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Eve Hewson chats with Chris about her new show Behind Her Eyes, their shared love of Ireland, and Chris & Lydia’s dream to rehab an old Irish castle. Behind Her Eyes is a really great and eerie psychological thriller that's available on Netflix right now!

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come for the goings on in the eighty two anti community, like this email from a ban called phantom ships who described themselves as a psychedelic noise rock band out of Greenville South Carolina from those in the likes of some. youth, and the EU sees this we wrote, recorded mixed and distribute the on our own and couldn't be more proud of it. It's available to stream on spotter apple music band camp. You tube in Pandora, you get more information, Edison Instagram at phantom ships or at best camped outcome, slash phantom ships, s c, alright events, it! I did indeed I come for your thing that you want to share the eighty twenty commute, This episode is Eve. Houston, who is in a show that my wife and I loved the benign netflix for a couple weeks now called behind her eyes? It's great, we loved it. We were in from the get go
I don't want to say too much about it cause I don't wanna give anything away, but it just one of those like you just feel uncomfortable in yours, Were you feel score me why you're watching what is going on and then things unfold? I guess it's like a psychological thriller is pride, the best way to describe it without giving too much away but its, but it's really great and even really great in it. I should have been in a lot of great stuff, like the Nick. She was on the neck and also even from ice and which I talk a lot about, because you know it is safe and responsible to travel again, that's the first place Lydia. Gonna go so weird. We really dining out Ireland. So I asked you a lot of Ireland question so a fantastic conversation wonderful gas and really fantastic actor? So here is the ideal anti podcast
we're one thousand one hundred ten with Eve use in initiating. I can't even hello, I'm sorry, I'm not gonna play guitar for the progress by producer, Katy her boyfriend is a guitar expert, and so I was issued in her I got this snazzy vintage. Looking.
New guitar left very nice. Where are you? Is this year studio? Well this as well it was yeah. I mean when people came to do things in person. It was right, but- and so that's where I am now- this was just a basement that I turned into a log cabin. Looks fun you look like you're in aspen Actually I've been outlay and it's like sixty seventy two, so it dishonor it's kind of a sort of, but I would call a kind of cool in the house and I think I felt guilty because everywhere else in the country is kind of being pounded. Winter anyhow, I thought. Well, I don't want to brag that we are having this amazing, whether so I think the service to to humanity that you deserve it. Half of America does. Does the pathetically to say, like you know, I'm assuming you're in?
look, maybe now I'm in London you're in London, okay, so are we not warm there right now? It's actually quite nice, it's a light jacket for a brisk walk if you know domain but white jacket tool, a Londoners prob believe, like a very strong winter code for someone from LOS Angeles. Yet very, so like a buffer, a buffer, jackass, puffer jagged, exactly satellite jackets. How is London right now? How are you I'm good it's got a shot, it's shut down, which is when the case since, before Christmas so Yeah I mean we're distorted by getting through at its quite nice, have to say you know you go for a walk in the park every day and we feel that this kind of people around, but obviously you can't go to arrest or shop or anything don't get through rate we up an April. That's what I
I read it's it's. I don't read the news alot anymore. it was becoming a strain on strain. Mental health while we were drafted has but every. But I can't do this hunting and packing thing wrong, just scan for something that looks hopeful and then I'll shut. The news app and I like oh April things you know, and then maybe by June and I didn't know if it was true or not, but I was like I don't care is going to hold onto that and then I'm not look at the news again. Never they ve been vaccinated people so much that by the end of June, there will be no restrictions on social gatherings. Oh that's fantastic! That is better. Have you been shooting during this time at all, and I wish I had I've had so many friends were shooting during this time and their obviously because their actors
get your moaning about it. Every five seconds of my eye could strengthen the buildings because I would love to have spent my pond emigrants ass. That would have been brilliant, but I haven't. I have something for through as a covert and all these are the things that have moved around changed and sound waiting now to see when unless she does here, do you know what you're working on that? Sir? You just sort of? Oh god, you gotta go to my wife, and I started watching behind her eyes. Last night and worrying were a hundred percent over run over thirty one. We just we had finished episode too. And so we're gonna, we're gonna start also happen even really seen the shack most people here. Have you
You got away. One in two is like what we don't even think away for people haven't seen a yet because I I suspect that there are quite some substantial twists coming, but we're in that stage now aware that the shows great you're fantastic on it, and it's it's like we're in that, like we feel uncomfortable like there's something happening and we keep guessing as to what it is. We don't know if it's supernatural or if it's just a little off turn or something, but but then it definitely things happening where we're like this. Does that field? Ok, what ok? Well, I think, and so we are where we ve already like the theories of already begun. He asked as I wanted to know how to thank you know when you watch anything out of its action really fun just because all my friends have been coming up with theories as they keep we now, I think it's this is this. Is this? What do you think I like
