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Edward Norton (Fight Club, American History X) chats with Chris about choosing the music for his new movie Motherless Brooklyn, they talk about character development in movies and where the idea for Motherless Brooklyn came from. Edward also talks about his grandfather’s business helping provide affordable housing and he talks about his iconic movies like American History X and Fight Club!

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Brennan Brandy, gladdened Zack, to play games of all types, talk, movies and tv and more the curve applying it India campaign and having a great time they can be found on Itunes and Google play music and Facebook and Instagram is learning for beginners great start a thing with stuff. You love this episode, it is Edward Norton who was oh he was such a so engaging. I really enjoyed talking to him. I tell him in the pot, guess I'll make we'd, never We met one time. I moderated Bergmann panel in your comecon years go, but that was like really short in he was just so insightful and so open in just such a regular dude, and it was an app it was so so so so nice Dave the guy that, like pop, I really want to see what I call this guy up and go. Of coffee with him from time to time and catch up and pick his brain about.
Business. He directed and will be called motherless Brooklyn that he also stars- and that is superb. That I saw recently out bobbins also when it will I'm the foe recent pod gas gas oil on the fire was also in it, and in theatres November. First go see, that's and many thanks to Edward Norton for coming on the eighty twenty podcast number, ten, twenty which begins, or right now and even
but it's nice to have you here in my house, podcasting was vehicle over. I got to see the movie yesterday and I loved it. Thank you. Not only visually stunning, the acting is great and the fucking soundtrack is in read over his good music from start to finish, there was a minute we're. I thought because I heard a time York song in there and I kind of thought- maybe he's scored the whole thing, but it, but then I saw someone else's name as the bidding them in the credit.
For music now, I am as with many things on this film. The the music is a place. I bride the talents of other people to bear in a way tat made me look like. I do was doing you know like that like, but but I caught you, I had dislike destroyed factor of Geniuses Tom York. From radio head and went in Marseilles the great Chaz musician- and story in impresario of jazz talent and this incredible protein tat british composing, Daniel Pemberton, who, when I, when I to kind of all of them and said I did. I know this sounds crazy, but I I kind of want a fusion of of Tom's Tom's kind of you know. Modernist
dissonance that visit annually language as They all really rose to it, and so Tom wrote a jazz inflected who valid something that could lend itself to doing it will win, he noticed, but when there's a scene where my character and the character play by Google and that the road to the dance immigrants when an arm- and that is that these women, sort of MILES Davis like Arrangement of Tom Song. Oh wow, don't know if you like. You noticed that it's out now is a forty five. It's baton version on one side and the wind. I mean that that was exactly what it was like. It's that Tom York dissonance where it is that sort of you know a lot of his music sort of makes this statement about. Like the juxtaposition of comfort and discomfort, it's like the longing for comfort in it in it in an uncommon, we'll dissonant world and that to me a sort of the undertone of what Tom does I'm gonna poach? What you did
as you know, that I might add, is it He D, he really is like belonging in the heart and the terror in the of like right at times we're living in re, and- and I might you know, my character- has turrets syndrome and obsessive compulsive disorder, and I felt that there should be a dissonance of away of x, seeing that in music, that that is not entirely of the era that its in you know right and I feel like that's what Tom has done. So currently in their music, Adam and but Daniel Pemberton who's. This great composer, when I said like I want, I wanted to have the the lush Chaz romanticism, melodic, you know thematic sophistication of like I had a town aura, you, you know
Ellie, confidential wars or something like that, but I want is under current debts- are, if that's that's, a more dissonant reflection of of this this. This condition of this, this affliction that he has of the brain that can't stop and dumb and they all kind of came together. I think some people were looking at me crossed I'd like these things, don't go together, but when, but I think what wonderful is when people like that are drawn to each other's language, the these kind of crazy, great things happen, and I think it really is. It really is a wonderful musical hypnosis effect that sometimes you know it's funny, because because Moody's function on a very, I think people get very
not with the wrong metrics. If you want- and I dont think audiences think about length or comprehension or any of the things that sometimes people talk about, I link if it what they want is an experience where they enter in to a thing that feels authentic on its own terms and if they have characters that they can connect with And they get carried through worlds to take them away. The notion that that no no audience wants to be a head of a move. They mostly want to be behind a movie. They want to be surprised by the most we what they want is they want to feel like they ve dropped in to a trip or a journey or whatever, and can come in all kinds of styles and forms, but I think, come you know,
I ve, always felt like, even though their sort of a certain kind of Anwar Al Confidential period. Via to this, that I thought as much about movies like rain man or forest gum bore, because I think that sometimes we you have an underdog that you can route for Wednesday when, when you route for someone not not despite the affliction that they have, but because of the affliction they have it. If you feel that kind of empathy write it, beginning you're you're kind of like I'm undisguised side watching M navigate the world? You had the pleasure of the whole thing and, though, and in a way the the point you know it makes me did that in a way, empathy, the whole pole of the whole thing. In a lot of ways you can. You can take people almost anywhere if their body into that yeah. You know what I mean an arm and I think that to me
In the end, I sort of I feel like a part of what times music what I wanted to speak at all of it. I think that in the thing is that in in difficult times in times where you feel in a weird way, like the power structures, are oppressive or are antagonistic to, like Hume, humanity idea of caring about each other. It tar those the hardest times to get up out of your own shit and say I'm going to act right. But I think- and I think, when someone when you set up, through whose affliction is, is more extreme that our own, but we see we see in it that feeling of feeling. Exhausted and lonely and not on being understood, and all of it, if that character, can rise and in a way muscle himself up.
More heroic than you kind of feel like, maybe I can too sure, and I mean- and I think the the choice to do the narration, which is basically his internal monologue without the two rats. I thought was a really interesting choice because you're seeing your he undressed how he feels and then seeing him try to navigate that and an act on their eyes. There's this internal impression oppression. That is, very analogous to what's going on in the city with the neighborhoods and its intimacy, isn't it I mean, I think, in a weird way, even when you we're gonna character, whom me I mean one called a villain, but who might the best characters are the ones we we we and we we get them in an emphatic way. I think, what's actually quite brilliant about Alec Baldwin's performance in this.
Playing in many ways, kind of Darth Vader life. But I bet I need a person of legitimate powers and talents and unique he's. Not so we will have sort of cot applications of our current Insane clam president, but the, but I think, would be the truth is discouraged based on on people who really existed in the fifties her, and he sees a genius he's, an actual he's, a genius, a Jedi night of of thinking about how. You actually do things like build cities, but he has gone to the dark side, shirt some ways, and yet, what's so great about Alec, is it's that same thing that we loved and Glengarry gone wrong? It's like he's a he's, a he's? U no, legally intimidating by there's a charm in it, there's a seduction.
