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Christian Slater and Rami Malek (Mr. Robot) talk with Chris about getting their roles in Mr. Robot, what Chris loves about the show and where they think it’s going. They also talk about growing up in Los Angeles, how Rami went on a date with Christian’s step- sister once and what they do outside of acting! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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What are there? Is progress number seven, twenty three: what do you have on the nerves? Community Court board MIKE here and rode in that his wife's name JANET violin and by day teaches, but by night she performs using Ireland and Loop station under the name, Chan, Hail and all that and life I recently read a ban happy divided at Jean hailing DOT being handled dot com, and it is a five track, e p, featuring J, your violin and a loop station with He looks beautiful music free everyone to enjoy. That makes me so happy lenders, someone out there's a violent is doubt there called Jan Hail and I will support the shit up. Oh my god, for me it is more tourists, stuff, uncomfortable tour of dates coming up in Texas, in September and Jeff afforded to in Toronto and Buffalo and tons of cities up and through almost
but I think I'm an issue. My company special, unlike January or February, shoot the fun comfortables running aware. I don't know yet I don't know yet. Look at me. Look at some cities could be New York could be Denver could be separate, Cisco, you know, so could we know and can be as there are? A great city are all realised line. I know which one year Europe, Europe area I do. I do love Samara, Cisco, so who knows forget about it. I definitely I'm gonna, do it in January or February, so more founded on that soon, for the tour go to fund comfortable to reduce come. This episode is Chris, Slater Rami Malik, and I was so I pushed hard to get these guys in the show, because I've been watching Mr Robot, and it is my favorite show on television right now she had found. Time, but I right wasn't so bad- I mean it's one of those shows like some just take a minute or two to get
two it nearly ok I'll give it to. You. Have this minute, one on the show and you're just your mean I sucked in, and it really kind of has at breaking bad thing. We're starts going in directions that you completely camp Dick and SAM S. Males genius he's the show runner in greater Joe and an eye. I hope I want to see you know. It's my breaking bad or a years of it? I want to see years of the show some other people out yet on USA on Wednesday night, that also in USA, dot com and on demands on various on man. Platforms for this, why there's one episode left in the season? There's one you have left us even Hasn'T- has never yet so we ve been to nine episodes. There's one more and I am very- it was really hard not to like start grilling them from what happened. You don't want it's. Why are no? You do, and you don't hear so they were great and supercool and someone it's accretions leaders like the nicest sky needed and he really was in roaming America's. We, the grain, really introspective- and he was exactly you know- he's the peace.
Best Elliot authors, and I can't imagine anyone else playing that role so watch. Mr robot, you will not be sorry. Every episode like a Fuckin movie and its great and ass being a coating, here's the nervous about getting them. Seven twenty three with Chris and say to rob me back of Mr Robot, which is about show that you should be watching, and if you know you hate, good things. Gaiety relevant minister com, no. You Europeans, it's good, but are they really? much healthier than if you were just eating a candy bars to tell myself it helps you got that right. It says
it's not. You can see that's on its or must be somewhere gotta, be it occurred there cranching, there's, grains and shit. I mean how long iron bars for guys they got him on the kind of get. Why would they why do I get can't right now? That's never happened before I mean some of those ones where it's just like nothing but apples, the and even though I like apples for some reason, I don't like squashed up in a bar like that. How that's not it's, not you it's getting up, but you feel good, you're, energetic, ok, I guess we're starting this starting you're gonna, seems like it's all had light is on because at the red light is on, our voices are being trapped. Fraternity This is I mean I can't take accelerate hat. I am, I beg to have you guys on the show thing. I think I think your show, I think Mr Robot and I've not shut up about it is it is my favorite shown on television. I think, is one of the best shows on television. And I tweeted at your creator. Sam S, mail, yes, and I said I said this
I was USA's breaking bad. I don't wanna elevate your I mean you know cause you're, probably just trying to experience it and just work and everything, but show us no fucking and last week's episode was God damn blowing are mad with idle. I don't remember, you should watch the show real. I was there the whole time, but it's time I enterprise are not going to talk too much about what happens in the absolute because I don't want to give it away for people who have seen it right, but I will say that I think it's one of the best representations of sort of internet culture is, but I mean and agriculture, and it feels very authentic in it, and it goes it. It surprises you in ways that you just wouldn't, and I know what you expect when I first saw it when you heard about today's. Did you read for data? How did you get involved? Yeah? I was
regular process, regular process, ivory. I got the script and read it and those that decisive, like a short story, almost felt like a little novel, and I was really taken buyers tat. The writing was exceptional. I love the characters morning to find out more about Elliot more about MR robots TAT connection you now went into when, in the audition process in and ass, an essential questions, radical town read the bronze hardly seen a few times, which was about twice as long and in the pilot episode, grating, grating, five minutes of shown in your immediately literally than emitted into the shop? I realized I'll fuck yeah, that's it! I'm gonna love the shell corroded circle. Yet so us, how did you get it
yeah, I heard about it. I whence I re. I read the pilot scripts as well and and thought it was yams, very fascinating, definitely a world that I hadn't necessarily seen before I went and I met with SAM and the director and Chad Hamilton We had lunch and I asked them if you questions I had some curiosity about where was potentially gonna, go in your kind of hope that that- Sam had been the type a guy who would have thought it all the way through testing it now, you know, will do if you ever so yeah well happen sometimes year. That can be the case, and I was happy to hear that that wasn't me. And he really did have some great answers and got me very excited and had even gun deeper into the rabbit Hall than I had expected him to go. So that was fantastic and then
rob and I mad in the first seen that we did shoot was the one on the first well, as are those like the first day our Coney Island and they just throw us a new cage now. Is him made him and cameramen? Really that was it working hours. There is a kind of getting to know each other yeah yeah yeah. I wasn't there was a kind of a great way to start with great between set of someone. We just stayed on this thing for the majority of the when we when we were there was another seen it was like twice as long. Also the guy I turned red and there is some crazy staff than their around. So the final couldn't like how could you make sense of the idea of thirty percent of it is gone? Now? Is amazing Finally, the very happy is really Yazzi toned down and end in just head dollar.