and then, by the end of the opposite sex or mind, is incomplete and they never get it right, which is which is good. I think no one has been able to get this right up, so that's been quite satisfying, but that also probably makes it hard when, if you're doing like especially junket press where they have, they ask you like five questions, but you can, You can't really talk about it, so it's impossible yeah. It's amazing, look about how do you describe it as it is it a cycle logic? thriller or is it a relationship? Thrill or is it have you describe it? How I've been teaching at is basically A single mother starts an affair with her new boss, while simultaneously striking at the secret friendship with his wife,
and then there is a secret, a dark secret between their marriage. She starts to uncover and that's all I can say that again go sideways, yeah, yeah, yeah so I haven't been able to expand anybody. I've just been time, people, it's God, they should watch it which really isn't selling selling its anybody, but when people do see it. They lose their minds and said: there's been a huge explosion on twitter of people's reactions are so funny dont go on. I guess you'll get worse, Why will genuinely are glad they ve seen at once there once they watch the hoping it when people kind of sense that something is coming, it's probably more satisfying to be able to binge watch it than to have to wait. You know two months
see out, go buy out as this is a beings worthy challenges like bench at all. I've gotten tat. Some people are far up in the morning You know like down. I gotta have work at eight, a m, and I know that to show how Albanians, who are you No just bench I mean I mean one thing that I am happy about is that people love it how much in it such a thrilling ride and right now for people just sitting at home, born out of their minds on the weekends like to give people something to really feel passionately about. Brings me joy, oh good! That's nice has a good. I mean you know, above all the times in history to be stuck in our homes. We have a lot of luxuries that have helped sort of pass the time we
literally the internet, the sum total of human knowledge and accomplishments in our pockets, and also literally everything. That's ever been predicts to ever come in at will. So we d have distractions, yeah yeah, What have you been doing during? Are you playing music? Do you play and you play instruments? I think I heard you play the piano and drums and have been practicing anything cod. Now, I ve learned how to balance a glass of wine in what, by my toes between my toes rights, but none of them. I like favorite Hobbes every night on the couch, No, I guess I did play the piano. Yes, I do play the drums. I played the guitar, I said the base and all of those things I should have tackled when I was locked inside for a year
but I didn't do any of us I was running a lot. You know I did a lot of like sort of like a dream. king eating smoking and then like cleansing and drinking in smoking, cleansing that, like the powder and was my it was my like how I got through basically all of last year: yeah, that's that's what I've been doing. I would love to talk about Ireland. If I don't have much time you spoke there, but my wife. I know you were born there, but my wife, I believe, is eligible for dual citizenship, because her father was first generation american from Donegal and her mothers. Family lineage is also of Ireland and they both had citizenship so
she's really interested in getting dual citizenship and we would love to spend part of our years in Ireland. You should do it only. I wrote back I'm fully one hundred percent, an irish potato, good, ok when I was eighteen and I just moved to New York for college. I want to touch, got up yeah, ok, so good! So I know you know you have Dublin on the EAST Coast have cork in the south, but I know the West Coast is nice, but all their mail. The weather, maybe is that like so, let's talk about like climate zones the first was the good climate. The yoke is already is up There is probably like he's about eaters.
Really daddy's immune a good climate that I always tell people to come in June, because they're I swear to God, there's always is weak. I remember it when I was in school would always have our our school exams in June and I've been going to school. Somebody shine a thought. It is always mark anyway. I have to go. Do Alexander shit. I wanna be no running around They're, like you know, attempting at a time so June is but now in terms of climate, you got pretty much just one title island. So it's going to be four seasons in one day Christmas I dont know if views celebrate Christmas alive. You do okay, so new, then he probably be doing a family thing, but I know a lot of Americans love coming to Dublin for Christmas because will or actually anywhere in Ireland. We don't really well. It's the full
irish pubs with lock ends. irish music sing songs like fairy licence I need a well. You know shhh villages, itches, it's beautiful, but its wind it's raining. It's not in any way like. Angela. No, she loves on them. My wife is not like it. I love the blue sky in the sun and Ashby kind of like you know. Why isn't it raining like she likes inclement, whether yes, oh I think she and also her favorite smell in the world. This dislike bog incense, oh wow, yeah she's, two days to go to Donegal when she was a kid. They take into the bargain in Donegal on good yeah. So I'm I'm up for it. I think we watch the show. I think it's on a chip
we are. The magnolia network called escaped to the chateau. It's about a british Expec couple that bought a dilapidated castle in France for like two thousand euros and then spend the entire series there like series, six or seven now, just renovating it and updating it and she's like we should do that in Ireland. So she wants to fine like a dilapidated castle firm on- and turn it into like a real irish castle home I swear to God. There are things that light going. We also have a lot of beautiful. Little Islands Special Glasgow Psych. Where are you There are so many houses that you goodbye and, turning to you know some middle class. Mommy castles are going in Ireland, but like go for it. You gotta, give you calm, you'd have to her I'd like that. It's a very it's a cottage.