To his intelligence, that port that pose you into a place where you gonna go, I am frightened of what this guy represents, but he's also saying things that event, but I did get inside the head and you sure go there's a point. There's a there's, a point in this it'd it's dark and it ended. Brutal body as a logic that that almost This is me, you know alien right and on, and I think that that so I think, if you can, it can make an audience sort of sea themselves inside the story if they can, if it can see away to empathize in many ways it after that you're a rethink about, I is really fight forest come you know it's real
The aircraft is, in my opinion, one of the great Moderns screenwriters, and he we tend to reduce their movie to life, is like a box. Long live anywhere. I know I'm not a smart man, but I know what love is. You know what I mean is that its sortie gets reduced cities like little summit are you sure, you're right, but movie that Moody is very much about America descending into into an unkindness. It's it's about that movie that, with the movies about like America, descending into the tumult of the sixties, right the war she's been abused by her father. You know molested by her father. She gets AIDS, it's really about the country tearing itself apart. But he prevails because he's kind because he focuses on love right. But you forget, you forget how dark that movie is behind him. You know I mean.
The distillation of it. Is you don't get a nobody says like nobody, nereids the plot before us come? They vary the journey through it with him and they take away the east the ascent, message of empathy growing I mean- and I think that that you know I hope in in a different way this. I really believe in those kinds of characters. I think the heightened characters who are in a way there not date. They almost seem hyper real there there, like extreme, but but people can still identify their own characteristics. Will surely in the benefit of those characters, are not you know so by areas like pure evil or pure good. You know it's like a you, you know you. To know that Anakin Skywalker still has good in him round were yet or to understand, like hey this person, sucks they're doing a shitty, but then see like. Oh, ok. Well, this series of things open to them and given those
Set of circumstances of a higher percentage of people use because after Burma we went to the premier, Maleficent, which is entirely about that which is entirely about this, is a character that you know, store ugly in the old. Retailing was like this character, is evil and then the Dave, essentially humanised or and tried to give you the sense, like here, why she's in trying to- and so it's funny We are now in our culture like trying to link, understand and give depth and maybe empathy- and I hope that its- I hope the grand plot for humanity is ultimately to become more emphatic, but I think your movie, I noticed a thread, recurring thread of loyalty, every piece of that movie revolves around some loyalty, whether your loyalty to Bruce witnesses character, the good, the detective agents, within their loyalty, Alex characters their loyalty.
The foe like everyone, it's all about like and credible we'll talk about. It is about the movie and stepping away rigour sets of like when is it the difference between? looking out for yourself, but then also not being too selfish, so that Europe supporting your friends versus the moments where it's like or your neck. I just totally fucked everyone overnight. They were supposed to be friends there's a lot about friendship and loyalty and their yeah, I and I think, come you're you're right, and I think that to me- I I I I hope in this there, so that there is a weak woven through it is this question of of of who do we want to be in a way. Do we want to be
do we want a like, be maximizing power and MAX is, as Alec Baldwin says, is: is the maximization of power of of the drive to get things done. A greater value than taking care of each other or or vice versa. You know, and- and you can rush you can say in many cases- you can say that that there's a legitimate argument for for the idea that you need people with a kind of tough minded vision to move society through hard transitions like New York going from a nineteenth century city to him,
turn sitting, who and sort of the old out and you gonna break a few eggs right, an end there, and there is an argument for business meant that people with the capacity to do bold things and to see the end game are needed. You know what I mean that we did. The democratic conversation has the capacity to biogas downright, but at what point? Does that Tipp over into power? expressed in in ways that are to brutal sure to brutal and how much of it are we willing to take, and I mean it's hard not to point at movies like Chinatown like you, you don't Chinatown like the great question is how much is enough. You know he he says to John used, in that case, you're you're slowly realizing Sonny Allay
really really dirty affectionate going on it. At the mood of the whole town is being built on a crime bright and and that the people who committed those crimes molested their daughters like that you're not write a dark. It's a dark pulling back of the you pull back the corner on the sunny amid the caliph you have your can dreams and says. Well, lo and behold, there's there's a lot underneath. The story- that's pretty pretty dark, but I think I m, I gonna think like the detective. The detective in a way stands in for a lot of us. Saying, like you know, hey, I'm no moralist, but hang on the second? How much is this? Do you expect us to up with round. I mean that that is an alike, even even oh god, even sort of what we call them more cynical kind of gum shoes. There is this. Always get the sensation, their floating, their floating in the shadows, their floating in the
underbelly of. What's going on in the lot always therein for above Darien it four things. By the end, their sort of going like you. Pissed me off my mind. That's why that's, but that's why. I think it is a very american form, because I think Americans see themselves in that character in that thing of going hey we get it and we're we're capitalist sure in this, but had but give. But you you'd, you Utah pull the wool over our eyes or you go too far right and we're gonna say yeah you're go on you stop murder again exactly that were by the way in, like you, Nicholson, enchant down it sort of like it's like you know you you're gonna, you're gonna ruin things for other people to get more. You ve already got a lot. You know what I mean and that's that sort of american thing to say sure hold on yellow
We don't do that. We're we're a lot of things, but we're not we're not. You know and Aristotle really well, but also its that it's kind of that dividing line between how much of this is for people and how much of this is for you right, you guys, like I went to consider its hiding behind its progress. You know central park wouldn't have been. You know. What are you going right away like way, but then what are you stand to gain from this to re write, and I think I mean look- I I think one one of the films that, as I was in college, coming When's blankly, as do the right thing came out. I remember thinking it. It is really a kind of rewrote my almost like my aspiration of like what
what movies does when it takes on I'm that movie, obviously just took head on the whole conversation about race in ways that no one was saying those things mainstream movie route, but the most, but the thing to me was it. It said it had this It tells this story and then, at the end, it literally has a quote from Martin Luther King, in a quote from Malcolm X and they're, both different interpretations of what you take away from these challenges, and it was literally like you like over to you. You know I an answer in this, for you re appointment in front of you. We gotta think about this. We have to think about that evening. That's a rather rare thing. I think I think a lotta alot of films, Willem Fraud,