Deaf their work with such great. It's a very cinematic television show it mean every episode feels like a movie and it it it's such a it's so interesting. I'm in USA really was like the channel that does silk stockings. You know, like the USA, was a channel that people didn't necessarily associated sure what will probably end up being now. They ve been Emmy darling of a show. They ve been amazing. I mean USA Jeff, whatever has been unbelief, ball and and I'm so impressed with it. I mean it's great because they really it the show is assessed. Billy uncensored, I mean like me: they basic they drop out F bombs here and there, but it is essentially relatively content was uncensored. That's the beauty of cable
and of the freedom there is site is great and the fact that the USA has really just allowed SAM S mail to create the show and em, you mentioned breaking bad, and that was one of the things he mentioned in our meeting was that he was a huge fan of shows like breaking bad house of cards, and I was certainly an avid fan of of breaking bad beyond belief from air watch that simply said that was I wanted. I was it was my Sunday night viewing. It then goes on, and I I couldn't I mean when, when the brother in law found that book sitting in the grass? All my yeah, I lost my mind, was ignored. Gonna, wait! Another how this thing they in no way man. I was really frustrated so that Vince Gilligan their brilliant job with that in mind in this
has very similar. Did the groundwork is being laid for very for very similar types of things, because you don't really you don't really know what everyone's about and you start getting traces of things in something happened with terrorists character. Last episode relay wholly what the fuck yeah yeah really here. We have. You really feel like the shows. Gonna go one way and if it did go, that way would be more of an obvious choice, but you'd be ok with it. Can I well written, but then it just takes like the shameless stuff to adjust it takes these turns rear you just feel: there's at someone gonna end up doing an after show after Mr Robot at some point, how someone's gonna happen, adding robot show because it by the people you are you're the guy. I'm wondering why not, I feel like someone has to because there's so much I'd at several times after the end of an episode and like I just need a minute. Let me I just need to
says loud and we just have one. How well I'm glad it's a negative for you to see the whole thing away? I can't wait for for everybody to see the last cup he has been tat is the turn ten, the first handing out ten, where we had three more one moment to Morrow Night and there a lot Those Lancelot in those last I remember, serve primarily tired after yeah yeah. I remember the reactors in people being shocked and I was really fun and nothing's. Don't you know it's not fair for the purpose of Can you tell done within ten and purpose, storylines end up intersecting and will in the next season as well, but you know he's deafness per. This. I remember sitting down with them at the beginning, and he asked me: do you want
everything up front. Are you the type of actor that wanted data days? These surprise tat, so there were things. I remember him telling me from day one that will happen in the classic out to him. He really hold true the garrison. Just both assure you out you after you opted for the Europe that for the idea and then I think, I think during him actually delivering some of it. Even he held back Louise like way as he was telling me things, I think here he censored some of the information, but there were some some plough points that have you known a death we got out of him early on and then I got to see in scripts is leave a reading. I must feel bad for you guys that you can't watch the show as a viewer who doesn't know what I have an cause. It really the way the way there was an there's something about, I think, really good television
riding really good riding in general is able to humanize every characters, even even even the even some of the guys, they start digging into the evil. Corp guys, I you start even the guys that you're predisposed to go like I was a piece of shit and then you start finding out stuff and you start to see the human side, but you This whole struggle at loneliest and depression is such an amazing character trait. To have and hat was that with the depth of the character. That you picked up on right away, or did it did you? Were you guys kind of finding it along the way, and I think I read it on the page- and I was the first case a lot of demons and I just wanted to flush them out. You know figure out exactly what he was dealing with. First, how we got to those places why you know why he thinks away. Does why heap
secludes himself in that way, even though he is lonely, his connections to technology to drugs, you know self medicating put others together sake, skies, gotta turn the layers and I remembered have with seasonal maxim. What else is? Are we missing out of Elliot? And here victory. Like isn't this, and now he ever more. Do you wanna go through it? I just want to show every every human version I most, but I think there's something very like hasty about his character, which is as interconnected as everyone is ostensibly were connected at all times to everyone in the world. So we just how isolating technologies and and and how Europe connecting with people in a way, but you're also necessarily connecting with them on a on from actual cuban human level
all right all right. You sense that yeah I do and I sent from Elliot there's something actually really authentic about wanting to have this human connection. Does it in this way? You know we're all were all on these different form. The technology were mostly texting in emailing each other, and if we do He one a lot of the times its through some face time or Skype amuse. When meetings as an actor all the time to discover that at its helpful. But I just lying it's. Why has helpful, but there is disconnect there is of major diskin nailing. Yet I think, having an effect on our society in and the show is saying something about it, which is cool, yeah, here's, a guy who's striving for human connection, and he You know this man helping him in Mr Robot Christians character to do that.
Way and get a lot of people that, to connect and in a different way, it sort of like hacking for humanity, sort of a thing where he's trying to sort of he's hacking forth. What he thinks is the good of humanity and also for like an understanding of humanity at the same time, search a real struggle. It is, but I think you know what's interesting, but is it? I think that the word hacker has, I think, to the broad public who doesn't really now. I think it is its. It falls more as in a negative way, like there's a negative connotations of the word, and that's actually not true. I mean like the happy culture, but we have the internet because of hacker culture in their right, mostly very good. The hackers- and so it's sort of, even though some of this stuff you're up to his kind of fucked up. I love the fact that it makes people compassion in an epileptic to this to this group of people read indefinitely walks the line of good
you think is. Is this altruistic what's happening is: are these for selfish purposes, but you were you can't tell and MR with Miss Rebecca, we just don't really. You just see traces of things, but it seems like others there's just there are many things that have yet to be uncovered about him. Definitely, definitely that's why I'm excited free to see. Absurd that we ve done because it was a fascinating journey and ride to go on. I mean even as an actor to play. This part was, really very happy with the direction SAM went in. I think it's it's. It's can be very intriguing when you ve done as many films and television shows, as you have does. It feel like part of the same process or like what that kind of particularly excites you well, I do love to work.
There's no doubt about it. I enjoy having a place to go and exercising saw my own demons. I think it at work in and having that opportunity backing. It comes down to you like that, Team of People SAM really assembled a great group the writing is very interesting and and and fine and funding. Work on. I love bouncing off around me all the time. It's it's It just makes it does make fine place to go to so all those aspects really have made it a grey experience. There's a movie of yours that I really really love. I mean a leaf out of stuff, but I really like, but I really loved cuffs. Thank God covers a great movie ever where ninety two, ninety till we get ready this equal. Are you serious now
I got excited crazy thing now, like ours, with guys ass sickles happened like decades later, totally totally haven't get avenue me in Milos velvet. Your kid grows out without a deal with that situation that that kid would be like twenty three now make sense only makes crazy. I now who knows, but there's a thing you never and you never know, I mean it really does, as many actors have had on gas. It really is just about the work as you just don't ever ever know you don't know, that's true exactly I mean you go in any situation, you kind of hope for the best. You no hope for the best, maybe Caution on the other side expect the worst and you you walk in sort of in the middle. You know just just plain at nice and cool being friendly being prepared doing your.
