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Dave Holmes (MTV, Reno 911, DVD on TV) and Chris reminisce about their days on MTV, how he went from working in advertising to being on TV and being openly gay from the start of his career. They also talk about sexual identity in today’s world, his live show at the NerdMelt showroom The Friday Forty and his new TV show American Canvas! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Organize biogas number six. Seventy I'm here with Katy and Kyle. What's going on you guys good Kyle, yeah, there's a cork board there that I'm picturing it is Community Court Board of the nervous hiding and if anyone wants to have their event or thing promoted, they can email events at nervous, dot, com or comment in the podcast threads on normal, stuck up vaguely accurate. So you know if, if I were going to be a nurse greening corporate. What let's say like what type of thing would be pinned on me. I was looking at the disease is still covered, stickers and ads for baby sitter Zog Walker Gap, but we ve got a pot cast called caustic Saddam Hussein that I'm
as noted by this point. It is about science and how its trying to kill you need. I gay topic because nature in the scientific world full of things that will end are fragile human lives at any moment, and they go to the science of how it's coming after you and how you gonna die from it since been test, I'm real into it, cause they found a way to make education terrify so looking to another quadrant of the court board, would we see something else, then yeah? So sometimes you have blogs on the web. Like some sort of log for the web reminded us backwards, but there is one of the nice gentlemen Kevin Wilson does it's really needs called my shuffled life dot com and he puts together playlists from the random shuffle of all of his eclectic music tastes and then not only puts the other players within rights, an essay about whatever the shuffle tracks remain, among others, from points in his life. Nice
that's really cool. It's. It's both share in music and also like memories, and doing some prose radio music share in memory of super interesting, but diary into this man and article diarrhoea has a mean imaginary reader, that he does. It breaks the fourth wall and his blah, because even blogs or self aware everything, software it'll kill us all. They'll do science pot guess about how killed a sour killed. Yeah exactly sought all lives back around well done: Cow Clark at Kyle, Clodagh, Rad on Twitter What are you are you doing any? Shall I I've actually get a bunch of stuff gone? I am actually going on tour at the end of May. Oh well, for a week onto the gaining Mcqueen Gonna, be in Charleston, South Carolina, Athens, Georgia and North Carolina says it's my fault. Wherever you do understand him up, Ziad Standard nice job he's does now, aren't I'm two and a half an hour out in front of him nice, our research, a Mcqueen atoms,
out there on the internet and on the sport or for that to happen, ginger corvette tour de Fantastic Zaga Batter Gama podcast. This is ran here. We go about ever fiftieth. The sun, where we did a finite Dundee, because the most requesting I'd never play Dundee before as possible, see I've the fantasy and that stuff was never where I am with with things I was more. The horror movies and the other twenty cited icy Euro Quito from about bullshit foresight days is the low pyramid pyramid guy FUCK, that's and then you gotta, have a statue really hoping that something's gonna come up and never nothing good happens. You'd make a won't south you well, you need to have in his had a role that should allow comment on a few weeks on real, proud of attitude. I would Matthew Burnside excellence. Another part the nervous Pham Wolf intends to category and my oh, my record just came back out generally release. My album,
Jesus Christ. I would try to keep, is gonna know your fine I've just to either did for view, bear out you over land kids who over word flee earthly blood transfusion this nodding to work, but not bastard, I'm having to kill younger, incomplete my retaining my youth you're, fine, wayward street team absorber ass. I shouldn't here screaming when I close my eyes. Oh my god, I have so many things, the plug after a while it becomes like a lullaby just say it's you nails and arguing? We have such plugs. Those sweet suffering where you going next, we got one comfortable to work, Boston, New York, Dan Milwaukee Detroit, then Philly.
DC new. I believe this move that you don't really only one day when you ve got a piglet honourable. I press on Gaza View but of a normal jealous. That's like one of my show business dreams. Really wonder. Do because I've been diviner many a time. Well, I'm doing I'm do. I think I think I might be in my head lining the owner of the canopy there are, but what I did, but I think you got some big font on their yeah. I am- I all- of Bonn Rule thirty year abandons about going to open that impairing extra actually be a viable tour. You should look into having already data, tell a couple, a jokes: they play a couple of songs, set that up. That seems like a good time. I'd pay for their ticket Berlin, Sebastian Hardwicke, balanced fashion. Irish, like Madeira Martin, would we're gonna. Do it we're gonna, do it now I get I mean I haven't asked them yet its began bliss to say that the labour
say that that they have agreed to. It already may have an answer me. I mean I mean this is the sounds like consent to me. This episode is my girlfriend. Holmes, who I knew back from the music television days. Are that Mafia Dave is a lovely, lovely guy and I M so glad that in front of them- and he is, he has such warmth and depth of care. Which you will hear in this episode of the pot guess his shows a mare in Canvas which has on ovation. You can check look local listings four times, but the Deva good bet for for any show Davis really good bet to go to go check him out watchman tv or seen before alive. Now it's Pike S number six. Seventy one day homes stack com.
Who nurse were still around I now, after all these years, anonymity, we didn't, kill us. No, we survived. We did survivors, where's, Jesse, Canada. I dont know. Ok, I do now. I get asked that at not every day of my life anymore about once a week for sure you can ask me about gender, Mccarthy, ok, Oh god yeah that most scandalously followed your own for how long like how one always apply your Jesse camp question by a hundred, I still get it yeah sure you d still still still long time ago,
yeah, you certainly moved on, but out of this as I have I have it, it will still lay. There will always be a thing. I will always be a thing now he will come up. The agency can become up every single you and it's funny. I I, when it first moved out here in the house, Kramer your great gray mafia and I was a huge fan of Austin stories Joe Fucking, great shout. I love Chip Pope and ass well, ass. I can help allowance like how is Chip Pope and it was like. You know I get asked about that guy Every second never occurred to me that, like he might go through the same thing, we're ok ass. I went to Disneyland with chip weeks ago you haven't, had a group had a group of people and chip chip. Was there my friend Richardson, probably also know of her, and when my favorite people in the world and yet chips, chip and hat every limit your chip and Howard and Laura House were or the visually individually,
the hilarious and together even more hilarious but I love, I always loved and also completely unique styles of comedy I enjoy. I can't believe that show happened at all well and it is with empty, was different. I mean MTV. Every so often would mean like another translated human giant like every so often they do try to do something cool right and then eventually, I think they just buckle from weight of their tween audience right right, so when we, what we're years we never overlapped, did we, almost just barely didn't. I was Ninety four, ninety eight. Ninety eight, yet you had a right the year that My last year there saw the I saw you you come in a hoarse and daily came in and, That's right around T r L started yet, maybe in essence Yemen. They open the new studio
They opened the new studio, and so it was. It was emit mid too late nineties when a crazy. What was your experience like? I mean utterly bizarre because I mean I was literally like overnight, plucked from regular job job into what was tat. I was in closing words yeah, you do kind. I have a madman thing. I do rain with glasses. Yeah works and moved in, I'm in New York in ninety four and from ninety four. Ninety eight worked in advertising and I hated it and was terrible at it. But like was able to talk my way into jobs and then be able to do that and ecosystems do them, which is actually kind of the industry standard, but but I call in second I went to their you know I stood in line and went to the audition, unlike ended up getting a job so like I was, I didn't, have any intermediate steps. You know I mean like I didn't. I didn't do anything wrong
that was sort of similar, but smaller before it was just like. I had a job in two weeks later at issue is what was your video audition? it was. It was the first want to be vigilant, but like what we headed, we I stood in line four hours and they were like a bunch of other. Stations, I think, to kind of we'd people out and the six very nice said the Phoenix plus Six plus some on Chris hard when you're doing Great actually. I bought this case quickly and I could mention wallpaper on another. When I was a decent with chip accident has April, I just gotta watch you died, you know I wasn't going to met Myra. Testimony was like you, gonna get watching to go you Norman away cause. I don't like to wear stuff on my arm. I know better than I had read a couple of articles that where we know the people were like seems really cool. But then the undertone was doesn't do a lot. Lan way, wait for the course
what did I do I immediately with the ever website. In part, I bought the world. With the with the the old timey watch. Bracelet, you know, is the silvery where when and how to slide it. On a course, I've got power. Nice I got the. I got the Swatch look in one leg, with a kind of plastic iii banned. You know we're gonna where those for a week I think I will wear for more because I will use it for, like you, know, fitness, tracking and and monitoring and honour cash. It because what's gonna happen, is there we're gonna, buy the first generation and then the second Jen Watch is going to do a shit tunnel. Of course, the first one doesn't doing, namely Zack. I like the Ipad. I got the first Ipad as again and thank God I got it as a gift, because if I spent my own money on it, I'd be fury, six months later that there is a new one with a fuckin camera on it. I did all kinds of stuff they didn't do
oh you're, so your your visa issue. So my unleashing yeah you region, there were like there were twelve audition stations and yet like ridicule card or something, and then I guess, if they liked you, then they than you went off to like it to the side where, like Roddy, Sir Magee Eyes, or I still see rod from time, Dianas talent producer over it and Anti yeah, and Karen Puss Napkin enough. You ever worked with her house and was was Robin Reinhardt. There is an urgent yap in there be. I was rotten Karen and in a manner in a room and there, and I guess that was sort of like an instant tall back kind of a deal, and yet they Justino asked questions and yet a talking to a camera and stuff. This is very strange. I and I had no. I honestly had no intention, I mean I I would you know I went in hoping that would put me on the air, but I was like meant for me. I'm here. I just thought I could like going to meet some people and gets a business cards and see. If I could lake
get a p a job or something I was at the stage where it was like doing improv at night, and I was starting perform a little bit more and- and I just I knew that I wasn't satisfied with my day- job advertising sacrificing yeah, I didn't like it and I was like four and twenty six and living in New York City knew anything. I want and running around, like kids out of anybody depending on me, and I like it loans or anything so like what. Why am I doing a thing I hate you know so so I thought we'll be able to make like some kind of admiral move or whatever, but it did not working out. So so yes, May I I talk to them for like an extra half hour or whatever ever seen, Jesse there and thinking like the who is this beautiful young woman who, because it was like gorgeous and like I, she May I just I'm some like funky, EAST village, model type, urine and I remember seeing him, but I didn't I didn't get, gets talk to him or whatever, and then they had until Tuesday at midnight to like till you, ve made the top ten and they called it like you know and true MTV fashion.
