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Bryan Cranston returns to the podcast and opens up to Chris about having had COVID-19, de-stressing in a stressful world, and the joys of launching "Dos Hombres"--a Mezcal business--with former co-star (and former podcast guest) Aaron Paul. Bryan's new show "Your Honor" is airing now on Showtime !

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Welcome to the eighty twenty Punkahs number, eleven, o four Jason was a little bit of like a two week, almost a two week gap in between last episode in this one, that's going up because we shot the next season of the wall, about that time. Yet we shoot him in about you know we can a half, or so the wall premier in January forth. So yeah foresees and it was really fun, but. These were really long, twelve thirteen hours long and you know so longer because we were taking extra step to be extra, safe, very strict protocol I was in place as as they should be ended make sure it was safe to shoot, but really fun to be back on a set and working in giving away money to nice. People and
right here, my voices shot because I've litter in shepherding for later we can have on the wall. Now go there billion now I'll get out of there now turned red so, and it was just like a cycle couple talking dead invalid talking dense over the summer, literally not every word I've blisters on my feet from wearing shoes with the suits I haven't worn, suits and so long. Now planning at all, not complaining, very thankful, unfortunate tube unable to to do this. But I just it was like a whole other gear to get back into Super Superfund, though again January. Fourth, those are those are going, preparing the wall on NBC, but dumb I'd love to court board. Today, the community court bored- I d, ten t events at eighty, twenty dot com, of an old friend of mine, berry and his friend Jason have a company burying Jason Games and they made some really funny
and they kick started visually licensed anchor man game so he writes it's really funny game based on the moment and movie were run burgundies teleprompter sabotaged and he read Whatever is in front of him, so It is your turn to sabotage the teleprompter with ridiculous magnetic words, as your friends try to read through the news, without I think so, I highly recommend anchor man to get him from my friends, varying Jason. They sent me one web leading. I have not had a chance to play yet because I've been working, But but we certainly will and a fun fun. Christmas presents anchor man. The game Google Acre man, the game or go on Amazon. It's on Amazon. You can get it there as well so there? It is our congratulations. to burying Jason for making making fun game to help distract. People are right. So,
episode is Brian Crampton, whom I looked up, because I can remember the first I knew he was on the podcast early early early on and looking up right now. First appearance on the pod cast August: twenty If two thousand and eleven we admit I don't know like a month or two before that we both had done the collar bone. show and, and like hey man, of doing this thing and we we have opted to fund on the show and brain a funny and riffian he's he's really an amazing comedy guy I mean you know you. Sometimes people, reminded like go yet before breaking bad. He was a welcome in the middle like and he's done sitcoms for years, but he's just a great actor, topped up overall, but also We find him in improbable and so we had a really great time- and I think it remember the terms- can we explaining what up what the upon cast was back into the loudly? so like a radio show but like for the internet, and this is funny that we-
I'm full circle, podcast, where you know Levin years ago, ten years ago, almost eleven- when we started doing this were still in the space, for we have to explain what a pike has this and now every I feel, like all those people, we would have explained job to purchase the ipod cast up. So you know We are on the right track, it worked, and in so he's been on several times throughout the years and- and I got to do the talking bad after show for breaking bad, but I just adore him he's just so sweet so funny. Oh, really, smart, guy and also really comfortable in his own skin, which is something that he's talked about on the pod cast for years. something I really admire. You just doesn't really get to, about any unnecessary things, damn and is very focused on what he wants to do and just does things that he enjoys, and you know him family and so
brain crafts and he has a new show out, which is called your honor on Showtime and looks amazing that when you see the premise for it, he explains in a pot jasper. If you watch a trail of forest like there's got to be one of those ones where you're on the edge here see the whole time. It looks really really really fantastic. So thank you too. Grandson for coming back on and continuing to be a wonderful human being and friend here and by the way record this about six weeks ago. I think success weeks ago, and I had just held it, because this is around the time when your honor premier weirdo. We could go so they ago, your honor. Showtime brain granted on this podcast you on your device. Listen, it is podcast me on this point. saying role the thing I can't even
our programme? you're fine don't worry about it. It's, but where I mean I got no patent The girl were in a blue card of quarantine, so it's like it's fine to be late, now I mean I have to do this on my Iphone because I'm in New Orleans shooting.
A limited series and I have no power from the hurricane took out my powers, so I've been traded power of borrowing Elect sleep from people in the midst of all that use, still came on to do this broadcast. That is, of course, one of the reasons why I love you. So I have my little power, I hear that I'm gonna plugin to look at it. This way I got up. I got a plug your anger, so I write bud gets, could be like twelve minutes long ready to go. You know that the thing that I have discovered about life that valuable report oh, like Howlings power out since Wednesday night. Oh, my God, YAP occur, is, are you? Are you ok
I am I'm gonna now turn you upset answer that my cord kin over rollercoaster. Am I right do you know you are your grades, your private. Now you like sideways to me. I'll have to do it. Sideways has as yet great illustrate, ok I'll, get it As I said I do anything. Should I get on Maya Milieu, fine he's gonna ripped the audio from, but it's nice to see your face its banks, but it is now you man, I you know I was just flippin through likes jested Instagram videos the other day, and I thought as video. It was you. Then what do you do? Take the Walter white mask? Often it's? U underneath- and I go that's really funny
then I hear this familiar voice and they go. That's really go wait. There Maybe I might have completely forgotten you like eight years ago. This is why just got gathered. Some cool pray creates intended that water, white man, your voice, go that grants and I go what the fuck. That's me like. I, no, it's gone on anymore, yeah yeah! Well, this new world is goddess spinning a little bit? Don't you feel, like you're, like little spun out spun out it's also just getting older two words like the it's just like you so much ram, there's so much memory. You know your computer and sometimes it do you know it it. It just makes room for things. Oh my god, Were you have you been in? How have you been in New Orleans? Well, we started over a year ago,
to do this limited to series for Showtime called your honor. Oh yeah, I saw the trailer looks real stressful, it's very stressful at will. add a little more stress to people's regionalized stress everywhere. We gotta do is a really good show and excited about it, but we started last September September of nineteen, We got shut down in March, like everyone else, and I had covered Jane sort, my wife, oh my god, yeah was a. We were, as it turns our very lucky in that the symptoms were very mild. We had in old, like body aches for two or three days, but not bad enough to keep you in bed. Just like I just don't feel right, it's real! I got. I need this
more just total exhaustion and then my art, Of of taste and smell. Went away for three months and don't let alone they. It's been coming back and so now I might take my taste buds and my sense of smell are probably back. Seventy percent oh, my god, so you got it really early on in March early March, yeah the net- and there was an did. You know right away, or did you find out afterwards that you had the anybody, so you suspected that that's what it was a new it away only because. my wife only ever doktor lives across the street listen. It was so early on there weren't many people testing an easier way should take this test again. She didn't she had it.
