote for thing that you made or thing that you like that. You know someone made like Kenneth who writes I'm a teacher and coach Centre point high school in Central Point Texas. During the course of time we are providing instructions or assumes from home. I had no idea what I do is create a u to channel, with which I could share information by students at anyone else who was interested so far. The shows a good twentieth century,
the history of a star wars, review softball info this day in history, facts, biles on taxes, historical figures and a thank you to my softball team. Now that our school years ended, I want to continue putting shows together even put on doing a reading a money pipe in the holy GRAIL. My wife happens to have the script the channels named Kenneth King K, I and II. The title the show was coach kings, classroom, coach, king love, it's this is fantastic. Yet about doing readings are python. Oh my god. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! That is definitely doing something positive in you know with a situation that was challenging. So I see I salute that and I'm so glad you're doing this. I will to check it out. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So much I'm sorry, I haven't seen it yet. It came in and saw that these are the things that you are doing and I felt like we gotta share this. Would people so
consider it shared and consider yourselves thanked my friend and anyone else. Events at Idee ten t dot com to get your thing mentioned on the identified cast for the eighty two to community. This episode is Amy, said Aramis. Who is genius? She is a comedy genius. I'm sure you probably have watched stranger with candy. If you haven't you, should it is sort of border, be proton typical comedies in the early two thousands Colbert zone as well a lot of really brilliant performers, and is it really helped? It was just like a lot of stuff that came out of it after a sort of like a round, and the same time is like, but smuggle was doing like TB funhouse type stuff- and it was just this- it's just this stuff.
Elvis vibe kind of surrealism that I adore and Amy is supercool we'd never met before this was our first meeting via the internet and and she's rat she's super red and she's. A new show: what's that new? Actually it's in my head, it's much nearer than strange that the candy at home is in season three right now, which just prepared, I believe, may twentieth, but it is wednesdays on true tv at ten nine central, it's called at home with Amy Sir Darras Ass, so watch that, if, if you happen to be, side for any reason, like I don't know like. Maybe the world isn't a place to wear. A lot of people are going out at the moment, then you can now watch you can stay at home and watch at home with Amy said Aramis, you see what I did there. Of course you did so. Thank you any such areas for being a fantastic guest. This is the ideal
anti podcast number ten. Seventy three, which we begin now But what is the live in New York right now? Well, because it nice out there more people out right now, you see some people worry mast and people not worry mask. You know still lines into the grocery store on by any still get like. I don't know about you,
the Soviet yelled at law? No, it no matter what I'm doing I feel like I'm constantly getting elder, like the United States stay behind the line earlier mass because I noticed the park every day to see the score. Like got hazelnuts for the squirrels. Pull my mass down the whistle Sure enough. You know I've got some woman. I M, like people hate thumb, it is such a fund, the difference in a way we live not too far from apart, and we have driven by were like, while no one's wearing masks, people seem to be clustering and groups. No one has seen anything like it now, Elaine people just don't and I don't know if that's cause everyone's Calais him again. Just everyone get your own thing or if it's just a rosy focused on in sounds, I don't but it is, the need to learn is crowded as it is in New York City. That is my brother Davidson North Carolina at the beach he said. You'd never know there was anything going on, no one where the mass,
Nope labs everything's opened besides it's like nothing. Oh you're sirens must be nice, I mean, I don't know it just it's just funny move. It probably is crowding in New York. But it's also like that. You know you can't take the New York out of it like it's always a New York's. I was going to be New York. You know, there's always going to be people shouting, but I guess this just started. I guess that's just sort of the way it is. Have you been able to work at all during this serve? You been real in the middle of any reproductions we are entering the third season August. A word gonna, be doing color and sound using ipads. We work on on the uterine night using zoom to watch an episode and give notes then on so we had for ever sounds ready, and now we have to finish the next sex the ad home shows its. I mean it just shows fantastic, it's fun! Funny! It's a great idea. It's just such a it's just one of those flawlessly great ideas. Really like. Oh, my god, why didn't this exact
before you know? Thank you, but you know, I wonder, because the show feels we're in quarantine, because I wanted that I dream Eugenie living in the bottom of the pile yeah. So I'm wonder if thou work for us to hurt us because we're all set inside now you gotta watch a show morale second sire, honey. It's funny. You know like. I don't think it's not a show a brow, quarantine, it's just Show. No, you know like ok yeah, so I didn't. I dont get advice. When I watch my Jesus Christ, can we go out like I didn't it'll be outside with Amy sit at the thought, Rollin on what the fuck that trawlers the same girls. Remember me, I don't think we ve ever met before another I've. Never let you know it I never met. You have an you, but I feel
a guy circles are sort of not dissimilar. Does in terms of comedy circles, but I've been, I was, I came becoming control of a long time after a stranger. He was round but you're, a sort of the epicenter of so many great things and people, but I know that you did. You started. Second city was that was that you did and then was second cities branched off into another group, the correct. I was a second city. Ensuring company in the main, stay just format, call Baron de Melo and then went on to my dinner which came to New York. Did you play my brother day that I could take leave of absence and coming here to do plays and then that's why I finally decided, to New York and ninety ninety three and then too he kind of landed in our Lapierre somebody's all play. They were like. Why? Don't you do this
