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Colman Domingo returns to the podcast! He and Chris talk about what they have been doing during the quarantine, how they think the world will be different after Covid-19 and how being mindful of others can be helpful. They also talk about their love of making art, Colman talks about figuring out who he is and they talk about Colman’s new web show Bottomless Brunch with Colman Domingo on The Walking Dead's YouTube Channel!

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Welcome to the eighty twenty packets number ten sixty seven, you're doing well, I hope, you're. Finally, destructive ways to to occupy your time we get. We have had a puppy for the past two months. And he's been an amazing distraction and at our Four and a half months old he's almost sixty patents, but it's going be a beast. I think he might get as big as one thirty he's an otterhound. So if you What, then, is look it up? There really amazing. Looking dogs are sort of like across the sort of like cross community, well founded a sheep dog. His name is all tar and he's been amazing and Lydia about posting pictures of him, as as owners do on our two grams she's, just Lydia Hurseton, I'm Hardwicke had Hardwicke. So you know. If you want to see puppy stuff, reposted allowed a puppy stuff, I think we're become,
those people who bore people with r o if you want to see pictures of our puppy. So If you don't want to see pictures of more people, don't follow us, but if you do, we are posting stuff. On there, so enjoy the puppy journey. Alright events that idea ten t dot com is how we are putting out of that you, the eighty twenty community, are sending in like Alex, who writes minor thing called Sherlock in your homes. You go. Sherlock in your homes, HIV Emmy, ass, not homes, but Sherlock. Our homes, because this is like look in your home, but Alex the clue sobbing game, where you can solve a murder mystery entirely from your home. So here's up earlier today, new coal, was Mary read your team. Wonderful people are detectives assigned to the case. You have background information on ten suspect.
Each with a different motive to kill them all. You'll investigate ten rooms in her house. Your file includes crime, scene pictures and detective notes for each room use them together to solve tricky clues and puzzles solve, ten rooms correctly and you're a veal who the murder is you'll, also determine the murder weapon which is still in the house somewhere play with fright. Family or go it alone, Sherlock in your homes, dot com? Oh my gosh, Alex, I think, Lydia and to check that out, because we ve been wanting to do something Like a fun murder, mystery type of the thing- and this might just the thing well done. Events at Idee, twenty doc is how you get your thing out there. This episode, is my friend common Domingo, who plays Victor Strand, on fear the walking dead? He been in a lie movies like Selma, for instance, he is also also that he is, Broadway Legend and he has written in directed many things. He just
had a play, running in LOS Angeles last year, called lights out. It's a story about napkin coal, common is someone that we, I became friends with, maybe four years ago and he's become like a part of our family, we ve all been on vacations together. We ve spent a lot of time together, and I just adore him- common is so inspirational to me as someone who has he but he is a talented perform. Nobody is also incredibly talented creator and watch some to watch him with such focus and intent. Create the amazing things that happen around him. Is I mean he is just someone that I hope to emulate on my best days, and I really am. I really admire him a lot and I love him to death, and so
This was a nice catch up. We actually hadn't really gotten to catch up since the court seen so was really a wonderful catch up a doing a show on Youtube now on the walking dead, Youtube Channel, every Sunday. It said it posts at too. M Eastern Eleven, a M Pacific. It's called a bottomless pit comments. Basically it sort of like video conference brunch. So he has a couple we'll come over like come over, the internet and then it's just like I've. U, no fifteen to twenty minutes chat just to hang out this episode of just one up is more Collins whose I fear the walking dead and also Nisi NASH Joint as well and so check it out it's great and he is great- and I love all things common Domingo. This the eighty twenty podcast number ten sixty seven
RO the thing initiating. I can't even god dammit, I miss you. I missed me to worry. I was thinking about things about. You. Hoping you guys are well, I miss I you and your wonderful husband.
And you saw my shoe going very well to go, get some holidays in the other room and so on. There I mean staying like stay. He said I am I you know I feel like because I'm a little home Jim, I have a trainer that usually comes over women doing face time sessions. I didn't really, How many things I will be able to accomplish be a video conferencing? I had no idea. I really thought that, like the way you know for the first month, I kind of like the about you. I didn't feel like for a month Didn't really did nothing. We believe now calling you must be waiting Sunday were larger. I've actually gone the opposite way. I'd tell me where, to Guess I'll, just be being in the moment, figure out what was start cooking gardening. Wait. You have there that there was a crocodile away
You have one too Yeah, alligator head back there and you have a dirty little when there as well Now, how do you know where they are Why have I know I do, but I know what significance over there you know when you, when you start to, if you're lucky enough to start living long time. What happens is things you just accumulated. Then things just appear. People give you things, people send you things, you grab something knickknack shop and then before you don't you like. I have all this stuff that I don't know where four amendments, I think I got it from New Orleans. They seem to be a request to get something goes wrong. Maybe it's ensured did maybe maybe doesnt chatted little enchanted alligator head. What's going on
in the most whether other knick knacks memorabilia in apparently, asthma, special meaning. I just right now, just like all his mouth is open to go in state inside a lad. Had your mouth is, Now we just staring grimace at me. While we do this, I'm impressed You were able to not do anything for a month because you're one of those turtle creators that is simultaneously writing directing and acting and producing seemingly at all times simultaneously yeah. I urge you to be honest with you. Alas, that have been known for a long time, and I realise that they just need to take a pause. I've been there were also presenting. That's exactly what I think I did. You really must be person will understand. I think
I think I lost myself. I think that level of the way I was moving and creating and all I don't think I see that was a stainable. I thought it was. I thought that was just what I did. We got like that idea, but ass. You realize what this house a year and a half ago I was in a total of thirty days. It's like all the things that have begun to get. You have tons of books and never never able to read in. I was never, Phil things up. I was just costly producing in reading. The things that have to do with things that I was doing and now I just I just the other day well. Honey was on the floor of the light of the whole way before the year before you go outside, and I just said this: the grab that his studio before our book, but I don't want to really look at his ground. They sat on foreigners. Are we realise their made like ours AL? I never had the time before
I always had had this what's going on and then I will do this well, my after these drift by book and read. It will get rid of it the creative entity, you need to feed you need to. You need to stoke the creative fires with something rather then just mining, mining, mining, mining mining like sooner or later, you're right, isn't sustainable. You need some sort of. You do need balance, and I think you know out of this horrible situation. I think a lot of us a lot of us over workers are going. You know. Maybe we don't need me That is not the healthiest way to stretch our soul in our minds and our creative being. You know twenty five hours a day. It is only right, Have you told me tat when we entered into another guy, whose very much simpler than that way, my rights or have you thought that you needed sticker pauses well with this policy? Then why didn't you
that part of it, and also not feeling any pressure to like I do enjoy that I do enjoy the space. Breathe, you know where it's not like. I'm. I gotta find that you know I don't exist. If I'm not making and create, I mean like Ike. Try to make a little thing a day. Just for fun for any reason now, just isn't you your king and you ask weightless thanks a lot put it down pick it up, but you feel, like you have to do the right now, with two of the pandemic, I got there. I had a strange in innovation, I wanted to put the tables and unless you lieutenant that way, but he was that someone who I had a deadline for the deadline for this thing was. Writing was in the middle of this kind, and you let book by saying you know all hope, everything well, we healthy just wondering how how do you do with that deadline?
