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Christina Ricci chats with Chris about how both their families are expecting babies soon (since this ep recorded, her baby was born! Congratulations, Ricci!!), how to negotiate device screentime with your kids, and what it was like to work on the new “Matrix” film. Her current show “Yellowjackets” on Showtime is amazing and “The Matrix Resurrections” is out in theaters and HBOMax on Dec. 22!

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That's master class dot com, slash class fifteen term supply welcome to be audited punch s number eleven, forty two, let's go to the court bore the eighty twenty court board. That is fine. What's going on in the eighty twenty community events in eighty twenty d come to share, we're thing. Like Brian was written Hallo christen. Fellow I detained tears. I wrote a novel. I think a great many of you may enjoy a tale of science fiction. That's also comedy great men of science. It's called concerns a malcontent scientists named Albert who, at the behest of the spoiled brat famous scientist, Magnus rip tied her screwed amount of a career full of wealth and fell back in college, help him defeat the minutes he created. Thomas Edison, really Thomas Edison, but a thirty percent size cloning. Thomas Edison made an authority printer who has escaped into the channels of time and is travelling through history. Stealing the patent for every invention ever made great scientists available wherever books are sold. It's gotta hitchhikers guide the galaxy
meets Peter Rabbit type vibe. I hope you like it thanks bride, the sounds amazing. We will definitely check and we ve now shared with the identity community. Totally they check it out as well. If you want to share your thing, events at eighty twenty dot com, the way to do that this episode Christina reached is back on the path. I thought it had. Only been a few years, but she pointed the package spilling eight years because you know time just flies and suggested it moves sodium fast by reaching is just the coolest like makes me laugh so hard she's, just one of the funniest people and sally immensely. Incredibly brilliant and talented her, show that on right now, yellow jackets is Lydia's and mine. It's like more of our favorite shows on television right now. Yellow jackets is on Showtime and also the Showtime app, and I hear recommended. There's six episodes out now and there's more coming and if I'm not mistaken, I think you're just got picked
for a second season. I hope it did but yes yellow jacket, you should definitely watch it and also she's in the matrix resurrections, which is a pretty big deal, that's coming out December, twenty second in theatres and streaming on MAX, and we recorded this. just a couple weeks ago and if time she was six days away from having a baby, and she is now since had that baby so can go regulations Christina reached on the baby. Obviously- and a lot of baby questions, and she was awesome to answer them all, because we are at the posting of this podcast about seven weeks out from me from baby town from the right of our little bribery. So I had a lot of questions and and just ass. She had great answers, but I just I had soared function with her for an hour and I'm gonna play the broadcast. Now I'm going to stop talking about the pike, gas and actually
roll the thing that being a number one one, forty Christine Aruji returning to the OECD biogas areas in hearing, I can't even call good morning. Let me tell me video on were do good. How are good?
literally to three minutes ago. They just finished resetting up our internet, our whole house, went down ass. I like seven p M caused now, so I hope that it's all ok and we're just gonna fingers yeah, I'm no judgment cause. I break technology does by bearing paper Irene. It's always groundwater. No one else to be out here. You know it's totally. It's always and also were you slow. I feel I'm so incredibly a pathetic to people who were Israel just now we're everything's like virtual. No, we don't you know it's crazy. I always say that I'm like I do my job in my mind. I guarantee the paper now another said nice meeting. You are this other shit, I'm just like. How can you expect, but, but I have learned rapidly over the past year, so I'm fine. Now, because now we have to cut it well, you know I feel
ok. I gotta do my own. Make up that's final. Mind got it. I might Whiting gotta do my own, like camera work, all that we all just had to adapt to do that are very actually ard and whence religion funniest I'd like when people drop off equipment and then you get to keep it, which is that the best part of the whole pandemic thing have some really fancy like microphone and lights said, and we wonder if you want. If you want to side hustle, you could always just open, like a richly production facility, rent out all the equipment the people have given you, I mean gifting. Microphones, you very centre Christmas. So try to look up, that's been. That's it great give tee. Doesn't it doesn't matter where it came right? You know what it's dead said. Santa Santa gave you the MIKE and right to pass it on its agreed. You I hear your expecting
Are you were two months out and we're just it it's. It's gives very real and were we're just and that sort of like oh, I guess, technically, could be any time you know we're getting outward just could happen, but where we feel pretty good about, you know that the February date that we have, lives is getting a c section, so we know the dates or everything I am for you or you are so I'm six days away in six days. This child will be out of me. Oh my god. I didn't really sure that close. I am so happy. I was so blown away by the when we were talking to the doktor, and she said I m okay, so you know I miss day in February you come in. You get there at five hundred and fifteen seven hundred and fifteen, we
He went to the operating room and by seven forty five. Really what why I m here to sound so like yeah, I will be there, but I'm not sure are probably up with her. I think there's like I dont like dummy. It's very political. It's very surgical, my sister's birthday. hers. She looked at the she looked at the window and in them lecture the window. She could see what was going on below the curtain and she upset Gina Sham was passed out cost, your insides on the outside is not its not normal, but somewhat where it was not a thing were really programme to everything you know and as the year insides outside either. So I, listen if Lydia said to me it's very important that you see this. I would do it for hurt. Me said that we need
how can they activated drives, try to figure out who is trying to figure out just a sort of defuse any attention to the situation? Like our should I no ma. Am I going to automatically electronic do bits in the room where I'm just like you know, I asked D out, you just wait. and then I realized like I'll. Let you know not ever I thought we'd get then not everyone's comedian and not everyone like that, could come off. We're too could land weird, whether trying to do their job. They really does depend back. We dream is it any wonder what what? What can we expect in terms of light? What's the vibe in the room? Is it pretty like that's pretty com and controlled it just everything I've ever seen it remove ie its pandemonium. It is