periods. If you know what I mean like you, wanna be drinking, get it by the fire. You know you're gonna, be in like it like the life that you're living in this room at your end, the cabin door, but I have the figures it, right. How is like a news? Boys have analyze the sea, no Christmas sweater. I picked this head specifically for this progress because my wife got me. A couple of irish war were perfect, and so I thought this would be appropriate and you know I've really faked. Digs kind of experience that I mean legitimately, I'm staring at a blue sky outside, is not a trace of winter, but I want to give their appearance son. I think you'd fit right in yeah, good, good, good, good, good,
Are there any particular towns that you think are worth visiting, nor that we should definitely go see? I grew up going every summer to a small town in cork, called ALA, he's s wedding. I got like four pubs, one post office and a church there is a playground live it's like a sort of its ago, basketball court kind of a thing beautiful beach. By forty five minutes away from waterfalls and amazing walks in search mountain high eggs and all that stuff. But it was not was mine summaries was going Marin hanging. And you know the one with the island.
I loved it because it was like you knew everybody in town. You know who is that really friendly feeling. So I recommend our he's? It's very far away those in Dublin. If you were gonna, come to Ireland, you wanna do a few nights in Dublin rent a car, Kennedy go around the coast of go down to the cycle of the west and make end in the box and Donegal? Listen being it being a southern California in the being in the car part is not, you know like even to think, like all will cost you have to drive like two hours from Dublin like it can take two hours to get from inside its own Santa Monica must remain like we do at. I think at least that Ireland, it's like its gorge. I've never been to Ireland. I've been to Scotland and have been all over England, but I've always wanted to go to Ireland. It just feel.
like it just feels like green, just nothing but green yeah yeah, I'm screen, but it's also, you know, rainy. I think I think they do. I too share saying this is where I agree and I think the tourism you know group they sort of hype up the green, but There's a lot of rain to just story. You know I am, I am emotionally prepared for that, and I know I will probably grouse added and then my wife will think it's the greatest thing in the world. I mean it there. There really is a personality. There really is a personality division in terms of I don't know why she likes the gray, but she does not like sunshine.
She does not like she might be a vampire. She likes that right. I think I get along with your wife. Is I liked it like close all the shutters and just say inside a hate like bright lights, up yeah, she's she's, your shoes, you shoot sheep sheep, but no one would know to look at her, but God she's, a secret Gough like inside all is just down. Do you it is. There I don't know if you're bad enough. You know this, but is there like a comedy seen in Ireland that you're aware of? Is there like stand up performance? I just know too much about. I know everybody listens to blind boy. I pass, but you should definitely check out of also this guy called mark me again. It was kind of a big sort of social me, a comedian guy-
I dont more about suddenly the Instagram like Irish to me and I dont know much about sort of the stand up seen there that I in bed around it so you know, I think I'd know if it was a big thing, but maybe I'm just clued item now and when you were at what point? Did you decide you been acting for quite a while now? Did you was that you something that you always wanted to do? Did you feel like all? I need go. I would imagine there some. There is an industry in Ireland because we watch a lot of Irish for movie. So I know that stuff gets made. Air yeah, you put do you, but if you want, we enact if you want to be an actor and you're going to an island. You go well. I probably you know, there's they're, probably bigger industries, another place to go, or is there is an option to just like stay in work in Ireland in an option, but I had sort of spent
time in New York has appeared to know that I love New York and I had this weird way of getting into the best I had a tutor when I was thirteen who, who I was. filmmaker and she and she cheated on the side issues independent filmmaker end she knew the sort of writing these movies and serve started getting involved. Unlike the production aspect, and I was like a runner appear like her short films and stuff, and journalists are putting me in a few scenes and then she wrote this fell. engaging apartment when I was fifteen and it was very sort of Loki in you, know My mom told me it was gonna, be like a camcorder items. I have no idea what I'm doing, but I got it Golden North Carolina Wilmington when I was fifteen alike,
school for two weeks which I felt the cell phone like walking. the best million dollar a production and, having It's amazing like just romance with acting and filmmaking, and you know it I, the crew, becomes a family and, like you know so, fine like every morning. I remember just like you know, running into the mayhem, arabic of trailer, and I was just so obsessed with it, and so I came home kind of crazy about it. That movie ended up going to try back a film festival, awhile I know so I was seem on. That happened because of that I ended up getting an american agent and so that sort of why I ended up going stay in an american working in American. I want
the study yet and I really wanted to move to New York. So I I applied detention auditioned for that, and I got in so a kind of just said that I would leave in and out in New York, and so I was doing my auditions while I was still a college that sort of how well beyond what is the course study of drift along a cover up how many years, the programme in what are you? What are you stated? Is it? Is it like a full sort of artistic education, or do you just leading into the dramatic arts or they can you do a bunk I saw some of us here today is far faster. I couldn't recommended more, it's so smart with they do it. I mean it's like american College? Like others, we have to apply to pass it s. A t. Let me know them at say: stop him to get in need to pass academics. First and then you also have to be accepted with your addition. Undead
the drama program you do put into three you put into a studio that does a specific method of acting so there's Stella Adler, Meissner, Strasbourg, there's a playwright theatre company and all that stuff. So I put into Adler and three days a week he go to Adler, you do you're practical training, There were just like Shakespeare who is seen: study movements, ballet script analysis is proud of yadda yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda and then the other two days. It's all academic, so there is a certain amount of theatre credit that you have to fulfil. So you have to do a bunch of the other studies, you're reading, writing, plays a doing all that stuff and then have to a certain amount of like