Like eleven fifty eight sure, and then it was just like a series of weird like stunts and challenges and shit for the rest of the week on live tv. I d like tell my bosses at work that I wasn't secondment. I'm gonna be on tv we I'm tv sick here, and there lay. There are only too happy to watch me go. I was very about it, my fucking, ok, can I tell you Before I forget it, please I showed up late because I went to the wrong place. I will give you an understandable experiment, common problems and on the way here, unlike whipping internet traffic, great because I'm, unlike I'm late and I'm angry it myself and the whole thing, and that in somebody at like and one of a side streets on on Santa Monica, just like pulls out in front of me without looking totally cut me off some of my breaks and then you can have and if you do this but like I have to see the person who has cut me off, he always you now there don't say I do see. Do you wanna see them deserve curious,
We want to see them till a gorilla stare them down. Ok, Buff buff, so I went I was like. Who was the man? Who is the idiot you just coming up above alongside them? It was Actual clouds were a man in four cloudmaker, so seventy eight hundred yes, they are all in the cars I could not, but I got cut off by an actual literal clown. Did you say fuck you you fucking Clara? I didn't. I roared with laughter, that's fantastic, which I think is probably a good part of advanced. If he's driving around dressed like a clown yeah, I guess Maybe it sir he's cuts the traffic clown like you just as around and cuts people often when they try to road rage, do like who could be mad at a clown. I'm afraid that I am mad. Did you ever do a comedy traffic class? And whatever did I ever teach one
or go no I've never mind. I didn't go to one in teach one, some specific, a fuckin nightmare both at both ends. Yes, exactly right, you have to I mean I feel bad for the comments. You have to stand there for eight hours and have to try to make that funny for eight hours, yeah and also about for people who have to sit through that free. I don't What is it I wouldn't want to have an orgasm for eight hours? I certainly wouldn't want to sit through traffic school for eight hours now. So I just don't. I dont think it sounds that fun, no, not at all. I had to do an online traffic light choice of comedy traffic class, our ears, but even that kind of boring presidents have to sit there and thought do. I mean you know as long as the windows open and its yang in its timing. You know you, can you can open another? yeah, but it didn't wear their task. You have to take you to have to pay some little bit of attention. Now is a tragic take all my traffic school, while you're driving
Robin realize it's probably the divine. What was your additionally by edition was. My first edition was, for this show trashed, which member trashed was trying to build up remote control, Sketch Comedy game, show thing, and so the premise of it is that people would bring on their personal items, The river didn't answer. You know like trivia, like the other team, they would get to pick something from yellow teams to destroy and its guy came out with these elaborate machines, which were mostly designed by Jo Hodgson of Mr Science later Pierre. You know it break their staff and then there would be sketches, and you know, and as I said before, I was ass. It was really amazing, like our writing. Staff was Steve Higgins, whose now, of course had with her right and as an hour now and and his brother Dave Higgins, and then Dave Alan Gruber, the Higgins the Gruber in her brow.
For saying Benson people like Dana Gould in Odin, Kirk and yeah cross in patent. Like all these people Moreover, childlike all these all these people did stuff on the shelf. It was a really because they were all baby comics at the time gap, and so it was a real. Say the integral data to it was a really good to really good group. So I are different for that on a fluke. I'd been contested on a game show and in some ways I go you're funny should addition for this should try this your harassed and she's like right time like they were desperate to find a host. They started. You know like next week when into rehearsals, makes and found the person yet came in at the right time, and then they cancel that show within a few months in classic owing to reform, but they said you know they had me do a vision. Our discussion here- and I went to New York in you know, is very five. Was the fancy a thing that ever happened to me and I go into my
ass station teach ensure till. I got big machine for what Elsie and Adele chains ablaze and, as you know, and that those were not happy with the name on it's, not your name. My name is that on aim, but I think in that period actually bought one. I bought a mechanic shirt from Alaska Airlines said Jennifer on it and not always made me laugh fantastic, but I did not pick these clothes. They were given to me because I was I did not. I was not a cool dresser, so I was not with the times arise whether as I've said a million times, reforms are very nerdy kid, and I just didn't really just wasn't my thing, so it was basic. A series of copy that they had me do on the set me away and was seen owing introducing Fuckin Allison
James is no one love those those water that was Charlie Water, gas bitter using introducing your classic Grunge grandeur Caravan yeah. I have that tape puzzling Joe, perhaps under those ugly kid Joe there's, some group called big in our hands and out of your way, I have I have that tape. I should push that tape out. You should, because that was the there was beer was the first thing. I don't care what it was it was early earlier. So that was my experience and then they sent me to the beach house that summer allow yeah which was a very sedate experience, was not the crazy that each house I had believed now on television now I my big surprise, because my first thing was that the beach house as well- really thought we're gonna live there like. I thought I was like a real, how we're all gonna live there and like a euro, if you think about that for more than a second, you realise, of course, you're not gonna fuckin live there, but I said never thought about it for more than a second and then I got their names. I don't know if this is not a real, I mean it's a house.
Yeah. But it's you know it's I'm a watered down. Like I gotta you know, I think it's basically like a set inside is not fun. I have been on. Actually, speaking of empty began shows like six months before one, dj. I was on idiots of ants, oh yeah, of course, with Gregg Fitzsimons, and that was like that ready, safe was it like. I clicked with that whole writing staff just biggest like that was a show where, like you do, if you are contesting you are contesting all week. Juncture, therefore like a whole day of shows and all they have prep beforehand and whatever and erratic staff was Jason NASH. Aha, Tom Cohen went on to create cash cab. Emmy lay born novelist, His brother SAM is like a huge tv producer now, who else Matt Price, oh yeah. Of course, yeah rice smashing blood the book. Yes, that's right, I the other day yeah whose directed as ethics series. And its leary, like everyone's etc.
How's circling each other, her endlessly our ban on TV, was philosophically the internet before people were doing, production in the internet get in the sense that it was like you're, not gonna, get paid a lot pure going to treat you like shit yeah. But it's periods and its exposure Roger show people. What you can do in the turnover right, of course, is very high rapporteur can and tv, but I always found that it was much more beneficial to be not on camera to quickly move on other things when, when I was at MTV, was very not a lot of you had made the jump over to not MTV, We want really taken very soon. Italy is like Earth Bargain MTV people that I really changed. It did a little. It did a little. I mean not a whole lot of people who were on air have graduated. If I mean some have Carson stun really well well pollinate the job they imported rice, Jenny.