Maybe it's quiet, I remember being very quiet, and that made me anxious. Just I'd like a nervous talker do so the quietness, I'm sure I set the video attic things. Just because like to do what are you worry, what it what's going on because of its industry? Geologist Hany have kids. Could if you may not know the guy done this before you didn't, have a purse? Ok, good! I didn't I We ve been playing called white and cold. Why don't I feel, like I mean lives? rock like she is unshakeable. I'm and whose more like I hope, everything's? Ok, so I'm going to do my best to just be is like then, as possible, suggests
whatever she needs me to be in the moment. I just don't know I've never experience anything like this before so I just don't know what to expect really crazy, I'm sure you'll be fine. I've got up ass out zones. Europe has I'm thinking Look I'll, be songbirds. They seemed really embarrass after its where maybe that's because you want to be with you, wanna be a good partner like you, wanna be like, and if your body just shuts down that's what you're supposed to say after that yeah and then also thinking about, like you know what we hadn't really planned on was oh yeah, it's a major surgery gonna. Have you need to recover for awhile half was actually a c section, so were were sort of in the process of setting everything up so that recovery is this comfortable as possible. Gambia table that satisfy my leg
but exactly how little can I do? I make ever really bad and my doctor has we laid out limits for me so that I do not like to sit still can't sit still and I'm so controlling, and I'm so specific about how I like things around me, but it also cannot stomach a personal. those are the people how to do it right weapons. So, specifically, my problem, it drives the insane like. I don't like the way the glasses organised, but I can't reach the glasses because of my gigantic stomach, so I just have to sit there torture. it is this area has been I would like them organised fifty like that she's too much Totally. I totally understand I've. I try to notice thing as much as possible, or it's like. Ok, when lids put these in fridge all the labels we're facing out. So I think she likes all hundreds racing out, but I
but I still feel like I'm Adobe husband so there it's not like this not being able to do it yourself. It just is, have a lunch about setting. I don't like sitting by its fine, and I have a seven year old, say so much more comfortable warring him around. So specifically, the way want them well that's nice. I am encouraged to hear that. I feel that better talking to someone who's poos actually been through c section and it was told fine and your total. I actually felt like I I mean Do you have not given breast the other way, but I feel like I would. I was thrilled Swiss as he's action. If you weren't, if you were giving a c section, a yelp raiding, you would say for stars, would do again yes, yes, and they give you a shot of morphine afterwards, which is fantastic. Oh that's, nice. I don't know I am not sure Lydia can take morphine. I think it like message in some way, so I don't know if they're gonna add enough it'll be something else, but
You know that you get a lot of nice drugs, any it's nice to escape Everything comes here. I don't know what the result the doors you I we hung out once was really finally been changing it. Let's get out again. Maybe even urban is well you. Twenty twenty kind of through a ranch under an endangered plan, so its own understandable, but I dont, we very- when you come up around the house. We casually referred by your last name as it would like all reaches having a baby. I don't know why it's my! I prefer that single you do you like last name better than my first answer, reach is a great last name, but it also like there's. This familiarity is like oh, where we might go to you know confusing. I was like I we're going to dissent Oh I'll see really wants to go, you know like it was there. It was very friendly, but she just she really thinks you, the coolest. here. We have demonstrated this fashion, shall we fashion together? She's here,
the hell somewhere. If she she said, if she could work, we're trying to set up there's a thousand. If you feel so we're trying to set up a room on the ground floor for her like we're, turning a broom into bed room so that cause we're getting to the point where up and down the stairs is starting to get a little tiresome towards trying to just make a safe haven on the ground floor so that dares do not have to be the only option it's a good idea, regiments upstairs, and I still do it back Somebody is still up behind me, yet my back, which gets hit crochet gently yeah. Well, we watched August Showtime sent us the first six episodes of yellow jackets and we want five and then we stop. We realized. Oh, there are more than six episodes and we can't get access to them yet and we love
show so much so we just we're just waiting until we can get so we don't have to wait like two months for the next step is gone, I hear they will give me the rest after sixty- so in denying say at us. I'm scared My dogs are in a room and there, making gremlin, sounds like they gave us a problem. I can put them outside no, no, please. We have a massive upstairs and he might like just having a freak out or not, and I think this is just the world that we're Now is just like hey, you know what people have dogs, people had kids who walked in and that's fine. What we ve done is a great thing. Is it there is little room like bear. Small room and for some reason now they're going insane. Well, it's a wonder. I cannot but wonder like how pets have been affected by it. thing our are our dog. We got a month before pandemic and then for the four
a year or so a year and a half of his life. He was never not with us ever yeah, so I I wonder if, like as we are emerging from all this, a pets are like what the fuck. What bullshit is this because we're night, because all the time it's funny do you have any idea of a special connection with the dogs Leah seems to know when the dog is happy. When he's excited had an accident, the house. Yesterday she was convinced he was embarrassed and my own. I hope in key fields. Embarrassing, choose you embarrassed at this time of year I have three of them and since I've been pregnant, I haven't really been able to care for their way stress and threw them a rescue dogs in my house India's with their most day, and I mean I'd. we love them, but they're really annoying right. Now, I'm saying where they live,
the personal your bread and assist them ass. They had no idea there. Just still jump hear me country being stomach the cat. I have a special connection with it. Really love my cat about. How does the cat know that something is going on I feel like she does she's around a lot more she's been sleeping in the crab, which is good add the money that has been monitoring her sleeping in part b he's around a landline figure out so now, but the other dogs are just knowing me right now, but which was why can't I just get it together together be referred to the strike they just what you said earlier. What kept by just one can read the room which, like the duchess through the room, behave themselves.