english courses and film courses and then you have loads of credit to fill up with, whatever you want to fill up from the college, Art and science is so. I chose to go and do child psychology. yeah. I saw him I did a minor and that in that, but other people you go and do like linguistics. He could do biology to do She could do our history, so they want you to kind of house. You don't do. Business studies. Here. Whenever you want to hear Yes, I want you to be really well rounded. Artist is what they say like yes, so it's not just learning how to be a good actor, its learning, how to be good businesswomen or whatever it is even serve combined that make a career for yourself rather than you know, just like being good checks. I know we briefly pause to thank our sponsor for this episode of the eighty twenty podcast sand. Disks
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We now return to well at, and I feel like now the sort of the them modern day performer has to be like five things. You know, it's a be your own frickin market. Are you have to be your own everything and then it's not just which I've been. I guess is good and away, because new feeling probably get trained to do a lot of different things, whereas you know, if you were an actor thirty years ago, you're, probably just an actor and really probably but just a tv actor or just a film actor or justice stated factor, but there was not a lot of cross over yeah I mean I don't know I mean Marilyn Monroe, unlike Math Natalie Woodwork, they were all produce in their own productions, like Mario Mauro is doing a lot of theatre stuff that like now, we re talks about what she did, but there is a sort of business. I too to it that I guess along people just down no work or talk
openly or now they they are because it saw about. You, know women stepping into how powerful roles- and all of that most of the actors that I know are usually developing their own work. Writing their work. You know collaborating their friends are colleagues or whatever is kind of like he can't wait for you. You know for the audition to command you kind of have to just be you know, making it up your ass else other what you know. Otherwise your agent like it has other clients. He shouted. The cat Certainly, the only for you. Ah, I think that's kind of important like a lot of people down. I don't really know that right is, I think, the issue more gold. Then your agent does other work. It's like! No, not really. I mean I have to give them stuff to do or give
material to work with a sort of create momentum on your own than they can kind of command and finish. It offered get you to the next level, but you, but you really can't rely on anyone ever you gotta. You ve really got you. Ve got a light, be moving the charge, and then your agent is in a charge on on their side and then you both come in and you combine you work together. Yeah. You saw me Peter. You have to be the driving force, I think, but
Yeah, I mean if you're eating have, if you're, if you're lucky to dig that once you are in the business, I think that's when you can start to ready cancer momentum, writing and producing a. U bribery was already there in your favour idea. There's lots of things I, while I wanted, produce an extra so hard cutting still married, but yeah. That's a one hundred percent, but I'm interested in doing here other certain types of stories that are intriguing too Genres that you are link between toward here, I find a lot of sort of like I do like really fascinated by mental illness, and I think that goes back to like me. They have set the child psychology in school, There are some some roles and some stories and some books like that
I'm really interested in, and I I don't know I think it's hard. Sometimes when you have You know what you can do in your mind, but no, no one else really knows so trying to find some Greece that will show case after people is so necessary. So I dont really have one specific thing. I just know that something different The thing that I know I can do that. No one else would cast me in that's the kind of that's the sort of sweet spot that also comes with having a really strong sense of who you are and what you mean like, because it that send it is a very powerful sentence. Like oh you know, you know in your head, you can do it, but how do you? How do you explain it people in ways that are manifested because even when you're pitchings
You know what your pitching surges, like you can't just like photocopy the Beijing onto someone's. Ray you're after, like that's all their process of lakes, painting it onto a pay. you're in a meeting its are to pitch things. Does in your head, your life and then it's what I did and you can't finish any sentences and you can't it's me. Nobody have you seen a thing. You know I'm! Ok, I love you. I d a a tired, I'm sure you do this? Alas? Well it is the open to the pitting presents a lot. I prefer it more than the audition, but I mean I I stopped auditioning for the actual stuff like twenty years ago, but can I I feel like at least with pitching you're not trying to fit into a pre existing idea that someone has and you're not also not as much there's somebody factors about
about acting in getting Cason roles that you just can't control of my tall enough to have the right here, color and my I got out of why you know do I look like I make sense with the rest of the? U know o the director friend, who outdated, audition everyone, but they desired their friend. You know, but at least with pitching, I feel, like you can kind of weave a world and and sell an ideal little more, but you're right. You get to those points where you're just like and then that this review it don't you just do it and then I saw you at such a scale have not mastered it earlier, but I want to ask, but I will one day for every time you think you ve figured it out it just. Is it because every every every pitches little different you know like so, even though you think you might kind of no and in when you're putting in a room. You just have no idea like they'll go all this was
amazing, and then you never hear of them again where they pass and then you feel like they were about to fuckin fall asleep and they all they want to see pages. You know I really so it there's just no. I haven't figured out a rhyme, a reason to it other than just be passionate and detailed, and now and then you just kind of cross, your fingers that they see what you see- yeah, yeah, yeah I'll, take that our discussion and detailed got it do, I might do. Are you a journal or do you right now? That is one thing that I wish. I didn't more when I was younger, because I just I found it, you know Armies were talking to my mom about this Jesus such a funny, woman. She was like. I was a kid in writing when Russia, the guy, managed by any. Why would anyone care
