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Bill Burr returns to the podcast! He and Chris talk about video game addiction, home renovation shows, and fatherhood. Bill also reveals the wonderful Disney song he sings to his 3-year-old daughter that she gives him notes on after each performance. Watch him in The King of Staten Island, available now to own on digital, DVD or BluRay!

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Welcome to the identified CAS number ten. Eighty, seven, let's talk about you, the eighty. Twenty pack community in the eighties, enabling a scoreboard events, an identity that come so you submitted thing like, while the MAR who says my brother and I made and premier to podcast this month, it's the masters of music pie, ass by guesses, about our journey to find out the secrets of music from the masters we have. Conversely with the greatest masters of music alive from studio people producers to up and coming artist, stars everything between some of our guests, Tony Franklin from whites naked, firm Jeff Young from F Move Douglas Repairman, five thousand Carter from John finally to afford Rick Springfield, we release weekly, you sound clot episodes. We know how hard it is to produce broadcast because up so, unlike inspired by our guests, please check as our masters of music podcast dot com, and it is masters of music.
Asked on Facebook, Instagram Sound cloud in you tube excellent work, making your thing. If Europe, there and you ve made a thing that you want to share the community corporate events and I didn t dot com. Also head over to their website identity com just for staff. Of a t, shirts, vintage staff were on instant, I'm too I'm so bad, it self promotion. I it's like. I hear myself during that about you. You know it's their early, the bitter butter pupil back. Let's talk about this episode, episodes bill. Were I mean like been coming on the pod cast since the beginning. You know it's funny. There were cut. This space. Now, where we're like all terribly I cast days Young Union same, did you believe it that I take you you're, too old, timer podcast days,
so can episode talk. We I about a lot of it is about being a dad. We talk about fatherhood. Bill. Has two kids you know some day, I might have a kid or too. Who knows? I just want to do a good job. So I got a lot of questions. Bill has the Monday morning broadcast, which I am sure you know and also he is in the king of that island, which is the shut up. Tell movie storing p Davidson a bill is in it and it now at the release, this podcast, which is August twenty fifth. So I just whatever you hear it, you can get king of status. On Blu Ray DVD Digital. It's available on all of the platforms. Maybe you, like in the digital space. Maybe you like to hold it did in your hands and look at it and go I oughta thing, but maybe again you like
virtual ip, and so you just you dont, want to have to have more things in your life. But if you want to thing you could have Blue dvd of King Staten Island. If you, if you just like a a representation of a thing then get it on Digital it's available now so watch it go! Watch it after this podcast you come on to John Avatar Movie, it's great you're, gonna love it break, cast you're gonna love it go. Watch are ready for this progress unless you're driving or operating having machinery, but listen to the pact has stopped operating having machinery then watch the movie right. This is the idea tat, antibiotics an about. Eighty saddled with I can't even
Wilfred Wilfred right where bill is short for Wilfred. Is that correct? Now, not us, some silly name because I didn't against the ground was gonna, be a thing o gotcha not, but I was I was on my space than they left that went to Facebook. Then they went to town now that Instagram adjust seem like all the cool kids going around me. Packing district back in the day. Although
but it was all these same people yeah you're right that there were like there were those first couple of early stops and starts with social media, because before Myspace was Friendster asked before Friendster was one called my tribe. So what I think is my try, bird tribe or something and then Friendster ended. The big thing with Myspace was: oh, my God performers can put clips on it and you can have like a top eight friends, so you can, you can really create a hierarchy of who your favorite people are for all the world to see. That was about that. That might have started the meanness and would eventually, me- but I think one of the first signs that it was gonna be a mean thing- was the topic of firewood. This problem, you top five or whenever the up that five as a crest rock move topic, was a top eight and it was TAT day was top aided. Then I think the expanded it too, like sixteen or twenty
or because they realise that it was creating a lot of friction for people in there personal relationships because it really was a big deal to be included or excluded from someone that you ve thought was like your best friend your family and you weren't in their top there's our friend Crazies Myspace still exists, yeah it's like a lion. Those towns where there was a nuclear meltdown and everybody laughed but like main street, is still there and I still have a page. I can still go back out of my password anymore, but I can still visit my age. I think of it like it. I think of it like like an old mining, words like all they got all that year. They got big day, depleted the copper mines, but there's still a couple of people who you know just keep the buildings there. You can go in Munich,
really stay there, but you know it's like you could give your horse. They get toys in the old. My chef goes down tours about social media, aside tat Abed because things do change so rapidly. It's just had been just be like looking it, sir, like when you you know, you think is: can we really fun to play old video games because their soda static and then you start playing at your like this one? we're like ten SEC. It doesnt have game. Just doesn't have the same unless you like me what you actually start playing video games for the most part. Twenty I mean I played it, people in the eighties a little bit. Then I didn't plan again for like another ten years, I actually bought a play station one and then too, And it just took over my life and I just unplugged everything cuz I knew I never be able to figure out again cuz, I'm dumb, and I just stuck it in the back of my closet. So
yeah your names, I laid my society filter and grand theft auto two or three. I can't remember there was yet I feel like it was one the grand theft auto was in the early might have been the first one by reducing out. I think I came up with a longer learn would see it might have been. I want to see me we buy. City was the one where I played alive or maybe a twisted vital, getting gap as one I play and I had to- and I did the same thing where I I sold all my stuff. It was around the time I got sober because I was like shit. I really need to focus on improving my life and I will never do anything as long as this gaming system is in my house, I have sensed I've said going back and I do play games again, but there was a period of a helpful years where I could not do it because I knew I just couldn't handle doing it in a responsible way. Yeah nights it, sir.
Yeah I just kept getting better and better. I mean I'm looking to kids now plain there were those glasses and jumping into tvs start with another. Just like the bank I quit the same way. I was never a big drugs guy but, like I remember, seeing crack babies and being like this is it this is as bad as it's gonna get And then, like you, started, scene before and after many pictures where it was twenty two believe it was the same person right with dislike. I'm ok, I gotta handed to this generation. They cause I'm with you know it just don't you like? The older generation was always I can you believe what they can do it, and I was trying to think like after seeing crackling zero smoking on my stoop, like what is gonna shocked me when I get old and ass, I was going to college kick in the middle of the country. You know
I saw us before the actors inside I was like. I know that there is no data, you didn't. Even it is hearing about doing college gigs just makes me go we're gonna be a thing again or we're gonna get to do that. We need to get to. You know like what are we gonna get to do like really tour again that you know doors? I don't know. How are you doing in here door gigs, I'm exploring a couple options, but my agent myself, but deal breaker is I have to. One hundred percent, the crowd is gonna, be safe because I dont want to- and you know, in the short run, Europe rabbit bag of money, but then, in the long run I've screwed me and everybody else that lose an edge. I screwed everybody as no one can get sick so, where looking at a couple of values that are that hold a lot of people, but then we put like a comedy club level of peace.