As far as best you can, but really the results and the final outcome have his end up having as much control over that as you with the weather right Maybe it's really so many elements that have to come together for something to that: the team behind the scenes, the team it USA, I mean all those people just putting it all of this effort and when work to really put the show out, there has been a monumental as an anonymous had been and the guy's anonymous. Terry absolutely, and maybe some great chosen grave found yeah combination of having them in USA. Yes, they were just we got a great was assembled in Vienna and between the performances were very strong on this and We have in this. Guy sets the town seriously where they're like it's incredible, like their professionalism and commitment. I am saying this in front of it.
Pretty remarkable like just to be there on the sat in it. I see that kind of commitment has been just great. It's it's. It's very exciting. I've been in other situations where it hasn't necessarily been that way and just to feel that different suggests it affects everybody down down the whole line. Can't let you down, man now set a very high standard every, but you know everybody, Libya, Cinematograph were DP, Todd, Campbells ease, especial guy, and even though the wave aims and lines, my exertion, are unique in and out tell the story. What does he really walk over the monitor and you look at the shot that their setting up and you go I've never really really. Ok, you know you well
This is different. I dont know how it's all gonna come together, but the fact that their aim to put all these pieces of the puzzle together has been quite remarkable. There have been times when I blocked up to now. It will last like we have ten more minute jack. No, that's the frame, that's the shot! Tat kidnapped, yeah, just twisted indifferent and different, showing different parts that you would normally see, and I think it's that they ve been very, very good we have taken some risks. Ya, think cable television which, when you and I are on the same age, weary under cable television, kind of like blue early yet downgraded there. I ran now. Cable television, I think, is actually been supplanted in depth film at us as some of the most creative with totally inventive around.
Yeah. I only a minute is sort of feels like the worldly, that the world of independent movies, finding money to finance, allow those films is just become so difficult that a lot of wonderful tell the people are going to cable, where they can make these films basically once a week and create these stories and had these characters fleshed out you ve, really hard pressed to find two character is like yeah in in film would be there you could find over and over, and we were right to do it on a weekly basis is pretty funny. Thing is also important for the storytelling aspect too, because you, in a movie star of time it's a. U really quickly, have to see why first cuts are usually a lot longer is like well, you gotta, you gotta figure out. How do we? Why do we like these characters? Who are they and how do they interact with each other than what are they trying to accomplish? You know, but this
You have such runway off. To really can develop these guys and slowly on peel the layers of it definitely date, and I did it. I wish I worry too sometimes, unlike everything that it's gone through and that you ve gone through I'm in imagining. What are we gonna be able to deal for three four more Caesar I'm gonna be a slow burn and if the trust that, as you know, there's a plan and and SAM definitely does him plan- I mean it is you know when you I think breaking bad is always gonna. Be the example that you go back to us like well, how did he was able to raise the stakes for five consecutive see?
and still key and another thing that I love about. This shows that sort of what you alluded to before nothing seems so I left field like a lot of times in a writers, will throw some crazy thing that happens, but are not able to justify it right, but everything seems very like oh yeah, ok, I see why that would happen. That makes sense at all it's all contained within the stories, so you can kind of go far out, but then the ground you again really quickly. I can't believe SAM thought through as well as he has. I mean it's pretty remarkable. I really like to see this kind of writing and and these kinds of characters and its technical as the show is and then that that's been his main
this is to make each character is fully realised as possible. So I think he's going to continue doing that in our exploring the depths of each and every character. As long as we possibly can- and I was I was convinced in the first few- episodes that the name SAM S, mail was not a real guy yeah, because I thought we thought it was an anti ran for mass email. Oh so I thought it was like. I thought he was. I thought it was like a weird so, like a hack like a reference to something right right, like all. That's amazing, you, like the writers, not even a real guy, looks like eyes a regular gazer. I hate the idea, column, Massey Milk. When I like it s now he's miserable by mass email address anymore. He must have heard that before I haven't heard that mention before better here it and call on that Nancy now I like it are you guys really make sense
make it really does. I mean it's ultimately minutes. It's Tom was kind of a mechanism of what the show is in reaching people in, and so I that, when I saw that I was actually really spoke, what are the odds? What is this guy wants to remain that anonymous? Yet it were that he would that he would just created a weird anagrams I represent the show, but if I were him I would definitely not want to be anonymous because he should probably want to get all of the accolades. I mean you guys are pretty quiet understated like low key you SAM ass. You say I mean I work in the public, a hundred, a radar character, yeah yeah I mean you can be very assertive when he needs to me. Yes, but he's never over bearing knife. Have on Thursday. We are you shooting season two yet or is that now we will start February, or something like that added them make after right after you get back
oh yeah, that's that's gotta medium, for you guys are winging now browsers Bravo Satellites, la terrific, oh yeah yeah. I know it's over real arrive at all. My aren't. You say that why do you want to say that? Yes, indeed, if you want to change that, you just have to justify it with him in that as its utter. I you give em a legitimate argument or direction about it than is said to me. Answer would help about that. Is you end up discovering more about the character? from his point of view and your own loans? I well, I think you do they mean. I think he tabled for this purpose, but New Non SAM always come up with some argue as to why that might work or why not? But ultimately you end up learning more about the guy. That, because of this discussion is always eyes when he is like the answers to rise. He and actually give a legitimate answers opposed to me now, and he can always do that
at an end, sometimes it's really frustrating. But then you hear anything I see my you want that. Ok, I understand is always some reason for the particular line that you're saying where it will come back later to episodes down the road or something that we might not be privy to run and everyone. I think it's. I think everyone in the shows really well CAS. Think big I love the F society, guys the EP society guys are now either just the greatest man it so therefore, to have those guys there there are there. So good grew out, there's something really authentic about like the guy, I mean, I think, a lot of us. Probably be Anne, Elliot Type, but I think, even though his were crushed with crippling loneliness has not, but I think you know, MIKE. I shit I think sometimes I might be more like Angela's boyfriend, yeah sure and ramp
For instance, when you first see that guy you just you know exactly who is I I know, I know that guy I know that dude the dude, whose sort of like it and then I like how should I hope, I'm not that character right, I don't know might be that care. Now man that is up an opportunity where you'd he did get a rift in the pilot error. When he comes up to tat to me about. You know trying to get close or even arrived. Yeah yeah sure, yes M. Let him go because he was, he was gonna drop out of it. Always over is gonna play over it, but for the most part, I guess guys come but the most elaborate story. I knocked a laugh, you know don't break with theirs times when you just can't help it. You are very funny and in that area in that way he's a likeable guy, but he does say some ridiculously dick is thing of all
It makes some silly moves with his lady are mad terrible, terrible yeah. We ve all made absolutely mistakes. Do you guys that's what's funny about recognizing you're, like maybe I thought that terror bailout run the guys you know, he's the eastern something really horrible reached, but but basically his attitude like why you ve been such a bitch about their own yeah yeah. I know cash do. Do you think you do? Do you think if society is good, you you personally, if you're watching the showed you think if society is good, you were talking about You ve been watching anonymous, yeah yeah, I was more invested in learning Yeah yeah me like that organization. You know it is so.
