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Billy Eichner talks about growing up from a strange, fat, Jewish kid in New York to having his own show, Funny or Die's Billy on the Streets! There's also talk about destination weddings, Jonah brags about reading and Billy tells some hilarious stories from his show! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Hey you re doing over there just sitting on a passer workin on the treadmill sinecure go just trying desperately to get through some crappy computer working Wanna be doing dad. Entry ya got brain diarrhoea, but here we are the notice podcast we're gonna pale. You out, you know, I love you so hard Slough, so much love so much so much. But I love Go to my pc by such looks a little bit more because their sponsoring the nurse podcast this we welcome back eyes would go to my pc. You can access your entire MAC or pc on your Ipad. Your Iphone. I mean literally every file, everything you need it supervening super libel. It's really easy to use can work in a program you can save at it.
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Building and the radio through the reuse, still works of cities, we don't own it. So we're not gonna, go in and try to outwit it with new equipment, but the MIKE's or so sweet. So we ve put someone cities and some sometimes cities get Miss marked, and I get these weird blank, cds and I'll be going through piles me like what is this city? Oh, it's an episode that should have gone up months ago. So that's what happened to pour Billy I, who, by the way, is phenomenally hilarious. If you haven't seen Billy on the street, you should its fired. I show it also on views on Thursday night, so check him out at Billy. I ignore you, I see each any are absolutely areas. He was really great on the show. So here we are, those part, guess number two,
and who should have been like one. Seventy with a wonderful Billy I clear signs were later should have very clearly that I tabled so love love. It out punching myself, put myself of the fund in phase laughing awake now Ring murders, star com returned the
a low that seems to be working Matt. You are now great, Mr Eyes, there was good, let's Another might stand sort of broken. I dont know if we have any extra had his headphones on labour oaken. Forget it in army now I can now tell you. Ok, you didn't hear me now can't ok, that's where it swiftly away from the market You might have to get a tad closer to them. I am so sorry you have just beyond these are can move it will give you lots of. These are classic radio MIKE's Billy with a dj is practically have to fully the microphone to get that basic tone like Jack PAR
Zactly like Jack far too late, the microphone- that's exact, there's a moment like Carson took over it. Is it s even madam, if the Niger disliking luckily forcing his own large down a lot of my lives through what those sixties microphone those like long stick. Mike's, I mean I, I try to keep her mouth off. That of Arthur. I dare you I fucking dare yeah. Why would you Still the barker we have allowed. My exult doesn't mean it. You put the love, I gotta minded and enacted the camera to you do, but that's but part of the choice This right is a multi million dollar production that street of why we are not that I could but there's a certain kind of sound you get the kind of blown out. So I mean that's an ice doing my Youtube videos and literally that's what we could afford. We went to Radio Shack and we ask the cheapest MIKE and it has to plug into the camera, could a cheap, and now we just use that even though are stolen. When, however, have all views and radio Shack are kind of both like there's still there?
you can get around you get you get your programme and you can also get some transistors feel like what is Radio Shack will exert, I'm gonna go interviews and get a male female. Adapter is still on the up a wife. Relax reviews is basically a male or female, adapted we're not just for. I think I love you. I thought they d I just like making fun of them. This fund is fundamentally now to make of one of your network. I do the same thing I did want anything. She read what it's it's just a universal charger that I borrowed from G for little I've. It is, but you know, look micro, usb port of many usb us. You got your Iphone adapter right there we're talking about those general view. It yeah. You want to create great things. They surveying layer LIVE Yelp,
tv. Sigh weighs two stars, that's about what views can afford light. Would you I'll be should be just called here's what this asshole thinks you're right out in front of it there. So I look for whatever before whatever it's worth the up ahead make me feel better out toward nothing yet, but it makes me feel better that there is because us beyond. If the internet is society's complaint desk, so Can I like using yelp, particularly just to watch an episode of kitchen nightmares and then see if the restroom still around oil is always never still around. You have a lot of time and I dont awaiting final aim to do in that area of kitten. Nightmares of zero of the restaurant is to really well well Billy. Let's about you instead of kitchen, namely unless you're a kitchen nightmares Van, in which case I've never been bitten. Occasion are going out a nightmare. Yes, it was too Hata gotta.
Where's your. What what's your bad? What does your background? You? Would you have an improved background. You know I kind of do, but I started late in the game. I grew up in New York. I know what the high school manhattans. I was really like a New York kid I guess, but I know I can myself, like an actor, I was a child, actor in New York. I went to additional. I did that whole thing I didn't do much, but I did wasn't a comedy when I was twelve. Really really fast? I was like just a big obese fat, gay jewish cat. And I would urge you typical exactly I play John Goodman, Sun and sketch on us, and now when I was which lawyers I look down in Dearie member. This is going locking Ralph when he goes to? What was he promoting? You know it might have been king round, as you did lead and more. It was the big, the babe,
Be out when he played Babe Ruth, I think, and here we are with some sketch where he played there was a judge at the time I got a real judge who had impregnated all these women with his sperm. Without telling them and me and my seventy five care. Seventy five and seventy five is an easy spur of ha ha. The sperm in the world could and terrorists apart. It takes more than sperm. It takes so basically your minds? I remember that there was a great skiff. It was it. Yes, though, that the point of this sketch was that if anyone wants to hear this, but the point of the sketch was that the judge was sentenced, historic events in common with all this all the kids like me, and nineteen other, like fat fat, sweating growth, judges, children in the scattered personnel and Dana Harvey was in it and I was like pilgrim
team has blown away. You know, and so I thought of myself as an actor who did comedy, and I sang a lot. So I did some musical laws and then I graduated north Adulator, went back to New York and wasn't doing anything and then that's when I went to U C b and started doing some. And I've been writing my own shows and then doing these videos on Youtube, and now I have this weird tv show you guys you see, be like when my teachers- last year was one. Grades, anyone that's part of Leyla who were in my classes, God I don't think there's any like. Like big star until you're doing the best. Well, don't ya! Think without those ease was performing. It used to be a lot like Ukraine, Shaw Western together in her incur were performing. I get the pit in those days and the people's Improv Theatre, People's Improv Theatre
in New York, and so we all coming up together I was doing alive, show called creation nation, which was like alive. Talk, show that I hosted like my version Conan or whatever, but but live, and these man on the street videos we did as a segment in that show. We would toss too, like one of these videos, and it would be a three minute video me running around the street asking about celebrity I'm getting really frantic and that turned into this tv show that funny or die is producing on fees. That demands are also doing a bunch of stuff with Conan too. I am. I just did Conan for the first time, which was crazy and also blew my mind, and then they called me and now I'm going to cover the Superbowl bowl. For the other items next weekend. So I'm gonNa Indianapolis for a bunch of days and or going into all kinds of work we get into like the Playboy Party in the Maxim Party and our gaze utterly useless.
