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Ralph Macchio and Billy Zabka (The Karate Kid, Cobra Kai) talk to Chris about how much of an impact Karate Kid had on Chris and others when they first saw it, how their characters have changed now on Cobra Kai and how Billy gets cast as a bad guy a lot. They also talk about if they knew The Karate Kid was special while filming it, how Cobra Kai came to be and what else they have been up to!

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immediately said to our Booker Debbie. We ve got to get rough largely on. Billy's have gone if at all possible and it turns out they were doing present, but just one of those really strange, if you had told me when I was a kid, urging Craddock it a hundred times are watching any the movies that Williams Abacha played in Agnes, then in the eighties, whether it be back to school or just the guy's or you know or karate kid, and of course they just will turn out to be great deeds both of em. But at what I love about the Show- and I say this in the past- is that its very gray like whose it's not just like o Daniel still the hero and John, still the the developer yeah, it's very gray, hair and a deal's a lot with like shit I was high school that we all just can't. Let go no matter what we just get taken right back to high school in those situations, its
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You know for certain- and this is the greatest bucking thing I mean for episode- finds my favorite great about it. Is that its people talk about this? What are you a lot of things, but so perfectly done. I mean it's because it rather than trying to, rather than trying to recreate exactly what they resulting ones, which have been a lot of continuation type. You know whether it is
You know whether it's a sequel, a reboot or whenever like this is a slice of these guys is lives where you go the that's probably what would have happened and there, and no one in so far for vessels in no one's really here. Oh no one's really a villain, everyone's, very human and just dealing with all of their followed their issues, but it's good. It's so good! I'm excited for you guys have, and I'm excited that I get to watch it and I'm excited that this was the continuation of the story, but I didn't know I needed my and then I never do. I was gonna get whether we we need now was it did it sort of feel that way when you guys started like wrapping up an oh, I don't like wrap up. This chapter is opening a whole new world who, as you know, the guy you know been expected it to be. This way story wise, but once we got into the characters in the narrative that they rode felt right fills reign. The thing that I love
It is that it it captures this idea, and maybe this is just make. Maybe you have to be a certain age to get this thing, but no matter how old you are, the ship it happens to you in high school never goes away effect it no matter how many things you achieve or how much you accomplish your, how little you accomplish our. However, you can still see someone who was addicted you when you're fifteen sixteen years old. Can you would incident? Never you can't help it such a and it really capture the diner one of them, Libya and yet not its is pouring. We talk about it all the time that neither the karate kid was clearly very good over evil, black and white. On a story telling and where a cobra guys now is not a grey areas. Your legions changes episode to episode- and you know so adieu, menaces these characters in a more complex way, or additionally to what it is an interesting way. I didn't think about this too.
I really saw the series season one as we say so far is the term in office you mentioned for Larusso his worst nightmare. A cobra I do, opening them in his whole tat. I it was yet he's asking by these guys, were everything wrong with martial arts from his respect an interesting. We worry come up. We will meet him thirtyth something years later. It is. It is actually cobra tie in him being sucked into that world. Actually helps him. Finding you'll see this as the season are excited, you watched the rest, the episodes it actually brings him this balance, in his adult life that he might have lost and got off the track with relative began as to that work in and in whatever happened to the bully in high school. Something is not explored, so withdrew the giant.
His character? That's a big part of what what the writers do. Mobility does in any kind of fantastic performance and made the old version Jai Lawrence John Hamilton, directed areas, also northern rocky. So it's basically karate rocky key had yet, but it you know I mean I was so the perfect age when I'm who became our probably fourteen, or so you had so adjust its interests entered into my psyche it away? Because I was a very nerdy kid, and so did it did not give me any delusions that I could learn
Finally, the crank after an embryo is an area where you type even me I didn't. Maybe I visit will be. Maybe I did what you got here. I don't know it's not age. When I felt like I did you make like they didn't make me argue Joe Karate short like there was unwarranted. They do have them, but they are not as in their sold out. That is something we also saw. Wages led them knowledge its it. So it's always called the bad guy so who? What what is called a quote? The bag well yeah, but the but also I mean it's not like I say, do not side with COBRA. I, when I was a kid very much, but it still did anyone ever can do we distinctive I'm sure you ve discusses a million times Daniel arrest basically learns a lifetime of karate and about my regular about the right time, maybe a little bit longer than that there were. There had to be one or two montage, any my privacy stretch that out in it
ok now and then he beats a guy who's. Literally here erotic like you, so it is not even just luridly class. Is Karataev you gonna spend his time breaking down the line. The beauty of all this? Why didn't you know? All that is, is that people are still talking about our that's the vessels thus far, but also just you know, I think it's more than excuse the fact that you know obviously me argues, characterisation he's a master, any has hearts. Human Yoda gives a human yoda. Daniel has heart needs from Jersey got you know, like he's, gotta he's gonna Giovanni Shoulder guys got over that it's gotta watch about Listen Daniels who had no business winning anything, and I think that at that time that's all part of the charm of Davis Aspirational, wish fulfilment for anyone who saw that movie. I could be that use the kid next door right so as Daniel, whose adult, as Siena, gets a little bit off the track a little bit. Nino
overconfident and his spiciness in his temper that he had, even as a teenager, you know comes to the surface in in the cover I showed it adds to two like we talk about the elite. He's not always says, woman fuzzy, as you might authority been, the need to recalibrate. That's part of awfully long form, storytelling authorities, the high school. How he, how you react to people in its incidence in high school so true and I think that this show really capture that in a really organic way. I feel, like you, feel that way. Like John, in January how these they came into each other's lives in their earlier days and it shaped who they were giant. Deanna became the chronicle Johnny kind of DIS engaged from cobra I and there still in the same. You know circle, and you know it says, It's a kind of rights and natural feeling to see a Daniel Loiseau billboard and have that kind of reaction
hurt you I mean, I know guys who still have not made peace with their bullies and like will go to a union and think that their ok, because their successful in there there and they just start shaking, and they still can't it's like it. On such a fundamental element of the it is it's a primitive back. Is that just all it just off fuses your identity. When you were a kid outdoorsman without ape your whole, we're throwing. That's like you take that with you, man. Second highschool viewers. And of your boy, you and you you know you get to feel it you're going to have that always eyes. Incidents in high school like that we're gonna, fighting and later saw somebody- and you know it still have same dynamic is twenty years later and is like, but then he's like disguising the Marines. Now not only introduce really add escapes me open, highschool magnolias. You know that was beat him up, but I mean you know it's like this: a visceral emotions to see somebody and have every reaction and it works. I think here and I think the audiences groaned, these thirty of some