In their, but then you have to read the venue, but then there trying to get creative about with their parking lots and stop. I don't know. All I know is, I would love to do, is show and make some people live and die. This Colbert thing I believe and scientists I believe, a doctor's. Those are the people. I listen to you wearing white lab call right now. I would listen to you, but I've gotta listen to is you know, people like self, we don't have any recycle backward background, I wasn T mobile phones knew a dentist dislike. You work on teeth, but I could I do
when I interest what the fuck do. You know about viruses, I saw agree with you about not want you to be responsible for getting people to clustered together right now, and I actually feel I actually feel. Ok, I'm sure there's some. I know that there are some comedian to all those in the therapeutic will need to be on stage all the time, and so I you know I love performing, but I'm not. I need to be on stage all the time kind of guy, I'm for we happy to set it out. It must give me an opportunity. Like look at my jokes, what's working what's funny, you know can improve out any. This dry has some time to make those. I am funny that I ever know I've got out at this point. I gotta go about gotta reading these I said this allowed visiting, horribly and funny, I'm kind of just wanting to do it, so I dont forget how to do it, because for the first six weeks I didn't message at all, because I was on a twenty eight year: bender rights without taking any sort of significant break. I mean a couple two week: things here to eat things: there
but it was just like having a real job where you know a guy with a real job. If you're lucky you get a week off a year right, it's not like you're going to forget. Are you know if you fly a plane for a living you're, not going to figure out how to do that? So I feel like you know, but you know when you start, do you start leaving for like six months and stuff? You know what coming up on its like start, because I saw guys you know, because I saw them Please I saw guys get sitcoms pilot went and then they started doing that and they will just getting crazy money and it's just like they had the greater he gave her an animated by the run and get a plane. They just sort of stop doing stand up and I saw when they came back. You know get they took too much time like five six years,
in music and comedy it changes. So much is a whole generation of people they got married, they got knocked up, they had kids, they don't have time even know. What's going on No, you come into town and then is this whole another wave behind them and their income however, the hell they're into. I have a theory about that by the way I do is obviously I think that's the thing that every comedian thinks about. Oh, if by you know, if I become too successful or if I don't do stand up her work. I just think with comedy. It requires a certain amount of hunger because their think there's a hunger and there's a discomfort, because when you get up on stage you Neither did I hear you're trying to fill up. You know you're, trying to fill of wider you're a little hungry you needed right now and so for people who got sitcoms is how to of making a ton of money. I always kind of thought you know biggest stand up. Maybe
and necessarily their first love or they would have done it anyway. You know, like it the comfort level to sort of take some of the fire when you're comfortable you're. Just like I know doc is it's a lot of energy to get up on stage and to get your energy? winter entered you no story. It was never the shell was the travel. This was just a lot of that's what, like my old thing, would be getting from my house and just once I sat on the plane when I could afford to fly first class. It was fine, yeah like everything else of reading up today was getting to the plain getting on the plane, the whole plane ride way. Get off weight in the back of your head. Like TAT, is you stand up as you legs a killer? you wait for everybody to get out, you're in and I address schedules off yeah like that.
Billy warned me a while, but once I was making up one who I could fly first class and offers class time out able to get up there. It was like just gave you a seat for a human being, but that's all like all those. I hate that has never ending free drinks and though the waitresses erects playmates, and I invite you to the top with all tell it like it at a member. Pan am used to have this thing. When you flew first class in the J F K in New York, you exit down the stairs onto a tarmac into a helicopter to the top of the PAN Am building, which I think I would it's called now. The one on was a park avenue. Something with the PAN Am building met life building. Now you ve, you landed on the top of that building over you goin in all the traffic. Those
bar up their total run? Burgundy stuff is like mandate, air, a certain type of absolutely. You hung out, he had drinks and you met people, make connections and any decorate again, and you grabbed you're not really suitcases. It will. Probably somebody took it down, for you, you got a cab and you went to Europe the hotels Ike, while man that was I could get. You walked up the staircase spiral staircase into first class. The seeds are just like there first passable. It's like going to live like what I'm sitting and now that their bear a seat that is made for a human being. I was in the back when, like
was slowly adding more rose at the back of the sea like that when somebody would just put their seat down like this. It was like I mean you like a dentist. She could give him a filling yeah. You just sit there like, oh, my god, they might be. They started slowly ebbing back all of the comfort in the rest of the plane, and then the big upgrade was like. Now you get there for that everyone just used to have. Naturally, now I'm be ass. I did all of that and then I love tee. The exit wrong was like the poor man's forest class and then inevitably you'd see some giant guy come walk and on any give your lucky be like right. Now
I said I'm not get we're all in this together, I'm not going to do this without yeah, so that that part of stand up, I I dont miss, but over the years I learned to to really pack super super super light younger. I just really. I just started to interact suits and I was just like I'm wearing this. This whole tour in the bag in is this is my show shit in just back packet, and I will start to get to that law, because I still had a wee wee thanks that have been my computer and I checked the pod cast, but a couple
Openness would just backpack, guys, yeah and like the level of stress that alleviates where it's just like there's gonna, be at least a space underneath my seat yup, so you can just get on, and once you know that energy I dont want time. I got was get on the plane and there was a chinese woman like not chinese American, like from China and help cope pact. It is over there. I guess it's socially comfortable for them to put their hands on back and slowly push Usf getting on. I felt like a line that if she was like a running back and we would like trying to function- and I remember she did it like three times I finally turned around- and I was just I just laughed- I was like sweetheart your seats going to be there or whatever, and she got all like that. I felt bad, but it was just it just struck. Me is like I just never thinking like. Oh my god, are we heading to that level of overpopulation because I've been over there
Hong Kong anyways, never Brenda Mainland China, and that was like a thing here. They push people and on, amount the trains and shadow whatever it was just sort of ah of there definitely appeared in my life, where I was nervous that like well, you know they got to a billion. People eventually will be to build. People and what is that gonna be like what they ll be able to survive, that there is a lot of empty space in the United States. There's like we ve, never drive across the country, but I feel like a considerable port The United States is empty land like there's plenty of room. I now have obviously eleven near the oceans telling people lacking have room to stretch out that there are areas that they that they're they're just fly over people. Then it's like the I've been to some of those places, those.