we ve been together for ten ten days in, and I thought well, if she's gotta, that I've got and sure enough. A few days later, I started feeling symptoms that she had and was weird so we shut down moorlands. We had about two and a half episodes left to shoot and So then, seven months later, as we all know, Now we came back about three weeks ago, the finnish shooting- and we have had some false positives, but were testing every three dot three times the weak, the entire casting crew and is very, very strict, and rightly so. We ve and we ve, had some false positives, which is great that their falls
but it also delays us as far as our schedule is concerned, because they had to isolate people who, just initially positive and railway. Until we confirm that there now it's. I am ray we're all day. A figure out the protocols and how to work within it, and so we actually work and shields. We have these. shields that you were around your neck. That goes up as a whole, the ones you wear around your head, yeah yeah, asked so that it doesn't mark up our face or our hair. You know for actors: Then we take the shield, often do the scene and cut shields. We put the shield by God. That's why path where those columns to so it doesn't mess up there make up. Yes, actually right So you can also see. Don't you your arm data? They won't you that you don't. Europe was due to your arm either it was bugs either make it up. your or to urge junior in men. I can't believe this is like
you, Tom Hanks, like you guys had it early on, like you said it, it seems like was scarier at that time, because it was obviously still a mysterious disease, but it was way more mysterious in March, so work. What was it with its strong restful per se, or was it like? Well, you know I mean I don't feel terrible, so I guess you know just count our blessings there. I think the the France is scenario- was more apropos because it wasn't wasn't widely known. There was ever was talking about it. It's coming how severe it's going to be how each individual react to it is is going to be of question. So we just didn't know and then, when Robin went through at first hand
seemed she seemed to manage ok and then I got it. We kind of went through it and, despite the week long feeling, salute, exhaustion fatigue, then we're pretty much past. Did it, with the exception of the the taste buds in the sense of smell, I am sure we will have a long before you had a negative test again was it you did you start testing regularly after that point, the really actually weren't alot attests available early on their well, because I would see bs, which and show time they wanted me to test. To make sure that you know cuz. I was around approve a hundred and seventy five people, and so I did get in intestine end ass. I was shown that I was. negative that that
good sign in and I started donating plasma because my auntie bodies were active in so bad. You see allay medical center and donating the plasma in doing what you can to try to saving help out This is so insidious covert, nineteen, because it goes anywhere from even less symptoms than I have being completely asymptomatic, all the way to death you just don't know nobody told you have no idea and it doesn't matter my assistant, a young woman is thirty four years old in a peak of health, had it much worse than I did I'm in my sixty she's entered thirty's ran. She was bedridden, I ever a what am I asian
Also young guy in his late thirty's I thought he told me he said it felt like an elephant was compressed on his chest. He couldn't He was struggling to get air on its. I had, though it's it's I'd range- you don't know it is spinning wheel to find out how you Would react to took an when you contracted and so that's why? Just where the mask we're we're in a world where just do it. Because I would say like it doesn't you know our feeling, my wife's, an ice feeling and she's. She is, little bit higher risk because she has some kidney stuff that it so we ve been extra extra, careful but also its like yeah. I get it and it might be mild, but then the person that you could give it to it, my devastate them, so it's like you know like cut
It is kind of helping people realize the IKEA Yard is about you, but it's also about the community in its also about not rethink its other people and try to imagine that you know I I think, there's it. I hate to say it, but I've been. Somewhat disappointed in humanity? As you know, a man in humanity about not wearing the mass in all I will I went for. I always go for how long just a clear, my head and went for one. The day here, a new Orleans there's a place that a lot of the two Lane University kids go There is massive amounts of colleges. It's from loyal, learn to aim and watching the sunset and playing frisbie in and that's all great. Maybe three people out of the masses of people were-
masks, maybe dream man's. I ok all right. So yeah you nothing may happen to you and I, like I, granted Was I had the same way when I was in a way teams early to absolutely the thought of, as I'm not gonna, I'm fine, I'm not gonna catch. The sum unhealthy and a great and it's not gonna happen, and you are right in and like you said, you could get it and nothing happens, but if you go vizier old aunt and Uncle Henry Grandparents That's not the same thing here I mean. If so, taking walks every day is how you ve been kind of dealing in a sort of is that as we We got a dog in February and we have been taking him all evening: Watson, as somebody who has never taken evening walks before I developed a real love for it, because it's it's credibly therapeutic. It really is its and also getting back to the age things. Yes,
your agent grass, that happens to other people must foster, me, I'm always twenty three in my head right is better works without you know what you were. The first thing is when that's gonna hit? You have found my lawyer when you write grandsons guy daisy. you and your wife and your dog you're gonna go for a walk and there's gonna be some college kids walking by looking at you dot and they're gonna go all is an acute. stay and love forever, but all my god and it had been inside I'll. Just have this. Silent well of hatred for their youth. That's you know it's not their fault. What is just like a tax? Don't either look at us God In my day
yeah listen. I we already doing that because we ve already. You know we at the same experience. We're just like DR by a park in theirs is people, and, unlike You know it is like a had about it that all persons meltdown, You want to shut out the window got down. What are you doing it'll get off my one, but then also yes, ass as you're getting off my letter at the mass going after getting mass gun why you're getting avellanos pick out of that dog book, bring an extra mass scoop of the book and Unita demands on your face. yeah, I do know, Madam December. I'm so glad you're ok day and I'm sober and you look you look great. You look incredibly healthy. You know it's you, you ve! Somehow you. you somehow. I also your aging backward, remember, you're the pledges, maybe eight or nine years ago and your team about. Let you go,