catch show. So we did on exit fifty seven amendments so that right account essential so that that's that's gonna happen started and the sort of good to meet you like someone who you're you ve gotten really good. Kind of creating your own universe. You know you just you come in and you sort of create this whole universe of characters and vibrant. I mean it, it's that something that you thought you would end up, setting out to do or were you did you think like on an audition and Albion sitcoms like what was your plan to tell you the truth? It all came from failing first grain because I learned early on that, you know you're, not gonna, wait and get picked for tee you're, going to that you're going to start the team yourself and you're going to pick everybody, so I think I ate that seed was planted. Is little like just doing my
one thing and then bringing people on getting people involved in it because I just didn't want to fail at the other day. Let me make an later on, creating it, but it's different so this, like always thinking while this is what I want to do and Well, I like picking a team- and I like thinking about the process of in how we're gonna do it on that. That's just how I like to work. And I also feel like I'm pretty limited in what I can You are not like. I dont think of myself as an actress, I don't think I myself as a comedian. You know I just I don't what category put me into? But that's why just start my own projects, because I don't wanna be put in a category I just wanna, do whatever is I want to do they make sense? I mean you don't and the great thing is you don't we? live in a time where you don't have to I mean indicates you know at any time before the nineties. I think you're really leave until that. Two thousand. You really
If the categories, if you wanted to work because they're just work, you know people were making decisions and smashing people into categories right. And couldn't really do like characters. I like playing characters, different people and that's a really hard thing to sell what his noble, was really I mean unless you're a national or something like that, but it took me, eighteen years or something to get the show off? The ground, like nobody, could really rap get in there and then, when I did, the box is kind of like visually. This is what the show wares and I want to do. You know I didn't know, I'd be doing as many characters to tell you the truth, but it turned into me doing lotta characters. Even though I didn't get paid for a lot of character myself. Wait a minute. I memorized both sides of the script. I didn't apart the devil. That's all the agents engaged the agency
ok, here's the rate for its zeal for one to four character and five to nine, because I mean you know like that is in trouble men are working. I imagine, are you you're involved in every step of the process? Right? I am and then it would so great about finding, her team or people who can work for you? You don't have to be like you know, and Jason Singleton. Who does all the sets? You know why can we switch go back and forth? France is in all that stuff, but I know I can trust him and I don't have to look over his shoulder saying with words: open here and make up it's kind of nice. When you work with the same people and they can kind of you now, you just have the same static. Finding their core team, though, can be. I mean that's what better the whole separate skill set is figuring out how to find the team. Everyone everyone. Can I have the same general vision and goal and everyone compliments each other. That's not that's!
the easiest thing in the world to to pick right out of the box. It isn't I like. I always I need people around me always and are you are you? planning on anything beyond the season finishing this third season. Or do you know anything with Turkey? We now know now weeding out on me was anything right now. You know has anything right now. I can imagine. I have no idea it strange because I feel it business was already in an upheaval because of streaming stuff in this sort of accelerated the like. So many things are breaking apart and about it, but I do think that they will all reform right. Dude
optimistic about it. I do feel optimistic about it, and then I mean the thing that makes you feel better about. It is everyone's going through it. You know what I mean everybody and we're all going to come out of that. You know we all have all this time. To think, and that's that's that's interesting. It's like you do with your time what you're thinking about? Sometimes you feel creative. Sometimes you down until now, but I mean I'm a man. The I'm back to reading of always and someone into my apartment and cooking so that hasn't been new learning has been hard. Is the technology aspect of it? That's been tough for me, like you know how to set up a microphone in her, this is just a gives me anxiety of the bigger owned tat person. Now tat, because I really feel like or friends my husband died. I feel and then, when people
I know it's easy. You know what kind of adapter do you have or what I don't worry. I can even make up of words Where was the one who work the telephone? I made a promise to dilute this character. That's for exotic sheep, ultimately, You killed my husband for some reason. She probably wanted him with the telephone. Friend of mine is an author? Any rights, a lot about stored philosophies, names ran holiday and I just something on his instagram where he was reviewing one of his men towards the softening robber green and they were talking about you know during any given situation. Do you consider it dead time or a lifetime, in other words like what sort of like what you were saying like what? What are you gonna? What can you do with that time, since you can't control that? That's the time your
given. How do you see it, and I thought that was a really interesting, even just a slight sort of perception shift about how reviewing all of this time that we have right. Do you Do you write every day or do you have to be inside you, someone who has to be inspired or do you need? Do you need a ride? so like riff. I need it I'm, not a writer like I don't sit down and write anything except the list, but as far as a group goes, you know, I I consider myself more of a wider on my feet were guess improvise or, but if I get bored at any point. I'm always relieved that I know how to read like I'll pick up a book and just start reading, and that's always something I'm always grateful for but, like my tension span like I still haven't, been able to listen to music that much or sit down. I'm really.
