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Bill Burr (comedian, Breaking Bad, Monday Morning Podcast) talks with Chris and Matt about a proper Boston accent, he argues with Matt about the New England Patriots and explains why he doesn’t understand Star Wars. He also talks about his problem with genetically modified salmon, learning to fly a helicopter and his new show F is for Family on Netflix December 18th! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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We'll get letters, Pike, s number, seven. Seventy one subsidies brussel. What is combat told you about the nurse creamy court. Were I got one that might be the Katy esteem? It we ve ever gotten up. The undying that Albania is used for name is a super. Did I did it's a pet adoption? That's going through the Palazzo animal Services and it's called the home for the holidays Programme were all pet adoptions or fifteen dollars. You gonna new dog before a cat for fifty thousand bring it home. Is a Christmas present very well make sure you know that it's a lifetime the scale of the lot of you again: the dogs, a lotta responsibility, lady, going out again honest, it's alive, it's the lifetime of the animal, that's love, you gonna get pets in and they you gotta. By of dead for your dog year, podcast studio, you gotta, by a bed for your dog, your other pod, Castillo Katy. Lotta responsibilities when anything Kyle at that shelter. I knew this was gonna, be a maiden thing. I was gonna go to this
that I like. I was very small and scale of what I had the chance that I'll bet you looked in these big blue eyes, you're just like. I should definitely kill it. Yeah distracting there was some guy has hundreds of logic cell. No, it's you know by the Time House owners Marathon was, though I was operating brothers and then you will be- and I was driven out of the toilet like no bad Kyle, and so anyway, but gotta, shelters, first, dot org for more information about it and if you think that you ve got the good home for somebody go get a pet, we say it again without me: coughing gotta, shelters, first, a dot, Org Fer, a more information on how to pick up a patent
live in that area or an justa bring harmonise. The land will be responsible for the holiday Haider. You, let's Annette at that, because I want. I want to be aware of how Kyle hit the exact same inflection. I've done this for a long ride, a man livid coughed over it. I always off what I'm saving your work here. I rose is one when you sit out of the actual promotions death. Do this angry minority, I'm It is first dot org and if you're responds not bring a dog home for the holidays. Well, that insincere piece of shit. He judged almost of watching what is really good at reading copy for five years, and I dont know who that would be a kind of his exactly that's how road when they find out all these episodes scripted. These noticed podcast turned out to be, but we
art, radio plays all written by Dave. Anthem actually think we get a lot more respect if it turned out, there were all scripted redeeming, and that is why I would be the Fuckin Ex naval so good. What a dream you have, I do have to say. Also figure nervous bog has to say there is progress that was announced as one of the most eminent upon castle we ve known applesauce rule of hard not to be when you do three to four episodes a week for year. Well, thanks for their mattawa list, and so as you made it weird yes so so stuck James Bond and greater Frija Chrysophora Coast yeah next election, feels good bills real good. Now. This episode is bill. Bur, who is Buber O Albert yeah. You know bill were one of the best comedians working today: Buber Silver Bag, not over bag, and he would be
but for saying they wouldn't get. It makes very little Rodya meditate yeah, I loved her. This is third appearance in the mud. Guess I believe early for he is promoting efforts for family on Netflix starting December eighteenth, which is animated, show also podcast Monday morning by a guest in good time and follow Bilbil on twitter users. I guess there were seven. Seventy one with Bilbil you just currently level throughout the whole package, the GDP now entering nearest star com,
just performed at MIT over the weekend, and when I got to Logan Airport, I heard my friend April, and I who opened for me the most characterized boss, inaction. I've ever heard at the airport was a guy report. Up to this, one has a guess: American Airlines is divided into two sections that Logan always yeah and report to one and we start to get on the large. The drivers where you going. I go LOS Angeles nonstop yeah yeah. Nonstop was over like it was the most perfect. It was the most that's
some weird albert. You got a good like ignoring style on story, because people always think that, because of the joke pact, a car, they write every. Satellite Nan Stapp, it's like no that's Midwest nonstop do Do you know you're just do your job in every thing work doing your job J, a double your be job job! It's like saw. That's like the Red Sox is essay W axes, but there is. There is like me, like Libya, away from me we're gonNa Boston. They got a Boston psych did I say it like that Ba W boss, that you didn't ethnic run at the Wilbur. How many shows that everyone has the show started by the way I just jump in another, a yeah. I did like nineteen Jesus court, nineteen consecutive nights, nineteen we did to a night in one night. I did one cause.
What's her face, was there on the early show? I want sex so yeah. It was obvious while just like what are we just do I'll be there for a week as I've, and we want to see him. You know we're trying to do one night and avert became too, and I and I wasn't paying attention than all the sun was. I do read like ninety as a hey, I gotta do these matters. I gotta do these stupid I'll? Never do it again. I know, but three shows in. I was like this. It's almost idea. Did you do this Hagen set for nineteen shows now I would switch it up and down I would get as I would have gone out of my mind. So I mean I we switch up my stuff anyway, but like that was that there was a calm combination of switching it up and then also self preservation I had my opening thing that I knew that worked and in part of that joke was me pertaining to hang upside down from a seat. Dead, but I just remember when I would do that was almost like a yoga pose. I use, which is always just take extra couple, a breath back. Ok, don't think about anymore shows give these people their money is worth.