yeah. You know I used to ride around the motorcycle all the time and I never wore sunscreen early I got all this crag now and that's all gone, you look really. You look great What do you know where your moisturising are? You are you reading or vegetables? I need secrets Chris, I'm I'm I've looked this way for twenty years and I'm finally looking my age, it's like I don't do that. You are less. Don't piss me off a pair of I'm asking My phone I dont have power. I had covered a few months ago on the fucking. Put now you're here sweetheart to say that now you just traded TAT would be better to yourselves. You know you realize you got your body is going to change
your metabolism changes. You know. I'd never before had to think about diet and wait out what to do. when the EU how to eat. Now I do it's like you got two, it's what I do want to feel good. You have to I'd be more restrictive, whereas when men you know when we were in our twenties, though you could anything you want. Do you mean yeah? It's like you're. It was great and you think it's always going to be that way and it is not going to hurt nobody ever tonight's out of it, but the yeah. I pour the moisture eyes around here. lots and lots of water, one wonders good. A little bit of moisturize, there's always good and then also like. I really Do you think stresses that while I mean yet, you know I'll go. Drugs and smoking age, the fact that people- but if you don't do those things stress, is all it so we ve got like how tonight
and how to not stress in a world that is basically just running on gallons of stress at the moment is like how do you I guess it is just take the evening walk sir? You know that you do do some breathing or just try to disconnect a bit. I don't know what you know. You never thought that you needed avenues to distress, but you discovered that two going for a walk is just so peaceful com, and it did, you know, stimulates the the blood system in the end in its it's also social, that you get you with your wife, your dog, in your go Abe. It's just realized great, why you know what the other thing back in the day when, when you're trying to find a place, I love gps ass. Now any Reagan just go punch in the address bar. You go directions, go yes, his son for the first time
could actually just drive and says in a half a mile turn left and right of appeal. well all right robot, whereas before you going what's it what's the street name, can you see? the streets were bears that I don't know you know and getting out the Thomas Guy Guy. You ok one. Twenty eight! That's in G five, grand ok tackle others, cold water fuck. I dont know where that's right and it goes that you got this continues on. It's three six by which they didn't ethically adversary, the Beverly, Nora, fuck, yeah and its it stressful and I'm so any any time. that you can find avenues to distress my egg you're, like a massage? you're I talk about the other night I was I am. Dark years? No electricity in my house, and so I just read. Hot bath lit a candle and just sat in the bath, and it fantastic
the ordinary were remembering your lawyer and over Winfrey style is what your doing you are having a year ago or have any uses Atticus opera? Wasn't it as with any other Julia drawing the trees, and she was read out to you from the book club is now I got so if you took it took the physical sexuality out of it completely. That would be an interesting I spent an hour, I honestly didn't see it ended in a dirty what it all I just thought is like all their just like you know, they're like siblings, taking over a five year olds. he's taken aback they're, just like there's like each other. Back toys in there. You know, haven't shampoo fights in you know, I'm I'm I'm ready to come out in the other spending.
yeah there's an underwater, far war yeah, of course, of course, yeah others things. It goes without saying that the headlights part gas, get it think that literally regrets and takes battled. Now What's up, it's a bad we're just everyone debts by them. being a build I'll take it. I loved that you and Aaron Paul did on the with the robots. Just going up to just gonna. Go up to, and people with the robots and then like that, had the tablet with your faces. Just what people happy birthday that was so that was, Are our Miss Gower Dose embryos? and the delivery service drizzly. That's that thing we got together with him. We were actually in our homes. It was very covert friendly from our sampling yeah. We were in our house,
arms are. We were operating the robots truly from our computers near the up the arrows and we're like me You turn it one way or the other wicked raised the thing to get taller for a lower and we can go forward backwards. It was really is really a lot of fun like a bit like that, you know a video game that became came the life and so were. I think we're gonna do some more of those, but it was fun just to surprise people and give them let those on race for their birthdays in this it's been a hell of a year is when you know ever, but he stressed out, like you're talking about worried about the election and covered It's been very dehumanizing to this this year. In many many ways and uncivil and crude in an unkind in so many other ways. Is it feels like you? I can't wait for this. They get over so that we can live again
well, and then I think you know just hearing all the things that you ve done. It's like What can you do you? Don't I platelets, because you want to help people GEO covered. You know You you you, you send these robots out. You know, like you, try to cheer people up just to make, feel better. You know it's like that. Those are the things I know. Those are the kind of brain grants and things that I would expect that you would do you know it's like while I can make, because I remember when the very first time the Pike s I'd really. I thought I had really hit. Well sprang up of talking to performers and hitting the like. You know it. about all your insecurity than let's really on earth, and you go oh, I'm, fine. You know like I knew I wanted to act. I divide there wasn't really back a plan I wouldn't buy was be just living in apartment of being a working like there wasn't any. Any that underneath, oh, my god, damn. How do we bottle grants
like how do we? How do we just like squeeze out some of his essence and absorb that level of comfort with, like you know what the world can be a difficult place, but you? U power through it and you do what you can for the people who care about what really, I come from. I don't know, I think, there's part part of it is work ethic and and and a lack of a sense of entitlement. I I I just feel like nothing in the world Oh me, anything my career, Oh me anything no one's trying to obtain me and everyone's on their own track. That's why have? No? I have no jealousies, of anyone else's success, even at an
many years ago, because it's that has nothing to do with me, and so I just you know: you're you're, absorbing you're, taking in different elements of of things that that resonate with you, that that help your soul that rid you of any of the kind of the ugliness that we can sometimes hang onto yeah, it's a process, and I mean I think when I was in my time he's starting out. My career, I was selling them and signed up right a crack and I did have some guy Why does he work? Then? I am somewhat better than that guy, you know, and then you see someone at the old man is really goes well. I don't know as good as that. Guy, you know see you. You really measuring yourself against someone else and after a while, I got tired of it and I just got rid of all that, and I don't do it. I just I don't read reviews in fact.