Something very fascinating and I'm after site, I guess, is somewhat over a reflection of that actual see, hacking organization, that means things that anonymous is dad just exposing some of the wrong doings that happened out there The grand and organizations are pretty phenomena, they're pretty I mean, bringing light and attention to some of these things. I think it is great, I'm in the category of certainly being a fan of them? So hence I guess I would be a fan of our society is well. I remember and episode too SAM said it. I want you, want safe society tape as we roll so bad and madmen privy to a before. It was the first F society video I'd, seen China with you previously. Oh, you mean the one that we filmed within one year, when I argued yadda. Yadda already knows that yeah yeah, I think so, yeah yeah yeah yeah. I think everyone. I think it's clear, because
That's ravine, yeah, yeah anyway, that's Irving, it's gonna, be a challenge for you. Wanna show like this is not saying anything. That's anything! It's like you! It's like we do you, oh my God is phrased it so hard and I'm desperate to talk. I dont know I can't say waves analogy like have the whole thing be seen and to be able to really just discuss it. That'll be really fun someday someday wants fund because it you you'll, get used to it. The act as I've seen you know, having been near the walking dead cast for so many years. Yes, they ve done so comfortable, talking and public and talking on panels, yes, but then for the new. This, the new show fear the walking dead. Yes, I moderator that panel COMECON this year and they were all it was hard for the new jobs are like I do what I can say. I don't know what I'm my lap, and so they were. They were. They were just nervous. Yes, but but you
after a while, you get all of it down and your Gallagher, and I know what I say. I know what I can say that this is this can be one of those shows that when people watch they're gonna get the it there's gonna be like a no spoilers like don't Tell me anything on a want to hear about it until I get to see the riot ironic total, but I was watching the that attitude video in and not for the first time. Seeing you know all these atrocities they came, we are really effective. Man was a great, am glad were rolling on this, because there are things that are happening reaction I was getting for the first time off. It was this idea. I've seen this on television? I would want to know more about what they were doing absolutely and brought about Lena thanks to my attention that maybe I was
wherever people are unaware of sight, some cool about of society and the arcade. Yes, I love that Britain Sweets, but to be sure that oh, my gosh, I'm just trying to figure out. Why do do you think Elliot trusts that Mr Robot, at all? No, I don't think she tries always suspicious very suspicious yea. That I hurried. He definitely sees that he has the ability to take him. The place is not capable of going on his own. Unless something really enticing about that and is poor.
The key, of course, to achieving what we want to achieve in terms of removing this power that the aunt Joanna ugly stuff but yeah, there's always in the back of his mind, I think he's worried about when the skies can a stab in the back yard, which is ok thirty sort of I mean without the absolutely yet I now not very already this poor guy. I mean it's really, it's naughty naughty psychologically, it's really a trip. I do like that, though, in like ok, this guy's a good care- maybe not ok, good now, yeah Dick Move, yeah yeah, but there was a reason, because you know it's like its watching,
That means that that's what makes good television that's what makes you think it's also. I would encourage people catch up, but then don't going forward, binge watch the show, because it so much fun to watch the episode and then really just get to sit with it for a week and try to set out absorb absorb whose who's up to widen. What's gonna, take you watch everything all at once. He just it just busily.
Gorging. What there's so much, there's so much subtlety and show in so much interest. Intricacy in the way that its written and performed and shot that, I think it's one of the issues I think people should really try to take the journey along will show that the real reason for each thing that happens, I think which, which is great, that yet there are moments. When I found myself on set- and I realize just how dense either this story was not in a bad way, which is intricate and you really had to spend time with it, but then I would start looking for clues onset of agro. Everything is here for a reason. I can learn more about every season. The two. If I pay that much more attention, orphan to the embassy there come up and I will look back on certain things and without giving anything away back. Oh of course that was therefore reason. I wrote that for a reason oh yeah cause there were certain things like the SAM would have.