Focus on a movie or you know it took me a while to get to box. It's just been a weird. You know it's it's yeah, just to get things going back in kind of task. Right. All my ten year old friends, I write you a lot of kids. Have I heard of post office, alot lackeys we really busy. What are you sending letters? People yeah that's imposed up. I was a post office before I did your bike yeah. What is it what's? The guy with the pay gap is everyone's like ten feet apart, ten feet apart. They ve got the plastic guards up now in front of the little window on a lot of people are you know kind of loud. You know like they talk loud one attention, because I guess you're not getting at home on about. You know a drag other than that. You know it's dead, so it's it's it's great, not that
wait line really. Did I wait a little bit, but I have had to wait that much what people say line I'm gonna buy those Lucille Ball stamps. Does anybody s staff with a black nurse on it with a black like today she cited the Black NEWS, castor, the just came out get me to stage a bat just like online got I'd just talking out loud and I would say, someone else's like everyone's world got so small, a such small talk now from everybody. You you get when you call em like home. I'm not your line. I get it. Might you know I'm gonna talk about parts, whether in flowers and now, a new, it's like no one has anything to talk about, except the price aground be for where's the who s the best Bell, pepper you're trying to get a screen door fixes like it. It's really small small time news you're. Well, I think it's just you know anything that people can do to try to feel
normal. You know in a very abnormal situation, and maybe you know the small talk is because there's just there's so much bigger issues that maybe people just aren't even attempting to deal with right now, so it is about stamps and ground beef and anything that just sort of makes you feel connected to. You know the way things were like you know, six weeks ago right well, I haven't been watching the news that restoring do me good advice, then last night had decided check in other. How like a holy shit, I go get away. It's nice out, you see more people out, you see people being slack with the mask and you think. Ok, maybe it's the we're coming around and then you watch the news near like will now you're more strewed than ever and unlike the I'll, let you know that the decisions that are just perseverance as long as long as we know like. Ok, we reject any result,
Ok responds to stay at home. Again, gotta wear masks outside John, you know. But beyond that is like it and it's so contradictory. You just don't know either the virus could go away, it could never got. It could be that there might be a vaccine. Maybe there will be no inside just go yet just this isn't helpful. This isn't informative because no one really knows so. If you're not really being informed, you just filling your head with anxiety, provoking garbage yeah. It was really it was really intense last night, but what are you gonna? Do you live how long even doing a podcast for ten years- and you are- the hard to get people. Do you? Do it every single day? No, it's I mean in the very early in two thousand ten. You know I had like the first year of the podcast, we're just stop other comedians and friends. You know actors who were comedy adjacent then and then it started to then I was like one running out of friends.
Haven't you so I hired people to start booking guests and then it kind of became this weird like I'm, I'm not I'm now interviewing people that I can't answer really interviews the conversation, I'm just having conversations with people that I don't know ends now. I found that we have this sort of like lots of guests, because number one people don't have there aren't really talk. Traditional talk shows is not a lot of places, people to promote stuff at the moment and also I always insisted that people be in person because I feel
what you're, having a conversation with someone you need to see them. You need to see their body language. You need to see their eyes. You need to make sure that wherever you're, the conversations going there comfortable with you just does a lot of information. It sitting in front of people give you and then this force us to do everything vs zoom and it's been great cause. Now I've talked to people in ITALY and France and people like yourself or renew your people that I probably would not have been able to get on geographically, and so I've really actually been weirdly, enjoying this part of it cause I just connected with so many people that I you know would have loved to have gotten on. Just never had the opportunity yeah. Do you ever do you like doing? Do you ever thought about doing like your own kind of Pakistan or your own kind of deal? What I'm getting at his do like being yourself on stuff or d
do you always gravitate towards character pieces? If I'm performing, I like doing characters, I've gotten better about playing myself, you know like on the show and stuff, but on you know, once you get the care, does out of your system. Then you're, like you know you can't, not for me anyway, like Jerry Blame, for example, from strangers. It was like important for me to do a character like that. First then it would allow me to do other things somehow I know this is what I like doing this. What I want to do, I didn't know how to I didn't really play myself before that jury. Blanket bell, uncomfortable and it didn't feel like play time I'll make you feel like you're playing an arm, but now you know now different in an more up, because I I've done did what I wanted to do. As far as you know, during a buncher characters and stuff like that podcast. I haven't done that many of them We count on one hand how many podcast I've done. My brother David listens to
like crazy and he's always recommending to me, but I don't I don't list you met March and I don't ever been a gas, but I've been asked to do him before, like she knew about gas, but then you'd have to do it. I just what want that over my head, every guy yeah yeah yeah, I mean, I think it's it's so much a part of it just so much a part of my life. Just in terms like I gotta do package to an end. There isn't it it's not really set it's like you sorted just they happen when people are available, and you know and now, I'm literally just coming into my office from another room in my hat, like there's, no excuse anymore, it's not like I'm real busy. You know it is so it's been a really good. My hope is that these are a nice distraction for people who are in quarantine, but also it's been a great distraction for me as well, because it saw I just the connect with with somebody somebody. Don't you ever get shy, like you say you to talk the cabin bacon or something like would be like yeah.
