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Working of unnoticed by guess number for twenty five Jesus Christ will we ever stop putting the eighty at midnight is starting in the couple days. Thank God we have some other creative early. The help you will like it, the chosen really familiar in a line alone. I have to say I've done a lot of shows. I've never been this involved in the processes of the development of a show, and I absolutely love it rubric. A phenomenal team riders you're on the team of writers working with funnier die in Tomlin an event grant, and it's just been. It's been kind of a dream, and without many executive producers, you'd think there'd be a lot of fighting intention and were
just on the same, were on the same wavelength in, and this shows of last writers work one hour per day per executive producer, well regulated producer, Thou words, but the shell out of you and it was there that it's a talk show it's not a talk, show its essentially like a it says. The soul of a british panel shows what kind of a kind of like a sort of like a game shows where there's a game. Show format were three comics come on, like you know like I have. I got news for you, but instead of news, its theatre, its social media and the internet and stuff, and so an interactive, and so you know it's on at midnight after Colbert we're gonna tried out for a month, and you know of people like it, then what more next year and should hardly like it. I mean this is argument if they dont then back to the drawing board the Drawing board, that's almost eaten through with tears. Every year we have just started over, but everyone produce
What this shows the shows been absolutely of lasting. I wouldn't be. If I, if someone said hey, would you be happy during the short ready for a long time? I would so give it a shot MID Monday at midnight plenty for Thursday Africa, where yet I mean Dvr watch it later be active use. If you have to go to bed early Reno watch us shut the fuck up the key chosen at the same time. I know that deviate from Antwerp. I've been so called up to five big record, both with the Big Worry Park of response. During this episode of the nervous broadcast worry Parker is the home try on glasses programme areas that I was well mad. You can order five years ago Is that you can they can be shipped directly to you for free samples of any than you try them on. Ok, you get a feel for you get feedback from other people, five Paris for five days than you mail and back to where we Parker and a prepaid package and in there you go in and if the they'll fill out your prescription,
now that bullshit of having to go to the store deal with people. No, I know people, so you would have to worry Parker you they just send you the glasses. Try on and using the promo code noticed when you buy a pair of glasses. You will receive free expedited to day. Air shipping, but normally you would get the glasses within ten business days, but then, but if you use the opportunities, then today our shipping- it's like Amazon, Prime, but for glasses, that's right! So I do want to specify that when you order five percent glasses, you do not get those in today's with Africa notice. You only get the two to expedite shipping when you actually perch pair of glasses. But then that's when you're gonna need him. That's really gonna wanna! That's why you're gonna wanna, when you actually more rapidly than look round of your face. That's right! That's not their fault that Hitler faulty other! Weird you, because you are weird face and kind of a lopsided head in her eyes, regional or minority languages, and then you would have been the glasses, so they fit. Europe weirdly shape the bridge of your nose.
So you gotta my headquarters cared again of drabs brave. It's a simplified process picked by frame, sent back off. I've frames, order the final frame, user, promo code nervous and then get your glasses expert shipping within two days. That's amazing worry Barker, stuck up this episode of podcast as a dandy, Mcbride Jody Hill That was a great episode. They were fucking great. I can't imagine what that was like David ride. Danny Mcbride, who I found out, didn't even have a comedy background. Like you know, Daniel anyone film school together, essentially and then, but they are, you know they wrote and created for this way and is bound and down and other in their fourth season. Right now, it's Sundays, on HBO at ten p m, so watch he's battened down. If you like to laugh- and you like funny things but they were, but a man on his ever says. It's broken a move alive, smooth somebody had to work for at midnight. Thank you for your sacrifice, somebody sack of, and thank you for listening to me. There is progress. I prefer and thank you for letting londoners terrorism
leave this in its goal. For twenty five, its iron off, I mean new star com. Wait a bit Jim this morning, area and what did you go to the gym guys apartment? I write so that's like home, Jim, that's, really important. Ok,
So that's so that makes it cooler in some way fuckin hipster, you Jim Hipster. So I share the Jim I gotta go my very like regular to freeing underwear says commander of the recent. I D go purchase, underwear I just want to put it on goods you were under whose area yeah? I am only. Why should I not We did not get bigger than I would force did we we did some. We didn't think it Rebecca. Didn't we I did not do a thing with each other. We didn't play Tribeca. No, not you! I mean that not enough. I want to do something with someone David, David Green was a puzzle David Green further, or I thought I did something someone from he's bound to.
Back of this year like a while ago, one on one chat over. There was none. He was mistaken. I do not know how long have you and will allow I'm gonna, get you one for those areas with the same at the misunderstood Tribeca with you. If you want, out of thing is Humbird, my love that I really do like two years, Oh, I see tee to the in Chicago and I really want to get your podcast me like. I know I'm busy. It's been crazy you have a small computer. They re actually inspired me to go via Macbook era. Debts are operating on the illicit, a small little digital when it was. Does Europe everyone? I beg you to pass this right as well. When you have the man I had the previous, just like the regular macro.