deadlines anymore deadline get what what? What? What do you live in a Europe that would eyes to utilise yours, but, as you know, I didn't you, I'm not, but I think ass yellow there have been some people's giving going like. Oh, no, I'm good you going cause that's the way as they see it. On doing everything I'm doing, because everything is normal life and a better people need to do to feel a cave and our foreign. I I've been taking its time. To not I mean the thing that I've been doing. I've been doing just for enjoyment, which is you know. I take a piano lessons. We face time every week. I take our lesson the effaced time once every week or two, you know like I've, been the remit it I've been playing this video game called animal crossing together and playing with the Jordan. I haven't felt that that foot, that stepping on my chest, like I need to find out
forgotten gonna make up at all. I gotta get this out. I gotta you know, and, and and that's been that's been really nice. I watched, I watched the M Jenny. Rogers agri last night, the any biography or your hide. It go rate because he you mean, like you, know, Kenny Rogers. Is this legendary? You know singer by you, but when you start your like, oh my that's right. You did that song in the network in the name of the net, and so he toured when he was in full throttle. He was touring like you do like tutor. Fifty shows a year because he's sort of file there's a good of him. The tonight showing Saint Carson like yeah. Well, you know just like it it's about keeping busy you know like you, you, when the up
communities are there, you don't know when they're gonna dry up, so you take up and he grew up very poor and so for him. It was like we gotta do all this stuff, not exactly that inciting us. For a moment, I felt like I think, that's why I've been doing going at the six seems to be lacking. I do that, but I was I asked ass. We take this with you never know one there's gonna end you gotta keep it's very little money and have no plans at some point. I was playing like six times in one week and other as he's got it you that you can only fully the Adam report also. I do think it is a compromise and I come from very, very humble, back lumber working class parentage. You know everything that I had to do was because I know I did like no one get me anything. You say your election well, I'm here
I have to generate because I'm the underlying this month's bought for all of this level, of course, that pressure, of course, of course yeah course, but an early within tat. Someone like I could show you how to work, no method. Say the lot back and I can agree lacking near, but he gave you The commission will have a light. The universe has it to everyone, S think that actually been thinking about a lot of data by the way how we're gonna be after this, and I hope I just hope they, like other things. I think the refining one port now like up like how to care for sale. How would you give us some support each other? The idea of wearing a mask is so you don't get someone else's register just that already, because you not american website me. Oh, I don't know signals about use, nobody is about many show. You took your somebody else. You want yet
that requires more by God was. It was especially me me me, because you know we live near a park, and so you know like work. We walk or dark we regard now You walk him, but you know like we, but on the masks you know with the wind solar way distance. If there's someone came up ahead, will slow down? Can anyone, but we can see in the park there, just large groups of people not where an aim has now listen? I get you know like, there are people who say? What will you know? It's viruses released operating at my point of view is like listen. They said the wear masks, whenever you wear masks and if a cuts down you know like if it is it, if it shapes of any possibility of anything, any small percentage do it, but I just can't delay or other people like. Oh, I don't believe me,
They mean everyone else, but not without me. I'm me, and you really see that those like you do just you- could just put a bare debtors, I'm just since most people are. But our vice president, within an actual life ward, the other day and like you know, you know and everyone else where mass than he did not heed. And everyone else where mass than he did not. He chose to not where mask I thought as a leader. You have two. You have to leave it. For example, I mean have you got that that nobody is all that is the only thing but but but just the idea that, like listen, even if it's just a symbol,
Alec gesture of life even really worth we're all in this together. Then then didn't I didn't do it, even if you don't believe that it stops anything or that it's gonna make any difference, at least as a symbolic gesture. It's like hey. This is a sign that were all community in you know we're all were all enlisted, but that does not challenge. I think that the problems that the large scale with that's why the baby, let's just the american sensibilities set about the individual and I've been bugging challenges, as they think about the rope and ever will give us a bill that they want to give up buddy. You will acknowledge that when that is not good thinking, just like, let's just try to protect each other a little bit better. That's all I'm asking you!
that's it above and Countries America is, I want to talk to the manager culture. You know what I mean like were that I remember like in the maybe in the seventies. You know it, is it really started, I think, coming out of world WAR two, there was a strong sense of community funds Ireland then the sixties, everything you know like think splintered and they're all these amazing changes going on and then the Vietnam WAR or, like the universe, come sort of WAR America down as a culture, but then in the seventies Burger king came out with this. I am sure your remedies. These adds that were like have it your way like anywhere you want this burger will make of you. Haven't you away at Burger king, and so I think that really began the kind of that that bit of systemic narcissism,
that we have in our fifth interblended. I've heard again zero blame you all losers, responding to a really bad idea like. Oh I'm, all we I'm the customers, always right, I'm a person, I'm all However, I wanted- and that was you know- I think you ve been asked the attitude, but also that this matter was document That's out his merit, of course, but we do have an it's always off putting like WWW Europe initiate a group of Mary. Like you know, maybe my way out their way. No, they don't have a body sobered, so don't have about. No, of course,
you know. I say this as a we not as it you know. I I really I do love this country and I love being a part of it, and I love how I love just how different every part of America can be, and you don't have ever traveled across America there's a lot of money. You know in so it's, but it's just sort of that store that play for We do ten to focus on ourselves a little bit here and is actually in this town and in this business in kind of going back to before about the never stopping, never stopping chain. Kenny Rogers man said something to him. That was so impact, which was she was a very hard working women. And she said to him like something like be happy with work- be happy with where you are, but don't be content to stay where you are like another one.
We have you where you are, but always see. What's what's neck like always see what else you could be doing, our are strive to be better strive, and you know I think, view: reward and sort of romanticize. The this idea of, like working yourself to death, has some sort of a valor in it or something and- and I think we don't focus enough on balance and we don't focus enough on the life stuff. For we know it's not that we don't focus on that. We just don't it's not as it's not as rewarded like you know like it's. I think individually. We can say to each other, like oh man, it's really great, that you took time to meditate or that you really took a couple days off as a culture. I think we're like. Why aren't you know you're only doing your work, seven days a week? Otherwise you don't have value is true. Is so, and so true is vital. Remember when I was in London Gonna show, and
american cars have bread and I was always noise. The Breton aware work because they always to man with Tebrick gave it finished work like some of the prisoners were by. That was it they closed their scripts, didn't they ve got all learn their line. So I beg you answered the Americans. Do we were doing in rehearsal someone has a worker is or what we can in the morning lies learn as seen look over those and they were coming to sacrifice. They went to the public I had a nice meal. Do you now and then oh I'm ready for what has happened and how about breast you're gonna get it up. But now I guess think it'll get lucky break well, it is in an because if you're not crash, if you're not revitalize, then you're not going to be as good to anyone. If your burned out and there's no there's no space, you know
in your mind it in here in your soul, and I agree, at this rate it just it it really. I think that idea of giving things some space- I mean you can. I said this before, but we focused so much on. We focused so much in our culture about how to get successful, how to get what you want, but we do well, then we're done teaching people anything like they're, they're, all books about how to maintain how to maintain successor, how to maintain a light happy with. You have you know it's all the position being having you know value rather than the maintenance partridges data. Dazed is an unsettled process in its veto. Maintenance is work and require you have to attend. The things you know, but we have what we just want to harvest the crop, see those bastards paragraph, four,
I have been on the phone. A lot with them have been doing a lot of teaching and I've been, but would also like to say and talking to allow universities like one the city, students Juilliard, I'm actual I'm actually getting my doctorate, which is money What going about over achieving by the way I am getting on getting my unread backwards. You're, her sons, college in Pennsylvania,. What students and I have delivered my baccalaureate speech actually yesterday morning via tape, as I understand it off it off, and I know that the that we are entitled to and and try to talk about with students were not because they feel so Mars, these young kids alike, it must be really scary sitting near the class twins. Why, when I go on, let's go,
happen. I remember this. Is I've been given of huge paused ministers to go out of the hopeful about the job market, about being an actor about being financed? Whenever you feel, like you, don't understand what's happening and you were taught perform, years or eight years, whatever that this step is gonna matter and then suddenly I stop and take stock, but acumen tried it now invite them into just being in this moment and being in their frustration being in confusion, finding other things to nurture, because I'm a guy you your talk to do this and produce a prison clothes, but I told them how to live a life right. Another like that that that's it summit now's the time
the time to figure out where other stuff and let my drifting read this article for me or go forward your findings as your by some other things can be useful because you are, I think, I've never thought I'd be a gardener. I've been in the garden everyday, because suddenly I thought I had. I think psychologically had something to do with my aunt and I need to do something and always a comedy: go mask on get by new things. I'm always talking the car with new flu pandemic. Let the landscape of the gardener becoming during our do. They saw in its been feeling good, have something soil in my hands and get their barefoot mass and were in physical. But feel so good to actually freely. I can do this focus on this and I can actually watch you grow. I can ask you tenders, amalgamation, love, something. I cannot see why this is there's something I realise its filling up. I'd never seem to match its