as with that that's been replayed over and over and over again. So when the show starts, appeals, just gonna lands and picking it up right now and fills Physic were really with these guys yeah I'm there was there was a girl who bully means seventh grade. I think and issue when it may. Actually really, and yet he had come to her note and I really hated her and, like maybe gotta, know, In twenty years later I ran into, I went home to Memphis and I ran into her and she is, I know what I mean we'll bitch do you and I was prepared to be like Why were you in charge of it? It was a real that did. I was so conflicted because I had just stored all of this for years and years model. I was just ready entity like and you have our own can. I was I had a rough time. My way right away, lined up you dont when you're. When you are young, you don't realize that a lot of people who are dicks like people who just go out of their way to be dicks or aggressive, probably don't have great lives
there's something that is, you know deeply flawed in there with a beard, their immediate. Relationships, and so you know that's not not that I feel the ILO. You always do kind of real value like I don't appreciate the method that you used to deal, those, but you were a kid, and you know what I guess everyone's due in the budget, but just that binary idea like whose a bully and whose nod and whose where'd you get older. Like judges, it's complicated. It's really gets carpet, but that's what's so great about the way you're shows now that everyone's complicated, no one's. Like one thing really could have just been that, and you know, I think anyone else would have made it that way. I definitely but you played at a certain point with all the rosy later you do. I look like a dignified, arresting me Rawls adversary back to school, just one of the guys, Karadzic, all movies that I adored, but at a certain point, were you you like what is going on here together,
the school I kind of society. That was it with the with the bad guys. Although the rest of my career, there was some kind of version or some kind of Tipp or something to to yeah when we did this when I just wanted to make sure only idler when they pigeon, unlike all as long as you're, just not turning him, I'm a doubling down on my dignity and on the biggest ass, the on going. Are you gonna three? Why am I say we go? Can you know I've been made to the world that this? Because you know living I mean I'm an actor, but you know there's that their responses. They don't want. There's gotta be human as long as reminding bad autonomy in being wrong, but is it can be a two dimensional kind, a jerk and dick out it, and that's not appealing to me to play so no also find it a lot of times people who play like people who played a few jerks on stuff. We, like you, meet him right now.
But when I was a kid, my first move where the four sets I was ever on was the island. Michael Richie directed and Michael Kane Start in David Warner was really famous bad Guy Villa Oakdale Warner. Yeah he was introduced Corrado after time my doubts and idea, then I was a stand in for the kid on that. So I got a universal and I would just they set the lights on me. They bring the real actor in and I remember meeting David Warner, who was? Did you like the pirate the evil guy he was. The nicest suite is human ever and Michael Kane as well, but it was really interesting saying be being young and be impressed on the performance is aware there so evil and then meet him and he was polar such of a complete poor opposite of that. So was up. You know how to better think with me, because I young being young fourteen thirteen fourteen and having these unity star
pay attention to me in being so kind, and it really meant so much just that. Didn't just walk around me and they are attitudes, but they were just like hello. There was a single welcoming like oh that's how you do it. That's why I never thought I would pull apply that get in, say Anna one damage to be you doing that to kids. But I am you know now. What is happening now and someone just posted on Red a couple days ago was just a picture from the outside it and it was the picture you guys are all back the back. The pick up dropped all right and it's edit. It's an astonishing group here of
of actors like Hulu ship and that are all that. Well, most olive oil and hang up here, you gotta, rob low and there you gotta, sways you gotTa Meliodas, Steavens, you Tom Cruise Magdalen mean it isn't an unbelievable when you're making when you have. I would love to kind of talk to both of you about being young and successful and famous in that during that time, resource for media area and is a different time. You know like what is it? What does that mean? What does it feel like as its happening, or are you just thinking one just an actor? I just want to stay employment really care about all that other stuff with the outside or since you reference dad. That was a book I read when I was twelve years old, so almonds. Probably the first book is doubling the first book. I finish without my parents saying: keep reading have to finish ten pages a night. Ten pages a night is always in it was a who is not. Like many people who were inspired to replace honesty headings novels. I guess now it's J K round
whoever, but so so have any arbitrary, better, be and found myself a big get. I wanted to play their part then it was Frances Copal I was like every is all the boxes were checked at that point. You could imagine and so being in that getting their part felt a little. You know you're a little spoiled when you read a book. You love the book. He loved the part in twenty, your favorite directors, peacemaking, You get the parts like ok, this is gonna, be a cruise rose control and I think that No, you talk about pre social media. There is less of that. You know, is less of a you know you get in the park For I mean you read about it before you get the call it's crazy now and just how quick everything is in her own body with a phone is a popular at sea. So I didn't. I don't remember that you know that, but you have to leave at a little bit of time
If you did something stupid and I never did I'm still looking to do something about it. But now I have a hit show, so I don't really have to do something right now: we're Kloster phobic. Now, back in the day breathed little bit, you know most you go and look in the team, Maggie's rack and see if you're on it, you know me, did you make the poor tv guide picture in it. Under the boy you get the tv guide genre go to somebody else. You know we're going through all that smokers in the karate came right after that. For me, was you know this. Short. When we look at the window of time, it's it's kind of a short window for me, just those personally you know whether the outsiders chronic my cousin Vinnie, it's only a couple years right and then you know it got pretty dry for awhile through the night. These and I in our my kids were born. Then, when I look back at it is almost like. I designed it beautifully to be there, but it wasn't
only by design it wished so gay the rolls dried up, forbid road, but so, and I never I always lived one foot in one foot out a Hollywood. I never I only lived here in L a for two years, every one of those years. Why was on his showgirl eight is enough, and then before the outsiders and- and I moved back to New York and I've always home based in so I lived for the money, for when I wasn't working, I was just back home and I was going to see Mets games and hang out with my friends or whatever, and that's how I so would have balanced it. I would have been as far as balancing didn't going down the wrong path or bad path. I think, if I was in this Show me in the world where you know you are live, every moment and it comes up on the computer and then nanoseconds every tougher to navigate here now. Not that I don't even know how you deal with that. It is very hard for the young people to get me.