she wrote at either, but I ll never forget it. You know she was like I mean. Why would anyone care- and I know you're right- I was you know, riding a diary or german laying or like I just found it so pain. and then I had this sort of light Tina like I'll go back years. I read my diary from when I was fifteen and I'd like, oh god, happily has limited. So I always thought that all created by writing, but it's thing that everybody tells me I need to start doing, and I just I would rather have the ideas and be in a room with a writer and sort of bout, some back and forth me sitting down and being alone and with my own thoughts, I don't find that very exciting. I quite like to work with people answer by day. You know
you get an energy from someone and then go with us. So I would love to I, like my dream, writing partner and then to get into it that way, rather than sitting at home. They are right, a scratch you now. I totally agree because everyone, every different person or to collaborate with, creates a different sort of emotional chemistry, and so everything has a little bit different, a flavor than if you're, just at home, writing on your own yeah. But you also reminded me her how much power parents wheeled into how just might say something just sort of off handed? I got you in writing at unaware. Anyone do that, but then a sudden just is likes is like pouring cement into a child's mine
the meat into my brain like every time I go to write about? Why would anyone tear you know just ask of yours later there going under what the fuck? I said, what I don't know it wasn't. Even I was happening to ensure that the time yeah yeah when you are setting such trials, ecology was was. Did it? Did it sort of help in for The performance process as well as lately, all that's ecology, stuff, really does an sort of one of the reasons why quite like acting is, is that element of their decide? Who are these people? Why did you do now so yeah there. Psychology was so interesting, my god, it was just amazing and I would still do it like. I still think I've, okay and sometimes like I just wanna quite like in Africa.
It is so stupid, like what I think I genuinely would like, go and be like a child psychology. Certainly I just find it so interesting here, but I probably would never do that. I think that that would be a lot more work and schooling going back to college none. I made myself sit down a rival those essays again when I think about going back and like turning my minor into a major unlike, but I have to write all those answers. really happy to be done without what I graduated us, you don't give me a psychologist, cause I'm cool. Working people what right paper
look, I'm just I'm cool and what can I just hope you don't you think for me. I do I work. You know. I don't know I want to figure out the most respectful way to ask you about growing up with the sort of family MC that you had what I thought, but I also no, because I dont rates were now because I regret about speaking of child psychology,
but it, but it's just because you know, like your data very famous and I turned and I'm sure a lot of people hit you with that, and I want to figure out like what is the most respectful way to talk about it or talk around it, because you are a very accomplished performer. That has nothing to do with any of that, and I would imagine like there are times really listen. I'm proud of my family, but I'm here to talk about this. Are I'm doing this, and that is my identity, not because of you know who unrelated to. Of course I love my family, but I dont so from your point. Do you like what is the respectful way to approach it or talk about it or not? At all, I mean to be ass. Larry like ok,
He even asking that that Souci, like literally the first person, would ever even ask me. So thank you. I am no. Usually I mean, I think one thing that you know has been difficulties the sort of their bono's daughter. In that light it has to be the former Eve Usin and it seems to be every arc over the last ten years of acting in You know it's about something that you kind of always sort over my gosh. I wish that they would just learned my name. You know that would have it would be so kind of them, but honesty is I totally understand why people are furious about it and Ask me about in its totally you know it's totally fine for people to ask me
I think when I was younger, it felt more natural because I was a teenager or a very young adult, and so it was more natural for Peter Bull too. Ask me about my parents. You know like hell: let's talk about your parents, career your dad's career whatever, but now them twenty nine trained theory, unlike stuivers, make real. Let it doesn't a little like I'm gonna do you know rightly an Iphone. Feeling old man, like you know my grandpa having kids and still still talking about my dad and in every meeting or whatever it does. It just feel a little strange that the older that I get, but I have to say, I think, the more work I've done. The more people have sort of respected me from fur firm. You know, being I guess, I'm having my own career
ah, so it sort of naturally falling away. I think the more work I do it well and something that I can really put much energy into, which is nice, it's more when I do press and when I'm when I'm talking about I am reminded a little you know, so you now put it does like about my whole family, like my brothers and abandon
sir is Writ really creative she's gonna accomplish poet, and so were all quite creative people? Honest were naturally going to be talking about it ran. You know it's just six out of the way it is you're, because you know clearly because important so much stop in such great stuff too. I mean you know, especially like the neck, which was such a cool show. You know, like you, forge this career on your own. You chose to go to teach you. You were customers thing, you know and you wouldn't keep working on
cool stuff. If you weren't good at what you know, it's like you, ve earned your place in this business and Annie. Listen, you know, maybe they'll be a day where you see an article on its and it says, like Eve Houston's, dad bono, you know what I mean like maybe it'll flip. You know maybe, but I think that I wonder: do you find that there is a little bit of a gift that you you saw the sort of weirdness of fame and all that is maybe not so real, so it you you'd, make more artistic choices that are based on that you're, not that there's no allure to that.