Like it'll, be fine snacks that'll, be there? I acknowledge excited. I like I liked the game and we're gonna be on the field to the half time show. Gaining in all kinds of crazy stuff. So as this exactly this kind of thing, that really is sort of that's really there. That's the modern day dream of, like am funny, I was gonna, say making videos? Oh my god now. Conan and I have my own show, basing the videos map and over- and I you know I was making these videos and two thousand father never mind. Then, and now I mean I'm not complaining it on to have their say and it still took three years get the fucker rooms. No, I think they are Well, I think it's great. I I love it. I mean again, you know it's just that this this platform is just level. Playing field totally yeah, I'm here I have the show only. I mean it sounds but I would ever success I have is because of Facebook, like I posted my videos on Facebook and that's where they were shared.
In our view, Youtube and it that's what it took. A light, shone highly word and that like people like me, because I was a little bit out there and crazy and loud and then all of a sudden I got. I don't know any wanted, funnier die and one day about a year and a half ago you I got an email from MIKE Pharaoh who's. The head of the action is now you're die, amazing, amazing dude, and he just said. I love what you do. If you ever and allay come and talk to me. If you have ideas- and I had this game- show idea and When I talk to him- and he gave me some money to sort of make a sample version of what that would be in terms of my videos into a game show an and it worked, but it took a guy like MIKE too like find me has that did and then the your died of that really kind of bloated up at the master. I mean, I think, funny or die people love funny or die. Obviously it's will Ferrell and Adam Mckay's company, and you know if we refer someone like me who was
is very kind of an ball and loud and not necessarily like in the main stream, like, I think, having funny you're dead say: hey. We like this guy. We think people were like this guy meant a lot here now and it's just it's great to have their support and their amazing to work with their great guys. What was it so? What was it like? I mean like when you were you know twelve year old girl, Jewish kid New York that gay jewish girl, I'm sorry I looked at the bar. Did you like what we're? How did you did you fit in at all with the other kids? Or did you feel like because a comedy I feel, like I'm a little different than other kids, I'm weird because I felt very different mother kids, but I just didn't give a shit like I just wanna made everyone deal with me, and I don't know I just because you're in one of the great things are going up in New York. Is that you're not like on a farm somewhere? You know everyone there, even if they hate jewish people are fat. People are gay people they have to deal with. You you're, like,
on the subway. Together, you know you're you're commuting together, you're going to movies together, you just forced to deal with people and I think, in a weird away. I think that really lead to what I do now on the street, because I think you see so many different types of people on the show that I go up to its very I mean it is New York, it's a very diverse group of people and I think a growing up like that. Just made me a little fearless and in terms of going up to anyone that that is a unique that is a unique comedy gene to have because I've, I don't. I always feel so bad like running up the pure, like I'm. So sorry we're just doing this thing like I can I can. I cannot run up to people like, in sort of heightened character and then just run away.
I would always high stop and apologize. How I do it or it I dont know if you know me in real life, I am actually very laid back. You know, like I don't know, I just thought the persona sort of the comic persona I was doing. This is kind of a boring and inside But the car profound I was doing on stage in my life talk show was this over the top very celebrity pop culture obsess person who, a love hate relationship with his own obsession with pop culture, not to get too happy about it, and I just liked taking that outside The original idea for the videos is boring now is fascinating. Has I think it's a very. I think it's a very hard character to do because The fine line that you walk is its. Hilarious or it's it's like horrible and and in writing jangle you manage to do it and it's funny, but you could you don't worry.
Run up to a woman and choose like I'm getting married next week and I'll fuck you and then run like that. But honestly, don't fuck like the hare. That's what sort of people getting married and telling me about a straight gal care. The lock often do then go to your goddamn destination wedding worth fucking thing like I'm gonna spend my money on going to the islands to hang out with your parents. Who would I thought your book and no one was happy. No one enjoyed Ellen is have that's not a vacation. None like most people can only afford one vacation a year and you're gonna make me spend money on the fact that you met someone that is going to dump you in a few years and like it's really it's real giving them mature to say, like we're going to get married in. You know wherever and end the Cayman Islands like what I thought you might like to be the same thing I had to do so. You re all Jamaica's MC, formerly gonna, try and see if I can take at least a little bit of the culture, untried see what did in this place. I've never been seen before, but no you fucking get there in you not over to a fuckin resort that could be anywhere in the Fuckin world and it
matter where we have because you're in this insulated resorting soldiers, I usually a white people everywhere it was the fuck indifference. Why'd you go to another country, exact I've been used to bring a gift. On top of it. I want to say one why people look like in a different climate. Now they start to say Will the lending and we're ready a little sweater sorry to go off on when no? So, as I just had to do that, I just you know I got an invite and they if they hear this are gonna hate me when I got an invite them from some. You no fucking gay couple inviting me to this island wedding. I literally don't know them. I met them at a club. Once like use years ago, another inviting me to Jamaica. Horrible island is rather get me out of. Here I get excited I can say something I would get married. I go like it's in downtown illegal back here, because this is the part that you're just going to apply that I feel about weddings in New York. I'm happy to go to a wedding in Manhattan. I am not going to queens, are Brooklyn or Jamaica. The bags guiding the best. What, when you get there
when you get a wedding, invite you do have that like, like you get a little like diarrhoea cramping, I have to go sit in a day and why There's gonna be long and zero Nanda, because I've been I'm completely narcissistic but but I have but I have. I have some friends who did the best thing ever we were together, for a long time they invited every one of their wedding, which was at their house. Here and allay and when, showed up. They walked out with we got there and goes and they go hey. We just got married a couple days ago, so It's just a big party. Everyone have on off no ceremony, no, not that it was just a fuckin party. I still store that Sea Martin. That will last time he got married. He had it like a big dinner party and then the middle, the dinner parties. Ok, just let everybody! No! We just got married job, Steve Martin. Because a story I read, I gotta go