fueling, my soul right now in a way that I feel like. Maybe it's because I notice so many things are out of our control, like all that my whole schedule for rest of year, To be honest, I don't know it all. I don't know, but this I know there's an editor. Very linear. Do you you there's a very predictable series of steps and if you do that, when you put in the work than you will get the reward rats in there, you don't creative artists, it's a very a morpheus like me. Have to and oftentimes we pick wrong things to signify whether or not we are on the right track and a lot of Vigo things. You know how I got this trail over that a like that cause. It's just not linear, and we need. You know that it's hard to understand, but but what you are saying is very much like I get the soil. I put this thing in here. These are the real I said I have a thing like our vision of how the ghost grass tat you get home
anything in your hands. It's not intractable. You know like right, nothing, it's just all an emotion. I think. That's why everybody's baking right now, everyone baking cooking and slow cooking in its? I always thought that there was one of the fifty six. Even we offer got about because everything so quick and easy and it, but I feel, like everyone's been like you got. You know, of course, that now, finally, some flour never roused, but like everyone is, there was no used for the first month there was it everyone's like taking their stop. Taking the time, I'll, be all right right. The present others can be read something about it. Yours had to go in there after the elderly and get your eggs and dragged her master. Thirty four they're not there, and this is what they were doing. You know you never before them. Before once he was coming lining up, you'll get some things and having my patient almost actually enjoy. Strangely enough, I enjoy the idea of a line ass. I drew Jos a nice boy we like you, go one and then, when you finally get a mirror, people are,
are you gonna help you to get their their tail you're like everything it has a bit more on animal waste to it. Well, at everyone's forced to be mine, tat exactly to be their forced to be mindful. Be in the moment in the idea of mindfulness of being in the moment and sitting in you know like you, because we don't know what tomorrow is going to look like, so we are being forced to live in the present when we are very much condition to live in the past in the future. You know, and even the idea that You know we go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go and if we're not stopping to check in with ourselves, we could be going in directions. Want anymore- but we're not stopping to ask those questions- you know
not you grow and then, if you don't stop to go away, do I still value this thing the same that I've been pursuing or do not want to do something else or is it mean the same? It's like, I think, that's why people can get so unhappy because somewhere along the way, they look like something change. They evolve. Something change something fell out for then they kept doing it better like why my empty now. Well you even during the Gatt I think anymore, you gonna genuine yourself. Every saw at I'd like it did you bring your something there? You're, like I've, been on the phone a lot of friends on like a couple friends of New York who have they they haven't been happy New York for years, but suddenly, but this pandemic they realize it's not it's just not the place for them, although they they feel very happy there to be there in that moment in some lucky healthcare workers of pity back, but there also realizing that whatever the it wasn't working from before and now it's not a chance,
to shift United to make a ship, in some things, a great opportunity for everyone for all get there. There is an opportunity in the in the madness. There is an opportunity if you want there to be to find out what you, what is interesting to you, really sit with yourself and sell the farthest recesses of your emotional stomach to sort of sea like what, where my being drawn. What's interesting, I, like you, know if you eat up. Of course we say this is people without kids who don't have to you know like a sub. Some people are stuck in Kansas City like they left the revival to come under very chaotic draft agenda. We have the luxury of
having a bit of space, but whenever its possible, I do think it's it's their good questions too, to sit with it ask and then, if we're gonna, if I mean this is happening either way, whether or not we like it doesn't matter it sucks. But what can we do with the time? What can we? What can we become on the other side of it? Can we take something and Anne and get better in some way so that at least you know we feel like for doing something when you know like we're wrapping up the turn in a bowl, at least. Did I read you just like that? Have you moments, I'm done sporting by thought about what we call it the way with our friend somewhere menu some somewhere clever? When we have our away the time, I was happening. Of having my arm now how about their side uniforms for going to be a little farm sustainable everyone works on it. We had meals together, you can you
you know you give your building things together, something about that. They feel so good and I was exhausted you think of the times we go away. You don't just hasn't, got time to go back to review what you you watching. You ain't got calamitous all the things. I think that I have always been Assiniboine leaden, major cities and but now in the suburbs, and actually like I'm almost like as I've taken this quiet, China realise how much I believe, value if your phone, the dream is at its, thereby neither the sum of the piano it's like a Skype call not already been interrupt. Someone has a guy, I think he was living with so great I'd want to cut any of it out. So people does not provide the fact that someone is trying to call in somewhere where we ascribe Dubai personal feeling ass a bit. Taking this cause is how much I really value and maybe school on Turkey as well.
Turning to an old man? What am I like? The things that I realized, my dad man really daylight, looking honeyed words were alike The idea of getting a hummingbird feeder at animals than before my Elsa he's gonna get a feeder just watch hummingbirds that year now, I'm like yeah, hummingbirds, I ll sit and watch me. Listen, we come from nature, and so when we connect with nature or whether we feel like we're contributing to nature whether its gardening or feeding, Hummingbirds Lydia got these. Our boxes because she was like to be got these boxes to build. That ours will nest and because we have our then you know the neighbourhood yeah. We saw the owl snap back out of the air once it was fucking with saying- her back and
There was an wait. You don't like some around sunset where we live, someday you'll, see some bellowed bats here and there a way off in the distant saw this massive bird like, and it was just twilight time ago. I think tat an owl and backing just snatched a back, a bad idea, like, oh, my God, predator and predator action, but but but directing nature and their ways. Just like we're part of it. Of course it's gonna feel in any way now did you say which is what maybe this sum wondering. You know what I saying all these things are happening. Nature like with other things like Do you think that a clear away like a toy bill, it's more their playground? My elbow, I guess not only cars are the names are sold
I'm gonna let my best. Let it go ahead. I thought those are murder of crows about my house and they were after a fucking hawk. You can tell me right within the hooker were looked out, my own wine and those that he was a girl. I there's while kingdom like this, is my lad and deal with this its executive, we're not littered with claims and stop southern like the around here and mystery. I natures reclaiming the earth, like one of the things, would be like the dolphins going back you know like going back from. You know that the Venice canals and then the the land they do. But but that idea like something you said earlier on, I think, was there a really great concept was teaching people how to live idea like something you said earlier on. I think was a really great concept was teaching but how to live a life. We dont teach people how to live a life me people. Some people will actively seek out how to do that
Some people just innately, know how to do that, but in general we doubt you know when you're in school they dont Vanessa teaching you how to live a life in our judgment and unhealthy were better just now. I think that we will have to produce a version of it in some way is what exactly did you talk about? Basket is very interested in this conversation of the way people have been then, like lesson is the ram or Facebook in the way that presenting there were all doors you know I feel like it has to change, could feel it. I thought people still trying to act like this. Like the everything they were doing before, just so normal. The boy, like you, know, showcasing there. How happy look at all the sell. These and others have you I get time about. The anti slaying right now in action.
Give us share your slang, the red carpet or an old red carpet who gives a shit when we were headed out, but I have a big fuckin need their job and, as I know you ve got a chill n t go with the times right now. There's no time for that, when I say two things about, then what for us all a thousand percent agree. I do think some of those people just trying to feel normal or thinking that the people followed. Then maybe expect them to be normal. The other side, which I think is the fatter option, is there may not know who they are. Without that you know, without that clause, will I think what exactly like that. There's the beings forced to sit with themselves. They don't know who that is, because everything is such a performed therein that performance matrix. You know this, as I realise version that they may not know who the real them it is or they're just not comfortable presenting it, but
now more than ever. I think it's fine. However, you are becoming ever put forward, all work at all in this thing together. So that's what I think is the most useful thing. It's like the idea soon, I think its degree of tunisian people were you really about what he really believe what it? What are you? What are you thinking? What what were you really look like now? I must admit I dejected touched his beard because, as you said, the camel, but I was Grey Spock these few days ago and the book I look like I give you a clear opportunity. We have a light. I've got a bullet, there's gonna, be like the Amelia said that you know you don't wanna, be ready for its time and my dear
what is that an that's exactly, and sometimes it just comes with age and experience. You know, because you do get to a point where you become comfortable yourself and then all the other stuff is just is less important, but we do. We do operates apes. You know like a base. A large slew, slew sliver of our culture is based on this. You know fake, like button idea this drug, we we are chasing the fake approval and opinions of other people to the extent that you know how much of ourselves to be sacrificed to get. Somebody hit that like button, because we What the endorphin Russia, though it so we pursue that too much. Do we forget who we are because were working
were seeking everything externally an outward, rather than trying to have more the reasons why I feel so much empathy for kids growing up today about like how do we learn how to had a value ourselves internally, rather than seeking all of the extra evasion, and you know like we are attics where attention attic, doubtfully, words, genetics and so it like. Maybe this is maybe this is an opportunity to try to get better about some of that two areas that I think it is. You know a couple companies can reaching out to me on this man saying: oh, you know you should have much more hours in that you know we can help boost your followers of their lack of sailor, actually care, as somebody find me unable to follow. That's great seeking on that making all you can do so much better. Mother wants anymore.