just make sure. Maybe they could just rearrange the glasses for you once in awhile? Maybe they could bring you something that you need something anything bill, big family members, but your jacket is legitimately its It's been our favorite show right now and I immediately were sucked into it ends. It just became like the show that we started watching every night together and other living a bum about. Is that we don't have an extent full episodes. I know and the last during the last three years, while you knew for left, I have three laughed but from what try, the last three should be the most fun. Oh good! Ok, all right! If the thing about the show we're so spoiled as consumer now, because there's just a lot of everything and being that it's really easy to sort of, I don't know, I feel like it's easy. It is to take entertainment for
but when she comes along that, so sanely original that you can track like shows. You want to go back to see where the skull and I see what the says I see what they did The show is untractableness, so original, and so resting in so well done. Did you right away from reading the script, get the sent some that's or was that something that you noticed as you were making it will now I mean tat. The pirate itself felt very original. It sort of all these different references world into one when it was talked about and pitched. and then I mean just the idea that it's just the idea that it is these but then it is to have an explanation of the brutality of women without the need for exploitation. At the same time, you know, I think, is really because usually like by women and there's gotta be like a weary
on sexual element to it, and you know it has to be pulpy to be believed there. and that this sort of it writes that line. I think alike. There's no rotation in it, which was something besides they re loved and death and then at the same time, every time a new scriptures come out. It would reveal like a different shade of the show and this really fascinated Ducas in the beginning, no one said Stephen came to me in the pilot, doesn't feel very Stephen K and then, by like the second or third episode, I said to the writers and package. It feels like a Stephen King show, it's really incredible, I'm so excited because I love stealing king the likelihood that was always our intention is and will be. Ok, I didn't do this sort of no differ. evidently cast knows different thing.
About it and were given different references. So it's I think, the way that, when something very original it's hard to have a specific reference. Is this: that's what this show s job and now something like this gets made and then you're gonna see for like the next you're too, like all of the clones of this shell, like everyone's gonna rush to make them version of yellow jackets to others can, if I hadn't by that that will yeah because its, You know the businesses so funny because it it it. It's amazing to me than anything a regional ever gets made now, because you have to have proven that something is a good idea for France, Belgium, the money flash, because everyone, because it is the people the tend to make decisions- are generally doing their best to not get fired. So if they along on a limb, then they No, it's something doesn't work than they are afraid that they will have to answer for it as opposed to you know they just
Look at a spreadsheet go. What do you know? All of these data points suggested that look look at all. Followers on social media these people had. This should have been you just is it my fault, manure, Lego, gagging I'll, get fired, and so when I think, when people really do something different something magical happens because a lot of people at came together to try something original witches, which is pretty incredible, yeah yeah. I know it is pretty amazing and it's a tv is so weird too, because less you're, an epa- you really don't know what's going on must the time, so it is kind of you to go to them assets and then to see it at the end and to have it something new and specific. Is that sort of almost hard to categorize anyway open? I really wonder what it must feel like to get to appoint your career work as I imagine, people probably just offer
self now and you get to read stuff in gaol- do this, but I wanna do this out of this and I always am marvel of vat like how do you know? How do you get something on the page? How many times have you seen something on the page and you didn't take the job, but then you see the move Negro holy shit. This is not at all what that script was. How did this end? happening like how do you know well. How do you maintain exuberant, really good track record of being sallow naval x? I have to say I ve made some cases later? I was like. I really only saw what I wanted to see in that and it was not at all what I thought I was gonna be an end and, having made like a few big mistake So many arena, I've stopped and benchmarks and really asks that better questions did do. Did you sort of confer with the org you have a team of be given like professional team or just like a personal team of friends that you can kick stuff over, go hey? Would you think of this
or do you feel like at this point like knives, they're, pretty strong got for how this all works. I mean I'm a pretty strong instincts, putting us at the same time really trusting relation task manager. They trust is almost too honest with me at times We kind of go through all the potential negative, send positives and am too. I think too, that they pay careful that's cool and then do you know like? Did you shoot a bunch of stuff in between yellow jackets and now or look I'm just gonna shooting in September and hold well. Oh soon, I've just been being pregnant ever since then and then do you give yourself a certain amount of you know he'll be ok like just kind of lay low for awhile or the news. I can anyone who are working on this.