I'm talking you're unreservedly adult so we can get a process it, but when you're that young. In seventeen. In your results, I got two millions eyeballs on you everywhere you go, and you know me like that. Second, do a number on your imagine. You know you have, but also, if you also have the sort of the blessing in the course of being in something so iconic, then you, I would imagine you do have to make peace with it at a certain point, wherever you are an airport, Whenever people are doing the grand kick at Euro things with the legs, like whatever it is like they're like there, the first person since everything adverse wasn't it thought of it. Thank you enough, but you don't was there a period where you can. I had to go. Ok, I really just you know I was lucky to get to do this and I really just need to make peace with this, but sometimes none of them more than ever
a fly in a restaurant I've I get my I give myself eight to nine seconds you get out of the building fly on a window, I'm just like Kenny retaining Zurich a third guys, I'm gonna grab yet during I mean I was fifteen twenty years ago there was probably that enough already moment for me, but I never would like say come and ok we're gonna go talk to them today, but he's he's not want doesn't want to talk about that right, never done that silly to me right and this movie our movie day, the chronic. What it's become is bigger than both of us and pop culture. We can also to be ladys, and I'm only gonna talk about this and enough of that. If you want to go out here it and don't go out,
and I mean I'm say where I think the movie just kind of became a shadow that you were never resented it at all. I think they can say, see the leg all day long, but it is becoming career wise. It mean when this thing's play every single day and every country all day long. That's the image of who you are he's out there and its hard to get around causing directors sissy. Well, that's who you are and prove me wrong in right. You know, and then the parts are all kind of time like you can be there's an ad communities bag. I think there's a lot more. Me than that and see your that's more of where I pushed against that piss me off more piss me off, but you know as far as this the movie it's become mean its shape, my life from then till now. I think I've live longer with it and without it. So I will know whether some an agency
with the leg at the airport, in heavily free liberian living again about, of course, in my pocket, maybe there's an ngo you didn't. You gave it a joint position so that we do that again today make an appearance anywhere in the series that going to tell you just watching. Ok go to get our ambassador cause. I also love another thing like that with such a great, a great thing for John Lords is characters that there are so many different ways that suggest that he's stuck in that time period, the car in the music and its teachers, the fit phone, the flint, but does it I bet it doesn't feel over under it's like. I think, that's what that guy would do. I really do think that there's a guy we do, I think he represents. I guess it's some people, I and II The love is the Lahti was about it. I mean there's a lot that were identified, that I like the old school stuff, I'm like nobody, but but I also
I just think you know what you will you look at that when you look at what happened to this guy, he was so on track right and then he got not is access and had no concept of who he was. Identity was just fucking game. I can't get good. What are you gonna? What's it going? without that Jesus spinning in an area of yesterday and yeah. What do you see? This is probably spoiler too, but merely make eye contact. Creased crease make an appearance Where do we? Ok up? That's all of you, for I mean that that's good, that's kind of a bit out of the bag. At this point, you ok, we'll get high percentage just been announced it Martin covert. Yet John Greece will be a series regular next year.
Rate so my just spoiled it for you, that's ok! I don't want your fans have seen their strategies are being not gonna. Make me want to watch it less like it's only gonna make me want to one season, two more. It's a nice. It's it's a good reveal its a good set up and take off, and but that's all we have from this point forward as far as is, is that in season to you know, has been picked up our in early, the writers are no justice hungering down now and is starting it. They jogged Hurwitz as a crush on our words here, Slouchburg and Josh Josh healed. Sir John John was responding as some folk. As I said, I love the series and John responded to me in some guy complain. Like I mean I loved it put you like. I gotta wait like a year. Some proceeds in two years time,
So I said to the guy: hey man, you waited thirty three years ago. The first season right, so I have a few more months- is very, very fine. It's her naked dig it. We watch the season. One because is on reviews is lots of little stuff peppered India. You missed the first time. It's it's. Well layered and how crowd well crafted these guys handle this how they handled in the stalls element the flash back some clips from the original film angle, shots that were never even edited into the original film that they had access to the changed. The priests bird perspective.