weird stuff about it? You feel like you're kind of impervious to all that stuff. Because of the way you grew up. What do you mean? Weird stuff? I mean the weird fame stuff. This kind of, like this stratum of, like kind of you know, fantasy life, not real. The perception rather more have that you know it's like that. Has nothing to do with your humanity or who you are as a personal view. You are as an artist really and sort of growing up in that way, did did that sort of some people get into business and they want to be famous, and then they get really caught up in it, but I feel like would you say that we're, never really that didn't really hold any intrigue for you, because you look out on earth on it's weird. a sort of it's a strange thing, because I think, like fame, gives you an identity and so that the sea, no amount of saying that I have gotten from my jobs,
has given me a sliver of my own identity in a strange way, because it didn't have that. I would then only ever be known in sort You know the world ass from the earth. Looking in as far as daughter, probable so in a way I live, I feel like I've been able syrup car my out my own identity. Choosing to be in that world ran, but. That being said, I do think like having sort of the inside luck. You know has helped. I remember causing director saying to me: you know like you're, the guy he A lot of I can actually cost a lot of kids who have. Working after parents are things parents, whatever he was like, I swear to God there actually very well.
Hey that more well behaved in the people, expect them to be because they sometimes more so than the kid you ve never been in Hollywood, because the who have working actor parents, they understood and how hard it is and understand the work ethic they stay grown up, they ve seen their parents every day. What they do. Disorders stay in the business entered to put out the work that they're putting out where, as you know, it might come into Hollywood and, like you said, sort of get caught up in it and not fully comprehend. the difficulty and sort of the pitfalls and all the things you need to watch out for and how much hard work it takes. You know, too, to make good work So that understood me also go that's interesting and, like I do have some friends who have like me. You know
parents who are in the business- and I think that that might be true. Like you, you know it's. It's fell, I like that she said that leads to make me feel of it. You know I think people will make a lot of assumptions about you know. Kids, who have famous parents, got everything so easy. It's ignore women, yet in some ways it might be, but in other ways you know the most important thing that Fraga with this humans is our identity. Who are we? You know like what we stand for? What do we do now and then, when you gonna have this extra layer of life, ok, not only my establishing my own identity, but now it seems to be linked to this other person and tat sort of like beat you kind of have to do a little bit of extra work because there might be preconceived notions. Are there might or you might be, an extra inextricably linked to this other person and at certain times? And so that's I feel, like that's really profound, because you, you know, as everyone has
desire to establish our own identity. You know yeah yeah, yeah ausonian. I grew up with. Thank you know my dad sex so obviously like collude in to everything I remember like calling once their HBO or me too New York. You know for some press thing it and like the flying. U business class most like it was like the first, I'm only like one bit I'm having a fly. We business closely, dirty neurons, so cool. He was again unable rob you the minute. You're shows not hot. Oh my god new levy, this experience with joy. For once I make no mistake the understand that this is not real there's a moment in time and other things,
with your words as an actor in said. Ok, it was a good luck lesson to learn, but he really likes to keep me in in Jack runners rabbits. That is the job. That's that's actually some constructive of love because- and I also appreciate that he said- has nothing to do with your work. You know that stuff is absent. It flows, it has nothing to do with whom you are enjoying now, while you know like cause, it's bound in the seats are happier, but but don't let that I mean that such an important statement, because it so easy to you do you feel like because what we do in the creative arts there's this. It's not like. We manufacture of physical good. You know it's not like you can sort of look at spreadsheet, flowcharts, okay! Well, here we go. We ve made this many more things, so we are successful like you trying to find value and not accidentally misplaced. That value ought to things that are not worth it
yeah it's a very difficult is very difficult to stay on track because we like how do we define what is of value? I don't know I mean for me: I've I've learned, you know I was lucky like AIDS and started out in some really serve Archie Independent cinematic. I did my first real movie rising. Eighteen, with Alice Argentina and then identical hollow centre, and then I did the neck, and so on I have worked with like really interesting filmmakers and then I heartily we're like commercial sort of experience, and I did Robin Hood- and I did all these other things are anaconda got like commercial it Hollywood and I didn't like it, but it all it all sort of you know. Nobody really watched the Naples was quite strange, like it was onset of acts and like Robin Hood,
not do well like, which is not a secret, and so I kind of like you know, I never got like a big, a harpoon sort The moment where, like everybody, knew my name S walk down the street in there all looking I mean you know so. I've ways just gone out of like the successes is, is the work that I put into it and how I feel accomplished after and also the experience of like today, many people die sites that I learned from these people. You know, because I can never. They tell like what the response is gonna be on something else lucky that a kind of didn't have like I wasn't in some Big Box office hit early on it's kind of been a really strange. Like meandering of a career, I think like four. For me, it's been really good, really strange in Amsterdam in and out in up and down and.