When I got so that heavy, but then, when you didn't, you get the air than others and the other one feels like Ireland carrying a cinder blocked at my you travel as I do. I try not to now. Two year old son, so yeah, don't try, turn travels much easier, but I'm I know about having everything is compact and small, as it can be, so that work fits perfectly into my obsessive now, will you can't you know when you, when you travel and then also rise, like my travel and others that I was for purely by moving back problems all the time, then I go to sling this giant backpack Is your indued like Starbucks and bring their forget, I'm crazy sector. That is just what these like. Those guys are sea would bring a tower. Nobody who have to bring like twenty four inch. Fucking screen establish just playing like like online games,
I've never seen anyone get clicks of real, worked with the audio editing, it's four degrees and audio editors. They always Starbucks, that's where they I mean they sell good music, there's a route that tells you got the newer Lady Mandela or at some point in their compilation why people at another December's are fine solely men of those just great. He did right then n, N, N, N, N, N, N N Gandia men and I felt no way some other fucking football team. He wrote now, though they'll be over by those that racist, Yo Yo Vagaries Junior? Yes, should never mind what footing that our citizens are talking about sports and its progress at all?
some of you all about the entertainment- and I was There- was silly you guys weren't supposed to before season unease bound another sudden. You had a fort season on these bound. So how did that, when you wrapped up three when you're we like work is that there are like no more via lip basis, pool of being truckload, Jody Sal's Jody was instantly I'm on our. After that others, when you had your tonight of opinion, is ironic. That that will happen in his answer. Honestly gets do has happened. We just
they will become either, because to do so is this new season have been like some of the tide isn't funny and of the entire they re we were. We were really apprehensive to do another seizing because we were greedily conflict. We were done with last season, but the only thing that we encourage it to do season was our initial idea when we had the idea for the whole, sir, was that you know he would get the love. In the third season at all be about him and his wife and kind of how shitty that would actually end up being if that were real and like when we got to the right route. The virus like a month on a third season, and we got to All that we were only gonna have mixing for two episodes, because she was unlike Molly in She was like in every episode that we are planning, and so we got up at a scramble, basically like through away everything. We are planning a third season and just kind of came up with the concept that she ditches the kid with them and that got her for two episode.
The first one and then she returned and has already reigned, Kramer motto. We were just like fuck what we do here versus Kramer, works and imported. It was worth it to help elevate MIKE Molly. I think it really think about what we can do. This I mean that's, but I think you know, I think people probably know that you're improv background is pretty insane and so like it's funny to see that happen when in a writers and with a story like what's up up up up your ego? Basically because someone else they go praise. What's the occupation was basically that was pretty much hope as we all do centre on river. Looking at all these outlines, we had made his like idiots. What we think
we're gonna be able to have. We were gonna knows about a month. Riverlike were far more you're ready to productions. We were behind nor scripts, we always take a long time, the first ever set of every season and we cannot really jam the last. We had taken a really long time, setting up the seas and that we really go. This is everything we ve always wanted. We let go wrong is, as someone said, you couldn't show that this is gonna, be the greatest experience actually had to follow her artistic high cholesterol filled. It's nothing you're fine, defending MIKE I'm not saying anything about us anything bad about its time, no one at theirs.
Reason to be shitty about things about people who are found out is better than like my view, like mine, Molly voting alike, is about as we're times area make it a negative phenomena. Have this internal battling we're gonna? Have the reuniting of these bound guys? Work should another, because unless we created by Molly I always thought Mcbride and those guys, I'm trying to dive bomb making US action plan that didn't have it, but don't you feel it doesn't it?
giving in the world. Yet we don't want to hurt anybody who is no great tunes, Ino performing for people and retain the right of a silly occupation again with, but I think that a lot of times when you're, when you sort of shoved the kids, the wall and then the ground drops out and you're looking down at this giant open space, which is, could be the chasm of failure that When you come up with your best idea, we can we loved workin. On last year we had a blast disorders like when it was over with. We are happy with the way everything with the season, but you know HBO we had another showed. We wanted to pitched HBO to go kind of followers bound up with, and we're like we really want. You guys do want more Caesar this. We can talk you into an during our both I got you Nova couldn't have mixing. I don't know, I don't think we would be able to come up with anything. You feel like you would just be a caricature of like what created. Before likely. You know we knew that those storylines that would involve mix in and we were signed by the store laws we weren't able to use them so where I want this to be a way,
to use a little shit that we think it is now the start, a Hollywood, how he got or two I think, I'd HBO it let Ted Dancin go to CBS when they heard him. Mutter contracts or CBS owed them a favour, so they called an effective that it took a little figure out. The long put them in the arena does outward one area virgin Mary. Oh my god. It rare monster but just a chair. I still really. I you know,
You showed someone the original clash attains the data. We like the fuck is wrong with the love, love and even the effects where you can see there clearly like fighting in front of a projection. Rapid, still wraps you up in like that and like Sinbad in the eye of a tiger to which just like the text, but because I watched them as a kid. I will never not love the known their amazing to go back to annihilate I'm turn with GM movies on him way or less than I should someone already downloaded waste shipment cloaking dagger. Aren't you getting this air? Let's put a ninety five varies.