And then and then there are the relevance of this young Casimir. These good is great downcast and all the young people are fantastic. Then they look good to like it. It's check check, check, check everyone's everyone's really great, but I also in the in the story and in the universe. I love that four part too for gratitude to is like you could use just like that high school romance rigour so into someone other parent president in a few months later, like yeah, she jump me for another like it just that's what happens in a nice? Little need only one minute. You think this all this is gonna, be it for. Like on zero. Your aid really didn't really were yet and really we're gonna do up. Do you is it with their particular projects that you I mean back to school with another one of my all time, favorite favorite, lend you, as my verified, to remake a movie that would be it just for the party it was. It was fine. I was so much fun. It was ridiculously fund. It was like not making a movie you sweet at making. The movie was this Vienna fund that cast was amazing and on location and endanger fields. Age feels
Aids M Kennison in Young, Robert, daddy, Junior and Keith Gordon tears fell Colleagues, we have so much fun on there was a party was in lights, twisting out the scene in the bar. You know the twisting shall know and Bert Young. In the whole I mean that was this. That was a blast just so much fun. Yet that is a fund movie, because in the end the pantheon of, like you know, nerds, beat the jobs. Otherwise, no one really gets they're asking just like whose a better diver and I'm sure with passion- and I was so ridiculous because it was Dangerfield and yet I come the body that there's no reason ruddy Dangerfield should have never been setting Debord, and I know that was the part of the joke, but
I was in fact I was in a hundred one hundred and ten percent shots in doing any smilingly feeling if we didn't have a booby like back to school, a whole generation. After of, like you know, we wouldn't have had any of those like build bent pillar will feral like any of those movies that I think use the DNA those movies to sort of you now to play off what those things were of like we're, gonna bring with it. Men when a windows, but what an incredible, but an incredible time when you were when you're making karate could do you understand what it is that you're making while you're making it like? Do you feel that its special, I dont can be alone, we are when you're done some, you don't wanna. Think like this can be huge, but they did it have that feeling as you're making areas I will say this morning things I felt as I felt a Pat Marie Anne I pat Merida, and I had a special sort of soul
all chemistry together ages, Pino, I called for magic is something there. Together these scenes, which is easy, and you seem right He seemed very locked in and wave took very, very good care and responsibility for playing a japanese american character. Why talk about that? dealt with the interment camps in end during world war tunas. First, I'm a mainstream movie ever dealt with that. So I felt that we had some special things there. I felt that the concept Lena the title iii? I loathe the title Gazeta facing ever had summoned have to carry it forever, It really is like a briskly comedy here. I was only an initially. They wanted like to share a funny. Some great, accurate, callous. Our actively me Oggie right and have already came in the studio did lose unsure. They turned out near Academy nominated performance budget, but so I felt that they
There were moments, special moments were making it didn't. I was hoping it would be. A head had no idea thought it might have been a little corny. A little like I said black and white good or evil, no grey areas, whether we be talking about it now and then weathers pop culture. I saw myself and being a dictionary or the crane gave a b and a move. This known around the planet. That's get him a body bag. Take a warm Walk we want weak. I mean I mean You know this stuff. It just sits on that's beyond I measure you did outside as before that I had done. That was my first film, so that was my first experience and I are just as soon that all would feel that way felt special felt like we do as a matter of eighty million karate felt emotional about real, but I had no idea
Madison was doing with the music was doing. The cameras are doing. We had no idea, swallowed the premier and saw this, and I was I member cheer in Japan. I might be getting children, I got kicked when they, the parties that show We know that moment and you do that in it all came together. I didn't see them, they saw the script. Guidance and watch even be filmed in there Wasn't I got solves and felt this experience, and afterwards it was like matters is glove, is buzz. But who could have ever imagined that it was gonna March on we don't even know there was a beach beyond and Kay and Israel and all this stuff in the only degree agents rout. Yet quite they were there was. Its northern, relatively new vision, never imagined marching on like this, because it was always it with being the feeders for cinema time, but I can tell you in other movies, after that I always measured against the court, the experience of the crowded kit and it never like that I've never had in a feeling where everything just it was some kind of of vibration things
opening really along the way, and we never have done some good things are felt great was proud of, but the credit kid was deftly special and I felt a return on the Ceta COBRA Kyar. I agree. I honestly did we filmed it. I felt man. This thing that was theirs is here and listen trick and myself like off camera was, I've been here and then translated by the Cameroon, the energy around it. It felt special, my man, I'm just either my mind's by mere. This is really have I the same. Why is our asian them and now this response both the fan responds to mount a views and meaning millions and millions of views and their and their critics response across the board. That's even bigger than I am is like that's. It's kind of right. Now, it's like everything's right, it's kind of his good as it gets when you you're coming back to something again, it's almost like lightning struck twice with this is
friend, blessed franchise in this way, at least on the part of it that I was involved with tee and at some its says, pretty red of. Why thank you. It's obvious. You care about it and also you did it the right way like it it wasn't, it doesn't feel like well. This thing was popular in the eighties, so we're just gonna milk and do it in a cheap way to just get some nostalgia points like its everyone's really good at it, and it's really good no one's interest. You say I think, when the announcement was made, which is, a bit less than a year ago, when we did the TCAS Billy. I walked out and said they know you tube has to show in this. There is it. There was a little bit of exactly that, certainly from the industry. I came right with the cash gravitates you do. They can't even get it
We re all this everyone had this, sir. I shall ok, I guess a logic cell of the movie, and I even this can be horrible because those we reading this stuff, No other people saying this is the greatest thing in the world, but there is so. I think everyone is back on their heels waiting for it to be the epic fail of there red childish, you're sure it was also announced. Is it comedy so that made everybody get a free did. Ok, so they gonna is, you can be a parity is going to be and then the fact that it has always layers in and these guys meaner robe with such care and a detail attention to nostalgia in respect of all the characters in the film and then cried fresh young new relevant world for today- erroneously leg you reading this doesn't deserve to be,
