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Felicia Day (Geek and Sundry, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Chris bond over their love of all things HGTV, playing Skyrim, and what got Felicia into tabletop games. Felicia also talks about being a woman in the gaming world, what’s new at Geek and Sundry, and her book You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)! See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Organ letters, Pike S, number, seven, thirty, five, the phone, cultural tourism full swing, feeling touring just never stops, but this is the uncomfortable to her said. Some amazing chosen, Texas and this weekend will be in Buffalo York and also Toronto as part of Jeff S, forty to go to find comparable to dot com for tickets and info. Let's go to the notice community cardboard. This is from a listener who didn't write their name since critics Balikh I'd like to share a nineteenth annual strike out against cancer. Bala thawed proceeds go to women care, a community non profit organization that provides free cancer support services to women and their families in Santa Cruz County and surrounding areas for more info, go to strike out against cancer dot org. Also we'll both in Genevieve Mueller right error, comics, have had more than a few runs with death on our dead things. Pod gas. We talk about and try to find the humor and people dying. We have guess on been crowned bird, Adam Time Brown and talk about their experiences with debt. Sometimes dwelling and dark areas, but always find in a humane manner,
into it. We also your recap of the weak and death is linked to the past sound cloud, dotcom, slash dead things comedy of using the Paul Redpath cast. You know that we are soon would both support this. This episode is Felicia Day, my dear dear dear dear friend, whom I adore she's running her book you're, never weird on the internet almost available now, wherever books are sold, of course, Keegan Sundry, which is something else that you should go enjoy but Felicia is, is constantly inspiring to me as someone who just picks up and make stuff she just choose. Just she is made her career and she deserves every good thing that happens so I'm I'm lucky to have his friend and as again as I said, I'm companies by bye, bye, the work that she does so she's back on the path gas, here's nurse pike S number, seven, thirty, five Felicia Day returns as Katy rules, the thing you know any new star com
literally nothing you to pay me to live there or anywhere snow. It's a problem. I've been watching, house hunters international, big o, my God, the best I want to be an ex fat. It's in my future. I think you're gonna move Elect Bulgaria, fine one of those apartments. There doesn't have any plumbing early any appliances if its shortening you can do without a dishwasher. Why did you need one? It's not even that is just that. The March summit. It is parliament that look like cave a literal caves and then and then somehow finished yeah bids bids barely started like,
or it was finished a long time ago like to Alex centuries and then and then cut so like three months later, and it looks it basically, it looks like a fuckin like wasted. That gives cattle are exactly and I'm always suspicious. I've heard rumours that they won't feature somebody unless have already put in and accepted the bid on one of the apartments. Oh right, so it's a total fish. Emily. Writing is television. You know they got to make sure that their own cousin, they spent all the time and money knowing a couple around and they don't find anything they arrive. Isn't it my wife? Yet I'm always. I always pick the one they should have been in its never I mean I'm a very low batting. I think you just have to you- just have to watch all television the way that you watch like law and order and go okay. Well, this person didn't really commit this crime. You know I have you have. This has venue disbelief pretty much all and all of them
mean they do decorate really. Well, I'm like we're. How that would really nice our modern table and not one of my cat is primarily about the beautiful dining table. That is only my cats, dining room. You know, I think I think we need, as I think the couple. I think that the people who should you be it actually the design, aesthetic that I think closest to the kind of the stuff that I like as they show fix or upper, whereas the couple yeah like I wanted, I would ease, ran he's really funny. Yes, chip gains game. Right, Joanne, like they're fucking, awesome amazing she's a little bit too much with the pang, an antique window on the wall. But, as you know there is, there is one there is one like vintage aesthetic that I did. I wouldn't really have in my house, which is like the The old sign letter with the Edison bulbs now tell me I like sack You never know what it is and what the letter was gonna be, but I think they do a really good job like go. We found the Sulpicia Woods returned into
and it is look like if you were in the house, you like it's, it's good for the camera, Butler Eu Poker, It falls over, but the what's the other one, there's another one, that really, oh I'll, fix it or for better. What does an amateur listed and there's a leper flop? Flipper flop is the Orange County couple O. Those are the ok they're, the worst Tartan Christina a minute, even not one with that. I don't know why you you know, maybe I feel ago I would want to have with all of them to find out what their, like, maybe they're, really really nice. There Tyler's adorable adorable. It's just that my problem. That shows not the people so much I mean you're, not my kind of people necessarily she's, never looked like a girl who would really hate me an ice cold by up up up up up by its afford the formula of thy eyes a little bit stronger and that she, oh it's always like he's, always Ah, no, it's there's the there's. The electricity is redundant like do you knew it? You know
You have to know that if Europe, if lots of your buying a house at an auction site, unseen or or if you're walking into if you're walking into something it's falling down and you, like camp, was only three hundred grand in this neighborhood gap. You have to know that there are probably animals in the walls sector, but that part of the driver like they know, I'm sure they know, but they have to play that out as the arc of story. Another trip, but the problem is with me, is only mentioned issues room on the road and when the road I just want to go to. Bed at seven years ago, I watch four and a half hours of this show in a row over and over and over ninety, or, like I see where they're going when in fact is really me who should turn the tv after eleven are listed as the show with the canadian hosts where I sat in the british lady and then the emblem on she's very high strung, but I yelled at the tv the other day because they were they were gonna remodel this couples house
if they would love it and this insane woman, there are two story that a town house- and there was only one bathroom on the main floor- the bedrooms everything or upstairs yet and the almost like. I want an open for planets, tat, the bathroom issue and when the bristles, like you, can't remove a bathroom, do you know what that does you like? I don't care, one open floor plan and I was like juice remove a bathroom from your main force. You think, if you only of the band, they walk the top of the stairs, and why are you in any way? They do it? Yes, they made. No. No. That was one where I caught. Oh, I wish it had resolved was like and then their lives. Fellow, after this incredibly poor decision to remove a bathroom. Well, I shortly after they divorced inelegant, does it isabella those such a dumb and I'm really bad? I felt like oh, my god. This couples lives as follows, is full of those times.
Decisions roulette. Why would you do that if you follow them and the reality series, one after another, its find put to put two eggs in it? I can candle triplets her lips loner that made no sound. Let's, let's remove. Let's just let us remove the garage completely and place a lot. Nothing! I just don't want to go out there. Why would you do that? Others do actually manage that account when my my working life to work to do frustrated with a tiny houses that shown that is tiny houses. Pisses me off will there's one. Ok, there's lived tiny somewhere that there's there's how centres tiny house addition. I like the one where deep, the purchaser actually is involved with the design times, construction other, because at least I feel like they're doing something about it. But when it's just we're going to live in a tiny house, they must be coached. All I'm gonna go, there's not enough!
If we want Europe to carry resorts called twenty thousand. Are you kidding the one that I literally was lagging Cameron should show anymore is when they were like my requirements? Are it's gotta fit my king says bed I need a bath that has happened it like what are you setting up or more or or the one the woman who did huge horse paintings like I'm, not kidding like five feet by two feet: three: four feet and she's like none. If Wall State for my art, unlike Bennett, you're gonna, get what if you're lucky, you have an inch of wall, you're moving into something the size of a double decker. Minivan, I really want you starts painting smaller woman, you know, but there was one there really cool couple that bought an old school bus and they end they themselves. Like did all the work and moderate At least I can respect that from a crafty person. You know like, as opposed go here her. You know who wanted to live in a tiny thinkers. Look! Ok, fine! I understand it's cheaper to live in a twenty five.