Eggs in the middle of its so called middle, and nowhere I mean a gorgeous. It's incredible. They know best. The best kept secret in this country is a lake vacation. Everyone everyone's it's a good little thoreau as you get older, when you are young, you do need to be in the middle everything. I feel like shit happening around you and ability to start to get all Diego gotta farm sounds nice or up I can just live in lake and look at it trees, which sounds one night when allaying smoking a pipe at this. All of that is hitting but all nice thing lemonade, yeah yeah, that's all you know. You crossed the threshold when some young city kid comes into like
How about you there's nothing to do with you like? How can you live where you live here? It's like its frenetic. You know like the idea of just sort of get space you now feel like, but I think again that allow that also, just like the ambition of one were young noon, we want to make it. We gotta be in the centre of everything and then you know get when you start to get older disbelief at the energy. It requires to have to care that much about all that sire thought today. How much wasted energy being impatient is. Like. If, if being impatient, took life off your battery, I would have been. I would have been done years ago, so I was Trying to you know having kids really help me with that, unlike just being in traffic- and I still my daughter said to me like that- I want you beat at that guy
how's, I ass you just wasn't the US, like I'm, not needed to turn a little faster like I don't know. What that thing out here and allay where, when somebody is in front of you and they turn into the next laying and they that their ideas oh yeah, other than accountable for their families, their cars in the laying like they're in the lane. Yes out, that means the whole cars and then everybody here can't get past this. There is a uniquely our foreign you ladder, Unrove, it's all California, to gigantic state. But it's just like for the love of God. You can you again over Be that as it may, look at your life like what it's like you in both place. It's almost like we're gonna go all relevant say those like was the angels is a place where people just think about themselves. I mean it's a crazy idea. I feel like. Maybe it's almost like hell, I will. I would definitely argue that I feel like that's. The stereotype. That's like everybody in Boston is angry. Northern racism or racism.
Countries in the South and in Boston is like this thing in its acknowledge its It's like everywhere in the selfish people in on you, I think we ve seen some of the selfish behave During all this, we're all in here together on both sides- I I you know this. Definitely there's gonna be some jokes, but I've met some of the poorest people. Where I met a far one of my favorite things to me out An ally is somebody that, from our way in loves it, I can't make it is rare, yes and no like a rabbit dodgers fan, or they can talk about me. You know they. They love the clippers of kings. They can talk about the old forum. I can sit and talk to those people all day. But the last thing I need to run into is another east. Close guy talking about out. There's no changes season in Brighton right
We have our society. No, I stand that. I feel your pain, but I can't wallow in that precise I've. I've defended Ella. Betty too, I mean I make jokes about the nurses and being sort of the Centre Bela, but it is you know, but there's like what's a population eight billion or some like it there's a lot of everything, and so when people go, why do you have it? I lay doesn't sound like a levy. City has good things and bad things, and you do what you do in any city which is you can find your you find your friends and you find you you don't like the things that you like to doing, and it's nice, like you, go anywhere. I like that. I guess you know. I think people when they come out here to visit. Is they they go his son, that's Hollywood boulevard? It says that's not a good example of life. It was there yet Nobody who lives out here goes there. That's like when I lived in I never went to Times square right. I didn't go to
statue of liberty, like you, gotta get near times. Where are you going to Caroline you just gotta: do you just gotta grazed the edge of it when you're walking into calves, but otherwise you know there is really no not much of a reason to have together, but I think it's because I find I lay really interesting, because it's in the sense that when you take off from a lax, it's a beautiful, take off cause you're taking off over the ocean in its blue, and you see the coastline. But why being a delay is just like your landing on this Concrete circuit board that goes for miles and miles and miles and miles it. So, over its overwhelming to Land- and I say just like Jesus christ- it there's no end You know it's yandah. There wasn't really a plan useless. Everybody did their own thing. I will say about lay some of the most gorgeous houses old houses. I've ever see. Love the old mediterranean style, the arches, the craftsmen houses out here,
some of these new are like really modern, looking ones they get a little happy because they know that opens floor plan. Like me, be my wife always watch these. Oh yeah modem. Billion dollar listing, that's lowering our that's. Jam, you know it's always a giant. Why house with these big Hiding. Why doors you no doubt the ocean views you ain't gonna be pool. Yet every such things like clean lines, is another thing. Just really clean learns really open concept. You know the kitchen conceived through over the living room like well said: some what plans are makes sense for open concept, but you know, but then he went out to our living have bad and they all have my full backing
are they all have like the concrete slab with a little strip of grass outlying in it? That's a big thing like I can just noticed like like almost like hockey construction, we have Happy Comedy When I first came out to allay above you know ten fifteen years ago, these go back. The garage door with the frosty windows. Everybody had to have that, and now you look at it and it's like somebody wherein baggy gene you're, like you know, Maggie Genes version of the Ets. It's like it's definitely from its like. Ok, this house was re done in the two thousands yeah yeah. It's like it's like it's like
ed hardy hat, you know like the yes, that's fine! That's right, I got yet my version. That is always it's the phrase granite countertops. I am not a big fan of like that early two, thousands granted countertop but round so many shows, and it's a lot of the ones where it's a lot of the like the ones they don't have hosts where people are just looking at three houses and then they pick one. They almost always go. Oh granted countertops, unlike those countertops, are gross there. Like Orange, pink great. I think not only get it so early, two thousands you don't have that back to me is that you watch and another bad one is one they got. Marble corner tops and that's one of those things were you spill tea on it and it is to meet its poorest. Whatever. That means you can get disdain up so its basic you never use you never use the kitchen. It looks like this could give a sermon there. But this
Could you make a piece of toast you just like, so I like, I like I like wood in in, like I like the the tiles and shit like that, but I've really gotten into I just sort of like cuz, I'm super frugal, so I just sort of I really live vicariously through watching these people. Like you just got way. Who who has that kind of money? Like why would you get that kind of money where it's like they did there's a new one on now on Netflix, where it ceased to twin guys, ball dunes, and then they just have like these like models. It's hilarious there, where, unlike stiletto he'll selling like real estate in the hills, yeah, I'm not sure. I know what show that it might be selling sunset, but there's another one that you might like called grand designs and it's like there's like fifteen seasons of it. It's a british show.
