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The hilariously talented Bob Odenkirk tells the story of his mom seeing his stand up for the first time, and talks about working on Breaking Bad when he didn't know what was happening on the show. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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What were the Nerdist Podcast number one. Sixty three cut liquid show announcements before I stuff this podcast directly into your brain, I'm doing a coming central Erelong, scent of comedy special on February. Seventeenth just have taken so that if you want em just take em, I'm demand that you take these tickets. You gonna be in New York. That's where it is you gotta, nervous, dot com, slash calendar to get those tickets you'll get a daily. We need like eight hundred people, they are so if you go now you'll be and then I want to be running that our long set for practice, in LOS Angeles at nerd, melt on February six, that nine thirty pm again totally free show come by.
I just can't get to hear the hour. You know just the way that I've been doing it. Lately. I've been carbon doing the set in pieces. Then I wanted you on a special, so February, six over the first time that this particular material is our cobbled together in this way. So will it work com and find out so that I can really crap my pants between February sixteen February seventeenth, but we'll get explaining it do this together? You guys, I know you don't care as much as I do from tracked. You assign more emotion, do when you actually have for it, but I feel like you're part of all the stuff. You know if you think you can listen to the pod casper, while you're gonna watch it build and you are a part of it. I mean
You forget for better or for worse, and so I thank you for that, and and and I appreciate it- also we're coming to Boston to perform and met my resolve town. You can actually see all of these people that met Myra talks about on the pod cast. They will come to this. We should have the biggest. We should have zones, friends begets on in Boston and just then just talk about an interesting about it, not talk shit about it because that would join. It does, but I mean just by want to find out more about what's inside the little robot than his map Myra that's may, for if you can also get tickets, for that is the Weber Theatre, noticed, tat, calm, slash calendar so come under that as well and in bunch of other shows that we're doing
shows being at all the time now. Under this episode, my our friend by boat hook finally came on. So this is this. Is that episode and Bob it's such a mate? He such an engaging storyteller that I feel like Bob, could just been there without us amazing stories for an hour. I would listen. Him talk for hours, so it's a super supersede refund for us, and you know Bob so inspirational to all of us of MR shown and in a sort of my kind of what you did in that in that kind of sub genre of poverty is, has been so important. I think to sketch people in provisos and really fungi fund show for us to do nervous back ass ever set number one sixty three with Bob Odin Kirk, nor
ring murder, star com with windows? I scarcely three restaurants are just like a bit. Right now, like really exciting, as this would be more to walk to array of terrible there. It's good possibility, one of their all variations on the same thing and their care of its own there, there is in New York, it's down south Oh they open data, a restaurant, that's like a mexican japanese fusion Why that's like every truck?
truck is like now intervention but doesn't know. May not only of us also like Jaffa needs me, but that's where we are in our culture where there's like there are so few original ideas, anymore, that it's like when you, when you think about the media like like how many tee shirts or mash up of things like Mario in the targets which I'm fine where tragedy, but it is one I like how many figure for well. I hear that you got, you can go to a place on how would boulevard and get donors chinese food and chicken wings. What was what was? Was it a cowboy interbank samples in turbans? We're still exists it just like a really like it's like you, do, take tangled Those are the mistake, that's the trouble! You owe me myths that I got all these don't I've got the wings, not a turban, but boy chicken taking a solid inside of a burrito. That's a good idea. I, like the food trucks
We are of the drug culture. You trust them. That's. My thing is: like the whole, like gray, poisoning thing the paint job they have a nice painting, yeah, that's the best. You have that's the only that restaurant they can get away, you couldn't have our track of all you couldn't get a gas and then they get away. They gonna wait thirty miles an hour and I go to the city center, but tiny taco decided diseases I will go to what point is it Gore may and at what point is it just lazy, there's a place called Jolly you know. I know you been the idea I don't really like I've. Never filipino. I know why why's that you have been an yea it won't you from a wiser, like I grew up in Lego, filipino food now go. Did you eat now? Yes,
Now I hear they have spaghetti a hot dog, spaghetti Huldah, guess as they do, you can call it that we're getting I can remember there like the Lego, good fun, burger as one of their workers, yes and thereby spaghetti and hot dog. I mean is that for me like that, I can t you get like her hands to the Getty with hot dog pieces, so yeah. They know where all that it can only be they call it proudly spaghetti and hotter the big up there on the main, that's all it if you're gonna do age. Go to my mind it you know what you don't try to hide in Irish. They ask yeah we're gonna die. We would you like spaghetti in hot. I would like to go into the chef in the jolly be test kitchen, We can't gags sandwiches for that's a research to develop
neither lie undreamed of pie and we are going to get mass got to the old that Jolly B, see that as good. I like the mass god I am, I have never been in it because it just seems so bad so poorly. Planned it's a chain in the Philippines and there's a actually as far as I know too, patients are here there's the one over there are no Beverly and for mine and then there's one in the the Filipino Mall of an Eagle Rock Plaza a matter. I had an excellent within them all next to the target was very and allows so there's two. Yes, as far as I know, my back I know my best from on high schools filipino, so naturally he taught me in how to say into Gallagher Pick pick on my behalf, which means your pussy smell but I know about I led by the communist amateur, That's a grating, that's gonna, tell you, say chicken a double, that's a great Filipino yeah. I like I've, I've been getting we back into the hawaiian culture. Does my parents sent me a rat
Hawaii DVD, which is like a rat replicator, is like the biggest align comic of all time, but no one will ever know this. The blanks there's I'm going right in his name is rap. Replicator is funny. If you know differences in amazing girl. It's amazing! How he's really get he's good? If you know what it's like it when I grew up watching them because they say he died of by Rather Tom was born of a coke. Overdose, but, like you know they play the special every year and on tv, rather where agriculture is even beyond the document or Indonesia me yeah. Well, you know he's like just data and a Hawaiian says, there's got. Portuguese was a disaster: cocaine, overdose, cocaine, act, impractical pain and animal. Ok awaited came, and how did you like was lacking the layer? The falls near my neighborhood, not only Bosnia and Wet Weather island. You grab Oahu, mainly
his dying hotels like the chateau, my mind but Hawaiians they fucking get cooked up and in Diana Waterfall yeah, exactly the heroin and surfing the danger is cocaine, make waterfalls better. I dont know it's like master. They make it Don't go Jason S soccer Jason? What about what was that? What was the this year? The really famous singer, Israel but the bigger the idea about is yeah or, as I he died of just a man problems. I was there. He was an enormous that I, like fire pounds. I got into a fight at school because, like we're, the joke between our friends was a has ever called him, but it is Israel. Is you know, and ass, I said, but is more like brother was good. There, then I just feel tapping on my shoulder by what you know like by and then punch find it area, one of many articles Oh and people's jobs does the native