Understand about the socio political climate at a time and email that explain. Odor, what's gonna happen to children of pop culture, obsessive like us who you know like my parents, just gonna, let me find whatever I wanted, but there are so many people. I know that are to sleep. He's the one she gonna have happened to this next generation. They'll go against that they will have to do with anything. That's what we're gonna have something at least. Strong. I thought my periods of the sport I just want you to go understand about. Did you do that? You were with Europe background Improvin stand up for your stated, set up the new not adduced in a buyer. During a metaphysical, I went to the school nor your one car school, the arts, and we would therefore films or are my background- was like in
in writing in directing is less at school there we caught about a necessity, because we know actors with just put each other in touch it was as war when it's ok our state like like the arts and films that happened in Wilmington North What should our suspension? That's pretty cool now the ices Craig because without a lotta get stuck going to rally Durham Airport, read the demon. Try, researchers underlings, do you still have you guess we'll have homes there? my country, my parents living resolute, buddy, I'm going to come back and Virginia where I grew up and back there every now, and then we shot this last season in Wilmington we're Nisqually from with six months. It was great yeah. Schools are often ACCA thing just by a farm
and then just disappear. So back up I have a kidney grazing, but I know you know people probably suffered this way or act, and actually I thought your great and this is the end to fantastic move and then trot under his private life they remove the last ten years, the furthest way. I remember that just being like it was that, like last, like rattle of just someone going, I had this. Or like it. I haven't videos, you gotta see this movie, I think was disease like Aziz gotta from somebody was just saying. As I came in process,
these are the wish list. Irish Matsumoto lovely moving. We would have voted by Elsie these sound system. Man would have to know that he is of booty. They know that that's real he'll, let them know you! Well, I guess we just like you came over and like us in it was great images out of nowhere, because we're just this like such a funny movie that you didn't know where it came from. I got was at that time. Reading that Cuba stopped happening as much words like you would hear about a move that no one else knew about those our first deal together and we went to Sundance into six and then I'm like it didn't get all right, then. So, then, through word of mouth, like what you're talking about what kind of how we got kind of picked up by agents and got the film out there I can just after we were passing around and all of us We went from I'd just meeting
we certainly need people like Aziz and Judd and all these kind of cool people. That's how I might well on item out now and then they distributed they. They picked up the movie. They picked it up. Yeah I got it. We started through Paramount, which was like they have just signed a deal with Gary Sanchez, where the. So they put out. That's very quickly, regretted picking up a series of tests like streams movies like we are gonna go back It s delight, may test unity with thirty six or something along those arms ray we're trying to Georgia like bogey night score too
It is not a lot of nature. Building a meagre, though I was also quality. First season of Seinfeld Syndromes viewers go we'll proceeds inside build rivalling, took up a little slow. The word slower, slow about a passport theirs of a passport would have Batman, be ok, was it? Did you go and corner the woolly, shoulder repose Tonia in character, an aspirin susan? It was that was also because a fact like no
You know I knew I was nobody knew about that movie and so like as soon as we like, but the message boards and people were just like this man's karate schools should be taken away, which I just north of machine, Bokassa, North Carolina, I think I said fuck this motion will shut. His mouth was have this sort of legislative, and there was this. There was a relatively short period of time because they had full of years ago. It still is now, if you see someone do that you're, like gather doing about that, you noted everyone's everyone so serving to the eye that that kind of, Finally, I was a young lady Christmas things changed for these people,
one form of broken two thousand, like their master guy. Remember that yeah got away with like living like bi regional television stations before he got picked it's easier to pump the regions, because They're like those morning, news shows are fucking desperate for pro every morning. There is a need to fill time, so you can sneak in there and, if your relatively sincere about Have you on and they don't catch on this stuff ass. They try to just let it breathe. You know coroner sullen, they would know, but you could totally totally could pull that off should have known than the morning. She is right,
you put, including now. Where did that? What are you going to do? But what is it ultimately that you I mean it is obvious, because you write, you write a lot of stuff that you are gone and is it do you wanna do what do you want to do? Ultimately, you don't want me like an hour. Eastbound is pretty awesome, ineffective, HBO, the fact everyone you know we employ our friends. We want me know no matter if you always want to work with put it on the show. So it's like, I mean you know it seems like an hp. Oh, you really get the freedom of Jonas really have and films unless you make an independent found. So that's pretty Oswin like form, write directly that you know anything to be any part of you now making stuff, I'm interested in who do we just haven't about ass, a bit that worked with someone Phillip we just had so Tom Hanks, whose HIV we just had someone on the Prague Castle there and they they said that they audition for thing about have been he's bound,
came in and they said it was Ike all I got out and you go in and for us it s his character. That's why I thought you had an emperor background, because I said you know go in and then use cuts are ripping with Danny, and he said you know if you can keep up with Danny than there is probably a good chance that you'd be okay. I M, showing I fucked. Machine, realising that we are really worried when we are casting for that role for four Ivan of less easy, because we didn't we like men, if we get America's, probably is gonna, be too silly, so we actually like put out a casting call. Russia to find the most amazing? Oh, this is like a young russian. And you have like dig here, even though they don't have no idea what the show is ignored the tone of it and it's just like standing next to their washer drier, like They are going to that. We like to look for me. We thought be a real we're like man fuck. This put this Hollywood stuff we're going nuts.