The arm in re, who else I'm sure, I'm forgetting other people. While I mean column when Santer yeah yeah, we made they didn't, hurry were Corey were see I was so in love of curry, were when I was in high school. I met her and she was supercool and kind of flirting. Look, I'm not that not like serious wasn't yet it wasn't like I, not like. I had a shot back. There was I was just really cool like a really when actually got to be around me. Mtv people was really. It was really fun. Yeah, you know who I hang out with when I am in new york- is tough. We never work. Oh my god. Never overlap, tear endeavouring yeah she's, very fuckin, coolest she's, the coolest. I don't think I've ever met her. Oh my god, you She is so cool she just one of those people who like
everybody like she's gonna she's, like she's like the mayor, you're hurt, but when you, if you go anywhere with her, just like your whisk to the best table in the place and like people love her and she just she's cool she's, just a beautiful and cool you never let her. I always liked knees. I was like Daisy Fuentes. Was there yesterday. It was always very nice. John Norris is very nice to me Chris Connally yeah I was last Chris. We would have lunch every once in a while such a smart dude and had a different hairstyle like in Frazier every couple months, when would do something which, as eyes Joseph because we had that same stringy like I hear right so you, but you have a good kind of man, Miss Eyre banks and and but with stringy white guy. Here, there's all right so much you can do with it. Kyle Clark will tell you, that's it. That's what we have J Ai Chuck, Norris like every three months would come out with just like it was like also Gallego thing. Yes, just like a completely new look and feel and color throughout his career yeah
Oh you reliably. Every three months did you enjoy Jesse one thing room on the thing out, but you went on work more here idea, we'll because, like I learned very quickly, I started with a writing gave in and then just around the halls and like at the beginning, the summer programming you know see. Whatever. They would just sort of like pilot ideas that they would one due at the beach house and so like they're, always trying things out and doing little test, tapes and whatever, and so it's just I was there and I think people had like had kind of a fond feeling for because of the contest in and because I think I know you and I both, I think, are very much like the people we're gonna seemed to them to be united, we're like nerdy. Passionate you know pop culture, people who are like you know who who work on, the cover of a magazine and don't go to fashion trousers and YO remain, and so so I feel like their pay
there were. There is a long line of like guys like us on the air. You don't mean that that the producers gravitated towards because they knew that we get the work done and they just sort of you know probably saw themselves in us, so because of that I was around and I just got pulled in on various test tapes and one of them one of them became the became a shown, and that was kind of that it was it started at the Beach house serves. I was working at my old job like getting files in order and getting shit ready for my successor in and knowledge it and to like it like to three in the morning, I went home and a town car picked me up at my apartment and took me to the to the Jersey Shore to the beach house. Unlike funk master, flax was spent in like there's whatever like work out. Dance show was on the air and then out of an advertising office into the into into an advertisement, yet basic right out of the frying pan into the fire. I literally into the fire for years, and yet I mean it was it was, it was crazy and it just like
You know also like, if you're there and you ready to work, and you shall Bonn time. You know your lines and whatever like they. People want to work with you. It's very, it's very simple is really it's easy to like it's easy to get in people's good graces there I just doing the bay of your job and nightmare person, because a lot of people in a about in turn in a lot of produces. A lot of this is the producers we were all around the same age, yeah and it just what we know we were sort of lucky enough to. I mean if, when I started out twenty two were so you know we're just the same. The same age is like the the p s in the internet and study shows like arms. I hang out with these people and it was that that that bar was refund, but but there they were, they were very much overworked. Much underpinning very much under Baden interpreted in them, but a little out of wood, giving that that the benefits working empty is that you can send the ranks quickly like you could be up.
Yea and then literally within three years, you could be running into the electoral yeah, because people would leave so much in ya. Take better paying job right and things were always changing and you, like you, sort of need to be twenty six to like to be kind of a bigwig there like run a production department, you kind of have to understand what young people watching unlike listen to and that kind of thing like there is, there is a specific skills at that. A young person ass. They can do well there. You know me, ask your weird personal questions, or were you out at that? Time was I was, but I was also said we're fat so like, like all other. How likely it is how much like how much you can get away with saying and doing and like if you dont, if you're not like, if you're not you know, do you live like a stereotypical, gay guy and you're not like focal or whatever
really how to fly out of our radar. So I was I was out, but nobody paid a bit of attention you found was the craziest that weird safety crack. I really did eventually that's my advice to anybody. He's like struggling with the closet can gain thirty pounds and you can do What ever you what you gonna below a dude Hammer like. I was a little bit he's doing it's the gods on Austria. It could judge industry if you know, because MTV I always felt straddle this very interesting line between you know they I think empty be wanted to be more progressive than it actually was. I felt like there were a lot of things about it that were kind of a charade and- and I do believe that you know the executives- you know. Certainly, people actually Mcgrath were very
progressive, o yanking and very- and I think you know they were constrained a bit by their the sort of the corporate thing of it yeah, but but I always sort of felt like day. You know like starting with the beach house. Is it really a party its assent and then oh, they MTV acts like the very progressive behind. I would see things happen that we're not progressive the big example which I'm sure I talk about before was it we did to gay episodes of singled out they were the fucking best episodes yeah the entire series, because you know it was at a time where an end not like you know not not like all boundaries have been broken yet there. You know there are still narrow minded people in the world. Let, but at the time, Do you? People just didn't put a lot of gay people on television at once and so to see a dude picking from fifty deeds and a lady picking from fifty
Ladys and we did to episodes of though, and it what the G in the room. It was you know what it was. It was like a price per day like we're like final, being embraced by and so the episodes were great and very excited I felt like we were doing something really good and so I'm cool, and then you know MTV me no one an award for firms for being massive, and then and then like sponsors, threaten Nepal and they fuckin didn't air one. The episodes and they only and the other one wants and they buried it, and I was always so discipline like fun you guys you talk. The ward yeah fuck and have some balls and zircon show the goddamn thing yeah. I would love to dig those episodes up somewhere. They were so at least my memory of them was that they were in
absolutely incorrect. I would love to see them now, because there are now twenty years old. I would just like to see like how things have changed in twenty years, because, like you were, you did you have to be needed to have. He's like euphemisms or we use the same. From isms. We, oh yeah, you know it's not around euphemism rose. You knows it was just that it just happened to be that it was. You know that they, the euphemisms, worked work that the sexually shifted, but that was only in the inference of the euphemism euphemisms were the same yeah. It's just that you know package was being picked via dude and an boob sizes being picked by a woman or this jar great yeah. So I gotta find that shit. I dont aware the indeed there is a period of em tv. It is just that it was like. I was like right before the internet honey became a viable source to of of of video entertainment. There's just a whole bunch of stuff is
quite make the cut and all these tapes, Argentina, vaults, yeah there on a barge likes. You know floating in the Hudson River somewhere, like I would love to see it like some stuff has made it Youtube that I did and it's it's crazy to like, and I hope this doesn't sound like terrible and jaded or whatever, but like I'm sure you agree there if you had the experience of like watching something just having no recollection of having done it yet its critical, like that's my face and voice like I can. That is how to prevent me. I've no recollection of much of the stuff that I've found. Well because no because when you're guerrillas shooting everything not guerrilla good, he asked yes when you're really shooting everything you don't have time to think about it, and so it doesn't unless something insane that doesn't make an impression in your brain cause, you're you're living in your short term memory right, endeared! It's just all this. What you just did you constantly likes?