Through this vote, will allow we'll call it a night, but it was still was still unbelievable, that amount of people showed up in that I was able to do that. Many shows. But yeah I mean that's gotta, be well over twenty thousand people. Total when you add everything up, which is a pretty crazy idea, is provisionally number crazy problems cause they could all you know what a close could see in everything I die so delivers. A great. Yeah its awesome- and I also I work for bill bloom from way back in the day at the comedy, connect and when almost when it first opened over Pham Off horrors, still him in Paul Barkley So I've known him for like twenty years or something and it is against it. Characters. I love that guy. So it was. It was a lot of fun. It is the perfect it's the perfect, larger venue for college, because the room is shallow and I mean it's like it's like it's not. I mean the spatially it's not too deep and then there's just if it when its full there's a wall of people in Frontier Anna, shout
then it's I mean it's definitely wants like what is like twelve people about twelve hundred have just on top EU. So it say it's fine manner. Go back there and I have all these memories- and I you know at this point I left daylight twenty years ago. So there's all these places that used to be and now aren't there, which is a little depressing, but I think a lot of us newer stuff today, I do like you know, I mean I'd like central, add a that they put underground? It actually looks way better like over the north end when I was a kid, was just you'd, have you gonna work They only had to go underneath the that the highway that was always shady and then there was a course you know, although the even the racism within just white people like I was, I look irish look
so I was allowed to be on hand Overstreet, and that was a fine, because that was like the tourists series. I guess we'll take your money, but if you go anywhere else and we just like it and issue so that's kind of relaxed which, as is also canonize yeah, I mean- is it? How is the company seen in boss now interviews? I mean it really was the eighth rob centre like so many amazing comics came at a loss for a period of time, and I am, I know, there's still a comedy seen there, but is it? Is it what you remember now it is it isn't, but I also don't know enough about it. I do think it's weird that there's not a comedy club like the place that I started next comedy stop is still there but like for most of the week. I think it's like a dance,
or something like that- and they like do is show, unlike a Friday or Saturday, but there's no just like you know, like the comedy works in Denver. The punchline in San Francisco, like Boston of all places, should have that in Boston I mean, but they had it with the comedy connection and then that once they he bought the Wilbur Theatre, it just kind of became something different. We had to be a theatre act to go there, so this kind of been this. This void ominous still giggles common. But that's up and sagas outside say what you think in downtown Boston that they could they did not only should there be around. There should be a legendary wrong that perfectly. Ceiling. Yeah hold another gesine yeah hold in, like to seventy five three hundred, but I may be, the rent is so high that you need to put in like a four five hundred cedar and who can fill that blah blah blah. I don't know, but there was a couple, does a place motley that I know I was excited for that place in that kind of came and went. But I always nano is now like laugh. Boston-
something like. Oh that's, right, yeah yeah like on the pier or somethin yeah puppies Amy was in his lap ass, they went area view pocket saw this year. So, yes, I do. I don't know- and I also know that is the the room. Over the comedy studio over in Cambridge and other that exists. There was Dick Dorothys comedy vault forever, where I literally together my first five minutes, and I would always when I was in china- these pop in larger first five minutes to remember you're, making fun of myself and talking about working in a dental office with my dad- and you know it just in just a bunch of He and I ll just filler trying to hang on five minutes, but, like the last time oh yeah, I gotta fill five to set all my god. I can do ten, I can do to for semi detain you couldn't believe it. I'm ever trying to do twenty minutes. One night. Crying out for this guy Gregg carry? Who now does a construction
and I was up in a family with such a great guy knows I come look. It's ok. If I try to do twenty goes ahead and I just did every year but I knew and then, when I was gonna stay with me with seventeen, seventeen like, I was like all excited. I just couldn't make their final three minutes. It just felt when I was excited become an almost eleven and I'm tellin. You know my powers of Seventeen tonight, deservedly Immunology course didn't mean the same to them because they were comedians but yeah. It's not a good thing yards. Nice guy what my parents were ridiculously supportive, so how good you are like they never questioned. They like a kind of a sense. You always get in trouble around God knows you didn't have the grades. Do you have different? Do difficulty doing ten minutes now, because to doing longer sets, No, I just get. I get sad that only get to do tat because I still loved
stand up in it, so much fun, usually around ten. I feel like I'm gettin warmed up and you know. I have a lot of fun ideas. Then I'm trying to right now and you know it's just one sex it. It's as fund to me gets more funds Here too, I still love doing it. I had so much for mad Myra areas, you're actually perfectly on time. Those early, and I got down with our meeting a little early, bullshit patriots. You know, like the patrons, do problem of yesterday's game so come. Why are you a patriot? So what was wrong with yesterday? Did you not watches? No, I watched it, but the fact is that world focused drop, kick and second quarter. I know I was asleep. Ok, thank you. I will go and that totally changed the tone of the gay lighted up. Would you do I do I thought that you were going to sit there and go in the direction of like party alludes to the Eagle like Tom Brochure, and I was driving a run on the line?
totally understand is in the shop and they gave us a dodge neon even then, even then he still competing with all of those guys but like I was flipped out screaming at the tv when we were up fourteen and nothing and you had your foreign their neck, and then you gave us hope. Then that you give you your pop all in the damp just fuck and then the water came. I had three big three offensive plays their core. It's like fuckin, kick the ball. Let them try. Instead of giving the ball the forty trying to be Q regard you, you know the deal right course we got killed so I went The star wars, force awakens Prescott and it's gonna be a major. I dont get star wars on any level at all you're a kid, not what are you talking about? I was saying earlier: the star wars is essentially like watching a mob movie without the Muppets. It totally is with like be as self help mix them.
Now if you think positive and you're a good guy good things. How I did you say in your face? I'm gonna have dire etiology eyes. Oh my God, Chris. I love you. It's a lot in doing much asian fairytale. Modern days. Is that good one you like empire that ok like empires empire. Is my favorite, that's the godfather. To of that hilarious half a movie though well it is, but it still good hours is that I actually think attacking at this point to say you don't like star wars, I'm gonna not say this is just what I was more from a sports thing. I didn't see star wars. When I first came out, we were out of the loop, and I remember, like I had never heard- of star wars in school, ended in June, and then STAR wars came out the summer and I like in June, I could relate to people my age and by September,
I had no idea what it would be better and I was gonna lie again like when kids first start talking about sexy act like you know what you're talking about around doing that with that movie. So the first I saw was actually amplifier and then would Empire came out but they re really star wars to get people caught up Ray. I'm saw the first time they did stuff like that to get more people on the hook, and then I also saw the third one: What the EU walks agenda when now my came out- and I enjoyed that when I like in a theater watchmen- go through the trees and everything I didn't get as annoyed by IE works as a lot of people did but but but then it. Why you know I was like you know: the locator dean always done take away from US dollars is that I can watch him go through. The trees has happened. On this matter by the mood of Indonesia. They gave you first person carried on.
I like I like that, but I mean I don't need to do to revisit it. In my adult would like the wagon still always watch like all those great like Clint, Eastwood Movies and Charles Bronson Movies, that I saw a grown up. Those things that time we were that thing it was like. I was almost too old when I saw empire wishes to all that was at Fort when they came out, we have come up to was the date was empire was eighty to know. I'm empire was like seventy nine. Eighty no wasn't hold it, empire was eighty and yet I was eighty two. Eighty two, eighty three, eighty two. Yes, I was seventy seven, seventy seven, and then it was like eighty radio, you, my right. Eighty one also mammals like twelve thirteen or something, so I just didn't get me a giant area where child order came stuff like that, like I didn't see, Willie Walker in the chocolate factory till I was like
thirty- seven, I just never saw him. Did you like it? When you saw arrive, couldn't believe how sadistic it was? I loved it ass long ass, he loved his genius yeah, no eyes. I've. I've loved that movie, but there was a number of those things so for years I was doing stand up and you remember that Key reference was to do the opposite numbers and they're gone. Oh, we and I have no idea what an awful lot but was Metallica even there I had no idea and one of their albums. They have liked them just doing those and I'll take, I believe, screwing around, and I had no idea what the Ohio thing was and with thirty seven to finally see it you didn't in Ireland to how is always like this is like what Mandela must have felt like it in a small way when he got out just I was probably
actually like that early in itself, yeah exactly like almost identically. I would imagine those to those who are actually completely yap, so you, but you are disappointed with the way that they played with the way that Belgium coach, so that was a coating three of those quarters. That was a coaching air very much. So why would you do that? You're? Forty! Nothing is a terrible Y Y you're trying to why you're trying to step on their neck in the second quarter. I know that my fourth quarter do you know what TAT reminded me up with the year. We will undefeated, we played the giants and we went for it on forced down like the forty eight and wishes it, which is. Why did you just do it. He's right. You gets in his own head, sometimes yank. He just right. It's him against the world. However, having having said that, I made you know that these haven't a nice run, that it was. It was quite an almost come back. It was. It was a very tense. Fourth quarter for me, you realize we are defending suitable chipping agenda. Is one for us,
should I have told you that was gonna happen. Fifteen years, even though the even what the two crushing defeats to the giant still you'd, take it yeah. Of course you can take it. You go back to that. Rome you put on the robe. Are we here is what eighty six of them may be. Fine. Eighty six. Ninety six Bay Pay airline either. I went to that. Guy did you I want to that game and I went to the Ramsgate we want and then I just I walked. I'm not I'm not going to go. You know what happened. I was gonna go to the next. One will update myself. I was doing episode of chapels show, so I could make it a member at the end of it when I watch the game and we want it as much as I wanted to be there at the end. Data still have a grand in my pocket and not have to deal with going to the airport and all vows. Like you know what this is nice I saw it. I felt what it felt like to lose one of those and I felt it felt like when dramatic feel, go your first whenever its never gonna get better. You know a guy arabic
some day. What I'll take him do it, but I dont, but now you're good I've gotta go it's all good. I don't need to go to their credit. I had so much fun. I do that there are Baltimore. Last year was so much fuckin phone failing did yeah we, we was just a small group of people like everyone that you're like all running around flying around you win the van. At that time we were leaving we will all we were reading the most negative tweets we got about it. Remember that should have been filled. Data lab advance. I work on vat. I go in vain We all invades, laugh when our assets, like I had like a. China, I don't. I had a good time in an invite. Not so if you know of our Amy issue. Fans just thought. I was an absolute Canada they bade years. It will be laid. His eyes were like fifteen twenty thousand people. So there was a war.