It's just terrible right, don't make movies you any of those Dave's dig it up, so you do like when you do. You believe that of what was happening to you all that like if they are different for the show. I think they almost arrested, listen, you're gonna make better make some frozen guy. Really, let's do it, You said you just know better placed with leading to higher up his family. You saying no son of my Every audition starts with then turning to care on walking back Prevent Father. What do we? Not? Just speaking,
I don't know, I don't know Russia, but so would you do when you finish the season of these boundaries gives it isn't gonna wrap up like? Are you really going to like wrap up the show, or there definitely is a wrap up to the whole series for short, as when this has a climax for the whole series, and I was wanting to join, I want to be sure we had before we came again because we didn't want. We were happy with what we The first reason we don't want to. I just come back for one more than suddenly like throw the whole thing off. You know if we really want to make sure that this story, like lined up with everything we are building- and you know, could even with the ending went to make sure it was something that we never came back this caregiver again or did anything with he's gone ever again at this would still comes to him as a whole. That's did did
dear zero showgirl sledgehammer, oh yeah, that was back in the use like wolves, the private icily. What was such tat sort of like a like us cop, show satire, and then they had cancelled the show and recycling should wherever they can't, they cancelled sledge hammer and then so they shot this episode where they just really fuck it. So they just blew up the earth like there's. Data may dislike about over the silver their benefits, I think so they had to go back and the visitor with winter like what you said I see indefinitely happens in ten years. I acknowledge that the clock back perforates ill blast brilliant, structuring everybody nervous about the coming back from disease and like we don't just one like Kenya goes to space or
he's out to see if we want to start a baseball team on you son of a bitch you're fucking out of spirits, We always saw the show my good cancelled anyway, so like with each season was designed like we had a bigger, say remind, but it was also designed like every season, it could add and you'd be satisfied as what we always thoughts. I guess the season ways like the others. You know where it does rapid just for the season, but also wrapped up like a bigger story to boot, is kind of fun. When you, you must feel this way where. When you're getting to do exactly what you want and there are really alot of snags listening make em shows that for ethical seem to like it and it's fun. You expect at some point someone's gonna coming to go, give it
I'm with the universe. To do so is gonna. Take us away the whole time. No, no you're, not the great powers yak side, but it must link as it did the entire time. Researcher public can't believe. If we leave and wrote the showed you like film and women's North Carolina, because we dislike the beach down there, so we can all its little inevitable everything. Why are you sure you not go out in the middle of the summer? You know it is very much nicer than ever shooting in the winter time. I will the where time is that beachfront houses- and there was much good- good morning, Morey Buddy Boy here about seven, as do you remember that you receive you, remove John Katy Annuity Levy called going berserk during that movie that
familiar yards in earlier. It was like early eighties movie ever like interposed processing tv, but its bid. The movie weirdly starts off with John Candy, like he's basically the head of this, this tribal village and it doesn't make any sense of the russian Army and its basically, he starts often it's basically just tell the story that is actually the movie and they never pays up right now now the only reason invented. That is because they just wanted to go to Bali, so they re money to go to bother me. You just made the whole story seem like you telling a tale to this try, but they never explain Why do we have to do so? They could this movie monies fun, it's a lot of it like who? Was it when, instead all when we were Uruguay reef, researching one of the native museums like Romania will do in London, so they just sent the really gonna,
then we ve always heard stories unless we even on eastbound, we're like how can we take revenge this? How can we go always research? Trips is over the second season. We always knew we're going to go down to Mexico by issue. Would let us shoot in Mexico, they decided to be too much of a liability. And so we like the fact that was the mixed God you're. So we could live in Kabul, for the Dominican has a baseball history. Unlike us, was the kind of cool so like we like talk them flying us, the Dominican for like for two weeks and taking some crazy tour of that whole country and its I'm not going back on the Dominican Republic would be what we want to see the real Dominican Republic, I really think we wanted this to be real, like not real size. Colleagues as much safer, there's a reason. People don't do it, then I, like others, I wanted to make,
like I was trying to get off the resort, as I now want to go see real demand that you don't want to see rhythm is dangerous. We came out of a bar in this. There was just like this older, drunk gods, walking terms should open an assault off shot gun, we're just gonna, know: they're playing, don't bother me have you know they probably does even working is using the scared, like I'm gonna, do it over the good talks that they had done fast and one of the thousands of euros. Is there He kept saying that Van Diesel loves it here than a lot better than us. Let me handle this all the marsh. Now. It's fine, listen! This guy He has a real, he wants it.
You went out with a phrase with Shaggy shut out, there's a shotgun with the other shock and well that's what I mean it's you guys have to go to the casting process to say you must think as as a performer now it's like having having people audition for you, It is totally changes your perspective on the whole business so uncomfortable unusual. So bad, you feel like you. I don't know munitions top, that's a tough thing. They have to go into a room and you know do something: it's you play hit on and should move your day aroused The addition you just come in here, like you instantly know that, and I would like very few additions when I was like after did all the real girls with David Green. There was like a mantra. Maybe I'll, be inaccurate like this, since it is to be kind of cool, I would like to conditions like for the onion movie that they are making and what the other one was. But I was terrible at both from interest felt so self conscious what was done? Sick man, fuck being an actress?
