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Chris sits down with Eric McCormack on Broadway! Eric talks about his new play The Best Man, his knack for recognizing actors only from their obscure roles and how watching cartoons has inspired him! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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What were the Nerdist Podcast number two thirteen out of step stuff over the nurse The channel on Monday, the final episode for the first season of all sorts, Buddy Boeing has team notice, bawling break bad. We went to a Albuquerque New Mexico and bold against a brand crimson air airport in the gang, and it as far as I know, good time, I want to say the best time, whenever headed Albuquerque to Mexico, not that anything is wrong with Albuquerque New Mexico, it's a lovely town, but it was Folia gets team breaking bed we could have been in any city and that would have been the most fun thing to do in that city. So it's not like I'm really making fun of Albuquerque New Mexico, but a lot of people you have not told Albuquerque that route, sixty six isn't really a thing any more than we have freeways now, but that's fine! That's fine! It's a good! It's a nice!
town people are nice there and that that's creaking hearing is the sound of the back peddling so that, if that is the sound of the pedals going backwards and me now saying Albuquerque what Iraq? in time and maybe they'll put that on the need to put that on the license plates Katy they could put analyzed, they can put it on the sign and then rock in time. Be all the rocks that you see everywhere, cause you're in a fuckin desert. So but then rock could also mean like rear all. You know what get you know like gig, like Kip winger, someone to do a song,
new Magda? Go? It's new other max. The cow Bracken could mark Marin's from New Mexico. Of that tells you anyway, I'm getting he's a way less Craig. You bet it used to be one where the sweetheart he was hilarious. On the last episode of Ulster celebrity bawling, we haven't seen it so I would like to this is a very exciting sponsorship for me on this observe nurse podcast. This episode in there is, my guess, is brought you buy. Are you ready for this? is brought to you by comedy: Bang Bang worth the podcast our having sex with each other. Just like on friends when that's when it, when the different cast members would cross pollinate, Comedy Bang Bang the television show
God, damn that's got argument is a genius and he has taken his podcast too. I have sea, which is a fan criminal channel, which for landfill June, eight, the ten p m, nine central I see as the Premier County Bay man you actually have to watch that show it is it's like this guy was on our by gaseous, are described as is kind of its like a fake talk. Show issue just were basement absurd. Half hour comedy show that's loosely structured like a talk show, but I mean Scott has amazing. Difference of off Reggie Watts is the House man, Zach Galifianakis, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen. These are all people were going to be guest on the show, was not a guest on the show. That's fine! I don't have to be on everything. You know I got a new Mexico, that's what I do. I'm a guest in New Mexico
but can we bang there's gonna it ray? I mean I would be telling you about this, even if that was not sponsoring the show, because I believe in it and I believe in God and I believe in a label even comedy: Bang Bang, so that is Friday. Dna ten p m nine central I've see comedy so nice. They banged twice Scott arguments, as I think other see. I'm sure performing at the Tuesday, Bang Bang Show sometime in the next month or so, but anyway. That is our sponsorship for this episode, and I would like to say that this episode is Eric Mccormack. I went to New York, New York and sat down with him at where Hugh he's doing it. A Gore Vidal's the best man on Broadway and I went to the theater and especially when I actually talked to him for for, like an hour and Eric's great super funny, guy really cool the cast,
The best of the best man on Broadway is insane. It's like Candice Bergen and James Rural Jones and Annual Angela lands, Berry and John Lara CAT in and Michael Mccain before he got hit by a car. Now, if we he's ok he's ok, he might be back on what might be back on the bar on the best of the best man, but the amazing cast And- and Eric was a terrific. I also perception is a show that Iraq has coming off the summer antient teeth, and you should watch that watch that too just start watching all the stuff which, if you just watched every I asked you to watch this relationships. Gonna be fine. I think that what I expected you anything you want out gaiety. They thank you for saying. No. She shook her for ten seconds and then realize that had shaking does not a podcast make so here
others episode. Number two: thirteen with Eric Mccormick Stockholm according to its starts. Ok, there's! No real, there's, no real wind up,
I guess we're partners they gonna stay the same. My god. Do you propose to do that is illegal. They tell you is illegal years was a do that's what they call multitasking with dangerous twelve slower. This allergy below castors. There is very harrowing tale to get here before as I had to get batteries for these guys, you little recording devices and you're right off timescale, when it's one of those souvenir shops reservoir I got yelled. They want to bring subjects thing in there so you can bring a linear, unlike what am I gonna damage the dazzled Iheart, I'm Y, see shirts with the flaming eagle bursting out of the chest of a schedule of New York was actually due regard to exert much of that failure. Nobody, unless you gonna strong smug, her thumb will the problem is. I feel like
Blame everything on the fact that I am live in LOS Angeles is like elders going to think I'm an ass whole from LOS Angeles. I got to bring my fucking coffee everywhere, but in the end I was able to sway him. Have you really and ass, often LOS Angeles, you be hearing your water everywhere special, in water, yup, that's right would be would be. What should I just wonder? I need water. Enhanced things I need electric lights. I need smartness in my water. I see broke out there lifesaver bourse, thrown curves fulfilling this render. This is all this whole directive, the microphone, Canada, isn't it self evident Sergio that this age has weak thing? I mean you just its detail because with a voice, even I thought we'd better, not sing, am fond of usable who showed its Is it still desalvo you throw you anymore, and drinking nine cups a stroke
you're not talk today, but are not, unfortunately, you're doing about gas. It is, but it's all have you taken voice lessons that we take a very heavy, learn hurry, tat, properly, speak! You know it's not the ages week. It is the eight bars a week after the shares, your restaurants, the the right the show like this. I gotta get people to come here like a good look, I'm from Canada coordinating friends. I think I see the shows how many times this group of people come together. Dangerous jobs, angel lands, varying John Merrick, had in Kansas Bargain, and then they come down will, of course, then it's like. I can't just go home now. Restaurant loud yelling and talking in New York in the light of this one. Where's my throat, you were twenty and you didn't think about those things here. Wolverine, all fuel he'll outside a morning, so true those who know it less river. This isn't it.