Lydia like while you know like it, it'll be no it'll. She was very fortunate to be able to work quite a bit during pandemic and I still noted sometimes time ago, like I dunno, I feel like an elegant. You work. Oh you're doing grades in just like this law. Fine and by the time, the baby's year, like it's the holidays, thing, is gonna really happen anyway. You know you happy authorities, but I'm giving birth, because then I I do have a few months nobody's region, anything anyway shuts down it's hard yeah, even at a prepared, time. The business is always so interesting about, like every year cut edges another couple days for the holidays, where I feel it years ago- the business to shut down around December seventeen per twentieth, then it got you're in December, and now I feel you know, then then people would be like well
not really have misread thanksgiving. A new year's like there's still a lot of days in there to do stuff, and now it's just like in February day they take on January. Now. Thank you get it together again, periods high while because we used to have production cycles, and there was a pot. There was an official pilot season there. This and now just people just make an shit all the time. What do you think about the the sort of the migration to I mean? I just call it content because as a move like calling something television or a movie it almost anything. Yet The really make any sense entirely anymore, No, I know I gotta content to position, no difference really job, but show is, is yellow jacket supposed be one season or is it? Is it getting find out if we get our pick out o good, good, good, good, good, good, good? That's the other thing to is the the whole idea, like the many,
but one sees an arc of something sort of getting after you and x X, represents in Europe. This is only one season. How could possibly be satisfied at this way? yeah, because you it's this whole new, like version of storytelling, has come around which is like well, it's like a movie, but it's also like a television show, but only eight episodes or six episodes, and none of these people will come back. So it's like a movie television show it's a little sad that I'm sand I won't see any more America's term. You know I'm upset. I want to watch that character were gonna, get some think a weird emotional exercise will you are, but I think we're coming out of those I think I think the best thing that a serious can hope for in these times is like three four seasons, maybe, but I
yet which is yeah. I mean you know, I'm sure, not ever what's Vienna, Shell for ten or twelve years, but also it doesnt, really benefit streamers too, have to like keep paying for something for like and seasons. They just don't Yang. We I once- and I knew all the time now because we're just given new staff constantly yeah and if we don't get something better New constantly, when I just I don't know, I'm old enough to remember where we just didn't you, if you didn't see something on tv, you maybe you would see it again come out and be adjusted like six months. You know maybe it'll pop up on able, but now the expectation is so. Do you think we're going to a point where we're just urging on everything too much. Why I mean yes, I no because I definitely benefit you that myself and am you know for my job in everything it's fantastic, but sometimes I do
think about the fat people in the pilots from Wally on a ship right, accept everything they want. All the time wait a minute. This is done telling as we enter the major, you may have acting only dovetailed really beautifully into the matrix. I have kept. My son from watching any trailers, because I have no idea. I want to go in and be completely surprised, but how, without obviously without spoiling anything I was experience. Was it an interesting Rio matrix man before any of the basic questions you propaganda a thousand times. I mean I wasn't Dixon. I was teen when the matrix nineteen nineteen, when the matrix came out and my mind, was blown with all their estimates as people would never seen anything like it before. So I loved the matrix
I so I'd work through the wish, as he's before and had left and her team, and I loved they make movies, and you know it's one of those things really like. You think that you make movies start making where there is a meteorite allow too. This is this is making movies did too. So is the level of facts and. and you let's going on at the same time and people in its egg filmmaking as mass they. Just this Is it you know, are going on in people's heads? Are incredible em, so it's really fun to be a part of future I was very excited when Laana invited me to come and be a part of it an Keanu read, so you know I mean come on. It's you think the greatest movie sites ever lived, he and also all accounts, like maybe one of the greatest human beings whose ever really here was a thrill to be around him.