We met that's terrible and it is too much to swallow. It had a worse experience. It really is my heart. My heart goes out to anybody. You asked if I can drive in this town and go somewhere in a room with much assholes and do the stick and amazing dance loaded. It is ever like the idea of being just just an actor, and that's the only thing that is so terrifying to me, because there are so many things have very little to do with, you as a person, but that doesn't stop you from taking on all the rejection I now that goes out and we even Judy. I talk what that's like in the audition process to its like someone can be great but will continue certainly when they come in before they even say things like not some repairs and other bodies. Yes, not only did wrong and asked. Why feels at such a tough game when you actually somebody comes in nails, Steve Letter, we found a little in Haiti mixing were both just through the casting processes like really. I wasn't Steve little. We didn't know him before, and it was really
when someone who's auditioning for that role was I'd really kind of like putting on the nerd factor. You know and Steve Little just brought this like he was. I haven't, used trying to be cool, but even for detainees, averred, Katy mixing. You know it's like that was the hardest role to cast a deposit We saw in LOS Angeles, and it was a lot of these girls. Look like what, like the girls I went to high school look like it still live O Connor teaching like they're. All light is perfect the bodies and why you know like mixing just looked like a real girl, she's beautiful but likes you looks like somebody that we knew or somebody that we'd grown up with, and we had. No, that was initially we saw. We know of any one of them is like, has what she like an actress, unlike an actress playing real whose dislike
my hair and a pony tail, but unless make there's a is a thing that, like me and my wife, love will have looking at the extras in your show just cause. It's like there was in the end in the sports us, like the second episode. There's this like one shot. First, the first upsetting you gush over like it was like theirs, is like one weird like Pierre Guy. Just doing this weird like the nets like there's a bunch of their just like now, almost twenty looking valuable like there's just like the perfect looking people after the background, which just makes that world summit spoken red, we have a good access to housing, but we're pretty hard onto we're like don't bring it's like, sometimes you're, sure to a movie or somethin it'll, be just like the best looking people Vienna casting. Like that's exactly so crazy about like just entourage- and I know that- would probably part of their idea
like. If I guess this is ass, you can get but like, but like you just like there's, there's gotta there's always some like I've been to those parties. So a guy like me should be there. Listen that's how you got there. That is friends like is the three days excess. Therefore Friedrich. They never so like the weird looking guys always check on the phone the boy had overflowed about that was lacking in that second episode of third season will fail, she's the cannon off guy gets killed and that sea like that was nothing there was ever written in. The script was like David Green, like his baby sitter. While he found a base who was a North Carolina, furs, twins and the lady came over with her husband and David Softwares, like dude sky, so fucking funny we have to. We have to find something forms, and we put him in the sea where you know, and can he comes to meet Stevie Cardio ship and stimulate washing cars from the sky was positive
Rather, we must begin to see that was it. He was. The character was done after that, and we just like ended up fuck with sky so much. He was so funny that we're like what we should. He should be at this dinner, the next night? It becomes the dinner and any ends up like you'd, never acted before, but it was so far because we were decide teen up like you know. Why would you do what they want start tone. Some crazy story about hunting and key words, go on this run and then will would strike to add to it and the do just stop talking. It will ensure that he would be. Part of the sea that it was like. He was really like. I'm talking you don't stop you about by the like the next day of shooting was then we're doing. The can stop we're like we should kill him, do not having like he should. There should be a test run, somebody should get killed and yet so like he was deafening disappointed using. I can't come back right, dude useless
just be in the cargo ship. Like you have you have. Oh you mean we can't take you with a wider, so I come back as a goal. That sort of kind of what you're goin. For that feel like real, but which is not very hard at the very top thing to engineer yeah Real is minutes. I don't know like that sort of, like Amerika Movie, sort of a thing. Yeah, you know, I think, the guys you to prove our kind of like did a good job of
therefore, for the sake of our backs to the wall noticing, unless he promoted have yet to see. If I can single. Second, it's insane, but it's like they do a good job. Just like that. Fine line of his ears, like I've, met I've been to Canada, met a dude exactly like that, and just, albeit as a main guys we're doing. Kennedy characters but like everyone, they get around those people our planet, so real and they're not like gorgeous and they're. Just like this people and their just pull it off and like it just adds to the lake the reality of an entire situation due to the fact that you didn't really set out to be an actor was helpful because you didn't you're, not really super in your head about it definitely was- was yeah exact eggs. You're not like thinking about like. Oh, I need to land this kind of roll Naxa. This kind of nothing we
Basically look around Jerry subjects like this is Larry's that this has gone as far as it is doing so are you? Are you done shootings everything we don't shooting wrestling now already in the last two episodes now somewhere, where redundant like in three weeks. Yes, do you like the process or is it? Does it seem d? I mean cause your literally you guys are involved in all of it, for you know what you re. He takes on a lie, John, you know for sure you don't get to do anything else when you're doing it. I mean it's like it's. It's a merciful yet at the heart of every deal it's about a year, and I like writing to production as opposed to writing for development. You no words like you're writing shit that you know for months. People have to had to do. It were mostly right for features it's like will disappear
it, takes a two years and then maybe it'll get made like TAT either, but then you'll forget by the end. What were you saying? I don't like it at all, of those things that make this poverty, because you know you, you evolve a new kind of grow up, and you know you, you protest, shouldn't, really love stuff, two years ago. Right you much you're happy like man not doing this goes That is so. What are you guys? Were you looking to do next? Are you gonna do some elsewhere? Hbo year we saw the age show it's? It's kind of three parts show set in the world a high school and never they agreed to kind of it all she at one time, so they have agreed to kind of pick up onawandah to me doesn't, but they ve agreed. I pick up all the the shows that want so we're gonna be making my kind of a minister
seconds. You be eighteen partial, but like Dave agreed like do the whole thing and not just we will see how the first six of evidence of re I've been. So you know it's gonna start an episode want an end on episode. Eighty now that's any. The complete story. Yet I budget how tv should work they have like and that this is how it all wrapped up by its grey just like that, even though it is now- and I think you know- between hbo- go networks and in other really starting to understand like well. People just want to experience stuff all at once, so let's just make it just put it out there. I think it's a That is all at once. I think it's like the idea that people want to see a conclusion to things people want to see a story as opposed to just like this. Every day you don't need to show to be everyday, Rangitata mean renown. I think it's has. Everything should have like a nice inclusion and at each be I was interesting.