Thousand dollar dwelling than a foreigner thousand dollar dwelling. But how do you like some of them are doing it for hipster reasons, and that day now there is one episode that is. Girl was looking for a tiny house and she was a sound therapists from allay and, unlike I swear to God, I've seen her real food daily. I swear to God and she was way you know she was a girl who looks like she's. You know a popular hippy out and say I am. I draped sits in our very free people, so I totally get when speaking about it. It's, like trust fund trust to finally have a bank like I don't give a shit, I'm paying to look. How happy, which is in hundred dollar. That is a great label, but I would never be out of order- and I guess you know some other happy woman who could spend a thousand dollars on a blast could do that better. She ended up living in can't, because she didn't want a kitchen inside she had a principle. She's like I just don't want a kitchen in the space and I'm like are you kidding? She was alive and she
living in a Hollywood hills in a tent yeah. That's that's a little more China I hated her island, I hire her and she s like maybe just play symbols Airbus tones were there in Hawaii and they have to debate. You know like how much money, can spend verses. How willing there to live like an Agnes. Ok, notion. I literally like that. There's a house- and there is its it's five beat from overbooking. Blob of woe worry. Are you proud, love? Well, I'm entitled Well, it's dangerous! There's noxious gases. You know like if it if it if it seems in the wrong action, you're, fucked, ok, there's no one! You can't fight back love of low. It is one thing you cannot fight. You cannot final overflow. It is impossible to find a lot of well, sir, but some of em it's it's like making it too
Of you know, what so, can we live in to fit our budget? That's, how close can we and it's usually between and I've done- is a scientific study they never rarely do they go for the over budget, one it out the role that often go to under budget unless it only has like a shower Stop this one by one foot, then you're not gonna, do it, but other than that they in general, the rule is, nobody ever goes over budget and they chose I do enjoy watching people try to make horrible thing. Sound, sound, sound, really good! Oh, that's! However, the shower is a hose out back. You know, I mean like they they cause arose. Well after another is island hunters which has this host, and I feel it is names Ryan or something, but I haven't even island countries. That could be my Ex wife island hunters is really interesting, because you know a lot about issues they should hunger, woman, Canada's these anxieties, these island colonies, and they just fine- and I
and there is some old house that someone built on an island at some point, and then you know it's a lot of it is debating whether or not you can get electric and water or your. If you have to bear Madame, are eating and equipping the wet you need to prove that they be your words like you own the words that trail you get like an acre islands, you know and then you can live on an island, but then your bear me. You know it's like it's a bit of its commitment to you're not going down a Starbucks. No, no, no, no you're, not just popping infer for coffee. Will I love you too. You know the general dynamic in these things is, and I would say in especially when people start to have kids, which is a woman makes me afraid. Like am I gonna be that woman, because it's usually and the dreamer and he's got the dream. We want to be an expert whatever the far we want to have a go in there, just like no honey, we actually need to have a room. The child like watching those Lydia, almost always points that, like miserable the life leopards. Look how upset she is by this all browsers. The guys like this is good.
Great we're gonna get out a fresh start. She's like I, you know we could just moved across town it has moved to the other side of Philadelphia, but it's never the girls dream and I like what is that about because it's my dream yachts than me like, am I a guy? What is go? No, you could just do you haven't you just need to drag some due to the middle of Europe milk shut up. This is your home now that we're squatting its Bulgaria, whereas the private, whatever it makes me realize, though, that there is a lot of places around them Well then, I call you would totally live there that we will get. Where would you move like? Where would be yours scenario like a minute? I'm gonna take six months off and they took a year off and I want to live somewhere. Where is the most attractive that using problem house owners? I would open house onto, although anywhere anywhere in you, but particularly as pertain sees shopping and seeing the apartments, some really all parts of ITALY that seem really cool Tuscany, but you know I normally a before. I think I do
said London, but if you like, that's an easy choices at the city, but big, it's a big city that yet you know, but you know I honestly, when I went to when I went to Austria over the summer, there were learning operating is pretty, but Salzburg, as is just like, is endlessly charming. Really, it's wonderful town, you like an import ban. It was like a little but but but you know it's just a small little too, there's a river that runs right: the middle, a town everything's right there, it's charming and gorgeous, and historical and and there's this in others. This like homage, castle that that sits at the top of a hill and disorder looms over everything, and you have to think for this business girl. I got the yeah yeah, Heidi guys, what business sizeable shoots, marginals, endear, you're, hot chocolate.
I see where there was going to make good their. However, by taking your about our ok, fine I'll get it right. I want boy taking your by ejaculate was the marshmallow that hot chocolate was you're hot seeming anus like we get it right. We get em Strasbourg can't wait to welcome with open arms that swift. But I also. But yet I great I'm a nordic racist, sorry, germanic busy, rewards nordic, Oh, why people look alike, Felicia get I'd. We all live lawn blindness resort. We totally get it. If I were you to pick one place, I have two points that have been in the world that I would want to live, and Barcelona is one of them. Math alone, a bad fellow man alone, a bad fellow. Not only because I
narrow, creepy, high streets, and I like the idea, it's kind of like a sky room city, everything's very close together. I also I was there and I saw a real prostitute might like not that I have as you possibly before Oh mom you're, so, where I live, I real prostrated saga got it and I can tell you I've seen her right outside the hotel. A couple times be- and I noticed her because she really pencil on her eyebrows- had no eyebrows, it was only pencil in those, oh, that seems authentic toolbars alone, but I was like oh, I turned my wife. Has an ocean possibilities like yeah, she's, apposite amateurs, obviously like a man who handle- and it is very sad and every night she looked even more angry and oppress, and one day I was like can, which is higher
figured tat thing and I wish I could say the story was bitter designated. She found a new light. He would not let me higher wouldn't know he was like now Vanessa happening, but you know that you never know where that kind day. Could it not can be in it, be it any film rob so one day our right that maybe that's a very that you're takers like I'm, going to free you, I'm going to just give you a couple hours of joy, we're gonna get waffles, we're gonna go dancing, it does will share top as that, but you can have a contract, so it have to be Who is the governor rescued at the risk of a rescue girlfriend across the street, and I think it's terrible terrible sexist scared that terrible word airborne, the absolute worst, oh ok! So if you're gonna limits, and where would you live? Oh, that's a good question. I mean I did the deal see where it did you the deal.