Even in my social? I send out information that is important to me and I and I welcome responses, even if their nasty once it's like. That's ok, but I don't take it the heart. I Don't it doesnt affect me, I don't engage in a battle with anyone who has a different opinion. In fact, I welcome different opinions. the level of comfort that you have with saying. You know nothing stop has anything to do with me. Even people are coming at me. That's a very that's a vow. strong balance, sense himself, and I feel that the thing that people, are always trying to find the balance. How do we not? How do we not be affected both negatively on positively by all the external things that happen to the world. How do we not personalize everything? How do we not take things to heart and interesting, like there's something innately about you, where you just are able to do
connect yourself from it and go. You know myself worth in my sense of self interest We rely on the external world, I'm you know that I mean that's fine and network like and that that's that's a gift, because that is that is, that's all very hard thing to to attain. Then it's a level has been widened, mittens actual or I don't it's not in eight. It's something that came over time through. Charity, in an aging and and really truly assessing, what's important, and what not the things that we thought were important fifteen twenty years Oh you got all my god. Why did I obsess over that thing? Italy? It's really not that important! Let it go inside just taken there hard other many other things, for example. Anyone I talk to says this is their stressed out myself what you do last night before As you know, I did. I I gotta eat eyewash operate.
Ready for better watch the news I locked up. That's the worst thing you can do. I prefer guy yeah, you are preparing yourselves, for ease and sleep, and you are all over stimulating, the news is the worst thing you can do before you go to bed, implants, ideas and suggestions like a like a hit, It is in it puts it in there and then they could aggravate the hell out of you and develop so much anxiety pity it's just not good. So what I'm saying is that you need to assess self and know, what's good for your soul, What is not just like you assess, what's good. For me, Do I want to put this in my body right want to eat a cheeseburger. Two o clock in the morning is that is that we are going to be good yeah yeah yeah, that's exactly right. You're talking about like the making analogy of the like. What's the most
no food that were feeding ourselves. What's that what's the sole food that were feeding earth this often what what's the food for this all that were that were jamming in red, for you go to bed. Yet we are weak. It's my wife likes the tv on she. Just like that. The tv to follows: Loo Loo and I don't I don't mind it, but the lesbian knights who could who for collective sleep too. We just put on old forensic files, the Peter Thomas narrated, forensic files and it's it's We watch a lot of the true crime shows, but with that one Euro, Peter Thomas he's just that voice, that's very synonymous with the kind of you out, sir. You know like he's just the he's, a guy who did the voice the men and then a nineteen song from the eighties that guy that has there and what he does
of acting in this show so like when their recreating the murder in the show how they'll go and then the assailant will din, and then he struck him with a knife and then the attack like he gets, and so I found the last one night, it's incorporating itself into a big names. I think the butcher spoke in. What will you sounding like this is a surprise to you. It's not your prior get. I just I don't know why it's that. But the point is your. I envy I'm telling you try something new. Instead of that, the chatter or the talking heads on news or or reenactment of a murder, yeah yeah, guys yeah light the candle put on some spar music contemplate? Yet I mean just let it go. There is a time for everything around seventy. It's gonna make it it's gonna make a difference. Linear is, will you relax allotted earth with opera that that's what you need to do it yeah, you need it yeah, you need it, but it's not!
not dirty it's very friendly. It's a bit Finally, I already know It's just a nice like all that. So now you just have a conversation about your day. It's a curse. seeing bath inside and out, yeah yeah, it's it's really nice! It's really but Lydia love. She loves the true crime. I like him, but she loves you cried shows and I put on just for a change of the night I put on like her I thought all you know a series called discover. Ireland words just like he'll, be rolling green hills, apples. It was on for two minutes, and she was like. You have to turn that authors of can piccolo in there and that fucking pick up like a pic allow or something don't do it just an Couldn't that Irish was the murder
Those like put a right to sleep. Well, yeah, I don't know. If I can, a second cohabited with your wife and I would not be able to live together. Shit. Well. I'd, be it look, you know not for anything. I was gonna catch wife's lab, but if you you know what I think if the now inward you're gonna have to make it in your own merit? So I guess I was gonna pigeon celebrity wife's web. You they're just say with it. Other you ve called husbands walk do either way. You know it's like yours is wiping out. I don't know it, you know it's like it. I think very few things would be surprising and twenty twond anymore, and yet you know when you think about people go we're gonna get through this and I go yeah mean we will get through it. Humans are adapted. We you know when you think about you, think about the early part of
twenty century, where you have world war, one and then a horrendous flu epidemic, you have a few years that are ok. Then the great depression hits for ten years and then on the heels of the great depression is world war. Two. So there's like sixteen solid years where the world is an utter turmoil. and many people in the war that the war is over. Then there's a period where things have to rebuild, and cover, so that's another hit, so you know you're talking about like to up to four decades more and so, and and and and people you know like people persevered, so I really do I do believe. I think the light at the end of the tunnel is that humans, Wilson, will adapt You know like we will make it through it. We do. We do make it through a look at my father's generation, your grandfather,
generation in the in world war. To visit, this was a real threat to humanity. I mean they're there. This was it where you sucked it up and you had to go to battle. You had to fight for the for the existence of your country. I mean my god and were complaining about wearing a mask. You have your sacrifice, that's what they don't compare re another. The other analogy I like to point out is that ok, when I was a kid, the only speak else we had. Was your mother's arm Oh, my god, you're tat, standing in the in the front of the bench, see yellow station wagon and she would put her arm out there and that was a seat belt. He acts of seat belts came in one seat belts first came in. Nobody wants not not doing it
do I can't tell me what to do and then they became a law at not not doing it not do it, and then they got tickets for not wearing safety belts, and then, after a while, you get used to it and you realize oh, this is the way it is now there's not a car. May, that doesn't have an alarm if you're not wearing your safety belt, saying about an bags an airbag, so you get inside its to me a vital if I'm getting in a car- and I don't have my seat belt on it- feels weird if you like, it feels like It's not claim that quite ready, it's terrifying. I don't know if you have this and drivers Ed and am I can't I'm sure they don't do this anymore? But when I had DR reside in the eighties, they should if all those like red ass, far ass, you know like where you see. Actual crash films of people who didn't wear seat belts that I mean it was traumatized