And the house. Is this very like kind of you to his own? He must be an architect. Turkey has an architecture. We give a background in architecture but what I find really interesting about it, if you like watching people like blow through money, is people who, by these, like all british like castles, are all british. You know buildings, I guess it's just cause there used to see. Like I love. Oh, I love all buildings. I love restoring old old type things, but, but I guess in England there just so used to it, so they always try to put a modern spin on stuff. So it's like the back half of a castle, but with a glass front you know like. I can add its really interesting, because if you like watching your frugal, you watch these. British people were like wealth, and so I actually I've had to borrow money to get the house to a point where the bank will even consider giving me a more did so that I can finish it
the people are just trying to stay ahead of the borrowing curve and not blow through all their money so that they can get it to a point where it's having don't even get me started on those piece of shit bankers. It's like. Buddy lost money in this, except for them they gave you three month, little deferral and then after three, You are for months on your mortgage and it's just like you guys are clearly running the economy. Can't you just. Hit pause, like a video game, may just be like our eye time out. Man dynamic everybody chill until its away when it's gone, goes away as I all right and go again, certainly its earlier. Would you would you kids, if your wrestling another submit goes from being like
forget something about. You know it's like a better level of you. I know it, sir, it it, but that idea that you know of borrowing against a thing that you haven't completed, yet that you then have to borrow more like touch. It stresses me out so much because when you start renovating a place, you have no idea. What's in the walls, especially if its old, so talking about my house, I lived that. Did you live through at EU level? Galvanise pipe cloth wiring, I thought wiring, but with a guy, went into the war and it goes Jesus Christ. You realize every time you afflicting this switch switch. There was a spark over and we had a low level gas leak, the gas, the electrical, the plumbing the floors, the place, the windows, I will never get my money back with the judges. Is the house you living in no yeah
I will never. I'm gonna die in this house. That's the only way. I will not see much money. I was blowing process. Why me we bought the house like yeah twenty eleven bought it a long time. I mean yeah cheese Darya like nine years, but I of the house and down there. I try to keep the integrity. The old, make it sought a seamless yeah, but like we have, you know. Got like one more bathroom to do with just do just just everything everything by ITALY from the front door, the front door he locked? Was passed up, it s a trend already pair and a white boy. I now absolutely love the place and I also did everything first class job. Where I didn't do that stuff
they replace the pipes and then they left the old ones in the wall where why that bug me you're, just gonna just go around. It announces just like that. I'd take all that. Take all that That nest of wires do it yourself. Yet all of that out there I just want this thing to be clean and it's weird. Like Contra, just respect you when they do that, then they also think like all right guys we got allied one. You really need to replace this to all. This would doesn't look too good, we're gonna have to, and you don't know any better like you don't know, you know if they tell you it's like, like a mechanic tells you all you need replaces car anything about cars. Your kid argue you just gotta go get away as I now I hope, you're right, I hope you're right, I'm gonna blow, What I don't know about that this hope only now a few bucks off and I need to get a second
well. Well, well, well, wait but a but about what were you doing the right thing to do, because in the long run the it a bit better than average chance at the other side? I'm going to start to fail and then you're going to have to rip everything open, but that's that's sort of that sort of the trap of a renovation. You know what can start with this. Like you said it would like a keyhole, well, like everything having talking rodents and when the walls like rats, yet from year, just une you name it yeah, you name it it's it's weep with. We ve had the issue, but now I feel like we, under control, but the other day were in the laundry room and smelt this smell, and it was funny I said I my wife, and I got you smell- that she goes yeah yeah and I was looking at them simultaneously. We both said at the exact same time,
the same ground we bought when white. Now we said it again, Then what do you want? I don't think either. One of us laughed it was just like it was literally would just like beaten down like now. What is it yeah they gonna have to rip out. The whole is gonna have to be a they gotta utopias again what they open up. Those walls, you don't know- and it could be- could be. Isn't this bathroom right here. All the full bathroom arab shower in their it at a hot water and a cold water we moved India, one of my relative stadium into the sunrise, the with hot water, and here I am, I got damages working or whatever. So, madam, you know how to use our bathroom so I had somebody come over here, the reason why it wasn't working was because it was never hooked up. That's a good one
There was no hot water, there was no line ugly, but I couldn't they handle there. It's like, I think, drawing the Chechen bigger I will I will find out. I got I learn on me like I should have gone the other by a house. Do the cold water, and then shot it off. That's all then do the hot water shouted up an egg look. I've learned anything look out for water stays yup any shit like that. Someone had to look. Someone had to put that now bear their just leave and with its fine who do a better man ever come here there these days they got enough what they want in open up their yeah. Like I said everything yeah. You know, I'm so curious to talk to you about kids, because my wife and I are about to embark on me. Let's try to have kids and do gift you, kids already. So have
I gotta go on a boy because even just heard what you were saying before being in traffic and your daughter said: why are you hoping it back? I which is basically like having you know like a real existential like a conscience with you at all times, do we're going all I dont understand. Can you explain this seemingly illogical behaviour? How does that? How does that change your hands are a change, your approach. Obviously you can't use cat and shouldn't just be focused on yourself all the time in Euro. Didier secrecy is you have to consider that there is a little life being formed X you at all times,
How did that change and what was the Rebecca new responsibility like when it started? Well, the great thing, as is my daughter, is not afraid of me at all my pride myself on, because I didn't want to do you know a lot of old school parenting I believe in, but that scary dad coming home. I don't I don't know. I don't want that. So she can jack, whereas just like, I can just be watching a game it just like this laughing. You call that come on Wasn't outside you whatever, and it should be. I'll, be like us green like that. But then I just outside body, the point my wife is like he's not he's just watching again is just no. Unless what because you just go, don't scream, I got that are not scream like that, and I just go every single time I immediately snow me out of it and I go you're right body arms.