I'm and I find it I'm lucky that my work is not so much time to sort of em a massive big success and I've basically just been like you know,. the lessons that I've learned on good projects
projects that I regret or whatever it is, the that's that's where they would I can take from. It is that's, that's most important thing that that emits a great that's a great take away, because I think the people who do it, but I think one of the worst things that have happened if someone is the first thing out of the gate, is a huge box office had not taken not good, that can fuck you up and also distort your expert stations and also make you think that that's how things have to be, and I dont think I think that life and I think that many people are able to really do it that well, that life of the Box office star feels like it has a lot of its own stresses and trappings. They ass a man who can kind of like you know like
Come and go pick and choose things, work on call stuff, but not really be tethered by this weird fucked up value system. You know it's really, and it's really. It's confusing, I think, for fur actors, because There is this whole, like you, know, box office like high. What is what are they call over as the term? They call it. you're a box office value or have. However, you can like the new green light this movie, because if, like the how much money ass, we ve made. You know you can't that job because of like those numbers and it's a tricky where you can get like sucked into that I'd think so. Yeah I've, I feel like.
the factors that I like working? Where are the ones who had sort of more you know surprising careers in and, as usual, is usually the actors that are only doing those box office? May these that I find em are more difficult actually to act with. So I think, like just valuing any experience, whether its Good or bad or smaller bag is, and you know, there's always a lesson. To be learned, and- and that's that I think of us, you know that's why I like doing it does it go hey like I might go onto that job and I dont know how to put a character at all. I really don't terrified and then I'll I'll finish it and I'll go. I learn something new that myself when I asked if she could do that, or you know
that directive, really help every like wearing that directorate, how they feel it helped me? We all remember that one day you know if I direct something, so let those it things like hair about when I choose the job moving cassettes, the most important, that's the stuff that you can control. You know, and also that's stuff where your grow and you don't really grow because you get more or less popular and its ironic that that very idea like ok yeah enjoy now is the second that idea like putting our work. To external things, that don't mean anything is literally what social media runs. I'm like every one experiences that now there's like now. There's a metric and people define themselves by that metric, and so it is kind of a weird it's kind of weird that that idea has now spilled into the general populous you.
yeah yeah, it's terrifying at the social mediaeval, this guy's gonna kill everyone's artistry richer. What how do you? How do you put all that away and ignore them? How do you remind yourself too, like just focus on the task at hand and what's meaningful to you in the moment and not get not go down any of those paths. the I've always had people being relieves. Bizarre and weirdly fanatic, with my family, So, like you know, that's never bother me like the internet always been our place for visa, nobody, I'm sure, of course. Of course you know I've always learned. Let not really to trust that it's not like. I was like you know. You know I had to face a profile, and I was just my first from school. It was always you know a lot of you to vans trying to get in.
The all my photos and do some rice shit. So. I do, however, just always had been put that separate but I've Instagram and I didn't have in store for ages, and then they were like Oh I had worked in a while. They were like. Oh, like you know, this fashion company will pay. You x amount of money to go to their ban imposed on it was, I owe money loudly, I'm gonna miss your mother got what don't worry about the most incredible night of my life about other colonel it is a business why they do it. You know I mean to make money like you, I had to have been a really long time. So I did it and I was I call and then I I got a kind of like how to keep my instagram too,
mostly movie based stuff. That's why trying to is sharing Light Sammy Pictures, her boyfriend, he pictures or anything like It mainly just like you know the solution that I do unlike announcements about I'm gonna, be an trailers and stuff like that. I try to keep it that setting out its simple to the agenda. You know I don't share anything else.
Sometimes I share pictures of my cat but she's gorgeous at work with a little more interesting to, because it is right that sort of thing about the difference between a musician and an actor in the sense that you know a musician and your dad did this a lot to like you. You can sort of perform as a persona menace separate from who you are, and you could do interviews as that persona, because, as a musician that's acceptable, but as an actor, you do play characters. But when you start to talk to people about it, you are expected to be. If the person you know ago, it's it's it's more difficult to create a persona as an actor that gives you that separation from who you are and who, like you know like that. I mean you know years ago, Picardy was occupied Cason and he was talking about like the performance. Very
of him you referred to is that guy there was like an immediate separation, but I feel like actors still to a degree or like when you present Instagram you're, still Eve you're, not you know like Eve this persona final, I mean it's funny like my hackers that she is suggested. I do this because, as having a difficult time, On the other side, and I was like, I felt really come damn right all in and she was, I think you need to kind of, like literally come up with a Jennifer who you are on onset. You know You are like Eve, the actress, an obvious. If you play a character. You don't feel Sorteth attacked this energy that you're getting answers, a new even how to protect yourself and so that when you go home you know you can then actually be you Anne and feel that there is some sort of a man.