great about financing is a really adds its really quite humbling and and and spectacularly Nor do I think that in the distance I think this did the stepping into a kind of waiting into a knee deep was is fair the fans when they are like. I don't know what I said you do it. We did that we approach this. Our first thing is asking to be Jesus Venus, Algeria is backing away good at that we approach did the same color. You know inside or, and it was proved to us by the writers and we trust trust trusted till we gave up A percentage did it and I think the fans have had the chance to have their experiences. They gonna let dissent or not and is again you know, and I think so, similar situations, your enemy. They wanted it to be everything they wanted it to be re. So I think when, when they are these, so to fathom screening events, so the first two episodes are free to everyone in the super vans, lest it links
when I do my job everything in it, so they will also need relieved and then it was it turned out to be. In arguably better than expected, and on top of that you have high school kids in college kids. My son's colleague from my daughter's friends during the twenties and am I needed nephews iter, sixteen seventeen only friend it it's been watching. The show I mean one. Does that happen from your source, material that go back and look, and there is already can still holds up like it's still a great it. You know I mean, with the exception of the music it nothing else about it feels like. Oh, this is so eighty seven git up, maybe some of the lingo or take a warm for a walk weak but other than that. It's the get ahold the movie holds up
still really get still really good at the big hair and take over walk weeks coming back, though it's obvious than doubling down I know that there are guys like that. That would say must be taken for a walk weakened in turn out to be like nobody else did. You just say think about really think about. We really about really sick burn earlier, but it but it so shows that you know it's just I think of it. You never know what's gonna happen. What's gonna come back around you know, like you, said on the Ninetys. It thinks sort of dried up. I didn't know you must have felt like Maybe I don't know, maybe that and the now Are you, are you know, you're, both working and you're, working on great stuff in its? Never, you know it's hits nothing's ever done Likud Cyclical just keep we are always reinvent. I mean you always have to meal. Look for. What's what's next weather
small smaller role in the right thing. In and and then you have a minnow big mainstream thing like this is hitting on all cylinders. He's gotta be working. Be creative behind the camera. We both done that in those in those sage. Our times where the rolls were in coming from the acting perspective, you'd writer directing and is only you maintain. A way of being creative in and telling story in some fashion? That's all! That's what I need making Living added is another story. You know you just never know what that's gonna happen, but fortunately, for us we ve figured out. Lucky enough and made the right decisions, we feel really smart right now, I'm an hour ago, like the smartest, like you know, we
We did and we ve said no along time. We, like you, know, what's it yes at the right time, it did feel right, though they it felt like the timing was right. The landscapes were right, meaning these streaming services talk about telling a five hour movie in slicing an up and ten have our parts. You didn't have the ability to do that. Ten years ago you re major motion, picture sequel, twenty four episodes on abroad, has network, and now you have these other platforms and dumb and then and just their other writers division, whose very detailed specific and dumb Vienna. They knew way more than I do do did about. This. Is its original movie hinder and those tiny jump in really did and worry seem really smart? What I want to hear about out as director now like how it's, how? How is he conveying the story to you and how is he making sure that you know that you are that you don't go so far.
We like? Ok, that's now. That's a comic book Bali in like how. How does Daniel seem strong and not like you know, just as just a rag doll. Nerd is goodness but king around the yard like he. How did he give you dimension? Did he give that you, or did he work with? You did you bring that to the table? This amount rehearsals? We had a couple of weeks of rehearsals, which is not always something you have the opportunity for. Ah, I certainly had I had about five weeks of martial arts training enduring that We would have welcomed it if I were to use ready for hand viruses like an hour, a our citizens, rights dream. I wrote eggs and running. Like I wrote, like a little bed and I did a couple of kicks in punches now we work that we work done all that stuff and there was a lot of prep time for that, but you know we had it
Sir John obviously agree filmmaker save the tiger is one of my favorite films of his. Besides rocky in and some of the others back at that time and and so there was a trust in the fact that he knew how to tell this kind of underdog story arm he in off my first reading of yours away. Do you have the tape of your first you on sat? There was different then, but my first reading of Daniel Russo is Sunday. You watch on you to my first enemies, apples in talking me through he's got a camera here and we just he's explaining the sea and I'm just sitting there be no and we just read it and he has Pat Marinas First unities actually cut them together and its great watching. Because you see you see those two characters come to life without us really having worked it through radio it says something about casting when you get the right kid in the right actor, whatever it's just its evident, but he he was very improvisational Zulu Ursule process. He shot everything on video. We shot billing
all our scenes on video we mapped out. We went sometimes the local other times on sound stages. So it was very much like a little bit theatre camp and he was editing, rob you no kind of like the h hazard. Which made the movie before he made. They made them the whole angle, wrangle shot for shot and only then it with working with us in the scenes he had the whole shot the movie in his head before he went Schuman Liquor here and he always inspired us young directors to do that. He said: don't conceptualize! It get out, there and shoot it and then be fought, and before we get there on the debt is a pretty hands off directorate set new member may. For me, was you just you know you come up with an idea, but he added Brussels, and he would let you go into it. Maybe he'd give a note or you come, and ask my questioning enough or try that must be willingly well. You didn't like something you just say. Let me be you for a second
anyone who has come in and eat acted out like me and enough- and you know, there's CERN didn't like the reins and using ok, here's how I want you to act this year, That's your problem and I got no regret. Have lunch a little earlier? Fidgeted right, you know they were. There is sometimes I disagreed with certain things, but at the end of the day, just like with John Josh and eight nine cobra guy, they filmmakers get the Thai break in, and I mean they did you trusting their vision and near C4 members. I view you know you have to believe in that it saw me. I guess you made a mistake if you get involved where, every day your disagreeing with the film maker was there anything that use disagreed with when it happens, and then you saw you're like I guess he was writing. That we're not were allotted. I wish I we sent me to some- I came up with them or mine there were many of them