We can build a house that every I did every inch of deal see until I was just fucking didn't taking home groceries two adopted children. That's what I did. I had a whole house in my what was it weakens the home city that we started in written rift in I filled with potatoes, intimate as this is a joke. I would start by don't throw potatoes and tomatoes into the house and it really guy why or is quite fall and then I was like. I will keep my whole family in that the cottage house, and then I would try to cheat. You know I had my husband scout. Many marshes use our going in and I put him. I parked him in the wilderness with the children who were very ungrateful than rescued them that coal and did you play in the Council of Europe which export yes, you that there was little to no way to actually decorate your house, so I ended up like I was so excited. I bought all. You know
decorated with everything that you get in the house and then I was like I want to move this mask that I got from a dungeon here and I try to place it in all. You do is go to fling it across the room. Just hit the wall. The wall go, the Florida pick it up again. I did. I do. Trophy room. When I tried, I did all the other that the little things that you would need to assemble two bit put a trophy. But I can t do it, they didn't give you the actual sims capability. I want a single sky room and now would be literally my day. Job would be so much fun yeah. I didn't. I didn't. Do the I didn't. Do eldest girls online? No! No! I didn't it's too much, but I bet I been plain which were three obsessively have you got to do that because that's almost and I started, which really started to get a little motion sick. I think I may have told you that you have to get over it, and then he gonna hit over your work you need for could get over it. Doping ear problem. I didn't have a spell to stop motion sickness, but I went through I started. I went through the training and further training is boring. Cornish. Its is points how efficient, ok boy, oh shit,
and actually, which are too I didn't play because the training with so boring and trying to get into it, but once you get on your steed that just appears from nowhere. You know you don't you whistle which I can't whistle, but I believe literally he's there immediately for you to jump on and there's a guy named do in it. There's all seek with that. I just did this long quest line weathers, this shapes after guiding duty and areas like where's to do all that. It amazing feat: how'd you get in pcs and your party to take along with you, you don't get. I beseech you have a lot of friends that our from old, which is that we put the first which her so I don't remember, really a lot of contacts there. But it's it's. There's really like all things that happened. You know like you're, there's a guy who has troll friends and you can romance quite a few. Ladies, like I don't know if you could wish for a switcher, but everybody's breasts are all out game is very prominent. Very melon, like breasts on everybody's part, and you have a couple of you- have a lot of light. One night stands you could do, but at the same time you have two main lady storylines NGO. After the right
had who has like Model Mcdonald, hair or the really bitchy girl with the dark hair with a very nice accents, I dont you know cause. I did, I think I'd forgotten. Anne Schuyler or not, I had one companion, for while Lydia like what she's a first, where my there I'm I haven't played in so long. I guess I just think that the thing that drove me, nuts about sky room was that you're, all the sudden like a dragon, would appear and then all of a sudden urine pcs would just be gone Odo. They would and they would either run or or you would just or you would run across from town to town and it just wouldn't beatnik The fact that they go when you try to trace back so you have to go back to what you had to go and get them. Could you can't replace them because you can't cut him off and winter? In your face? I had a pretty bad ass. I had a pretty bad ass. Combination, had an ice wizard and a fire wizard. Last night, and then, of course you know I could I could bring. I could someone a couple, a storm thralls and we had a nice little party, but then say they would just disappear and then you have to go or you'd feel you'd have to say
and finally, the ice was dining at a resurrect him again and forget they ve There is no indication where their body of an issue there is no way to find em you just a lot of times. You just had to go back to the same point, and I also loved that you know, especially with horses, all the subtle they can go vertical. They go verdict are there is just like a horse standing on a wall and is just like his back home. It's just the wall, but that's the problem with which you are like that that course has no ups, so you're just like it Your problem go more vertical. I'm used to this. I had the. I did all this. The quest where I got the dragons. You know that the dragon steed but like the dark like the debt undead, really bad ass steed, whereas echoes knew there was a one near the cave, yeah that you someone from you get some yeah yeah. I remember his name. Has I lost him somewhere where you and me I was unable to get him back. It's also given a higher era which are inspiring to companions in pet. Please, girls over less favoured games, I know,
and two with a promise, I'm terrified to really start playing because I know that I will be difficult for me to put it down and or it'll be like six days before. I can pick it up and play again now it's been playing. Is my favorite? It's my station surrogate two hours and nights of play which are in there so many side quest meanness and in any way you you you ride, they'll be aside Quest, and then I mean it is out of you play dragon agent position. Both yeah did a bit so its overwhelming that request there. This is like twice that many and don't go away. It's like two through of warming from an I know, but it's so fine. I mean there's one. I just tracked had a serial killer, who Lake was murdering people important to ask down their throats, and then you know I have to some gestures. It's like a female
that gave us took as you like the closer you just want to get like side experience points. I just do a different story just for the fun yeah. I'm a completion is so I'm like I've gotta go to raise some horses and they have an internal like card game. You have to play which is kind of like magic issue, kind of Gwent. Thank you they so innate, it's almost like. I only. I almost have to go and restart the game, because my Gwent game is so low. Like I have a collective, the red card to be beat the people who are my level, which is like level twenty now and I'm almost like wow, it's almost like when you play wow and you're. Like I didn't level my mining or my revolver gi. You know when I was playing herbal ism, so I almost had to rewrite the character. I don't know I was in things with with skyrocketed like I was really terrible. Lock, picker, like my language skills, were low. Why did it invests a time? What about blacksmithing? You make some bad seventy investor bass. Anything I did. I did. I did up the blacksmithing and then I did up the other certain. There are certain workarounds fer. You could
certain? Oh yeah, you don't you always do like a dagger USA. There isn't. There is a city will you give yeah you do a dagger. You can make it here. You make a bunch of daggers and the new year and then you go Zella. And then you make a bunch Maria you either there's that makes em and that's what I leave to the masses to break the game for me, so I mean there's one that I, the sunlit sea, which is a great little tiny, any game reader, the boat around and underworld is kind of Cosu like it, it's really cool, but it's a slob of your money. So, unlike how did somebody practice, I get free money and I just cheated now, it's wonderful bakers have, as you sure it is too short and we're fake. As a leg fags like nerds, they gave a girl. Like you have a game. I want a gaping worried will overcome.
Do it do it? Do we do that to each other out there, like big, big? Well, there seems to be a litmus rage point in poky mom, particularly heavy, were encountered. Ivy donor lava poker reminder that you're dead to a certain segment in a world year- and I know I know the bare minimum a programme on, because I was just a minute- just missed my age group, what you have just mister, I'm slightly too. I was slightly too to be like twenty five to thirty right now, like how slowly July, litter actual to pick it up, but by the time it came around, I was already trying to deny all of my I was trying to fit in with everyone, and then I had of course idea because it kept bleeding back in and yet making situations occur. But it's one as thirty one one that first, I think let us do that. Let's do we'll get by that time, you're comfortable yourself anyway, that he actually start to get comfortable yourself. So I may I really misspoke amount,
It was hard for me to meet you and then, but I've done some leg. Video game play through things on my train, all where people are like. Oh my god, you don't know who charm andor, legal level or an army is already you don't know. Mobility are fake. How dare you put her polio? How did you know what our there like or if you ask about tuna, but when, like that, would evolve, that will again. You know, really sorry get your poky letter on, but you know, honestly, though I I can see really getting into a because I I got so in the animal crossing new leaf so into new leave, I mean for like six to eight months, I don't know, about. I tried to get an animal crossing and then I was just like I just want it's. I want this to be more, like some sort can sheet and decorating mother. That's how I ve about adequately the key to animal crossing is to know when to go fishing so that you can catch all the references to make all the bells. I'm gonna have to get some tips for you. When I get my in crossing expertise, MIA De worries
I'm happy to have I'm happy to help you with that that when actually do men of magic, other he's the one indeed deacons my mom was a weirdo Anne. She allowed us to read. Absolutely anything except even king has deepened came, was gonna turn us into an ax murderer for some reason, but I dont know if it should a fear of clowns one time I brought ate a comb and she was like absolutely not only to draw the line on. This is completely unstructured environment at Stephen King meeting other people for deity, but my brother became an expert on reading d and e books. So now I decide if well hell. I'm just gonna make a company to all this thumbs, those more an ideal that you guys, but because a or for our friends
just met Mercer met Mercer just had the I was was, but he invited me to play with you guys all my god and I ended up being out of town that literally the two consecutive weeks that you got as you did in two consecutive guess, start our friend Matt Mercer S, critical role, which is a live d and e thing that we do on Thursday night, some light, which ten is a great voice over guy to whether all and what I found out as my friend actually Johns Matt. I knew matches tangentially, but I knew actually Johnson from the Weedin verse and am she was like under this. The indignant two years ago, and I was like all my God, a bunch of voice our doing dvd dvd. Unlike I have to have this, I want this to be a show. I want it primarily just so I can be so and they may we started I was dreaming. I was like what I think this is gonna work and Airbus. I now know, and it turned out to be our biggest show just because you're so talented Maria Martens Region, Amsterdam, when membership like mad mad dm two game fearlessly, was me
Lincoln in Moorish, in Michel, Mauro and now, my guy and and and Jesse and bleak from noticed, and we, had a game that we never finished and we started a campaign that we never finished, my did one for three years and I think the only thing we accomplish was that I somehow became pregnant during the thing weird able in real life so would not aerial it. Now it was on a ship it because I was like really determined to be a virgin all like a librarian which actually in playing a version of that character on category but she is so basically the dm always was trying to diverge. Inappropriate way, but she was always. There was always a smooth pirate coming up to me like her evolutionary side, quest areas like I've tried to claim the spending trying to kid- the Ruby Maidenhead that that was. That was the game. It was irresistible.