An amazing cas. They are working with what you said. General Jones, agile lands, very job markets, Qantas Bergen my comic like here right now, just as exciting to be as any of those names conceal swans happens in our dna heavy doktor about it. Oh yeah, it's the certain people who live evident that chancellor from all the guests are measurable and graces of disadvantage. As you know, a lot of the big names that what was love Certain one's way think I lay in wait. I'm gonna earning a predator. I wanna earn it City, Pollack, but my dad unwilling grace. I thought I would await. Like till the end of the week before I start asking a thousand Tutsi question I would like that. I'm gonna get over my side the casual lunch between rehearsals, knowing all the single spinal, tap nuts that he's totally over too. Of course, would you know it is? You do have an advantage over
spans? Being that he's on your turf when he's on yourself it's all safer than if you're voted through in a restaurant and airline it. I want you to start your quota, as it happens, lines I always liked her with it acquired the stuff. They don't you. Much like. I can't believe you remember that other data is a woman here I can she's married will be producer bitter sixties, but either says Arthur you're. The secretary from the king of com, the river falcon Keats running into the net wild, have we really do not talking about, but she gives his name wrong. I, Mr Pumpkin, from MR public. Whatever I sit over there consecutive it, I thought she was going to kill over dodgy clearly has been acting for thirty years, but it was so excited. I love that eleven. You can pin the little things that I got this last night. Ellen fully came up, there
Of course. She I didn't see it s our sniffle ago, but she was a miracle actual Matthews original Annette Court right no Ellen fully was Wasn't your right party, the issue of the boys are none the meal about. She rises as for the rest, were lighted to that woman and she went on how these little tiny roles and given them into a sea of two lines, and she had she sank: half a song and hair, but I just happen to know that stuff and when I met her, she came back stage music man years ago, and she melancholy and all I got a suitable name. Italy's obscure credits and you can see how excited she was of a thousand its inscribe is because when we do things like that, we just we don't we don't know. If anyone ever gonna see them, we don't know if they ve matter the world meal about matters in the world, the the little stuff, but it's always offer nice too for people to see that people they know or fans of things, and I you I don't know I guess
I get really frustrated at the hall. I consider our planet, as enough magazine in the airplane thing and you open up their like stars- eat too bad. Just like us, they're just like us, you gonna go. You fucking kidding me the big, but then you meet you meet P Who were famous. You know like really. There is kind of a weird thing that you forget: the people you see all the time two dimensional our human three dimensional creatures. For me, I was with moving cars or say more so with music stars. I dont know if they watch television and I dont know if, if gate years of the sick come even registered for that right. I don't walk up with any sort of expectation. I have no sense of entitlement. I just gotta go higher awnings, Eric and half the time is like all my eye and then the objective also looks egos past it has a nothing. Not even doesn't didn't registering is will it all you never know? Who is no it
he went for the place and sometimes hidden with Carol came so for those of US worship any hall. It's like the double, that's the double where I there and I met Carol once they used. That is my skin. I care all hi hi. How are you in Is there there she was. There was thanking thrust out my hand, so I'd like it had no worries us outside and where she was lovely Engrais, oh hi than it is for that. I thought there was good at that moment where there was no in other words, usually the way that it happens is your with someone who's, introducing you in a way that you don't want to be introduced. This is Eric. He's unwilling grace and then, if that, if it's just like I miss you know like, I didn't tell him to say that just solution, because it I dont, have a television out really, but does that make you more advanced a bloody? However,
I congratulate you for me More than a than me, I don't I don't talk to people, I dogs interact well, I was once a week we have had a television network. Some with you. Why are you always use it to keep the lead on the Recycle Bin? I don't watch it. That's barbaric at this point, like television. It's kind of around its place in our home, like you, don't have to pretend anymore. Now, more than ever like it's just the proletariat classes and watching television, it's become its become some freaking good, some summer, selfishness, great yeah, but a lot, but must not network television, not only because the networks of totally given into the Poughkeepsie you in an and they're all just awful and they're all under successful because if that's what a good chunk from hurtful, what's the whites? Ok go ahead. What,