It's not me. You know, obviously there subscriber vases important, but it's not like they do not necessarily have to worry about every rating point. The same way that a network does a tv remain network progress. Now it does because don't then than those we will have to go to advertise and be like ours. Are these numbers ratios like with your already you're already on boards down those areas, and so that both these big secret is we we bring in a lot of HBO, go views and undermine views which we, the more than their own Joseph? Her summary we have our raids aren't at high, but because of falling demand, the USA keep us on their networks with what about the audiences. Like I like a lot of like that, like no people, I know all love the show, but is there certain aspects of the audience that might not find the characters in situations like
ironic, we always say that there's like two types of fans, there's like there's like the one eyed, the totally gets the joke and you have, rejected on that on that level and then there's the other tie becomes of like man, I'm fuckin like many powers, racist, do with our media beast almost more raises. No, no, no, no, not a manifest. It's you can't control who's gonna, like your thing, either going to later like what they're going there is limited, easily touched the union grab. Ready for me data sure a lot of work. Nobody believes that numerous be drawn is an artist you like. Thank you
Lechner says yes to deal with that. A lot of diagnosis is like you'll have like France Arguer like it's a gay. We really like yourself as a very nice Ella. Thank you and then her walk another bottle biogas to fuck it I'm sure you know I think Baluchi got that a lot of just like the sort of you know. He just resonated, because a blue though he just resonated with all these people that more necessarily the David tell talked about a lot like the height of doing insomniac, we're just you go and globally payment. By your shot is like ok. Only if you buy all my friends a shot and like most guys ago, there might be appropriate, but, like you says everyone's while so ugly I'll buy off, I'm your friend shots just weakened by you and he's a man than I would do it that's good.
I guess I'll just take the shark. Did you guys want you guys do go on? Did you go to a lot of the convention that caused the guns I have always like to promote things. To stop. Have never really been. Is just a fan. Bronzy wasn't I don't even know about him until I went to. I guess I'm turning with the first one. For I was like Pineapple Express. Maybe this first might have been the comecon. It was the shit it was had so much fun. There is great, yet is what's yours, what what's your sphere of influence? Are you a sports Geier? You like not really support me, Joe United, know anything about about baseball anything. We wrote the show me. It was kind of like a profession that we just gonna, pull out a fitting that we decide what would be the most unlikely guy to light, be teaching Jim. You know and we just kind of Lena. We pulled out baseball body. We thought so little about it that it wasn't even to like a few days for researching the pilot that we both outside
didn't I only want to throw a baseball, nor do we want to teach you in areas like we brought the guy eddies accommodation to trigger shoot. We're like we're about a week. He's like you guys we must learn to shoot. All the base was a very close your arm is so what was what was? What kind of stuff influence you movies Someone's gonna movement of films go together, so you know, I guess we always kind of we. Never even really wanted to do. Comedy was just gonna like foot. This way happened to be. We came up with a funny idea with that and that kind of starting on a comedy path, but It's gonna gum shared cheer, love like seventy films and stuff and with all the stuff tat we ve done the foot, fist or east bans like we sort of dull approach them like their companies. We kind of approach them as if their dramas, unlike
You know the more serious the character takes, it kind of the funnier homes, and so even with how we structure season- stuff. We never like really think about the structure of like the button joke or any of that sort yeah. We really kind of destruction arc it out. Like you know, to make sure the dramatic pizza their animals Probably the jokes will make sure that we have no foundation the pay but we don't ever like get into any. Like heated arguments about whose Joe stays in or goes you know you to send up, shooting at just saying fifty jokes and then
which one is too much for which ones not enough and a lot of comedy Gaza. We know where I start my, how many jokes to get and permanent staff, and we don't use they think about the dual. It's it's really just like a drama with funny lines that so I felt about. We try to take out punchline, Steve yeah, that's it then their works. I think the illegal they Molly said like like observer reporter, eastbound or fortress ways that it's it's just like it's. The story like like the horrible person, unlike its people, are used to one. They're watching a movie as I didn't, need a protagonist like they feel the need to cheer for somebody, and you guys just show them that there's you can't year for the main guy dear, but, like all you kind of stuff, I can imagine, do something you for what you like. Oh I get it out, challenges people's like idea like what they do. They watch movies, which is like they connect with someone the film and then they like they go. I'm gone that guy. I'm gonna show that person, maybe date rape, some
I don't know- maybe not well, but I, but I do think that I think we're having kind of way too should have protagonists. Is that it really that people really do identify with that, because they definitely see shade? like other behaviour that they're, not behold, candy bars, hinge still might be things really shades of driver, but you know what you think about what were protagonists or like even twenty years ago, you wouldn't have really dared to have the main character of your thing. Be super. Now, if you like, it's like as a culture, you know with, like Britain Banner or mad manner, or even you know a lot like a lot of the popular shows like there is something like them: the men in character. They really do is constantly. Area like the areas like the skipper
but now we can have an answer to someone like you and I sold a few screenplays before we made footfall way like nothing out. Maybe the like in a way for this way values things they were kind of an answer to like the notes. We would constantly get on scripts from development at the character ass. We like that this, and this has to happen by this page. Page and you know for us. I was kind of what was cool body spam as we always have approached every season. As it just one like long movie and I just don't think we be able to go into a studio and have some one green light like a four hour dark, comedy Unama, with anyone with ease but tv you're able to kind of bite off that kind of story. You don't have to it. We ve talked about here if it was a movie and like I still think it would work. I think it would be too predictable of what benchmarks have to be here. You know it's what this point you will like him and at this point you won't and when you could have those other episodes you can take these like detours and go spend more time with other characters. Are the format of the Jews a little bit more like it had been travelled as much as you do. Second,
general, ninety minute comedy and in the future world, where you can take the journey with the character to, and you can get to know him better and like the the net them the movie thing still. You know like it's hard, it so hard to surprise people and am in with movies anymore, especially with with comedy, because you know so much stop out there. How do you keep surprising people with joy? why does it provide easier if you can, if you can just let it breathe a little bit more or you get a trick him like you know, one of the finest communists come out like last year was cabin in the woods which wasn't really, comedy I set out to be, but it was the other like do you can go round the bend to actually surprise you can communicate? It seems. Are there other genres? You guys want to tackle, because you like horror, sapphire when I acknowledge yeah would be up, for any genre mean I really snuff. Yes, not. We actually have you, though