Hence in purposes Del hand you as an exit appeal sort of pretend to mess with you, but they all kind of want to make sure you feel all right in the right road, and I think I am, I think, the ones that the ones that end up putting a question in your lab about since, like how. How much should we take before we in my in this case, I thinks we're saying what Do you think we know about these these? This debate that, under this right right most important thing, is in in a lot of ways. You gotta have fun along the way and even do even do they do the right thing. The music to acting the way he shut up Tom, you know you yes like a hypnosis. You just go along you're, going along with that and you're getting is very nourishing like set of social questions, but
in a way that you're laughing and you know- and I and I think, come the thing I I think whenever people have taken on with its Chinatown early confidential, I I love I've we love the drift of those comes when they dont when they dont lean into what I'd call like tongue in cheek cliche when they say nano like these were gutsy times with real, like you know, grown up characters in them. I think I think people like to go on those drifts like through a credible version of a kind of a time when things had a certain. You know a different patina to him. I mean I do often think about How do you know you get to the end of who framed Roger Ravin? You go the good guys one and then you go wait a minute
freeways everywhere and no red car anymore. They didn't backing anyway, yadda yadda, yadda and and nobody stop them from stealing the Owens River Valley, water, you're getting the San Fernando Valley like nobody, nobody stop them from ripping down, broken neighbourhood on maybe there. Maybe there is a better way and just asking the question is: maybe there's a bedroom because it from what I say what I believe- know about you is that did your grandparents start a low income housing organization and, like my grandfather on why I worked for I worked for him in New York for three years. I was out of college, he he was kind and he was essentially the antithesis. Of Alec Baldwin's character in this, he was a very he was. He was we're like willing, defers character. He was a real humanist, idealist and actually
some of the things we wonderful says we're things. My grandfather said in speeches like his line about two to serve people. You have to love. People write an aunt em and something he used to say and the heat he was a famous in its own right as a huge Canada. A grew to progressive urban developers and thinkers about city planning, and he was very very involved. He was a commercial developer, but then you ve got very, very involved in in the challenge of of of of the lack of affordable housing. And how do you mean
beyond these centrally slum, these things that we built notional IE to solve the problem of of low income housing that put that became slums. Do you know how do you? How do you rebuild neighbourhoods and end this organization he built enterprise community partners is, is now is the largest stir developer of affordable with one large it offers a formal housing in the country now, so he is so. This was very deep for me. It was he he inspired totally my interest in in those histories, those deep the deep history of corruption and supportive of them damage that was done
there were still dealing with because in a lot of ways, the things my grandfather was working to try to rectify were the wreckage of what was done in the fifties that he tried to waive the flag about along with many others. But, and so I there there's there's a lot in it. There was some my her my Tippit a hat to the work he did and stuff like tat, but Tom he met. He met the character that out. Bobbins character is semi based on wooden through Robert Moses and in the sixties, and he apparently he came out of meeting him and said that one, the most dangerous man in America, he really was he was really shaken by by meeting him. So that was very much in my head, while it is also the idea that, because our citizens, we think of we think of villains and you think of the region-
evader case. It's like you know, Darth Vader caught like you, he's very apparent who he is and what he is. But it's the idea. That you know that there are people who have figured out that They don't care about money, they don't care about attention. They have just figured out how to quietly full themselves into the system and entire together. In a no in a malevolent way. Tonight, be noticed like that's. What's that's what scary? Absolutely I think I mean like the politics of it pushed aside for saying, if you just look simply like when everybody in the network of power that the Cook brothers built outside of any you're, always they hold elected office up and for a long long time, people realise what they were doing you don't do it took a long time for people to grasp that amount of power they had assembled in many ways
but a power that was utterly dominating the notional democratic political system. Right and- and I think I m rewrite reshaping it, and I think that that is very much a theme in this that there is. It did not not seeing things as they are not seen not seeing where power is held or Wilma Foes or in the film says. You know everyone's walkin around com is hindu cows. Thinking we in a democracy, so what could possibly go wrong? You know, and I think that that notion that to me that parliament not to economic growth, was what s great about new are like the idea of nor in film. Is it's kind of this thing saying we better? We better pay attention if we get complacent some very dark shit will get done right now, we're not looking piano its eggs, one guy who just happens to be street level kind of poking around
and the old, like seemingly one of the few people asking questions ass like way, wait a minute, that's weird! What about some years this guy's name only Allison by these people are very upset, but no one knows I am you know right. This is out of the way things are going but- and I think that's why, like the detective in these things, stands for us, that's why we we like the Nicholson like why does Nicholson, do anything that he does in China just get. Someone played him, someone plays in the beginning there they pretend to be when they hire emanate. They made him look bad and it just doesn't like it. He just doesn't like it, and he says you know like some of them play me and I don't you know I don't like anyway. That's us we'd on where we will we'll go along happily until we feel like you're, trying to place for sucker you doing, and I and I like that in this case I think, look everything
You do you, you try to bend it through yourself in a way, and in this case to me, like I'm, like Nook nickel, bogart- is vulgar right like nobody's bugger right and Nicholson is Nicholson like no day people have qualities as accurate anything for me. What what made me pull toward this heat he sort of the anti hero version of the detective, like the terrific guy who you know. If, if, if Nicholson's detective, It's a blonde in a bar he's he's got a great line. You always gotta great line. Mine mine, I think, like camp light, her cigarette because he compulsively canst not blowing it out and and that you know that's more, my sweet, despite the got the guy who's sort of smart on the inside,
it also has a duality or is afflicted was felt more might like my version of it. How do you? How do you like? How do you pick? What you do is it is it? Is it is it just a gut feeling or did someone go hey Edward the thing to do this Ok, I like these people. Sure I mean. Is it not, and I really like Maybe- and you know it if you're really a key as an actor nick. You start getting you yet. The freedom to choose, which is that alone, is a rare gift for an actor in the beginning. I think I mean honestly like, like you, know, I made the people verses. Larry Flynn he's like Mulish Foreman was one of my idols redirected. One flow the cookies nesting Amadeus and I honestly would have gone and worked as like
an assistant to him on a film seasick, I'm not sure Where he's going with this story precisely, but I dont care ride like I want to watch him. Do his work be a part of whatever he does other times. People say we're gonna make a poker movie, ah, an end it, and these people are gonna, be in it. And you were to go to those people who, in the last great poker movie that was ever made. But it's really a genre play you go yet. Let's do that. Lets like let's go for this gopher. You know almost like a type of thing right, people as a non, I think more and more these days, I think either I sort of one.