I dont know what I can't even for you, you really cut surf the last wave of their last era of of could secure jobs, you know, there's a couple: a data bank. There is a great shout because a few weeks earlier answers that classics and way of doing it covered its This I've decided as a blue off the roses and innocence the disguise of some kind of, just reading one little fields book awhile, he wrote about that. Their period, which kind of for him began with cheers and into Seinfeld seems he was really the guy NBC that allowed all those people to do The way they did it allowed Jerry and Larry David to make Seinfeld what was his last big hurrah was willing grace before through other than our as usual hero to us, but it was amazing to see what what how happened that happened by
suits staying out of it by creative people being allowed to be creative and as hard, it's lightning the bottles hard enough. It's gonna come back and everything is now single Cameron, some of those like thirty and then my family, a fabulous but they're, not Nothing, nothing grabs a giant chunk of the market like these two shows. You stayed because three, the restrict three channels and a show it was possible they show, can really grab America's attention harder and are well, especially, you know, with the second format where they think Well, you write a bunch jokes. That's it man, I'm so upset the right. I just send someone on the pod cas recently really wish. I remember who was it's embarrassing, but they were talking about working Unwilling race, and they said
that they learned a lot from the writers on that show where you say, if you look at the page, there's no court on quote: it's all carefully, because the characters of strong, so all the car. He comes out of the characters. If you look at it on the page, it just comes to life One of you says it because you know, but because your characters are so strong and I like it was such a different approach to writing when I think about What was I always look for me was that there were no exclamation mark there was no italics. You know they didn't tell us. Here's the crazy bar in line with that it was, it was written by responding with his person was referring to adjust on it. Do it looked on paid on the pavement sat there, but the jokes were where there was about us. Yet jumping up with them and have undertaken goes to figure out the dynamic
was pretty fast because, as you seem in little filth book, you, Jim Boroughs was a giant giant part of that hold Mustn T be thinking directed virtually them. Pilots of every single one of those shows from Frazier to friend and then get a paycheck every week, but in our case you stay with us. He did every single habitable, embrace didn't hundred five episode, and he knew very early on that that the secret to two that was character and was story and and not just throwing more jokes added. So we pretty early I've got a chance to work to find our stuff, and did you feel like feel like the show was pretty perfectly book ended. Are you happy with a real like one more season are all unless season, Herblay green priority? Will have will you know it was thinking. I send it right near the end. Nbc was sir, was so full her part. We were getting the numbers that we used to get so we were quite happy to say. Let's
girl against God. We did eight agenda and at last season was really good stuff, and I was a lovely series finale. So said it was all. I think we all have the good sense of we did. It is right, there really is sort of the wood was company, a thing that you set out to do, or was it just like? I'm gonna be an actor. Ok! I'll do this took up it was I was. I was had subduing, influence, because I was my from earliest employees. Were get smart and then all the family in deal. What about his business was always about comedy, but I didn't without a comedian I never did stand up. I was I went right. Theatre schooling got heavy to Shakespeare, and so all that have covered by the wayside. Ah until I done Europeans Peter, and I will start to television and that's when that's when Seinfeld came up
that's. What I was really getting into cheers, and that's what I like I orthodox, could you haven't been, then anyone friends happened. Actually addition vera, refractive performers there. It from his pardon, for which I learned later on was a waste of time because, as is Jim Bruce told me honey, I they wrote the pod fish when they were wasting time. We'll say they have to understand a certain number- forget your dreams we can, but so It my dreams started to change them. Ass, I came down will later is suited Rama right before ninety four. Ninety five, I did a western uncle lonesome dove, we're out of Of course you spin offs varies from the ministers in and it was. I was the bad guy with a beard and their long I mean it was ever told hundred ninety degrees from what what I'd eventually become butter.