check it out in the new and re. I completely understand. I also think I was living in shock for about a year and I think the first year and have I literally like I think there is something like it altered my brain chemistry. Didn't change your life feel that changing early in every way, yeah I mean just you know I fundamentally the the act of doing something that you really love to do which up to that point, I never really done like everything that idea. Unlike radio were onstage whenever felt to me like a hobby, and I never I just never dumb, and I just never figured out tat. I can do what I love for a living. It just didn't it that at that didn't connect for me. I just I always mentally connected work with with you, no struggle and toil- and you know not liking. It like you, must put on a time. Go, do thing, hate and then come back home. I don't know why, but I thought that so like to into a place that full of people who love what they do and you love what you do and its exciting and it's always changing forever, like that's that, fundamentally just changes, your whole outworking. Of course you know, but then also it was like you now you go out and I mean you know:
but will just sort of stare at your point of view or not our talk about you in the third person right in front of you like year on a television but you're, not right, you're, a person rice afoot away from that I don't know so unlike in those ways, it changed my life, but it also like. I had a good. You know. I lived in New York at a good group of friends that stay the same. We all live together and we get you know like might make my like. Like social meal, you didn't We change by either the producers and stuff that I worked with empty became good friend of mine, but I didn't it wasn't like suddenly going to glamorous cocaine part. Whatever phenomenon, either transparently and allay, was very New York was really the place to be your twenty week for sure. One person that I know that if I say to them the name Dave Home then I'll go. I love that guy, that's nice, like you, you have such a great you such a great reputation for just being a good do people like to hang out with lamentings. That's very nice. Will it's very important. I mean I'm guessing. You did this for your career, but it's you know
PS interns, whatever those people remember what it what people around them are like to work. Then they go on to do other things are only a Dave was great, bring him on this site it and it's crazy in then you'll feel agree. I'm sure people that were pays You start working are now you know like running businesses, yeah, you know or or you'll see. Somebody like I give this a lot of like somebody would like grew up watching you and there, like grown adults, they're up percent there gray. Why you, when I was nine yeah what here? What does it mean that I'm in your office? It's weird? It's very, very weird: it's a very bad thing: once you when I was a kid now, I have kids of my own much to real knows a long time ago yet, but I feel, like you know, for whatever reason, both of us are better, versions of ourselves. Now they always loiterers than we were, then how do you one hundred? How did you do it? How did you achieve
ah sure living California. Honestly, I think you know New York Old, absolutely where you down- and I was by the time I left there- was it on tv for four years and I am a sort of started feeling myself getting less busy. You know and it's like there's always a change over, and I kind of felt it happening in there are starting a higher new people, and I was I wasn't like I was under. Contract is getting paid, but it wasn't working as much and I gotta felt like ok. This is probably it so. I was like I went into my boss and I was like you know. I think I think I'm gonna like right out the rest. My contracting then moved away and kind of start over lake, like the breakup was definitely coming but right. You know what I think. Maybe we should take they were like others. We gotta be a time of that here and I started to be clear. I wanted to take the today here. This is my choice. It wasn't but ended up moving out here, and I did a lot of shit that, like that was the reality of tv show. You know like
he is. A lot of. It is like a lot of it is by the senior pants if she goes wrong, that's like part the charm and its, but you know, and then I started working shows where it was likely with dual fifteen second in our commercial bumpers and will take all day because like cut alighting, it's gotta be just so in the framing of a shot. Is gonna be just so, unlike we got up, change a leaf on that plant in the way on the third shelf way in the fuckin back of the sad or whatever, and it's like it's like it's, I start to hate television right, so I start to get back into doing improv and that kind of thing in its yeah being here for a couple years. Assorted help me come to synthesize everything that I love and I started writing more earnest are performing worn and you know how here they're, like you said is a great community of people who just sort of do a little bit of everything. You know who are sort of comics it sort of writers and sort of tv producers, and you now throw the vast shades of the same yeah. This did the same mechanism right different expressions of the of the same thing, yeah yeah, and then it should
as I slowly start getting happier. I think I came to the realization like a few years ago, like I'm, allowed to be like happy and then to be healthy and be you know like I can. I think I grew up. Thinking that like being in shape or something is, is for someone else. Right, that's lake, it's just you know like having a body that I'm happy with is a thing that another person, that's not for me right. I M, like you know, happened like writing in making that a career for myself. Whenever is like that's for somebody else, it's not you just go and get it. You know you're putting one, can you gonna get it yeah I must I really do understand, but I understand what you're saying I mean I think when I was growing up. If it was just more about, I was just or into video games and just club in brain, and I find it like that and that I didn't it didn't occur to me to go out, and you know I shouldn't you, know, exercise and dress
and then, by the time I started to realize what that was all of the people, who were no in shape really be no in school. They were beginning to me because of the stuff that I was two, and so then I associated by oh. If you do that stuff, you're, a jack douche bag Ryan, I don't want any part of, at all, and it wasn't until I hit me no, my early parties, when I was in the worst like you know like use, I was I was chubby in not taken Canada there's nothing wrong with being chubby, but if it's the, if it, but if that's the, if that is the result of bad destructive choices, yeah, that's the part, that's not good right! So I you know, I realize you're not taking care of yourself, you not in character You know like wording. Care of yourself can look a lot of different when we're getting to that age. Now, where people
like a lot of people are aged, fuckin fall apart and I was too I didn't want to get. I didn't want to get to this age and milk, their betters dark figure it out now in its harder, the older you get laughable, but it's just guitar to the only get, but still in a still always good to do it. But yet so that's that's. What I did was the same thing for me. If I go out, I'm doing it to feel better right right. Decide effect is that you seem like your more in shape, but you really should do it to feel gives you the older you get the more you. To do stuff just to feel normal, justify yeah, just to get a look at a baseline of happiness and health, and also I mean living California really is it makes it easy to God I'd do shit, you know, I mean every single day You have a beautiful Dave and open your bike and you can go for iranian gopher hiker. Whenever I dont know, if I would be able to do what I've done living in New York, you know like it you Travis and stuff. Now, there's no way the world works. If I lived in New York, you live in it. Well, I think kinda yeah
No, I ain't Vienna in New York. I would be able to be outside for a two month, you're through multi, so I ask you just can't do it and I think, also just like general overall health, wise those third, DOM idea that I had stuck in my head for a long time which was like I was out, but I believed some reason that there were some like benefit and never talking about interacting with get right already mean like it. It's just like dumb internalized homophobia, but that, like I think, growing up, I felt like like it's. Ok, then I'm game. It's not ok, to act gay or to talk about it, you know or to express it in any way. You know. I remember once like I was with another, gave her aunt and we're, unlike mixed company mentioned, that somebody was attractive and such like, don't and then it like in my head I quit. Why am I shipped from acting like we were supposed to act? What's like? What's the cork that I have stuck in their lake there's? No, you don't win a prize. For, like being the least gay gay guy,
That's not. It doesn't come with a cash prize, so you should just fuckin started like talking about in expressing in. Like being you know, that was a dumb thing that was just or stuck in my head. One time. Well, it's ok, I think I'm not just sexuality, but anything. It's an any type of identity that you have you know you can create a lot of. I mean, I think, obviously, some of those based on society, but some of us also based on these stories we create and our own heads and the boundaries that we place thereon what's acceptable. What's not acceptable, I mean, I think, that the purest example of that is, you know you can think so. Thing is catastrophic. You had a conversation with someone, you said something and then lady like I don't I
he said that I didn't mean it that way. That could be misinterpreted. I read an Ex music, the prince got you, I didn't mean it and they go. What are you talking about you? What you they're? Not thinking about you ever ever so really it's fine to be who you were. You might as well be happy yeah, nobody's gonna. Remember it! like the sort of remember how you make them feel, but they won't remember. The thing was specifically: targets. Was your biggest hurdle obstacle with finding happiness? Was it being comfortable with who you are in your sexuality, or was it something else? I think it was everything I think it was it was. It was a lot of things it was. I think that I feel like. I think that I feel like Jesus Christ
we have a therapist. Your time did you can be aiming at about whatever you want. I can have always felt like the things that I love were frivolous. You don't mean went when you love when you grow up like really loving pop culture. It's really easy to feel. Like the things you love, don't mean anything. You know if you're a young boy who knows anything about sports, then that's like. Ah, you know people kind of like praise that, in a way no one's ever gonna tell a young kid who is really in the hockey that they should be lessened. The hawk right nurses, never but like if you really in the fuckin, the Carol Burnett show her whenever right, you know if you'd, like really fucking, know everything about Saturday night live. It's like what why why? What's wrong with you that you know these lake facts and figures are that UK that your emotionally invested in star wars or whatever the fuck. You know- and I like I don't know I don't know I Didn'T- I dont think I ever like specifically got that message on think anybody ever see
me down and said that that's the way that it was, but it's just you get that feeling growing up your enemy. You know like if you really love video games, there's something weird about you right. You know I internalize that it took me a long time of living of working in the television industry of living in California, where I am surrounded by people who love the same things I do for it too, like actually get inside me, and you know written invented, tribe, yeah yeah. It took a long fuckin time to find a job, but also, I wasn't being the truest myself and finding it. This is sort of an ancillary tangentially related. Now can I powders it was a song it piss me off today, and I would like an hour at now that I'm thinking about it was. It was all about the stuff what was going on in Indiana and and