See how wonderfully was on the internet is so in love with cannery. It's like I see like quotes his pop up all the time. You know Instagram get out, but I'm a fan of his well get these I'll get a really pensive shot of Cato raises some quote that he said it's like while this, as the skies ascending to like some kind of weird deity. Well, that's kind of meal is isn't he digital Jesus Niels Digital Jesus is Jesus for our times. I love his. You know his his his career path is so fast. turning to me, because then you could see the traces of what ultimately ended up fully manifesting in the matrix where he was too seeing these jobs where they were. These really interesting kind of off beats Techno Superman the supernatural sort of wit and that the sea
of the trailer of the matrix in a theater was one of the most profound movie theater experiences I've ever had because I think, well, don't remember. When that we became out. He was like the billing a guy, you know he was sort of like the world and in the tree, pillar for the. Maybe it's comedies wasn't that the Sandra Bullock Romantic comedy time. I think it I think it may have been yeah, I think, of it or that Peat Lake, how, sir, what that one of the night was around that time. It was around their turn. Unexpected yet and then, when the trailer started, he says a whirlwind: the trailer in the beginning, Theodore laughed because they're like what is this going to be and the total change in the theater door from that point to the end of the trailer it was like dead silence. Were you couldn't? Everyone was like what, in the fuck, did I just watch and it literally changed cinema. Yes, that's what
That movie, I remember just have my mind- was absolutely blown. I had no idea I didn't expect it. I did not see the trailer in them, then the theatres, so I just saw and with I'm not doing anything about it and was just like forever changed. Yeah I mean Think as performers is this kind of. Is that sort of the the whale yeah one trading. Yes, yes, it really is and that's like for me. I always the things that I like. How have we seen this before I go on to make the same shit you know, and even with characters I just a noise like. I want to do something that people haven't seen and that I think, is that the White well and its also hard, though, because and you know- I'm not like you said unless you're an executive producer when you're out, and you really only only thing you- really control? Is your performance? That's really because if they don't like a programme,
that played on the wide shot, binding has added they'll edit around it or they'll chain? Woman's and adding civil rights are actually know I'd. So I'm sorry We right for you have to pay very well. You have to him. Yes, gazillion sat near ignited, I think that she would do that or she should do that and someone's like ok, fine, and you know when they say: ok, fine alike will play in the wide behind her head for me that the version that was always ok, we'll just you know what to do this for us. It like I know, but I know that just means are gonna. Fine, it's fun! It's way round that one too, because you're right, I don't give it to you, you won't have it nearly completed the lights up ahead. You hadn't make you debate. I didn't like that, and right in their later you haven't video or, if you like, have and then you know if we use that does just gonna roughly
Corleone use. You know yeah, there's the other. That very thing. So you really want to be an EPA on things like TB do, winner, any p you sort of how are you able to separate that from the provide? How do you I just think about everything all the time, I'm I marvel at people who are able to be. well to do multiple things when they have to also perform could be like shovel that other. How are you not thinking about something production, annoying thing when you have to be present in a moment in a scene, that I think is the same as I join with your life. You know You shut out your life. It's only think it's you say thirty seconds, monotonously usually I can guess for that amount of time and do the other things that go s, producing that's all I always think about how you know you works hard, your whole life to try to do this thing and when you really think about it, you're like how much that I actually
the thing that I what it was like, what was it eighteen minutes in total, like really total like me a lot of anxiety. I actually how big little time you get to do the thing because of the noise wait a minute you blew it. You only have a certain amount of time to blow it yeah. but did- and you feel like that of the little with anxiety is, is motivating- or do I mean at second reading better, when I like cocky as hell here again we relax, don't give a shit. Then I'm great it's what I care too much. I will destroy eggs, not giving a shit, is really hard because if you even have the thought one
When I give a shit about this, it's like will. Clearly you give a shit about. How do you read me, unemployment levels and it might be they give it not giving a shy just mean, like not feeling like everything, that's your die and lives their diet in your performance. At that moment, absolutely No, you mean like not being bound up by your anxiety so that you can actually function, but I dont that can be really difficult to tap. Sometimes because the Zog is such a physiological reaction, the butt time you realize it's happening, you're having to talk, self out of it: you're having to talk your body out. action that Europe, everything in yeah, I've had so many so many times. They wish. Would you go back and appreciate the first week of thumbing or the first episode we dared, because now I feel much more relaxed in I'm not in my own way may gather happens all the time. That's an interesting! did you bring up? I wonder if there are any directors who factor in at
end of the shoe re like the first shot. I wouldn't do that. I think that's a smart idea because you ve, u pride on entirely pride, takes a second to kind of figure. The chemistry in the dynamic, especially with television too, because you don't know what your characters going to do later on another episode, so they don't tell you it's like oh she's, something you dont know so you'd kind of its hard to really figure. HU. The character is completely until you ve done legs, wherefore epithets right. You know you kind of have this idea. their capable lab and who they are, and all the rules in the beginning now to try to figure out those rules with solar Information is very difficult, so yeah,
like I wanted to, I was kind of one's go back and we should all my staff and episode to yellow jackets, really yeah yeah as a viewer. It did not it it's. It's such a fast to a grocer faster. Finally, I found myself after the entire season we like I'd now I get Now I get it. I have like an overarching rulebook for her, but it was afterwards which is better that's probably season two's or grey bright, because I would ve been simple gas. I've never going to seize and Jane Television Channel. So let us be serious. Yeah, oh well, but how many shit but have you have you done one told anyone antiquities? Ok, all right! Look that that, actually that that's a lot that a lot more sense really don't do. Television is hard and even though I feel like there is just a glut of come on ten and platforms right
I still feel like. I know a lot of people who are not working. It's like by shouldn't. Everyone be working, it feels like there's a million shows everyone should be lacking issue. There should be a job for everyone when it comes to creating content, but ever ever basically, entertainment now is a social media, like literally every person on the almost every person on the planet is under its inner. Damn it's not like just for performers anymore. no it's out my someone's Egypt, general, and I told him until he can come up with a concept. Episode idea is he's not gonna, be the studio for gas you have this thing in my house that you should be famous for You do away contribute, not who you are all that's great, destroy your soul and them. So I think that you now did you wanna hear you have to prove to me. They actually got something to say. Oh my god, that is a brilliant sort of like mantra.