I said it doesnt matter to me: please don't go outside the body respond liquor they kept going into my day answer my I listen. I don't care about the aggressor, even the watch until I call em up there How are we to believe up you're you're like tonight? I dont care like that. Any part is that our than our business does put emphasis. You know has been putting emphasis on and how many folly before higher people. Sometimes I'm your honor. They haven't shit, but I don't know, like I M very ashamed to admit this, but, like you know, I posted I made a little bit of pixel out of our dog and I just posted it yesterday and there and I feel like before. I would have actually pause to say you know when I post like art things they don't get as much engagement. So maybe I'm not only not with that and
and I'm a shocked and ashamed of myself for thinking that way, because I posted it yesterday and I went yeah, I'm not posting. I have to remember I'm not posting this for any took it be quantified. I plans because I made a thing that was fun decide whether people like it they like it. If not, it doesn't change the fact that I am a bit this thing for me. I was spoken of what pixel art yet yet Zita that doesn't mean I know already Evans Ushered- is grim. Look anything I want just posted like me with a plant or gardener, something that was sweet the exact rainbow I find lights and then like a bigger, like just me, with the opera, something two hundred thousand like you like, but which, in the case of that a brilliant example of how do we value things right? So the Oprah thing by the way that is putting awesome, but the planet thing
You know from a different point of view, has just as much value because you're connected with even more because I think that something I am so proud. Like. Oh look, look at my poppies are opening up, isn't a beautiful. I will love somebody, it is matter me. Mikey has examined the share with people what I'm thinking was not all but I wish I had more about as much values at the moment they see anything with just if it's something with celebrity always is always like lifelike it also. Maybe it's also their own validation by liking met they feel like they are close to it in some also, they just recognize. Oprah, oh yeah, I recognise Oprah, being you know it's calling out. Sometimes people vote, for
bored. So I've heard that movie, although for that you know, remain, and so there is a little bit about popularity contest. But it's it's it's not it's not so much that that happens. It's the take away its yet go between the wrong persons, ears that to take away or the unhealthy, take away I'll rephrase at the unhealthy take away as all the planet does not have as much value as Oprah. So in the future, because I'm addicted to this engagement, I am going to pose more pictures with celebrities, even if they ask you things that I had really nothing to do with, because that will get me our attention and you abandon the thing that might have actually been something that you made or something that is actually a piece of you not do something you really care about. The aim of this is that you must let me yeah. I want my come away with that subconsciously thinking, I have less value because my plant is not Oprah and everything must be
brown. We have to remember not everything has to be Oprah. Most things are no porn. Most things don't need to be Oprah. You know like that's what makes up a special. You know the day the idea that you have How you and not you know like not finding your own value in the external world is, is a very difficult thing to to really ups or by an emotional and molecular level. Leslie speakers also media, because somebody else and the other day when are you gonna bet my at random? just like apparently one on Facebook and saw that I guess she was she said I was in the day for three days, I'm just so depressed whenever
that's funny collar. My eyes are due to underwrite the Eurasia. Well now, therefore, but wait a minute, usually let people know about things like that. I'm not gonna, like you get mad at me, for not knowing you're you're, despite the present a bad, because you got on Facebook, I did say that that's where we're grownups didn't you see the news, flash yeah. I totally. I totally understand I mean it. Is it it's really. Am it's really just about focusing on taking this time to really look deep inside figure out? Who are you what makes you take what's important to you and then find a by me? Listen it's fund a poster paternal brothers. There's absolutely! If I had a picture, though, of course I would posted-
but it is also just in their healthy being able to process and a healthy way and saying yes, sure that has a certain kind of value, but something that's important to me that I made that is meaningful to me. Also has a lot of value, not you can hear people hit alike, but none, they don't, then you know them whatever that doesnt just cause they didn't connect with it are recognise, rethink it doesn't mean that it's not important. You have right. You have to bring back to the table right. If I believe- and we go back to that overfishing is awake. A picture of me I was I was talking about. It was among the kings birthday. Oh yeah, we create this county gets on summer. Here's a moment's everybody hope you know you engage in watch is nonsense. I will, if I want again to me at times like this,
Those are all about you all over the world and that it will not one open, not responded to the actual got enough about the amount of the king S, letters. It was generally. Of course it was just like all. I recognize her. You know and were conditions but but but that it, but I also did you know to be fair to people who just saw Oprah. We are trying to process so much information at all times. Yeah. That's the idea of you know the idea of really scrolling through taking a moment to absorb digest, see the meaning behind something to really understand it. Most people are just cramming social media between the fifty other things that their chasing in the course of their and our brain just can't process all of it. We just can't fucking price, just it's too much it.
Chess. Much, and I say this as someone who was always an early adapter of technology, always a champion of like you, no more law, more, faster, better, more, more and now just kind of going like. Well, I don't I don't put compared to how I used to persons social media. I barely post anymore. Because I just sort of feel like I don't know like do, did. Does everyone needs to know about this thing that I ate? Does everyone who cares- I've been, so I posed a lot less now, because I just I am starting to spill exhausted by the whole thing and tiktok I'm confused about what the fuck is. What now and I don't think that's why what's? But everybody go check that aim. I have no idea what that is why so much extra one amicably described this question.
Madam, I moved to new technology in the way of any one would be amazing and tiktok you'd be amazing. It takes is a music. What does is it is illegal, stopping pause it or something, but like it, don't just minute long videos, you know, like you, it's just performance based its a much more performance based. You know, whereas, like Instagram stories is more about like chickens and status updates and subject, talk is a much more powerful. In space. Maybe that's why I don't love it, because I'm already a performer former, so you know like. I don't know like what do you need a ton of followers for, like you do theatre, you write you direct you produce, you do film, you do television, it's like if you have any more followers. Yours life is like the quality it did. Nothing has really gonna change for you if your check, if you get them, naturally fine but to chase them. It's like its then that eating up the creative time that you could be
hiding a play or appreciating. We do not do so because you don't because is so true, because I think that I do actively see and I feel like we're I'll do it that's gonna see somebody like you now in cigarette watching Smith S when they really upset with getting you know a hundred thousand dollars you. Why was I do without you idiot and such a great way? whipping them into a frenzy and making sure that these powers, and then I guess, there's powers actually mean you're able to green, get some things, and that will mean that, but I hope it is a big planet. I hope that there is a big plan, That was just visit. You just want you to remember more rights and more hours, but she doesn't help you do anything yeah. It's just that. It's just that sort of this part of our brain that thinks big numbers mean everything you know it's sort of life You know if you hear a b, a big number on an engine. You know That has whatever see Caesar. This has gone out of five hundred of this sort.
I also know that a million that which, like big an we, go well impressive, but but really what is it actually mean in the answers. I don't know. I think I don't. I don't. I think the social media experiments is fine. I think it paid of it pays off in some ways, but not all the ways that we thought it would in the metrics, the metrics, that I think we would innately sort of look at dough, art necessarily meaningful. Its offer me like more, doesn't necessarily equal better. It doesn't necessarily it's more. You know we were looking at quantification rather than qualitative. There s a battle of everything to max if every life like everything I walked by my closet, almost like laughed with my aunt, were those closely more like nothing. I we're home and saw TAT most of it,
I will guarantee a word. Nice short, as you see, I'm wearing sweat shorts were just still better up here. It's. How are you, We are, we are in the facade game. We are where we are the appearances game, though, without much amiss. Anything like a really miss anything with how much do I believe that a lot of things Can I ask of you would probably I think, I think, even now, in the moment or probably pared down, the Billy fill it with if so much access and even algae and an excessive you were being back of it. I do love starch in light, while some stuff, you know you just acquired, stood ass, it away and acquired stashed away, and then you forget about an you forget about it and eventually you know you either purge alot of your staff in field,
or you you know like or a pile of books of fallen you until you. You know like customer by our own staff. Eventually, you know when I say that you ve been our house, you see, we have a lot of stuff. We discuss this, but I think you're stuck his like. You got the best stuff because I get stuff that makes you think and it's like as that is- What about random shit? My closet issues, That was an interesting jury. That being that, while this trip- and it does this thing- that the mix I got a little crazy. Is your place? Let go you like previous play, husband. Well, very well, you're right, I did not like you know what he's back yards doubled their laws, some kind of meeting the ocean. I believe, as you tell people just to give them a little bit of background, You first came about gas right after doing to show called fear. The walking dead you came on it was like week what war our wedding, Wimbledon
I'm getting married and we hit it off. So I said you wanted to come to our wedding and you came and we ve been ever since you reward been on trips with us, we ve spent ass, like it's like they did. The level of the level of our friendship is something I greatly appreciated. Liddy night I'm sustainability of a day like a really miss common unravel. I got there doing. I lay I don't know where they are. What we listen. You became a brothers me immediately it was. The thing is I haven't why we actually had a marker up just like this is actually what we became friends when we get to know each other in such an open way. You can I like this guy. I think we should be friends. You like I do to come my way under your game.