In other words, there are still some business. Some pizza place me out every speaker yet where the guy was like. Well, I mean I just choose not to be gay linger data. Are you fucking kidding like I feel it? You could dismantled that argument in seconds. Like ok, you're married to a woman, Why are you married this one and not this woman? You know people like fuckin pandas yeah. You know like your attracted to what you're attracted to yeah you you are who you are like. You really think I mean and especially not one of these peoples, like you know being out, is more. It seems to me to be you have to face more dick heads like that in the world. Why would anyone choose to do something at last? Give them shit yeah what I mean like ass, it it just like so many things, Let me so fuckin mad there. Two things about that. First, I think that that is
Neil. I don't know if this person is catholic. I grew up Catholic, it's there is a very like I don't. I don't think people boot believe the that you choose to be gay, but I do think that they think that you can just not like. If you have a sexual thing, that's not the normal thing, just don't feel it don't have it. You know I mean like there there's sort of it like us. Angrier upset about something. Don't be right instead, instead of being angry or sad dont be right at the right turn it off. I don't feel yeah yeah. Why don't you just stop me? yeah we what Y yeah. So it's like there. There is a belief, I think among people, maybe like this guy, who spoke that, like it's just that to begin could be out into have like emotional and sexual needs or whatever is is like evidence of weakness right. You know, I mean what you should be as strong and just
cut it off in TAT. What you should be is exactly how I think it should be like it's a very narcissistic point of view to have for sharks and not understand like even that a person couldn't go. You know why, I dont have those feelings and I fully understand those feelings, but that doesn't make them not valid and mean that that guy haven't a different experience in me, so why? Why of wire? My feelings more valid that guy's feeling great right. Second thing: this is around the memories pizza thing a couple of weeks ago. I fucking God, hammered by some some super right wing website or talk show or something, because ok, so the memories pizza thing they visit there. They were interviewed by somebody on ABC News and they were like we wouldn't caterer gay wedding which who why's that even a question who right who gets pizza their wedding? Like what
I may not even wedding up and become a thing so light. That's not a question. We right. I mean it's like Now the delivery of the wedding pizza ride in the groom, an useless shoved, the hot pizza someone's mouth abroad than you burn, or face great hot Greece who loves it. Ok, so So I guess this ABC reporter was like. Would you catering, gay wedding, which is stupid, fuckin question and she probably asked it to like string of businesses and then Finally, somebody was like no, we wouldn't and it became a baby and I like gotta, bunches, shitty, Yelp reviews and a bunch of people said angry shit on twitter and whatever I mean you know how like angry people can justifiably be so they closed down. The pizza place closed down, because there is in people like we should bring the place down on twitter right, which, like is awful, but it's not. The same thing is a like credible
and threat your enemy and if you're, not if you're, not social media, savvy right and someone says that, like the thing about the thing about about non digital savvy people right is they do take everything lit. Really the right, and so I can understand if they didn't then the internet works in people say we're gonna come burn your thing down. Maybe you know right I'll, also kind of judging the type of people I assume they are We like they're, going to come and tell us. You know right this person and here's her name. I M going to come burn us down like arsonists. Do I just hope, though, I mean I I hope it was. It was the one part of the story that I bet kind of bummed me out a little bit for you know for what I would call our side of a stories like guys. Don't do that but just gives it gives the enemy ammunition to go.
Will look? How irrational increase these people are data, because three people are like we're gonna like the place on fire. The way I feel like it, sort of hurts the overall it it tarnish. Is the year of absolute, the message: you're. Absolutely right- and I mean it's That's awful hundreds able, yeah, understandable, understand the rage, difference but you're sure, but did talk to a friend of yours. In the workplace. Eight hundred play Santa just fuckin stew, even his internet city like job as you know, we have Hitler, but a kilo of fire like right. Now, that's figurative right, not everyone, understood yeah, so they closed down. And then some right wing actual host person started to go, find me for them. That rate like within forty eight hours, race or those three million voters would illegally in the eyes like forty she's yeah yeah close mouthed is a game yeah. It was like eight hundred fifty thousand dollars something before they closed it. So I I posted something on Twitter is suggesting that I like. I personally think the entire thing
like the whole religious freedom thing that were in right now. I think that is the biggest gripped of all time. I don't. I don't believe that anyone really believes of their religious liberty is, is being stifled or are certainly That is why in America yeah you your girlfriend like old lesbians, gettin married relevant, like happy old lesbians, have been together for fucking fifty years finally get to be married, and what of it like? You can't you can't beat that. There's no war and they ve been losing the pr why you can't beat like old lesbians. Gettin married random in, like happy old lesbians, have been together for fuckin fifty years finally get to be married. I would have liked you can't you can't beat that there's no You have a space for your campaign. You don't have like there's nothing for you to rally behind. So I honestly believe that they could this shit up words like what will what, if a photographer, doesn't want to do a gay wedding or whatever like they? I really believe that it is it's all I think it's all icon and- and so I said something to that effect and and then somebody picked it up and Lake
and said what has been Visa Dave HOMES thinks that the memories pizza before outing it right away after I like and immediately using ok Y know. I dont need to read any further, but it was they were that. I was saying that the pizza people, the announced, started the entire. You know graft, which I don't believe so, for the entire rested a day, people with lake Eagles as their avatars. Really. Helen me all kinds retards like everything that ended in tired, like just by the hundred like just all they long? It was one of those where it was like within it. Within ten minutes. I am just gonna turn my phone off for the rest. Because Twitter is just not going to be for me, but I truly like I honestly. I mean it was awful wonder right a follow up peace also there, because I refer Esquire there are like this- was written in Essex. By journalists Dave Hopes, no, it wasn't written in squire. It was my twitter account. I thought a journalist I fuck and talk about. You know the Brad,
ask. Why are sometimes show out yeah, so she bs It was a really weird day, but I should also like what I wanted to still might is that this will happen. It was on good Friday. I was home in Saint Louis with my family and, like you know, catholic Food service workers are gonna, have to serve people meet that whole day there. If, if there, you know observant, Catholics, they're, not to eat me on good Friday? But you don't like it. You were going Donald you're gonna get somebody a double cheeseburger that day, if your Catholic and in devout right, that does not mean that your religious freedom has. Anyway. In any way, is this your given? Somebody also me here I mean like it's no end like where's. Their fuckin parade Well, I've been where's their news. We cover. You know. I think there was reading and again you know. People who are much smarter with the law are free to correct me as much as they want to. But what I was reading about why
and it was different in particular- is because usually because a lot of states have have laws in effect, they have legislation that that is similar but Indiana with specific because it affected businesses. As opposed to just personal freedoms. It was business and they were saying you know a business doesn't want to be sued because they didn't someone service right for for some reason, right You know, and in this case based on that it could be interpreted to be used against me. Actualities ends? You know, but you know my first couple. Thoughts like hey, you know it. Memories pizza doesn't want serve gay people, dont soom, just fuckin start. It basically start. Start intolerance, yelp, you,
have a list of businesses and you can write them based on how tolerant they are and if those businesses or intolerant than you can decide to not give them your money like fight consumerism, with consumerism right, you know I mean I dont think I mean I don't think I would want you for someone to have to sir. I would be like
fuck you? I want to leave and I will never get my money. I again now agree, but then also you know what. If Europe fucking, you had a flat tire, and you know nobody, not another, AAA drivers who will come and pick you up almost erika you're a hundred percent radiantly, where a hundred and fifty percent right? Well, it's just you know. I hate the slippery slope argument, but it was one of these things words I know you're. Does it really know your ass? You know about and its also like I mean, I truly believe that once wants the dominoes fall in its the law of the land in all of this shit is, can be overrun in three months. Nobody's gonna give a fuck like where the who their delivered wedding, pizzas, two or whatever they its idea eggs. I really just don't believe anybody really cares has just like it's there. It's the kerfuffle of the moment, but like right now that same pizzeria, I dont know why we keep coming back to wedding pizza cause. It's still never been looking to make us ever. Have ok, we're gonna, make it a thing: hardship, wedding pizza, like you, don't nobody, if you, if you're going for a marriage license at City Hall or whatever
an end in the park the clerk was giving it to. You is very go back to Catholic. Has that's what I know you don't she's, not gonna. Ask you o d, get annulment like as a second marriage, and did you go first? One in olden was signed by priest can have a note from the priest. It's like they. She she or he is not there to like make sure that the marriage license that here she gives you conforms to their religious beliefs right. You know, I mean they're, not gonna quiz, you and I will have you. Have you had sex before met what I believe? That's for negation. So right. You know your marriage, but I don't need you to stand in this land where we have separation of church and state. I mean that's crazy. How could anyone reparative somebody, but if somebody walked off the job because they didn't want it like? No, that's a person. Second, marriage in their first one wasn't an all right, believin, remarriage or whatever, and they left the that person would not get up here. Personally get fired well, and I would also it would be interesting to see what would happen if you use that against
Ok, well I'm an open, donut shop, but I'm not going to serve Christians. You just to see like what the like, what the and again I use this as a blanket term. I do not believe that all that all Christians think that way. I know that it's I feel, and I hope it is a minority of peace. Who happened to be early is, and so I'm not you know, I'm not coming down. I think I'll go but that's not what I'm saying it all. I know it's a small small group, but I also you know you're. Seeing similar arguments to you. No fifty years ago. Someone might be like why don't wanna get sued. If I don't want to serve a black person like well, how is that I would see these arguments blow up on common threads and then a comment that I saw that fucking inferior to me was like, while black person doesn't choose to be black, like