When I finally got down there and sort of addition for things. That's when friends was told him fire and that's when cycle was literally, must see tv before they made the phrasing and that's when I say tat would be cut and it was. There was a maybe sickly when I realized the Brussels and meanwhile those like I've had the stream I had at last night. I was there. I was running browser you get. You can set up a good auditioning. I do actually I have often said I would never want to be acting teacher. I never wanted for trotted. Tell anybody else how to act, but I think I can be a good auditioning teach there's not enough of that it's a totally artificial environment. I think a lot of people would probably find they got the job they were relaxed, but that weird just struck. Aims lab Spare me. If is crazy. I think the secret is knowing that's what it is young can't. You can't make
uses and go like this is not a natural is, is not organic. Is that no courses night is absurd, particularly when you give the network level and you might be getting a lead on show, so there will be filmed and yet nonetheless, you're going in performing for thirty people in a board room railways boarded up nothing about that. The delay like a fuckin jury on a murder trial miracle anybody has cast, but but if you know that, that's what that is- and you know that you're a bit of a monkey given its- I can be really fun. It is as you. So you see some people you got out of the car just on thing, everything after thing the thing and then you're. You know, sit outside a waiting room. When you hear me auditioning, like fuck, that's why that guy works all the time that those where's that away when you can hear people on the other side of the door out how late only remember being in what I funny. Don't you get it,
turn into television kind of early 90s. I was in Toronto, where I'm from and move to Vancouver if it was so much work going out of Vancouver Post Twenty one jump street. Ass, the original the event of the big big news. Learn migration. I realized it was cheaper to sharing all Stephen shake hands that all these I was on a shelf. My first you they're called Street justice was Karl Weathers pardon, I remember that add, is just it's the series of never losing day glow, hope that was at the time with a shudder, was shut down got silk. Stockings yeah those acute for you, I usually USA. I was, I think I did it gets thrown at once. It was just it's all lit with neon lights and improves and pale it was literally one right. It was one you'd, seen away from being like Erentz, your diary gets in areas like ours. There was just a sex on a pool table with a sack solo, yet
you directly actors. Only Missy capture, I think, was her name. She may have fencing anyway. I've got the Vancouver wherever I remember clean there in seeing there's a lot of guys that have had their episode of jumps red. Maybe they had their episode, whatever the hell out and they all felt bread, the fuck em. Now I know what he was doing and only a memorandum in the ears of this size. I go in for a book and get the pardon and this asshole from Toronto. One little December quartered Mean a bus. The widow, in addition, said so you're you're like come in here and taken all our rules and their your rules, because why there can invite guys and allay so, but near allowed any they're. Yours Keziah Europe, one of incredible, I think, said the competition provide. I hate the competition in general. But the company roles is very real and then get an egg. They're doing throws a nice town I really like. I really like run, alas,
you have a clean city. That is pretty well organised, you're, really good street hot dogs, which here there are doing away with all really as a mayor and he's got a crazy and he's trying to rid of bicyclists unease, they're gonna that matter get rid of st hot dogs. Are there they get all that good. I guess I was pretty run a couple months ago, and people were tell me about it. I was getting mad for you like that guy. I think he is. I want to tell him. I forget his name now here clone books, the embarrassment companies, it is the best though, have ever had on Broadway I've in Vancouver Covert inside the future shop. I don't why there did that It was precisely because I can get it here in that. If you look at the future shop incredible, I just remember one instrument Gruber their drug use is very just out in the open not really cares they sound fine with it and then guys or on the street, offering the way
there they ask if you want to be part of the Eu India Rubber plant tickets. Really up and down this one's? I'm not guy, I was just doing comedy- shows them right now. I don't need not another by that its was it for twenty, That's what I'm here, four he's like a huge celebration like a religious celebration. In their king Edwin, guzzler, kids, it's marijuana amazing. I thought I would like only the country for twenty Look, I don't look what happened Jesus you need to go straight in these Canadians out, So if we act, I talk to other Canadian Sue. You know that little more resentful that America Data they sort of thing they, sir. He sort of felt like We can learn about your culture. I don't really know that much about culture and were not just you but a little brother appear. You know this sort of your kind of between this. You know, there's a lot,
there's a british influence in american influence, a french influence and also what it. What is the Canadians identity? What does it mean to be canadian regrets that the final the way we do get resentful that Americans to know more about us, but then one were cornered. We realised that we don't know that and we all we have to all admit that our histories on ITALY's colorful and ended. They learn everything. I know when America, through what the word about these proteins journal, bugs buddy you're talking about. Donald or tongue, which was watching them wherever it is. I got a very early on and and not an academic way and is gonna, because your culture just is everywhere. Just it's all over everything. You can't help it learn something about it at risk with clarions.
Yet it taking us find out under the names are covering the stories on after much, and so its answer very spread of countries sits. Is a tenth the population of this country and its fretted over twice the landmass there? So it's not a unity is its becoming more so in the last twenty five years. But when I was a kid you were proud to be Canadian used procedure, without meant right, where most of the land is probably not that inhabitable for large portions of the year, like all of the schedule and urge you to refer the matter to schedule. It's nice people government, however, the big cities and were also the lonely, the border so that everyone everywhere, so aware of american television, as will run up on everything else, that of peoples who yesterday we're going, or museum here in the army. He said: do you have baseball in Canada? That's question! We didn't ninety two and ninety three,
We won the world Series. I guess we still habits of the world. Where is it best best Butscha, special there, always from intelligent people, they're not from like areas. There are just as much of our culture. This does not get discussed you, so you guys, like you Go the bathroom up in Canada right Yearly, nobody shit! Now I like tat. Never do it's it's now. This is an amazing. Story that you're breaking you're too polite to shit? this new need free healthcare because of all of the actors, throw lapsed organs from that, not shitting. That's how nice, canadian there I love it. I was huge Warner. Brothers fan huge Youtube. Were there any.