And I have to do with Europe. There were I invited you, but you showed up. You know. Yes, indeed, I got the dancing starting at the were as I am that ran just you know, I'm the guy knockabout talk about living in the present You know what I think the only argument the libyan I had leading up to the to the wedding was very smooth. There was not an ear. Innovating our house the same time. I guess we both should have been going crazy, but we words, and it was it- was just all very like going to be. Everything will be fine and it was The only target we had was Lydia said I'm making everyone check their phones, the door, and I was like you cannot do that to people they will lose their fucking mind. You cannot take away people's phones and she goes yet I'm not I'm not going to have people experiencing the wedding, their device
is looking down not paying attention posting videos of our wedding, unelected just as weird. I want everyone to be in the moment, and I was like I have missed- and boy was I wrong, because it was the first time in probably a decade of phones that everyone was checked in that member the whole night. We were all present. Oh my god. This is so much, but everyone was talking, yes things so lies in it was she was a thousand percent right. I was in no one. No one ever had a moment. You like check out. Let me check my phone. Never there was, I say, I'll check you turn from that personal I saw you look was familiar, that's exactly what you now and she sat people next to each other. It was very strategic. She tried to pare people
she thought would get along. It had sort of like complimentary personality, or we have the best came from telethon, really different careers and backgrounds. She was trying to mix ever what happens beautiful way and you guys did yeah. I was the first time that I think I really said. Oh, maybe technology isn't a hundred percent like maybe some in tat kind of being in the moment and not always being on our devices. Will you know whenever you know start to have you over here will be for him. Overviews asked them to leave their phone. It brought about in love that you have just think if I'm right there, that's just like you, you didn't come back here in the front of the house. To check must there's a whatever mecca. Otherwise, when you hear about fireplace you're here the backyard which together that's up like that,
he's going to implement that one world? I think people I think it makes the EU makes us. Ok, let's go backwards, it lets agree when we go back and you outside of the sun this this very complicated time and were able to combat together. We gotta find nigger you and I can help be proponents and making sure that technology Is we really figure how we use this socially in how we really contact each other from themselves in their fucking thought? That's the thing about innovation, though, is because it's you know it is in innovation is in part an eagle pursued, bigger more better. Obviously too, you know, like their altruism reasons. Why can be good too? I do think the smallest number of toxic people always ruin everything forever, but but we didn't, we never really stop to think. Should we do this? How do we do this responsibly and, unfortunately, I think that's gonna be up to June Z who are growing up now to look back and retrospective. We say. Oh you know I mean I I
Joker my act about how you know, I think, will look at social media and technology someday. The way that we look at asbestos in the like the making he's like Jesus Christ. They were around that all the time you added it now. You know No, that's what we're here. They go through. Now is the stumbles of how do we had? We use this in a healthy way? There is a right to it, but I hope we shall be at least some of the charge, but they'd be other generation. They merely nice. Try to get there. We should try to upload anything where everyone has in their homes like there's a place next to their door. Just like a phone basket are like some place where that's my task, where people even charge it up right there to charging.
Asian everything both as an absolute thing where you must leave your phone. I believe that that would be a real and it's funny. I say this not only this year. The am the thing about technology. Having that has brought me close in some people during this time has been markers like this. Like I make like an apple pie, we made it the other day with a friend in London. Rain. Every Monday we get together. Now it's far sounded when I went back and get me my frontiers we bigger Monday. So why are we beg him? Well, gonna take umbrage, recipes that more bigger together while catching up you know and then another friend was Sunday Sundays. At one o clock, my time appear in their time. They have a car tell we're having brought you know, how is some food
the Czech and hang out his friends whatever and give each other that our I never use the structure. Things like that now that I have as well as a zune call. A business called actually have a play date at unsettling play dates to actually have to have time with a friend and I want to do that- cross your list of a half hours over. How will we just talk and hang out and that's it put it on the counter light, like any of anything else, the week that matters was well, I mean I do have to say that you know of you know when you pursue when you pursuit when you chase happiness or you pursue careers stuff like it's, you know I don't know, I do think people tend to chase happen.
I get some kind of drug rather than just the act, but I'm not saying I don't do that too. I'm totally guilty of a too, but you don't you think about all your career achievements like you in particular, have done some amazing amazing things. I mean you, you don't besides, being an accomplished actor, but a writer and director ends. You know you ve done so many amazing things you work with so many amazed, people and the career accomplishments are edifying for a moment in the hope that you acquire them, but they they do pass through very quickly and that its like what's nets what's next, but I find that I've and I've discovered that I'm I'm the happiest
I have like real, meaningful connections with friends like when we have made away last last summer, I knew you'd raw for a couple days. Are you know we went up to Lydia's families ranch a couple years ago in Europe there that was self fulfilling for such an extended period of time. I wouldn't trade those moments for anything you know of any of the account, if anything, that I've been fortunate enough to accomplish those real connections with people are really stick with you and make you feel a part. We want when we desire that agrees with that decide anymore. So, right now, I've got no answer. Another missing those decided through a highly
and those moments my mind by the time I want. I want that again. What's our duties being other than the other does not go for anything, you exactly. Does nothing actually happening. I having is reckless nothing that people get us that to connect, but my god I mean it's just I mean I do have to say. I apologise to you about this before I am so angry with myself and disappointed that we Miss lights out when it was in LOS Angeles. You recognise that I was actually I was walking down the other night and I had a real moment of. I felt bad about it all over again, because I was disappointed as a friend I was like a common made. This amazing napkin whole story. It got rave what weathered I got rid of
which it did. It was a thing that you made and I should have been there and it just like. Oh you're not going to go we're gonna, go we're gonna, go wait! Wait. What do you mean it's closed? You know like things where I got so caught up in just work and other stuff that I just I didnt pay attention, and I am so humbly Jeddak about that, because I really feel like I let you down as a friend, I should have been there for you and I am I what I really hope you are able to do it again, but I, I heard about that again. The other day it was my first I've received ass. Much like you, I mean like I like. If, when things are always, you know, I'm a man by friends too,. This is why it is a thing words I am by people's brings home, yet
see this thing, but I understand and was now his luck. I observed the busy wherever they figured out, but also just know that I know that your heart in your intention. You want to be there so that there is a world and I do think the light If it is, it is some is combat all tat, you will come back, we weird finally serve a and and ass. You know I have a lobby role that they slip. You up the shell deeming I see it is something that we learned here in my heart: special addict around and yeah. I look forward to using dollar forty thing. I really do that, but you won't let you seem to have always pursued things that are meaningful to you that have that are a part of who you are a part of something that, in once you that are something that is incredibly socially profound things that really you know, like. I dont see with someone who just pursues work,
he was someone who pursues. You know new, meaningful things, opportunities that speak to you in some way, and that's that's that's something that that did that can be thing that people, though figure out until much later on in life when you feel like you ve, been doing that for a rethink. Aren't you know across thanks man, you know what it is. I think that I started my career might really twenties, at least with that sense of purpose, of what I think the power of what we do, how we can make. Efforts in some way and how we can ensure ten how we can educate. I started out and, like you know, you fear
Young audience is already hope was purposeful. You know, as I do, that as a young active indolence men at the everything they do so does make sense. Now, like uncle my career by thirty years, where my earlier, the things I ve been doing, it makes sense that the report of things are hopefully makes a change in the world like another. We just wander, rushing company had Edith productions needed my mama men down, and there is part of that met my deep seated and am actually even been even more thoughtful. Exactly what I do, what I think we can do in shifting. Landscape of television representation of women. People of color. I've got all other stories that we remove the targeting of delay. I swear I take honesty, I believe. It was at my own life and my own existence.