What was your character I was play. Wizards matter is with magic users, and you know, unfortunately, I always play lawful good characters within other boring, but it's so hard not to I always want to do the right thing. I was wanna play the cat, a good one, but I always by always want to do the right things. I've always been alphabet characters, but it was a year you ever like hey, you're, a hostage. Let him die like he had ever do that in a video. You have to know you. I can't I can't either I'm not, even though I know it's big. I still feel I think it's catholic guilt, but I it was. It was at the period time last year when I was single I was playing Dundee with them and someone tried to set me up with a girl, the attacks, and so we started talking to people did they did and in in she said. Oh, what do you know? She is at war? Where do what are you doing It was like I met a sports forum like I'm playing the India and good bye and had her question after that was. Are you winning money is that upon such a great guy, this are you winning
did you ever going to date or was it like tat? The text did we went on a day. We went on a day when she looked before you start. I know no, was it the context in chemistry there was like let's try this or was it a sportsman you're, like you and me to Data Georgia was, it was no. I think it was just the I'm single I might as well go on a date with someone just how it happens, and she was very nice but was about to. She went on nothing happened with which one day, when I met for copy to say, hi Nine of honest were murderers and then and then we went to dinner and it was very you know it was very nice and sweet and polite and then she she actually plain enough. She would to play in the interval linebacker. She then she ended up going on a tour relic. She was gonna, go to all the world like the reform Michael you guys. The guy set us up, because I thought- and I think in his mind he was like see. She's leaving the country ago, should hook up
You know why that's a terrible, that's a guy! That's terrible, Elijah thing at its also, not really the way that I operate and so nothing nothing. I wait. So you could get some action and then she leave it was he was trying to get us better on China, Russia and China. Have us both get action. It wasn't just ass. He was friends with her any was friends with me, so you can have a bootleg get a booty cobbler force majeure. She gets a dog call or something before she leaves, but it just didn't. I just don't want eyebrows only operate that way, so it didn't we didn't and sheet and she and her she's, very nice and it didn't get. You know, nothing, nothing happened, we sheep, she went away and, of course, even around the world energy, I'm always jealous of people who do that they can just pick up and they, like I'm doing my soul searching quests. While I you know I just had to I myself, would you go around the world? Knowing go anywhere, did not go anywhere and I dont remember them.
I would take a vacation like that and it was fucking read about it in a good cause. You you know, I remember about a year and a half ago we were on the verge of a breakdown and you go. I was leaving I'm leaving the country and you left. Didn't do anything for how long you were gone and you came back in your alike. I died the so thankful that I win yet and took off. I know, that's why I'm like I look at people are like a three months. You could actually do that. You can go and rent a place for two thousand and twelve hundred or five hundred a month and just go for three months. I'm like people have the right to do that. It's kind of we're when you're in this business, where you like, you feel like you, can apply the brakes a little bit so yeah. I went for three weeks. I would.
Europe. I would like you know. I did some combat, you know divine can't go few conventions, we're gonna help subsidizing. Luckily, basically I am, but I did I'd just wandered around Butscha cities. I took trains everywhere, which is a very civilised way to go around everywhere, and yet it was. It was good, do what it? What was a highly ever two weeks off the highway was I mean I love being busy? I cherish work, it's important. I appreciated, as I remember not having it. So I like doing it yeah, but the highlight of the entire time was honestly realising that I didn't have to be anywhere near that each dad's woke up and I like it. Doesn't it literally doesn't matter what I do? I could do nothing and I didn't do anything? I had planned every day when a ripe stand for an hour, because that's what I should and I didn't do it, but I feel occasionally we got a little thing, but a butt, and then by the end. I thought I was gonna be going crazy and I wasn't I was I was almost. I was almost ready to agree to do this further
other two weeks, just nothing minutes good that like to me, you know and light if you're gonna try to be another person and actually move your art, for you need experiences that are not the same that you have already had right. Yeah like you, can become another person. If you're always in the same room. Looking talking the same people will get. The same websites is aimed at better food aid, and then you have to push the envelope of who you are and the only way to do that. I get time to become something new. What's your morning. What's your morning website redeem, I mean I go to twitter and I tried to check my replies. First up up up up up up up up up just go to try and bring about a worsening of the day. The verdict of the day I actually tried not to log on until after I've, had my coffee and tried to at least look at a blank sheet of paper and like list for things that should be doing for myself, because it's hard when you're like. Oh all, these email, they need began to think about myself. So that's weird to say, but I think it's important to have your own time and then I
and on doing a lot of things and I go to waste- would have me because actually follow laudably blogs aside, like vocs dark Com- and you know like brain pickers, I try to rethink he things in the morning and then I ended up. Location are assess, feed which is like all persons way of getting news of yours, I'm familiar with their eyes. As far as a swede I had, and yet I think that This indicator that I was using just folded, stop start another when you're. Using now I use feebly, which is very yellow fever, really is really good. I tried all them Ayman Paper, a cup all that that was the one that I liked the has agreed action. It's nice innocent color, though other. What was I to spartan? Sometimes when you get like that very utilitarian pc design a bit like a beauty guy made. This is very easy to eat it works ways the problem, but that will add another is not really. It is nice that, and I want to be an air. It's like I'm in a prison virtual visit. Yes, I look I lot of like weird. I like just like a lot of like personal blog that people are never meet. You know, like some kind of spanish. Does
minor yeah. You know of pop EDA political pundit people and are now I like to expose myself different people, even though my impulses just to go. Gaming feed and see. What's news that I can bear it myself in a cup so yeah, it's really exciting, FILA! Well, what are you? What do you think it was a year and a half recovered? The broader hung with what was crushing you oh god, you know. There's a law remains still, I mean I'm a very moody person and I are of a court rulings disorder and I suffer from some depression alive and you know I always feel like I'm unless I'm trying to achieve something, I'm not worthy and there's something. I've actually dealt with a lot in the last year. Just coming out get yours, you know I think I did see a couple times like by going to become a very stiff and actually took the Europa but that was kind of like the thing I put myself back together with two be like hey. What are you gonna go from here and I M so I mean it was overwork and being raised and in an environment where exe
praise was really what motivated alot of my or external things like achievement. Sure reflected myself were too much like putting yourself putting yourself in your work too much, and so the ups and downs. There are not things that you can control like people prove all or business or you know all those things a words in a reinforcement of your creativity, like those things are not controlled by you and therefore, when you put them yourself worth in the hands of those things, the ups and downs of life will just kind of better you. Where I went through that its I've been thinking about a lot lately is, is basically making ego decisions like when you put your ego into external thing here, which is exactly what you're saying when you put your ego into external things, then that's where that's! That's where you get really damaged. And when you make you go decision, that's where you get really fucked up, and so I really do ask myself now is this out
decision or is this an ego decision is there's. Somebody is if somebody in my brain who was is wearing of a very lovely Chanel suit, saying you should do that, not enough so now. Sarah, wherever this is love, Audrey Hepburn. I think she was that driven by yet or a power like a power. Eighty suit, like you, should do that, because that will adventure career and these people admire you in this post. This will happen in the no open doors to this day that you could do a twenty years, and I know not so much anymore. It's really. I think it's really helped me alone. Is this. How is my relationship is, is is really com and wonderful and stable in nice and good, and we support each other, and so I know when I go home. I just like my homelike just feels good yeah and that's been that's been very helpful to the kind of makes me feel like the rest of the stuff is all sort of gravy. Like oh yeah, I love work.