robot, my good buddy, Ernest Hemingway drop that you're a reader. Well done, you know, what's a summit with can't read here by great for you, it was. It was people magazines not really reading. I've ever done the crossword, unlike fuller US magazine if you're on a plane in someone leaves it in the thing and What I know about it: nobody, would you talkin about? when you buy all your magazine, but their literally just the worst. It's like a tiny grid of we like ten blocks and it'll, be like fiscal enabled. Blank The movie at that everything, I've gotten ardor answers are Madonna, our eye pieces so by Yes, I'm sorry ass, an end yes and they ve been chamber, lie like on the internet and again raise another time I'll Youtube reviews of life and if you do, I do realise have watches Glennie Reviews on Youtube. You watch wanting you have to watch out for that
watching start them review like the empire strikes back. I've been on for ever yeah. I know I know I know rooted Roger is not dead, but he just had the thing. Yes he's not dead. He might appear guys around. No, no good. I got a memoir for Christmas. How is it first parts really read really road. Thanks Gobi, Mr Carruthers, the head of these, in our he's, probably under he's gonna mask on parole row, do likes it. Ok, you're not never played pseudo, it's that it. Oh, it's admit, meets number puzzle does it make me feel smart today that, but just like in Vienna place it on her eye pattern. I look and now it like once you man, the patterns, once you figure out the bad meddling and its aftermath dish. It sort of his eye like playing words with black friends, were Where are your word with reckons that here
I play black words with friends. It s really racist. I like it. I like playing serious black words with friends. All Harry Potter words and I play with twelve year old girls, the ice, isolate that please on their eyes. That's just the I play material girls. I really wish you wouldn't do that, leave my rig near them and give you another ring tone of your rings. Thanks fuck you mad Myra, vague it there are you techie at all. Do you play with? I have a computer nice that's as far as I do you added all your own stuff. I dont actually pressed the buttons, but I'm in the room for everything and I over see all the editing. I would also urge that the editing on his show summoned the DNS appointed agencies is spot on. It's perfect adjusted away moves with you, has the angles a cameraman, also really, our game, which are which, as I imagine just so
that's just the learning honestly there's a whole should we made about the making of Billy on the street, because what goes what about the robber show was. That's Bravo show oh yeah. What happened to Billy live at home? She had had a rather critical It was a kind It's only ended up with the guys that we got a question for me from local leave allay California. Luckily, that's amazing. I'm doing that in a few weeks. Really wasn't happens? Yeah nice, you see written they re fines on their creep, really free Balin and some pajamas. What's the hurry strange re finds has been on that show a couple of times it's a mean. I love re finds no wrong, but I do but I'm just not sure his career supports the level of eccentricity that he has exactly like if it were Nicholson. I'd be like, of course,
we re fighting, fucked cocaine, you get to do whatever you are you're, crazy, he's a good actor, but I I don't think he gets to go on chosen pajamas. I mourn ass, a pajama show by a key reveal that he was wearing nowhere without a job as now then got real like like really creepy about ninety Psmith? Doesn't we're underwear either we about downturn. Abbe upstairs downstairs downturn on. Maggie Smith, minors, her there's hardwood floors, hardwood floors. You guys hell, we talking We are talking about. How well you're show is added in, and I think we know with anyone who can itself on their own to do a thing which you did. It is tremendously helpful that every party involved has the same vision for the thing that you're making oh yeah and you have to.
It's a little bit of a dice role because you don't know the camera guys gonna be good. If the editors gonna get comedy or anything yeah it's hard, and you know I have to I do not love making fun of views, but they have been incredibly supportive. You know from the beginning, in terms of just sort of I think that I've been doing this for years online and not trying to tamper with the UN and letting me they ve. Let me have like a crazy amount of creative control over the cell phone, Grateful so is it is it funnier die the financing of yours, Gary Sanchez, funny or die. Ok, yeah funnier dies that the production and how Valverde created. Where are they just supplying the proud? I added the show at funny or die: ok yeah, so we shooting York, and then I've been out here the past few months at the funny or die offices, Slash studio and allay, which is the first floor rebuilding on which in which Gary Sanchez at the second for their very close together. But might Farrah who runs the who's that had a production at funny or die
It is one of the exact producers on the show, and my office is right next to his I'll call him in and say, hey look at. This is funny I can tell anymore and just all then I am funnier dies great because it first what's a crazy place to work. Will everyone fuck it nice like its everyone's shockingly cool and adjust and so happy to be working. And working long hours like I have a lot of my college and turns and people new to them- a new to allay and its incredibly an incredibly supportive environment. These kids are so happy, be there. Happy to be there, and then you walk in and it's funny or die in other. There there are sort of bread and butter is, liberty, videos and you never know who's gonna show up so the other day I came back and all of a sudden there was a bed in front of my office. A young african american girl sleeping at it, and I went to- one of the guys who works, and I said who is this young black girl sleeping outside my office, and they said? Oh, that's, my
I sense daughter. Thyssen was around the corner from my office and full drag doing, Tyler, Perry and the next thing you heard that, like you know, girlish MIKE Tyson Voice, then he walked out and like fools rag in his daughter, sleeping there the whole it's so surreal and the next day I got their nose like with a big truck. In the end, king lot and there are like a nickel back is here, is just like a surreal, funny or days when I managed to do some. I mean like a win. Win funnier die even I ve been a few years ago, but when they they came about of all those others. So many huge companies were like make a comedy. Video websites super there and I think Sony did want like there are companies that launched their comedy web channels and all My god, I somehow gradual how these names rag might still be crackled still arouse. As an aside, I don't think, there's a video content creator Adam we're just gonna became calm, ominous emeralds like thing as opposed to it.