And then we hub in an answer. I still yell, I still snap with its only for a second, so I've been able to move the ball of my crazy family tree to convey point to the point. I've actually said to my wife: I go. Can you start doing that to me? That's really heavily just do and because it's gonna make me laugh if you just cause us many are good friend of mine semi. This thing worth it said way back in the day, like greek philosophers considered anger, la momentary insanity and it just heavy like a clap, a thunder cause. I just really thought up the crazy things. I've said the things that I broken be monitored, that from my phone skips off the couch and breaks the
Astor Birds, instant, regret like. Why would I do that? I gotta tell my wife what happened to the Wall a forest in ten. No no said sure just cited afterwards. When I told you we combat as its coming out of my mouth. It's just like you, understand the stupidity in the madness of like so you through your phone. This thing you work hard. You spend your money, you love you because you love your house were doing that you're watching that you're not involved in what yeah man I gotta. Try not. I gotta go on you two and Google. You know put that stupid, crap and their whatever the heck be used to be, Spangler landed on the joint careers than paper. It's all part of the penance you're, the best
got a paint the whole wall, because you'll see that little thing that's dead, that having to go through. All of those steps, I think, is good because it just reminds you like I am. This is why you should do that. You know like if you have to actually go through the steps. Can I read about it? There is a tremendous amount of shame every step of the way too. Daddy's, just daddy broke a thing down. It's not. I can see no you're in home deep of trying to find one of the two people on that forty thousand square foot store that can help. You find what you need and the whole time you just thinkin. I didn't need to be adjusted. My my own making yes and now we briefly paused to thank our response over this episode of the eighty twenty podcast square space is your in one digital, so domains website, online stores, marketing tools and now campaigns, even Craig, whatever color
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a website or domain. That is where space thank you for sponsoring this episode of the identified cast. And thank you for listening. So let's get back to it. That's nice! Now about to have back, relationship with your kids. Were you there. You know where you risk not only respect them, but also listen to them, because it you know it, but the one thing that I keep hearing I hear every one that I know it is a really good parents and they say like here. You know the second, your child is born. You immediately understand that everything is not about you and that you, you know you essentially are like living for this other, this other being you know, and that until two here that is specifically
comedians all day long worth thinking about ourselves and were writing about ourselves and we're thinking about our career. You know it's like being a stand up is a very entrepreneurial pursuit, because you have to do most of the shit you're responsible for most of it yourself, though it. I think it's really good and healthy to be reminded that catch that you're, not the centre of everything you should start that's good! Now it's been ay and spend a great thing and then, like I, am feel better, no matter how bad I wanted to do something you ve. Something comes up that the moment of my kids needs and my wife need. I always feel better like. I you know, I play drums later hour, I'll I'll, take the gay, maybe I'll, watch it late. I dislike up.
Feeling one now, instead of doing what I was wanting to do, yeah doing something for them. This is great feeling like well, I'm a dead, but this is a very dad moment. I mean you know its apparent moment. It's not like my wife, obviously is making a bunch of sacrifices, but I am a comedian. Somebody tell the story from my point of view of goods again, I fear, actually feels good in it What are the advantages of being a dab later in life? Is I get this year all my friends whose kids are grown gonna wishes? more time. Our eye of gay, duly noted. I don't mind the other day. He was a he's, a great tat. He goes through. My kids like goes out what the better woke up- another seventeen and fifteen, and I would give anything in the world. To relive the years right, you're living right now I'll,
It is in its end and he was there. It was therefore and even Therefore it goes by so quick. I was comic body and mind too, where his gets his daughters are gonna, be like college, age. Any was just saying like because it's like this cruel thing like they leave you you get like this. Unbelievable unconditional love is over the top loved that you feel and then immediately. It's like the hour glass is turned over psyche get eighteen years. If they move away to college they needed if they come back, turned breaks. It's like a different thing and each time more independence, which is what you want, because you don't have some palm live and now and then I go away, but I'm sure a lot of parents do suffer like depression when all of a sudden the house is just empty, and it's just like, oh my god, for soul for every single day, for almost two decades there is activity in the house and things that you know
like during the day ass the day ass, a communication that sound and its yeah. I think it's like a year. You know I always felt like you know, parents when you would see him like be heartbroken, as it was sending the kids off the college. It weirded me out when I was a kid, because I wasn't into emotions other than laughing or rage I just where did me up when I I went Looking back on it, we may I thought my while they really did it I'm out to sea and paint with about broad brush, whether they really did a good job they liked being parents. I think there's something really cool about you, kids, eighteen, you still looking at him like that, you baby, you know you got a respected there, an adult and saying that they have their ideas and stop. Unlike does the fact that you still looking at him. You might you my cry which, when they
what college I'm just saying you might be like college. I dont have, on the other hand a pre school I mean. That's me body I take my to anyone in time. I'm goin out. That's my body. I take her with me and I'm gonna. Take my son through its beggar and it's just you know. I got an old truck that ships on the common teach, both of them. How to do it. You know we're playing sports in it reading books. I sing the bare necessities laughing the jungle book every night when I put daughter too, but we have to reenact the whole song in every couple of days like like she's producer, the shell she makes me watch the video you. Obviously I e wave right there died. That has to be the bear, and now, I'm Lou. So when he says that don't spend your time looking around, for something you want that can't be filed. Image
We when you're looking around, he looks over the Panther any ways to. So I have the waved their violent way to the Panther. The production stops, and then we have to go back to one the director, your daughter's will yeah director and it can be no one. Off my game. It could be like a forty minute like a bad day on that, like a guy? Why did I want to be an active? There is so much a bit in here of your daughter is going, dad please. This is why we have rehearsal. What are you doing? You know you're supposed to cod about a light over here, Jesus come on necessities to get a bunch of urgent necessity that that's that's all mothers natures recipe. I think it's that he says. That's mother natures recipe to impose all old mother nature recipe. Do they have to do like the dance way? Does the Platte back
Do the whole thing be wanted me where he goes when you look under the rocks and plants and take a glance at the fancy answer, maybe try a few. He then the ground she wanted she's gotta his post, the link, the flaws and I'm not like in the floor. Eventually and with my name like that so little The Edinburgh next line you eat, ants below you better, believe it it's a debating its she's gonna. Give you a stick with its on it and you're gonna have it's gonna, it's gonna be she's gonna strive for the real ism. That's my favorite dizzy, maybe by the way the jungle work. That is my favorite animated, Disney film. It's such a simple, beautiful story, the Work is gorgeous, it's all the characterizations. He also solve our actors back in the day, like I kind of like back in the day that they didn't, let famous people do it
are you going to do, is pictured eminent both which turned out it wasn't the truth, but just just get a voice over actor we're all they do is voice overs, like I don't get it with a guy that does the voice of like the bear and that movie, but just the sound of his voice, it's just so amazing and then his singing voice is incredible as compared to my arm yeah yeah Bellew the bear he was Phil. Harris was still hairs, spill, heresies and then think Sterling Holloway, who was also the boys when it approved, does car the snake like there were these. There are these, like utility boys, guys who had one real specific voice yeah and you would he had it was, and you always guy always got excited to hear that guy do those voices are like June for re was
a woman who did an amazing, like so many character, voices back in those days and yeah you're right, it's it it. It wasn't necessarily at the time like oh we're, gonna have you know the most famous person do the most pass enter from this thing other. When my famous people do cause, I thought you would be attacked. That's what I was told to me anyway, but now we need oppose another big one that she loves, so she Any songs. I haven't heard like forty years to deepen the hunter Baker. Woods were Christopher, Robin plays a donkey name you're his friend and like all my guy, the sea that I'm actually also really exist. About you know when I was younger. I never thought like I don't know I mean kids. Maybe I don't know if you know if, if it happens, it happens and now I've actually now that we ve been really
Finally, about I've been having dreams lately, where I have a kid and it's like the best thing ever were just hang out at ready, talking about stuff watching cartoon yeah I'll come over here, sit! Let's watch! You know it showing them all my favorite, you know cartoons and watching then discover that stuff you know, got creative Weber allowed to go to Disneyland again like taking a kid to Disneyland for the first time is going to be where they're able to really process. It is going to be fucking, mind, blowing yeah. Ba you'll, be a great They I say about all these Disney toys and stop it no there's someone a brand, but who cares the brand made me happy when I was a kid, so I know she's totally. You know in the Mickey Mouse many miles right now, she's into like the job of work and we need the pool.