You know if, if another hundred in Europe do who have known long time, think what is one of the great modern filmmakers unease and one night at midnight, you get a text saying we read this bird man and you finish it it at too. You know you're pushing her things to decide and figuring it right and you're gonna. Do that because that's like a gift drop from Heaven and you sort of say, like one of the greatest ones, a script I laughed at and marvelled at all. The way through,
since the easiest thing in the world, but in a way I think I'm happy to wait for those. Maybe then I was in the past when I was more interested in sorting trying out types of films. If that sense, and in the meantime I think you know something like motherless Brooklyn it initially, it was agree. It was a greedy impulsive like war. This is pure greedy. Acted like this. Is this characters hard? It's kind of the thing, thy love the most? It's in my it it's the thing is, I think I think I understand but then another thing kicked in eventually not right away, but you know, like I think I was very affected by things like Reds Warren Babies, great fun loud in oaks, american Socialist Straight,
and he will come you though he was a good one because movie stars in the world and he goes and rights directs produced, produces and acts in a three hour in fifteen minute movie about american Socialists that at the time I know directly from him, everyone said you're gonna shhh everything every chip you ve got is going down on this one. No one wants to see this movie you're crazy, but to help. But for him you know he was inspired by Orson Welles who he had known and he was like what the hell is all this worth. If I don't take a big swing at the things that interest me right at the end and lo and behold, let you know that I think that's one of the great thumbs about America made in the seventies well over over that an end, and I look at it and go even dances with wolves or unforgiving, or you know that there are certain film,
You look out and you go. This period is an actor they they done it for what they felt very deeply about a certain thing in the news in there we'll house, and they just did it and and and with this one I really felt like, like you know what It kills it's scary and away, but but a certain when you're like. Why not I have heard you didn't you wanna these. You know absolutely, but I also I don't know why The business is different now, where back then I feel like there were fewer opportunities you know, and if in an actor like that, could take a big step. And if it whiffs, then it was like. You know there were only a couple of studios as like will. Nor was it touch that I just don't think I dont it doesn't feel like This is really the same thing anymore, because there are so many platforms, so many people is formulated through that an end like the worst thing sort of how I mean like ok,
well. If someone makes a thing and not a ton of people see it that's what does it mean that its faith? You know like it because there's just so many different ways to appreciate in so many different things can have a second life on streaming. So it's it's just not o another. I mean long before the streaming came in the next I mean you know like with, like. I don't think I've worked on some thing. Those passion about in the late nine american history Ex my friend David, and I that was our baby and he wrote it and we re wrote at night. We put that together, and that is something we wanted to do. You know and we we made that very down and dirty and we felt very passion about it, but it was a very guerrilla experience and it's not like you made a lot if it did much better in Europe when it came out than it did in the states who, eventually and or initially rather any anything you like the life of that, though the long
long tail of that one was its anyone. It was satisfying it was. It was incredibly revealing as an experience because you just suddenly and that no these are still blockbuster and kept popping up in the top ten rentals blockbuster in there you know it stayed in the dialogue. Way that you realise, while this did the measure of the success of this is not in the slightest how it did at the Box office, it's that it became an off. It became like a fairly we know what the right word is it is. It entered the conversation and stayed there as a thing people pointed to an emblematic of of certain diner you know, that's what we wanted right and then we the next year we made fight club and- and I think a group of people has ever felt more leg-
I'll be in on a thing together that we were like doing something that was about us and for our friends and and we got you know we got torch that came out really it was. You know it was considered a big flop. At the box office we got booted the Venice Film Festival. And I m no end, and in the end that I mean the people look back in that kind of credit it with a week at least fifty percent of the reviews, weren't even just negative. They were they were excoriated us. I mean they were like really like you know. I mean there was one thing thing this: this is his anti american. Anti Cinema and Anti god I've. You know what it was like, because I think that an end it was and it you know, I think There is a measure of its did stung. It was sort of like
you realize is actually we ve done a thing. We stuck a fork in pre hard. We think it's funny, but but in a way, looking back of like will, what did we expect and in a way I think Fincher got round to the place where he was like hey if some p I hadn't been pissed off. Then we didn't go far enough. You know what I mean than than weakening go far enough, but it still sort o rattles you in long tail, though you sort of realise this thing formed, own conversation, of course, people that it was intended for, and you get a sort of this you get a sort of this sense of hey, wait a second. Maybe this gives you the confidence in the future to say: don't don't do too now to now
That short term. You know the short term volatility lily becomes from a thing and and play for play for what you think. You know you're going for an and give it time and to your point, people people get to it now easier and more broadly than ever, Really I mean it does, and it I had no idea about any of that, but even just in sort of time letters and welcoming perhaps he spanked, perhaps my wife's great grandfather. Suppress really movie for a long time. He was yes based on him, and he, but I'm not saying it's great when some when someone like Crusher something down its incredibly painful. However, because been crushed down twenty years. It started appearing on television when they needed for television and people realize, oh, my god. This
hidden. Germ of this is one of this is the greatest problem all time and they just one. Yet, if you weren't, you know it wasn't a financial success to be fair, it was you know? It was nominated for cadmium words, filmmakers, filmmakers, very quickly, and very soon. After with that, film recognised, this sort of us, astonishing or death, did of its filmmaking, Google, you know what I mean that people in the you could say whatever they want, and there was people you know, knocking it yeah sort of further, like you said in her stories about him, he was even trying to suppress it, but it also some people. Thought, it was like to talking too long and an end to weird yearly. Did some people just did it wasn't didn't feel like a display were ready for the lack of a mainstream film in nineteen. Forty one right, but filmmakers were very quick.