Regular errors that you liked or just sort of books bunny in general, always before I hate it when it went all kind of like tv in and when this with the edit it I like sort of like that post war can, whenever that the forty five to fifty young, the duck a mock right, that amongst them my favorite of all which way we were that organised crime in the on your who is responsible for there is this. I've got a job well done Pretty good danfield us, if you don T, be done guardian voice over large. I do it gives voice now hold power puppies nice. I really want to hear promote hump up his fight Broadway. I wanna. I wouldn't have a rope hamburgers on the hub at what what's your butcher characters them, I'm lucky Eric. If could I speak to lucky
please. Well look. He sounds pretty much like I sound, but but always kind a happy home. Eric, you have. How did you harness that? You have taken me from this dressing room deep the pound, political struggles. Now I've got a lot. Arrived, I did. I did cartoons, I didn't cartoons for years, got just it's fun no? Like you, you there's no judgment and you it's just fine and people are nice. You know, you, don't you don't have that same sensibly. Better, be more ironic, so people don't think I'm not cool. You know. The great gate, I think it's ok. I spent ass. Some of it. I love this cover, guys that are like the hard core voice guys to come in and it's amazing. What comes out of them his fantastic it isn't you really it's just a whole other kind of performance where you know when you you're sort of
I too what you look like when you are stage. The arrival, because, the EU It's always unbelievable that you're gonna be some character, but they are completely untempered, so they can be anything Some of those guys are blowing Where did you notice something and I'm doing my character, and almost all of you will also be dug over three- is like a higher amounts, as annual to do anything about it, you, as you say, you're, not handled of who you are when you say that it's hard not to do that order. Brother thing of like oh, I want to Is this character on some weird celebrity that I like right right? I remember I said this before, but could be so true that I think are the key. For me before. I really realize that the acting was a profession that you would be in the was wondering what it meant at the end of every Warner Brothers cartoon when it said voice, characterizations, MEL Blanc,
like the Greek to me, and then there was a show on into symbolizes journalism is called you asked for us. We will write again with questions one of the questions. What does that mean? Is it? What it means is? Is this guy here? It's one guy he's names MEL blank and he does all the voices- and I just remember I was nine or something thought I was gonna die. One guided those voices, that's just amazing to me and it's pretty shocking to see had come out of first time you see that always come out of the human misery. They show this little. This will no doubt be guided little mustache doing doing them all talking to himself animals. I thought okay and that live in the voice, but it was a big turning point for me in terms of playing characters and undoing, voices will melt Blake and particular just had that thing of not just picking the great care two voices, but he could do like bugs pretending to be daffy ass, witches witches.
Z, Multi layered lilies resorts not quite David's. This is what buds sound like doing. Daffy there was premature and you for I was the lady version at issue, the old, the annual lady, the old witch, and whenever she laughed like that it is with me here. I wonder if that I was just assume now that you know kids now do they would know the old one of Russia's cartoons anymore. I don't know cause because we were it's about this because the same it it was there on every day after school. I don't they were. They went with whose it goes a guy in Toronto. That used to you who rail link is the fact that they'd all been edited for television.
He would show the original cartoon from forty three or four. If we're all the propaganda loud. This wonderful racist opens a super racist ones and the Super Hitler ones and that we're just did they simply were showing and show them on edited and you go to a body do three or four hours of water by the cartoons of nutrient beers. Right? That's what I really realised that we're getting a watered down version of the time you because they were originally meant for kids. They were right, they register entertainment pieces before films, and I also loved that I mean it. Like, like with all the family or mash. I was laughing at things I didn't really understand, but but it's ok, if I might my kid and whose nine just came saw the best man comes, the plan doing and people are looking like. Why would you bring a nine year old this, but it doesnt matter that he doesn't get everything itself, something going to sit there and he's gonna years from now the who the hell is grace colleges over there and that's what I've I've I find out of here something forty years later and go
that's what they're daffy jet duck joke was deserted. It was such a period reference to Jack Vanni or to our jobs, and you said that the great number of bugs is on the phone talking to a report about to do. Doing inert cast over how he is the one? Well, we're the boy is the correct one point: when he's Elmer funds, which we the Big star, I was walking through the park and always guys partitioning form an incidental Joseph, man, you know somebody else, singing guess was present any canter things again that is having probably would not meant anything to me since the vices box We. What are you don't want your worries about going one day, I'll understand this I'll get it. I didn't. I just knew. What kids are amazing, I mean kids are so emotionally sensitive that they get big data.