College humorous still around a funny or dies really funny or die was one of the ones it was like. Oh shit, they, actually they actually did it right may have they have a down, but culture makes all their money off. Other t, shirt, sales and stuff like that, like they're they're bus to tease, I think, is or snore teases them and they like ethical. Income comes from that stuff. It just like thunder, diving, always its those its those videos. They do with, like you know, as sponsored video branded very not to do you know I don't want to. I don't want to take it back too far in the internet time machine, but I did. I did friend the Snork T, shirt girl. Myspace really want the environment a named rather more of a bus, the tea girl that guy, but we also install fast or not no actually want another. One of those there did, but I get funny. Guy has a great community of words. Just making their doing. There are seven if it is to get attention than then they get the deal's too for the sponsor videos, but then they let the guy
work in their do whatever they want something. I guess I Danny Jelinek doing just like the weirdest most like visually stunning staff, and you got Scott Gardener, doing tiny puppets and all that Nobody knows where is he? I just digested Clip CUP Ojeda with those guys are awesome, so amazing those guys we're fucking great up up up up a permanent, but the evidence brilliant, the others goes. Does he has got Erika pelted stutter those ever now, though, is off doing. You know tv I mean it really. Is it like that that places just as a nesting ground for the future stop that kind of like what s analyses on tv, but it just, but more people have access to it right. You know that you will take us, though, with a pale, the areas that I never took classes with him. Now, Where am I always said Paul she, after Rob hello? Was it used to be a law in those days, Michael Delaney,
the lady Sean Conroy shone like ours. Closure use my first each of my first in Prague teacher this Sean's great fantastic Santa Yeah sure Conroy we did supersede do all. And pr voices very well, so do one adds do more lives suffers the hour more focused on doing tv, you don't wanna, do felt you wanna be an actor. Would you want to deal yeah? No, I I just wanna do fuckin or, like crazy amount, support that you could know and what are they really funny if you started this all Youtube Channel, but you still couldn't understand how you can just new poor- and I don't know I mean I e the launching pad I thought I was making videos on new born battle ass. Well, I thought I was worried that most of the original Billy on the streets of his Anu porn right now, just upload it weirdly. I was on x to last night and that there is this eggplant thing again
I see this as a German. I don't, I don't even know it's happening in this video. I wasn't lodgings eyes turned on. I was just I saw like eight plan as I wrote check that out and then something crazy was happening. Where that can you a genuine everywhere. That plan TAT was an egg plan, was put in a lot. It wasn't like them, there was like in the old books. Bunny cartoons were comes back about the country stickers all over. And if you know how I got up this guy's a vegetarian eggplant in his asshole just hang out. Well, I guess, I know that go we're gonna blow possesses no hasn't dignity return, I'm totally comfortable and fascinated by the then I wasn't into just for the record. I write duly noted, Co. Rapporteur. Could you do that
Yes, I was not into it for the record very good we gather on. We have then- and I remember differently, but Korea we heard of the planned gas Billy Agnor, who was fascinated eggplant atheling, asking of you planting. And waiting or an egg planting loathing estate. I wanna do yeah. Well, we were just picked up a second season, nice resting so we're gonna go back to New York and shoot that adding other show takes up my time by and I would like to do other things I like I said I started off as an actor I'd like to get back into that in some fashion, just to take a break from leaving
people on the street and maybe a talk, show I'm a huge if you guys know her, but you showed you probably know her Julie, Klaus. Now who wrote a book called, I don't care about your picture very hard. Cash how's called how it all? Yes, yes, yes, yes, of course, really she was part of the creative team that works on is part of it that works on Billy on the street and are now working on a talk. Show idea with her that we would co host together, maybe says awesome we're very similar Julian. I should check her out on twitter and everything she's GINO, He has good our real housewife recap. She did the real housewives recast for New York magazine for Vulture, she's, really really funny so we'll see about that, and I will see what else happens. I had on this. Let's it's it's analysing. Is it weird? It's bizarre scary to when you, when you're used to doing your show for no money when someone's like here's money,
How do you think you have done better? How do you not better? How do you keep the show? I love you. I love money, it's great, but now it is interesting that all of a sudden, this thing, which used to call me two hundred and fifty dollars now doesn't look that different, but has a cost a lot more money which is kind of fascinating and just because you're on tv and certain things after Why do we need this? Guy, like I had one camera before and no p aids and everyone like that? But you know now look it's great. I mean I am certainly not complaining adjust. It does complex. The process? You know, but also its nice, that I can have health insurance, so it's a win win, but now those people have to sign He says that you have, I do have to sign releases for the tv show yeah yeah yeah, and that is a funny process to disappear. That sticks behind me. I, like ten p m that chase after the people. After I run out
away at the end. But you know it's New York and you'd be surprised. Like nine out of ten people signed the really Even when I get angry at them or something crazy happens. They just they get a new Yorkers Iraq really savvy and it's not a hidden camera show. You know it's nothing. It's pumped, you know what they see, two cameras and a crew of people coming after them walk away. You know, I don't run after people, I don't want anyone on the show doesn't want to be on the show What we're doing animal Naga show there was. Does I gathers. We use a lot of magistrates stuff, and it was always surprising that people just like people that you would never think we're just be totally call with. It is a yes to I'll talk to. You are just be down, thereby there was there was times where and you would do a prank in his apartment and a guy would see a camera and then doubt, but where was I gotta? We had Chinese were delivered in any was like making Lycosa Bain transaction and the guy freaked out and then and in a Pierre, had run, get out a bike and follow the guy back to
and he's restaurant who then hidden back, and he had to talk to the owners of the restaurant. It's good Ok, egg is gonna just sign. This is gonna, be all right. You're gonna! Do that a couple of things like that we had to go back in five people later go to the when you go to the Superbowl, though you're gonna have a little bit, that's gonna, be like superficial. Can there be for riddled with Conan, do give a fuck about volatile mine that a night against it in any way? You know I mean I am glad the giants are and cause I'm a new Yorker, so that'll be fine, but ultimately for me- and you know it for me- comes there I, like the spectacle of that, I can say I really care about who wins, but the Superbowl is a huge pop culture moment. So, with the half time show in all these part, they sent me
of the parties that you were going to and it's just for some Drake performs at anything. Apparently I was just in Sundance at the funnier dies because they had the timid, Eric Movie Premier, which is an awesome movie by the way, if you liked him and Eric I loved it, but Drake performed at every damn party, and now I saw the list of several parties. Lifelike joy gives like draggers performance, so they have all that so many people come to perform in common a lecture hosts apart. I know what she does anymore, but she's gonna, be it the Superbowl. So I like talking to those people and although the common electoral say, what do you do what has it alone? She does want the well. What's that our electorate hit the wall, bad and I note that means she's no longer attractive. A real is very fast thing that happened. Oh, I can happen in two thousand three. I have no comment. I know you don't you shouldn't have come and let us make died in her. Yeah did a show other in the nineties when your programme-