Looking at it and going look at these look at these shots. Look at these cross fades. Look at the audacity of this twenty five year old guy playing a man through to his is death and ended the the unapologetic intelligence of that text. It's it's a it's a we leave. For God it was twenty four. He was twenty five. I mean it. It's like Springsteen doing, born to run when he was twenty. Five of us, like a really is like it is it's mine, blowing and what's funny as you look back on it, there's things about it: better, luck, technically, lumpy in some ways, but but it's you talk about a big swing. It's just a big swing. It's like a person going, let's. Let's talk about this country, he really was saying: let's talk about this country and let's talk about our character like what what what makes us and then what
What on makes us right? I mean what what is like. Good about our our Spirit and our audacity and then how does it turn against itself? You make something you know, and it is like an fight clubs case to maybe it just took a little bit of time for society to catch up, What it was saying and then go. Oh I mean I I dont remember ever liking that movie or having friends who are like on my God is the fuckin coolest and also its spawned. I'm a barrister, I'm telling you this, but it I had this. I do like to apply the fight club filter to a lot of other things before instance. I don't believe that in Ferris Bueller's day off, I believe Cameron
that's Ferris is Cameron's Tyler Durden. I do not believe that Ferris be other exists, and I think you may imagine them. I believe that Cameron who's this just like Hypochondriac, completely oppressive father. You know, like hates his life needed someone to help him break out of this box that he was given, and you know, and a very sort of capitalist Box dad's got that fucking Ferrari can, and I think that I think that Ferris is an extension of his mind. I'm not your mind with another one that we talked about a lot,
We we talked about the while making it. We talked about the dawning awareness. We had that like fight club is the graduate it's. The same story is the graduate this person entering adult life. You know in the graduate its plastics reign in this. It's the life is in itself but MRS Robinson, who is Tyler, Durden Kinds comes along and says. Let's put the middle finger up to everything your parents said you were supposed to do Let's do something very dark nihilistic and by the way, in the graduate he even get set up Elaine Robinson, but he's already begun. This sort of dark you know: middle finger, acts of rebellion with Russia's Robinson right. He got he goes and tree
Elaine Robinson Marilla, up very badly right, Elaine Robin it is down about Carter's, raised here He sees his female, the EAST the girl he really should be linking up with him, but he ridden egos black right and any goes out with MRS Robinson Tyler Durden until it gets to destructive and dark, and then he goes crazy and goes chasing after the lane yard Marla until he does a completely insane thing at the very. And and kind of links up with her just in time for you to fade to black going what the hell did right. It's exactly the exact same and also similarly, maybe a little here the mud too. Yes, yes, interesting, but although that ends in a much yes,
after what he said, better bittersweet bittersweet. All these things said you know, I dont want to wait. Twenty years from people, sit, still go to the theatre on November wine at sea, motherless broken because I'm actually I can say this now- can be anything for a grown up. Human being not weakened, it's weird, I looked, there's there's like theirs and there is very little you know that just sort of like a happy avenue. I neither will I mean I think, November First Young, in New York and allay, I think money. Say the movie, the Irishman, we'll be in New York and allay, but that's gonna be on Netflix about you know a bit then I later right, reverie and a half hours left right left right itself right, you know it's, oh yeah. I I think we could have to your point like there's a lot of ways getting don't you could
de Mello is broken as a limited series you could do. It is, I think, but I like I just kind of felt like I feel like these films that a lot of us have not just me, Chinatown or or you know, Ellie Confidential. They We don't get them that often and every now, and then I think people like to return to that not too often, but I think I think, when one comes along that it's like that great actors in its, in its shoes and it's really it's one of those things is not as romantic per se, but it's the it's it's. The kind of thing that always to me was romantic about going to the movies was the cup acid eater remake. I lay in the thirties and drift with that great team from Chinatown or that great soundtrack familiar confidential. You know
and to kind of feel like wow? This is not people playing. This doesn't feel like people by dress up like arrive on through the portal and into that era. There's no wink winked, there's no tongue in cheek about it, a man. Is this cool? You know what I mean I does their debts hard. Those are hard and, I think, come. I felt like we all felt like. Let's try to make one of these old fashioned wave and then in the movie, theater and good in two hours. You know, like the limited series, the ice. I still think we haven't fully figured out the limited series yet because it's like these ten episode, arcs others like her right up a sound three six, eight and those the episodes where they clearly had to save some budget. There is a lot of talking because they just had to make ten episodes. You know that really was like this could have for any the ads you know? So I think I think the story is perfect in that
as long as it needs to be a you know. I hope so I I think you lose you you. You know you have to: u have to just sort of do these things and at a certain point, by. You you lose you can't even you can you can you can only gain it so much you you just have to make the thing as close to the thing that was in your head, is you can add an sit back and sort of hope that the the rhythm of it and that, whatever the dialogue, the cast the music that it did it works, is magic. Directing yourself at the same time which to me, I was just talking to link bell about this yesterday. She does, it see, did the same thing my, how do you not how? How do you set
rate and okay. Now, I'm an actor mode. Now I have to step out of this moment that I was in where I have to be fully present and then think big picture again, because you know like what's not it's not. The greatest situation is the answer it it both jobs are in both jobs are in opposition to the needs of the other job. You know I mean
and unlike actors, actors do an important thing together on movies witches. There's a lot of distraction all around the very technical process. You you know the act that the space between action and cut where actors do there there their work is, is like ten percent of the day, with no ten ninety percent days, technically figuring out and setting up an executing on the shots and actors sort of, I think, create an and hold a bubble of concentration for each other. They they help keep each other
much as possible in the head space, where you're, not thinking about all that in your kind of in their together. I do know sustaining the make believe right, but when, when one of you is, is ping palming out of that that not a great thing, and that was my. My anxiety was less about directing myself, because I knew I could do my property, soon as an actor and get longer, and also frankly, I know I'm gonna cut the movie, so I can kind of like throw a lot of stuff against the wall and know that I'm not just give the performance but sculpted later right. So I trust myself, you do you're. Also, like you know, when you're in a scene with William to foe, whose really great in this by the way and but then you gotta, go ok cut Kay so can you just you know like well that that? No that's your right, that's! The thing I was most concerned about is what the impact was. The impact on my fellow actors safely like how does that feed