Why do you argue? Closure lands embryos like just like rip the carpet threads? I want you know what I think we really fun is to market a set of of internet balls catholic. Rock nuts that when you see stuff online that piss you off, you could just Putnam Yard. I could just punch the balls undermine ask me, look yet the idea that so upset the is, I mean, don't ever read a comment However, even though, as you know, I don't ever do that, I know, but you know some animals you get. Sometimes you get sucked in cutting. I am, and I say, don't do it. I of course will do at once in a while, but it like when I do, and I recognise that I'm doing self destructive behaviour we might as well be cut off. It was interesting is that I got and offered to do as shown in Indianapolis and then the next day the story came out. And I said to my manager like I can't go. I can't do it because I don't, I feel
and then and the other sodomy feels bag like. What's not the people's fault? That would come to see me for sure. I know that there are people that I would love to go connect with in Annapolis, but as always in the sort of really, but I can't I just feel weird He doesn't feel right now. Yeah, then, in my understanding correctly, that they did carve out specifically the algae BT. I believe that they are trying to do that now, but the people who wrote the bill originally. What did it specifically for the reason that being. You are that it will eventually be used right is it is. It is only for that, so it it seems strange to me that they would pass that law and then pull out the most important part of it. I did like hearing that term. You know that there were even conservative people who like well. This is addressing a problem that doesn't really exist
it's not really. Why are we spending, and I was actually very impressed by Walmart who, when similar legislation in Arkansas was happening, Walmart said, like you can't do that you don't mean we. We are the largest company in your state and we are telling you that we do not support what you're doing right, which actually kind of made me feel like all right. You know when you, I think you know, even if even in some cases You know we're not there yet winning all the legislation wars, but to see that at that high level of corporate Amerika that there are companies who you know the art, like we ve
I was an empty, be you know twenty years ago that it was much different back then, and now it's my your people are more open about supporting the algae vd cause I raised it feels that it feels nice. I know we're not there. I note that there yet melt better we're not there yet, but it's it's we're at wait now words a good business decision? Yeah, you know I mean it's just it just makes good sense to be on the right side. The history of Europe, to me, I don't. I don't think that everyone's heart as change necessarily Walmart, it's just as just good business right now. I don't know I feel, like I feel like its. It seems to me to be incremental steps. They know the more public we accepted things are the more. The more people come out. Yeah the more people come out. The more people are in positions of power. You know, I'm sure you know every corporation has gay executives crescendo. Executives are now starting to get into a place of power. It's ok! We need to really so I don't think it's. I think it is
also a commercial decision, but I do think that spiritually, I'm hoping that there is more there's more going on now. Just that yeah. I hope you're right, I think you're, probably right, but it is like its primarily business. I think you can damage when we start recording? Oh we're not. I thought we were just hanging out, I'm going to do a pug. Ok, that's cool! Five, that what if you're like, I don't want to be on a stray persons, public, yeah, yeah, it's ideas, feel a table of your rights doesn't feel right. Well, it's! I think it's important because thanks important for you to be assessed and whether or not you want to be- and it is important for you to be a voice in this, because you have a very articulate and and thoughtful way of expressing your ideas thanks and I think it is, I think, a very difficult if someone sat down with you
and really talked or heard what you had to say. I read an article and kick him we're going that guy, you you you, you know one of your meeting powers. Besides comedy in Europe, your hair is you're, like ability is off the charts. So I think it is very. I think it's nice to well, but also its we're living and I think this also has an has helped. I think both of us become better versions of ourselves we can we can like we can put us out there in a way that we couldn't when we were working in television for the first time like a night in the nineteen nineties, if you had something that you wanted to say you would just you know, you'd say to a friend her, whatever like. If you had an opinion it was like. It was something would discuss. You know at a bar with a friend right and put it online mine anywhere, like I couldn't be it's weird to me that I live in. Before I blogs and twitter and stuff, you know I am like I I think I would have been. I mean I definitely would have been
out the way that I am online new in nineteen. Thirty, eight, if such things as did but it didn't. Anna and so in order to like to be out and to have any kind of opinion about you know about the world. I needed the press to help me magnet the sound of my voice. You know what I mean and lake and for sure, like the gay pressed, want nothing to do with me. You know why, because I was, what's yeah and we for sure I mean, like I pick up any like print game seen or website or whatever right now, and it's like literally every gay news website. If Joe Jonas buys New pursues its it's like on the front page. What about better than existing levels in Europe as it exists? Back then? Ok, I mean it. If it did, it was way underground. But like it's it's like
still when I do shit, it's impossible for me to get anybody in gay press to pay any attention is just I don't. You have to be a very specific kind of pretty or a very specific kind of like fabulous economy. Have to become a fashion in snappy. Have you ever thought about starting your own thing that continent? What kind of em you know about me not like my own now, my own, like brand, I like you have well, but I mean like Euro your own media outlets debts, this is the size of the gay community that you feel like you're not being raised right, I mean you have the pedigree for it and you have I mean you have the you, have the skills growth and you could do it if we wanted to varying it. I've been wanting to maybe, but I also want to make it clear that I don't believe this issue as it is, is a partisan issue, or it's not it's that. I don't think it's a left wing
a right wing thing. I think it's just I think to me. I see this issue was like it's. A human issue is a human issue. It's gonna pull it's it's so much more human issue than political issue, and I know the political issue affects the human issue, but I just wish more people, kids, it is as a human issue and not you know left right this that this is like this is just do just people people can we just be have yet hard enough to be happy. If the world were putting up obstacles in Europe in your place like why? Why not just let why not just lead piping, I'm done I don't know, maybe maybe, as I'm getting older and becoming a fucking huge hippy in terms like why Here we always be Abbe what the fuck is wrong with that. Nothing there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I think it took me and I think it takes a lot of people decades to see it as a human issue. You know, I think that I kind of always. I know that I wasn't more vocal when I was like first coming out in the nineties whenever, because it felt like
any time I would mention my sexuality or who I was dating whatever it felt like it felt like an issue of bringing up and not just like a fact about my life. You also get out in those days. You also have no control over how had no control over what you said and how I was gonna be presented because you weren't conch, following the pen in a lot of those issues are now. Of course you have. You have a direct connection to the I'll see. You can say exactly what you mean you. Nothing can be taken out of context if you're writing the article yeah yeah. Where was I holy shit? I just completely lost my train of thought. What having a mild You were going to start a blog or Chet alike, forgot. What I'm saying you were talking about. You were talking about in the nineties earlier, you didn't want to make it an issue right right, yeah, yeah took me a long time to get his stop feeling like just mentioning mentioning simple facts of life was not like
we go again with a gay issue. You know it's weird. I hosted attack on a show for a couple of weeks right before it went away and when the resort cycling, people in and out after Kevin Layer And- and I did it for like two weeks and in that two weeks, literally one time I like AIDS, I just seen him. I think I just seen loop her and I mention that my boyfriend Benedight had gone, see it and that was at an end. I read the comments which I shouldn't do yelled at in the coming year, and one person was like enough with the gay she had already hours of television over two weeks, I say the word boyfriend one time, one time, Jim how many times I mean it when people like that is so much more about them, of course than it does minute does about you. I mean I could name ten other things that people here about in our culture
we need more yeah things like tits and sports and beer and act like you know, even publicly we will go Oh it's praise, while these in you nowhere does it have to be on every park and channel every fucking, and you make one comment good enough. No, you don't clearly don't you cleared out, but that is also a thing that I internalized. I think I felt that way ever bring. Like here we go again with this. You know I mean, but it's not fair the diner standards offer and also its a double standard rate, and in also looked at you who you are like? Why are you not allowed to just be? Who you are right, that someone going I get it you get it you get that I'm just a human fuckin being, and I can be a person in expressing the way you express things, but that takes work. It takes work. It takes work like this all this culture, really it takes, worked and not be exasperated with Sheena like fucking dont want it wasn't a watch like a fear that if your beliefs
It means that fragile, if your fuckin little ego is so eggshell that one person can say one thing Oh, I get it like. You fuck you fuckin exasperation. I am exaggerated with your exact admiration, but yours is, years has value, I need the jackdaws two fuckin punch, I'm right now you it let's do it, but what kind of work and materially we're Talkin harden leather? No it! No. I think you should be something that feels. Fleshy shouldn't be too hard so that it is cause you're gonna wanted to feel like you're doing damage yeah just to get the satisfaction bud. So can't be too hard. You can really, but you also know wanted to be too like you really want to be able to feel, Wait balls being act like one of those stress boss. Two of those dress. Balls, I think distress. Balls are too. I think they're too light. I think,
honestly. I think we're gonna have to go down to the pleasure chest and say: do you have some faith punching bottles to four but for this ends, is even out of your mouth like an array of set before you. They have it all. I've been there and a minute, but I argue that will architecture they had at all. You know four, so you can punch it'll, be the bedrock of the arts, Christian Dave's internet with us, of course, where they are easily with his. Why would you, even as that, gradually with a z yeah? Why, I mean. If it were the nineties, we call them net balls, but you know net didn't, stick that serve a net than that the net, You don't you know what is, I still say, the net on CSI cyber crimes that they had to show them.