Script that that have Mr Robot do and I seed look man. I don't know how to combat the man. What am I supposed to do, and so you would serve laid out for me and I went out K lightning. The icy we're coming from. I understand I mean this poor at this point you. It must be very important for Europe. Able to trust you're a meter yeah, absolutely air, absolutely now totally totalling and again you never know. Howard Gus. It's always arrest is always a gamble involved and but in our ace right now, anyway, were I want to do things that do sort of scared, the hell out of me a beds and now put myself out there in as many different ways as I possibly can so
this was a challenge that presented itself that I wanted to take on board and something you were going you're like you know. I think this is actually gonna be really any. You are right that night I was gonna be reactor, you don't really really I mean like. I may I had a cent, probably while making to romance that. I was very proud of the movie yet that I thought this, certainly with the people that were there and and the sequel. Little boy you away over the amazing through oh man. Lately I mean I honestly, I think we should start. The rumours
it is going to go on a sequel to her like every movie they added yet rob and others to understand when only wouldn't want that one day that forever I do now, but she's always always talked about that and settle ever see the deal. I mean. That's that's one of those movies it when you it's. I would admit I am guessing what was shooting that, because it was so much if it changed everything like that. We came out. It was all my god. This is the freshest most. It invented injurious, yes Jack, they homely span and what time life could crazy short way be like absolutely yet really I mean a new and you guys both really blew. Up a lot after that moment. I saw that movie so many times I was the right age. Is the perfect, perfect bananas and nailed it? I mean when you were, shooting that did you did you get? It did really going. What are we doing? This is kind of now yeah. I really didn't know that
be that it would have a life that its had it at the time? I thought out, I'm amount, but maybe sixteen seventeen when I made itself I knew virtually nothing about what has happened. We just go on doing a job, and- and I remember we are gone for the addition- and just thinking god- this is just horrible. This might have so dark and endanger. My mother was like. Oh, you shouldn't do that movie, terrible heads suicide and all these issues now Definition be a part of that movie. So doing the movie yes value as well, as is the only reason I did it probably was just too are better to rebel against your mom followed the earlier it was. It was a good plan thanks and what
Sometimes rebellion can come in handy in respect of warm. It says that I wanted to do had been basically revenge on a part that maybe I did get in a really. That's really isn't that crazy. I mean psychologically that so it's been, I was What about the other day in sight gum? I remember I went in and I addition fora iron we'd launchers movie, Jack Nicholson and me Street and it was to play young Jack Nicholson in the movie and your director. Just I don't see India, they did not. They did not it s, then, when Heather's came along those like well, this is for you ve director
amazing psychotic there definitely their generally coming out of Heather's. I think that's one of the things that people talked about the most was there was like a Nicholson s quality of their character, but I bet makes that do It's me so much really doesn't jazz to know that that was a response to some. Sometimes, yes, sometimes, as are the moments their aegis girl, like you know what, if they think, I can't do this, I want to show them some other way and in some its presented itself and have always been very grateful for that. But that's that such an important thing to do that's great. That is an amazing story. It's an amazing thing. It's an amazing, especially in a business, were you know you essentially have now control over almost anything and when you know so many performers who were like figuring trying to how do I get in, and how do I? But to hear that you can take something that most people would go. I fail. I didn't get that thing right, figuring out how
twisted, had a twisted and may find another waves for ok, I, like that perspective. Well, I think it is, and I think that's probably you know, I think, that's probably why you had such a long and fantastic careers, because there seems to be something you know: cats I will not be stopped and you can tell me I'm wrong, but now I will keep Can I help you have to be that way. You, I think you have to be somewhat driven unjust, yeah. I continue to believe and and persevere and keep pushing along its. I certainly am in this. Business is unbelievably challenging, but yeah deficiencies. Both your parents were involved in the Bin this too right, I'm surprised they weren't, like I don't know if you want to do they set right now through my mother, was definitely not necessarily proponent of me being in the business. Although she did put me up
Bruce commercial there's some years ago. It was not yet I'm coming in the future, yes says so it they were. They were definitely not not as sure as as supportive of the ideas, as you would think. Certainly as it is difficult. Yeah, but I I forgive you know. The name of the rose was on a loop on. Table for a long time. I was growing up that movie was on over and over and over again and and gleaming the cube too. I was just the right age. While I was the right a pocket I was I was. I was your body after this You didn't know about nine, just written formulae. We can do this made it away, but it really wasn't there we go. You grew up and allay right, yeah and did did. Would you always did you always lean towards that? a business or no, not at all. I don't even think about it. Growing up, I was afraid
in the valley, and there were so many other things going on. I'm just group like what in the valley I mean well yeah I was I was it. It was a culture school, my stepsister tumors. Did I hear and went on a date There you are daily. Did I ever tell you that? No now, let's hear about really she's married now I don't know how I glanced over, that through the year older than me very pretty good it really earlier Emily Heron, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, right gal, great get lucky guy, and I remember someone saying: oh, that's: that's christian Slater, stepsister yeah, yeah, but I see it resembled razor and well I mean we're not blood related but but maybe not at all, now little sister.
Yeah. I can we re married in close proximity. We started the more progress in some way, but they had no great girl very sweet girl. This came out now. They're scared, afterwards images, nice data was did they really say? I don't know what happened? now. This isn't high school year, Notre Dame High School together in German out now, she's membership yeah yeah yeah she does and- and I I did ask her if she said it was a lovely day, did it yeah yeah, she she was very. She loves you, nothing nothing good things as soon as this is all get worked out, These great I mean I wouldn't data, but areas were lives about things and see what fits you marry. Other people, that's how it works and stuck with you
I got it. Isnt working your way through the Slater Pham winning what job that we went off with the lowest rate when I was a gross virals amazing, ok, get listen to any of these kind of weird, like I feel like this is already huge way because you guys are here, and I got the iron we'd story and I got the fact loud day. His stepsister mean any of these kind of date, ok did it why one one time where'd you guys go in the valley on a day minor in high school jaruzelski, you gotta tell you got here. You go. Do that I'm in their jerry's down there's a bowling emissaries down within a good nineties, chicken salad may change energies and change our dear that's cause assumption how I Kinchin been around for I went to high. I moved. Lay in high school. My senior bicycle came in eighteen. Eighty nine
an idiot agrarian? Eighty nine intention was around them and when I was in college, Kinchin was like you ve scrape your money together like where they were going. Fine dine at night, we are getting, is changing and salads were not You big witness at that point and essential launch that movement. Amazing and now it was like that that was the one to get that is the salad was that it was this with unwanted jerry's. I remember that, being like pretty historic, I enjoyed it. There's a shoutout jeered. Et Cetera, chicken salad for myself in my problem date in high school in June. Oh, did you really it's that that's it How is the things the thing to do now we were flying high is? Is it baby? I saved now near me Sherman ozone loans?
I really like you would be like Mandarin Orange, very common. Add your baby area. I'm surprised you guys are still together religious. If you, if you're a valley kid you basically you're you're your activities there is just moving up and down been terrible of r and d outlay there. It's the strangest, it's like bookstore kind, a nice restaurants. Adult bookstore a bowling alley. Jerry's Daily get the law there, the sportsmen land on it is people. Go to on the weekends they have like a dj. They turns into a party, that's crazy hurriedly. I had no idea. My friend had his fortieth birthday there and Debbie Gibson came out
form until my guy worthy and higher. Only that are or were she just have mighty things he did it as it is just the beginning. I think, but she I think we all know that without giving yes, she did shake your love and only in my dreams, like beautiful you, I don't think. I think if you spot Debbie gives him in the street. You can't just in her to start performing around, that would be a pretty sweet world. We live in a very pretty girl, but yes, seeing my friend will at the sportsmen's Lodge with Debbie gets. There is like the weirdest dream last night, altruism, shit that happens in the bow, and it's so it's it really is. It really is just over the hill from Hollywood but its such its own them.