And I just sort of changes we watched the Scooby DO movie, she loved that for a while, and I just keep sight changing like she likes the little mermaid. There was a great one that it ass one of my favorite actors of all time did a voice on the late to thousands about this. This all guided had a house. In the middle of the city and they are built. Up all around him and he wouldn't salad in summer you glad of moon stewards up that's picture. I love that movie. I say tat I have I have seen up. I have not seen it in a long time because I'm, but I'm I get very emotional, sad things and the first at every fucking, Pixar movie. I do not get a fucking get me again, picks up the first
Minutes of up, I was like it in I was inconsolable. I got I forgot tat. I was mad at the movie Why did they put me through that? dogs and adults. Oh my god, I don't want to. I don't want to ruin it for people, but Jesus took the two things that they hit upon. Well, listen! If someone hasn't seen up by this point: that's the spoiler is damn right. He paused, because I want to say it in three two one to the fact that she couldn't have kids
She dies. I saw it kills me and then you're Michael to Keno, who is just a brilliant composer, does actually got the sheet music work, as I want to learn, appeared about this. Just beautiful, like Walter Peace, they walk you through their lives and they totally suck you in, and you don't know, you're about to get kicked in the stomach, because you just watching all these two kids discover each other in their both cut a Corky and then they grow up and they fall in love and they have this life together than they can have kids, but they still at this wonderful life together and then and then there are the hospital and she's dying like what's up working, but you know, and then you're just like tears are streaming down your face. I deposit the movie I was likely. I can I need a day I need a day and then we can finish watching the movie tomorrow. It's fucking rather the opposite. I just started yelling at the tv just going like
Are we going part two days is primary, watching a benefit Am I like how we eulogizing somebody? It's just like. That's that's pigs are that the pigs, our ways that they sneak attack, you with you no words just like fun, fun, fun, fuckin, euro brass battle to the heart, and I have to tell you something like they nail the two, because when people die That's the way. It is tat. The unfortunate thing that you learn when you get older is tat. You know people just just then there and then not yeah, and you and then you go. Wrestle with that and just carry that and in figure what you gonna do with that right and I think that that's what bothers me, because it's like you really like
I know that this happens in life yeah. I pay through this more times and I want we met, you know I keep a list. I keep a list of all the people, so I dont forget him. That's good! I am I'm up to like forty comedians, that's more eight, ten, eleven of what I mean. I want to highlight what are my great friends found out yesterday and I I today, another guy. I wanted my my drink, a brief, sorted, draken body behind it came into our circle and spun out. He's alive, a younger than ass. I just found out today die, and it was just you know nothing to that sources like so many the guys it's like they just went to the doktor and that their friggin part checked right, like guys, like you not do when the maiden it's you not watching what you
eating- and you just you- don't want to go there. You don't want to go to a doktor. Bruce you wanna get that bad news, but is society? Is you know it's just it? It is in an email and the only thing that you can really do. Is, because there is a need to do about it. It's just that unfortunate part of life and our brains actually have a mechanism that protects us from really thinking too much about. Demise, because then I think people just never do anything otherwise,.
Guys have all they could do to get their affairs in order. They think they're gonna get Jenks like it's. A sports like I'll keep sit like this, isn't about my teens gonna score touch their I'm gonna live and it was like. You know one of the admirable the the pigs I admire about women is. It is anything that they feel is wrong. They just go to the doktor. Oh, my wife is not a guy like that you're. My wife is like that in her doctor, I sort of thing her doctor. We got together an egg and I go well. He really tests for everything and she goes yeah because you need to know she's right, but I found out. I have high cholesterol, I'm in good shape and I have genetically high cholesterol. I never would a note if it hadn't been fan and you end up being a ticking time bomb desire. I had a body mine like the same shapers me saying, shape is made you'd, never would have known it and just dropped its spots. Let's not talk about them.
We would Pixar. Does these Pixar is a scourge I was why we sing image humble cook now like this all my friends, that of bringing drop dead. Well, I hope I do have to say, though, spinning off in bed. I because I I I I exercise you know three times a week and something that still rings in my head many times when I get up on the treadmill or I go to start working out with something was an expert I had with you, I think in Montreal, at just for laughs. Maybe, like I don't know, eight or nine years ago, whatever it was, I was going down to the fitness room and you were leaving and I the door by performing. I walked in. You want me to go hey to see someone else who gives a shit. You don't like it really asshole. Why couldn't
just say all good morning Chris. So I tell you what Life really hard and number two. It stuck with me in a way that that to you that was just a passing comment. But to me there was a real acknowledgement of like hey you're, making an effort on behalf of yourself, and I acknowledge that I am to it. So there was a little many binding moment, and I still remember that phrase when I get over the tunnels and days ago, a sight to see someone gives a shit had it, and it makes me happy because it reminds me because when you do take positive steps for yourself, whether it's going to the doktor to get checked up to make sure you're on top us up there. Is that subtle, not yourself of like hey, I'm worth that I'm taking this time. I'm doing this thing for myself, because you know I don't hate myself completely and I obviously I must care enough about myself
what am I gonna do this in our nose? Do you is? It must be very passing covered, but I I cherish I want. I love that comment. I'll cut flowers, I didn't come off like the idiot, I am no not at all or you do have a gym where you weren't you do you still urge you run now I dont right, I'm too old to run it just as it does more damage than it does good. So I, Nutrition is a good friend of mine. Put me up with nutritionists a few years. Oh and gave me a month long die and I saved all the recipes yeah an eye for the most part. Eighty percent eat like that, and then I just do sort of our homework out. I was going to the gym, but, like now, the gems aren't really an option I just been doing this homework out where sort of an upper body nor body thing I ve had my shoulder, which is amazing. I can even do that
when I was literally like just doing wall crawling just I could even support the weight of my arm. Yonah became this and then it was the pink one ponders I'm on the purple too ponderous em about ready to get to bans and be going like this and just filled in that back up? So I just want to be lean and me like that. All eighty thing I came up with what he pension and being all jack those behind me, like I'm, really I about huge, big believer in in acting your age, and I dont mean. Getting depressed at your older, just acknowledging you're, not young anymore. You ought to oppress anybody. Young people do the young stuff right. And why did we that's amazing? Look at you walked in on your hands on my shoulders with the disintegrate. If I tried to put that kind of way to my shoulder, that's amazing be careful.