The people there, no relationship that I have, and I see that accepting a pretty cool world with very diverse people with different points of view, and I feel I come this great story there and I don't care about so. Yes, I do right by the things like, Wait because, as you know, anything but you look in your creating and with your name, is I you're giving your heart so tat. You wanted me to feel like a part of you, I thought you wanna be able of backing you career like yeah. That's a part of me. That's my questions about no, that's my question, but how do we make people laughed? How do you make war cry and whatever it is nevertheless have to be like feel like its super important by those who, like us, making a difference in some way you know like I just I am actually do this show. I'm gonna show for M C
ah boundless brought your comments and the intention, and that is why the intention of this I was developing ashore caught your culture. Shell, for the networks were women in development of that as this would have been at home. So I was equal rights. Actually importantly, I think if we were to bring people to my house for bright, aren't you people over it. House, I've always had stood about a little distance and not letting people living people know who I am yes and when I care about, but other things are very important to me, like my home, like my relationship with my friends- and I thought this a second opportunity right now in the world to open up a little bit more someone to actually have people come to my house and with the shows that people can come in virtually We have brought by a couple friends I just shut. My forces are witnessing ash and low Collins start off with the answer was that some funny women and have them over
I'm gonna have I'm gonna have gaslight. Like my common nicholas. He's gonna do all right. A key on directors action is a broader incredible people like Chris Harbour, Cuba, you're with comes back I'll, do it I'll do it yet, but I think it right now he's a lot with Julia. My ok now, but I'm one of my career in content from other, What do I want to do again after examined that again? What do I think there's like, but I do in the theater and nothing way things the brains closer together and we too have lab. We can make a cartel and then he said what is actually just bought and we I'm playing like someone tell gains shit like that. It's just really silly is, I have is letting you come over like giving you an idea of what will happen when you come to my house you think. I'm gonna get you the guy cocktails and it's silly and fallen among people get to know each other. So you my parents, are people are all dead. You know each other,
they might get out some miserable. I want. You know it's up then connected and their ways is really is really great in and this idea as as Europe is your explaining. You know that the work that you ve done in the things that you pursue, I just sort of had this vision idea like ours, so you know in our lives and, like you said not, everything has to be of the utmost importance. Something's can be found in frivolous and dont have to mean everything but is a balance. But ultimately, at the end of the day, when you look back, you know, have you left a breadcrumb trail of who you are
along the way everything has that little. You know when some things are going to have more weight to them and some things are going to be just sillier and more fun. But that's because that's how people are you know like that strapped in so rather than just working to work. It's all of these things. You know when you look back around to do all these things say who about anything about who? I am, could you, if you put them all together at the end of my life, would you go? I got to spend to who this person was and what they cared about, because I I put all their stuff on a on a on a cork board be able to see it I'll make sense, and this is who they were right: yeah, yeah man. I think that I think that we all want. I think we both a movie star when we think about like a lot of people, to tell me if I may eventually
for a very long time, but I'm gonna leave a very an imprint on who we are weathers archiving. The way we lack the way we dance. The way we told jokes is that I am very conscious that I've latterly might believe some that's a batch for future generations. Let my grandmother history, both my love learning about what they did in campaigns, have eight latin dancing yeah. Well it all. You know again with the kitty. Rogers thing blew me away about. It is that you notice he passed away among a month ago. And he was eighty one and you just very few people are evident Accomplish more than that accomplished. I mean
cool, raise needed to turn this into a guinea registrar. Just what I was one in five number one hits and this stuff that, like he wrote aside with Liner Richie, that was number one on the country chart. The pop chart, envy aren't be chart altogether cited brightly and at the end of the day you know like it's. It's still, it all ends up the same. You know what I mean like we all adopt the same. So whether or not you a cup was that or whether that you are you being fed. Are you being happy hour? You do you feel like you're, contributing in a way is no matter how many big things you chase just for big things sake. It's not gonna have the value that you think it might have. You so would I do think it's important to stop and ask yourself, you know, is a meaningful to you. Do you how about this thing, how you know you feeling contributing or whatever I don't know it just
did you hope that all of this necks out that way that were there were able to stay reflective you know for a little longer than we normally are after you know something tragic happens, yeah yeah man, I am hopeful. I feel I need the time that has been taking now for us to go that way. I've gone I'm over the hump right now, like the first man. That was how do I do now. Look quite minister, come out. Don't get more organised, and now, if you like, is have one, because I got back every day, I'm tired and not like ours, is an abnormal sit all of this, and I will just have to be in this for, however long it's gonna be entrusted me now on the other side, and this will be a part of it. So just as someone who for so long has been able to
we know. We know who you are have a strong sense of who you are and be able to express that in your art, in your work, do have advice. People are like I sit with myself. I don't know who I am. I dont know what question to ask. I dont know what I was like. How do I connect with that? I told people people out of you realize monthly RO, my husband, he is said to me actually least Adam because he knows I have. I have always now in my office were talking
What are we talking to people in the business world, but also in a strange way, mastering well and was so that people call me a lot, convey the questions they want to know. Having were forward there, the wrestling with banks and in it is it is a common, as, as it sometimes looks at these are becoming less people depend on you. For you help people seems a different way as I do. I believe that it is. It is a gift that you had. That's what people call you the call you when they their searching for answer. I got a friend the other day who so frustrated in New York. This. This will help answer the question: is it just yesterday he wasn t so tired. He works for homeland security, any questioning everything
and in the home is you sick? He was, he could tell her, was exhausted, and but I know that he had been hoping for a long time, an observer. I watch everything I may not give it your vice until you asked for, and so we talked about him really doing the work, the hard work to actually be honest with yourself and save it. This is a result of my faith that I could be an artist was this profession working for this for this company homeland security, wherever I chose this out of necessity and feel like I need it benefits and smart. I can do this work, but it didn't Peter saw as they would then also have the hope of satellite. Unlike what he's doing so helpful to so many to see it as a success and like you, I truly success. If you're looking outside of yourself, you'll never find out who you are you looking your measuring is up against.
Body. I think the only way that I'd do anything that I've been doing is. I always had a look and work because, outside of myself, I didn't I couldn't believe I tried for while they are not like that. Do not like that due to my knees and we're in an awkward number never did you know, I think the things I write my own way. I M a national right looking by us much like anybody else, I'm trend it taken all the things that I get from the world, then, having questions on. How do I do it? What makes me feel good, and I think those are the questions, which is why I think I do not myself and I think that's the only way I could actually I have been successful, because I know myself less and less that better honest equation that some and I know that because I think that when I was trying to be the interim Oughta, be something isn't what I thought you wanted me to be it never worked. I never, but I never created something what's happening,
so I said this is why I fully and without any were everything come from the city. You come being gay being That being you know the being smart to judge of your cable being smart, that's a lot of things have been done here. Sit down, I am, I am interested. In other words, I think the more than you just ask yourself the hard questions in anything allow times. I still remember and again I said about environment as it are. You happy new environment where you live, we wake up what you see using now as it ever to do it, because it is a reflection of you. I know when, and if you look around here everywhere, I looked to be asked in my house- makes me happy. Baronetcy, there's nothing. That's frustrating me. They said the little bit of those wires right. There will have to get up. That's the only thing I make that doesnt bet it's so I pushed it is behind their chairs, but everything as it
It starts with making sure you're everything that is, you want to be a reflection of using if the tri many things to get there. It's like you know, I'm so blouse. Here I mean I felt a consistently one before her flowers here at my desk. Could it makes me look in nature? They are part of the world and I could see things right. I think this image is Watson was only inspiration in your my office and I feel it it's all things. I think I have questions about an interested ends. Are this music? You name it, but that's the way you do that work first and then that is what you put out into the world, but the thing is that it is our be wrestle with all those questions. Fill it up. You that Philip all of that with so much with history with news with anything you want your questions about it.
He fell back and then I think, that's how you? U finds you start to find some answers and in the universal also tell you I'll go in that direction. That's the way that you go and he had its best efforts. Should let you go with a love ass. You know you yeah. After while you figure that out new, though with a love story about that, but there's a lot of intention in what you set up to even just I mean I can see your office and I see all the books- and I see everything you planned.