countries I don't mind her. As a pole, I don't care. I haven't doctorate since ninety five fucker, but I remember her as being very sweet, I'm sure she's, very nice, I'm just I'm with you. I am very interested by entertainment, cars. And then there is this weird rather than I am by celebrities almost I rather I want like an hour along sit down interview with Nancy. Now jerk, that's what I want. I want to find out like what makes her tick. What makes Laura Spencer will there's a whole there's a whole stratum of people. I mean at least you know Nancy as a job like, but but there are people that you see pop up and you like. What are you doing? Why are you in this magazine do and stuff
I know what you don't know if it's a publicist trick girl what it is about, a british gay guys around for like access who's, that british gay guy get in Bonn fascinated by them. I like hearing- I just like, I think celebrity- is just a fascinating funny thing in, and people trying to hold onto it is always very compelling, as I'm sure I'll have to do in a year or two do thinks. I do think it'll. Do you think you'll as you start to get to know more people? Do you think that I'll take some of the edge off or do you feel like you're, still be able to be no fuck with people? I think I'll be the fuck with people I mean
cab. They don't figures and fought with people by part of the conceit of that show is that people are surprised. You know whether they are secretly or not. I don't know from what I hear, but you know, but that is part of that show and that's been good. They are like every day for besides a day- and you know- I think you know it's also new york- there is a constant influx of people. You be shocked by the amount of people I go up to who say I don't own a tv near I mean it's New York. People are on their own wavelength, they might be media obsessed, but there are they read like the new Yorker Euro. As a pole, the like sitting home in watching Jersey shore. They have no idea who I am or what funny your diary. What fuse is? Certainly so, I think what I think will be able to keep it guy. I think we'll go to other cities. You know I think, we'll hit a Vegas and South Beach and London You know if we get, you know. If we're around that long, I definitely think their ways to keep it fresh butter.
You're, one of those guys that could pretty quickly. Have you been doing since two thousand five, but you could pretty quickly be pretty substantial fixture in pop culture like you could you could pop like that and the sudden is just like all Billy's. You know Billy's everywhere, you have the sort of right personality you just if you give you catch on the right platform and maybe it's doing stuff of Conor. Maybe it's show of your own or something. Then all the sentence is gonna, be like going Billy Agnor, be like yours. Do this you know, so I mean that's very nice of you to say what would you do if you could do anything if highly of the president of Hollywood said really to president of Hollywood. What would you like to do ass common Electra, what she does every day, But when you go into their garments tat I could do any thing wow cause. You might get that choice. Pretty sooner logo know about you. Might what would you do? You have a lot, we on I'm doing a lot of stuff. I wanna do ok, let's nice, what
I do I like this talk, show idea. I've always been fascinated. I've always loved talk, shows when I was a kid I always went to bed very late for some reason, even like an elementary school immigrant. Let me do it a meter and I want to do at. I would watch Letterman on NBC at twelve thirty like when I was eight and and and I love all kinds of talk shows like I love the view still unlike I just like live or semi lie tv, I love any common show. You know, and I love Andy show more than they actually like. A lot of the Bravo shows that, but I like live chatting, I dont know why I like it the same reason I think why like Twitter, because it's like unfiltered talk railway, like people aren't talking through their publicists and I just like talk show so I'm excited that, whether its by myself with Julia someone, you know I like that idea. I was always
doing a video for think this is happening. I'm doing a video for with funnier funnier dies doing a series of Oscar promos. For the Oscars, mainly for online. I don't know if they're going to be on tv or not not for the award show itself. I don't think, but I'm doing a man on the street video I'm going back to New York to do one about the Oscars for the Oscars dot com. That is an that's pretty dreamy. I was always like crazily obsessed with a ward shows as a kid I would make my parents go out and buy me oak tag and I would make charts about the nominees I was. I also my parents were my only friends, and so I would force my parents to also make posters and with their predictions and there like not, they were not showbiz people at all. I mean there are very supportive of me, but they fed into my obsession with pop culture. I guess just cause it's what I liked and I would just sit and eaten she doesn t
posters about the Asker nominees regulatory. If I got another level of gay that the world is not prepared for the work that is not even yet, I know what it is going a little. No, no, they are not ready yet, as unlike the Jeffrey Dahmer of celebrity is just gonna come out after you, we don't work, we were ashamed only one about you. What that I'm gate know about your Oscar trees, began that in principle no avail. So the fact that I like working with the Oscars now is, is crazy to me that that that world felt so far away. When I was a kid you know like you, sit and watch tv unity like wow, that's happening like on another planet, like you don't mean, and now you're doing it meant just feels like another is just a job that I had that I do like other actually kind of where to work with, like
on the other purposes lenders when I start to lose jobs, but no one hour, like oh ok, yeah yeah yeah. I don't know I'm not making much sense, but whichever one allied to host the asker you you would be. I think that night, that's what I was going to say like what would be the only thing you want to do now. I just I mean, based on what my childhood dreams were. That was pretty high up there, but I also want to like fuck a lotta people so that the dream to that's not going there. How will ban, too busy with were like the thing that you think he's gonna help you fuck alot of people, you're gonna be too busy doing that to fuck a lot of people are now totally have our now. For you I'm not. I don't do that. I'm just not good data right due date. Anyone now radiating yeah yeah, I'm seeing someone, but I just don't. I can't
I just can't get a dating, but I'm not gonna dating. Oh, I just clear, multiple people, I don't know I just. I just feel weird like going out with some one in the next I've been like you're, the lady tonight that guy just I don't know what it have friends. That means you're a good guy Furthermore, as I like our good guys, but like I just can't like they're, just kind of seeing different girls and he's not saying dedicated em, but I can't I don't think I could keep up with that. Many people that many people's bullshit stories and lives- to build a focus on multiple, similar, so stupid, not serious. This is what I've. This is what I learned over the years. I am always shock and I grew up, and I had really smart friends, and I just this that everyone was like that, and now I realize how dumb like the worst thing is to be on a date with like a fuckin idiot, and most people are fuckin idiot with no self awareness. That's the worst. We go to their guide,
I'm destination wedding, River Eimer Vienna day. It was like that, like I just heard, seemed of girls and I I went on and I was so I don't know why I went because it wanted by just felt I had to get those single, and I literally one has a story from like it sounds like an old asking us out our caring about anything about the other person, our deeds. Tough to deal with dating lies. You knew
I find it remarkable. I have a law like a lot of my close friends of ST guys. Could I went to theatre school so we're altogether, but I hear their stories about dating girls. It is exactly the same except that you could, like dates, environment punch them in the face of it's. Ok, we're guy you're, a lot of guys like White, that that's the thing, but I think I know it is remarkably similar, like the experiences that straight guys have, and girls have and gay guys that it's all the same. I people are stupid and have baggage here, but we all like fuck anyway. Unlike yet and love people- and I don't know now what I was expecting to talk about, but we can talk about it. No I just I think I mean I've it. Oh, I just think, as I mean trusted unrestricted our get, I mean yeah, I mean I think tat I get in trouble with. I gave press by, like you know the clashes that guy.