World entity. It's in the movie Valley girl. Don't make sense to me when I first as I do that in a glass Asia Baker, but it makes it. But when you go back on what you like them, hasn't changed. It hasn't changed at all, but Tom, petty song. Are you all in ivory, Yvonne you, my man, empires walking down the adventure above injure of art and as valid girl sounds totally applies. Three right now so went at what in my mind, is obviously just sitting you're thinking about hadn't ran honestly. I just almost into my brain have thinking I should mention the tumblr hurry I'm so that, because I wanted the Asker Free
no, no, no! I don't know I just the vampires walk in damage Riera paper that no absolute cleans up so guy. Nobody listens astronomy by really good I regret it. Gonna yelling into the microbes, are no that's all and having you come on the broadcast and sing freefall, and I think if people are not entertain by that they're fucking dead inside you're not entertain, I don't have what you gonna do with Europe. What do you do with your time offered? Are you working on something else? Yakima, Minister Workin, on a film soon I got a couple. Indy
things that it that have come my way in and maybe work another deal this week to do a film, Sir Mister robots helped a lot. People are seeing people seeing it in the big eyes in and the buzz is out there's its huge. I mean it was one of those shows that I started watching because- and I had no idea what the shows about at all. When I watch the first of some people said you have to watch, Mr Robot people would treat me. Are you watching? Mr Obama? And you know I mean
when I first I thought it was about androids, but ironically, the show humans is about androids. Raising this robot is about human yeah, but but yeah. That's that foreseen in the coffee shop and an eye, and I knew that such a fund moment when you discover something that you don't know anything about an u instantly fall number than you go. Why I've I've just I've. I've carved a pathway in my brain for a new obsession. This is this is the show and it it starts big and it does and it gets bigger and it does not. It does not disappoint zeal, and even more so in these last three Ivan I've been waiting for the enemy. To me, too, is are you said tonight tomorrow night tomorrow, night
wednesdays. Gotta know in this year's sly, despite this is not love. When is it going to be soon in two weeks ago? Ok, so right on the round the turnaround authority good, then yeah well relevant out I'll, carry out you're, sure sure. Then let me This is the last episodes of musical yeah
Let me now, I guess the show really yeah like when you start delving into the kind of delusions causing the thing. That's really great about the shows. One of the many things greater. The show sort of using tax speak to express real world ideas like there was something in the last up, so we are talking about view source like reconvene, the source code of a payer and then sort of translating it to human. I mean it's such a fucking great. I honestly, I don't ask, and I want to build up your expectations, but I really hope that your mentally prepared- because I this shows Gunnar the shells- gonna be its dishes. No, this is no way it's too good. It is yet I'm in love, with your help of a reaches the people that it should think will be doing our eye by agreed. On my view, sources
eating. It did to just life in general all the time when he does that, amongst the damn, your good good right here, good riding in still to be applauded and read it just read. It know that we get to perform but Elliot could see something unfolding as a musical in his mind and it could totally it totally be justified to sing ideology, always look on the bright side of life, the very end just its family. At the ball. Did you go our son? yeah yeah yeah it was it was the greatest I mean I had the greatest time doing that it was incredibly rehearse for like ten days and then just did it up there for three nights and it was. It was cell phone, your life is a dream banana was that was a good man is a good moment. It was but the I enjoyed it.
My god the general was the Eric there and why he was in it tat, yeah using it and couldn't have been sweeter. Guy and actually yeah. He he had written or he'd wanted to put in new joke at the end is the one line that was there wasn't quite hating as well as you would have liked it to show he. He had the stage measure like right down the joke for me and send it to me back stage and- and I sit like I can't read this: unless it's an airing idols handwriting needed handwriting itself, he actually ended up coming in and then wrote out the joke for me and then signed it. I just got it frame that may come on guys such a legend, its it, sir. Sounds great. Did you where you always python, fan yeah yeah? I mean growing up. My mother got me a bootleg copy of just like an audio Cosette of some of their staff and that particular
Spam sketch was on there and I just something I wore the tape out. I just I laughed all the time I heard at just made me giggle its findings. It's cool stuff is have you ever hear about it. I think maybe she knew she was getting you to rebuild, so you would get right Heather's. There is time to do it he's not gonna. Let me don't do that's where I got it from me. I, like don't tell me what not today allows here. Yeah she's, that kind of person very we are not just a great survivor, says, she's, just very stubborn and and really committed and and has always had like a great belief in herself. I thank, and so hopefully I adopted that from her. It seems like it. I mean it in and also just the idea that that our parents could, I would
You think our parents are smart enough to know how to play us in ways that are actually healthy for us back, as you know, when to listen when you're bans, as you do something I you're done, if you like the older you get being on this side of the just, I don't have any kids but being older now, and I was saddened like out. That's why they all ok, I get it now right. I feel this is the other half of the story right interesting. But yes, you still you use a young kid you're. Still, you still got plenty of my area, our old men wait I'll get everyone Ryan. I was sixteen year old son now too had so weird. It's pretty wild yeah you're sixteen year old Son, a thirteen year old daughter and it is it is amazing. Moved out of our way when I was sixteen and he just moved in with us at sixteen. So now he's starting his life in the city and its three wild, and can you communicate with them
native aid, they do. They connect with you're their bones. Now I'm well! This definitely that I mean I was thinking about it when you are talking about it. It's you know. I end up, sometimes communicating with him an attack store, but. I think I have to be more present. I would certainly mean we're having dinners like there's no phones and we have like specific times where it's like a technology not gonna be here when we actually have to communicate and look at each other I am really talk to each other has reared its head is aware. We now have a new strategic as you do followed these habits avoidance and hiding behind your final I'll, so yeah a minor role having to work on a just to put that stuff aside for a bed as much as I adore technology, matters. I am an excellent idea,
I mean it is literally everything I do is based around. It ran social media based rent acknowledge in some way. I do envision a time in the future. Where I go they come down here. I think I'm good. I just go and keep having these weird fantasies that I never had before of why the amazing, if you just lived on a farm- and you just made everything- I had was right there and you just made the stuff that yet consumed there. Now you didn't have fully contain yeah. You can just sit on a porch all day and stare at wheat or something I don't. I've been having solar panels in the room. You don't need only be off the grid completely. I know, but if you like that would last about a week in a village, So what am I dont really so my house and damage nobody fucking bags, people used to listen to me. It's pigs just thing October, I was
yeah, just maybe maybe out maybe I'll tested out as a vacate. Mcgovern keeps trying to get me to go on a vacation where I don't bring any technology, and I love you, but that's never going to have an answer Are you? Are you pretty internet savvy yourself, I'm all right, just like the next guy, I guess I mean the more I am no Elliot I'll, say that, but have have people started reaching out to you from the debates. We are hackers reaching out like a man thanks or I think most see they ve been reaching out to the guy's. A do the attack on the show and SAM could SAM does have a hit. Three of some hacking he's done when he was in college, so I think a lot of them is has that have applauded SAM and kind of quietly? They also want to carry them out there. The AK unavoidably, you know contributors, certainly for like just detail
an information and more technical staff to two to share its great we're gonna stuff? Do you like to do what? What do you do in between? What do you do for fun? Do you have like between Duenna share. Are you good with taking time offer you goodwill, shutting your brain off working on it, a mega Well, I got my son, my wife is there we, I just got another dog also, so I like that, really I like I like walking the dogs. I do their public six times a day. I observe and saying about it, but it also has we just got this new, and so I got a walk. Her a little bit more get it and how to go out to learn to go outside, because now we ally, I finished doing the the show. No spam. A lot here about a week ago brought the dog back to New York and had her for five days things your great enough.