You put those things there. I think. Sometimes you know people just sort of let life dragged them around in whatever direction and then part of their dissatisfaction is the fact that they feel like they had no part in it that they were, but they didn't have any control over. Like your friend probably feels like it now granted, he did make choices, indoor micro choices by, but he did, but he ever before. I wanted to him that he made those choices. He didn't even with the universal stand. Why these things happening to me as a wash you have the percentage than you did. It is one of the first that rail, with with twelve that listen there, that we had the first admit that absolutely you are responsible for and also looking at the other side of the fence. You know to see that the grass is greener is dangerous, because so, if he's ok, I decided I dont know what it is that we want to. Do you wanna, be an actor you wanna get together and that is to say so, is looking at the other side of the fence and he sees the acting cited offences. Alot greener, he's romanticizing that cause he's not
Beware did where he is, but the thing that doesn't change with the green grass is you. You are the same on both sides of the fence and if I am not happy with you but you're not gonna, be here you're doing that other thing, then the current thing that you're doing- and you still don't know if it would have been better for you. You know what I mean like it's. You still have to do that. We were- and I say, someone who is not an expert at a time just it's easy to talk about it in broad terms and actually apply, but I just mean you: you are you no matter what how green the grass is and if you're not happy now that means that that external circumstance you might have found something to not be happy about that with then you really be fucked. Could you be like I my broken? This was supposed to make me happy and it didn't so you got to you got to be okay with you. Absolutely
and do that hard work that is alive and then on top of it, I'm gonna. At this little thing, I think there is something very similar with you and access. We both have hearts of a clown as well then birthday we. I know right is an thirty November, twenty eight, exactly maybe but the heart of a clown Chris. As we know like the clouds in Shakespeare, are the most therapy Mostar. There were smart people in Shakespeare there, the philosophers as well. But also the thing I learned I actually did clowning when I was an early twentyth. It's amazing story, but at the heart of a clown as they leave with their heart there, the will to feel the willing to say I don't know, and they go with that they're. Not so so we brought in thinking heavy in that's. Why I'm not sure, but the right way of many stop them. Stop myself in doing that. They leave with pure heart and that's the way
they get better. That's why they know so much too, but they also but their observers, though, because day yes, because clowns sort of express, very basic ideas. Yes, you know, every culture has like different types of clowns yet because actually disorder row clown. Let me sort of basic social conversation is something that their experts thing of day to a degree they have to have an awareness about. Going on and an awareness of themselves to figure out how to express that so yeah totally You're saying I speak. I suppose we do have some fucking clouds over here we do. I think we do. I think, that's why we, I think, that's why we deal we deal. We believe we need what that generosity. Constantly having a go left their minds as they are tried that thing you know. I I think I think Europe will. I think Europe it might have been more noble than mine, I think, might really was initially, and I've really coming to terms with this is
getting older. Like I think for me, it really was the pursuit of attention was. I grew up on stand a comedy albums. You know my parents about me prefer like stigma, routines for their friends, and I learned that you know and as a very nerdy kid I could be funny and get attention in school when I would have you know in times, and I was socially ostracised, but it was a way to sort of cut through all the other regular kid shit Cosette it relate to them. But for me alive, It was about attention and I feel like it of my early company in a lot of early stuff was kind of enough like early earlier on was a little more and authentic, as I was chasing much x or for media. What I've not people wanted to see, and it's only been you know like later in my life. For that I've been like what who am I? What do I want more do I like, and so, but you just you then much younger he's. I thought we were unaware. Were
all of us that they may also every performer- you you're lucky meeting some attention in some way. Why I look for me, I was I was so should decide here. I will shine awkward intently. And I just know, they're like asking about was it was. It was a very curious thing to me. It was just that my gun, special of storytelling is. I was always amount in books. My head was always in about reading stories and encyclopedia around, and you like that, and then all you guys in Vienna, sorry and do the story. That's cool- do ass, you ve gotten, but but but it also kind. It goes the core I do have one I think, makes someone charismatic or magnetic even if their faking it, but I don't, but I think, like truly charismatic people, you can't you can't take the sort of thing when someone is very comfortable with who they are and they are happy to have you there, but don't need you.
I think, when I think you know, when you look at sweaty performance, is in your or whatever people that just sort of Rubbia weird way. It's like ok, there's a desperation underneath like they need to be liked because there's something inside that isn't hole, and so trying to take that from me in that feels off putting you know what I mean: yeah yeah, it's the people who are able to just you ok with who they are, and it's like they don't need you to why it's not that they're telling you to fuck off they just don't their bear down on you liking them very attractive, because that something that we all, I think
Fascinated by like how is that personal, how they figured it out, o my god, like we're in honey, you know like emotion that what it is it is attempting to it is attempting to figure up a maybe during this reflective time people can have some space to ask those questions and at least see if there is see if they can come out of this better than you know been when they went into it. Sir, I have every hope, so you don't like what's amazing, as we did not talk about fear the walking dead one time. The I dont know what AMC schedule is now. I fear was shot by the recently we ve been a shooting up. Some eight out of sixty, and so I actually don't know like I'm going to take. I don't know anything. We don't know anything like that's right, because you go November. You started the thought you start around. Thanksgiving used around the world, have the thanksgiving and then ass, we re had our aid episodes shop and they may I sit down,
Scott, like we do nothing we're just trying to assess the way the production gonna go, and we don't know what That means I wish I had any gonna. Take someone asked me: what is it you they're? All accidents, like all I know, is that, while trying to stay safe, stay home and figured out, and I believe, the entire industries, just like we'll figure it out and hopefully will go back to work at some point We know that everything a so much will change and am because it has to, and that's all we now and I also at you know, I mean I think, one of the reasons that you breathe such great life into strand, as he is a character that is not he's he's not confined by by anything else other than just who he is, then that's what he rustles with the most. But you can't put that guy,
looks like everything about him. They're all these desperate things about him that could have been written in such you know, like tiredly MR typical way than they worked day. Ok right, thank you, but what can also met with? I have also continue to make sure that, because it once you up with a character for six easily, do so on the character in his way so you're always yet you're, always a nice checkpoint for right, a writer who may not be as on Saturday, Go for Serbia, the outline of the character, what they know, and you always have to check that immeasurably. Checking on that, because I think it Now I understand strangest rooms. A lot like me has to realise and where You can't kill me about. I've always refuse that suggest. Music one thing and another- and I am also a complicated version of that banks and
that's. What I did strand is, I think, a laser. Rarely if ever there was one there was one season will they were trying to get round new love interest, and I thought well you're gonna get my love interest. You gotta make sure that this presents really gotta put someone extract address, be poppy love, o the stars and stripes complicated one minute. He would have a girl. You know he is husband. Next man, he can be with a woman as you gotta keep miser. What I love about them is the he's always he's always redefining himself based on the situation, and that was so strong alphabet does a lot about with me as well. I were I can. I can be before one that it and I'm before us for the next- and I know that this is part of my nature- you know when you get. Sometimes you know everything that the also did. That's really. I, like idea, he's mercurial with the way here in person. Now. Yes, you never know what was happening that you do
Are you gonna get me out? I am pretty much, I know and the same person. Everyone does matter, unlike what I'm with abrupt, but you know my cousins as I and the same person, and I know that you and I think that that's actually where he sat because uncomfortable landscape. And I know who I think they do now? I know who I am and now and the end it'll be ok with all that you are, I think, that's actually very healthy thing. That's the way you can operate and find happiness in the world. Will you know you are a lot of things. People are all just saying. People are a lot of. It You know, please forgive me if I ask this in a clumsy way. I mean they suffer most respectful way possible, but it's been twenty four. Twenty three years, since you know it was such a news making thing that Alan came out on her show such a big, and now you know one of the things that I'm that I've been impressed by was strand is that it feels
help. How normal at is how normalized it is that he's not a gay character. He is a character who who have faced a gay, but it's not like it he's not it's not his defining quality, which I think the media was so did for so long, This is a big day character and sole rights together do gave things. It was always a gay narrative and everything yes ma. Am I right it's so that is that a fair question to ask that in that it does not signify that there is that there is progress yeah. I think this progress with a show Lachrymal walking back one day wrote that wrote character like character like consider one the first and he said the woman The Abigail isn't Abigail seated, where we could have in my daughter rights. Why? That's? What I'm saying