Shall I like, I knew want, show when Guess doors come on. It's like I get like now, Listen, I'm always like. Oh, I don't want to bother them. Otherwise. You know I can't even believes a real ambit of work with Michael, Shannon, really any or all broader, I'm just like. Oh my god, it's like really hard won, but Michael. I was just on a couple weeks ago from prison in his great aztec. No money would so. Why do you need money? You? How do you do more cavalry? You know like he's he's, I guess it's because he's such an amazing dramatic actor that adds to have money. He also is, but his instincts and timing are followed. Well he's very aware of arm, he knows everybody's lines and he in his car. You re he's like wait a minute. The door was open. You know where there was a newspaper over here or don't you want to get the shot
he's very aware of everything. That's going on around him yeah you got it just in terms of there was a period of time when I still you get I mean I don't know like I'm, I'm a big fan, boy of people and things and so ice. I do tend to get nervous around people, but I've learned how to match it down in that
because of a handful of experiences early on in the run of the podcast, where I was not able to match it down, and you know like they're, just a couple that got away from me because I was just too nervous in their sort of like their sort of like a threshold and once you sort of cross that nerve thresholds in the same like if you doing stand a performing life, there's a point where, if, if it gets away from you, that's it that's it, you can keep it down. You know like the new, then you'll be ok, but if you get to a certain point, your brain just gets all like like nodded up and that's it, but I would also like but you're, but your bid, Sir only you know like us, the I I love the bit with them. The sketch with me,
broader equerries, the team, the teen author, whose actually his views on the experiences that he hung out with teams for like a month right what went on, but that's only like two minutes. You know. So it's like what what a great thing for someone like Matthew Broadway, like that's your show so perfect, because it segmented that you can have these really great people on you're, not asking a ton of him in its would probably We find very becoming to do something like that. He set his arm when he did the show it was very smoothly. Literally by then I found out later he was coming in from the beach, but we look he walked in. He probably had a half an hour. You know in his dressing what And then he came on said he did it and laughed I mean he was However, that may be ninety minutes, not even if that happens everybody concerned do do rift takes. Do you do when as written and then on, we know it
really I mean we do in the script and then, if someone had stopped being a wheel specifically say: oh now does do one for fondly it just gonna happens within you know, but we don't just go out of our way to make one take. That's just like a bun take not every done, but I think what I think, maybe what people don't necessarily pickers we're doing a large show. I would love to hear your take on the differences between doing like life sketches versus, because the timing, the edit timing on your show, was so flawless and it you know what that editing is also a star. The show, because all the jokes had to cut a certain way. So how can you just talk a little bit about high you're learning process going from stage comedy too, like figuring out single camera, comedy beats. I know funny. I I love working in front of alive audience in its even hard to watch. People's show
now without a on tv, narrow like it just how the timing reason you wanna beyond the shit. You know you get that why you get that energy from the audience. On, but you know you have the crew and that in that council meeting either you can't hear them laughing but on the timing allotted it like? Some of these shows your like ten minute too long and it so hard to lose, freeing them and you can get it in anything like you said, but it kills me to have to lose so much for me to go, would like TAT twelve minutes in episode, because you I know that you're so funny, but it's like you just have to keep ringing it out and ringing aloud, and you know, but I prefer alive audience and I wish we had one on the show: do you ever use? Are you someone whose good with stuff like did you feel like? Ok, this is done. I can put it to bed now or do do you go back and watched up and go down. We could ashamed to have a second affair. I wish we use
state was, I regret. I started a folder or things, and I regret, like I'm pretty good at thinking Quicken the moment, but I hate it There's a missed opportunity, and, unlike dammit, I should have waited a cannibal Eve. I didn't think I like it and there's a lot of stuff no I've gotten last minute like on Instagram widening I like about Instagram, is neither a couple. People I follow in their post, like old soap operas or whatever, and you know you'll see the way somebody shot something you know. Could you actors? You know seen you know like they're in the same direction like my back to their stomachs we're getting monologue out like they're, a lot less made things, and I got just there was inspired from Instagram. So I love coming up. That would have any idea. Lesson makes it a lot more fun. That's great! There was. There is another piece on your show. That is a flawless bit of comedy, which is
nice carpenter guy, which already has a great it just like by itself conceptually, it's just a great house at this, just a guy with a knife sharp just like the Brenda. We regard the nature but a guy, but that actor I wish I could, his name. I haven't done would have paid a task raising he so funny and everything, but that the beat of that and the sort of the unpacking of his character. Do you? Do you guys just sort of like went through it all once clarified what the beats are and then just start covering its. How is gonna get past crazy? comes from second city. That's will go Madame and he has a lot of heat. Ye knows that character and Hill Hill at you'll bring something too in every time. He's just flaw. As he always noses lines you just brings on that extra layer in the EU, so professional, but would David, you know, Pill Hill with you.