in a way through a driver, occasioning around you ever goes on. I never been there that that video from Maui of of It asked even Tyler, and now you are performing come together, just like in a local bar. Will you know it was. It was that it was a new year's party that the hotel put together. Ok, Arnold was the empty their idea. I saw him after decidedly wait a second time sounds like a weird dream. Like Bob had the weirdest dream, I was in the and Stephen and they readings they had. It was that of a jolly values. Spaghetti without dug the way it was even Tyler. Durden title weird Alice Cooper and then, after the side was Tom. Arnold and unlike the three alongside other lighting? Probably that is a big What
we're gonna get it. What was so impressive other video is that I was the only one who's totally book. Stephen Tyler did come together for the sergeant peppers movie and also, like you, see else Cooper with the lyrics sheet. Like it- has even tie we're just sing. In the words he knew the lead. You hear weird thing I was at that: Springsteen show it Tramp's when he got the E3 PAN back the other, really virtue, and he had a binder with lyrics wow. Like the old classics. I guess when you remember that under road really provide shows a binding. I guess you have that many songs immediately as those that many years I mean they haven't played together for like eight or ten years on her. No, I mean if someone if someone said hey Bob, do that to which actually leads me to my first point is the very this time? I think I ever saw you was on the Alias central and you had a that I love about it was this sort of it was the kind of like uneducated differences
between Lincoln and Kennedy. You have. This is about Lincoln, and he will have. I one man show about Lincoln was at one man show of is a peaceful one. Man show about linking by a guy who just really the only new life that kind of stuff you read out her place. Matt, you know a crackdown is year cracker barrel, so it part of it was Lincoln Secretary. I remember the job, but a lot of it was like. Point. I pull out a penny and go I've lost weight. I actually saw Lincoln one man show in Gettys once gas fired me with. I'm the guy was good. He looked like Lincoln afterwards. I was in the little restaurant near the theatre any
eating then had a ruined. Does he dies, eating spaghetti and had already really looked like like him. I ve got a wonder what came first, the appreciation for Lincoln or you look like Lincoln because if it weren't also, your resolution came later has come at the. U no artificial, cheating. I really want to do this. Taft Shell, you really more of a lincoln time here of keeping rights D. Are you looking for the movie, the Lincoln Movie, sure yeah? No, I think it'll be cool. I mean I like Spielberg you'd, better make it a little grid. You know Lincoln was a kind of depressed guy in an intense live, as you rightly retainer, Louis's yeah right, so you'll bring a lotta intensity in kind of darkness to which I think you need. It is kind of a dark. I mean something. I write a book yeah that well
by now you live with Joshua Speed and he traveled around Illinois with that guy in the shared a bad, but everyone here that back, then Nora that many, those bringing out the bed of the war nor funny business and thus also another thing they said. There's also you sure these artists versus are just now hearsay but like they say that his voice actually is really high, really high, and she ass. He had a kind of a high pitched laugh that was our above- that make laugh. I wouldn't like he. I really think as MA Kennedy. Louis is certainly one of the greatest actors of our generations. But for some reason I was I have read, I ve been excited when I heard that Liam Neeson was gonna just because, like physically, I can see Mason, as Lincoln, he's kind of a tall imposing lay figure evidenced, shouted down they Louis's ligament. I mean I saw one shot:
were you satellite magazines, forefront nine, you know ended up having to do the tiny difference with the hat of him eating he's head was also a set of women's living people during a nose shrink and Lincoln, where, like it gets a lily in General It's an alternate universe. Generals who goes to assess aim, but of accidentally brings them. Drink re then Lincoln against a shrinking, and this is what happens to America like people can handle. A tiny lady has turned to a former foe to try and figure out the cure. I love the measuring illegal solitude adults when the whole series is just to get smaller and smaller than the last episode he just deciding. Unless there was also the alive I was watching the godfather today Godfather to end
you know how Brando like lives through the they they attack them on and in the end he lives through unease like the godfather again, I've kind of forgot about that, unlike watching me, get shot up, and the next thing I know about that, actors. He falls overrun. The orange trees. I think a little bit of son he's back like sunny, gets, killed and he's back in charge and he's like having a meeting and he's arguing about what can you know how what the rules are going to be, and I thought what if he just kept going, would have. The kind of guy he's they'll call me. He's coming but he's like a hundred two hundred twenty a super centenarian, I found out supersize an area super centenarian you're over a hundred. Well, now, really, that's all. That's useless factoid bob! You it's great to. Finally, have you on a broadcast, oh my on yet
Please don't we started allowing okay dammit I think an arrogant get out of the bag, proud, myriads, loan, sure. That's all you're Bab, legally northern. I know you're that picture, as you can see it from the angle that he can the foes actually completely blew off the complete and permanent feeling ass. You ever that's right. We started Y yeah, we ve been here. This has been oh been refuted around my swears know. All the swears are staying in I'll, miss you swear it off with my mom. This is our only by George Robber. Why it's right? Why weren't Lou Robert Robert, I thought you were gonna change. That happened to me that one of the first times I stand up in an actual upsetting mom came my mom came. I did too shows that the I've done stand up in college, a few too. You know behind handful of times, and then I went and I did the urban
improv, I gotta set at the Urbane Improv one night and I had a great set. I might, but this isn't so hard so the next night I invite my parents and my girlfriend out me, and it was that it was the kind of set where people started going after every document I didn't have the stage I didn't have the experience to pull out of it. I just got super like This isn't going. Well, you know, and it was after this My mom and like I just wanted to die and my mom was like you know. I don't know why you have to be so dirty and avoid bout that my mom some issues, issues like I don't get like inside the set. What occasionally I don't understand why people were laughing? but I used to tell my mom saw me: you stand up stories.
Basically, I hurried stand of kids out one about the night there mom came so my mom came to see me and she's very religious, and you know I did my stuff and I tried to clean it up a little, but their sweaty parts are three sweat, because that's material would not do what you want to get some laughs unit on He just suffer through a here's, a crazy thing. It was me, unlike some offbeat yeah, it was. I was very and now and then there was like some club ii type guys on this on the show, like very club material, one of the guys you still works in Chicago area and an very crude dating, you know, women, women. Why do you women go to the bathroom too Why well it nobody's ever ask the noble
committee as the metal away there sitting on it? It's out of its box will hand it to you so there is a guy's is holding. It was gonna go to discover the Higgs balls. I went to the gate actually went to like Bubu Dougie, who figured out why a man and woman go together. I am worried that ours, if I remember I was angry- come of course swearing up a storm. I you know progenitors in, but very, but also very club, very like in this.