Variety very wide for, like. I think the difference between my angle in her angle is just is of this of vat, and that's it you no one's better, whatever is just so just what we do and just different way differ. So that's my thing about I did last year was called up my my wife and I was reading this goal. Jesus Christ. I got my that bad this woman, his like she's, going and nobody is laughing. It's like. I got a partial standing ovation, she's literally lying role. That thing is the thing is the thing that people love to do on social media is that when they want their when they want their point of view to sound more important or sometimes they lack the strength of their own conviction, they will go. They will say thing it's gonna like when you like a shitty friend egos. You know we ve been talking like whose we owe you you'd, you mean people, you mean you didn't like something in your going. Everyone is that no, no! No! No! No, no, and I do call people out amount. May I go you have like twenty two followers. You mean you
you feel this way. So just say you feel that way you don't have to make it you have to sign our in all. You do is make their day that you took time. I never sweeter than I don't go the date they send it out, and then they got a figure out whether everyone read it, but I never comment back to those people that do stuff like that. I don't have any too. I don't time for an adult that takes a comedians act seriously right, I just as does not enough hours a day, I'm too old, I dont care, like you, gonna sit there and let a hundred subjects go buying. It's fine and then one that comes round to you. That's all. He meant that yeah yeah that that was
statement exams out of a job or that was a job that was your statement rises day right, but I also like what you asked at the other stuff, so you didn't have problems laughing when it wasn't anything on other people. All can laugh at other people, but they don't get this thing, and I also he is he'll, be like a cup of twenty thousand people. There. One person has a bad time and taking like get this stuff. Unlike the news reached some random person with the laptop like they wanna Peabody Award, you know workin for some actual newspaper. I wanna see anybody for a tweet complaining attack. What it's like you just some person in the crowd you didn't like it well grow, grow up, yeah! Well, the The media outlets need stories and they need traffic and they, you know like there's. A people are playing upon outrage now and then I am world where he's gonna get me suddenly another. I'm really not much else going I or like base areas are pro.
There's a lot of those those places, also even like websites that try to act like they have this journalistic integrity. Like Huffington posts there, we should act like there is big highbrow thing and then you just look at their columns and Sicily top twenty worst celebrity knows How can you your online both sides of the fence here? The burial Radcliffe doesn't look like this anymore. Around me and I wish I knew the levity shames ten worse owners of jet skis us all that knowledge and then you're, going to let them right away, Furthermore, thirteen thousand way tie for the tough work, hundreds of jobs that look like President's another, and then it gets social comment.
Hurry and in the middle of all that is the second time well yeah I mean I think there are definitely you know the world is such a crazy place at the moment and there's a lot of misplaced outrage, but there are a lot of legitimate things to be outraged at, but comedians are not one of those with the king s doesn't matter the dramatically altered salmon. That's kind of glory manage that's on my list a little higher than ISIS United Europe's I encounter salmon way more than I'm gonna run into ISIS. I'm not saying something can happen to me, but generally speaking, if you fuckin with the food supply. Well, how do you know that agenda we modified salmon isn't a part of some ice, a cell. That's just waiting to take out some bear has just say you got people message with the food supply, feeding it to their own countrymen. That's me is treason and terrorism page one and there's nothing
regular. Why don't I get going? Why don't I get to vote on that on salmon yeah like what is really liked said the senator a past that you don't like what God didn't get it right, he's that make it the salmon correct. Like I don't know, I didn't get it fast enough. You know like there. They need to be faster and media earned dude. I begged tat freaks me out to would you stop messing with food supply for the traditional organic farming can only sustain. If you everything was organically farmed and non gmo like tomatoes and bullshit. It could only really sustained four billion people, ok, which is why we should never got the affair planning. So is something that you be bringing our you gotta pick the four billion people organ yeah now like this. This is literally what you say right, I was much of a joke around is like a decision. Somebody's gonna have to make those seven for you do a
kills me is corporations, control politicians and then they don't look at overpopulation as a problem. They look at it as an opportunity of tiring. If you want to invest in real estate Detroit, because it's cheap as hell, and they said along all that fresh water. It seems not right. Now, I'm calling a right now, twenty years that places gotta be a gold mine is a drive everybody back to the cities. Are I preach in action it I think it is good to buy some some real estate in Detroit and just gonna sit and wait to get a real tried actually already going. I like I like, like Royal Oak, is nice part of part of the city haven't carried? I watched on Anti Bourdain show somebody but a skyscraper for five million bucks I mean now is the time to get it do the US could. Well, I don't know, I'm not a guy for the guy owns the cleaving Cavaliers bought a bunch of skyscrapers and he's like giving people ridiculous deals to get in there.
While Europe revitalizing the city, goes why me, I basically said in a nice way: I'm not doing this for the people here. This is just a really good opportunity right. It's not yo yo! Aren't I gotta promote. Let me inanimate, show not not real estate in the. I think. I think that if you, if you just did another questioning bilbil If you did another nineteen show run, you could buy skyscraper about that in Detroit Lawyer, you break it down Amy I got you can make it down, but it's amazing when you think about it, just here to promote your seminar at the airport, Marriott where you're going to talk about your real. Yet that's where the statements happened. You do you do Coveney on a cavity stage. You make your statements Do as I invest in an area that I just blow it up. When I go on part cares total conflict of interest. I might add that balls guy, that screams about the stocks on tv, guy I'm clean Kramer, yeah, yeah, mad money, Jim Kramer and then John.