I know everyone's like they're, so smart and funny brilliant, unless it's not true, but I can tell you there are some guys were stupid ass. She liked They might have a good job and light be wearing an eye sweater, but they are so self upstairs they just like Shall I not everyone? You know a lot of them are great. They're, not TIM Gun. I can t get out here about ten, don't know what happened! It's him good him gun he's on that show the choose something on ABC and no one knows: where do they actually was on tv just yes right and it's all right down stream? That's that's crazy! All my guide and Michael Simon bid by an chef host this programme is very rain. What's the chew, I was wandering Willie. I knew how they they cancel the soap opera rights, and this is the true and people come on, and I think if I could talk show, but we talk about.
So I was exactly what is so, though, so, basically, it's a sort of a double entendu like chew, like eat food, where she likes you, the fat. I am her in my stomach. It was on a couple days ago. We're doing a pot gives them here, and it was just so weird cause. I turn to my right and Michael sign was cooking, something it was vegetable day and Mario Battalion was eating something blindfolded. It was so what about some gun that him guns that he is, I think, a correspondent on virtue and he sat on tv a few days ago that he hasn't had sex and twenty nine years. Woe seriously was busy tat make it work. I now make a squirt. Jesus high twenty nine years twenty nine years, and they asked him why he said because he had some like that guy's been gave real time and you know he how I guess he had a boyfriend or something way back when like thirty years ago, and he said he could.
Really get over that guy and at that guy dumped him, because TIM was so shy about sex and because they had someone on who was saying, and our people need to have more Saxon if it contributes to making your life better, and it makes you happy, you can't go without sex. Above all- and him was like- that's not true, I feel like I've area. Prerogatives are excellent, or do you think that doesn't count gauge, Jays or anything like that, or do you mean, like the actual but penetrating another human being I do emotional eighty pounds a sexual activity by. I think he meant pretty much everything penis related Oh, I think we're at ass related. My roommates are gay and I've never heard them having sex and our rooms are right next to each other, but every night you have the glass up against the wall, waiting to hear it also they might just- might be considerate roommates man and await me ready either, I expect to hear something but they're, like the hunt for October the rig freestyle, I heard gay sex once it was. It was
unusually aggressive I was I was saying I was doing a show in San Francisco and I was staying at a hotel in the walls are very thin and I'd. I heard like by heard, like the creaking of like of the bed, I heard one guy like yeah fuck it near the guy. Was I got my fuckin gonna like they were? I didn't it was. Fascinating so aggressive. I just I just like my back and fuck it like. It was like just a lot of you know, I'm not saying that small gay sex, but that was the fact that I heard that at an egg plan the egg plans in terms of various ragged. By because just what made us gave away a thousand dollars, you can say we're gonna die out there. I just want to say I will have sex with you TIM gun. You have offer from Billy Agnor will we can reach a populist scared
say: it's all, really rough, less, populous scare them in a way that scaring him, because you're saying all gain access rough know what, but his team done consider he seems very fragile. He does seem is a gentleman yeah. Gentle mandate needs some deck, but you walk Do you want to bury the lead? You know what I've I just I want to be like my mom dad like. I just want him long, that's what I want for revised or mom he's Mr Miranda, Mr Marsh where's, Michael Keaton, I you know where I see him on Twitter, yet we he was great other guy in the other guy, whereas he was terrific and no knows you did at thirty rock I was pretty good janitor I mean you're talking about these right for good comrades are real, combats I mean that guy was. I worshipped him. In like going back to night shift and just like
Oh Jesus is gone wrong. Blue! did love is mom gang. I was streaming Netflix. I know that events yak as I had to have when I was reviewing the Kindle fire on attack of the show I had to have a no with legal about whether I could show Gung HO there like you can. If you make critical comment about Gung ho. Oh yes, I hears Gung HO work at all, some one. That's the weird thing about fair uses that you they get. You know you can get around it. If, if your categorized as a news information programme- and so we would come up against that on web soup, all the time we would have to we couldn't you show a video you get a week to show it and then you would have to listen. There was. All that we are about you'd have to be like, like the guy This orange sure, just let you just have to point out, is that to just make it work
gentlemen in an Orange Parker, the as how to find out is at last is on that counts is news. Why are you not doing stuff it e? Why didn't you ever do Chelsea show? No I've never done Chelsea Show, and I want to do it and they don't ask me you should really be on. I know that's why I that's what, after years before I got my own show, I kept compromise like how do I get on Chauncey Show? Like I love Chelsea, I have friends who do the show when I was on content a few weeks ago. She was that it was. It was funny it with a nice moment, because for years, I've like one or two be on her show and she was like the main gas than I was Second guest answer. That was cool and I went after the dressing room and, I said hey. I just want to unite on the second guess on the showed, an eye but aims Billy, I'm a huge fan of yours and she said hi not at all there's that arise. I worry on South Asia, I did fashioned police show. I'm John Rivers has been a big fan of mind is actually
Was it less than I did before like a year and a half ago, and at first started I did a man on the street video for, like for fashion police and in his daily used to steal my videos from Youtube and showed without my permission so technically I have been. I have an idea of eyes and they got the revenue. No official capacity and Joan is actually I love your neighbors and she's actually
Billy on the street tonight actual elder fantastic? Yes, she we do this thing. We play the main game on Billy on the street. Is this three round multiple choice game where the first two rounds of trivia are factual, pop culture questions and people make it to the third round? The third round is subjective hook, acts or whether or not people wind depends on whether they agree with me. In my opinions about pop culture actors, movies, everything ass, a three round, game called quizzed in the face and they go of the people, and I quote them in the face and one of the life lines court on close enough were allowed to use. That phrase gets a millionaire, but whatever One of the other ways people can ask for help is ask your surprise, celebrity guest, and so we have shown river standing by Anna Lemme and we found a contest. The United States,