Way very middle of the road. Really she just not the ideas aren't abstract they're, not interesting. She spoke in his unwritten language like his light, like just that. I really like you best of all. What do you think she just reacting? First of all its not her son, so it's it's! Ok that he's crude writer and and secondly, she just that he killed right. He killed and solar ruins laughing, so he was the best with that had it, how did you you. How do you think you can? It develops like a view if you grew up on my arm is really funny. Oh yes, she's always making wisecracks and she's very catholic, and very you know she donates. All our time to charities are very serious about life and I think the judge, mental of everything and everyone I think a car is a comedian. Take to wear my mom same catholic mental people. You have
we're doing, because you have to engage in making judgment on everything, mostly declaring everything stew silly, so she's really funny, and my dad was really funny like he made wisecracks all the time. Jokes I didn't known that well, but he was funny and, and my brother bill is actually the most like my dad of the seven. Seven, oh my god, and really there are seven Odin Kurd lie: Hath lik, yes, very n n bill is the most like my dad and he writes for the Simpson yet, but you guys both for us and our right. Now, oh, I thought via unaware La Beale. Rover is using. What's that Little College University Chicago defy you gonna die,
sure it from you I'll Jesus, Argo in chemistry, oh my god, and the day after he got it. He flew away and started working on. Mr show I mean he was very funny, guy all his life and he used to visit me it s and help. He visit me for five times in the years that I was there and impressed Roberts Michael and Corner O Brien Thus, with those short visits than you know and hanging out, as we were, all writing the other me in those guys do and so to the point where, when he was dealt with is even though it only met them five or six times they would all vouch for him for a while. Yet one, and so any also help me occasionally had column with an idea, need you gimme, some jokes or some. But he he had something. It was his idea that I wrote for the Ben Stiller show three men in an old
an idle bills always been really funny guy, in the way that my dad was funny similar, but and in the other brothers and sisters not as funny, but still they joke around a lot worse notwithstanding the first thing that you pursue two generously ray. I love sketches Irene did I was loves, gets comedy I my love, Monty Python. I love the goodies when I was little and I haven't seen him since then. And I've been told if you watch him now as an adult you'll be embarrassed that you love them by looking at it. I guess I'm not I'm, not I'm not as familiar. I don't really think areas were on timber Taylor and some guys who worked with the python in colleague. Ok at Cambridge stuff and they had shut where they played three hippy brothers cover goodies and, and they had a verse, gets like level of comedy to their humor. They are half hour episodes in public
v play them in Chicago, and I got to see em they're on you. You know I again. I've been told in fact, by David Cross, who just shot a series in England at my around the edges finished his second season there and I talked about the goodies and because I've never seen him so, Stan and any garage? You don't watch him again, you'll be who won't be proud of it it. It says. Kind of loud in I look, I think I see I can still tell you some of their plots because they were really funny in one there in an apartment and they dig a hole or their there, is created, a hole in their living room that goes to the centre of the earth and is another one day: the there's, a re that shoots a little kitty cat and it becomes a com, is destroying. City. That's like here and there
the one? This is my favorite one? They tie a mirror to a butterfly. I don't know why, but about the sun hits the mirror and milk The polar ice cap in the winter Olympics are held. Underwater knows very scarce, a calamity level of car, you no jokes and certain concepts, and then they play it out for half an hour, and I love that show a log python. Very much python was my favorite and Saturday night life. So I did sketches from when I was like. I did sketches in school in like fifth and sixth grade I uttered a writing sketches and its stand up came along because of the stand. A boom right and I was like night cleaner. Something and I thought well, you know look at all. I mean you just I can write jokes. I can write joke. So I I I don't love jokes, I'm not a stand up. I just it was. You could make money if you could write thirty Joe
You could put you like it, though, because you don't have a line up and you stop down to you c b. I do well one out of every three times further outbreaks, everyone here, the crowded so nicer to night. They really are few nice, but but I really I am I I just have a problem with stand up a me. You ve worked very diligently had it so you found your voice. I've never been able to sort of fine my voice and stand up and that the money you have that perspective causes an audience master, someone who's watching you stand up for years. I feel, like you had it this whole time. My four
activists like oh yeah, I can. I can tell you when I hear you tell jokes like I go yet that all sounds like that sounds like Bob unite in the last couple years. One thing I've done is I've. I've stop trying to do the alternative thing, because I just I had a great time doing that and I felt like I did it a decent job of it, not a great job on me, my favorite comics in that little on cabaret time period were David. All Tompkinsville and Patten. They were just rock in those places I mean they were really really great at whatever happened of those guys we're David on the pod cast, and he was talking about how, like he's just been kind of the redress by withstand a prairie like. I have nothing to say yet. Lately he'll figure something out, he always does yeah, but yeah. I that's good than they should take a break and even do untied Margaret. I think he is read these reconfiguring things a little bit. It see,
to make gathers those guys. Those guys were definitely my favorites as well. I mean, along with our data, Gould was very Dana. Oh, you do directed Dana's How did you get me for what it's worth had? Let me my thoughts on early proud as their story behind the, though with theirs crazy story. Do you wanna hear your yeah bit boring now all technical are so Jeff. Garlon was gonna. Shoot was really kind to me and asked me to direct his stand of special, that two companies and Netflix and Rhino. I believe we're going to help him shoot. They were going to finance it, so he's going to do it in second city in Chicago one of his favorite places the city and the theater, and go to shoot it on film, in preparing material for almost a year ago, and on the road and and really working hard, but the other thing is he did this thing where he was like
get every weekend working even more as you get closer to the the shall, of course makes sense right, but just voice it was get. Rocky, even months before doing it right so, but every week he would do is to his gigs Friday, through Saturday or Thursday through Sunday wherever and his voice to be shot by the last show, but by the next Wednesday or Thursday would come back right so, but it was getting worse progressively worse. So we have three film cameras were in second city to sold out houses. The show is on a Sunday night. Shit yeah he comes in his voice is not good. It's gotten, ragged and ragged, and, worse and worse, over the progression of these months. He he says it's gonna, be fine. You'll see it.
It's gonna, be fine, I get it back in and he goes up and does it does stand upon like Friday night at second city as part of their improv suggested to do some and his voice is really rag and enshrine Eddie, and it's not good by this Friday and the show Sunday. So it's any like don't worry, it comes back so the next day it's terrible terrible. So we are not talking. Only we come man, we're loading in all the film cameras. Please would you now dolly track? We thought you know full crew. Everything and Jeff is like it's worse than Saturday. It's nothing is no voice.