Stand a tone of something even if they dont know the road. I think it's a real. That's the reason. This revives everything's reason that I didn't much Spongebob now with my kid he's in love written from a year ago, but he's really funny and its funding. I'm grown up way. You may go look back on a one dangle. Man are you that was funny but understand. The delivery was worth the squid where it is, this, the gay neighbour or whatever they like getting until I get agenda in a little back around all that stuff. To appear, I was like cartoons are cool, like I watched them all the way up through high school through college after college got all of the in other, the the stacks of Warner, brothers, cartoons and just realized. I think literally s way like time is moving so fast. Now that I have not watched a Warner Brothers cartoon in like five years wow and it it kind of, I hurt my own feelings with that. Put that back
You have a son, so you guys, I started showing them to him a really big, this collections of the golden. All these collection of ever am you realize like with money, I thought or something else. That is a lot of stuff. You didn't see your door actually wasn't as good as the classics but you'd. It's all part and parcel of this thing that you and I I would show him stuff and he was The singing frog cartoon, whenever a very young age through taken it so- and you also want to set the bar high in executive, summary garbage when they see the old Scooby dues and his colleagues but an issue. That is a pity that the US government, which is often not age well I think I think Kimmel said at the White House corresponded dinner. I'm pretty sure this is a joke. That wrong Paul looks. Every unmasked scooby do villain of it as a fucking. Great just so true,
doing a new scooby. Do that's actually pretty funny. Because it's a super self aware yeah light. It totally makes fond of the facts the cartoon one year? Is there the really good there really good, because the day they ve kept the good stuff in tat revolt? do you think our generation needs. The level of irony to appreciate thing. I've we just can appreciate things for both how they are to get out, and I feel it fits in with the post sign Feldman thing that we just its great makes this horrible clever. Would it make similar shall, like thirty rock fantastic, but it's? How did we How do we just do a straightforward thing anymore? Without you know, how do you do romantic comedy list? Sets Rogan wrote it we deserve. This is what this is the language we speak now and I particularly. For us all. The gentleman when I'm looking
one on the net and what college geyser doing to make each other laugh. It's getting to appoint were work so far away from just the basic stuff it suddenly billing bracelet, quaint as hell, basically the suffering she- and I you know, I don't know what to were, how our one can we get. I don't know, I can't old, jealous of an era. Where was like, it's ok Try and it's ok care and look like your care and look like in it's ok to look like your drawing but now, as I go wherever of our contribution, Commissioner. There and I don't give a shit as a German. I don't give a shit, ok, good, good is that what you're doing you're doing you doing up? Now so it's not. I feel like
If you like, this is a safe zone. Right does, in any case, it is a rare thing. It's a fifty year old play that is getting laughs of sheer recognition, because it's about the races use gonna be the nominee for up. Did its public democratic tat of the Democrats, potatoes, Gorbachev, Satan, aye, but its very logical. Very conservative drivers is very liberal guy and I'm the conservative guy and I've I mean I'm what comes out of my mouth, though this is a fifty aeroplane minutes. It sounds like Centaur sounds, admit, Ronnie, it's it's shocking and an end didn't sub little has changed as a joke about the Catholic Church and contraception that allows ancient when we read it at the table in February, with three weeks later was like a joke from let him in the night before, because it's nothing spoken, changing right, you know. So that's
that's an interesting thing into itself every night have you ever advanced the idea to Angela and I have a theory about murder. She wrote- and I talked about on the podcast before I'm sure she'll be open to hearing this. There were ten seasons of murder, she wrote, I think there were fourteen forty fees so fourteenth Isn T a have twenty two episodes procedures and pick up a hundred. Hundred episodes plus of murder. She wrote a woman in a small town. Privy to or witness of hundred of murders, which is most the population of that town on the? What do you think that the whole system? of murder. She wrote anyone that closed. All those murders had to have let them murder, she wrote is a weird deranged memoir of her sitting in a cell and thinking back and meaning those murders and other people, because our psyche can't handle it that fast,
What happened with actual that's the murder, she wrote movie that you're gonna write the only way we can. I ronicky reinvents, but that does not get our shock should I just did announce at their hands errands. This genius essentially genes it was certainly not a town. I think like season three, you move out of that. Don't you These murders are really unlucky. Took it up is Alex Defect. Murdered those islands where she leaves tell, but just calls in like snow. Let us going up sure thing was later. We just everybody this week I wash it so that the guiding star the dressing room taken matthies would seventies been around for every scrapings, the actor in the latest, true bridge. That sets a good example of how he ended. What let her have her her her money, but he's wonderful actor but
keep you say he did I through your former to he said I would ever they went to Ireland. I wished to those once I can learn that. Member that I really I didn't really that with that she spanned the globe. Quite so much, yeah. I think it's version as last handfuls seasons. It was like you give us clear. Her deal involve like you only have to Let me therefore ten of the twenty two shows we'll just do one day of wraps where you you're somewhere. Yet talking on the phone, you're writer, of course, would be travelling murder. She goes through. Murders have been alerted. So what? How long have you been doing the plain and then how long is that we started previous forced march, so we ve done two months now and do more months ethics. Last longer, I'm I'm leaving July eight because it takes time family in the summer, in Vancouver and then this new show starting on GNP.