There have been a very famous for what you do not know who you are being cut because that's ultimately Ladder of that is, like a words, cut all social media like was an early adopter of every technological thing, I myself now thinking differently about it. the child on the way. It's like, oh what I mean we're still, several years away from haven't. They really worry about it. Maybe it'll change in ten years, but still I'm going. What are you gonna do if our child wants? it just gets absorbed by this thing. How do we- and I don't think that's what you can we has to be like you know it doesn't have to be something same. But what is the concept that thing at? The idea has to be separate from just like my personality that when you know now, like a heap him that religion, arcane ourselves. I use what to do nothing but episodes of exploding different volcanoes that you put together. That's fine, but it just so.
saying that, isn't completely about how he looks or will you know his personality? I feel like. I want to do a lot of work as apparent. So let's are to let her know like you. so much value. That has nothing to do with any of that shit. You know so that, but it's just that What's up is designed the addictive. It's designed it's designed, tactically, so it sort of it plays upon all these really kind of basic human emotions and needs, and insecurity is that I think even there, least person, probably kind of struggles with it to a degree, because it is literally design that way, yeah now, actually it's all for me and I'm I'm not that smart, but it just seems like me. It's all about social currency, unmoved
measuring yourself, so currency an accident tells us that bracelet, It is especially when you know like I I remember being. School. There was enough pressure just feeling like what. How do I fit into couple, a hundred people in this as in this, but now it's like brilliant. You know, and then the sort of comparative thinking, but the comparative thinking is tied to distorted lenses, and so it's not yet. So I don't know. Video is not like a supervisor analogy at all, and so I actually feel really good about that, because you know but I know what do you do if you give your child is freaking out and it's like it, you can put an Ipad in front of them and then that calls them I died literally. Don't I just hope will figure it out as we get there I found was my son. I really tribal he's obsessed with Youtube when I use it as a way to get him to do things strike. If you do
rights of math exercises on I excel. You can watch should twenty minutes of Egypt, but oh there's like a conversation about you know these two by performing or this essentially television, just anything to separate it from it being so precious. So I'm here now his precious what is it? What does he watches watch? Other kids play games does. What is I think, kids play with ties and Go I'm like vacation certain staff he's. I really enjoyed gaming, so he will such shortly gaping videos were. They teach them how to find a just fine staff. Do things I don't know. Do you play anything you didn't know, I tried feebly and we had to go to Canada for six months and
we in quarantine for two weeks and holding so I got a switch and try to buy a fortnight with him when he was very nice to me about it. But I just don't You have that in May I just don't care about games from government is, The healthiest attitude in the world, but you didn't say anything we make no living. I both play. We played a bunch animal crossing together for like a year during quarantine and was actually really it's fun, I wish that I had the desired. To watch other people play games, which is strange, but I don't really like to take part as I do. I am endlessly fascinated by the idea of like watching people play games and the only thing that I can figure is that a there's, a story telling arc to it that three
you don't have to there's no risk like Dick. Is there isn't a mile, the matter anxiety when you're young, in your playing a game that, like oh, I'm not going to do right or I'm not gonna be able to accomplish it, and so you get to experience the game without having to experience the kind of emotional gas disturbance that comes along with, like I can passes one fuckin level goddammit I much my, you're doing wrong prison than the actual myself pressure, yet leg, leave the room and come back and see where we progressive yeah, that's really good idea, though I I really. I hope that we will do our best to try to figure out like what does she into and what kind of stuff too she like and will try to feed that. But this idea if you really want to be famous, be famous for what you do, because at least that's least, you would learn something, or at least you would be teaching something, or at least there's a craft or a skill
yeah and, and the other speakers I think, I'd like your. The vessel is bad. You know it's mostly about what's going on their brains, willow, but it also just relies on almost entirely external factors of how many people are falling. you have people decided not follow you run volume. Then you start attaching your worth or your value to this external thing, which is uncontrollable, volatile and how you know it's just. I think it could just be dead. I think it's just deadly for for people who haven't learned and a form that internal sense of self I've until they spend a people become too famous, so dependent on outside in play before they know who they are like that to sense devastating to me so you're, but also, I think you know, because you were able to I feel, like you, ve, been in the business long enough that you, I feel
Imagine that early on you kind of figured out like now, that's really stupid, going to focus on the work and well that's kind of dumb now remember human being said so, really horrible still take criticism really poorly and opinion and you know I'd say it's like justice, I'm Joe is vulnerable to I can't even imagine will be like to be seven didn't mean to do. the response to hey, if you want to do a channel about ok, knows the z considering tat now I know I do that. I once again soon as if she went away when I speak of it just play games and is recorded playing games, I mean at least that's like a skin. I guess it's a scale right maybe he's good. I don't know, though it seems we return people just watch, you play games and I don't know, but I do think that better than just like, where they lay hey I'll show you didn't. I got to know exactly what this is all right. It's it's a difference between the him like that is a skill, verses, just becoming a