Question is why not everyone can improvised? That's why we're always legalistic indisputable David. You know what he's gonna had is gonna, be you know, really really got up what we have on the page, but on he'd any cvs. Really we got the season like. We gave him a lot of stuff to do this season, but on he's he's spent ass thick, and so we call a school other both like on fire and then Matt Malloy. You know everybody CS. I think it's probably my favorite season the season. I mean it's great because it really is like a school. It really is like it as a sketch out, but with recurring whether with I got recurring that with a foundation and then a recurring recurring arcs, and I think, strangers with such a by the way it blew me away to see. The strangers is only on for three seasons for some reason in my head. It's sort of
money Python rear, like what I was like ten years? Wasn't? No. There was a way to fix. Really how long wasted money python on it was only on for three years. I think a lap. I wish it was just a few seasons and we all think about is like because they did. The movies is well me. You know they d been those guys, but even Eric idols. Before. Like you, I mean people talk about pipe, unlike it was our entire lives, but it was really just a few years I have with defined our entire lives. We ve all done a lot of stuff up what's funny because we always that they still have and cancel our show they slowly. So, strangely candy because we always talk- Did you tell Moors episodes sure, but we are also find not doing ten more episode, but it was We were very aware that we were doing it were there where there was a period nor light that we couldn't is never gonna biggest, be rose, good. Over and over again like we're on the words making each other laugh noble,
boxer around it's like you know what happened feel that way with our show with true today, with its a teams that your mom and pop operation- and we really you have a lot of freedom and we really do get to do whatever we want, and you know it. You know it's. It's been fund way, just haven't at much control. I mean I don't know you know you just don't get better lot. Water projects. True tragedy, is really good about me. They savage, does I'm sorry yeah yeah and in its the same its assent. Kind of thing where they, it seems like they hire funny people and then they kind of letters. Twenty people be funny which is not stupor carbon, it isn't bits Yeah really is in its like this
do that. More often I mean you know it might. It might happen now because somebody companies are like, I said, sort of being ripped apart a bed, and so if there are There are less like fingers in the pie in terms of notes, and maybe you know to be situation where companies to say hey. You know what a mere Andrea whenever we need the content just to make a show, we don't have the ban with right now it's a super can involve, will give you a budget. You just go, make bring it back to us and there could be a like a renaissance of really strong. You know creative point of view. A creative pieces coming out of this. As a result, yeah range, seemed to say or who, or people who write books you know will be interested to see what books come out of the Essen yeah, but it's hard, because
there is a lot of people may not even be processing right now like it. It might be one of those things that a year from now people in a reflective way will be the kind of dealing with all of the creative fires that are being built right now, but I mean I don't know: do you feel particularly creative during this binding your work. You found working on your show clearly that I don't have a y all like something, oh Papa. But now you know, another list happen user on, but not like not super create no, not really now yeah yeah. I know I really feel it tell me that you know that at some point in your subconscious mind, the woman yelling about stance in the post office isn't gonna make it into something sooner like its lustre. It's all it's all being fed in there. Quite a night. Imagine it's gonna! It's gonna com Christine led by yourself. No I'm married If we don't have any kids, but we got a puppy about two or three weeks before
it's fine yeah, I'm kind of poppy. Did you go he's called an otter hounds and their there art that many of the left, and so she we lost our cat in December and she's, the one who wanted to cat again, because it's too emotional for me, but I would love to get a dog and then you know, she's fat found this breed that there are many left and she was like we, we have to save them, and so we got this there. That's like these big kind of dopey Irish will found cousin, so they get enormous, but he's been a real sweetheart. You have pets around Oh you do yeah seven pounder Omagh is a big forever. It gets big bunny YAP. When I found out I've had Tina, I you know I had her for years, and then I found out that Tina was a boy. Oh knows! No, when I got it, I was
So she was a girl and I have found out is: are you kidding me never made a lot of sense. I've, never animal meal, TAT, Doesn t, but this is a great and I dont know anyone who has rabbits. What can you do you behold hers she cool like you just let her have a right to be picked up, because I don't like to be off the ground. They like to be more control guy on escape because it will do anything to get out of your arms and they can break their backs. But right now Tina lies in bed with me, and this has been great for the quarantine I'm always come and gone before this, and I think now that she knows he knows that I'm here so much he's more or less access, not noisy and the city. I don't think, but there's a lot of people out so were spending spelling, really really great. Perhaps quality time and more rapid. That's bad if there be
It's not a bad idea, their soft. You know it seems very meditative. What they're really great only bad thing is. You know it's constantly me for treats- and I give in so I put a little weight on the rabbit, so I'm trying to watch that its heart. How does a rabbit big shot he'll circle around my feet to the point where I might trip, and then we had certain chairs in a hop on I'll help on the bad do circles. Nudge me he gets his whiskers really close to my
he's like things that he knows in the ways me like this. They just no bringing now in your positive. It's not a trip, you so that you break your neck and then he pressed her flesh your pipe wavy. They now I mean I I always it's always. We think of our pets is like all there like a member of the family, but I would think will if I died, the dogwood totally eat my face. You know like it's it's hard sometimes I don't like, they're still animals. Yet don't they start with the eyeballs. They probably start with the eyeball, but I don't want you to see them. Do it. They feel better. When your white had any major quite sure as had been harder, pretty easy, no or maybe it hasn't. I mean the occasionally there's just like a dumb squabble. Isn't really about anything other than you know every day.