I left. Town and she's already had a couple acts, and now it's like it so frustrated and through their work they are. Is that our? Whether you should do maybe could face time the dog and the like? that last night yea well, not intentionally, but you I was taught my wife? We were faced timing and because my other dog everytime I try and with solar, do something together. Attention pays no like I'm not there, this new one, like was looking for me behind the screen, like actually saw me on the computer I suggest that I was and how this is really quite fascinating. I'm video hd video He took a video in view of the dog trying on your mind. If I austerity afterward damages that's better Another is skewed videos and I was very impressed that she was able to acknowledge. May there I think it's nice and I feel like the people that tend to especially you no kind of going through everything that a performer goes through the people that tend to ultimately be the healthiest
ok, you know takes impersonal time and still enjoy enjoy life, and it's not all about now. Did you ever go through a period where your life was all about the entertainment business in a kind of started, driving yeah. Well, certainly like living here, in LOS Angeles, for me around, wasn't born and raised here, so it was kind of like being transported and do a great city. I love dead. It was fine and crazy, but being sixteen seventeen I mean it was just utter chaos and it was it was being back in New York. Now I am really so much I missed it. Like New York is just maybe because I was born there may just such a part of my blood and system that they just feels. I just feel like I'm at home now now on the facts and the show shoots. There is just a miracle. I can't believe that is pretty room,
couple o my God, surprise. It's not like Toronto for new your arm. I it was. It was down point one and I think you know a lot of discussions were made in and it got moved to New York. Why her dad men may I was like doing cartwheels cause you're. There is definitely no guarantee that after we did the pilot, those can stay in New York. In that wasn't. Like a sure thing, I think we were really like one or two, maybe three episodes in where they said nano. Oh, no, I guess
not episodes end, but maybe one or two months or something before we started shooting I heard it was gonna, be based in the archives very happy. When did you start to realise that it here life wasn't just the entertainment business while definitely well? You know, I think, probably in the last four or five years I think is, is for me when my head started to come out of my bought a little bit more looking around and I took I started to travel a lot more. I dont want to Africa with my son. I get the opportunity to have that experience. That was when he was seven and I think just going to
see other parts of the world and seeing how other people live started to open my mind, a little bit more just going, my god. I've been so inundated by this business and an old glamour magazines and things like that and you go to a place so remote. When does prisoner, who sabra and I've just show phenomenally remote and the issues it there dealing with their s so much more infinitely greater and difficult than any issue I could ever possibly deal with. I think my mind started open up and then Numb- and I know we were There- may be one person might have you. Then we're in a curse, cuffs when's the thick while those mom it's a couple. It removes rural areas, it is you don't this
the hardest thing. Is it a couple of important? I think you know I I I think I think that they can really fucked people's brains up is that you know in a job it's kind of a regular job, theirs it there's a the linear progression. Okay, if you work this much, then you get this view curious reward and interaction and get this promotion you can but its very difficult. I think, in a business that essentially is there's just an artifice around it. It's not necessarily real. You mentioned, like the magazines and yeah, but are also part of like well. This is how you stay relevant. I guess you can keep working so people keep wanting to when it just has you're chasing these weird kind of artificial queues in our search for meaning an end, some type of something a roadmap? Am I doing? Well, I don't know right, there's no, it's very difficult to judge whether or not Europe your succeeding and you dont use, don't know totally totally well said
sir, so now I was going to say I I met my wife and that's, ah I never be with somebody who is as much of a sort of linear think as has my wife had always been attracted you a little bit more chaos. I think in an damn you, my wife, is the total opposite of that. It's been. It's been certainly extraordinarily helpful, just to have somebody who thinks things through ashore and you can look at the big picture and so I think it's it's been having the opportunity to spend more time with my kids listening my wife a lot more. I really am only interested now sort of in what you know. She's thinking, What what what her opinion as at this particular moment, it's nice. I think I think you know
when you're when you're young, certainly when I was younger until China. Recently, I was thought I told you know what you mean about the chaos. It's like yeah, ok, sexy and it's what you want to be like everywhere. You know like you can like you, you take it like you're, a ball of goo and you just throw yourself up against the wall and splat everywhere you possibly can. And I think hopefully, as you get a little older, you know like yes that boy starts to slide after nice. Little muddle stays positively realises that it's fine right where it is. I think you know when you would like it. It is fine, ok, A big ball of girl Y got under way. I know, but I honestly, I think, that's what I think I think there's something really sexy now about calmness I think when I was younger. I didn't really understand right. I didn't
still mad at you feel you still feel like. I like chaos and mix it up. I think I'm just beginning the transition out there, but yet there are definitely in some chaotic women in my life and its it's been that's a thrilling ride and then where, when you're in the middle of a like, what am I doing with our efforts? The outright were hurrying ass. Right, yes, is painful, it's fun as shit. Yes, but hearing me, quite a bit up ray you get older than you really suffering isn't necessarily next week, and I think that I think I think you can view you know what it is. I think when you're, when you're young and inexperience, it's something you think you have to be doing rather than just being very likely that comes up, allow the progress is like doing versus being, and so when you're, an aquatic relationship, your engaged in your doing in its dramatic and of yeah passionate but tents, and it feels intent.