we need, and we were kids us around beach. I haven't told us that we go further. Russian guy would always snuff. They write back you just like the carrying a loss or dry combo. The cameras Tilda validity, seen a washing machine to hand a z, a little lives, but what is it? What is it about? You know when you kind of lock onto a character is: do you like just trying to find all the nooks and crannies of their character and just figuring out how to open them up like when you not even for your character, but for other characters. How much you like you I mean, I think like with these bone in a dainty mentioned, we'll know anything about baseball. What was cool about it is that is, keep our sense, a like a modern hero in that kind of,
He gave us kind of free range to like I don't know it. I'm gonna contacts that we could like gonna. Do our thing make the jokes wanna make so say about. You know, can human our action that kind of stuff. But there was kind of this like broader platform, that kind of worked, so we re going to wrap our heads around that and say: ok, this there's, like that's a jumping off point. The fact that here, a baseball player that light can a letter, this kind of work and between all that to make jokes and kind of stuff here we feel it kitty use like his whole educate just like comes from my cable television, and so it's like with every slight like you
situations and we're always approach like what movie this. Can you think he's were friends of the guy who the guy who made black dynamite in their approach was that they had sort of a similar kind of better approach where they said you know we weren't they they weren't performers, as the selves, making the movie they were like seventies, sports stars, then maybe I was above all the years. I got it. I dont really irregularities like he's my character, and so was. I was like this old jewish guy. Just try.
But such a robot waited elections have been like it. Just like an extra dvd was that Nobbler data by whether it be I would love to see you guys do something in horror. We think that these are really fun and again Tropic Thunder fucking. I had the experience of seeing Tropic Thunder, in LOS Angeles, with an l, a crowded, and when I went to visit my dad and Memphis, I saw with the southern crowd and it was so funny to see like the lapse more complete.
Lately different place. It's not sell divide. The world is uncommonly that way. I M yeah see something in the city and it plays one way and in a small towns till we will have every one of those Joe every one of those industry, jokes they're, making fun of like how movies get made or trailers are just like. The word like genre. Films are just the way that productions inner like how production works, the totally lost on on the southern crowd, but then all of the all of the others are the other stuff. Just like the way you guys interacting unused blowing shit up like they fuck and they loved it. Then I didn't. I tell you, my death thought that the booty quick thing at the beginning, brooding, quick booty flat. They thought it was a real commercial was because it's like a week when we go see movies, we're like and we gotta theatres, where they like, dare not show commercials, but the rest of the country has probably five like commercial, surely, coke and back and veto energy drinks and all that shit. So it's like it probably was more seamless,
it, is like that wars like actual commercials and then those commercials, dances volume, ordinary believable they're, not every city, has an arc light. You pass data Sherman, my favorites big cities, but all the major innovation. Would you that you guys guys wanna make a really big budget film or do you like? We would you would you do feel like having too much money to make something or too much responsibility is just the kind of ruins the process for you you know would be opposed to, but I like there comes a certain like level of responsibility. When you take a studio like a ton of the stairs money, you don't you like me,
We learned a lot on your highness. Will we like trying to make a movie that we would like we're thirteen years old and we spend a bunch studios money maker like in one hour, Dick joke? I really like you just like law. No one really got will be a David, we're like we made a movie that kids would you sneak into or that when you have waited item watch and cable, but we need to pay money to go see when they sneak in your eyes is great. It did seem like a long time that anyone tried to attack like a comedy fantasy does like India Princess bride, and that was like a thousand nice movie was like we're like there was no. There is like so many put things up over like willow, princess ride and labyrinth, and all that shit anyway, I thought it was. Those, I'm glad you like it, but it's like without you know, there's you know it's fun, obviously, to be walking
We sent like that when there's like real money being spent your seeing all the stuff you wrote like being brought to light, but you know if you want to do something of a law for anything. It's like you know, that's where the process in global for you when you go to screenings and you get notes from tests. Greetings that you like that you know like to change all the stuff. I, like justice, satisfy like these idiots. You didn't really get. It was something that your kind of half in half not out and others there's something to be said for fire. The radar like making is little imprinted you can, then it's all can win after yeah tests, screening and proclaim. I didn't like the color or anything or out of it was so. I know we said there was no more money in the budget. We're gonna give you ten million more dollars to go in and do the desire emerge. We're gonna be one where we didn't have there was that one of the rules on me movies, where they ve gave him like that. You know little bit of money to make the movie in their like ok, we're gonna w
go reissued the ending, and they were too like almost like the ending didn't. Even you know it was a whole. The production value was insane, but that, of course, is that much more respect like when you take more money. It comes at a price of like now really gonna be paying attention to what you're doing. I think when you get to a certain level. It's probably cooled. Do like a big like yet imagine Nolan. They were probably like. On the third Batman we're like em, and we trust you. You know, but I think like at this point to be worked for higher kind of stuff, where you know you're deftly. You know under under somebody's thumb when you do it well, I I foolishly, I feel, like I had the point of view of a lot of people were, I would go wool studio, just give you. Why don't they just crank out like five million dollar? You know comedies lenient, even if it even if they were. You know sigh five, like you know, like effects of good like wanted, just make really inexpensive. That seems logical to me
and then you really like yeah bits, but if you're getting if you're getting that much money, then it's really thirty five million dollars, because they're their gonna spend twenty or thirty million dollars more. Getting it so that at that point of, like a thirty five million dollar movie and then a thirty five million dollar movie changes the rules on what their you know like they don't just give you five million dollars and you run off and in that sense, and then people will see it like she has to get market. Then they're gonna pay for those a vehicle. A banner ads that this is weird. Theirs is weird budget dead zone and film, I think, between, like thirty million and like two hundred million were its they don't it's not in that in between zone, it's not quite enough to be enticing to the upper levels. Cause they're, not gonna, make a billion dollars potentially, but it is also too much for a lower budget, so I would always picture, shows HBO and like they respond.