So you know Ladys of a certain each way thought would be excited by Joan Rivers, not that everyone wouldn't be, but you know I'm trying to of course zones core damn right down. So I approached this woman and I say it- you know the answer to a question. I said you wanted. You surprised it s. An she said: ok bring them out and Joan is sitting there in a limo right next to us in the door opens and she passed down this woman. The contestants literally start screaming Joan concept like stays with a whole raft of the game, and I'm not telling you with a huge costs. Out of middle aged lady? On the upper West item in hand? age Ladys for like certain forms around us and they all start playing the game with John and they could have been an me and yelling out answers and people to try to get Jones? Autograph wall were playing the game of the shell and I, but it's a pretty great, like New York moment it's on the upper West side of it
that that's tonight on the show and Jones awesome she's aware I love Joseph relates the contestants cell phone book. Intestine immediately takes herself on out to light, take pictures of Joan while we're on camera, LAR playing the game and Joan takes it and put it in her panties. Seventy. Nine year old, Lady S, full your Regina Falls offer limiting just taken I mean you know I I bet as Dr Jones, great I'll, greater I'm sure its greatest yeah, maybe The current him gun up actually like they would work that she regime. Be a great offer him it's like a great couple, but then they say: hey we're getting married. It's in
in the Bahamas, haven't to a destination wedding for Joan represent him. Gun live really fun. Now TIM Gun, Rivers, Lou Jonah, strap it on four timgar seriously IVF soda Louis Show were I was amazed right list. There are other the knowing tells him to remember the names of all the people that work at the club and as a great great hurry. Is there anyone this we're almost at the end of our hour, but AIDS hoo hoo right now, pop culture wiser, you sort of fascinate. Whether who do you think is about to do, you think is a pet is about to self destruct. I'm wondering where, where Mony quaint right MO won an Oscar? The weird Oscar curries don't see her. I am almost positive, Mona has already like has sold to a pawn shop for cash that terrorist?
porn stars. Yet, ok, leg here has grown so large I'd whilst they are- and I always wonder about the ones were not hearing about I got in, I know about George Clooney, that's nice. I saw the descendants very good good job, but I don't want to talk about that. I wonder like where did the others go this year? like you know that you wonder why your passion didn't make movies for ten years. I wonder why What I don't know what happened? I wonder I always have to seem Risa, Tommy's tits and every move. If I'm fine, I love knows I lumber jerseys, very hot. She likes to show off her nipples As I was very like it, it was a great feeling rousing. I think I like her and more now than I ever did before ressler. I think yes, wrestler and Cyrus and she she she so high. So even I recognise that she's extremely hot. I saw it as a party in New York and she's no sprint again raised to know, but she hadn't that has now looks. She hasn't sort of vibe words like
I don't know her. I've never met her. I don't really think about her, but it's almost like what ever you co hosted. A show with her. That's right my cousin, Veni, the game, show and in so she has that sort of vibe of like like like a. Slightly crazy you, where you would want to have sex with her, because you like she would destroy you a levy, but then you wake up the next morning and she'd be like she'd, be carving hearts into your chest. It, oh. I thought this party event from after. Ready for some play that opened in New York and no one really dances. Those things is like a theatre party. Who cares everyone just embarrassed to be there and resettlement took to the dance floor was I grind it up on some dude in really work, and I think she would. I think she would ruin a fella. I wanna take them Orissa, Toby challenge. I challenge you, whereas the tow age approve may or areas on every girl. Now I don't want anybody, but like me, who else? My thinking about
so we know we know we are seeing a lot less sneak. Apostrophe need. Nick Nick. I think that's the weird Oscar there's like that weird ass, her course we're like someone nervous or Vienna Mere sore venal. Kooky we're getting junior like I don't know then read dogs are assist, you see because there are black people and as the UK, only with black people and yes, apparently our eyes. We already. I also see what happens when thousands of dollars Red Dockers, using snow dogs, no doubt not overboard. What was then the gang trip, but where they pay to be a ruse. What a sophisticated tat that's right, one of those power ones where he probably shot it before anyone the ostrich, like we gotta release this movie now and that we must now work. It has real right route and that that I think both trip
really the sun, like it hot of our generation, and you know that I now pronouncing chalk and Larry's of the world's words, not insulting at all to the gay community now I don't know what happens after the Asker Kurtz I dunno people just gonna go all right. I want to take a break now. I've sort. Made it or if you just give super precious about your film choices, because you have what you have. I think you think you're hot shit and you start saying no to things and then people stop asking you as an interesting theory. I guess maybe want too much money now your agent Fox shut up for you, because you're like an Oscar winner, will see what happens with Octavia Spencer, Roger I still out of what is that becoming ready, I dont know their say. And whereby leave gonna go mad. If I didn't see the help I didn't you,
you know I just I just don't see a lot of movies until they come out on us by means of Sunday, because I was I guess I was up there and he gave his whole speech scream. You know like Rihanna, Chris Rock Asthma yeah. He was just complaining how few black movies there are at Sunday. I agree I wouldn't I dare not see many black people. I will say that so he's right about but I mean also your spike Lee use it like courts have the Lakers games. I think things are going, ok for you well, but it's also like do. Is you know it's Sundance, really the right put like There are probably better places for these movies to screening. That funding should be the native American as the heart. When I was there. I just I just I've heard that Sundance now, just like you dont want to go with like it's all tourists, it's all like economic. It's all just remember: you have a common currency. Has things about it that I I still enjoy that nothing has been once they're gonna win fibre, I'd like to know
you should go to the Abacha defence should well you gotta have a gun, great A lot of life is my first time I was just here. Happens is a lot of rich white people book there vacations during Sundance, so they can see celebrities, and so it has become less about the movies and more about like I may have come here and got a hopeful like someone said, oh, like when kids like Kim Kardashian, something like why the fuck was Kim Carnation anywhere near Sundance, like what is the point of that is. But far yeah, I don't know, I saw an Paul their case. Low way. Is that good or bad knoweth fine areas greater the high? It was a career highlight. Do you like ample sure why not you advance the fuck? Do I? What do you watching you watching any television so yeah?