the moment was shown a meeting between citizens once you're innocent women thinking and before they even knew that guy, you say which may appear Abigail we're thinking to complicate better even more. If ever there was a man as it is one of the complicated, because what I thought was you got to understand this combat this personal operates in the world, and then you get to know a little bit more he's not operating from Poland, quote from being a gay con. Man he's he's doing these things and I use its none but that in a level of him he's never leading weapons. Everything that's very pickets were somewhere to me and my wife is it I think I'm leaving just with the fullness of wire. But I've never leading with an agenda yearning and the like, and I think that a single strands or any time
I am also the gatekeeper strands his whole Emma. Let me so any time the securing finally was my son intended rights and tax. For me, right back for me for something and puts a word in their eyes were like sex. Nor did he just didn't know me super. Well, might one June two thousand and six ass remedy that something that you think, because you know about me that you think the same outside we educate that works, and I are you just need to help. You know because it wasn't it wasn't. It the digital thing or anything like that. You knew that it was a oh, I think, he's gonna get it achievements in the way I jus or something like that, but also difficult. Sometimes it is what they build them put day, whether you know about the pudding on something like you re. Actually, that's just like when I q is the same thing about my house back in San Francisco Bay Area are working doing, I fear for young eyes. I went into this very
you know, muddied school and now you're all comes up with you. I was that dog and, unlike high, I will speak that way, exit wherever whatever you say it actually makes. So that's why I think, because I've had situations like this, my life, being I gave lacking, Well, I have to actually make sure I on the definition of a way out, and I had to put them out about nothing that something like the strand as well. The leaves with the wait what he does not always others that the people could he had seen arming. Oh my god. That's really in way to put it because you, you know even just hear you say that and me saying like we'll do that signify that there's progress and I feel like the yes bodies like yes, there is progress, were not there yet, but you also take the initiative to make
sure that it is always being steered in the right direction, absolute added! So would you couldn't do if you didn't know who you are, and you are comfortable enough, knowing every girl very comes back around that's it occurs, that's exactly because we have no idea how many times like I've had to publish its nose, but let us make sure that, like I was unable to press for pressed war, were out where whatever it was, but then I saw my Sunday, now my web Abernathy rats and whatever credit wanted to ask me about some gay about that my way or what is there to do with the phone, the character? Anything? What is I don't know what I'm not the postage output for. That, I think, is an opinion about things. Politically and all I said that I read me with the art and that's what my talk about Roma anything having, which is. I know its unique for me in this industry, then
out, gave black man attends to them and I think some assume told me recently do you know what you're doing something? That is what has been done before you? I had wives and movies like Regina King in the gallery. You can you name it. I'm never pigeon hole applying a gay character in the care that I am playing. Who is I want to say that his fluid better strategy, you can't believe you can. You have put your hinders the never ending away the long you do that doesn t put himself in a whole other box he's got you I don't know who he is. He will never let you allow that person living. I will always be controlled about all that stuff, a classic at such a great. I mean it just I'm going to tell you something on my former will be always being control of euro narrative. You know because it it doesn't mean that you can
control the world now, but it means that you can control how you present and how you and the types of choices that you make. What you you know. What if someone comes you and says hey? We want you to do this in its up your narrative, then you have the confidence of straight the conviction ago. I'm not going to do that and I don't care how much money it is or how much this or how much that yeah, not part of my narrative, which because I know who I am. Do it and that those are the choices that you make so the under your life and some others. While he was, you know why you know like why you got some lucky breaks. It's like what he engineer
as you can get engineer the near dialogue, because he'd made those choices and he was in those places and looking for that type of thing that formed this hall, you no body of work that had all these different layers till I agree I agreed to do so. It is yes, but yet at that its and that's it. That's also why why I was interested to ask because its eye, like hearing about my, like you know, trying to understand and seeing like. Oh, yes, it isn't just handed to you. You have to make you have to make it happen in the way that you that is important to you and away this important to you, this comfortable for you and for you to really be fully whole cuz. I think that's the best of beauty of it be honest I love the fact that had never had to have a coming up and I feel like an
glad strand ever had a coming up only leader. I thank you because I think that the reality is busy like myself restrained were they just are both sectors, more so they lead with all their other stuff. And then will you know the other prisoners that that's just another. That's one other thing you know, but it doesn't, it doesn't overtake the whole person. I liked idea that isn't overtake. The whole them ideas or you know what I'm interested in our work, and I like to do you know me, but it was actually a part of it, but just as I also just want to say that the group of people that you working with their all such lovely people Garrick Del Hunt and then we share and ruin like its everyone's. Just such a sweet soul like to such a nice person, the good work that I really good people. I work what they were good human beings. People were really care about. You know that
any blessing you even in this industry, Falander airlines have worked out that way. So people ever are people who, like family and with checking we love each other down. I'm blast man, you know it's because Peter is not my background. Yeah do you had done a lot of theatrical stuff then, and I you ve done. I know you ve done very big, theatrical things, but when we were at Sunday What years ago we went out with deny and she was kind of learning- How about you and the help of its listen to that you were- and I was like. Oh my god, like common, is really I mean just to hear her talk about the influence. You had on her as a performer uttered, always just it was just such a wonderful arrived. So I was so like always shit, that's fucking! Also. Oh man. I thought it is what I mean. I think you know what it is. I think,
because I don't know what I've been doing like now to about thirty years now have students, surely o my god. We go back to be watched slightly origin of musical passing stranger employers, dresses artists, now you're a little like you know my Angelo Asbury, unlike at night, it was all right, let those insignificant pigs in my career. In its now influencing generations, and that feels really thought that those cooler than anything yeah, because that If people are genuinely influenced by you, they are probably struck with that kind of authentic you what's that inspires them to be authentically them. I mean There are people who look a no go. Oh look at all the exterior stop and that's what I should copy. That's like none at all costs
the part about figure out who you are and then began at origin of that that that's that's the thing that if I ever get anything, what biggest me pause Oh my god, I want your career and I know you dont want back where you want your career right, You don't open mind. You want your money you know. Oprah's, marriage is the lotteries ability- wants that. That's annoying that that's annoying do well. I really hope that we get to see each other in person soon into idle. I mean I imagine just like everyone else. You're just like dated eight going. Well, I guess we're still here. I guess I know it is: doesn't that we're like evil? Would they relax restrictions? I realized like our good, I'm going anywhere like maybe I'll get to go, have breakfast somewhere, but we're not
going anywhere where they will actually stretching that now well, social distance and have a look at what we gotta be the hear your voice stumble we'll get people together, practice also them but be together, and then the phone basket thing bombastic assure you and I'm going to a wishing to start making make another star the thing is it it had we like the society we have to somehow make it feel rude for people to have their for you know like yeah. No one wants to get looked at sideways, like our wider notes are like you can tell if you got a summons.
Else and you're not supposed to have your shoes I, but they didn't do anything. I've! No because you see like five pairs of shoes by the door and no one said anything, but they kind of without that without the globe, that's it, but that's the deal right having glowed issues that we must do that their work. We want you to give up the Tibet issue there get ahead if there's a basket of both by the front door, the Frank as they want your fuckin phone in the basket. The book in Atlanta think that maybe what is called is gonna take the ant and that's what the basket is. That's really funny. That's really and they want like dead found in their like the start, everybody to start reform within their the sis. I hang out, I'm from afraid like it. I lay there so dearly like we were like weight on me, but about I this is me. It is my phone middle meet me. Don't be. An agent
Does that mean they break? It didn't realize that it's me like I said. Well, I love you too pieces. I love ready to cry and Lydia sets high in my love. I hope we can do at all. I mean if you're doing soon get together, as I feel that we should do as a little house together of love. I would invite you yellow or I please do this right must lumber, wait, wait you ignoring thing we're leaving more, we promote oh bottomless ranch common starting every Sunday and why we're home boundless much common? on an see find it I'll be with you on the walking dead to channel the brutal Wotton beg you to channel. All I see is what my aunt, wherever that is, among other things, later, I'm not had movies mom got pushed left. Any man, Zola
Yet again, I guess so. Yes, we're getting comes out that hopefully be like bullets at temper ass over goosey yeah for sure for I'm, I believe, a p listen to this by gas. They probably candidate, was already on their agenda. Is my Gaskell priority, where an inferior you gotta, be back whenever fear the walking at his back everything be backwards back then he's got yeah yeah doesn't go out when it comes out, but at least is the broncho you doing is made third Sunday on their walking dead, you two page, and I fear and other such general. So thank you so much carbon to mingle. Let me, but I love you too bad. I II and iii incomplete.
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