Same day, and it's like all the dog is being crazy. What do you know? I don't? Why don't you you know it's just like stupid stuff like that in and afterwards wrong is like, cable. That was dumb, you know, but not, but there hasn't been any major even actually they just ended our state border by like three months and she was like what we're gonna be no we're together for three months and I'm a great and she's like great, like there's. No there's, there's no sense at all, I gotta get out of here, like I feel very happy that we get to be stuck together, that I've had a glance yeah yeah, but out here, but that would be like to be with somebody I mean I don't know. I think I like being by myself I mean I can't even imagine it there. I'm sure you know when all the dust settles you're sort of look back and see all the people who were sort of using their busied lives to this
act himself from being in a knot, great relationship who now are really kind of having to either fixed the relationship or figure out like we should put it at the right yeah right. I know I know a couple that decide they're going to split up when this is over. Oh like what you know who knows, maybe by the time it actually is over, they'll be like, but we worked it out, yeah, maybe, but on said the same answer their extending it three months from now. What do you know they said, but the name like worth anything could happen, but probably three months. So you know it's Did the wheat we're we're getting a lot of confusing messages in California because they'll be like nobody, life? Ok, you can leave, but you can go to the beach. Ok, you don't you get on the beach? Ok, you can go to the beach, but you could do
How to be active? You catch a sit on a towel. Now you have to wear, masks everyone, okay, nothing's, going to be open all right. The restroom restaurants will be open, others where you can drive up at like it is a little there. A lot of mixed messages and again people who are consuming the news everyday we're just like, I thought it would just make food at home. I imagine people aware mask in the summer time no one's gonna areas too hard man is just too high. It is hot what they're saying it's mandatory now, so I know we were when we walked the dog because we're like you know what it's the only thing they like it if it helps great, but if it also sends a mess two other members of the community that we are in this together and taking seriously. Then that's also a good reason to do it right now. I did have a couple more questions about strangers, which is I'm sure you must get asked this all the time, but that is one of their shows that you could at any
given time just you know, say to Colbert Bare and everyone else and Janella like you want you guys want to just do. What's it like community just did did a zoom reading together and I don't know that anything that you guys ever talk about now get out. I am, I didn't, take to Jerry blank character. I do to season on the show she's a detective Melissa, Jerry Blank face, which is funny cause. I haven't used those muscles in a while the muscles in my face right and I was every character That seems so. The muscles I would use for my patty hard character were different muscles and Jerry space. They size like my patience on fire, the season now. I never thought I do Jerry version of Jerry again on, but
never say never vinos, maybe one day we well, but we never talk about it. I would really loved him, and maybe this is just something that just boils down to experience and instinct, but to understand how you are able to take characters that are very like far out their characters but and still manage to grab them in something without everything. Spinning out of control I feel exact. Open access. Does that on baskets to where you feel like he's playing is twin brother and Louis Anderson? Is his mom how's any this any arms like there's? Somebody were a lot that shall yeah it's like there's a real grounding element to it and strangers like that is well, and so is that is that a conscious thinkers that just an instinctive all thing to kind of keep everything from spinning out.
Well, that's what makes it funny when you ground it more like when you do a silly character, outrageous character, but then you give it this way to it. I mean it's like opposite seen owning so it's kind of a just works better. You know, then it's not like. I can't even compare then is not just like it You know it makes it more of a character, and it makes you it's more fun to play, because your convince it's a real character. You call a scholar who plays Chasseed when the show he's really good about it too, like called us characters really well and he's a good improvise. Her I'm, but I'm always impressed when I worked with him, because he really brought that character life and made his errand. He really knows aware wig and he plays women. So well. I saw him up wasted. Commercial. I worked with one's indifferent. People than ourselves orange juice. Commercial. Am I saw the orange juice commercial, I oh my god, that's my neighbour on the show like it wasn't about a guy plain, a woman or anything. It was like. You knew how to invest very. Like
strangers. You know how it was very grounded and just a real good. He was doing a real character, but on yeah he's he's great. That was the last time you did look like Simonov is that no one can do lots of infected people. When was the last time you did livestock in front of people Well, I would imagine like talk, shows and stuff like that, but I I dont get up and perform in front of an audience. I guess we met the place I do with David, but I mean it's been a while No. I have to think about it when this is over. I wonder to me at home seems like the perfect during show, you know what I mean like it feels like. I could yeah it's just a serious. You know like it's just a series of great sketches that are all around the same, that, like that, have a home base and uttered I think well, I'm just hasn't to say because no one knows when will be able to do. I should like a large audience incredible Iranians, no wonder,
it's going to happen now I was even thinking like. Can I read through space it like cause, there's a lot of space are being used right now and allay. Could I rent a space and put up like a plexiglas thing in front of the stage and men like somehow like make people in little boxes, but they could hear and see each other like now, but the needs of people need to use the bathroom they'd have to I'm trying to figure out how to would like. How do you would doubt stand up or how do you adapt live comedy for this? It's the it's, the One thing that I that I can't quite like at all the other shows like yeah. You can do some shows about an audience and you can figure out how to do stuff to be a zoom. I cannot crack the sky I dont have. I think you just have we to try now. I dont know either I talk about my brother all time because he's Torreon right now, David is killing on their use. Killing on you know he want laws a packed audience he was performing. Ah,
it's really hard on him, amaze, no idea when that's gonna happen again and then the bigger question is what, when its allowed, will people go up? are they going to be like I'm not going to fight and leave my house if you don't like this, it's going to be a second then maybe it'll take a second and then maybe then I'll be back to normal people. We believe that this happened major you're, No, maybe maybe it's I mean I don't I don't know if it's gotta be. The kind of situation were like humanity is change forever and we're gonna be this weird to still be in where no one can you know we're gonna have to have robot avatars that go out and do our stuff we would normally do. I dont think I think eventually it will settle like we will adapt. Something. Oh you know like it will all click back into place, I'm most shopping in on the shop wearing it. I really amiss again you know. I don't like to shop online and end, but