Louis I mean I want. Oh, my God Portland IA normalizing. I mean that is amazing. I always tell people or you know, watch my shell, but if it's between my shown for landing awash poor land that I just think for arms. Then I will stay right. Madam reasoning, for the first time I was stronger than he's is like the sweetest guy or of swedish man, but that shows so I love Portland here and I do like my show too it's a nice if there is a fun time, so what what day in time does your show air funnier dies? Billy on the street errors through the new episodes premier. It is they that eleven on fuse. You can go to Billy on the street dot com, to see samples from the show and see how you can find. Use. He don't know a few tears. They have a very helpful fuse finder, and that's it and infused runs the shows a lot and you should check it out. People like it
I am grateful that people like it and I'm just happy to be here- it's good. It's really really, It's really nice have you on, and I am, I think, you're I think your career should trajectory is gonna. Have a nice. I mean you're already doing it, but I think over the course of the next year the more you just get in front of the ride eyes like it's, I think you're gonna, I think you're gonna, buy, think you got something you get. You gonna be one at a great Why would you how about I have a pastrami sea which is down near the kid is daily and unlike com and some day you gonna be big. First, you gotta print ass words ass. He sounds older back in the German, but yeah. That's right. I like, when you say, comment that voice there and if it hung about Carmen or calm in the wrapper arm in common. You're gonna, be in common. I wanted you guys got together. Carbon and carbon, uninsured, fucked him gun yeah. Why each one reality show waiting to happen. Should there be a boring lay. I think that would
and I made in reality show is if, if TIM Tim, someone had have to sign up for it, but he could, be aware of what it was and it was the show was just trying to get someone to fuck him and he, but in so I was just a lot of like hidden cameras, stuff like us apart. It should be that should fall army. I've yup, should die. I absolutely agree very bearing Timmy, I'm betting gun or the Hallmark Channel yup. Martha Stewart didn't work out. So why not shoot him? getting fuck by common every every Kelly, rather like the blues, glues, we're adult like the same show five days in a row yeah. Well, they learn some different everyday works at work, but make were so. We have make its word and we have common and pimped him gun doing a version of blues clues where they fought every day. Electric could be like the chewy, now the middle Julie right yet immediately
you went back. I went to Chewbacca, that's ok, I was thinking lifted Carmen in their food DR sometimes our aim at little version- internet adder, nothing euro. Yet you I mean you idiot, you will probably the more you do stuff do people complain if you like Did you say that are what are you saying or why did you do you, like elsewhere, in Syria, people I'm shocked by this reaction, because I know I'm a human being. I want people to hate me, although I do have some opinions and I stick by them and I'd I'd literally dont care of people hate me. I think they're going to be people that love me in, But I hate me and that's fine, but I am shocked by the amount of people who tweet me during the show, because it alive to interactive. The show- and I love like talking to the view is mother, shows airy and on twitter and a lot of people say. Oh my god, I want to come to New York, unhappily actor scream at me, weirdest reaction, but I, but that so and I
that's great, I'm glad that they feel that way and that they like me, and that they want to see me that I'm just shot. It's just that's a kind of a fascinating thing. It's like I sent him away. Well, it's a badge of honor like they see a guy that they like, and they just want to be. They just want to be kind of involved in some way so by I loved our reaction, but I think it's funny for funding. I think it's going to figure out the first time you at the summit in you'd, try to fuck, like all. I got really low yell at me in here, like none another hole like stop. Fucking so they run away, but you can still make it work examples make it make. Its word Billy aggravate Ringer Twitter, you just that Billy Agnor intuitively I'd, never be I age and fantastic place. Here and if you re about it, I really love the shown and an honour to be all. Thank you for being on it, as if someone could tag moaning just just trap, with the tranquilizer gonna, just agur. We can tracker. You know.
Like a wild animal and no one should win. And after who has an apostrophe in there We need more, not less than the guy the guy acting. The statue was like really that they did not even have an abortion It is about it is that you use you use an apostrophe if you're, like think a painting a word or if your shortening aware moaning works. Fine, bout. The apostrophe, her name is needed, but she's a bigger girls, those bony now you're, that's like Just like that, like apostrophizing mushroom, leaved, that's going to up to be knowledge. No Georgia's already a name, you don't have to their state of the union apostrophe there. We need more meek and our lives. I think less Nick, I think way less snake Leslie that she should come back and less sneak would be funny. If she loses a bunch awaits, you could be less snake. Something's gonna have at her talk. Show is terrific. I want to see you and if you are now, I would love to interview moaning. What's your first question for money,
How much did you get for the asker melted down how to gold was laughing cast forego the Munich? If your listening and you're not I love you, I would different about. You know France, I just haven't met you and, I beg you should say, relax disgusting. I haven't really kiddo. I have not seen ammonia comedy special, like I want to go, see that more often the queen's a comedy baby negative and are now she's, not myself. Just that my voice, that's not my son, my taste doesn't mean she's. A bad person was just my opinion. She was, she's a bad person. Rights are, I believe Let's see you and me enjoy burrito everyone goodbye now, leaving noticed tat com.
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