that were who were his that the I, despite this stupid bike, throwing it into that steady, CAM sharia, it's really a wonderful mothers, unseen of of eighteen but the eye. Felted like cursing the bike. Nonstop as I got this is so over. The top is so over the top, I saw the notice as great as is great and dumb, and so that's where I disagreed on the day one the one I agreed on the day and is still one of my favorite moments in the film is after the meal he drank scene when Daniel goes to leave any turns back any bows to me. After he's asleep- and this takes up- a respect before he leaves and sets off the train himself in the mill county, music and all I get like a minute. I'm like little kids get all misty I'd goosebumps, it had said states great every time, the threat to everyone. What about for you yeah you just let me go. I mean I think I d never,
These scenes is raft, and I don't have any money as many lines and talking a lot of my was action stuff, so it would just he just. We go in and make modifications here and there and trust him. I my figures get his your director in your script at the end of the day and that's it He knew it. He had his whole movie in his head and he painted me in his into the store you making saw you just try That? And you know you do your thing and you know it Let me hear get a little more intense over here at this and that, but he pretty much gas it. That will the way he be picked, the right people for the right parts in the scripted, the driving and rehearse it in and then DND, but it's music in there, and it is edit cuz he was in your first to examine and greater won't. You know, says incredible. Retaliatory. Miss I mean I guess a lot of using was to bed tat. Mary is no longer here to see the successive cover guy he certainly his character and biogas is woven throughout the series and will continue to be ah, but I guess it for me:
it's gonna be here able to see this, as that is what I miss in the months and is nice robber came and who wrote the original road. Elm is, his eyes, see so happy he so excited, but good, of how, as a writer, he saw, though these fanboys these. These guys just turning four years old, took this and an added other layers to it needs sixty so excited four billion myself and everybody involved and that's Coca will cause Pat was most people knew Pat from Happy day where he was hilarious, but a very bein, a one dimensional Nyjorder Army would always are our. He would just come in, and cackle laugh and look up, but you know, but he was like a groundlings. He was Esther improvise a sketch, comedy guy and only started at thirty years old. He came, went into Stana so awhile, yes, so it wasn't like something he pounded, then high school and and
and that started the thirty years old when he I think he got his breaks. Red Fox gave him start down in and in Vegas Yak, as that was a whole seeing him as Biagi was two people are familiar with them before was all other Diana and those were days when you know industries changed, Let's now, but in those days people were either comedy people or they were drama people or they were television penal. However, they were film people actually, and that was pretty much and even below that was like in the eighties. It sorry Turning to like it here, we, or rather a network television person or a cable worsening, and now and everything and it just doesn't. You know like rightfully doesn't matter anymore. It's good work is good work. It doesn't matter where it is. You know, but you did too serious for awhile ago was a wheel.
For years, maybe your wise realise, after three or four years for you, the equalize gray experience that one that was like you know not feeling a villain that was finally some great actors in New York on that that was kind of my that was my my acting school. I say with those react with an hour yeah, benign, richer Jordan do some great actors and Edward Wood where you play the UK. That was like you know and out of the movies I came out of the tea movies, etc. Credit give the others were kind of you, no funny comedies a drama with this kind of writing interacting and be in New York and stand don't tell what these legends was incredible film, school friend, you're also doing episode, it's probably really fast, but I was recurring, so I wasn't doing it back to back. I would do maybe for five years something so I'd like. Maybe you want to be a two part or so I'd work for two weeks or something but thousand credible and x rays? I tweeted it you a few years,
because I see that the EU might, if I tell you you'll, remember you treated back, but I why? But they have me, come on family guy and basically voice you. Oh, are you? Yes, that's you at the lockers denying we were just my My friend, I approve my friends on the thing Amerika. Would you wanna come and sure any eridu to kid thing, We just carried me like you, you go down that road. Tournament or whatever so yet again took literally four minutes and then a year later they were like hey your things on and I get so excited. I think I think I tweet I dunno knows your baby. I was so long. I didn't really was a while our ears ago, but it was laying off that idea like because I think the joke was like
bodies job were you going to do karate layer, but my friends to my friends, disguised corpuscle, our brothers. Have this whole stand a bit about the redeem about like? Oh, you go to the karate term and of course, that We think the traffic jam has. I think anyone had thought it over and you guys even kind of address it in his ears. Like was a really big deal deal I regularly running it's like football in Texas. Exactly what was there at the time was already conversational, like two people really go to, I wanted my early, my earthly, no right after the first pitch. Not just I just ask about when questions are one of the things he said was like you know I get the Johnny Lawrence did- and I said, ok I'll get back to you, I'm just I just get back with questions of things he said was like you know. I can't
the Johnny Lawrence was living in the past, but like kiss, I guess rocky Balbo or you know, or power creed like laws, but it was too heavy weight champions alibi, labour child nor threads Jim, the really taken down for thirty years and and we decide this conversation about NATO it from the perspective of What is in your head, you, and they talked about the whole thing- it's like winning in the I've been in high school football axes, you're a hero. So I guess I bought it and you know what they were right. They arise because because we would have a community you're in whatever the thing is there not a big deal out and if you are super into it and you it doesn't work out the way you want something you may go,
young teenage. That's devastate retirement, it's basically Beth! It's basically back to the bureau in the alternative right. The alternative Biff, where waxing, the car: let s get roads, digest, shattered Agri Rodya, just it just cut it out, shows you and it should show people just how fragile the really mind. Actually. Is there just one they're, just one: click from the cliff man adolescent undoubtedly currently have to take a bully down once, but then maybe that bully actually would just keep back in meeting the share you ignore. You must go now you're supposed to be drinking radicalism like this is not just an hour ago. I seen the movies now goes, but what you was Binny. What here is my cousin? Ninety, that was. Ninety two ninety one in Atlanta and we should isn't Atlantis onto you do for tuna manner and I was another one.