How does that mess with it? How do I want to do that, though? The easiest they are the best way to head against that is to get actors who are real, what I would call trade craft prose like people who have done so her who know how to come in with their own people that's very fully realised in some sense and who honestly, I sort of trust and expect are gonna, not my socks off from who, like which may sound for glib. But I just didn't put anyone in this movie who I didn't have a high degree of confidence was gonna was gonna supply, surprise me, but who is going to make me keep up with their level of game? You know, and many of them I've known a long time for a Babby, Canada and I came up together doubts. I did America's shakes with eastern supply. I did plays with dolls Roberts, so the guy
the guys in our crew in the movie the detective agency, I've not all of those guys over twenty years, and and you get a shorthand together and you you, you fall into it. You know, and that helps or you get legends like willing to follow. You know, or people like Alec Baldwin, who Alex's Shakespearian, He has a command of language that so phenomenon that you can give him. These enormous, like soliloquy, is almost and he just Russia's them like he does not need he didn't needle guidance. You just have to like. Let him run and and and he's is really really a great dramatic actor The fighting is people like well, you know like to think of doing trump hunting frizzle. What I think what he's doing is from is agreed, serve as he eat. You know, there's nothing that that bullies hate more than being then being marked or or or
there's nothing that gets under their citizens. More personnel has done exactly ever forever. That's what they do, but but but he's in their doing something, that's important, which is which is you know that there is a kind of that's how you speak truth. That's one way you you, you cut power down to size. Is you you you make fun of it? You know what I mean and and and and you know something like in amerika- we can do that like we as an old can market democratic candidates and the prick current president and all these things and nobody's gonna get trouble right. That's that's! That's like one thing you can say about the United States still can't say in Russia or in China-
or in a lot of places, people get in big trouble for any kind of challenge to power right, and I think that's a great thing, but I also think Alec among my crowd of actors, informers, psych, Glengarry, Glenn Ross. You know like put that coffee down coffees foreclosures only like that is canonical with us. It's like PETE that Alex capacity to have that that darker side of these things that the bully, the really into he's, got a lethal capacity for intimidation and an hefty, no a real, a real have an eye, and, I think, gum. It was very exciting to work with him in that year because he's just just terrifically the autonomy. He's he's not a kid. You know he's got like that thing that those old world like Luigi COM,
then, on the waterfront twelve angry man you're like it's like Jean Hackmen, you not, I mean like people with real, like put you back in the in the back, your seat kind of force. You know, and I loved I loved getting to work with him and I in that incarnation I'm curious because it feels like you from early by the way I remember auditioning for price. Fear when allowing actually audition for stuff- and I was really whereas there was like Edward not was cast. Two thousand actors, as I was one of the two thousand, but where they told me the right choice, but that movie I mean we're. U I feel like that was an immediate all this guy's famous now like everyone knows who he is and I seem to remember back then that it wasn't like that part of it wasn't stuff that it seem like you'd work, really produced by all that stuff, that you wanted to just kind of be normal and not, and so how the young actor when present
did with like the keys to Hollywood in the keys to fame and stuff go. I just don't think most. We will be like you know what and I want to just focus on work, and I don't really, you must have been pretty. By people like all you shouldn't, you know, I mean there's that there's that there's that there's a dimension of the super easy which is like people start showing up with serial killers groups- and you like Pope you're like please like, like the line, but nobody nobody's that you know anything, but if I can be twenty years before I saw I rise, but allow me won't you William herds. I'll bet, you know at least let Gimme a while before a framework who still rival now exactly honestly, though,.
Some of it was again in its is luck. I look in having good mentors, I mean I think, gum you know I was. I was working on people verses, Larry Flint, when prime of your came out and as we would want my idols, like you know, Milos Foreman and like one of the great director of all time, I think, like almost more Oscar nominations, furs Arms than anyone director in history at that time and just a great human being in a great mentor- and I was so in that experience that it was sort of like the does film came out and like did it do well at it, and we will again it's it's too, a great, ok, great great, but you, when you're down and in the work and into the next thing, is the best strategy as the best antidote to sort of all that noise away and and I've can I've always found that that I've always done that, focusing on the thing going forward
is both the best place to be, but in a weird way, whenever anyone saying that you know, could go your head or whatever. I don't know if you feel this, but I always feel at the beginning of the next thing. There's no building your confidence like you, you it's like a ray. It's like it's like a job where you, the you, learn things, but still the reset each time leaves you add. Essentially I don't. I don't know what the hell I'm doing at the start of this, and I you like ok, I've got my true connected, but every single time I go through a phase of going. I don't know how to do. I don't know
for this. I don't aware this is yet and- and I always have a moment always not even just that- sometimes I feel like I Haven'T- found it and we're starting whenever I'm starting on a film the first week. I think going. Could take away my life, but I gotta gonna com and they're gonna, see through my faker fakery,
has the syndrome, yet everybody's got if the ivy, but and even when I'm down in it. I just think that, like the work itself, the work itself is the best way to hum too humble yourself and keep yourself like on your toes and I think the others. The other thing is, is in a way like just to you know that if you keep you, if you fine, if you're lucky enough to look at things and go that I'm I'm not entirely sure like I'm, the best and for that or that's. That seems very. That seems like that, if I get that wrong go very badly, you know it is like there's no in between this. Is this either either make this work or
or it's a career, and by that I mean that any of you have that sensation. I think that also puts you in sort of the it's not like so who's a policeman and really takes rest. You no risk every day, but you feel if you feel that you're you're you're putting up his own. We're failure is possible in that said, then it's a great sincere Ultimately it is sensation. That's invigorating- and I think people in a sort of forget- I I don't know. It helps me in a weird way to tune in to talk about reading about Orson Welles or you talk to. If you talk to warn baby about like what was making read like or anybody, you realize that, like he project backwards like well. That must have been like amazing to make a classic, though my god and you realize that it felt entirely half baked for those people its revision,
history shirt when we go, how great that must have been, because they're like there are sensation. Was it was such a bit to get made? No one wanted to do it. We were over schedule. I thought this is the end of every thing. People are telling me it's the if everything- and I don't mean an end- those when I actually try to marinate in those things it's helpful because it it reminds you that most of the best things that you have seen that inspired. You had the sensation of of risk feeling half baked and that's great yeah, but it's also so I mean the thing that so weird and scare, but all that is of course you have those words words like oh you made red or of fight club worked out there.