Stewart basically handed is asked to him, but I do like the fact that he, mad anyone on Johnson showing defended himself. He showed a lot of backbone. Rather than just blown off like most people, did yet they did ya. Alot of people did, but it is you know, like John had at which it is kind of stray I'd like John popped up and the news for a second like he was at the White House. Now is like apple hell, somebody would, I have to try to get a the nine eleven. The first responders references, not his bill path right and it was just kind of way which is basically what to take care of them. I think we do the right thing to do that, and you have an obligation what that yesterday, I should definitely that hey, maybe maybe we should probably you now to make sure there are ok you gonna go? Do I really only tell you about, as do I really exactly? Events should be the name of the bill,
there's nothing to be ashamed of yourself. I really need to tell you again: never kills me I'll, be with you. What what does not a person in this country that wouldn't before them, but are they going to do, is therefore attach a bunch of other shit to it? Will if you vote for this than babies, get punched every other Wednesday you don't like babies, When we were worried, I dont like babies, but what are we talking about? What are we talking about? Now? That's great, I mean do. Do you think I d? How? How is your perspective changed as you're starting to you know is you're starting to get older? Do you feel like man, I'm just gonna be like one of those ranting guys when I get all the dislike shouting at people who do not know, I am actually I'm having the time of my life because I've I've I've seen just enough to know that we're not going make it all. I look at it like. I am just going to enjoy a great life. Beautiful wife got a dog I get the any help
packages. In other words, I make it real simple. I learned how to fly helicopter. You did Did you do that over the last year you gonna by Helicopter- I don't want you know it all came from was Lang like just being living here. Freaks me out just the size of it and how you can't skip, it is part of what their allowing people to do a high level that is messing with the security of everybody when it out with this stuff. It's the fan. I was How do you get out of here? You can get in the car can't even get out of his place, even when it's all work right, sure forever. So a helicopter just see made up and out I don't know where I'm going, but I'm gonna
hover and watch the chaos, and so so you do. You have a view of a helicopter escape plan. You can have a helicopter garage hide now I mean this is a funny thing tools like you think that, like when the zombie apocalypse comes when the zombies come like my buddy Joe Bartley was has assumed. So can you just run out the things started up and go? It's like now. Did it's a whole process and takes like you got a warm the belts up and all that you can't just turn the thing on and go full power and it's gonna get it. You gonna run into a lot of problems, so you got your check Listen, you got to have a bunch of people, shooting zombies for a good dinner and I'll. Do it right. You got a good half our pre flight as a warm up era, get all of that. In pre flight mode, that's the rearing of somebody. This so we may think the news like it. It's like a bath salts, they got an, I got it, you gotta go warm up, Alexandre woman up does have a gorgeous and I will say no. It was something that I've I've always wanted to do, and I find his head the time in the money to do it, and I just
Figured wilds now or never. Let me give it a shot and every time I kept thinking this is crazy. What am I doing, doing. I would hit a new level of accomplishment and enjoy like, I did horrible in school and I really felt like I knew I could fly the thing. Ok, I mean I could drive a car. I can't, like you know, build one rain, so the ground school thing was very intimidate me. The weather, the aerodynamics, the physics and all that I had a horrible background in that and down so that was the part that I was worried about, that there was gonna, be tests and I was going to fail them and all of that- and so I would say
more so than even becoming a comedian. It was because I was I was always joking around Jack S to actually have gotten through that, and I actually tested me. My wife were gonna go on vacation and the day before. I did my check right to get my license, and I was already giving myself like a pre game like posts, game speeches like if you blow this, do not ruin the first three days. They can
it's very insightful by the way that is, that is a man that owes what an asshole ie is an asset that well that's wisdom to understand. Yes, I can. I did. I know exactly what you? U nailed the three days like when you re takes like three days when you go on a vacation to shake off whatever shit, and you should now and then they would also be the pressure that I have to continue studying to not forget what I did the amount that I knew that made me fail forget about it for getting it for a while. So fortunately I went there and I was able to pass him, and I remember how I relax myself when I was doing the Czech ride, you sit down a guy like you know, grills you for an hour asked you all these questions and if you pay,
That, then, you get to go fly, so I pass that on. My guy yard. Did the written I passes on three quarters the way there. You know member three o clock. I Mitchell so good this up or an error is so and nobody rhythm talks about it, such a great movie. So I end up getting into unaware. I was able to rip. I just was gonna fly slow, controlled, like relaxed, and you show that I have control of this of this thing and and then I just said no matter what happens, do you're doing a check right to get a licence to fly helicopter how cause yeah. So I just got myself under that mode, and I was able to actually is much. She can cause it's rape pressure is, I was able to enjoy an I pass like. I couldn't live, do not tell me when I was flying, no pun intended for like six seven days we were gonna vacation. I can't I can't believe I did that we go to hook up to now. I'll show you actually what if I help counter per, did you fly around the city of? What do you do you do
What I do well with is a thing, but once you get a licence is just really a licence to learn, so it still like. Then it was just like a case and I can just go up by myself and states terrified through the second zero rating in your he get like a piteous stomach like taken my life in my hand. So what I did was I took the advanced daughter, rotation class and of August and September, and that's basically with assimilate engine failure and like most people, I thought that if you know if the ancient failed, you just fall out of the sky, as you know, have wings right. But what is it used? These your forward, speed in the way ship falling the air is now going up through the main road and that's what keeps it turning Oh you know I just had the sky like the best guy over there. Just take me through the basis for like five six weeks and all of that type of stuff and them, and then I felt more comfortable, but even then, but everything else in my life gonna gets in the way. So this past week you're the first they flew with instructor. You know shake the rust. Often in the last few days I flew by me
and it's such a great way to see allay like register your flight path. Can you just sort of girl, like I'm gonna, go up me a kind of supposed do, but if you do way to see Ella like register flight path. Can you just sort of garlic? I'm gonna go up yeah you're kind of supposed to. But if you just don't like the little, I'm just doing a sure thing, I mean you. Definitely I do like the way I make it myself totally. I do like the whole weight balanced thing. First, I submit that an olenin yeah. I guess you know, I feel an oil One of the things from ground school that I can't quite so much to remember I came about. If I I know, if you do submit a flight plan when you lad, you have to call and let them know that you got there within a certain period of time. Else. They will send people out to look for you and you will have to pay for that. I do know that,
that's not what the boy you think. What is it did? They address a city being increasingly more littered with drone activity like with people in their like flying. Oh yeah, I could show you a picture of a guy that took one right through the windshield in it thinking it was a. They don't offers a bird, but there was no blood or feathers, so there actually taking the pieces of the helicopter windshield and sent it to the Smithsonian. All places have saved the bird expert there to try to see you know what they're doing gonna do the first forty eight for like thus forty one of but another. Those things are incredibly dangerous because it's a sick, a flyin rock you just setting it up there in all airspaces is classified and these rules within each one. It's something I really don't even like talking about because Autobahn off the air with its two potential.