for media reality show, which I think is, is the other arming, while he's doing the games and he's not aware mask told him he has to it. Oh yeah you don't you kid, you don't want people to know what Child looks like that's your there's that There's not, and sometimes I waffle leg. Is it so bad but no. I really feel like. I want him to be a fully from the dark before he decides real Spirit man on the street. You know right right, right, because the kids don't necessarily know what all that entail. They just want here under the energy at the can understand that, but that is the potentially dangerous thing wages where's by her, like a secret service service Adrian or something if you watch it, Spock you may never know you might already be doing it. He might die right now. He might be a spy, the gaming might be a way to address yeah secretly to occur,
by the gods, by information I'm here to bring my spy information but know that we will not be a great spy ware there things before and after that, you, because I feel that we go. We go into parenthood with these very like a cabinet, try this unamended this and obviously a lot of it goes out the window because you have to be flexible, you have to understand, but did a sort of a light switch. Come on like after the birth, where you were like. Oh, I feel like I understand things now on a molecular level. Now that this has happened. but I didn't understand before, while I feel like, I have my ideas about how much you can actually shape a person, but a child personality and often came in for any was very much you. He was he's always been same kids like sweaty legs,
and it's interesting to know they just stay really come out and they are who they are in many ways. So you will have a lot of preconceptions I dont have I'm not very good at. No, I am not so great, We don't have a lot of preconceptions and I go into situations. I dont know why that's good. Actually, you will probably conditions because of acting because you don't know You don't know what else that's gonna be like when you get on and you don't know what the dynamic is going to be. A new address have to be flexible to max yeah, I'm thanks experts and prison cell, I kind of was like. I don't know. I don't know what this is going to be like raising a child's football, see what happens, and I like a few things in my life. but I feel like made man manage like always having to be ok with I've done that day. Second, sleep at night things. I am really rule
anxiety and guilt. So it's the top off. It is a hard won and I think it's it especially now there's so much. Everything! I really do think the overload just comes from that our brains were not particularly of how to handle as much information that is running background at all times that we're trying to absorb at all times is so. I feel it that's why so many people, while that, of course, in a global pandemic and a million other things that are going sideways, but just that's all feeling of like there's too much. I don't know that feeling is it's it's hard Would we do you? Wake up in the middle, the knights and kind of like hafta, like just so shove it down? I wait usually around store. Five am anger through all the statements that I might be forgetting to do together I've emails for me at five. That's what I like my my best work.
well, it is quiet at that our catch on everything inside the anxiety of Michael you forgot to do you don't forget to do that and better ask about this. I'm very I'm the boy because to organise and signal I'm riddled with anxiety. So do you feel like have you? Have you come up with ways to sort of mitigate that And I'm happy with this system. You know I never like eight weeks now, but for the morning it's important and I should take and there you know, there's a lot of times when my anxiety, wake aspects, extra questions and then I'm so glad I did so I one of you, it is more of a tool and the guilt of the same thing. The guilt keeps me honest, so that's really kind of the way to look at anxiety. I I sort of think of it. It's like just a bad by product of you know over thinking, nor or door trying to manage catastrophe and like like it.
of every possibility and that's not entirely healthy. Thinking about it as a tool, a helpful tool and you can use it is it's it's like a kid station from forgetting things. It makes me responsible mice. Here of people not liking. Me keeps me from being a jerk I will try to utilise citizens interests Well, anyway, that we can- because I do there are some red eyed. This idea that, like all, we could get rid of anxiety altogether and never have like one. Every reason. That's the thing I think also my mother was always a guilty turn useless and emotion is useless like if you need to feel bad about things that you ve done wrong but even more rational right. You can channel it and use it properly.
And now let a destroyer life, then yes, but otherwise you should always Airbus therapies You know I I I often zero for people who are like I don't know, I don't really have any. They talk about a good care, but it's really good just to have an hour even an hour a week or two just to be able to with some one, and you know- and it's not like because you do We are significant other to be the person that your constantly like, oh than this, press me out, and then this dress me out or your mom. Are you whoever and set the talk to people times, but it is nice to have someone who can sort of like health, sorting groupings and just kind of event yeah. Now I think it's really gauge deafening, well. I am delighted that you were willing to do podcast six days before you're having a child. This actually the time this goes up, that better your trial will be out. So then you baby could listen to the public.