Is amazing and I love it- it's great linger being accepted for who you are Yad kind of like not not acquainted, but like that that thing that makes you know, I guess I kids and dogs and stuff like that. That purity of like loving, who you are you as a person, it's like. Oh, that can be in real life when I wrote a language of my friend could be here just cause they're here you know and as I actually I started putting the brakes on a year and a half girls like ok, I'm I'm to scatter, I'm tryin to trace, and I'm trying to chase after this social group to be in that and take over this kind of thing and, like I decided to spend a majority of my time reinforce interrelationships of. If I was a barrister in Portland who of my friends
still be my friends at pick me up the airport it to em right and that those people I tried to log in the rest of you would just get troll in real life by people are like. I asked for no water and those are my God, I'm so allergic to almonds. I'm dyin your work, your horse and Hitler want to know. I feel a killer did a lot worse than just not put Alban milk at your Gabriele, our way out of a rash now dermatitis, you know what will in our having this conversation- and I were just sort of resorted just venting and in general about you know, I feel like physically
What do you think we're few words being particularly mean, and then we had a moment we are like, but it is nothing compared and I'm not saying this to pander. This was literally part of conversation there we were there. We were too males and the funds- we wouldn't say this for anybody other than ourselves but like, but it's nothing compared to what women on the internet have to deal with, and what Felicia has two, because we at least you know at least there's not like some kind of sexist vendetta against us, are aware that we don't. In most cases, we all feel like we're be our safety is being threatened. Well, I mean it could be a mean. Amendment has been, but now, but it's not a go. It's not an automatic go to yeah. No, I mean what do things that make me guy you're living. If, if one of the litmus test for these people who are ass, you is that, oh, you were born with a vagina or you were born some way that you literally could even help. You know That's when you really when both the bullying in Amerika, for do you like it. If some dude says we're going to review to death, I don't I don't know. I just go over four fuck you nor or just like
now I wish Felicia would go away and I want to fuck her anymore. I'm, like my condition of existence, is your jacking. After a picture of me, like literally like it's like, Hairs, growing our rain. When I first cut my hair off, it was leg. Oh, my god. I cannot ejaculate to this picture anymore. It's just is a real problem for the Felicia and my views went down and I got this backlash about you know and it was just like well. This is really. This is a real problem. Well, it's you know if, if, if, if you and hopefully you're able to extract, you know yourself worth and protect it from all that dumb showier, but also yeah. You know the thing that is that I think our people hopefully understand is that when stuff like it happens or when you know, when you see view counts, go down. It's not just oh narcissism.
Whether we like it like it is the economy. That's a business! That's the business that, if that is your actual business, because you know we're we're all of us and put in situations where the internet, Business was like we're good. No thank you, and so are you started our own stuff in that its very that's bit, that is the economy of the trade yeah. It is regular like it. I don't think it's totally men either. You know it's women, you know if you post a picture that you look really cute and you know you're ready. Surely live here, and so they were reeling. You're gonna get a million thousand times more hearts and thumbs up and all were that reinforcement and, like I think, that's almost lake, you know just down the line is kind of destructive. As too you know, you have the instability Clarity engage in you throw them into the water, and you see how people like it and you tend to chase after the things that people like your team at right. You want to do the thing that six, it's like an improv. If you have a joke, you do not show great road so, but I do worry that you know that is the primary vehicle for which,
We may get approval more so than men about how great you look, how how sexy look road because of its abuse. Unlike this is a beautiful sunset of this church and look how beautiful you know, look how framed it looks like it album cover. You know: MAC yeah. I heard about careful that Turkey have well ok, sorry, the joy Amy Humours less possible. They sketches my guys, really wonderful, she's, so wonderful and I ve no, I try to be lake, especially. I try to be like swiss neutral as like to me, especially labels that we were the geek and game. Are there so many controversy around sexism and and at a gender identity and geeks end and ink and gamer culture and, unlike I've, always been like a gamer first, you know, I don't like it, it's it's. You know you have women and gaming panels like what I could be on the panel about story till he came to light raised, but I understand that that's an effort to in
food? But at the same time I have always tried to be like hey, I'm a gamer and and when people project that perception that instantly, if you're a woman you have, you know there there almost more like pushing back on the fact that you, you are a woman in a sense because you like games and therefore your gender comes along with you, regardless you're gonna bring along you don't say yeah and make sense it it does, and it also you know, I think it's too difficult for some people to understand. Is that, though, go oh, I get it you're trying to infiltrate this culture, as you know, cause your woman ensure this or oh, I get it you're, trying to your fake neuron you're, trying to take our intellect you maybe we're just people who, like things- and I just want to be around the things that we like, because that's part of how you be are happy and life you around things that you enjoy an you, pursue those things because they make you happy. Is it possible that maybe
you just like to play games, and maybe I just like you know what her classically defined as nurtured and we just like those things possible. Is it possible that maybe it's not any more complicated than that? I know that's what I love about this over the internet, because the construction, the internet, is all about people connecting running they love in big enough. I see so many party we talk about her skyrocket, potato house like I wanted ties that profound care, how old they are, whether from I don't care what race they are or gender. Anything, unlike I want to talk to that person, and that's really was beautiful about how good culture has influenced the internet, because that's how the internet works even know. It's like all the popular concerning internet may congregate. In other things are popular kids or whatever sports fashion, everything, but that's where we are motivated to creep.
Unity around, and I did that's beautiful, so I don't know it just her. It's in a magazine, article build potato house, helped disaster Gorgeous Zaragoza, go rags, another guy, he was Argo and it was an accident, no yeah. What did you reload idea because he was dead? I didn't realize I didn't realize he was used No, I didn't kill him. It was ok, ok Let me set the scene. We were at the college. Winter hold diligence The wage is Argo is one. It is basically the antennae about areas of cabinet. So a further for the last two years ago. You will have desirable find dispel. So we we were in the courtyard of the of the the college it winter hold and do you know this dragon attacked and and then I went off the weak.