I really miss going into stores you're that that it's funny hot, not funny, but it did. You know. I guess it's conceptually funny that how much we take for granted like just being able to walk by, like all just walk about gonna, walk into the store and have a kind of color coding. Anything not just look around. You know like that. Just not a thing we can do for the foreseeable future and that its. I hope that we appreciate those things like that. Percent here? Let me go back in a story in practice, be picking everything up and smelling it and rubber does want to stay here for a while. Go in and try a dress on and they use. I don't want that. Dress is tricky as you like. What is a go back on the shelf with someone else, gotta come in and drawn that dress, and it's like young, take all that duration. I just we'll be sad, closing its just say it's just you did. It is sad, but but people are very adaptable and an Dave you know after the war,
No shit grow even grocery shopping. I would go every day, I'd like to go shopping every day, but now with this, I go you twice a week. Maybe, but you know I got used to it, you're you, you do get used to it a minute. I guess it's silly boy This is the stupidest example, but I have a little bit it tonight. Isn't it's not enough to drive me crazy, but it's enough there when it's quiet, I hear it and when it first, when I first started getting it, I was like I'm a tear, my fucking years off my head. I can't handle this and some of those that are you just get you. Do it you just sort of you know, and they were right at most of the time. I am not aware of it at all, even know it's there, We're really listen for so I guess we just have cultural tonight is at the moment. I don't want I really do I mean I'd hate to be. I dont want upon people out
being ok, let's try to find a positive guys, but but I do think that there are there are opportunities, yeah or to be more internal and learn who we are and develop things, and so I'm just I'm just hoping that people are at least able to to be able to do that if you like that, have some sense of control in a situation that none of us can control right, but I can't imagine I always think of the people that you are you dont have savings, you don't you don't have any food you at the family. You can't stay here on about a paycheck, I mean it's bad, for people is really bad, really extraordinarily bad for a lot of people, because the I mean it's personally, especially in America, where I think there's a general sense of like there beside shit happens in other places, but not America, right and then, like literally overnight, everyone's everyone's world changed, and so I do hope that the people I don't know
it in, and it is that kind of thing like how do you help those people? How can we help those people? What are we do? Why was sort of general foundation that just helps the most people? You know what I know. There are a lot of really great organizations that help feed people and help, but it, but even like you like seeing restaurants around town that have shut down like. What's that staff gonna do. How do we have to go goes like you. We just go rounded and give money to those like. What's the best way that we can be helpful to those right yeah, I don't know I don't believe I really don't know I just. I think we all hope that its. I think there is still hope like what what what's the sort of seed of hope, the kind of drives you every day. You does not think about it. Or do you have a thing that cut up like fires you up and keeps you guys always helps when it funny outside, not Nick
I mean it gives me hope, like a nice day, really sets my move. If it is with you, no cloud it just seems more depressed. It's a little something. It helps its everything. If it's a sunny day, yeah yeah, you're a nice day outside it just makes a big difference inside the just gonna snow storm was that in other parts of the text now, but you didn't dispersed, that was really nice and Witherspoon beautiful and just to get side is nice. You know, I see more birds and more squirrels and more animals and nature. You notice more. You notice, building is more. It's really I mean all I'm walking we're headphones, and you know I just walk talk, but you know I notice everything now
more than I did before, and there that's been a good positive thing. That's really nice! I it's it. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to create awareness. You know because it so easy to get caught up every day. You know to be distracted by a million things so that we feel like we're busy and then really being forced her to notice in and be aware that that part, I don't think, is a terrible thing. And I dont know. I do hope that that sticks. I hoped that sticks for awhile, usually when there's some sort of a tragedy. People get really aware for like a second and then they just get back into their lives. But this is such an extended fitting for my gun Endless endless, didn't boy you're gonna call season is cold and blue seas is just afford it. We just at around this everything but Martha Stewart knees
Are you a catastrophes are not let me I good good night good yeah. I just find that term when those sort of catastrophic like what about the fog, what about the winter? What if there is a second wave I really have to stop myself and go you deal with any that, like you don't know, could happen could not happen just just deal with today. Just with today, he asked true, but what is like a thing right, the exactly yeah, the other isn't there is. There is a lot of applicable Stefano. That's not just you know, people in recovery, and I am one of them, so I I know it well, but I, but I also feel like. Oh that's not just for that. That's for life in general. It's good to kind of do that stuff, but I do feel like your show, is a show that you,
The water production to sing like when we go back in September, maybe when we go back like what is that look like we have skeleton crew is there's no audience is it, but if you like at home, is a show that you could do, could you do that show with with very few people if you had to well? Usually it's just me by myself, acting with myself under the thumb you now, I don't know when you gotta think of it crew, how TAT Day are right I dont know have you thought about doing anything at home, any kind of like you know, zoom version anything or just now now now I got that computer thing. Is it easy to me like tat? people on the computer or you know,
I haven't now it's just. I get bored with that really quickly watching other people stuff on a computer on the scene. Without I just get bored quickly, you need money, real tat, real world textiles right now, yeah yeah. I understand I mean the Good NEWS is: will win the day when it sees in three premier of it's going to you, commissioner, next Wednesday, the twentieth and help me out how many up associate cannot results had observed great. So that's like two and a half months right there for people, I mean what if that you shot every new shouted, we got to shoot everything right. Everything which alarm right lasts. Can you believe that we finish them the February. Oh my gosh yeah we were, I was. Was doing Andrea's show when this all happened in her production like it was like sumac dab in the middle production, and I think she started in that place now like air, I think maybe
the boy who knows you know like it is best. She just taxes today? I have to get back to our neighbours like what's going on with you shows, I don't know anything yeah yeah, I don't know knows anything, but I think she stopped Jimmy she still working on, stopping it and stuffed it come back as you. You have you know it you you would have to. We will eventually it'll it'll come back, but I don't know it's very fortunate that you were that Europe to get everything in the can and that it can all go out now. Yap isn't anything else as resort a ravenous up? Is there anything else that you have far ahead? Do you plan stuff? Is there anything else you like what are you gonna do like if you, if you in theory were done with at home, do happen next thing, would want to do or do not think that far ahead on immediately I'd be happy to do another season of the show that that happened? If not, you know, I don't. I always love another people. Ask me to do.