separation and emotional separation between work life and how life then I've been thinking about our lot. Will we have to do press and stuff like just how you gonna do have to be Where does that different persona, different version of yourself and it's gonna, healthy, even to say, even come up with, like wanna? Be that there are so many different characters. I could veto it. You know expressed
Stu these interviews. I could come up with any store. I want to tell them, it could be completely fabricated and they would run you know, pepper, really, brilliant, that's really brilliant tactic to especially for people who don't even work in a necessarily creative arts, but maybe have a job. They hate her work environment. They don't like, is being able to create that sort of our word to say like oh well, that's that's work me yeah, as at least it prevents it from seeping into it from internalizing in personalizing its and keeping it sort of separate like gonna. Like my job, I really like the people I work with, but that doesn't have to be me. I mean I constantly when I was younger. I used to think you know your crew. You are your career and there's a guy.
Older and wiser? I think no you're not you're career. Your career is just the thing you do, but it's not you. It's just a thing that absolutely and then you know the blows in and all of that and the successes you know, maybe you don't take them so person in a good way. You know like it so important, a sort of Try and figure out who you are without all of that. You know you're, not the some of your successes or your failures, and you, you kind of me too. We need to create some healthy barrier because otherwise you just won't survive. It up and down. The basis is just so up and down the euro laser, might and also success. And failures. Even thinking in that construct are not does nothing present about it. You know like success and failure is really sort of a hindsight, its past, it's kind of a past view of
world, because you dont know if something is a success or failure? You know from that point of until it's done and it comes out and you know, but then, if we focus on that, that's living in the past, you not being present. So this idea that you're talking about a sort of like you know, did I learn stuff. What am I doing at the moment? How do I like that? I think really the best life success you can you can have, because that's that's where the growth happens. Not whether or not something is defined. As you know, we have no control over how its defined really. So why focus on that yeah agree? Do you think at some points, the things that you start producing as you kind of authorities a little bit different,
it's gonna really start revolving around psychology did psychotic child psychology. Do you think you'll get to express this sort of likes that your your psychologist desires, rather than having to go right, essays ugly, the scripts you know, maybe you can turn into These groups would be like yours, my dissertation, but it's true. I couldn't do that. I hope so I hope so I mean just the idea of being able to have more creative control over the things I'm doing I know I drive directors, not slightly told me I'd like why do my weight in then the job I thought, maybe you ve gotta, I want to be you involved in that up in those decisions I wanna be, like my dream would be to work directorate like taken into the editing sweet or, like you, like. I like so badly want that
so whatever it is, whether it's like about psychology, you, whatever I just really, I'm excited to kind of he more than after lunch acting, but I genuinely love filmmaking, I really where they do the whole process of it and I love movie. So I just want to be more involved whether just different storyteller mediums right, miss an actor you really we get one point of view, and you don't really have a lot of control over how that's done yeah you can sort of approximating you know it takes a going to use Yonah how it's gonna cut together. You know, so I would imagine it would probably be really liberating to be able to sort of have that kind of you. No overall puppeteer storytelling storyteller view of it to be able to kind of like make it. What you were here. I would ever be just so son.
Just a dream. You probably not be good for me I'll, be like drunk with controlling. I blame you people laugh every day at work like that is foreseeable, you got the evil, laugh it. It's gonna, go side wasted. Yeah well is there anything else that you were behind her eyes is on Netflix now the whole is it is it is it? Is it a thing that might have a season two or is it just like us self, and the story. I wouldn't be able to say that such an absurd
No! No! I wouldn't want to say. However, we have. It was a very famous book and we have stolen goods. We have so we have told the story of the book, and so I think if there was a season two serpent row who wrote the book would have to be involved. If you take some creative minds to sort of come up with how we could do a season two but you'll see ready when you get upset sex. So obviously, the weight of the last year has been heavy on on on the world, but you know and as much as I would to try to look at you know like what's positive, those little nuggets of a hope that we can just stuff in our soul and cut a rap ourselves around. Is there anything in particular the Euro excited about right now or looking? or to or joyful about, or anything can be anything a hobby I have a number one hit, show
from those, and I myself number one got, doesn't define your value we nobody's. Looking man does not arises as marginal is, never know it personal growth. Creativity wide right right may not launch, as was originally it's about personal growth with a normal remembering it over one showed defines who we are, but it does help a lot of does help you sleep at night. What what's? What do you think is the first thing you're gonna do once everything can opens back up? Is it just to let go to a pauper just go to night? I want to get up. When get again ass. Nice. I just under undying for that. That's did I just wanna, go to power with my friends and drink Ganis and get drunk and like spit on each other.
This is gonna, be may now. What do you say yeah. I do this road. You have to do to the Albanian. seen in my eyeballs animals well with pleasure. I hope you have a nice time. Thank you. So much behind arises. Netflix the entire series, please come back any time. Thank you. I will love I've left in the end. I need handy scaling, complete Hey it's Chris, with a quick little request for help from you, the identity community to take a short survey, very short of just one of them. little more about the eighty twenty audience and make sure that we get.
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