Till the dragon and went off to something else. You know when inside drop some shit, often my locker and in them are made it hard to get up there get a huge. Why did you not achieve it can do that? I mean you have to claim everything, but that's not what I can say that I like, and I wanted to be the I want to be the arch made, like all I've rely day and so and then I left and then I realized Gerardo around anymore, but I'd done enough. Other quest, see that by the time I got back, he was just dead. Courtyard, and so I would like to know is one of those you gonna poker maneuvers. Doesn't you can move like you can move their stiff body getting egotism around hidden camera where he was when he was dead, and there was nothing else, and so I just a bit so it serves being completion. Is I never completed his quest line and I couldn't go back in? I couldn't go back and why must you my surreal out and I fucked up the brotherhood of tea?
two. That's my favorite! That's my favorite! Completely fucked up, I didn't call eat something before that's quest line ended, so you know that whole place just collapses and its possible, because that's a real, that's my favorite, but I always liked being assassin. I played a stealthy archer and I would and the problem is Her name was Lydia, but I can't remember, Linda anyway, was probably Lydia Rona Window. It was something right, you're frozen. Would you get hurt me? The wizard know probably wasn't shuns crystal anyway. So, like I'm all about like stealthy around cause, I get very anxious. That's why can't play Cora? You know like You know legal legends or so I cant do competitive gaming arrived. I have a panic reflex. It is just like, ah, throw them out literally further the controller up, so I celt around and unlike Ahem set and we'll get on the between the eyes and then Bitch comes an issue like her sordid swinging and she arrows and it has come like fought New Vegas. Where busily you can't stealth or your campaign uncharitable just go in, and
I don't know don't make them way, like you can say like wait here too much work, but sometimes I find that they did not wait there like now. They may I told you to wait, the car. We weren't you wizard Authority so yeah miss. You know, I'm I miss those I miss those days, even if you should try which her it there are some very personal, like you have a friendly dandelion and he has an affair with a true brook trooper, it's a singer named petrol is good. There's some good. You can get it on and on haven't probably not be able to do that and to their tits everywhere. Oh shit, and it's not good. I'm always a little bit outrage with this game and I run it through and there's always prostitutes and harlots everyone Always women under age do just give her a few gold coins is take, or did you just get you new frock and let's go to the ball.
I honestly. What can I have your? I will be able to do a primal be able to really play it until I get a break in October. I get a break the week of how it is too much for that. Is coming out. Dragon age is, has a new expansionist weak autumn weak We have time anymore. I mean I shall I shouldn't have time. Maybe you're there you get a job. It is your business like you too. If it is your work, I now know I gotta work on staff. I got it. I have of several riding projects, but they don't have deadlines anymore, so the deadlines or so the best in their stressful, and they sit in the back your neck verb. You know the whole time you have em about innovation, we gonna finish buddy, I so a motivating. I know a book, I never what, if there is no way unless I had it like it, not knock worth adrift. Where did I see you were was it might have been? I think it was an hour. Xbox blood party, where anyone can agree in March. Were you said I just finished my book to that guy
I saw you. What are you doing here has been obvious you're right, because I literally it took, I started January of two thousand and fourteen, so that was eight fifteen six, non profit when it was a long time. I remember I was like how long to take you to write your book in. It was something like me. Better than that. I just felt like, nor was it was it it, but, but they put me on a they put me on a very tight deadlines. So I basically wrote my book and like three and a half months ago you told me I was like, but it, but it was but had to map out a road map it out and goes against it. If I right, if I write five hundred words a day on these days, I'll make it, and so I tried to stick when I get to cause. I like a draft. I had a draft and because you told me that really I think I finished the first draft in four months and then I let it sit for a month and then I went back to an rewrote it and then, in classic Felicia Fashion, rewrote at another
fifteen times and then turn it in another way rewrote it. I can never let you go, though. That means you put a lot of care and doing it for my dad, and I mean I honestly and also can grow relations on being on the your number two last time I saw many attempts by silence. Never marriage number one. I was not now not number was number three nonfiction and I think I was number one or two in comedy and in scientists humor. I was I Abidjan for format for weeks on end on the title, since that's amazing free call, thanks guide, you feel moved you feel Lou. Do you feel the reward I do feel the reward, and then I came back to Hollywood in an essentially I learned it didn't mean leaving so now, I'm starting from scratch it, and I think it's good to. I think it's it's good to feel the reward, but understand that doesn't mean everything over yet healthy, yet which is here
They because again that's not putting your ego and the fact of whether or not your book was on the back of this. Just a nice bonus like how I worked hard in this happen, and there are nice people in our lily. I actually, I feel really pride myself that I didn't get crashed. You know. I know, or I don't have that complete. Let down like. What's that, you know am I M excited to start a new project and I dont know if it's an acting job or a right and job or whatever, but yeah you're right that I feel like I've progressed as a human, in that you know that external ratification isn't everything like that. The times which is great, I mean, obviously they can't take it away from me. I have a good text, my boob, and it would be a valid for there to be a terrible placed a tattoo. Can I I I think this thing sagged, but also its always prove it: you're gonna be like a booby. That is, but you know it's it's. I think the most gratifying thing, which is completely I think just finishing it, knowing that I did the best job at I ever. Could you know that sense of like is as a creator? It's not about it's it's about just
seeing something through and really knowing its the best thing you could do at the moment of who you are alive and also their security, and knowing that you know, because your book achieved a certain there's a security knowing that. Well, if you wanted to write another book, a yeah that that someone, someone would give you anything a chance, you could you cover, so you could just write it and put it yourself, but it is. It is nice it. It is nice sometimes to have a larger infrastructure help. With all the stuff. So how don't have to do everything? No eight, which you are very custom to doing. I am accustomed, and actually I gotta tell you like you know I did contemplate like I'm going to look like it self published. I got just do it the Felicia Way and thank God I had to help, because not only I better go all soon, but like the support they put around doing the book tour in all this logistics. Like I mean I did every logistics in the past like it was all out of my house. And was to people at eight. You know when you get a little help you like or how the hell they do. That was always so impressed with you, because you know when you no one noticed for starting the percolated,
stood in the neighbourhood of when you can sundry started in and even before, even before Dick and sundry, and you know it because I'm I'm very much like you know: hey, let's build a team, let's partner, up and lets. You know you're good at this and I'm good at this neck guys this and its ladys good at that and will all come in with our you know our pantheon of strength and- and I remember there was a time where you have to do everything yourself and, unlike you know, Felicia's like a dream maverick in the true sense of the word, but I don't think I could handle the pressure of having to derive having to do everything. I think he was alive. I mean I don't regret it, but I think there is light Eagle involved in that. That was my badge than I did it myself as I'm not gonna. Let anybody help me
and I think that really bit me in there s. Let me demands with you, like, I think it's a combination of not you, know not giving in and not dropping things because of resistance, or because it's not it's easy. Usa, that's real! That was really good, but the fact that didn't know well enough to really assemble a team, like you said earlier, to help me do the things that I didn't know how to do as well. I think that contributed to mine not having a complete breakdown, because I just What I didn't know I didn't know, I was in a world that I didn't know the tools, and I didn't know that I could reach out somebody do that dino, accounting or Busdriver. You know all these things that I know I don't do myself as fish, nay way. This would have no more. You know so I mean I think it's it's is about
go of the pass him risking a little bit, and I think my anxiety, you know, having been more aware of it now that kind of rule, one of the patterns of my life. It's like that fear of like Wolf. I do a different. It might not be a success we might as well just do it the same way until I collapse right yeah. Well, I think there is a real that that there is a separate skill set in learning how to I mean I had to learn it too. I think part of what made me learn. It quickly was realizing that I would buckle from the pressure cuz. I just know: there's stuff out there, a certain thing. It is not very good at I didn't you know, I'm not! I didn't go to school for me, know some things about business. It's like us, when I ever set out to do you know I was I bid. The entered schools, math major and left as a philosophy? Major like you know, why don't you better and accounting? I took innovation, you know if I didn't. I didn't it. If anyone said to me when I was starting schooling, you're gonna go you're, gonna graduate you silly and then attending Anderson School, a business,