Doktor, he gets shots. I dunno what they give you a quart of eurozone around you go down, and you know I just never came eight. Never I mean he had nothing. Is that all that thing, so the audience is showing up and he's east in the lobby. You know goin, I can't show just telling people in called as many people as they could now? Is it now he gets worse? usually you have insurance kitty. Something went wrong right. Well, the guiding get insurance. I think probably he thought what can go wrong is one performer my what am I gonna do lose my fucking voiceless happen. So all that money on that night was lost. The two companies were really game and great. To give us all another chunk, not a huge chunk, but enough and the US
we did was we Dana was grey and said I'll shoot. My show the same nice so we'll get to specials out of one Amber set up one night, and so we shot Jeff and Tina specials. Those are each of those guys does a heroic thing. They did only one shall each you know usually do stand of special. You should shoe two or three shows right. You know I mean any special you see on tv, except for alive special is to show married together because you can't guarantee hot? What are you gonna hit it or not, or whether the I am different audiences laugh and slightly different players can pick and choose these guys were not a lamp or Dana and, of course, Jeff and an did one show each and an everyday you see and shot on tv. We can shoot
film still looks great, I'm very proud of those two specials and I'm super proud of those guys for doing a heroic job, and what you see is the special and I think what s interesting about his Jeff really wanted people to see. He wanted a kind of an indian movie feel to it. I want people to really feel what it's like to see him on a night like not this you know me Jeff is ever to refined, but that's what he liked being you know he likes chattering with the audience in like really being therewith. It's a very on cab style, words rehash just about telling stories and relying real experiences rather than having to write fifty jokes per minute right and so just set is like that and the show I want somebody. She's with no it's worth young Unhandsome is is like is very much like an evening which have garland in and then Dana's, which is on the same stage, but looked different because we change the set just a little in the lighting and the camera.
Means very different with Dana we're moving around a lot with Jeff were very still me: Jeff doesn't move buddy is moving around in their lot. Energy data's is really strong instead of data you now and I'm really proud of both those in and it was a harrowing, though you know scary, because you you got one shot at it. That's that's scary. Today they get insurance. Night I don't know why this sorcerer, that Ireland is a weird phobia of mine. Is I'm shooting my special in February and that's the end. That is the one thing that we have like. I lose my voice. I d like to, you. Let there's literally nothing you can do you had almost like if you had the flu, if you had almost any other malady short of like blood coming through her skin. You can pretty much fake your way through it, but if you lose your voice, that's fucked!
I was onto or ones, and we had, I think, like seven shows ahead of us like one each night and I like, I had pot my voice out the night before, and so I am, I learned from George when I saw him in in Vegas once and like he lost track, and he just was taken a sip of from a glass and some guy like we'll get drunk. These are now now. This is this is room: temperature, flat, Coke VS, Coca cola- that's room temperature flour. I just took all the piss out of it. Just you know in a bottle shaking it, and you start talking about what he does his. I learned this from, nurse us Ivanhoe, an opera singer was in them. When there's throat starts to go, they just have room temperature flat coke and adjust coats it and the kind of helps you get through it too. This, the sugar countries with their only that you know remedied out aloud. When you get home tonight, there's gonna be twenty cases a flat one. Love will clean out of seized engine. I learned the Athens Cause great. You
yeah, you know, rather than another thing that happened, as I think was a who Pepsi some guys that he found a mouse inside dead mouth now limited in gray, and they said that's impossible if it if a mouse did get an account of what is turned into jelly Oh, we know mouse, that's impossible, because, usually whatever its gross about that, I found some jelly in his mouth flavoured, but about like reeling, Jellyband monsieur le Charlie resurgence, ass, jolly. Well, you we were talking about data, but I still like to do it for five minutes funded do and you connect right with the eyes I did it at set when I was at CERN, live that for she was so hard what year was it seventy or eighty seven? Eighty seven so was that with that Billy Crystal Christopher again now that was Dennis Miller.
Hard men, no more of an order in the first year of all them right now it was the second or third season of them. In fact, the next year is when was it the next year, the third year that yeah? So it is towards the end like Nora done? Had one season laugh jam books had one season laugh. I was mash of our wish for a few more years and and then Sandler and Spain and calm and and and Farley came in my third year. There is there for for years. Ok, so yeah we giving thirty years I had both those CAS. I had Dennis John loves, Nora, Jan and then I had to cast with a spade: Farley Schneider elsewhere. The transitional you now both good cast for differently,
in them, and so do you wish you gotta be rapidly junior year is awaited. Randall Clayton was I was. I was around that because my friend Robert Smuggle was on that year and heal the reason I went there. I was in Chicago writing a sketch shall, with Robert he had written a show and it was a hit in Chicago and then the way my whole career goes This has cargo. I was doing sketch comedy at the players workshop, a second city. I met robber smile. Could he also two classes there, and then he wrote a sketch show with a few friends of his, but it was mostly his writing and it was a hit. Shell ran for like a year and a half the sketch that he wrote tonight. Chicago's a great theatre town, but still I mean free to write the show it's just selling out three shows a week. That's all those guys did for living Jill Tally, Doug
Oh yeah generally Dave Reynolds Jewels, Tom Kenny's, wife, yeah yeah. I guess we're in this show an end. And an Robert saw me at Show- and he liked me in my comedy and we hung out together in and then Dave Reynolds, whose written
at Pixar last couple years and now is writing. I think freelance stuff, what was an actor at the time, a dish and got the lead role in the Frank in David Movie, ok called just another Saturday night, oh right of different title now, but that's what it was called and he got the lead in Chicago this actor and its he was in Robert Show and so rotten mean that will be the two set at her Frank and wrote yeah yeah, and so then I filled in four day because they knew me and they like me and then Robert. I started writing our own sketch show and then he got hired because for
Can a Davis came and saw Dave sketch? Shall this actor that they hired for their movie? They went to see the show he was initially cargo. They saw how well written it was funny, and then they were that next year, the robber dirtier they were executive producers, it Saturday night, one awhile, Lorn Lorn gave one group a chance. One person won t a chance to Tuesday delegated one time in his life that we are aware that I thought- and that was it's funny- that you still see that that television so operates that way. But that was the season where they basically took a lot of famous funny actors and made them the Kashmir. Like a rubber degeneracy, young funny actor and aunt they with Anthea Michael Hall, all running around railway Quaid and no real. I know you think the Brenner, as you know I mean I was in love. It's in that cast in Dana. No, not Dana
There was an eye lashes cast, but but Sir Robert was there is rather rude. Some great sketches that year and he also wrote that last sketch where the building is burning down and learn how to save somebody. Oh my yes saves love it. There was a great funny. You know season ending commentary on the season. So then robber was rehired and that I met there in an interview in which I was really rude to learn, which you know really plays well, listen. You want to get a job from somebody. Important just treat them like shit. You're still. Never remember is so so then, the following season, after that, I believe, was when I was hired, maybe yeah.