let's just people dead in their cars like folded up in their cars, and that I don't know I don't I can't say I think that was a great tactic, but I mean I I wear my see about all the time now, but you only really. to be in one car accident where you wearing a seatbelt, and you realize all their prey would have died. I dunno. I walked away from that. If I had my seat belt on or you could have been severely day- and she S. The point is now they're talking about wearing mask is being an infringement under Frida. I say all about your seatbelts: that's It was the same argument back in the day and it's like we know, wearing a seat belts will save lives. It there's no there's no, the railway. Anyone can refute that it doesn't matter what you believe. The truth of the matter is seatbelts. Gonna fatty appeared in a correct, just facts and the same thing
science on wearing the mask. It will save people from spreading the disease no exception to that that science and yet people- and I wanna do it. It's an infringement of my right, personal rights and the light and its sights pictures. I just want a pitcher shall idea. I want to put you another show this better way: battlements levity, wives, Monitoring Paul in the robot devices you go running, people not worrying masks and you bought them and you just interview them and go so why? Why are you not and then? try to have a reasonable conversation with them about why they're, not mass. I like it what they will be. Rather or something valuable yeah. we're it'll be on whatever is left of television after whatever of television and will it will get
you a mask and a bottle of December is about. Does unprotected dreams when you get home? Where were you could take the mask up? I've been going had you been drinking Morrison says since pandemic. Know I've been sober for seventeen years. I don't drink it all out and and this there hasn't been one time during the pandemic. Right thought not should really loved to have a drink, because I just I know make me feel worse yourself. I I, I think, of people who are in that position who who struggle with that and during the pandemic. I would wonder that it would be hearted
reach out for that support to be able to hold on if you're? If you are attempted in its no great thing, I think I think such a challenge is like these just exacerbate the current condition in good or bad a good. I urge will get better through challenging times as a bad man It will be exposed him fall apart right and it's the same thing with addiction or anything like that during this time, it's gotta be really tough on those those people who are struggling, even if they don't have the disease their feeling the ramifications of the disease by sheltering- and That's not always that's that's not good. allow it's hard to, because if you know like my, perception of a lot of of.
Lot of drinking is, you know, you're, like numbing, in your you trying to control you're emotions and you can do that if you take a drink or you know or any kind of addictive behaviour, and so it's it's they trying to learn how to manage and be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable. No one ever was feel uncomfortable in our society. Like we have a whole, you know capitalist system, Eddie built around frightened him. Do you know him? don't feel uncomfortable Deauville. Everyone sounds like you know again. I think it's there estimates of these walks. It's like well that is daddy's away like being side and sort of like getting pulled into the present in really been trying to focus on that like war in this moment, I'm ok, my wife, Ok, my mom is ok. Her mom is ok. Ok, that's what we have to take that at this moment the wind and I'm just gonna try to shut everything else out at the moment you know until feel better later and then I can come to deal with it. So suddenly, a lot of us just like you know like
encouraging navigating the emotions, but I've actually weirdly and maybe not but I've really appreciated my sobriety during this time. Because, again I don't know- I don't know shaded. Anybody who is dealing with this. However, they deal with its people, are drinking fine if they're, not drinking fine, but I am glad that, with this zoom with with this like talk, video conferencing technology My hope is that there are more group meeting options for people who who need it. In an instant that may be kept in the old days. Couldn't like wait to get to a meeting and drive the meeting its now? Maybe they can just drop into one that's happening on you I can't see or something so yeah. You know because when you think about it, we didn't really this video conferencing thing. We didn't really use it that much before March, like it, we had it, but it's not like it wasn't like the video phone
that you know we were promised from old Sci. Now it's like it's just such a normal part of our culture, now you're gonna, see out how it affects everything. You know the the commercial office space. Businesses drop completely and what used to be a fall back. A video conferencing of all like that. I couldn't get my my my flight or whatever so we'll have to video come. It was always a fall back now it's a norm and it say it's so much easier at the commute is, is so short for everybody. Didn t your table. The problem with that is is is that it is a fact simile of intimacy raised that I feel for the younger generation that don't see that don't go
a date in human exchange there that basically do doing what we're doing here and looking he's very nicer, she's, very nice or whatever the cases and you you're getting a sense of oh yeah. We ve seen other several times. How many times. Have you seen each other in person not offer right? Well that the letter we? What are we telling our souls? What are we telling ourselves of of what is a natural relationship than if you're, not actually in the same maroon with another person, yeah, it's it's inaction, but without the human experience we really were. We really did evolve to be around each other to to see each other in real time like out. You know to sort of bees This kind of Chemical, Dan, but the world you know ends we we are now kind of
making do with this kind of simulacra version of reality. However, I do think it is still preferable to you know a hundred years ago, when people just couldn't get news is asked or wasn't. You know like I couldn't share information and then it's like so It is a little bit of a an exchange, but, but I feel I feel like it is better. This way is not perfect, but it. But if you like this is this is the best way for now and I I miss you know we, we have an industry like the movie theater business that may just completely collapse. Under the pressure of this and my my beloved theatre in like doing Broadway the Broadway, Businesses not being able to have that human experience. Like you talk about about
sitting in a room with a thousand other people and experiencing something at the same moment. It's it's special and its HU. I have no idea when, when Broadway theatres gonna be able to open back up to any great extent, Yeah I mean my you know, I just keep holding out this hope that you know that things will begin to normalize somehow through some baby the vaccine, that only a little stop it and will be able to an end. I do people will be. I do think my hopeless those businesses will walkouts back quickly when that is a thing. people can do again because people was so be craving that those experiences again- and I don't know I don't think it'll be like you know, twenty years all back in the old days you used to be able to go under.