For some it suffers is, is that's another was nauseating feeling so yeah don't feel good about it either about it at all. Now the fact that any person who has a hundred two hundred bucks can just get one then how high uptake fly. Why? If you notice even like Amazon and wants to start delivery stuff by drones, which I think is horrendous, they're gonna fly at four hundred feet, which Usually, you know the launching of flies using about five and fifty eight year. If you coming into whatever that they're gonna flight and out to we're not gonna, run into a lot of the August cops kind of fly at that level. Three, fifty in this type of thing, but like that love, but these kids, you just get him in send him up a thousand two thousand yeah and it's just sitting there. You can see that there is no lights and then also how daring, you're gonna, be it a casual life is in your hands and also for the most part for what I know they're just looking down, then
looking around to be like? Oh here comes a plane or a helicopter- I I don't know much about him other than their there to terror. They shouldn't be allowed. They should not be going to feel like motivation not be when you see what people are starting to do with them appear people and MAX Mexico. They put drugs on only fly unreadable overboard, it's brilliant brilliant, but I got a funny one for that. They told me a grand school this guy, so basically, when, when the president's in town right, you know you can't get within miles and a guy, ok, and if you do your guy, I again are you gonna get written up and all his type a horrible stuff is going to happen. But why forget what the number as you get within a certain I can once you go in there, calling you and once you're not reacting once you get to a certain vicinity of the president, like literally to you, know, goose maverick and they intercept you so some jerk off you know,
Didn't do is pre flight or whatever and didn't find out where the temporary no fly zones where whatever so he's flying up from the south. San Diego areas is flying flags flying and he goes it within the thirty mile rate. So whatever and their contact in contact but he's not saying it is like like flying basically almost like right at where the president is and they set up a couple, a jets they intercepted they, however, you for somebody to land they had on land, whoever Santa Monica or something like that and they went up to is playing in the guy gets out and he had a plane full of drugs that flying off from Mexico.
Oh sure, obviously he's not making radio calls or anything it just like what are the odds? The predatory president, everybody, but I like yeah, you got me, I mean this was death. This was destined to happen all yet in once they find that I imagine once they get the guy under control everything I don't like, there's no way those cops, what a warrant laugh. How could you not laugh at that like this before bass, all areas shit are taken, the more drugs real serious now extend it for you, that's a thing. If you know that you, if you know that you have illegal cargo and then sudden. You see the sixteen. I know I know
We. What are you gonna? Do you cannot run it? Not an value can just that. It's the earth is all those kinds of funny stores I had. I might my ex girlfriend from in my twenties goose girl in just under whose Australian an awesome she just wanted to get her pilots licences. She fucking got her pilots licences and had to be. You know like one day just fly by yourself over to Catalina Brazil yeah. She was like a twenty four year olds. Might my girlfriend at the time just happened to have our pilots licence, could fly, but I want you and she didn't she did yeah. I got it. I do like tat is the scariest I am terrified of the ocean like I will. I will not go in the ocean in it. Are you fly? You lie over here when it a flying over. That's where I like me once I fly over the ocean, my biggest thing is not being afraid of crime.
King and dying, my big fear than is putting it in the ocean and still being alive like the ocean scares the hell. I me like the fact that everything you have your head above the water and everything that can kill you is beneath it. You can't see me. Would you have a walk into the jungle with a bag over your head? Basically, what you're doing, but when you go into the ocean, like you just like a little of a flake, a fish food exerts you or do you can't when you flabby ocean? You cannot believe what you see out there. You can't believe what you see just I mean I don't know anything about it. I just took gonna, go there what what? What is that, when you look up like a hundred forty yards ways. Some guy sit on a serve this like a rather than all. We wanted to could swallow you hole and use your borders of toothpick. Everything is the ocean is, and it's like fished out now. That's why I think this more shark attacks. It is likely that the options are getting like lower and lower and lower. Now it's just becoming an important storm. You don't owe me
I keep it Arby's, you gonna, do it at my writing. Member knows is even for an eight dollars mind there. There's more sharks and the little taking shorthand throughout all of this is that we are doing this amazing. He does chaotic show notes. I love it yet in the ocean used to scare the shit out of me- and I remember specifically about having nightmares like being on a being trapped on a bridge that where both sides were removed- and I was just in the middle of a bridge over the ocean and tariff- because I I couldn't when a scary movies ever saw was open water, oh yeah, a lot of people didn't like it because they didn't get to see like the jaws type stuff. It was just like that thought of being out and they had scuba gear and what suits and all of that, where I guess I you know I swear to God. I would like to think that I have the brains to do this like if that boat took off, I would immediately take off the scuba gear and just pray for
The third area that light I wanna sit there and wait to something, takes a bite enemy to see from edible and then come back around again. Maybe was so amazing cause it's there's that if they did such an amazing job of making, you feel like well, we'll, probably ok and then just slow realisation of we're, not gonna, be ok, no one's coming back, we're probably Canada drifted yet and we ve drifted. And it is why did you even watch that if you had a phobia of the ocean, I dont remember, I dont know why? Don't I think about it by major reinforce? Why I don't I don't mess with the only place I've ever been tempted recently was. I did a gig and Australia in their beaches are so beautiful. Air fortunately, was too cold and they have all kinds of sharks and stuff like Austria is no joke on me,
she's like they like the top ten poisonous snakes I'll everything in a layer, mind you everything! Everything in Australia is completely likely s e c, but with like snakes, you don't owe me clumsy, as he sees like like for they just have dominated Calo, got all these years like that unity as easy as like a secure is exchanged you're doing it ill Saint write it That's easy! Yes, dear! I bet you said. I think I did isn't it s out southeastern comforts, but I'm figures curious, but isn't it see. I don't know dude, I'm a more honour. You guys are into the nerves, tat boy. You know you know sports. He knows all this with you. We did it together. Man knows all about the sports surprised that they haven't had some sort of law. Suitor ethic like limit every know your way. We would have yeah that kills bewildered W W W
who have worldwide federation wrestling. Third regulars remember: they had like there's a hope here at a time when they let you watch like footage of wrestle. Maybe three. The Boolooroo, wherever it said W, W F like it was insane Y know. Who initially did the World Wildlife Federation suit the World Wrestling Federation for having the nerve to Heaven W W S also and the world wildlife veneration one the lawsuit which then forced the W w after change their names, w e and then completely disavow, any knowledge of them ever being called the W w ef? I would have killed
We'd mincemeat man hung up the phone after losing that wonder that I was probably his greatest no rights. Let me know guys we gave it and we gave it a good try. No harm no vowed. I would kill me, but no he's not like that, because I've never seen him on real sports ever see that when he says that guy's paper, the guy was trying to talk about the life long effects of these resources, peered we're just like a bunch of were dying, or at least they were shining a light on how many words were dying in there. You know it sounds like the NFL would like F after players play like the the health issues that they have and this guy just wouldn't lay off and then finally, I can't do it justice, you almost got to look it up, like Vince, almost turns and like a bull in a schoolyard go. He's doing I gotta go you share for Germany is greatly snatched areas but paper. This like do like back
it's like you can just see rage, all my god. It's like do this. Guy has a body in his back yard was like that level like this. Guy could kill somebody with his bare hands to not that are not those who see way using a guy. Or something like tears out like a phone book now yeah yeah yeah, that's one guy. I would never want to be on the one, the bedside of just from watching that wouldn't buy that temper with millions dollars if at all possible situation and know what to tell you know, never liked to hear them the world, while the World Wildlife Federation a fund. What do I want? My men are going through the gates of his mansion when they closed behind you, you like in a different country here about Connecticut, but I consider it a good mobutu.