The next season. I was her, I don't know so what was the I mean? You know I was here depending depending on who you ask you know: ass Adele can be one of the most intense experiences any person's life. You mean it ain't as it really is. You know when, when people when people complain sometimes about the shower affair, they're like I always feel like. There's a name there who was never happy with the current season. It he's always like put in the old days and you get what you are complaining, then oh my god, when I first got there. I don't know if I was talking about this is not the what what I thought it was, and it's kind of more people are more intense or add or whatever, and somebody said yeah. That's why I'm not gonna say the name, but one of the original cast members won't even walk on this floor. Oh, why like they won't even I'm too that floor. The building when they're in New York and in that building- and it's like I'm talking about one of the original like rockstar cast members- probably bill
now now has been on the date of its rather well, but but you did you see that from a lot of people, you know who ve been in the on the show. You know it, you know it's just a very tense, experienced fucking do an hour. Ninety minute show every we all know how, but what a big break it is for every one who gets higher there. They don't they rarely hire. People with experience is usually a college kid the massive break for them to their super, intimidated just on the face of it just walking in and then there's a vibe there, and I know it's changed over the years, so commenting on me commenting on it now is a little irrelevant really, but when I was there and I think, some of it I think it before I was there and possibly still now I dont you'd have to ask somebody who's there, even though many of them are friends of mine, you see now, there's a bigger
ass. There are more writers. I think that helps people to have more people to rely on more people to talk to you about what you're going through more people to watch them go up and down. When I was there it was a bigger group. Then it was arisen when it was regional was like, I think, seven writers and seven cast members or some other than when I was there was like nine writers and six six or seven cast members, and now it's like twelve cast members twenty five or twenty one writers. So there's more, I don't know, I think that softens the blow for people I hold your does, but it's a man pretty magical experience, though I never as I would. You is better for me. You no part of it was my own. A lot of that was my own crappy attitude, and a lot of it was my own immature, just being an immature person. I mean you know this. Almost fifty and I've got to
kids and they're getting older now and you kind of think about what what is the value of a parenting? You know, what's the point of that, you don't even people who are poorly parented, they grow up into adult a brazen commodore they die because they didn't learns man, right right at all. Then a lot of them. Do you now become Harvey one the latter, your kids oradour, whether wake as we were neighbors for a long time in and you get you guys didn't, have a dog, and so you would show up and you would walk my dog. You in the audience would walk my dog Scott and they were so. They were so Wheat airs those there really I'd, kids and and- and I really I've thought a lot about myself when I was twenty
and twenty five when I went to as the now and you know I used to think I just had a problem with authority. I was just a kind of kid and that's kind of cool actually right, but now I looked back on it and I go wow. I was kind of socially a dick is socially a real jerk and I just didn't know it's and I didn't know I, which I look at my side. On and I look at all the experiences he has an and it's just you know, I'm I'm a very hands on dad and I help out aloud and and and the schools that his inner, extremely um. You know they're they're very involved in their costly. Looking at what they're doing in working on the social implications of the kids, you know such as read this book and answer ten questions. You know it's it very engaging with the key.
As you know, and there's just a maturity and interaction that he has that I don't think I had at the age of I think we're he's at now. Thirteen is like me, a twenty seven, oh wow, because if you don't just dump him off at school me like I figure it yeah yeah and I think like well. How are you saw? How big like what would you do that would make you think they were dick. I mean you boys. We talked about me getting the job at US and Alan. I wasn't asshole when I went in for the internet has a case where the half hour they fuck this guy cause he's the boss right just cause. The bar rare I've never met him because he decides whether I get a job Iceland unusual has money. You know fuckin, because
he's, not a writer or a comic, although Lord actually was a writer and is a very funny guy and and over the years he, if you get close enough, you see that he actually has good taste he likes the funny stuff. Now you might say well, why did he higher this person that person? Another thing he does is trying to get people that everyone will like? Not just him. You know he does try to eye. Is look I'd want to talk about him too much, but I was a dick. I rode Jack, that's my point and the way I just handle Miss up, but not only in that interview then going there, and you know working with other people working in this system it's not even like. I don't have any respect for you because you're in charge. It's like. I don't want to learn how you do this. I don't want to worry about what you have, what you're trying to worry about as it person in charge or what the show is about I just want to do what I want to do it fuck you would I do you? Did you feel
comfortable. Then, when you went to the Stiller Show, because that sort of seem to be like a group of kind of young. You know punk rack make types leg you and Janine and crawling out ahead of egg in time there. I think I was still a deck wealth, but but they were way more accommodating of it, you get what you wrote, yard and ban gave me so much respect, and I you know so. I was able to be a dick and nobody care. They were like. That's cool, he's, really smart and funding
but now I've still ass. All when you and us that I was very funny stuff, where you it s, no and Ben was that I was really shared and as our so that I met him. Yet we shared in office for a time that he was a few months they ate weeks. However, what was we know when, when Ben, when you guys put that show together with sort of it, was that it was a different spin than what had current with what had been. You know sketch comedy on television, that was, it felt more of a direct attack on pop culture, ral that comes from ban and and probably Judd, but certainly band sensibility. I mean, if you your tropic thunder.
Ben Stiller shall get a lot that those two things share an and that's Ben and its. It was his shop and so a lot of it comes from Ben. I, when you look at the show, look you it's an interesting process that that show one through the best social, and I was only I mean. Obviously I was there, but I was Ben and Judd were the ones who went through who died through Hoops a participant in that effort. You know they were like three pilot shot, maybe for awhile yeah. So just getting a construction of the show that worked for the network was really hard for those guys they just couldn't. Please in our.
Shot, maybe for awhile yeah. So just getting a construction of the show that worked for the network was really hard for those guys. They just couldn't pleased and out we're coming it's hard. It was you know, do and sketches sketches are very hard to pitch the very hard for networks to say yes to than their very hard for networks too, really back and get behind their tough to execute. I mean you know like lions, Kelsey grammars get over there and I am for the fifth time lives like life's get it's just that weird thing of you know comedy is such a difficult thing to put on tape like it's. It's one thing to do I've show and like you're, everyone's there and the year and caught up in the energy but capturing that is just like capturing sat up on tape. It's like it's not as easy as just
I'll just be funny in front of the camera like there's a real fucking, your island. The hardest part is that what most shows that you watch there's like a point of view to the show that you like and and its it can be encapsulated in the title sequence. You know what I mean That's what this shows about the kids, all opening your dad, and he does this. You know and his anger
older, whenever most sitcoms or whatever and all shows the title sequence sort it tells you where the show is coming from and sketch show just at its by its nature, is a lot of different people, a lot of different points of view. Hopefully a variety in the sketches and that's not what works on tv. It is not. It is very hard to get that cohesive point of view that people can grasp within a certain amount of time like if you have to watch ten episodes to get where the shows come in from that's too many. It's him. If, if you only watch want if the sketch, oh it only if you can watch the first five minutes and understand it is probably like really boring and too thin like it's just this one
stand up the idea of a sketch Ryan, then it's like great for five minutes and then like what about someone else's idea? Could we have cassettes? The joy of sketch shows the variety. So if you don't have enough variety, that's boring, and if you have, I almost like the normal amount? That's too much for a tv show, because the tv show needs to be focused. You need to go. I get with the shows about I get where it's coming from so the hardest thing to find where the sketch show is. You know Monty Python, here's all these guys but all working in the same area they're using references that are on the same level. There are being equally kind of silly, equally kind of smart, it's in the hall. I mean they're very different, guys you now, but there is a vibe together to them right. They are. There is a kind of a a sweet side to all their stuff is very human and it's it's less conceptualize and more about the characters.