I believe our four o clock. You don't do that all you know now, because the way things work we're all sort of thrust into this situation. We shall have to be business II because you know we have to take responsibility for careers and messrs part of the deal, but that's good and innocence and, like you know, there's a whole generation of people who are now really in the digital space who have come from nothing. And now we qualified people are looking to help them or exploit what they pills. You know both others only the latter here that I and another one hand I'm like. Oh my gosh. I hope that they protect themselves in that. I hope these people don't just use them and then, when they dont, when they do the down comes which it will come with every everybody's ups and downs right. So hopefully they will take care of themselves and protect them that they can have a long term career. You know, I worry about the state, the digital space in that way, but am also excited that now all the fancy people are willing to be. Like all
value there, because when I started nobody cared about the web, I would have to be like guess. You can stream a video that move. This is something that was like. Oh that's, Cusic here. Why are you doing something real adds? The winds are gonna, be one or two million people are seeing. Its adorable gets really people watching it than your television show. What now, which is true now, of course through you know, it's not completely shifted over. I mean down. That makes me not as concerned about that with you know, like the vine STAR than the Youtube errors, and it is true that they all like, even if, even if traditional media comes in and from does doesn't work out. They can always, ultimately, they started. Creators lay day it's like they were just Alex, when spotted him in a diner like you watching the dish get on stage. You know like they started his crew. And ultimately they can always go back and daddy like
by the way. I'm just gonna go back and do my logging cause. That's where my audience and that's why that's that's what always gave me a lot of security about being being comic, its or or be no being writers is saying like willow. I dont, no matter who says I'm I can do what I can. I know that that ultimately, what the commodity is, that I am able to make stuff- and I don't You know in theory. I don't really need anyone else for that, so, if every, if it all went away, I could still you know in the worst cases. I'm just still makes up and put it out myself yeah. Why, though, that's why alot of more be ok, yet no there there find their way better than an actor moving to allay the address like I want to be a star like oh gosh, and you you also are you: did you make the jumped to Snapchat? I did I'm honest now. You did that's right, you're dealing with this a while, I lost phone, swam, updated. We better flip phone you're using, isn't listen. I found that ok
here is what happened. I was a dragon Khan, the best convention, it's the Marty graph on earth is the best I mean is that it was just as persons who have you been I been here as a great it's crazy, but it's good there's a lot of sweat and anyway. So I lost and or I think, my foma stolen, because within five minutes notice it was gone, it was completely gone and the off so I smell shenanigans. So anyway, I was really, as I was get on the plane. I get on the plane, I'm traumatized, but I had to find my iphone. Things were turned round like Hague drop me. No, nobody ever, it was never lost a found. So ultimately I heard of a phone. So today is what day, oh it's Friday, so they announced the Iphone. So this was last Sunday and I was like well there s a new Iphone on Wednesday, four to come out the twenty fourth Ike away. Three weeks now have a phone and the first few days it was so liberating owls like men. She can't get me some other guys on the road care answer. Gonna gonna answer emails until five m, like it was so empowering, and now I'm like, I need my phone. I just
I met with phone. Oh I just ride. I tried out with ice rock that, though, that was really my breaking point when I was like. Yes, please give me the number of life. Work greater use. I weren't you visited our really get old tax base. Adventured aim like why and make it so so now you are actually sell. Basically, I'm going to get another phone. I do I much enjoy drank on. I do find. I do find it to be an interesting choice if they know that people going to be in costume, and it's in it's in it's in basically the end of summer, planter. It is a very hot, time ear and ever boy women's drinking alcohol circles. It really is not actually dehydrates. You know then customs there this year were unbelievable. I think causeways really reaching a no new level of like awesomeness an idea it kicked caught. It kicks comecon that I mean I I remember: when dragon can it used to be famous for being so basically being like the orgy
because and I, but now there's so much. I mean like its worry, its be ass. The real deal, what I like isn't celebrates, really weird subcultures, not really weird, as in judging but like very smaller subcultures. Have you know a lot of fantasy authors role, playing games furries in a matter Madame legal. You know all sorts of like really specific authors, even like em a cavity. I think there's like a track on her and vampire romance fiction and, like I love that everyone just comes together. Kind of even on the video games, I even Do I just like vampire businessman's areas where there's no they're just business men who are they I think it gives an ostrich it doesn t fully. I would love to. I would love to go back to drain kind and adjust it. It was. It was the worst kind of the.
Of my brain. You can only do so. Many comments I knew I think I might take next year- offer some bankers. It is its varied to its wonderful but tiring in their their couple, like Emerald City and COMECON, coarse and dragging con or like a really don't like missing those but other than that now being on the road, and I mean you're on the road all the time so doesn't really matter COMECON, synagogue, COMECON, COMECON, international that was really fun this year, but I'm not going to unite moderate eleven twenty thousand pan. Am I going to do it again? I mean our Abdulla Wonderland three years ago. I know I did but this year I really it was really too much. I mean it was fun, but it's it's it's even a lock on it. Now I was constantly constantly, like my brain, her because your constantly stress that, oh you know this-
handle appear- and I got to make sure that I had all these points if they want you to hit and that everyone, and that some of these actors don't like talking, and so they don't wanna Reno their shy or their cranky or whatever. So they do want to make it easy for even the most cases its fine, but then you know, but then moving on over there by this time and our cue, nay and others and others clip, and we make sure that our government and its negative emotion, energy here the engine and amateur annually and then multiplying that by so many times, plus adios overdoing it was, I realized the sheer like we don't have to know why I just I don't have to on their much I'm yak. I will not a moderate, like maybe two three panels next year and that all enjoy. Do you think you notice adding this year? I notice- and maybe this is the perspective add, but I think COMECON has reached a point where it is something completely different at this point than it used to be laughed at. Seventy say that every year that it is an old person like my day, the comecon you get across the park it you just remember you ve, just you ve just been a part of the sure of it. For some reason I seen I mean it is it is. It is one of the things
where you go like what can't get bigger next year and then somehow they always manage to make it a little bit bigger yeah. I guess I have a lot of friends, relic artists and indeed booths and are basically giving up their booze this year for the future that do spaces really hard, but issues they are independent person had a hard time making it on the floor there and it's like well, that's fine. It's just a different kind of con. It's more of a media event. Converse is like, oh, I guess you know so my you know him made little doll. You know right or carving, we're gonna, be we're gonna gravitate towards the to the bright, the things that they were. The branded thanks, yeah yeah, yeah interesting. So it's cool that the convention world has expanded. The point where you can have your vit cotton, which is You know very young, kids and that's a whole different kind of phantom boy presuppose a convention to make you feel betrayed gauss. I was there to this. We are and it was like. I grew up with your work. I'm like I grew up in August, technically ready
it gives me no. I was too young to watch the guild. What's my mom and let me watch it is able to throw in April. I was really happy this year to do. There's that moment where we were at are we did the geek and sundry Nervous Party then yeah, and you know there was a moment in all the craziness. Were you and will I just found each other and since you guys have been seeing, will have in being like a man, and this is what it's all about like there was such a great own image. A nice moment I was highlighted in the De J was awesome by yes. The highly was like looking around and seeing lake I loved are yet. I love the party because I looked around and I saw people from Digital like who are big on Youtube and creators from television shows and movies and business people, and then our friend, you know your friends who were you just like friends who comedians and you know, people from every single.