Sure you know, but then there is also a lot of things that people make words like there that saved sensation it and worked out, and so how do you know when you're fighting when you're fighting for something that is really real and authentic or it's like? Or is this my ego like? I don't know you, don't you you you don't know I mean I think there has to be a. There has to be something like I'm getting. The biggest trap is to choose a paycheck re like ivy betrays a paycheck. You you, that's the easiest way to get into a situation where you you,
actual values creatively are up against rhenish scenery that there can create. You know friction. I think I think, having a good reason to do. A thing is good enough and- and you dont know if it's can fly but but having a good reason to do. It is good. I think that you know I was even reading you. As you know, about the friends. Cobler was talking about like making apocalypse now which like when I was making this movie, I mean which is a yellow this from six to seven tourism demons written, I was like I was like
it was Warner brothers who was trying to be able to say, is shorter than stars born right. I think that I decided to go so like your short, a giant, but I got everything you want those easy things right, but even though you you know, that's not really, wouldn't you, but he should care about. But I am I found myself. I felt myself like going back in trying to give myself confidence, watching films that move at a at what some people might call a careful pace or that take their time just to remind myself here and there look the film I love and that's how it actually feels don't. Listen. Other people grateful that we all love for you know it's not just the godfather it over three hours, but I was watching Apocalypse now right and an apocalypse now, if not just that it holds up
actually think it's better today at my age, watching it knowing what I know them I've? Actually it's better than I even understood thirty years ago it every transition, it's the best voice over the music is so great. What it's about is so great it has one of the interior monologue of it, the photography, the acting the shots. I can't get over that film it it. It says it, and yet you read this interview, copper and he's like. Not like forget that they were like a hundred days, oversight and all the more that the culture the culture set. The whole town had said to him
on, releasing all he was cutting the movie and people were saying it's unbelievable and he says I ISA so saying to myself. How are they saying it? I'm not done what it is. It is affecting the way I'm looking at the movie right and finally, he just was like there the end and this, and he D already realised it
it put it taken debt to make it and their interest rate in seventy seven was twenty. Five percent are like you, I gotta like willing supervise. We think we're tough, like those were up you're like letting the Peseta hilcrest like did that even actually happened right and others like, unlike any using my I could. I lost my whole ease like that is house. You know I mean, and then AEGIS was like. I just have to get out from under this conversation. Knee shows the movie unfinished at can and it like wins the palm door. But but even then, he said he's like clawing back the room to actually just finish this film and you go you. If that's, what happened to Apocalypse now take it helps you tough in your skin. I mean it her. It helps you tough in your skin and sort of just just to proceed in a step by step, to try to
people be their own judge. Will if you're gonna meet again. If you're gonna go down, you know like, isn't it better? I didn't think it's better you kind of go out swinging on your own terms. Verses! You don't like it agent Lawson was like Edward. You gotta. Do this the NGO I dont really feel good about. They are now you gotta do is get a huge and then it tanks, yeah you're, like God, dammit I fucking, knew it didn't listen. I got you know, at least, if your kind of going out on your own terms, you can kind of. Like you know what I hear he's took the I took the swing, the two great documentaries. Precisely about Dylan there's the original when he made the take over hours, long no direction home, but there is also this new wonder about the rolling thunder tour and
and when you there's one great moment, there's always stuff, they revealed the terror in this document that is sort of a joke. They, if they ve made some made up stuff, which I thought was genius, but there's some stuff. It are true and talking to him now and you watch it now, and you just going to look at him Tom. Your can. I were talking about it while work and amusing he was. I can be seen this, these performances on his tour and seventy five were the most punk rock thing. He's he's like playing his folk sounds like the like Pencroft sons, like with so much more anger in transit, taking these things that were beloved in culture and saying it did not work and do it another way and you watch these performances book you make up ahead, it sought their so intense and so great and you realize, like
I've, never seen these never heard this and there talking to have now insane will what was what was the outcome and he goes there. You know nothing. You know the euro no rip ashes. The whole thing went to ashes. I like that is like basically saying it was a failure writing on hidden and you're like going but wait a minute. We look look, look it by its credible, but I love that you, don't he any always like a person. The like here, it is in a move on moving over here. By the time you ve rendered any judgment on the thing I've done. I have left it well now move on to something else, and but I mean, of course, that people again, I think people like that data will do but Gabert, but when you pay attention to it,
Two people who really really have, just, as you said they shut down those other voices and move forward with, what's authentic, too damn you use, you realize, like that's, that's pretty much a correct, mystic of the people we tend to end up admiring normal. That's all! That's all! That's all you can do, because you can't control of people going to like something now, twenty years from now or whatever, and if you you know, if you were able to resolve then go and be like look. People like you be like what the thought you know like now, so you you just can't leave I think if you are able to save yourself, you know what external measures for successor, our passer or fail whatever that is, I still What I wanted to do- and I'm still doing that- I think that's really the
that's kind of if you could be left with that. That's not a terrible thing. Now I mean specially not when Europe, when you're getting paid They dress up. You know I I mean I mean I I have these moments where I'm like, whenever it gets sort of winds, whatever that win versions of pressure that come on us while we're doing these things going, it sometimes very helpful to just literally have your mantra b. I play I play: dress up and pretend to be other people live in, like how seriously can I take you myself or this or or anything else, it's good. I think, to kind of go the negative consequences here. In the worst case scenario,
are not right, o bad, yet so I'll have to play, dress up, maybe once or twice that's not my favorite kind of dress up, but then I'll get the dress up on the only thing I like it, I only but that's a healthy perspective. Oh and I don't I don't want you always had that if that just sort of now with wisdom. I mean that the funny thing about any anything creative is silly in a way, but you have to take it seriously like, like. You know, if you like that ITALY is like the volume of novels written. The volume of records,
people make and put out the amount of stuff. That's on your Netflix Q alone. You know, I mean like if you, if you, when you start to contemplate when you start to contemplate how these things that you throw yourself into become small, drops in a bucket of enormous amounts of creative out, some of which is also wrapped in this kind of a business model. Context in you know you you can it's? U can get. You can humble yourself pretty quickly when you realise that lake There's just an awful lot of stuff out: there are going to do about those who have physical form anymore, yeah, yeah, it's like yeah, it's just a phantom young, and I think that- and I think it and yet
the yen, and Yang of that is like. If you don't, if you're gonna bother holding onto the conviction, there's some value in people connecting with each other through music in You know stories in whatever. Then you have to go out. It seriously writing, because, because I think there is it, you can't it, you can't fail to observe that these days, especially there's a lot of there's a lot of hype, corn syrup being handed to Us- that he saluted is essentially asking us- it's offering us the wall e version of of being an audience or its offering us the lay back and let us just like turning.
No a vegetable passivity, their job right, but I don't think anybody. I don't think anybody points to those experiences as the things they made them. Feel connected to anybody else feel emotional who understand
Their own emotions better understand. Other people better understand their country, better. Anything that anyone points to the goes that just I just wept at the recognition of myself in that or I laughed cause man. That's us like or or shit I we debated at all night at dinner. All of what I would call active, active engagement with stuff comes from people doing stuff. That's that's a little more serious in its in ten it it. It's more eclectic is more personal, and I think- and I do think like you Hopefully, hopefully, people want some, you know nourishing food along with the junk food ballots on me like, yet I shall foods great. It's feels great, a chubby here
marshmallows into your mouth you, but if you just subsystem, marshmallows you're gonna go blind from sugar poisoned like you can't Joe, it does need, it does need to be about. Yet we just have to remind ourselves to make the effort to do that. Yeah yeah and I think- and I think, come. The thing is, I don't know somehow, when I walk out of things is when I walk out of stuff sort of spinning on and whether it's like Hamilton, you know with which I think I think I I I had tears in my eyes, watching Hamilton at the audacity of the fact that this guy wrote it and is in it and it's such a big swing I couldn't get over it I was I was. I actually got overwhelmed creator you. I got overwhelmed by literally the scale right of that
right, let alone the moments in it. That also move you. You know I mean an add on, and I think that when you, when you go out of something just spinning with you with your delight in these things renewed, it usually could someone, you know just went for it pretty big and also underestimate people, like just believed in people, believed in people being able to handle the sophistication of a thing or the strangeness of a thing right,
like you to me. There's the cynicism in the things that says we're gonna make we're gonna, make sure that the six exceedingly easy for the maximum number of people here. I dont think that I dont think that actually comes from a positive view of humanity comes from. I think it comes from like a sort of an impulse to say like how can we turn people into copper top sure, like the matrix you're eating into our agenda? Absolutely the franchising of the world and and building things We can sell to them at seven different levels rate that that is in fact the agenda, but I also think that that machine also has a counter culture to it. That you know where a lot of real art gets to bounce often respond to it.