I feel like we do. We do these men allay too complicated for the next year is buried review. The valley and to take care cedar on your building. I know in I you know like if any karate kid received a really needed, karate kid, because it basically the karate kid and they even make a joke. When a thing like that industry may, like that's, that's kind of that. That's that part of the valley, so they really really they really needed that they really are usually come back the address, but is the cobra I addressed, not an actual undulatory boulevard. It's out there, though some weird some weird I shall just what are you guys what you keep showing up here? I heard a karate shredded recent candles, but damn MIKE is of any with another one of those movies that I just feel like just came out of nowhere and then was x. You know like blindsided pop culture. Yeah became
that's it that's like a drop. The remote movie it suddenly for dinner. Movie went on you just think. You're gonna be late for dinner, its use. Once again. It goes back to the script. You know that's it Just karate can make us. Many are so different, but but and it still fish out of water. It's overcoming obstacles, its set ups and pay off, and those are the things that they work angry cast. He now so you said in the nineties, you set out things going to draw up a living in the late nineteenth late. Ninety set out to me, as I would think, coming over my cousin Vinnie, whatever tremendously success, I movie so at that point, are you thinking like? Oh, I can pick and choose or I don't know what I want to do. You always think then the young age. I have a quote that is in one of these a book or something where I said yeah, I figure
work on and off it do. You know, for the most part up to my verily thirties and then I'm just gonna kick back on paper are sure to know it. Looked like a Ralph MACHO book will kick back up to thirty adds like you're really like into my ninety, is mid there, maybe thirty five. And I look at it as just youth is wasted on the young, just this stupid payment. That's why we're all we were growing up. That is always a busy for me at the start, it really war I had to weird, where almost had to try to not gets shit right like I got almost every part for a chunk of time, not all the way up into my cousin many, but be for those MIKE as many right before them. There was a hard EL, believe it or not my age and at the time had the cell Twentyth century fucks hard on me playing the italian cousin.
Joe Patchy and they want a murmur though they were, they were talking about. Ben Stiller Will Smith conceivable hot at the time they arrive on the upswing, and so that was the beginning of it, like the likely you know they ran around ninety? Ninety isolated feel that that that change, but up to that point it was kind of it just kept, have twice would a paid. My duty they're right is. I M pay my news and finally get my break. I got my break and then stuck however, while I then spent seen ten or fifteen years doing stuff and between some Bianti cameras, mine Cameron, and that word that suffered is Stringham together. You know Somehow survive he's got a rough. Would you do when you work, allow when you're young and then, if times, changer studio, heads change? Whatever things just change?
our state of doing the same shit. I was asked why this is now working hours that working now so like. What's the way like what is the wizard, you ve gleamed, you know now that you ve had it. You ve come out on top and you like everything's great in, like what's the what's the award of the words of advice that you would give well, it's me. You know I have a pretty grounded family life, which is the balance I talk about. One. One foot out. I've always been spent. I spend time in in in the business. But I spend my time away from her, They went away from it. Also that's how I sort of was able to two too to balance that though the wisdom I mean be smart with your money. That's a visa waiver,
and, and so there's that end and enough Somerset. If it, you have to feel that you have no choice, but to do this in some way. And if you could be creative in some way, like I said before, making a living added is something different. Maybe you could always be creative, we could be in theatre, you could be. You could write scripts. You could make movies now and on Europe. Iphone or video. I you could do any. The creative it's how to make a living added that that's that's not really in your control, right arm. So I think I mean I think, I'm looking for the pearl here. It's not it's more specific to me and how I've been able
I was in my life and my marriage in my family and in all that and maintain sanity, all all good things to those who wait and good things come to the people. I'd like to believe that's the case, and that's why this is happening for us, but a couple good writers and in a smart franchise, helps to can also good that you guys to carry yourself now docks I mean it. Others there's something about John LAW in this room was like. I think he looks a lot healthy way possible because here in good shape Sylvia. I kind of wonder if that John Lawrence would have been like three pounds you develop even have enough time hiding have shorter hounds. When we were from the time we announce it to the time we shot it, because I'm way I was like almost person. Two hundred and I went in beer tall, guided yea, but at night that's, ok, it was a little bit of yellow. I d trim down member like human centres, when eighty than when seventy seven is going a little too far in our society. Stop.
Getting God. There is like good job and I believe that our primary we don t you know tat, get in better shape and as you actually, they lose weight around your midst section, so you tie. In other words, it everywhere lies faces. Look it's like yours, you know where we preserve decently well, not would, and I would imagine if we walk, and they went to bed chosen. We look nothing like the guys that might amend Johnny I'd, be like he's. Gonna go to contribute case, a beer knocking at getting get a beer belly like around, like his metabolism, is make up with joy This kind of lights is good genes as judges as much as he beers drinks. He still, you know somehow hold together put swiftly it's better than I could easily play them. Is the opposite of that and said always appeared like out onto the eighth amateur. Actually go that way. You know, there's a dead luxury. You know if you have the luxury, we're. Ok, we're gonna shoot these first few episodes here and if we take a break and you could have
fluctuated where you use atta shape and in God in Georgia. But we didn't. I mean we shot this thing in ten ten weeks. Ten opposites limbs five days a week block shot two at a time ten days for two episodes. It is very challenge those currencies really cause. There's a lot in Europe, not just Saddam in us on a simple enough to location, to three locations: Lotta Caslon story, lot, action, scenes
A lot of like I'd, really hurts when I spend my spin kick does entail. Grain is nothing like it. Use does really feel that through a front kick in one of those in the Dodo scene, where I'm celebrating getting back and they all valley terminology seen that absurd. Yet I just build for you, that's all right, but I threw a fruitcake which issues on in and my I felt like a great fruit landed on my hamstringing just pulled in, and I could stand up like we did it in my must all my muscles caved in. It was almost like a really bad poor, and then I went to step down on and it was really pay for. I thought I risk and then next time I had to do the same thing, but I ended up having to kick with my foot because of that sort. My kicking foot became a plant foot and it was supervision for my while rats. That's it. You know that you have used, have destroyed united to external you're, all right, not more than your phone browser like that. There's a subtle subject, not even so I guess, but when you go first made about the point of view of what the original