Set of rules have. Where do when people come to your shows where they? What is what is drawing your crowd? The most is the Netflix specials. As the pod cast is what one would say this stand up I made Stanhope is gonna drive, Stanhope fans. I find I mean I've just noticed that through like watching comics, who was sort of known and then become tv stars, people just see them as tv star. You know what and then the only that we have not gone away. I did stand before I did this blah blah. They have to almost reestablish it, so I think for most comedians I should speak for the people. I think, generally speaking, if you go out and you put out specials that connect with people that will sell stand up special more so than like. You know, whatever you're in the New STAR Wars movie: okay, if you'd love, star wars, lathered lyonnaise, why do I want to see you do stand up and others,
see you in the next hour where that is true, even even people. That is true and I think most people realize it, but even if you, even if you're an actor on a sitcom and you're a comedian iridescent Nessus unless Europe, unless you, unless you know you're like Re Romano, he was a stand up before. But I mean like a known stand up before, but yeah you're right it. Doesn't it didn't just a comedy, as you have known at a certain level, two main any have to keep while you do in the show keep going out on the road to maintain them cause in, although they will move on to somebody else, butter, again: Beggar, the star wars, the Euro have enough Paul just play a storm, Trooper Would you please I want to do that you, of course I would yeah. I was, of course I would, but I didn't I didn't. I didn't have enough power to do that, but it also it's also difficult for me to do anything, although for that I would have made an exception, but
at midnight forty weeks a year, and we don't we get nine consecutive weeks off, and so I can't can't go into your boss. Is over there and say guys, I'm gonna play storm. If that happened I would have, but that was not an offer. That was on the table to play to play a storm trooper, but I would have. I would have done it if you ever do is show about a show. That's agree Episode! Fear! You can't do you do you're Larry standards ratio about a shell Ryan episode? You get an opportunity to play a storm trooper him in the networks. Not gonna give you the week of and I have to live, and then I come out to concoct Hare brained scheme as possible and that one of the guess is actually a famous actress that you have a crush on out to sea, Garcia Manning Layers writers? Do they layers? This is great. I will first of all I am very happy to do my own Larry Sandro Show, which is
some definite gonna have. Would you want to do is go by the way weight and then, in the end, you you don't get to do star wars. You choose to honour your contract to host it, and then you find out the actresses you're in love with his bang and the guy that originally pleasure baulk at Peter Mayer, and that's that's out ants tat. Peter mink puts them ass, they go and then you're the every man I'll catch. You didn't get it no, but then I would be, but then but no sense in the area, but that wouldn't bother me lost that when by in Vienna. We like, oh, I get it. You know I get why it would have to be. She bang like a guy in the entourage cast and I'd, be, like God, damn it they ago, that's better! Yet as you actually such a star wars fan you'd be like what was it like you? I know we have been proposing an animal yeah. I get that that's exactly right, Would you want everyone to come? Think you'd want to do is go no, that's not support.
I like doing what I do. I like to stand up. This during this animal this for family or a cartoon. As I have, I can't get into the sea and its Khartoum and I just yeah I like havin, look. If it was, Obviously, if it was it a Seinfeld level of funding array, Romano was hilarious. I guess it can never seen me. That is a great schedule. That sort of the perfect gig for any actual cause like the shooting schedule, is so awesome. Always like two weeks on one week offer three on one off and then during that off weak as a comic, you can go out just go flight. A Vegas do is show me,
some money. They are to be able to go and his on the guy from the show, and then you fly back out spits it's beautiful, I'm here I look after now back and forth, but where the other girls, everybody think that would be a satisfying to you because it wouldn't it would take you off the road for sure. Yeah, it would- and I have most of my goals- are our involve stand up being a stand up and trying to get better at it and always working on you like you
work on weaknesses in your game? If you play sports, you ve got to do that as a comedian and DOM some things that I finally learn how to do after twenty three years have been making like ideas. I have four jokes, so much more fun. You know just learn how to act stuff out a little bit more and maybe take it to a weird place or dark place or a silly place. Just gonna have that option. It's made it like. You know every night in all comes out a little bit different. It's just awesome bit off and it happens in real time yeah go do an hour. You know it takes an hour. I got down and go about beer, Romania, since its greatest it's the greatest job in entertainment. As far as I'm concerned that you you, possibly have, and if you do it the right way, you could do it forever. You could do it as long as you
and if you don't mind with your money invested in Detroit like now, certainly you could you can have. You can have a great life and I just look at acting all of that stuff or look at gravy. I always say act when they let me you know, I gotta audition their great on breaking bad by the way to anybody would have granted that show that the writing was so amazing in the way they shot at the music and then those actors that were the regulars that you're gonna get to go in with like do it. I was such like you wanna talk about like that was my gettin to play a storm trooper was was getting to do breaking bad, where I was one of the people that, like I watched the pilot, the knighted air, there was something about the billboard when I saw when he was the icon, it photo now the green sure, with one short tail, tucked into his tidy ways in front of them. When a big one. I wasn't for me what the term breaking bad.