Have you read any of that? The net I Marcos, anti on Grantline, read write about CSI Cyber alot lucky. He hate watched it at first and always hoped sure it's I kind of what I want you now. I just thought that there was a guest moto posted, a super cut of someone posted in India's MOTO linked to it. A super cut of terms. Were used in CSI cyber emotions like they say they were deep, lab, Alot Aviano and enter. There are things that sort of it's almost like it's almost like writing a drama, but English was your second language, like I'm sure there are terms that are technically accurate, but not necessarily colloquial right. So it's
It is that sort of you know. I think it's it's the internet for non internet people, yeah yeah effort, CBS waters right, I'm gonna make it understandable and somewhere people come around again who want to hate watch. How did they get sucked in the up? Come. Do the Friday, forty sometime above two, I would like you we're doing. The second Friday of every month. I would love to reform if I may, if I'm in town, when you're doing it I'll figure out the next, I'm in town when you're doing and our about atom do it would be a dream contestant, it would be really fun. Are you drink beer? Are you? Are you still doing so actively doing improv now and I think I'm about to come back from a break I break a few years ago I got a little burnt out, I loved it, but I just I don't know I mean you color. It gets-
I will say me after why, of course, you know, especially when you're like you know, I get frustrated because the community here so great, like they're, so many fucking, funny people and talented people and, like I was getting to a point where I was watching the funniest most talented people I know like do, shows for the same thirty five people we have to and it's like at you know you when you do really getting propel, which I was lucky enough to do, because I was as put on good groups with people who took care of me and when you do one of those you it scratches an edge like it you afterwards, you feel like you up.
Done something you know so like the creative urge inside of you, the urge to like right something or make somebody Lafferty get on stages in performed whatever the improv can kind of scratch it. So you get off stage, you don't feel it anymore and the hunger goes away little bit and end if you dont, if you're not like, if the place we are performing, isn't you know, isn't thinking about their marketing? It isn't thinking about getting new faces in an isn't thinking about promoting the town. They have that just you just gotta flushing down the toilet, and I just was watching that happened. I was feeling it happened myself and it was like I mean if I can take a brain into the break, but ass I took a classic noticed when dad you up with Monica was fantastic. Dirk Miller is fantastic. I think I'm about to take another class. It you see, I just want to their new space on sunset. I don't know if you ve been very similar, heard it's pretty spectacular, really nice. It's really nice, like coupled nice, big theatres and in like a coffee shop and is just exists to cool community. That's good, and I think they really. They really have it together.
Getting wise and in Qatar me in Derek Abbot, really together, marking lies the artist. So it's really nice to see you now to see people fuckin, take the ball and run with it, because there are so many talented funny people here, but here that you're gonna I'm gonna hear going back. I think I can go back and to give it a try, we're not in its good color. You know it's good for idea, generation and stuff. I want to promote stuff while you're here anything, the forty sure, the forty second IRAN or dilemma. May eighth is the next one. With errand Gibson and just in wheelman, Europe will be there and above them, but fantastic fuckin. Fantastic people yeah. That is eight. That is the great joy of my life performers got Campbell is the best. Is the funniest guy in the world like them? It's the best, kept secret that he is legitimately them his person on the planet and do walking dead people come out, they sometimes do. We just
Ross Samarkand Horizons, great losses. So great a year we had finished army. If we have not, we have not yeah. Ok, I think you know I mean like provision. I think Scott to avoid the perception of playing favorites by having people from the show on the live. Shall sure you know I mean just like. I think that could get messy. Like our health, that persons, but on the show- and I haven't you know if you got a big cats- and especially show where piano you could die at any moment. I write matches. That would be a stressful thing. To do Casper Rosson. I knew each other independently in and I got him on the shelves. Dont know love. I hope we have more one dead people. They may have to be people who are dead
I may have to be people who are no longer than just. Do you know too, like avoid any perception of impropriety or whenever, but we also want to try to get like more comic book. You type people that that doesn't happen be my world, but, like I, you know, I would love to get comic book, creator type folks and we met audience. There are some who listen to this progress on rail network and we will find information about. The sun was just follow me at Dave homes. I promoted fantastic endlessly and I hope, It's just like you know. Somebody reenactments me like. I read something that I don't agree with and I want to respond. I happen to know now from trial and error that that's just flushing my time down the toilet rose, no fucking reason do it. The internet is just its So it's disrespect for potable, you noted is its punching internet. Not it is plunging it's just like you know. Somebody reenactments me like. I read something that I don't agree with and I want to respond
I happen to know now from trial and error that that's just flushing my time down the toilet rose. No fucking reason do it. The internet is just its it. A never ending cycle of people, learning the same lessons over and over. You know like it, there's a new bunch of people. Organ come in and make an angry comments and then it three months from now on, doing it. They're gonna noticed the empty feeling that they have inside they stop doing it, but they will be replaced by a brand new bunch of people who have online that less yeah. Just it's just what it could be that I like what you said. It's so unbelievably true, You could say one thing and then you get the garriga yeah yeah with pictures. Just talking I mean we're, not no one's no one's, you know like it's. Not our goal is podcast. People out or purposely you know, for lack of a better term single someone out we're just gonna. Do this just piss you off. We just felt like the world that heaped enough shit on youth,
like. Let's just throw one more now get a corn on this chin, pile yeah no one's you know, is it's funny how in the process of just being that you get accused of like why you trying to? Why? Are you doing like I'm? Not do I'm just missed, I'm just being we're just being just talking the way you tell me you're talking the way you talk, we are doing nothing and I'm doing all the things that you do, but you don't notice you deal because a fish notice, water or you justify it, because it's you and you're different, because you're above the rules that you set for the rest of society right, Dave HOMES, but I'd like to believe that the majority of people are good and that that I totally agree hopefully, hopefully, good media prevail. When you read one terrible thing: it that's just one frustrated person out of a sea of millions of probably wonderful people, not enough. I told you this, but the seeing you at entertaining funeral yeah server
I was very, I don't know for some reason, because you, because you're such a warm positive entity, it made me feel like lives here, like I don't know, maybe feel a little bit better. Now good thanks the very said it was still very sad and its like I was. I mean I didn't know Andrew really really well, but I know what I knew him and he was sweet guy and in the whole thing was still kind of surreal to me whether something that happened like I still can't fully, and it still you know it when things like that. Haven't you think about life what could I said, what could I have done and whatever and it's you know, I'm
just ran into somebody. The like an old friend of mine, who I kind of feel like, is in bad shape as proper. Should citizens were microphone but whatever we know the name them any doubts and vague enough, but it's like it's one of those one of those kind of situations where it's like right now. I feel like in a year I might be upset him myself for not having said anything but your hand of can't. You know I mean you can offer help and stuff, but which I think, can we eminence gonna happen. I think what you can do say. Can I help you, I'm always here I got you can. I think, because of you force yourself too much onto someone emotionally. That can have bad results if someone's not ready to you know, so I think the best thing that you do is make yourself available unless you know that someone is legitimately hurting themselves. You know with with substances or something where you got to have an intervention if they like. You know, this is a thing that you should say