I met in it, but it's almost like a manufactured passion, but I think, like my govern now so wonderful in home and stable and even now I started question recently. I think I am. Article one of the release right now. I think I'm the you know, but it's so especially when you know is again. Who knows what could happen, but but I would like to go on record of things. I think your life might start to get very chaotic because of this show- and I think you know hopefully you'll find p bowling things that are calm tethers too to reality in oak as it is? This is. I think this is just a just kind of one of those like it was a crash in these as they with breaking back. You know it's just. I was a Mamma weird moment that happened in everything just worked at once and you know but, but I really think you know. I hope I hope you appreciate what what could happen in Europe
I don't, I hope it doesnt fuck fuck us money really may have always struck me as you, like, I said at the beginning, I mean to professional, committed I'm not sleeping round with the accuracy. Now now, guys has to say some. Don't I get credit for the ugly. Let's give them Q Ivan Bang border. Now you ve come here do the thing you know deliver something pretty good and strong performance in and probably proud of, it yeah, my extracurricular, I gotta keep rain it in. I think dated a few actors is and got you not been not only not involved in a scene but of its it.
One for a minute, and then it gets pretty tiresome walnuts. Iced I've never been attracted any of that now seeing the, but they they did a crazy, add campaign. For this show. All I mean I was in New York and my face was everywhere at an eminent was surreal. With one and a lot of people were Garza made. You love this like it's, not that I didn't love, it really cool, but if I could have easily done without I love what it did for the show, but it's not so
no matter how far the ring it. Why does add New York, funnier billboard, destroy my address on every billboard where to find me more be, would recognise if you try to flip up a hoodie. They like hey, really really go incognito but its, but it's nice of this stuff is an important, is an important because it is it. Is it its mercurial in it. In its also, it's the it is helpful, like you said, but at the end of the day it's also can a wee weird and empty, and still really to be about having fun. In doing during the work that you like to death, the part I mean that think you and I love the most to slay, actually going in doing the shell like the rest of the staff every now and then in our latest
fond this is Fun Ali every now and then you'll do an interview whatever in its fun and its centre tanning in its great better mean for the most part like that's what I love to do is work just as do the work can be a part of that, as is, is great yeah. Do in that, since we ve got it and there's a slap on each other, then you're crazy. It's crazy, very special experience and some of the locations to I mean. At last I was blue my mind. That's out of the lesson was here when I was great. Oh, my god, I had one for the aid now. I know I'm really excited sorry. Kids yeah Well, I guess I will know in a few weeks time this comes out when they were on August, twenty six and one one episode, but I'm gonna be sad. When the seasons over and very excited that you know to get it back, Mack Slaughter
reach you pick up. That's the thing. I can't wait to go back yeah, like I'm scared keep going, and here we are seeing where SAM takes. It is just such a nice feeling. Is it so? I feel like it so hard to settle emotional roots into anything, because you just don't know you know it is whenever you feel the cure, I mean how security think Conan felt with its nature, like Y got the tonight shone ass. I ve moved everything De Los Angeles yeah. What I Goin away irish everything's great, so so very early. This just enjoy is always just a little bit of an addendum. That's you know. Louis UK, says that would be a really oh yea people sort of point about like you. The biggest comic right now is like, maybe for now, because he understands you don't know you don't know. What's going on to seek of deal minutes it's
can be a ride on the fairest wheeler right on the cycle, and now it's it's sort of up to you. I you perceive it and take it. The big moments dont mean everything. Their specially dont mean everything, but also when you're in the valleys of their careers. That does that doesn't mean that that's the either legal character building is correct. All man. If you survive sympathetic moments of really feelingly ol man, you know the sap and then Abner. Why did he did? Does he can yeah get through those moments? I mean it. I think it is certainly helpful and in building character, obsolete, learn from my yeah. That's what I'm learning is rather pathetic, yet it picks and learn more from the failure sometimes than you do. This success is absolutely and end. The failures also make you appreciate the successes allowed more as well. Absolutely
I think that all of them, just as gently but were especially what you know like I said earlier on what Mr Robot, I got nothing people and it's nothing against USA was just with this channel. Just had some light or fair on an zone. It come up with a super edgy show that's really authentic and and really completely fresh thing in television. I think says to people like no matter what you can always reinvent like you can always do something that surprises people, but you must have. I wonder the sort of the more successful more famous you get, and if something doesn't do as well, I feel like people almost more brutal, because I like that guy was up there now is not up their courses route It would be right with you now nobody cares it's like it. I like Lord yourself. There you better take it. That is part of the deal. Our new just keep going and keep laugh and about I try not to take yourself for it
seriously in them just enjoy the work that you do, get the opportunity to do. Excellent. What I'm so glad you guys we're here and again, I'm not gonna shut up about people run ass to what Mr Robot on USA, its ways it Wednesday night at ten Wednesday night at ten, and if you want to catch up it's on Itunes, which is where I bought the seasonal nineteen to catch up and in Amerika You guys. Thank you so much for me here. Marianne, our life, I'm so excited to see. I'm just this is a very exciting variant of exciting to see where it goes. Thanks. So come come back year. You know, after after you, ve done the cup sequel. Interview reality and more interviews at a vampire here, whereas I really wanted to see what happened to that guy that yeah I've always went into the Mullah Malloy. I just I remember just you know at the end of June. Ends in IRAN that I now or on the bravely shot. That too, that was like yeah. That was because
generally, I died at the end and then now Tom Cruise Wanna do every reshoot it and have me live turn. To have a new body area through items like totally get. Let's go. Town should have been a sequel you and me many great. That should have been a sequel. How would you fuckin mission impossible? Like you can't you one more? May I add that love another Europe? A vampire. Re pretty well aired on merit. Is it's not don't. You know what you guys, don't still look great. You could pick on equal rights for women it's over the car on the bridge, yeah yeah, yeah, Francisco Golden Gate, Bridge Mustang stones plan. Now that it's perfect, let's get good, I'm looking for I'm lookin legislative gonna happen. Gabriel, everyone, the end now, leaving noticed dot com.
Are you alright?
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