And I just finished watching the wire binge watch that I needed a new shown as economic. Let's give that a chance, and we just watched it immediately. I was I was just like. I was watched the next week, but by two three episodes. I was calling my agent. I think that's how I got in as I was part of the first wave, of people. Don't do you watch an issue? I got you gotta get me in at William Morris endeavour at the time Philip grants. A great guy got me to read some sites like I will see if he can act- and I think I read some badgers stubbornly data. He shot, and this was like by like the second season, like I think I read something they put me on tape. Like I yeah you can we'll see if some comes along yadda, yadda yadda them by the fourth season right is, it was starting a blog. Has it got on Netflix, like people don't know from what I've heard after the third season, I M C was on the fence going like its costs a lot of money
get the ratings and also critical darling, and then, when they got it, Netflix in everyone could binge watch it. It went through the explode again say that so I got on right before I think that that was happening and yeah. I was unreal. I do like every time I went there like, I always did nerdy shit like I remember. I had seen like a rope, quick scene with the Laval, Crawford and Babo Dunkirk in solves office. I remember and I'm just gonna Oh, my god, I'm gonna get the citizen is artifice, saves over there in the constitution, and it was also call the top of the seeing, as the top of the scene was just like, was really three two three lines and then Mr White comes in, which is also awesome, like I got a mistake to Mr White, but what was cause in that little moment those those who all three Stanhope Comics
holding down the best drama on tv at the yeah like Vince love for for granted eight seconds, but it was still cool this hell. No, but he, but you know he. I think it's so great- to put good comedy people in drum. I don't think there's something about people who have a comedy Jean. It just adds a layer of definite complexity to a character, and I think you know that guy is like a guy is beyond beyond a genius like the guy. On my whole, acting credit is up until then I was just a goofy red headed body like get ornaments, were he won't? Do you know it's funny, but events as he does it? You won't take credit for anything and you go hey those really cool one shot where you open the microwave door, and you could see the reflection is like The other was a total. Actually we never meant to do that, but in other words it was, but you know, there's something you like this with your your science background. They actually used to what the Mona stuff that they worked out on that
Oh they told me how likely not your people always going between all built. You don't wouldn't happen that way, but probably made it and clad? Yet I did like, even when we laid on the money they figured out how much money Mr White, what ahead the basic denominate and how big? Now? What about when you guys land the volley up? Also when the train robbery they figured out how long it would take all the whole thing of like whatever those two liquid, the liquid that they needed than they refilled it back up with water. I believe like how much you know how much water you would need because it would be like. While you know it's a hundred gallon, so Hunter age right like. Well now these things with the heat against that surface, what that would expand to and then with the water coming in and they figured it all out. So it's anybody tried to mess with them. They be like now actually could inheres why that was ripe. My shot. That was right when the that's, when Jesse Clemens Character really start, because the kid shows up on the bike and watching him on
oh no, I haven't even got up and via their he's amazing mail. He really is he's really is and is like he's. Gonna be one of the great of all time like that is like that level of a guy butter. Ok, I promise so got going back to the nerdy softer. I did on breaking bad. So after we did that scene. You know I got for like to stand there and watch Mr White and better call saw doing the same and then also I got to watch. You know Babo and Kirk and brain grants than the actors work, the scene out duty was dislike master class and I was just sit there like trying not to be in the way John the ground watching them working it out talking to direct. It was
I'm still getting excited when I'm just thinking about, and then I actually went off like a couple sets over from that was the super lab that they had underneath the dry cleaner, and I remember talking to other when was over there. You would be cool I just when it is kind of like air was shooting their next. If you want to work, if you want to hang and watch so I forget what episode forget what scene, but on one of those you know, Mr White in Jesse's character, haven't argument or something like that Mr, we know in is one those times where Mr White was like put Jesse in his place and then he walked out. I was right on the other side of the camp that I- and I remember, ruining that seen from my wife, because I have gone up, stand right there right a right there and she's got? Will you shut up? I get it, you were there. I know I understand I drove you to the airport. I know you worked on. The show, stop ruining it for me. So I had they like, alas, I that's really cool. I mean that show never wavered for five seasons like it. Just it was
Yes, yes, I have even ramping up more. You know. I've been watching lately that reminds me did the same thing we're every time you think detention can't get any more. I watched you guess what bloodline, oh, I haven't. What That's crazy. I lie australian ex girlfriend just send it is on that show she's one of the characters on that show debited she planned, though unplug mind. You know. She placed the wife of one of the brothers. Oh yeah. Oh it see their words either the cavern character, which is oh yeah, yeah yeah, Norbert LEO, but so she's, the one that has the pilot, licence! Nobody d! I did a failed piled with him a long time ago, Norbert which I just learned. He won't is he's one of actors that I've ever wanted. Tony award two times for one of the main characters, a wife who was that yeah so there's another reason of actual love. People, people love bloodline, but I haven't seen it I got.
Up on Mr Robot this year, which is I learned that drastic, I guess you, Mr Robot, has shades of breaking bad and it works well, I need a new show, as I just Mr Obama large it you gotta season it. Mr robot, it's like ten and thirteen up cells are so beautiful and I want you picky blinders anyway, oh yeah, yeah, that's in the queue picky blunders and you gotta have the english subtitles or you ll, spend it'll. Take you and- or twenty minutes to watch a fifteen minute show. What did you say, but what did he say? Do you live on people but as a sign that comes out- and you cannot like a BT song and people write what It sounds like you doubting. Rather they really does like that happens, because you'll start thinking that they said something that they didn't say. It's such a it's such a great show, yeah, picky blinders, is definitely definitely on the queue as well
No, nothing about no robbery, Miss dashed out of me to go to anybody, watches the show, maybe understand such references. Yes, mister robots! Your next thing, I'm honest, are watching bloodline, but then people should also watch efforts for family every family. I'm Netflix comes out December take the same day you star wars comes out. Ah they again as a little think now. If you dont want to deal with the the black Friday crowds that you can count on, you could stay home any pajamas and bench watch the animated corner cartoon there we got it takes place in the early seventies. It's based on my childhood. Just three years, a telling
others stories on stage that killed for the first fifteen years. I was a comedian than the last eight years is I got into my forties, late, thirty's forties. I started to feel like the older guy. In this whole, new generation of kids came up their war helmets when they rode bicycles. They had played aids in everything, so the last started become more self conscious. In a couple of like that, even though they could still relate to it? So I was getting a little frustrated with that, and so I kind of stopped telling the stories, and then I was just walk Darwin dying on what am I just animated those stories with bread and telling them one? If I analysis can do little five minute vignettes on my website, that was the game plan, but of course I'm a comedian. I just because I never did it and then a couple years went by and end up having a meeting at wild West Vince Vaughn's company, and I just half ass, threw it out there and they will look into do it and next thing you know they brought on my price from the sea. And now we get six episodes see you couldn't be inlet,
four star wars, just watch that on your phone on networks, at least once in episode yeah, you could not people being. A couple hours, I'm gonna, get Y gotta towards great about it? Is it's on Netflix in flicks has been amazing, they were the ones that said Syria lies, at which I was a slight, not metallic the Simpsons. I thought it was that there was a dummy dear and within six hours of trying to make em all connect. It took the writing to such a whole. New levels is like on my god. I'm an idiot Netflix was a hundred percent right, and the network notes that I got from Netflix that we gotta should say was pushed further. So it was like the dream that you know, after all, these years of being like the people saying they wanted and edgy show and then when they never mean its yeah, then you get it like well, what are we saying to children here? I'm worried about this and worry about that. They were the exact opposite and it's been a dream to be over there and