If someone is under emotional distress, then am it's it's difficult. The bet. The best thing you can do is make it. Let them know that you're their re don't be too imposing, but them no like. I am here honestly yet and then every once in a while. You know if I have friends who are struggling with stuff every every couple days on checking goats TWAIN on thinking about you, yeah just make sure you're. Ok, you have to let him know that there still me they're, still significant in that. I'm still here, if they, you know, I've been this whatever their struggling with, they they need, they need something but its, but it's got. You cannot force people to to do stuff now. So there is a bummer. Let's talk about empty being the nineties what'd you wear. When did you start dressing cool? When did I start dressing? Go I don't know. Went through every season of singled out was a different wardrobe yeah, odyssey gas station shirts at first and then the next season I was, I tried to dress up I for some reason, tucked sweaters into pants, which
recommending buckles yeah, you know it, you know it brother did you joy that process of lake wardrobe in our like the vanities yeah, I mean I, I guess I did because I didn't really have a really feel like I had much of my own style parts of me are still the same as when I was in college, which, as I have a bunch of cartoon, T shirts you know about it. Wasn't I mean, I think at the time I just even know who I was You know who I was. I know who I was for anyone mean I'm still figuring out, but I dont even start figuring out until the wind well into my thirties, and so back then think I was just trying on as many shells
possible, you know I'd enough. Did you have the same experience axiom experience yeah? I just like. I believed that people who knew close would make better decisions than I work right. Rarely said no well, and you know instantly. The idea of getting free stuff was just too enticing and wonderful. So, like you know, if you just like free clothes, I'm care aware riser, free gimme. That Graham era will mean a dress like Chandler being from friends. That's free, I'm gonna fuck,
yeah it was. It was very strange- and I and I you know at the time, because I was not happy with way to my body- looked I it was painful. For me, too, like see myself on television, I too tried so many different hairstyles. Just I was just trying to do anything to make myself like look and feel good, just never it at that stage. My life it in my work kind of fun when you go through that journey publicly, oh yeah- and you know when I was There- is like the dawn of I started ninety ninety eight and so like emptied outcome, was like an area on like a well rise like a page on AOL, and unlike little, you know for the fourteen year old girls who watch the network, would like your create little profiles and whatever insane awful shit. You know with us like they do the vote. The first message boards and in whatever resort of right around that I remember the I remember the the the week I started at the beach,
ninety ninety four thereof There was dial up internet in the house and we obviously you dial up anywhere, but it now- and I was thinking- probably ran like fourteen for some. Ninety seven have been like ninety six hundred or fourteen for and K fourteen for K and we were given AOL accounts he hath through MTV, so I think I had the empty MTV Wick. My AOL first Your name only do like ten letters yeah and then my private one was crap drastic and I ended up. I end up losing that, but yeah was when it was all. It was all chat. Rooms in chat rooms were the places and so you'd
You'd find a chat room with a title that seemed enticing and then you go in, and you know at the time honestly most what was being said, the chat rooms was are Ip Kircher within and, of course, Bucky suck. The did I did that did that ego thing run on like when it gets across hardworking, oh boy, that's where they were not at an. I got exactly what I deserved, which yeah fuck and searched in the boss. Shit yeah stupid, not funny yeah did you did you take that to heart, of course, because we know I'm old enough to have experience, I mean there's still besides, I think kids, who grew up with the exact just grew up where, where there's always been an internet, there is a certain detachment.
Think a lot of them have from it, not all, but some and but I still remember like if you say something to someone. Those words have wait right if I just walked up tuna like you're, dumber, shirts, dumb your hair stupid your piece of shit wow, what the fuck you know, and so I think people of I think the jet exercise. A lot of us feel that it's like that. It's like what setting up too, but then you know you pin some of these people down there like. Why do you care what some dipshit on the internet so likewise Iron Elk is more people than usual gatling, I'm not I'm not made of wood,
it's a thing that somebody said to be a united mood thing. You, like you, were trying to be as route as possible to someone that you dont know based on very little information. I don't know it's like seems disease bantam again. What's? Why is that not a was? Why am I on trial for meeting the having my feelings are trained ran, but it can help it doc or common threads deliverable yourself ever don't secretly both do it again, but don't you know, I remember doing a version of that when through, They calling first launched where you would have your friend call a girl you like, and then you would see you would hide on the third line and suggest the worst tat terrible idea. She figure it out. It's it's horrible idea figured out what was going on right away. Boy is on the other line, not or even yet, whose
weeping softening until the phone. I can hear tears. Crackling the landline we didn't. We just called them. Phones, bad men. We didn't have terms like landline. All lines were landline. Sport has made it very clear to me that we live in a time before the internet like it. I still have to remind myself that, like one I'm watching an old movie, I still have two Qana room, not even that all the movie, like reality, bites like its core. It's that movie could be doubt Navvy Yanina. Nobody has like there's, nobody has a computer. Nobody has a cell phone. Nobody had like nobody's texting any putty. It's like they had shoulder paths that shoulder pads for sure but like if you wanted to like here your messages, you had to go home and press a button and hear them or if you are lucky, you could call you could you they pay phone to call your machine yeah yeah I that was I was never going. I was
your cell phone. I was gonna, be like the guy who doesn't have a cell phone, be like I do why added Beumer bonded about cell phones and in eighteen. Ninety nine I was I went to our pay found to like, all my home machines, you remember mates. Work is rules like Friday and happy our time whenever and I picked up the phone and there were that there had been a rash of ketchup, pings of New York City Pay, phones, kids, would put catch up on the ear and now be set generally watch from a window. Some poor sap get and I got fuckin catch up and I was like deep in my ear canal in my mouth was robot, and even just the idea of of any type of substance smearing from a public Emily it. Basically, if you're a german folk, that's the worst thing that can
you're, not a germ of still the worsening the unstable about a cell phone very next day. The very next day ketchup bring ushers in a new age of cellular usage. Well, you know be fun to know what those kids who kept you are doing now: they're working in tying networks, outlay of Europe under the Heinz corporate videos of the product, but it was. I was really good catching up with you. Christmas has been a pleasure and I hope that I will have another come to your shown and I am pleased to persevere in committee in it. She cannot do the beta touch on Monday night, if you wanna. What does not augur? Well if you, if you Want to work out a stand up, a monologue, organic that is basically you get twenty minutes, but you have to do stuff, ok, cool, just working on a time. You don't have to use all twenty minutes. You can use ten o you just get up to twenty minutes. Ok, I gotta take this idea. I do. I did like a tiny bit of stand up here and there for a minute. It was basically just storytelling,
I did. I did it showed the improv and somebody else who was on that bill and it was like the third time had ever done stand up, but it is not the person who is booking it and I got up and went well on in whenever so. Somebody else was on a bill. Hostess show up in venture county there's that ensure a county comedy club, the venture, a harbor like lead on the docks and ensure just like you should come into my shower at great alone. And so I did and and I showed up and the show was beginning should like you're headliner, you have whatever it was like forty minutes. Forty minutes with stuff by like that was that was the fuckin plan
and- and I was the headliner- and I was up there for forty minutes or whatever has re improv skills yeah with maybe six minutes of material. For like four dockworkers well, how to go not well well at all and in the end it turned out yet no I mean it was. I was probably better than I think, but it was. It was pretty mortifying and like a grab, my like fifty dollars or whatever in cash and ran, and you ve, not invective, intrusive, up investment or or to stand up. I do a little I do like in a legacy like storytelling shows in that kind of thing, but somebody vehicle taxation is gonna dockworkers. The show you know what that's exactly what I wanna doom redeem myself, good inventor accounting, also Morgan. I show for ovation called american canvas. We did three episodes we running or on demand, it's kind of travel arts show on a network motivation that I love we went to
San Francisco and often in Miami and talk to artists in dancers and shafts and whatnot. It was great rights. The end enjoy burrito everyone, S, stables, signs the first. Thank you Chris. I think this was a joy now leaving no. Dot com.
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