What like musicians where, They warn the younger guys when they see them out there, like really thrashing heads in everything they tell them. I gotta be careful doing that night after night I did that and I like our hernia, aided desk and all that and for the most part you know the young kids. You know they laughing. But a few of them take it in but like it's like what are the things that I tried to tell. Hopefully, if I have any younger listeners on my podcast is to save up some fun days. But when you get older, don't use them all up. That's so funny, because you just made me think that you know when you're young, it's almost like nature, is giving you an inheritance. Like a timer, a youth inheritance, and you could blow it all at once and then you're gonna be left with nothing or you can like appreciate some of it back some of it. You know like never Arab, because I've been fortunate enough to have this
trader for like fifteen years, and I have a little room here, my house with a treadmill. A couple awaits him: we ve met, I dont see Deasey Darcy deviations are also those anything you gotta do the thing. Did I didn't you I guess you you would like this and anyone like guys gradual both. Yet, I think I think actually just gives obesity. Why is this? Why did you realize wait a minute? This is more efficient to use this one. I think what it was. I think I took one past a scratch this way and I didn't get it so. My second hand was right there to get it, but it is not, and by the way you have had with eight anywhere, thereby brushed against the door. Janet this shoulder than I do that then at Amsterdam. Even yet I duly I just this time. I don't think that was that. I think that we have just. I was just trying to get the spread, but one of the things I kind of like build
What you are saying is, I learned a lot of that like consistently working out of, like you know the times right would insure myself in the gym. My trader is very much a guy who's like a window. Feeling better than when you got here he's not a guy that says pain, no gay and he's not push it. He says: listen to your body if you'd off, if your body says, don't do something, don't do it the old times over myself was when I was like hey, you know what I should do. I should I should do pull ups with await belt and a twenty five pound weight, and then you know, then I got a fucked up. My rest, that's like oh yeah. I didn't need to do that and that's where I really learned you're, not in freedom to impress anyone. It doesn't matter. You just gotta, get it and move a little bit so that when you're eighty, if you're lucky enough to get there you're, not just like you know completely hardened,
you can't move you just their stretching irritating labelling size all act like I, you know. I got my three massages in the first forty five years of my life and then I then I paid for an independent, I do not wish you and everything that I found a couple like jet. I people that help me out in the care of practice and he was just go and like I feel like your spine, is twisted where it was I done all these benches and although they saw this in the front, was so much stronger than the back right old, my ship. Forward and one was higher than the other by spine was a little curb and not the thing was just sitting there and I would always have back pain and I thought it was because I was picking up things wrong. It was just it was the stress of trying to hold stuff back so then, like I haven't, done push ups or benching and forever, and I just do all these back
size is death had to bring my shoulders down in back. This is such old man shit. I love it may only to listen a dude, I'm telling you like, but at least the kids today, what I love about what they have is this all of this information, but there was no information was just a Jim. You know, gray. Sweatshirt gray, sweat, pants, talk here, I walk in and just look look and see what other people are doing and then do that then try to use as much weight as they did aroused that major pussy, like that was our parents generation somehow, and this is a broad generalization, but in general I feel like I did not really even understand that they could be inquisitive about so, like you said all I couldn't you know, my back was tweaking. I can turn my head. Her parents generation a lot of people. That generation would have gone well, this just how it is now, and that was that's what shake it off yeah.
I would see guys before they start their work. I think they just do it you're to establish their home. I couple of tea, What's my what's accedes always come down here he's and that that was it when I was young, I feel like it was. The idea was- and I love the old man taught by the way I fucking love it. When I was young, I think like working out or whatever was you'd pushed to want to feel something like, oh yeah, I feel that I can feel everything's ike vibrating. I feel you know and then, when you start to get all do you know, I think I think the goal is to not feel anything. I think the goal is to do these things so that I don't necessarily feel anything. I want to feel the absence of things. That's that's piece. You know the absence of all that shit, yeah, less weight, more rats, yeah, yeah yeah. Exactly and you know what, if I didn't do as many today as it did yesterday, it doesn't matter. I still showed up and that's all matters. I don't aftermath
about what finally learn to be, like my bodies, not feel any today, don't do it. Maybe not even tomorrow, just watch what you eat and then come back, I was able- has first, shoulda when we have this one than this one way, and this was just a modified because I just get you know do a little bit and I go on the road and then come back start from square one you, don't mess it up. I get either it was like so tender. I would be telling a joke My arm like that. I feel like that. Lightning, oh yeah be like a ride back to square one about we took this. One was just like I'm just gonna go, I'm gonna get myself an indefinite amount of time to re. Had this thing so very just sort it up the pressure off in another.
Beyond it. I just I said, try to rub it down and I have been able to kind of turning around so but anyways. I think I was supposed to promote something. Does I think we're coming up to the end here? Yeah we're we're gonna talk working Staten Island? Yes, now we talked about sad Pixar to exert a great name for a band levies. Oh, yes, will definitely talk about that, but I love everything you said about being a dad. It makes me excited to be a dead. I love your advice. I love your sensitivity to it, it's really beautiful in it, and it was one of the things that I had had really been excited to talk to you about. Now that you know your daughter must be five by now. I feel like it was before five years ago on our seas. I think I'll go right, but even just in that short amount of time
You know like to see the positive effects that it has carried out as it makes me. It makes me very happy and I'd ask I it's gonna be its latterly, what at whatever you, what you put into its what you're gonna get out of it. So you know, and what are the worst things you can ever do is have a kid and just not raise it need not just not be present at all. Attention they just they needed. That's another one: man Wolf that day when you like one that they stop me a little baby nest I to become a little person that day when you realise like, like you, know, there's romance where your girlfriend says I need you run, then there's a little defenceless toddler and they don't say it but they're saying and you realize like like. I need to be here right.