Dorothy was brief, was pry like you know, just its new kids, Jim she'd for no reason, my back and in Europe is very much like you did steal my girl, Brenner isolated, like douche bag. You know, like EAST Coast use. Comes into town. Just fuckin takes my of rain and everyone feel so bad for me. I don't like your point of view as a totally different star anyway, there's so much more modules eyes. I saw a disgrace that you have the life there s eyes. I one hundred percent you're gonna want, because there is so much is so many delirium tourism. It has created a you, can look at this story through any angle and it makes sense you just turn a little bed and yet could see through anybody's eyes, and it makes perfect sense, which is like life in a way in everybody's, got their own point of view coming in to make this. You know this thing, that's all that's what this is sacred deeply will as well wrapping this up and allow you to think this is the and of Europe. This might be the end of your press cycle for this year's after this is just you high fines
RO. I just did to random to random things for what one thing from each of you like. What something you really excited about right now doesn't have to be your show or work or whenever it can be just in general. Just like personal question: what are you excited about right now? What kind of what can it gets? You jest and happy at the moment, while it's tough, not too pointed towards, let's go my my career at the time I mean I was excited my son, just graduated College, Boston, colleagues, so really proud of in my daughter, graduating a few years ago. So it, thankfully, from the maternal sign of the gene, pool itunes, intelligent kids thither that are often in a good direction. So that's that's really something personally exciting. Having Coburg, I shall doing across the board at this level. I'm shooting season two of the deuce very much be. Oh, that's a totally different, a greedy document, style, drama
the birth of the porn industry in New York City, so it's kind of fun to have a role peppered throughout that series in and have this so right now Those elements are things that are more excited about nailed earlier, keep this fifteen minutes ago and as long as possible, one more time whenever you like you, so this is the kind of the end of our press to her. So it's been a long journey from pitched shooting to the press, to the whole responds to seize renewed to be renewed, so we're at the back into that and ass on actually said about just turning it all off for a minute and vehemently kids, a gavel boil girl found icily basic law. Yet in my little lifecycle, Janine other swimmin were swimming surf and we want camping and dad real life in know what the most me, and this is of great in greater to bring into the family. But I I cherish that's that's nice and it also because when you're young, it's not like that, like the work and the jobs of Felix, that's all,
a great stuff. Actually, I would just say one thing about how we advise. If I give any advice, I don't have it vice, but I can t stay that I'd say it's twenty twenty and if I could look back, if I could look ahead and seal was come in like in the times words draw like I got all this other great stuff. Actually, I would just say one thing about how we advice I give any advice, I don't have advice, but I can say that I'd say twenty twenty and if I could look back, if I could look ahead and seal was coming like in the times words dry and it's not working out and you don't, you know, you never know it's around the corner, but you can look back and so this kind of mountain tops and then the growth is in the valley. Where you get your character, we get all your experience and so the journeys in the destination the journey is the destination for me, and you show up in as some like. This provision presents itself in an all makes sense of you. That's my advice. You never get you can never. You can't map it out. There's no map for this, and, like you said you have, you know, you're fully committed. I always say you know like it's, not a careers and expedition and year out the military,
sometimes you gonna go into an island. You're gonna get fruit, honey, but most time salty fish rain do and you gotta hang in there, and you have to know something in yourself that you know there's a reason that you're there. They know that you're in four long haul in Success is measured by how how well people know you are. How are you doing, but what makes you complete? That's why I know we're both we and I'm a writer to produce a direct and I'm happy. Equally, I'm an editor, even I'm, equally happy and fulfilled in any one of those categories, and this time the acting came back in and you known and that's my new joint meetings cannot hold. So, that's it! That's it in a final peace in your journey and in it
now works out. You know such great advice from a guy that when I was just ass horrible, when I was a kid I was like this guy would no longer be ready. I would totally maybe he's really not doubling down a doubling get on Turkish doubled, whatever the hell. Do you want to plug? Well known, man does plug season to get here. We go so case were plug, sees it so season, one right now, a cobra Youtube bread, the Deuce coming Excellency's on an hp, and then oh- and I think I forget- I think I may well made it see. Thomas from the outside mesmerized Round Diane Lane. I am led to leave it there and we ve Garret also people. I feel, like I dont here as many people talk about it, but people should go back and just one of the guys. It's a fucking great one of my favorite weird com,
of the eighty and it's so it's fantastic. I love. I love that movie up there's a lot of it. It still has a lot of people's first exposure to the female anatomy in them that's right! That's right! The big boobs scene at the that's right, I'm cute, like young teenagers. First like there was this kind of big moment you gotta them running. Right now has set up a history, Gaddafi's sorry Joyce another big teenagers now Neither do I get my mangaboos because they want to get what we want. As I can remember the right here right here. It was a family of the characters I play. There were violence, he was the horrors we D wasn't the most redeemable you deserve already got right. Hunch bullet the annual lifting tables in trying to make my fun, though, given either eight raisins burdensome, weightlifting, gloves the up to date and thicker and ere you known since ridiculous as observers. I can make him you know in the wrong
the tracking you take one for the team. You go down right, you guys. I was right. There was an absolute buzzer ETA and obviously you know of all these podcast I've done. I was actually really nervous to meet you guys, just because it just that. First, it's just also. Great again is just so ingrained in my dna and just to think, like I'm gonna get you select to get to sit down and talk with these guys, mistress Then his eyes- and I say more than four minutes to cover its eyes- is very easy. Man thanks will thank you for being. Billion Ralph and Watch Grant again cobra guy there, which has the watch both much gratitude less on watch thanks. Everyone enjoy freedom of real. I need Andy's, incomplete.
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