In the summer, with trembling open Gus. If it goes, we should some words caught perception, ICE July knife they premiers anti Anti Tenaya lonelier show reciting. I am a am professor, who is a frantic. Ok, had a small European Chicago and an ex. My ex student comes back ritually cook who's that with the FBI and she brings with it, showed that the case they came by crack sure so you need to do from has resolved, but it's a great character, and it's a really nice fifteen Tv Leo people like the closer to follow the closer. So it sir it's real. I love play this guide accidental Pearson, and so it says that the summer shall that's pretty awesome. It's pretty great hopes Appleton and do you
do you still wanted to wreck stuff too? Are you happy be acting or violence? What's your point the moment, I am quite happy I can, but I do have a tradable two years to get other things going, that I wrote that I would like to direct the mainly May I mean to write down the road and observance of the series of at last. In the meantime, the things I most passionate about directing her things that I know that a short film years ago they directed that I love it Well, you yogurt new directive. No, I don't ever want to direct now I just I write stuff and I produced stuff and I how stuff- but I know direct the whole other. I just. I feel it. The directors I see they just you really have to be the linchpin of the entire production and just don't that responsibility is not sexy to me. There isn't enough about. I don't wanna passionately like I want all that you and I
I know that there are people who are better than I am so well, also in an intrusive what movies have become it's. My vision of what I would like to direct a sex lies a videotape from you, the right but then you see iron man, you go, I wouldn't I wouldn't even a word. I couldn't rest. No, that is its become entirely different world, the directors it's amazing. And they are doing is developing their taste and peoples of though it was how the patients who says I just I just worry that you know. If I try to direction, gonna, try to put something onto a screen. I have that romantic idea. My head of light This is what go look like, but it sort of like a child, drawing gap where I'm sure in the kids mind like this looks like a dog. And this looks like a house and that's where the smokestack goes, but then you
it never things like that's a door of all that. You thought that with those things- and I feel it that's what they built up, Grisettes adorable cubes is almost is almost human, is almost human I just think it's a different skills that that that I have do approached you approach acting with a directors I think I do I think I'd. Yet. I think that was submitted. Helped laudable and grace was that I, because Jimmy was always with stories far smart. That's how I was approach that I see the big picture and and I figure out where I fit into that a lot of actors to the opposite is like a multiple, my character. My character would do this here. I don't care that its times square. That's a button bright now right here. That's what I'd whereas I tend to love the whole thing- whole go right now. This is what has what have accomplished the scene with what part does my character? I think that's them by, by its nature and you feel comfortable fitting in with you know like coming
into a cast with cans, bargain and annual Asbury, you feel comfortable. Making kind of strong choices are, do go on like that and I do yeah. I think it some I probably wouldn't have fifteen years ago, but but right now, I feel like I'm in my character is as an asshole. He really is and that's funny, it's fund a walk into sing too, since this was on the pages, what you're gonna get and its and also we're all is reached in cost, because if this is not first and foremost laugh out loud comedy, but it turns out sorted this more than we thought its orbit. Allison colonies, cities, brilliant wit, but it's the movie for instance, that was made from the planned. Sixty four is not widely funny. Our show is really funny, but that we also realise that it wants John Merrick had its camps Bergen Mccormick. He and is made a lot of sitcom people in the shower. The know how to take what might be a dry, cynical, overrun,
kind of line and turn it into something funny and that's, sir. So the result is so much more of an entertainment that we thought it's a real proudly avoided. That is this have an attractive quality play is that you can kind of turn it into, even though its written you can see kind to turn it into whatever you want well yeah. I like, for instance, the lead, the rule Are you little led character is large hats character? Who has this this momentous decision to make his very these very blue bill? Clinton s espoused, but he's a true intellect, and he is
peacefully torn about this again in a lot of words. Written is very hard to make sound out of assent human, it's very highfalutin, Gourbi now so of wishful thinking. That a politician might thinking and speak like this, but John knows how to turn that, so it sounds than any human, but actually outright funny, and- and that's discredits it's it's great, listen to a man. Do you feel, did you feel comfortable yourself before? Having had television show or were you there's our governments? Have you because the business they were in because the town that's a lot of us live in this idea like when you you know when I was younger. When I walk into a room, I would sort of defined myself by here's the show I'm on as opposed to a person. I don't know, I guess maybe I've interesting things to say. I'm comfort with myself,
do you ever get sucked in by there. I think that I can tell you you want yours wants something to to do that. Talks, for you. You were you know, I mean you, don't want, you're, leaving Canadian I walk in and to promote. My latest thing idle talk about what I so it's nice, when something's already doing that. For you know, over the rooms in hay We shall thank you the conversation certain as I didn't do anything right. That's it! That's always a good thing and any I did feel once the ones that, once the show took off that there was, I could relax into a configured Hawaii.