This kid needs me, and then you didn't, you don't feel worthy like oh, my god, you're leaning on me, like I'm. The answer to the question. I need something to us. I think every parent feels that two degrees. I think that's just a human thing. You know you don't there, there can't be anything you could ever compared to. I dont have kids, yet I can conceptualize what I think it's like, but I won't know it What happens if I some one went when it happens, for you I'll, be real careful about who you open up too, because if you think You know, Pixar has a little gloom and doom other parents Jesus Christ day. It's so many from that of decades a little bit all do they know exactly. What's gonna happen with your kid and it's never anything good night. Get everything just be: ok, oh yeah yeah yeah people love to give bad they loved delivered. Do you know if they had to go through something they want to deliver to? You saw in schools and all that having on this. Yet, if you don't do that, they make you feel like it
be ok, oh yeah, yeah yeah people love to give bad they loved delivered. Do you know if they had to go through something they want to deliver to you schools in order that everybody this yet What do I tell you that they make you feel like you? Kid is already gonna be homeless, legality miss the boat years of age, because I didn't go to some meat and great with a bunch of the two year olds, yeah yeah Why won't my case in Ireland, but after that yeah king of Staten Island, which is, I think, it's coming out August, twenty fifth on blood- I did you, can you can you can only digitally or for all hands. You can get it on Blu Ray and actually have a physical copy. You can only go behind your money, you crazy to halt something in the end in the physical universe, that's nuts, I Canada reminder of it. Airdrop with this one and is gonna. Have all these extra resolve these days it seems, and we had so much fun, making
movie and everybody did such a great job on it. I think that's why it was such a great you know did so well, so that comes out August, twenty fifth, that's fantastic and I'm so glad you're, acting like even going back to see anyone breaking bad was like all. I got bills on one of the greatest show. With history of television and he's good, like a very quietly parents, looked in for an episode of two Some of the best shows in the last twenty years. Now I get reinforce. Catches on should browser the three or four episodes of breaking bad, and I got to do an episode of John FAT, Rosa man Delorean last year, your man, I'm Tellin, you that's a great place to be because you have no responsibility it. Doesn't the success of the project doesn't live or die by you? You get to know associated with this amazing thing, that's great. I love the rainy season back and acting who had told me one time he goes.
Wanna be about seven or eight on the call sheep. That way you still gonna have a good character. You still gonna get lines but you're not going to work every day tanks that it's not gonna be on. You are a guy who had been number one in the call sheep. For a while made the choice of saying, like I don't want to spend my life on these things. I dont want all of this. It is. It takes a special person like someday outside duped, watching, John Federal on that show like how much he loves it like a lot. He can't he key would come in every day, The level of excitement and believe me they seen today how we can have this whole thing. Another got the the volume they call it and what we think, what does he do would come in every single day and was which was amazing because the episode I got to do. We will just in this little hallway thing, a nation
I like fifty different ways but was like the same hallway, and I forget to like two weeks to shoot. The thing I felt like- and I M just in always become like brown hot day with every morning he would come in and like looking at the scene and he was just so passionate yet even show you on his Ipad, some of the other stuff that they were shooting and at which it just would you know I just fill job and that's why it's not an accident that he makes great stuff like he's. You know like you that Europe is incredibly talented but tell it isn't enough that level of passion and commitment in shown up to your job like it's a thing you get to do rather than a thing.
Have to do in. That's that's what he died enough, you and net. If you do another episode by the way, if you get to work with him again, you definitely need. I don't think I'm through my guy was my rough. Remember might might do it ended up in jail on some planning, five areaway salesmen you couldn't get out and if you do, you definitely need to perform a bare necessities for him to John directed black jungle. I really think it appreciate. It says that the Roma Jack Goodman noted the live action jungle book up, it was just came out a few years ago, like a bill Murray was in, it then how many jobs Arab Belmont Java Book, I'm in its I'd like oh, my god, your daughter will love it because it's like they told the CD animals. In its studying it's good. It's beautiful, you will absolutely
What have I been I'd? I'd? We do movie nights. I once a week make poured into all of that and I gotta get to pick the movie so yeah, I'm gonna tell you came out in twenty. Sixteen, I'm all over yeah. I want view that, I guess listen and told me to do he said here she said tread like dont trade on me. Why did I documentary on Netflix T argue, eighty okay, so what is it? What it's about? A guy goes to a small town, o buys a little piece, and then it just goes from that. My recommendation, for you is grand designs, but that also means cabin masters. It's a fucking great show or gain any it's about a family
I just had the guy on the podcast it's about a basically a family and made they regional about. Meanwhile, cabin masters there's five seasons of it. Does it succeeds in right now? What's the other one other show up grand designs that, Sir, that I'd we will watch now Netflix or apple. It's an attack apple. Two grand designs is really like an architecture show end but made cabin masters is like you know. They get twenty five grand and eight weeks to take some families campground and main and slip it and make it useful. They recycle all the material and it's like a family, for they all give each other shit in their fuckin hilarious, and it is just like watching people and going watching them come up with simple solutions to complex problems, Regan
I would never survive if there isn't a package, because I can't think the way they do. You know like it's. It's really find a watch in their rank, happily check that up yeah, it's good to see again. Thank you for your answer is like maybe five or six times now we ve been we're like old times, pod gasters. Now you got even do in your pocket for a long time to get a new one with bird, it all started way back in the day the the Improvin Houston was where I mention. Yes, that's lies now, God riding far with harden farm holdings like farming, and I were bringing our unique brand of nerd zones to people who work, a lot that I bet that brigand song, the erode about pie, the number I never loved it. I'm glad to hear that a regulation today shows a lot of people are like. Why are you thinking about these things? But They they needed. I like that, you did it. You thought that everyone was gonna, be smart enough to get what you guys. Would you elevated
Ok, my shit jobs disappear. I'd better, go What should I got another one of these I gotta? Do people go, go, go be already boy like doktor all right. Thank you, sir, stress. I hope, to see a impersonator playing wherever this is to get the and incomplete.
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