Their show it's always fun on, but I dont really. I dont know what that's gonna be aid. Had no idea, and I'm ok do that when you do other people stuff, do you sort of like because you don't have to you're, not in control of every which is kind of nice right you like just rolling up as a performer mass. Where do you the chief, I love it. Was it a good idea we'll get stars come on the show they were like while would never want my show their like. Never, like a really there like eyes too much in and this year it felt like two might. Some days were like it, don't like a lot, but You know, there's always saw again you're putting on a show, and you want to get your friends involved in the best people involved in greater from scratch and that's really lovely end and nothing like it. But it's out yet, he said, is also funded. Go in someone else's, showing your help I was
blown away, just working with savage when every for a couple weeks, because it's like she's ever seen and then we should the scene and she runs in talks with the director and watches play back. Ok come back and then let's try this rift is. That was a good. We have tried to do this and I think she was gonna directed episode to my how the fuck do you. How do you stay present in a scene? But then part of your brain is also thinking about the Did the whole entrant like to me that it is that kind of how it is for you as well. For me I'm more like I don't go near it. I don't never know where the cameras are. I'm not a director, but for me, it's more about the background. Do you know what is what about you know. You don't put a pillow in the chair you can see it in the short or can we I googly eyes of his colleague over you know to me it's more about the other visual aspect at the show on obsessed with the set all the time and I notice with something's removed. Are you doing?
and I'm always shot that I can catch it on like where's the chocolate cake that was here. You don't eight o clock. Many. Why would anybody with that chocolate cake like any other beer? Would like me? the red cap on that, so bottle that you know it's like I know, is it all and I'm not? I was working with Justin Theroux and he was like you know. Amy probably shouldn't worry about that stuff and just focus on you before me. I'm like no way like it's more visually. You no more tidings in the shower visually than anything out and I'm obsessed whether an I'm good at it. This, but also that feels like the sort of that feels like sketch common training like like the sharp the detail, the funnier stuff becomes. The more the more details and information in the more like right is met, YAP immense or like sketch company went to one yes
sketch comedy one I won t have any one alone: I'm your profile. Fights are funny next week. Yeah I mean, have you do? Do you meant or any one of you do you ever? Have you ever thought about doing it master glass and character, development or any other guys? No, no, my master class would be hilarious should be like ten minutes long burst of all. No, I wouldn't you know that I'm not gonna explaining I'm an articulated. That kind of stuff I just like to do it, but I'm not going to talk about stuff like that, Well I I really can't thank you enough for doing this. I really I mean, listen, I'm just your I'm such a huge fan of your work. I have always gotta wanted to just me you and shoot the shit and say hi. I can't tell you how much I really appreciate it you really enjoy talking to you tell it was a pleasure. Really, I loved it. Like I said, I'd miss what my fourth podcast. Probably
no real and on their many well. Is it it's? What when someone says like? Oh, do you wanna do a pot gas it's an hour than some people, bristle Melick, only gonna fuckin talk about for it. Like a going you're good at it. You're not appreciate that I'm just I just I'm afraid of people. I just like having conversations- and you know, there's so much fun start to talk about what you mean like really strangers. To me, a sort of in the pantheon of you know like in the back of my head, there's this sort of
I had the honour of comedy stuff like python and kids in the hall- and you know em and strangers is- is- is up there with that, because it was just such a the idea it was so was so groundbreaking, especially because I you know, I remember like in the in the mid too late nineties, the sort of the Dawsons Creeks and that sort of like lesson bet. You know that sort of like were young but were fuckin, live in life like adults, man in order to take that vibe and spend it in that way, it just was such ass. It was such an innovative comedy thing to do. Well, we all bright something too. I was mainly for the after school special. It was called bears idea to do, learn the wrong lesson and it was called the railways idea for me to play the Jerry Blank character with it.
Background, so we all kind of showed up with the idea and on- and you know- and we couldn't do that- show today- there's no way it could be done. You think, despite counter wiser, just the freedom of their markets were lines here. You know at home still would you still managed to really fun Reggie show that I think is. I don't know it. Doesn't that there's nothing about it were I'm like? Oh how they do that, but it still really funny. You know yeah, that's nice! Thank you, of course. While I hope I hope you stay safe and healthy, I hope that you are able to connect and real people, and I hope some day you are able to take at home on the road then maybe there's it. Maybe there's a Sir Darras combo tour, I mean battle, then I think that I think that would fill some pretty big venues. If it's something you ever talk about doing so Heather their way. Or do you just can't keep your stuff separate separate by
I'm hoping that David and I will do another play together, will see. That's nice, alas, I wish you and to all the best, when you're poppy, what you're puppies name soldier, Zol tar. Yes, we are thus puppies. Your fine he's he's fine he's again. He thinks he's like fire pans and he sixty pounds and he's only really kind of gets. Those nighttime zoo means where he's like, exhausting that last bit of energy, so he can fall asleep. They used to be really sweet because he'd, like run into your leg and like that, you really keep another these sixty pounds. It's like someone just takes a sacrifice potatoes in general, but while observing just sort of fun, but you know, I guess it's, sir. I guess it's kid prep. You know my wife's gets killed, practical Yacu job I? U, when they're trying to kid prep, I like that you take care
Let me sum up as relay one warming person. I would love it. If there is ever anything, I can do to help anything you're doing. I will do anything to help anything that. Thank you so much like you to take care of. I arrive by eighty twenty incomplete.
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