Seems to me an end so an ear, timid Eric I mean how did those two guys find each other? I mean how did they find each other? They they really do equally contribute to that show. I think they may have a different point of view on that, but I thank and they both enjoy it equally there like me a day. I mean David and I are very different guys, but that show was almost without exception. Probably there's one or two things: there is nothing. We did in four years that we'd both didn't go. That's the way to go with that. That's going to be funny. Yet this is the angle we didn't have. I never had to go. Well, I don't like it, but if you like, it will put it on right. We never did. I didn't do it, he didn't do it. So that's the hardest
defined so that their their feels like there's a point of view on working with the group, the birthday boys, the devising of raising rare, because of that very reason you know, there's a level of like excellence to their material like it's all, there's nothing! It's like, though, that peace was horrible and then they have won t. Its awesome, like all their stuff. Is there any consistent, yes, consistent and it off in their huge group? Seven guy has a bigger about and they all, if you're, in a room with them in their pitching ideas. It's not like one of them is like booth book, and so you know, they're all laughing at the same things are all pushing the idea in the same direction. That's rare! That's the hardest thing to find with the schedule, and I would say that the Bend Stiller Show, even though we the great thing about it. As we were all friends we got along great. I had so much
in fact when it ended. I remember very consciously thinking, oh my god, if I could just have that again in my life. That's my dream is to hang out with people. I like that much every day in and to Carmody with him. Did you write the Manson schedule readjust I didn't write. I wrote all those Manson things around and look at everybody. What listening look it up? I mean it command of even argue that the Stiller Show is a little more fractured. Then some of the you know the bigs. The great sketch shows its. You know our referenced, but I love the bend still show in it has incredible very soon
moments and it was definitely important show and they put batteries in your locker because they think you're, a road map rose. Higher was a marrow to three a robot really was it p. J O put her to tee jails, values, let's David wrote and in each risking sketch, because it is really like a story was like a little film like like a little feature, fell like a little story to it, and that is we. We didn't. You know do that it s an AL now, there's no story sketches and as an outline, some of those old Norman Mailer ones are like those old Norman. I mean well when or mail are not an away. I watched a documentary on Muhammad Ali the other day, like mannerism home at all. They are often the wild go on that flax and watch them all, and he is the word negro dude
You can do that. You think you can only get worse. That was the very thing. Rather when they did all the various mailers meagre. Do Young was the essence I really really was it he s, not a word that uses Norman Mailer, that there was a guy who did a lot like what you want. Made that it's like tomorrow night, what was the movie. He may that never get released. I don't May he may like that? Don't take about the one sketch with gallery no heed the one where John Belushi is walking the graveyard. Is that Schiller Tom Schiller? You ever see a movie now I like they, they showed it last year. I think I will the Martian movie yeah yeah. It's it's fucking crazy and light really fun.
It came out the same here as it has the kid that make it from gremlins is the star of it and it came out like the same year as grandma Some say it like the one that color maybe didn't making progress too much I really have any real high concept, like you know that it's really while yet really crazy. They call tomorrow night or something now. That's that's Schiller. He made films it as an l for years and he made some really cool films with an inch. In tone to them very different from you know the rest. The show I'm trying to find this there was there was one particular. Video. Are there is one particular film that they ran? It was. It was rich hall and rich haul. It worked at a grocery store and his boss was a dick terminal, such involution. He every time they someone walk up to the grocery store door, made step on this matter and the doors would open and one day he was cleaning and he like pulled the matter wines or walk.
For the doors they didn't open and they just smacked another door, and so he made this connection that it's the man that opens doors. Oh, yes, he cut out shapes of his shoes and put them on the bottom issues and every time he walked up to adore we're just open on that's great and it is, there This whole narrative about how it ends up killing his boss, and I can't remember I can't birth. It's nothing lasts forever. Is that time shoulders for that's tough shores, film, which is still not available anywhere. Has never released and it's like really expensive, but got agro bill, Murray, Zat, Gill, again Zack Gilligan, that was the guy Mort solves and more. Yeah, it's really really weird, maybe, but so much fun watch at so cruelly sought was Tom when Thomas area, he showed a bunch of assures from us and now and then he than yours, if the objection so as a whole, I kind of evening with some schiller of its grey eyes. It was so awesome early. I get. It was like a cool moment like my third day of my current girlfriend.
As a swede that do you do you prefer just because you know you right and you direct, but you also act do or do like just being in the hands of someone else like you know when you, when you do great you breaking bamboo breaking batter, curb, like others like the real thing about it and congratulations on breaking battle. I beg you. I I the great thing about acting his breaking bad as a challenge. Do we are we gonna play talking. Did we just rally of buncher women now their due to pod cast over there sprang on rivers is culpable. Women die com, lots of five guess: there's someone will about that domain, while her brother. Yeah sure its idea, pretty despicable. But if I was always find its finance, because you know you can just focus on one thing: you know I mean but breaking bad? Is it just a gift
I don't know what happened I didn't die. I live long enough. Someone gave me something really really wonderful, yeah you nobody to challenge. You know, after really focus on it and think about what I'm doing in and do all that acting stuff. And and it's an amazing group of people and the very supportive- and I you know it's amazing, it's wonderful. I mean I I would say that acting is in a way like easier or something like a little bit of a vacation. Accept that breaking bad is real work. You know I mean you gotta show up for that show Yeah me, I gotta know my line, not that'll, be ok the lead actor, you no doubt of grants. It is always just like right there any and he's the guy lad. He is annually if they, I kind of no most of it'll, be fine you're lying
work it out with the idea of a different part in your brain, and I mean I assume you know when you're doing sketch, you probably. No. Is there a thing in your head that clicks and goes again? This is the sort of this is the by and this naturally we're trying to do our brains work, but I would say that there is a different part of my brain. Because is you can't? I can't do the two things simultaneously. I, if I'm doing breaking bad, I really focus on say, I'm doing it next week on Wednesday. I start on Sunday or even a week before to start to really look at the scrapped asked myself what's going on. What am I saying What am I thinking? I'm saying what is the other person saying as regards issues very light years? Always has hiding something is yeah. He was always he is.