It sets great you like, we can say whatever we want to say, which was really like a thing we had to watch like. Ok, we can curse on this show, let's not abuse this right. Let's make sure we're gonna use the F word. That's gonna still have the power. You know that we wanted to have or whatever so off its. He had spent a lot of fun. That's great! Congratulations! That's fantastic I'm hoping people alike in one of these days. I'm going to. I know you don't want to do it, but I gotta convince you to come on at midnight one time. What is that the game, show that I host for company central do come on. One time Wanna games, gonna real game show what what what is it wants an episode. Its twenty will take twenty minutes. It's just fucking around its like a british panel, show TAT either
I will do what is apparent trash and somebody you want to work with. No you I did that when I was on the download. I love the eighty strikes back. Remember they just keep, throwing you stuff and you gotta make it funny and they won't even pay any money known. I don't remember the end of it. I remember like the last night. There was a need for a JANET Jackson was like when I held I get off making fun of his poor. Certainly none of that. There is none. Other than what is, is it it's not it's very supportive environment. It's just fucking around! That's all it is. I just can't be any more egg is very vague, yeah. That's all it's about the internet. It's fucking around about the internet's make it onto the internet like I. Months so little of the internet even talk about it, I'm on the internet on Facebook and Twitter on Youtube and whatever porno site to at that point, I was at a four places. I I go to daily face off, If I want to watch your hockey game because they have all the lines you know right now,
that may I barely go to Anna fell dot com running you know, I don't go to the Bruins website. I just I am like I'm like a small town person still wearing my high school for Jack and I gotta tell ya ladders and glory days. Groundlings do exactly the of the package. This message home. Yes, I do, but it messes with. When I got it. I said season record for the ruins. But I think I did it unnecessarily. Frustrating the hell out of me, because I'm unbearable technology well resort to wrap this up now. But I sincerely you are one of my favorite comics of our and the reason that I love watching. You is because ice
you, you will challenge the audience in a way where, even if an even of most people are not on board with the premise you set happens, a lot you still then, but then you kind of force them with jokes. With dislike rapid fire of jokes. It's almost like watching. You do stand. It was almost like watching a law. The lawyer with jokes, where you prove to them. Why? What you're saying is valid and and funny- and I see people some people just call that telling at its own. But I like the way you are free or put on hold referenda style, because it's it's a style of comedy that I cant do and in so I'm sorry, I love watching it because it really. You know it delay to get the audience on board with stuff through comedy that they wouldn't necessarily be on board of. If you just said it like, when you introduce the premise up top well, that's a fund of it after. Why won't you know how to write a joke? You not to make a laugh, then
I was born so that it becomes how deep a whole can I dig, or also we always also away like back in the day when I do how rooms it was a way to shut people up if they were talk, and if you just sets the just floated out there and then they start always disco. He just said that and then you bring it around to like what the thing that you probably should have started with. Won't just go and reverse, because watching so many watching somebody comics try to relate to the audience just to try to it. Sort of the difference between you know come on someone coming up. Hey. You can like me. Please, like me, please like me that I do years sweating profusely and then what and fast what changed. I got comfortable, I just kept workin on getting more more comfortable and then I'll say no. If you get a following it comes easier like they they already like you. When you come out there, they gonna go along with it and it actually becomes something that you can. You can stretch out more, but I think it's a dangerous thing once you,
Follow me to only do your shows. Oh yeah, we like you, should like that's. Why I'm I still go down the calm, restore in in all the guys who, I think, who stay relevant, never stop doing that, Chris Rock Joe Rogan die. My rarer, dueling, Rich Voss, rich fuss is is, is is as relevant now as he was. You know when he started back and like the Eighties Gazette Guy has always done. Might the comedy the comedy clubs for like just was like okay, this is a rich vos show, I'm only doing went when he headlines or or Dahmer as the same thing, and it's just like those of the guys like, like our of those guys, realize it, but like the level of like, like positivity, that I get out of that, you know watching a guy like calling Quinn whose, like one awards for being on broad,
and come back to New York and seeing him working on stuff at the comedy seller and still putting himself into position of like you know. This could go off the rails and I could bomb and just still doing that, it's why you know it's the like. Those are the guys that I want to be like, rather than seeing guys, even at my age, a man, forty seven years old, I've been around long enough to see a guy. My age, stop writing and be stage and be thou We have a clear mnemonic Lewinsky. I always gone at that and just becoming this completely irrelevant. I mean I've actually experience like I'm on top of their college. Gig talk myself into a corner and I needed a reference to a just, a pop star, flues, you kind of thing. I threw up Britney spears and it just tat And I had to be like wait. A minute really spheres is now a divorce. Thirty, two year old mom of two like me, a she was still like. Twenty three and I just haven't, like your references, are in this cryogenics
is your clock that live hang out of here now. I should add that I wished I did, but what I you know, even like music, I've, I've fallen like not hopelessly behind my wife. Still me. She listened to Drake or something contemporary. But, to me, like you know, fighters in queens of the stone age is still young, Whipper snapper man, I've just like now these guys, like legends now, yeah, so I gotta try to figure out. You know like so I tried to know like the Bruno Mars and the people that are a you know. I eat the least to have something, even if the but I'm still gonna do it from an old fuck, and I should know about these people right, but I can at least I know who they are. So I don't do that again. Cosette was embarrassing. I mean really embarrassing. Britney spears, just cricket and allow yeah she's, probably is
does your parents, I'm old enough to be heard dad right. We ve learned that in the first seven minutes, let me get you a drink of water here to get rid of the dry mouth but anyways. The main reason why I came here because I got this is the most proud of anything that I've done. Did any my stand of specials anything. I've ever been able to get on tv. I think this shows Apsley, hilarious and and kids adults everybody's and be able to watch it and relate thy father. Even my parents, because I made sure that the parents are an amalgam of everybody. So you know I switched up everything and also in the evening they can watch great will congratulations. You. You are welcome to come back anytime. You want. I welcome any time you damn you could I This is no guilt me into the game. Show think how you will not hurt, and your face is that I feel bad. The end of the day as much as a yellow must softy
go on there and I get gong do whatever the hell happened, longing on the show. I got into a wheel anyway. You're gonna tell me today when I, when, when we were developing good, when a new car had great, if you only one something on the show, you want anything. Is it like card sharks? That's like card tired. That too, is a cautious, Ireland. It do you know what I want to agree to the show, His I'd seen other shows in the past. Do this thing wherever one came on like sniping each other- and I we spell like that- was counter productive to communism. Feel like everyone needs to be comfortable, so I wanted the environment to be supportive as possible, not just a fuckin rose. Why would you have me because you're funny, because you're funny and people always ass when you gonna get Oberon, I gotta know how things are done up if you want to do it, but you, but you know
I will never. I would never give you if you want to do it, you can, if you don't want to do it that doesn't Jane. I feel about you smashed cut to the Christmas party. I run into these hammer in these areas as it can. I know its not dad's again show its, hey, I know it's make the bigger the vigorously. Why that's right, a bigger issues that I just gave of twelve years sobriety just like a drug that occur over, you know me I got drunk so I can have cars and tell you that you're making a huge goddammit stay. There was war that no yard takes out your pants. What gimme another two years I will bury business. You'll be Doin chosen, a valet. I will find out where you're flying from and put drones, and this is actually what s a. Thank you guys rather me. Thank you. We promote the show, I hope, you'll in his watch it if you remember around their time, if you could give me some right. Yes, we are going up against the EU walks and Allah themselves. Give us a fighting chance here yet Katy make it notes around eighty people would mention again and then one of them-
those enjoy languid, everyone now leading noticed dot com, retail,.
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