oh a theater and sit next to a person. You know people smiled a horrible, and you know when I remember is: yes, your man I said it was your men. Well, that's got a bag of those days anywhere because it sort of way. twenty years old man. I don't know I'm talking like this now, but the little guy also reminds me of that Western got a guy in the western towns Oh, I went to the livery stable Billy the kid It will involve I'm real about your crime area. Cubs, there's gonna be a shoal down. It's the old prospect at the big lucky Beard- and you know the big is kind of like the hats. While they could see my It's kind of like fraying on the top he's got a dusty and you know it go on its agenda is that it is that. Would
you would have been in the old west. Is the old prospector yeah all crazy, provocateur yeah? Well, I think I would have been no that's a really great question. Who would I've been if it would have been a super nerd like I would have been a super nerdy guy either would have play cards are chess or something but had no physical or skills, I would have avoided you. No physical confrontation at all costs and- and I might have gone out to live to prospect for gold why would go slowly insane and then become the eye. I would have been the guy running, the general store wearing an apron Owen. Yes, but who was also the weekend sheriff? I see you is the general store guy who's like you know what our sheriff got shot, but it's not as if the thankless but I'll do it because it needs to be done. I see I see you is general
proprietor and weaken the fucking way. I would be a weekend sheriff that guy always gets killed in every literary- though yeah, but not you, your Ryan, create your shot operating grants. The wise you just You wanted me to die Well that's good. I wanna get to go, get gold and ungenerous door junkies feelin. Did you hold a mere up to yeah yeah yeah there was, there is one actor who always played that all prospector type. When I was growing up- and it was like that- that's the guy- it's in my head, you know it's just dash. I forget his name too, but I remember seeing him beyond everything is worth having people.
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well then dotcom such idea tend to use the Africa tidy. Ten t thank you to make response on this episode of the eighty twenty podcast, which we now return to. I actually I did want to ask you by the way, as we are talking about earlier, how is that mad cow business scandal dose embrace business going this goin unbelievably well. This is this came out and left field for me, about. Three years ago I was having dinner with Aaron in New York and we haven't seen each other. breaking bad had already been off the air for three years or so, and we used to say every day and we worked together so closely and we become really really good friends, and we were lamenting the fact that we didn't get a chance to see each other very much anymore.
He said you know we had to do is go into the mescal business and I laughed cuz. That's got to be a joke and he was serious and I went. What are you? about my skull business and he said no so grades? It's it's. It's really it's an old spirit and has been around for ages, Not many people really know about the Mescal business miss cows in general, So we went to a misguided bar. We and I said, ok I'll, try it. I just thought love with ever just what I remembered as a kid, with a little worm at the bottle at the bottom of the bottle, and it was just its smelled like antiseptic something you'd cleaner. Your kitchen table tops with an that's. What you're supposed to drink but this was just amazing taste
and so I said well, let's go down a walker. Let's spend a week, let's tastes some. If we find something we both love, let's try it, but if we don't, let's just not doing- and that was the agreement and I didn't think we're going to find it we're just like having a cool week long vacation down in Morocco. because he likes it. A real, strong, Scotch and out all ill burned down your lungs kind of skydrive. I like to be seduced with my art and end the art of spirit no different. I want. I want to be invited in I wanna be curious about some, and slowly be introduced to it, and so I dont want something. That's flaps me in the face, whether that's music or art, but architecture or spirit
Sport food- I dont, want more getting slap in the face. Do like Guinness our faces all getting at less than the breakdown, and so it was our last day. We were there and we are at it at a little town. Gaza Lui Del Rio is only for her people in this little town, it's beautiful, they ve got one landline telephone, no cell service it takes its about. three hour drive from one August. Which is already very small, and the last hour is a switch back upload, a mountainous road dirt road to get to this little town- it's not easy, but yet we the guy there name Gregorio Velasco, who has since become our partner in it, and he is the maestro, the Mescal arrow, and he makes this beautiful spirit and it It appeal to both of us, so we went into it and we're we're lie when the business were done wrong.
well, we, the others, there's hundred theirs. I would say this sure exactly the number. I think it's like a hundred and forty different brands of mescal allow yeah. and yet we are now number twelve in it over a year, yeah yeah we're just with its in. We are in total wine were in bed more wherein ABC liquors all over the country and and we're just grow. Like crazy and it's because of his spirit is so taste It goes well with Annie Fruit Use because right where our polenka is in this little town, does mountainous town are mangled treason, banana trees and throw the cost
nation that the bees give us and the bats give us is the are these beautiful fruits and that you can take. that in the Mascol and it's just it were our great time. Yeah, so were were continuing on and growing the company at it. So it's a lot of what is it happy joke to suggest that you. I'm even as I am about to say this out loud and like don't say this is the stupidest job. you unerringly, cinemas collectively. Would bounder ivy? Listen, I'm just pitch, I'm just throw it out there. Just I believe that under the fans I can already tell this was a bad idea. You're being I can tell you being very kind, not a bit.
Not all bricks and gold. We is funny because when we first saw this Polenka, which is their with their word for further little processing plant and it's very world, are, though sombre. This is our refusal, which means only cap, put it on the bottle. Unless or we cannot have any modern technology, ology in the processing of our products. I was out, I mean I've, never knew TAT met yeah, and I mean all we have a donkey s our bottle label, because donkeys play an important role in it. There is, there is no electricity at our polenka where we produce.