Got his own motives. He's asking himself what the other people are trying to get in a lot of times he's changing his tack in midstream beyond as he's always try to manipulate everyone, but if it's not going if thou working, then he has a moved, he goes. He goes. Reverie has to go to get what he wants out of the Listen and so that's worth oftentimes happening with. Monologue or a longer run with that character. So that's where you just are breakin it down and ask you in on a really really focus on it in, and so he I'd say it's different because you know you, you don't use the other prayers. I mean the hardest thing is: writing is hard, but really rewarding. I think the hardest thing is when you are trying to write something that you
you don't have yet, but you think you'll get and all you're really doing is scotch taping. It together a little better each time, each time to put a little piece of scotch tape on it to tie it together, you feel good, but then that goes away and you kind of go. I thought I fixed it and then you and you don't know whether I been writing this show on fur bad robot me and my approach had been writing a sick com that really came out organically for us and we pitched around in bed robot was is helping us to to hopefully make it come to fruition and in their bid things in it that you know you can't work sure
if they were gonna blander, if you're gonna, if they're gonna have a real meaning in and we ve been very lucky- has over the course of working on it. They ve kind of everything's come into its own or solved itself, but you can t there's just a real scary time with a lot of stuff. I think with screen plays in, and tv shows where you setting them up we're like not sure if that little peace that you scotch tape in will actually fat and have meaning or with will always look like it's just the cheap short cut, their just stuck in you walk away from stuff and go ok, it's done or do you are you someone who yeah I can. You cannot only can probably not as easy as I used to be able to ice to walk away from some pretty quick you yeah. We did it.
That guy turn out some work. That wasn't very good as a result of that, and I am not an and I knew it and that's the worst thing, and maybe you know this feeling I don't know the worst thing of all- is to get a bad review and agree with it. Oh yeah, absolutely I mean if you get a better view and you go this guy's an asshole, you you're fine, you know, but if you're reading negative reviews and you're gone yeah, I I know what you mean can't even go as far as like what was particularly withstand up. If you don't feel like you're doing good work even the audiences laughing you will still feel like, but I didn't die. What whenever I like, I said I do, and I do you see be you stand up once a month or every two months, or some men and
it is amazing there always happy and very kind, overly kind, but I don't. I know if I know if I did good or not competent manner, that they cheered and clapped and laughed. I go that sucked man was a mess. I got lost I didn't nail these jokes, I just never came together and then you know when it work. Now it's weird Edmund ere you you feel like you're hard on yourself or are you pretty soon? I used to be weirdly, I used to be tougher on myself, but it was kind of a fake, egotistical, tougher on myself. Like look, how look how angry I can be at myself. I just think I have a better like I just after all these years and all these projects
I think I'm just better at being honest about really where it is and not having any ego involved, not feeling like look how cool I am because I can dig myself. You think some of that just comes with it with age, unlike wisdom- and you know I'm getting out of our- I mean the other side of it is, I think, people who there there are people who can be critic of themselves and they get older and it gets worse like they really can't be, because now they have years of sherry work they're gonna go then they're gonna completely unravel they can use. Ireland had unravel everything I mean have you a great things about having some bombs like some of my feature, films and I've made. Did not do well it all and got lambasting. Is you? Can you really ask yourself like
What do I have to offer? I mean I didn't deliver on that, and you know I am I do. I have any thing to do. Have a right to be here. You know I mean I'm Louise to joke about it and Mr Shell David and I would always Joe but the the mayor of Hollywood asked leave we gotta unless we get together and in the mail saying please leave shovel This is a big dave. Hollywood die unless we ve had enough of your shenanigans, Beverly Hills, and I were too getting it right. I mean have you if you do kind of get asked to leave it's a good thing. You can be a good thing where it makes you go I will what what do I have to offer- and you know I've done a lot in the last couple years. Is I've written a lot of little short comedy pieces and whenever occurs to me a Bob pitch is a movie is fucking great little thing
yeah, good stubborn, Lincoln Hunter leg for listening to her for her. That's just makes you go yes, he doesn't what I do. You know it's kind of getting back to your voice or what you have to offer. You note an end. If you just go, I've got something. Maybe it's not everything, maybe it's not as much as I wished. You know it was, but I know I've got something. It's a voice, I'm good at it. When I, when I nail in a strong Europe That's the honesty button really have I last please mute yourself. If you're gonna be as we hear their number to lifting his arm was like watching your car keys. If member states were that, you get it. So what are you one of the three working on right now. Would you would you, working with the birthday boys, are doing this pilot for you to ask and of a bad thing and then I'm just just
active here and there in order to do this. San Francisco, sketch fast greatly in the birthday boys, with the show we did here in town, is really a fund show a little bigger sweaters. Seven man's, where are you shooting that for any one? Are you guys? You know that is a prototype of the show were pitching to some of the network. So it's me and the birthday boys I gather yeah. It's like I replaced David was seven guys. They they all justly about of David Zoo. Please forgive me if I made it must be had some person I have and I'm doing that and I'm doing the show with bad robot, which I think is just great. I certainly hope goes but will see and then I'll be due in breaking again and I think ever really now loathing. I feel you I've sold that I might have
Where did air my favorite things about the way that you approach characters is that there is a real? I don't know. It's almost like like like that, like the the thing on curb like the Porn star guy, there's like it's like a sincere its he's, not he's not do she's, just like a sincere I dunno he so sincere about this horrible thing and now and it's so endearing to just to see you like just be so you now. You know if there's any part of Zagreb minutes endearing but I will either I've done something right. Are you needed a lot? It's just Naples money from the characters. Point of view he's doing one hundred percent the bright. In his mind, and that's exactly that to me, is like that's, how you portray a character, there's right, a character right character cannot doubt his motivations like he has to believe in
he believes in grand believing what he's doing yeah I ever then become in it. I guess it's a matter. I guess at the level of commitment- and I feel like I that's one thing I think I brought I didn't in sketch comedy too I mean there's scenes and MR show that I think I performed in the same with the same All that I used to do breaking bad and and and note you mean it. I agree in there and that's how I think if you gonna always look at it as an actor is like, if you're playing a bad guy, you know my character doesn't always think of himself as a bad guy right he's just self interested and he thinks what he wants is justified in wanting and and so that's what he's doing here, an interesting thing about that is
no at breaking bad. I wasn't supposed to be irregular or semi irregular on the cast. I was just going to do three or four episodes, and- and- and I didn't know what was going on in the show for like a season and a half full and they knew it and especially crafts. The new media Look at me any go. You know what's happening because occasionally I give a line reading it maybe like that really the line cuz, you cuz. Of course you think. That's all it's always, unlike our I am You are going, but look I'm part of that was. I had watch all the episodes, but part of that was. I only want to care about but I'm carrying, but I don't want to know who this person is to that person because
All I want to know is an actor is and by the way you know, I I I know I know now. I've watched the whole thing now. I've read, I read the whole script, but in a lot of ways you know that the what Woody Allen does where he sends people like the pages. That's all you need to know. I mean it's really in a lot of ways all you should need to know, as an actor. Is this my character, this woody wants? I don't care what you want. I don't care where else your characters going after this, I don't care what else happened here, because you wouldn't have you that character would not that a mission whirl ruined as in all areas and care. All I care about is this and so a lot of ways that worked for me. I think, but I can make it work for me now. I just