With like it's too small like it's like they have like at the date they didn't have a top like. There was like a bottom to and like we didn't reached the bottom of like the scale of so it's about russian guy and a laundry room just to wash dry combo. Looking one is a cubic men size of me. I don't know, I don't, because the character, that is going to want to hear that something is too small because you would love to know that means you spend less than eight, but these these companies have budgets and they have to. If they don't spend money, then sometimes their parent companies take away their allotment because they're not spending it, but in so much money gets wasted, but you guys made footfall for like eighty grand. And right now does credit cards on that in a lot of favours the wealthier we like any. School of the art. So we went to that school and basically
let us use their senior class like just all these kids, who are like stolen film school. The time came in my dad and some small apartments, and it just happened that a lot of people moving out of the apartments by the time production road around. So I'm all those kids just like stayed in Concord and lived in those apartments in Hawaii everybody in the crew got two hundred dollars a week of Tibet, if you're gonna jeez Day or whether there was such a good feeling. We finish that movie. I mean it's been a better feeling than anything I've ever been on. You no word, you have gotten paid money to do it. I mean when you just do it
that's on your own and there's no expectations on there's no rules about it. There really hard to really be that in that way, can we get a taste of that kind of makes us a little reluctant whenever you do? If you do have the opportunity to step up and have to suddenly play by somebody else's rules just a little, you know complex little fun out of it, but I also think that that is, like you know, a movie like that for four eighty grand, like that's, also part of the ship, the subjects of the movie like you. If you had had a hundred million dollars to make, that movie have been the same movie, even if you did it shot for shot exactly the way it was you kind of need it to be a little greedy and a little dirty so that it it fits the tone of the movie where I thought about that. Like we're making it we're like art, there's no way, this is gonna, be like a big bunch movie. It's probably look bad, it's gonna be those not so we are like our unless you make it wroth and you,
you notice and movie every all the music hard cuts like there's, never once we're fades out and always just cut off or in the middle of your like hurry. It just gonna be rough and we're gonna. It's almost like a punk bans. First album that has all the history on the tape and offer you kind of like it. Because of that, love that well we're about. At our hour That was an hour you guys and early Y yeah. It just flies by themselves with a bit he's bounce or it permits started in September, is utterly you're like two or three episodes in this place. I was just a spasm so and humming episodes total absence of adolescence book a regulations on. I mean this really. Is you guys kind of our the dream? In the end, the idol of a young filmmaker performer, like I just want to make something like will just go fuck and make it just make it, and then you know, and then people find it
So congratulations and thank you for years running saw we appreciate that are coming on gas anytime. You want what HBO picks up season fire in space. You were here for us, he starts deemed too, but the martian marauders theme, but your thanks guys, Lady Julia Burrito, ask here about who the riches of the music for this. I know this sounds like a sober, the interview, but when it first started, we used to pick a dollar those and now we have a couple of our bodies working for this kind of every age, too alas, is is really gonna ran out of alarm. Using after This work is even like in your report. You hardly really good Sancho. How there was. I was banned,
lights, apricot certain blue zone, because half an later it s all those girls only last for they broke up oh, the tribute. I saw like that like some time that you're like at the echo yeah there really bring his new bans now yeah. I can see that this is actually we're still passing. Apparently, by going to my care you should they call me time, of course, I was thinking about that relies, but the idea that if you had been like comedy performers than that for a season of your show, what have been the combination of like all the jokes you'd written up to that point and then proceeded to like what the fuck but coming from the film maker side, the process was smooth like ok. Well, that's a stryver telling their noses go right. This part of the story, yeah, pretty mushrooming wheat joked round we or should we get, we didn't think we would you pass to pilot, let alone and we have passed a sea of her season. We really do not think we would get picked up
second season and we kind of drift railroad. Well, if we do you put up her second season the shit, it should be anything the same. We should go to Mexico and have a whole new Caston. Do that and yet, when they picked it up, I would like there was Zuma like well because Mexico in solid bull and We tried to write a version of it were he did go to Mexico, which is felt lamers. If we just wrote this licensing yeah thanks guys, afterward thanks, especially now, leaving noticed tat, come enjoy your ready,
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