Art form that is is in that world were at our at. That party was really fun when it was created as a melting pot. I wouldn't know your tear authors. I do know if you're worried, but of course you just ever know when you, because was the first year that we really did there and you don't know if you're gonna shop and is going to be this big empty space and then the music is really loud cause, there's no bodies and their, and it's just echoing in your life. You know like this, like everyone who work in them or do you start looking at the bar stab like hacking you know, but but seeing that people actually showed up and can be having a good time was blocking. It was so awesome here that I hope I hope were able to do that. You know like I could almost go next year and just do that and yet and be happy just listen, they're Lenny, in earnest exemplary ago, Ellie amaze. How was given sundry do? How are you doing with due consort? Guy like we have? You know like it's really awesome leg, just being in the same space with like nor I mean it's cool.
A family? I do not know it is ok. So anybody, if you know now yet world where we were both owned by legendary, along with Amy Pullers, smart girls, and so there is a big stick space that we all share. That view no relatively open for plan yeah and given sundry is right next to noticed, and these however, it also causes oh yeah. We support each other's work and in like I love the fact tat we can gravitate towards zones. We really do well and then come man, the things you really do well we're not stepping. I just told her tat, I just love. It feels like a family, because in the beginning, when we both first discussion when we launched the when we want you to channels of yet genesis of peak and sundry, you know people wouldn't try to pit us against each other with like will or european goal it. Oh God but of we're not competing? all the same, and so the fact that we are all current like. I think it's a good lesson for you know you can all do stuff in the same.
Region and yet still support each other in your. Not Europe have to be cut throat about it immensely everyone. I think, that's what part of digital culture is. The We understand that sharing audiences elaborating collaborating, as is the best way to go well, especially when you're or training bent something that wasn't there before the more you help like one person becoming a huge star over here, and getting a lot of attention means that other people will get that yet again it's the same. You rumours an actor, it's like! Oh yeah, I got guts, relies on law and order in your like. Why was not me, I could have been an older, secretary woman, I could do that. I tell you: why did she know when you came in here at that time cut we got it. So you do you remember that kind of seething like anxiety. They I why he get that instead of me or how, when she disliked these irrational jealousy like, and I really wasn't way, but I would I would actually have to not have friends, because in some time that we get a job and they would be like hunger. Embryos
really great and would not be happy for you and that kind of, like that's not near some one person's success, does not take away you're saying no. Now there is, there is a special. You went to a cigar. How, especially now there's more than enough room for everyone to carve out there a little place in Canada set up their own camp exactly so any rights. How important it is important in it and that's something I think people need to learn, when their starting out when they're starting something it doesn't, it doesn't have to be like oh drafts dive didn't get that one thing I did just doesn't Ultimately, just doesn't matter. I totally agree with its it you? U it tell podcasting started all the pod. Castors did each other's podcast. We have. We share a lot at stake guess it doesn't matter. You know it's like we all. We all thrive and I think that's. It also goes back to lake and I'd actually tell us you, I've told us shook up people in our midst along the way like embrace your community, like the people who are,
friends or in your space now you're you're gonna be with them for years. Unless you glad it's like so friends of support each other, because no matter what you can see them at a party and unama history with them and are still gonna, be here, there's gonna, be higher up level cause work their way I'll work our way up so like value the strata that you're in as far like you know agent, an and interest in like area, and that will be your strength. Go through life and that something I dont think I appreciated earlier on. We would live near the window. Was different early on when you started when you started the gilded, what there was not there were not a lot of people, you know not of people. Doing video me like even look at restrictive and how far back? guys go he always like they're putting up quick time movies and the euro is a thousand and a lot of those people who pioneer like that were in L a so. There was like a really small tight knit sore webs here. If community is kind of thing, but like it wasn't comprehensive and a lot of those people,
You know a lot. A lot of those early web series. Just didn't get a lot of places to a lot of people, be there moved away or stopped or going to different business or yes, it wasn't is Titan. It is like. I think I see this digital next general generation are really tight knit in their it's really inspiring. I was also very happy to text you one of my favorite pictures of us Five years ago, we had to put that up somewhere. I don't know where to put it because there's nudity in it, what can we blurry yeah? I guess we can but it, but Surveys am hard hard to so that we can arrive at a conference, some sort of comrades each leg. It was again that conference it wasn't. It was a television like TCAS Nazis here, but it was like or somewhere something like that or worse for. Oh maybe I moderated a panel about heck in ok and so you and I were standing next to a booth and for some reason there was a poster. I really know what this booth was hockey.
But it was a poster, is really to video meat industry. Given european, I was like it was a manual movie, there's a woman there's a woman like thrusting her large nipple breasts out and that that was the whole poster, and so we just took a picture of us pretending to have just have totally straight normal conversation in front of US studies like these giant melon too photo by unopposed or in the back row. You- and I were I'm SAM, saying something thoughtfully in your listening. Everything really thought like it's all very figures, but I've never been it never go ahead. I posted because its yeah there's no context in, and you too have to if you blow out the Than people know that you're aware of India and in the real world It really works with you can. What we need here is play which are and you'll see those breast
practically every single thing I mean literally there is that there is a sea more. It's like. Oh, there is like forty breast in this room, while great Gabriele any dogs know there is a but seem you see. Girls are Gerald, but very very prominently, so there is a cowboy in a sense, a low carefully, but I would like more equal opportunity, amnesty and that more wrongs, yeah more dogs, more dogs and gaming. More dogs are gay. We do it every day. Some of the Red Sea. You really did you really want to actually get the dick physics down? It's true. I don't know if they had the Dingle down, they really have to get used to it uses because only casting a spell out, don't drink public. Swimming you're gonna make a point of order to try to get somebody that smuggler smuggling to ashes o the cop pieces. Very Ruby was so glad that I'm so glad you're happy in that you're feeling good navigating our neighbours in the congratulations on the book, which is people, can
now, do you aren't you never weird on the internet, almost ironing, almost by Felicia Day, people like the idea of a they, I never in it. That's that part. We would be weird if you everywhere. Like oh, no, I can't do that. I'm sorry did. Did you do? There was a light along slog like four days of talking about yourself about Do yourself about yourself, oh yeah, like like, like for five hours at a time enough. It is I will be writing a book, that's fictional. Next. I got a feeling that some of you that's harder, I don't know, maybe I'll try it at this foolish classic Felicia they style. If I haven't done it before a new experience, this time had found you gotta, do it under percent. Do it also publish I'll do that Come on a learning to draw go to creating a common vigour. Drawing take it down. I could do a banana. I do the of banana for scale. I do think, though, that that that is, you know you it's it's fun to try.
Different things to see you know you can learn the browser yet forever. You shouldn't feel obligated to have to do. Having always because there are people, even if you're, just starting to think that someone else who is just starting out their thing and maybe they do something as complementary to what you do and you can work together. Absolutely the experience really fair, and maybe you can have an infrastructure that they know what they're doing yeah matter now crazy tat, which is ours, which is also our warm thanks for having me I'd, Ricky, I enjoy burrito Aroun, ok by hook or by biogas. Those fake fag, Bagley Firecrackers park answer. I think they have magpie thereabout Gasser committed no real hosts general person leaving noticed com. Wow.
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