Is this? There is running water in the stream next to it, and that's where we get our fresh mouth water, but the only two ingredients in December is is smoked, chunks of a guy that match down and obviously fermented then distilled and work. It's a guy and water, and that's it and we have is a natural process its when we first saw the palanquin. They said it's across the river, so we had to take off her boots and hike up our past and crossed the river then the guy who is leading this as this party. I guess this search party for the Polenka had a mature there. Any was hacking all this vegetation down slogan get through
this little pathway and when it came into a clearing, Aaron stop doing ship. This is just like a meth lab. I mean it. Look like a cup ad hoc meth lab that popped up in the middle of the jungle in his life my god it does. It had just heard. Imitates live life imitates hours right, but legal, at least this is what do you make your manufacturing? You made its illegal chemical process, its illegal chemical browsers. It's it's a beautiful spirit. You know most people are familiar with the killer. Tequila is a mess skull, but a mere scholars not together got it got it, though what happened is about a hundred years ago. Mescal arrows through all through Mexico were making the skull out of any Adobe. That's what my scholars, ok Spirit, native from a garbage. Well,
and this one region there were making their mescal out of the blue a garbage. The big leafed big, huge penny is that you get from this massive, the biggest a garbage. Rose at so they yield is far greater. So the other mescal arrows were saying. This is really not fair for you to call that Moscow in Europe, because they can make so much more and they can undercut prices and things like that, so the government stepped in and said. you, you guys, can continue making your my, but you have to do two things. You have two only make it from the blue Gabby only and you have to change the name and you cannot call it a gal anymore. You have to call it something else. Ok, and so be because the biggest city that there were making this blue obey my skull was from was called the dealer. They called there skull tequila about rights
I had no idea today. Most tequila is done in a processing plant, that's that they manufacture the so fast. Instead of smoking. There miss they steam it. They put it on a big silo. They d they really truncated process. There still some particular makers that that do at the old fashioned way, but few and far between and are you ever gonna manufacture, any that has chunks of gold in it? That was elaborated at? That was the last one. I am brown. I don't think it's gonna be the lesson not in my life, but maybe in this package. But who knows you know I'm a, but this idea but even this hearing you described that all I get bigger out his like theirs. a crimson is old, old West general store Sellen. This, like this to happen,
this has made. Mescal Miss Gower, that's what I want to try some. Let me give you a Ladleful put it in the Mason jar or a blow job. I think, however, that God I'm telling you man listen, listen, I know, I know the old West was rough, but there Certain elements of like the simpler time words just like You know you just you walked a you walked across the street to your store, your town was a main street. Maybe I had some farm land like it, though those simple Things like they just feel very rushing, even though I even though I know, was much more funding the time to live, like it still violet, and also, if you got the measles, you die. Oh yes, it's got declaration, we too have this bit about like the about. How am I going to do with justice? I will do the bit because, if they like, if you got diarrhoea aging hundreds, you probably we're gonna die. It is not good enough
Diarrhoea, psycho yeah, you can just diarrhoea fucking kill. You is like, take it to the old man. You know your old man, gold, prospector guy, yeah yeah is the old man he's probably mid forties hundred. these are the ones, but he also like so smears like limit crush the bees and asked I'll put that in some manner, smear that in your eyes and you'll, be if you'll be fine and recorded out of your work than everyone got: sicker superstition, medicine, yoga, it wasn't maybe not the best time to live, but it's not the best and lived, but there is a romantic idea, just sort of living on you know living farmer ranch in that run in a local business and not you know that the way
by any more than there is there. Is that the items I think the mornings? I e that we feel in our present day life and any in a good way. I think covered has created this. You discovered the simple beauty of a walk yeah, I mean as something to be said for the it's like: oh ok, yeah just go for a walk, just take a pause. We were forced to stay home, a lot of families like well, let's put a puzzled together, let's put in its like all in all. This was kind of fun and simple things like that that we ve forgotten because we're so damn busy, because we think our lives are so important well or more valuable. The busier we are well were destroyed, like so much of our lives. I feel like before were distracting ourselves from dealing with real,
an anxiety, but we just get into this momentum. Where we just go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go and then you'll never have to stop to breather deal with staff and of course, that doesn't fix anything at all delays didn't while things compounded just the idea like having a stop, take a breath- and you know what horrible as a situation is these, are the cards were down right now? So what can we do? We can take lots. We can take responsibility, we can. appreciate we have, we can live in the moment. We can appreciate the people that are close to us and Odin, and with me I took a bath with opera. Oh that's right! That's not reopen gold bet you're, giving Gub Gub. We each have a we each hurry and pull callback right, yeah and running for another year. I love it. Oh by the way I was just reading someone there was an artist
I do not use others where there is an artist on Instagram who imagine you is doctor doom and a kind of it it can blew up the internet a little bit more like oh, my God creates, would be a fuckin amazing, doktor doom. I wish I could sit near the picture. the talks were really cool shine unless something we had a wedge you into the to the marble universe. I I have never did the closest I've done to that kind of thing was idea the thing on the power rangers a couple years saw that yes, of course you are the computer, I was the computer and and that was the weirdest thing, because when I was shooting it, they had a chin harness for me, because in order to do the visual effects, I had actually place my chin and not move it so that my everything I was doing was talking like this and looking straight forward. So as the face would move from place to place, but I couldn't move
I phase and it was. There was the weird thing. Just it put your happy enough in a device that kind of froze you in opposition and then just and then they painted that. Of course, in the twenty first century. The Marvel universe is is actually yet. I would loved it to do something unique liquor and an eye doctored doktor do yeah debate. It's really clever, whether its doktor doom or anything else, or maybe it's the diesel universe. I don't know, but I just feel like you know, as in one of the first things you said to me: the first semi. Rather Pike S was TAT. I retained a lot of it was about how I never like to repeat. I always like to do something different I'd like to go in different directions, explore different things and I just feel like This rare universe that there's there's something out there for you, because it don't those
rose, really light up. When you put an amazing actor in like a cool superhero sigh fighting, just it just elevates it to another level. So I hope you open to it. Maybe it'll generate some. You know, maybe some studio gonna to be like it It grants that on the whole, let's get him in here, that's the old guys are. I do. I have a very limited bag of characters, inspector in old guy and thereby strengthens our cousins that right now- You tell me about go, get off and there's no older, I'm your attitude that second guy has to have a cigar.
Of course he has a cigar, yeah yeah. Of course he has a cigar, his cigar and each state for breakfast. He is just like yeah. This yeah baby, I'm escape I'll, have to look that up. Doktor doom ought to see what that looks like it's thummim as promoting open the. I would like I'd like to do something new in differently in and, of course, the challenge in that, because there, those films are all very broad, strokes, cared to reservations and plot heavy right. This is gonna happen and you gotta stop this guy from doing that. Or else this will be the result I gotta go. How do you then carve out a memorable character within the confines of that structure? Its backstory look like. If you remember you know regional x, men from two thousand,
so revolutionary superhero funds, because the human human heat they did the villains were humanize like you saw Magneto, was the real, the reason that he had this worldview because of extreme trauma as a child Are you understood? Oh he's got about it in a fucked up way, but you can see why being traumatic? in the way that he was like it. It gave the character death more than just I'm gone to create chaos. You know again, was right in the middle of those two other characters: evil you're, evil character, there's not a lot of rain. Is there it's there all the same? They're all brothers, but until I feel like you know, if, if the right role presented itself and you were able to give it the right, back story with the right depth in the right. I think it would be. Are you the point in your career or were you could climate?