try to remember what matters and forget what I shouldn't know about it. I know I guess you probably don't you, maybe you maybe you can. I have some sense of this now but just know when people talk about like when they when they list like all these of the top sketch shows of all- I mean it would be python kids in the hall, Mr Show, like you know it totally comes up and you guys completely influence the generation of young com one of the really well I look. We did material that we loved and believed in mean, we worked really hard on it and it was a very pure expression of could you have done that show a network television, oh, no, no while the clock midnight with Mr Show, followed by a real sex, maybe twenty new knowledge and having to argue with a network about why you should be able to do a sketch about shitting on the american flag. This year, fourteen ever being very excited about as far the clock midnight with Mr Show, followed by a real sex made,
twenty imagine having to argue with a network about why you should be able to do a sketch about shitting on the american flag like there's. No, he would never real right. You never do so they, you know only in interesting, and I don't know how things are. Changed over there, but I'm sure they have because things are different now, but at the time Chris Albrecht said too you know, whatever you guys do, it's got to be something different. It's got to be something I couldn't see anywhere else. So that's like the greatest gift and artist can have in a lot of ways. Is it is a boss who says that's what I want from you is something really different and unique. That's what you all everybody kind of wants to make,
and that's what they had to make. That was their job. I mean if they made anything you could see elsewhere. It be like what I pay for HBO right, and so that was cool. Well, I it's amazing that you were able to see that, as I don't know, I think part of me. What are they like fuck. What do you mean? We have? Oh god, it's better, be different and good. I took me a minute. It took me a little while to think about what does he say I mean and almost felt like, isn't what we ve done cause they seen us do shows live chosen all before they gave us a show, read it and give it shone than we prepped it. I mean we ve been doing it around town for a year and a half we did five or seven shows in the course of a year and a half that they came to see in Munich had kind of the structure that we started with a buck
that was the idea through me about that common initiatives like yes, that's what we ve been doing right now, you're saying what I guess I didn't take me long too. I guess I do I get it. I get it. His point is: do what you're doing don't make it safer, dome soften it and don't try to look like other tv shows, because that's HBO gift to pay for it. We should be saying this, but you realize you pay for each state for now, but I guess I guess it's a sort of its it's the it's that weird thing that happens when you, when you go from just doing something to all the sudden being aware of what you're doing like I dont. This is the only probably the only sports reference aside from bowling than ever make this episode, but I work the golf courses when I was growing up in the way that you could fuck up and persons golf game area is just
saying that little thing you do at the top you're sweating, where the great all the sun? It makes them aware when they're doing the lightning wives and then it just block in ruins, and I did that to it. We have a bad at all you mean skins and I did exactly the word man. What you're doing I can't really tell, but you pulling back just. I've heard of trying to watch and figured out I all Jews observers it the willpower. Of our air. But thank you so much for being here, and this is really fun all great thanks. I like the chosen around part, I feel about the serious part counterparts- are good the serious parts, a good cause. People want to hear about that stuff. I mean a lot of people listening to show. You know a lot more young right,
are commonly. Performers are, and they just you know. So, having someone come on like yourself, whose work they ve admired and watch for years in kind of getting a sense of how you did what you did, I mean I, I wouldn't listen to it. Well, you know, I know, I know what you mean. I know what you mean and as much as I don't want a lecture, people and stuff. I do like talking about showbiz and I'm actually going to do like a some kind of presentation it like Stanford as part of these sketch fast. Oh, that's awesome. I mean they're trying to put it together now, but I I was thinking about trying to do that like it, how about a tour but like where I would do that, because I know what you mean it as much as I feel weird about talking honestly about my career, my experiences, you know, that's free.
Of reading books about people's careers and they're. Just kind of like talking one of my favorite books is that bogged down a vision of views with Orson Welles, oh wow, he saw them for hours, hours and hours and it's not. I don't think it's edited at all just running on, but it's just awesome. You don't have to sit down and read it like a novel. You know right, but it's just great and one
great things about. It is not even what Orson Welles is saying: it's just the it's just an amount of experiences his here he's had and how much sort of you you get you get like energized off reading it of like there's so many ideas out there there so many things you can do and try to do in your heated plays and radio and films that he shot him independently and shot for studios any acted in it. He did magic and he did you just did everything and in that kind of just that, energy can can sort o refuel you to keep working on what you workin add or whatever the wherever else Timbuctoo as a great re. Another disliked has tons of all show. Business because to you it's probably just like all those are just that's just stuff. I did that's not at whatever. That's just what I, but to other people you don't. I was experiences, are a commodity United else christened the weird thing. Is it like? No matter what? How are we you? No matter what?
Do you sound like you're doing a tribute to yourself? Why are you here? You can't say that dimension out right of even just talking about yourself right is aren't I grey. Look what I did, I'm really special aren't I you can't take it away. It's just its is within talking about yourself that it is implicit. But the thing is, I don't feel that way and when I say
When I say look. I was an image, your guy in a lot of ways, and I was kind of a dick and socially. I didn't play things right. I didn't learn things quickly. I didn't handle things. Well, I mean it right. I am not proud of that. I don't think that's cool, I it's a shame it sad because it made it met years did took me years to get better at that, and I think it let you know if its load me down, I mean an but somehow when you talk about it, even when you talk about your falter, you admit that you were short sighted or did something wrong. It still sounds like you're gone, but I'm pretty cool but
I don't think so, because I think it you know it. I would see that if, if you all, you did was talk about, and then I invented this and then I did this thing, but when you're, when you, when you lay everything out as like, these are the full breadth of human experiences that I have successes and failures here, so I fucked up there, so I got lucky and some places some stuff succeeded some stuff. Didn't I mean that's just that's what I feel like the older we get. We are required to do for the younger generation. To say, like This is the wisdom that we have gained, learn from it. What you can hear. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. I'm a person like you were a person and you'll be here are some day. I can really only when I think about that stuff about how I just how I size situations poet, handled myself, how I thought about other people and managed it or didn't manage it well. What I think about is you know you can be them
talented guy and I must say I have for you loaded talent. You can have loads of skill and that can get you very far. You can be socially completely inapt, but it's gonna buy you in the acid some point. So whether you know whatever your talent is, that's great keep working on that. But if you're not having success in that, you know because show business unfair is it is slow it it. It works in strange ways. Take some time and work on the other side of it which is you yeah? Let me work on that too, because that that's going to come in real handy while it's it when you get your break or or if you get your bag or it will lead to you getting your brain and not only that, but when stuff dries up people
remember that you were nice and if your fuckin did- and we like, when you there's some people that you see- and you know I mean I hate to present this way, but they just pop up on like failed project after failed project and a new kind of go. How does this person keep getting those chant and then you meet them in their wonderful people? Write like oh well, it's because these people want them to succeed. They want to work with them, because it's not funny work with Dick right right right and that's where you see things lotta things. Look like nepotism in show. Business will he's already and he's in while he's in and people like him yeah. So it's like whom are going to work with the stranger I don't know the guy. I like rub met and is we managed and is a hard worker in, and so you know anyhow well, then I am sure that you have not been a dick at all. Today you have been an absolute pleasure and think for being here and our I enjoy your burrito. Everyone now leaving noticed tat com
Are you alright.
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