So in a way it is that sort of Tony in physics, kind of equal and opposite reactions like was this- is also going to create this other stuff too. So it could be an and, by the way, any tat whenever anyone I always like. When I talk to kids or people with ambition to be creative, let alone I can films or whenever I always really tried to point out that not only not only the world were living in offer creative people more avenues down which to create and get their stuff in front. A people that has ever existed in the history of humanity reflect without any question, but also that that that it it's you know, there's always there's always a certain struggle and sometimes takes a long time to get you no time
It is not your enemy time is your friend. You know, I mean you, you you, you get better the longer you work on something the better it gets usually, and I think, but I ought, but I think that to your point that them that lets got the matrix of the matrix of things designed to exploit you to exploit all of us in maximum numbers possible. As many times
as possible. Also you know it, it keeps it it doesn't term it. It doesn't fort it doesn't it. It doesn't really saying it that shouldn't be equated with with limitation on on any one else going for the op going for the opposite. You know I mean that it exists that exists and it exists, but by the way it's not new. It's always existed. Yeah, there's always been too. If you did it to point to the now and say: oh, my god, you know studios are merging Doesn't it controls the whole world and all these things it's like that that was it was not a similar situation in the twenties right really wasn't like an end,
Poor people keep finding new and runs around anything and by the way, we're sitting in one right now, because because anyone who said that like long form conversation Quidem did did we're sitting in your house. You know me where you get this. This is in the end run around that this is an end run around the complex of institutionalized like media and entertainment. That happens so frigging fast that on paper not have work should not have worked everything tradition the media was like attention span. Getting shorter people don't want to people go on and on about a bunch of shit and it's like, oh, oh, actually turns out, they do and also it turns out by the way that, like people, people off,
not we'll find each other really fast, really fast and and that now thank you. Your infrastructure is not needed, but you know, like literally, We don't even need you for distribution, and yet you know I mean I wouldn't even needed and that that I think that is thrilling like if you, if you, if you don't, if you dont focus on those things and stay enthused, He added value your mission, you're missing the upside of. What's going on, you too, I think, there's there's a lot, there's a lot of there's a lot of ways to skin the cat. There's a lot of ways to speak to people, and I think dear point- I I guess I get I get less worried about, like you know, like big companies, Lake controlling entertainment there's enough of them going at it with each other. They need us round its like northern, more content. Yet did they need us more than ever like litter?
more than ever that's rating, but but also. I think that the truth is people. What what's what's a little bit scarier to me is that the the device is the very things that are liberating us to be directed each other with efficiency or creating sorted. This situation were, I think people are people are going down the whole of of personal narrative to a degree maybe feels a little bit like I don't know, People are getting lost in. I think, ultimately like a dopamine of social affirmation in themselves out Jimmy. I lost him at his spun out this thing, we're out I'll, sometimes look at even people. I know nothing new salute the celebrity culture ending in UNESCO whole legal, holy shit the vote. How many selfies is my friend.
But owing to lack of themselves and host with some now without a lighter than what? What is this? Because this falling over the bell curve of you know: people connecting and falling down, into something where, if you try to calculate the hours in the day, we are spending doing, I think, sort of the acquittal soil lecithin like it's not. This is not new trish in delight is this is filler, and you know, but the flitted out to me is that these devices are created. The city for you and SAM Harris. You know I mean I loves him. Harris's broadcasts to I love. There are so many new ones where, where great conversations happening, and lo and behold like people are just finding
and find each other and having these great conversations which which make late night talk, show look like, like you know, like someone I dont like, like you got format, like a forty second, add those are like dog other thing. Those great pose great, yes, amazing. So at an is the pushing pull, I'm not sure it's ever been different than any other time before terrified television now turbine social media people figure it out, and I think I dig Enron's. I did the ways that people figure out to hack it and get there. You know whether it's like chance, the wrapper or you know whatever people saying I'm gonna build community. Community is gonna, be high minded. It's great is great. I can't thank you enough for being here and honestly, I don't I'm moderated.
On pay. I moderated a panel for bird man at near COMECON years ago, and so we ve met briefly when we were on when you are on the panel years ago, but we don't really get to talk, and so no idea what to expect and you're just such a nice down fellow you know like I don't know, I really really appreciated it's easier. Always knows why don't know is an actor is gonna, be Z, make what Dunbar how? What do we have to talk about? You know and appreciate your openness and I also appreciate the sort of message of like just stick to your guns. You know make make stuff for you and it'll find its place in world your authentic to you. It will resonate with people and to city resonates up more than anything else. You know, so I just appreciate your willingness to do that and I really did enjoy your movie, which is motherless, Brooklyn of which is out November, first and
and I really I really appreciate being here- banks. It was great thanks. Also, happily, how do we spread your peddling week? We gotta be triggered readers, oh yeah. No, we take it seriously woody redressing up this year. Well, there's there block in New York near where we live, that shuts down the up, and every house becomes a haunted house of its five antennas like it's one of the greatest things imaginable and families tend to theme up good yacht and actually Alec Baldwin who lives in my neighborhood is litter my neighbour he every year he's there with his ever increasing exponentially allotted Hetty each. The best is the best. It's it's that again, it's like that's where you see.
Whatever else has gone on world like yourself people, it's the ways people get together in kind of her hook up have a little fun. I I I We don't know end up in Vienna. Helmets watch nothing by proxy cause. I do think getting out and going and watching stories in front of like the firelight together is great. You know it's great, there's an hopefully watching our ball and dress up like Dracula something just as a fine just ass. A there is still a dad he's still gonna- do damage and guess what you can see. You can see dramatic actor Alec on Friday night in our film and then Two new satellite reconsider lived, see him he's like these, like the Oldham, the old greek masks rate deathlike serious act
I didn't have any dragging out and then comedy and then maybe he'll shopping your door ask if, for example, of what can give it to him. You observe candy calls for closer at Bali every time and a guy to navigate badness life caught my films to me thank you so much Edwards magazine you the end, I Ii and III scheme.
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