go, get me a superhero movie and they go ok. Then they just start fish around and see. What's out there, do you get to do that? I'm just gonna wait to see what comes in and even you're a person nation. get me somewhere among violence that limited bag you gotta go so we ve got used to write a studio, but then all the studio so then it became an age and I used to run the biggest studio in this town, not France. I want to give away our all the guy, the wit. You know, I don't I don't like usually work from the outside in meaning, like? I want a fine this so then look for that are usually find tripe. I find my care our in the sense that someone's passion wrote, a story that I see the character is there. I'm leaning into it and grew
naturally out of someone's real true interest in red. Something that doesn't mean that it cannot be a superhero universe. I said they would be open to that. But I am not interested in doing you know a character. That's been done before real an end, you know he would always be the year, maybe the seven seventeenth, commissioner, Gordon once I am not interested oh, you know so I am open to it, but will see. I've got a lot of things on my plate now we're doing your honor down here and and that'll be on Showtime. In December, By the way it looks like it looks like one of those shows. You know it's like theirs. It there's definitely like it best game going not literal chest, but there's like there's. Definitely
chess game and it's a lot of its people. Like there's, a lot of like fucked up turns where you just like. God and just people making great decisions and then having to cover up and deal with it. the quences of those decisions which are always them both stressful- It looks just a with that. It is that the premises my son was wasn't of them in an accident that car accident and you're a judge, I'm a judge and my son panicked, am and left the scene of the accident and at an inn in in his panic in haste, ye be realised. Oh he's made a huge mistake when I get home- and I hear the story, I repeat, tells me what happened I said. Well, you have to do the right thing that you will forever habit.
Large soul. If you don't take responsibility for reaction, so I convinced him that we need to turn himself into the policeman and get ready, Temptation and plead to the judge, like he's, never had a problem. turned himself in he made a mistake. is under age, Owen and hope for the best, and we go to the police station and at the police station. We we discover that the the kid that he actually hit on a motorcycle died and then his parents, the father of the kid, is a notorious game stir a bad ass guy like an Al Capone style like Alan Tybee, or even like John Gaudy guy right, you don't the alpha.
like a crime family. Basically, you kill someone like the kid above the head of a crime family yeah. So once my character realises who the victim was, I I knew instantly it doesn't matter, that my son made a mistake, it doesn't matter even if it was his fault or not. It's not going to be good for him. This guy is going to kill my son regardless, so so at that moment he pulls back and he concoct. You know alibis and destroys evident. Forget gonna forget if we forget with what you said, it is I no dad you're right. We have yet another that they double every eye was dying I'm sorry required. What am I to say was dull go. Tell anybody. So that's the premise. Is that what would you do too
the life of your child in any parent would say I would do anything to save the life of my child and its idea. Well, that's what this guy's facing and so on those are the best and end, and it's like you know any any time were as the audience, you can kind of you, you people that question the audience. What would you do and this fact series of circumstances? That's why you're one of them why the premise of breaking bad was so amazing. What would you do in this situation? The premises What would you do? I think it's why walking dentist us. What would you do it? You know in this situation rather than Just having you know like one dimensional characters who do what you expect them to do it there. that human like under these sir is a hidden circumstances were like theirs, its there's, no real wind. It's all that can a pyrrhic victory of like any win is a bloody victory. Somehow that's right, it there's there's cut
the glances. No matter what you and basically it's it's whenever a character or a person in are realised If we try to become someone were really not. It's not gonna end well right because you get your faking it your faking, your way through life, any can't you can sustain that, and so that's what happens in this store break and that's you do stories all, and I think I think, writers now, Anne and audiences are far more sophisticated now than they were. When I was young, you could throw up in thing on. Television and film is ok. You know when you watch it, some murder, know murders, she wrote nor those terrible tv shows he's gone past, the obliging or so a lot of murder. I wrote still much more accurate, still convinced Jessica Fletcher is the murderer. You cannot have any doubts in a small town in Maine, yes, the whole the holes,
There is a murder. She wrote his Jessica Fletcher RIM. joining all of the murders and putting them on other people she's by Canada rotting in a path thou somewhere that I would love to see. That's the story. I want to see just like me see you just see like she's in the style, and you see her. Doktor is Tom. Basel II and William CAT is that it's like all the people in her life. She cast them in the roles of murderers, that's fantastic! love that idea. Well, you know, I don't know, don't know if it's all lands varies, go along with it, but if I ever run into run into her pitcher Angie Angie Baby listen. You ve done Jessica Fletcher as the crime solving Dick is now with this is Angie. We we need, add murder. She wrote what happened to your old came crusty cigar chopping agent.
oh billing, everybody's assistant, that's going to talk about her. a fire they took over he's living in the now man come on come on. Angie baby is like I've. I've really go like her. You know what Characters are actually like of a decade. The only time you prospect is HIV guys like fortys and then your mind baby. What are you he's? The stock brokered he's, the guy that get shot in the eye hard times. Baby command can blame. You don't use that guy, so you have no contemporary characters. Well, so what now it stops it around eighty seven year after eighty seven kind I got very specific period. This is about it look man, I
I am. I love you too pieces. It's so good to see your face. I am so goddamn happy. I did not know that you had covered and I'm so glad you're, one of the lucky ones able to try to get through that. You and your wife are okay and you know happier working in an end. And I am delighted that in the midst of power outage you somehow this again, Brian crimson, that I know you still did a fucking, every time, every time I get to see, I just love you more more. I really appreciate, then you had a little Bobby packed in your power. Your phone and I just Ben I'm every time. Every time I go see. I just love you more more. I really appreciate it up. Eyebrows I've known you a long time now and I I always enjoy talk of you and especially your ear prospecting.
Well. You know, I think, there's a lot of gold in this podcast Mister Cranston. I think one of them gold is that have a nice friendly bath with those Brits bats it, and so it shall we well the end as we, I ve often did this sudden said over there I e Andy's gaining complete retail.
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