Did you about Castro, kids isn't about girls, do they care about? You does it. He doesn't know about them. I don T get he's, never mention them. Its remarkable to me what has happened in the world, the pod fasting and I think it's great from the law time you're on the progress which is like five years ago or something they present upon can stand, or was it a radio shack because that was detained Wonka eight years ago. It was like eight years. It was an edge described with my first child. Then, oh, my god, Oh that's right, and we talked about this whole thing where there's like reaching where people they get under a table or something, and I consulted under tables Here- was a meme like some kind of a meme and in that was eight years ago. Oh, my god, yeah so so do I was thinking about that I was. I was then upon passed then or western, while so you're like one of the earliest. I don't suppose I mean we're doing affirmed where almost twelve years, but don't know, but there were people like their people were doing it years before that it's just
no around everybody's do it, and now we have to make him ass largely doesn't because I feel like. for me, the one sided like, oh, my God, there's a million of course there's so many pod castles into, but also like it's hard to it's hard for I would never get mad at like people put discovering themselves are like people, something that they want or expanding the platform of the format it sort of like. you would never do stand up. If you thought about how many comedians are it's like yeah, but the more comics there are, the more people are going out to see comedy the more it elevates the craft in the eye. It. So I don't know I'm really rubber, wouldn't gonna guy. So I sort of feeling tat gray. Everyone's do a pike ass. You know, like I, don't fucking, it's one people come and go. Did you ever? Did you ask? of reproach you about doing one. I do have a ass. It is called toxic. What we like
We should tell the persons it he is. I don't know I don't know what you're here. It's not gonna happen. I was in a kind of toxic passivity and basically age, a snake, about things I don't understand. There are really a raise really into like tiktok and People come on the show to change my mind, basically about the values and benefits of their popular thing. They love. I think this is a brilliant idea and I because basically The same point: all these toxic positivity has to end, and people will go back to being leg. Is that Six million stupid inattention digging. So at the end do do you give it a rating at the end like well, I just I could be like you know. I I get it. I get it because people have changed my mind about things. I'm like party blubber. I'm only says I should we should reach
about our experiences. There should rebuild Pharaoh cats, that of the dignity to go off alone to die, but people have in my mind, in this area. During someone's experience can help you in about south, so glad you brought to talk, because if I was not a performer, I wouldn't I wouldn't consider it, but so many, my friends or comedians are on it and I feel like I don't it doesn't. It feels like I don't feel like. I want to do it but should I like. I feel that the beginning I belong Aqua is only people behaving like eleven year old girls, making up dances and foaming them. That's what I thought was really all that and then I realized yes, there's like animal videos and people do all kinds of things on Tik Tok. So now it just seems like it's. Just people posting video, so it's you lost it
it then I've lost my served, vitriol forehead yeah. I just everytime, I think about posing a tick tock eyes just hard not to go. I just turned Do you like is that we need less, it's called Tik Tok it really it's because it has this like a door of opiates inane and because the most famous people from Tik Tok are famous for doing strange dances near bedrooms. They won't words. Recovery costs recalled the answer uncle like always was too should become like it s? It's just like a video sharing platform was given a more doubled. Before they weren't, you doing, needs disturbed about friendliness, it is regrettable articles, but this really fascinating arable about this will. Twenty, seven and she's an Excel master like she's, a master of Microsoft, Excel spreadsheets though she started me thinking.
Tik Tok dates, videos where she would show like incredibly helpful, excel tips and and I wish to didn't. I don't know whether it be dancing dont know why they have to be like the information. I see what you just did outside appointing thing that music it and they planted- the Hague it pops up on the screen? And it's really anxious to me. We have to watch you dance she's, just she's basically made like million dollar bit because she was using it as advertisements. For you subscribe to your website, and has all these incredible, excel tutorials and now, making like hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and that makes sense.
But again she is somebody who is selling a thing. It's me, it's a talented to scale, that's fine! I get that. I just don't understand the ones that just dance or it's like a father daughter, doing dumped answers Why, but also- and this right now had probably doesn't make any sense to even you know too, myself in the same room, but think about like what you know reads as an insult Romanian he's. Fine, it's like I know, but that's Ghana, ribs. You know what I mean like it's nice to know where we are. We're not of media in their fine. Yes, I know, but then it didn't, you watch other people fall and gradually giant social media. and maybe the smoothness of activists that your answer really fun, though, because it's really like it, it's I don't know it just it. Just has a nice vibe to it That's it s, like I'm terrible lake,
the idea that we were asked the same brand ourselves and figure out what I think is, and I'm not good at that- I'm just way to random person so it's good to everyday, just feels they piecemeal may break whatever. So before, where you go last bit of advice before were before we have a baby. Is there anything you can think of anything? Someone told you then ended up being very helpful. Some piece of with to pass along, I mean I'm the youngest of four children. I was essentially raised by dogs. I feel like the best thing to think about is the ever he's. Gonna be ok, ok, they're! Fine girl would do this for a long time, don't put too much into every job too much stress
put a lot into a dope talking too much into you can wear baby there. Finally, with all the water over that all figured out, what I'd come out with a jog be fine, you put your dogs, like they're, not gonna, be super helpful when it comes out here. Not actually, however, not surrender, so we can rely on them, but the cat the Cairo. Let us now some of the cattle. Let us know the baby's again well, I can Thank you enough for being here, and I really hope that one of these days were able to all ass, they say hi, I r today we see the baby's together. We have so many we're having babies right now, we're so excited because they feel, like others, this whole generation? That's all, there's a whole generation of like pandemic. Babies that are all becoming out that, hopefully our friends, yeah that'll, be gained the bigotry
being social. It's hard when you're the only one with a baby. I know it's because I I do I would have friends here kids and then I didn't civil out after they had a kid and now I understand it's like what they don't have time and also there probably hang out with people who also have kids because data civics illustration. I engage in afterwards yeah yeah, so good luck with everything that he walked in the next six years, please, oh I am so we will. She just sent me a tax and said she was so sorry. She was able to come down. She's been trying to set up stuff upstairs, but but hopefully will- I think she has reformation so, hopefully ass soon yeah, ok right will have a great power day. That's up how it is you to think so much at Bay, island and he's getting complete.
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