All the more because eight until you have some degree of of blow back of of success, of understanding the do achieve something. It's that's actually we're just riven with no twenty, which is trying desperately to make some sort of mark for lots of reasons for opinion of shore parents that we were crazy to choose this to getting with girls are dug. It serves of the centre and the guys that Bali does did know that maybe there have their their wives are forcing them to watch the geisha destroy them we go right, not another fact that you ask that makes you gave me the guy knows far those could there was trouble, it's an interesting, it's an interesting
weird. I always tell of this idea of it. You don't we take these jobs. That requires to not be insecure. About were totally insecure about, stuff totally and also analysis. This has always been the case, but never more so than now. This idea that same as its own thing, it's weird it's so weird! I can walk into a room is I, like your show, but look there's a real housewife from Beverly Hills ran back. I was coffers, fiber last week or whatever it is, that of the chief and I'm not sure you young, less the three of us as a survivor, but now he's famous right and that's it whatever he has is enough to get a talk, show were to be funded in touch magazine, it's all the same. It doesn't matter it, sir. It's really striving for those, but I always wanted to be Defined by my by my achievements, at least in this business, but
now at the word. Achievement doesn't have a whole lot of them. Different scale is a different scale. I didn't mean for them if you can just sort of whether the trend of that I'll come back around. I think I'm the one thing that I always I was never very good. Twenty Well, I was wondering thirty and I never took real advantage of being young and thinking young and I always assume vile Bobby a better actor in a more secure person. When I'm Alderman but I see these when I see young people to seizing it, I got one can for you they re before me. I always thought I want to be around a decrease plumber. George Hackmen, still want to be around and have and have survived this ridiculous out of business and do you feel like that now, when here when you start to get older, like thirty thirty five, forty recently twenty again Tony,
or the already looking ahead, both I'm looking ahead but going well. But what is that? I don't know what that is, not what the hyena depends on if series last night come thing, but I also look behind. I look back and go seclusion willing grace. I think you know there's probably ways I could have seized the day a bit more, but will it work? during the highest synthetic alcohol is a couple years. I think I was very proud of it. I went, I wonder Broadway between second authorities in their music man, and that's memory- is the reason I'm here now, but I sort of like I take the summer often. Meanwhile, that would have been the time
to try to get my little movie. May that I wrote, or would I decided, I submitted tribe right? I think it's hard recidivists the series that is doing well and you get lucky. You can forget that it's all them and go away. Everything goes well. All plants need to be watered and and everything needs to be, constantly attended to and donor guarantees, and- and so it's it's an, that's hard because it probably takes you two seasons to feel comfortable at your shows. I'm gonna get cancelled and then you want I'll just take a fuckin breath, because the all of your correctly that points Jack, you're fired, I may not work, and we certainly, I guess, maybe those I generally took a breath, and I am glad of it. I said I didn't enjoyed, it was
this thing over that show. I think some people, like I've, heard a lot about with the companies to talk about what he's doing x files when he had six weeks off a year and was just all knights in Vancouver. The rate should rather hard to enjoy what's happening in the site. Guys with with your show with us, we gonna promote the show on a talk, show we're talking about it, and so we shot three weeks ago in its What is happening and it was very much alive and and we only shot for hours on a Tuesday night from alive audience and Tito out, Baldwin came, and so it was very much a thing that was alive. And we were aware of it and I we tried our best not to take it for granted. In a really tried to enjoy ticklish, you pay, you just enjoy this thing, while the second schedules gorgeous like I exit It must be kind of its great, I'm sure it's great to be on a hit show like X files in Vancouver, but do you even know your shows that a go ahead of its great that
bag. I get up three hours and we definitely smell do as well. I think we're just about at the end of our time. I really hope that at some point during your show, like I'm a cannon David Lander burst in the door to allow that ever and ever since its again, you could always there disoriented. We have you brought. It eventually has mysteriously, that's always as yet. That's always they stay here. That's how he did it. I dont, you taught me actually about those two greatest failure. They brought those Sullivan. Surely they were not written characters it did, Michael and and David could cast in Lander became invented lending swinging, we're doing them in club. As part of their act and Gary Marshall said we need. That was the neighbours. The great I mean I just remember, Priscilla member Laverne, Shirley, spinning off from happy days
and then I remember, like a couple seasons in those guys would burst through the door and of locking applause break was like a minute long. Every time they would burst through the door- and I was only Can I remember a muddle? Raymond would do that. Keep that old thing of of applause we Boroughs Heritage. I got a little pause, we let the earnings of blood, and then we would use next take without the applause you didn't want. It didn't want you back and self awareness right butter for I was to be forever kit. Our childhood, through the funds, did anything the audience which is cheer for a minute Yes, it was that sort of there was a net transition between like these are televised plays, and it's ok to let people How met there is you know it's posted, a sort of can laughter. This just shows people like every other, yet the latter was always good. Night was real never again last year, but it was the kind of self congratulatory look who we got this register this week. Let's take a minute to
now at the fourth before were well. Thank you very much, for this is an amazing dressing her by the way, this is like the New York very vertical all these all diesel theatres, everything which is built up and so and of the smaller the parties. To be that, you said the course pearls were on the top. Does your network of night sleep sleep in a sick, but there is a small but give you may make your own? I love this business people to get a revision of the kind it it's a narrow along room. The second quarter, a couch at a desk and that's it little by little window. Do you know of the fire escape and to be on. Fires gave we're looking at, like the show, once his next door and seminar reject goblins beside that that's Channing, Channing literary bore theatres around prostrate, as Matthew brought in nice, were given this forty fishery, it's like it's the Ultimate Broadway street. You feel like like that. This is what you come here.
Yeah. It's just to have neighbors that are all doing the same thing every night at the same time, and I think the streets are packed with people going to the inscribed it makes you makes me feel like it's still alive so much for doing this and end. Let me How come you from canadian large and an overall to see your shirt I'm only inevitable this, but I would like to come back and see that I'm, your excellency I mean July, every two on the one, the argument about then I'll buy now leading notice dot. Com. There's some southerners biogas is broadly wire. Friends, you come, Bang Bang TV show you watch the perhaps June eight that ten nine central in the p m on I see.
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