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You're gonna find out what your friends light and get all social on that business, thanks again to being for continuing support the nervous podcast? This episode, is another one of the archives? This one should have gone a long time ago gave you crazy. Why did you put others observed with bread? I resent Gabe? being a lot earlier. Well, sometimes I misplaced things, because I am not perfect, so That's again I apologize. This has been unearthed and its. Not later than it should and I'll refund your zero votes, but others still fun podcast, just gotta Juba got up like six weeks ago come on. Why do I have these big fight internet, I dont know cause I'm trying to predict what you're gonna yell at me so there, I shall start to you happy. I quit abused Shell jogged podcast host your phone are we ready to combat connect where I could never state? you internet, you're, my best friend
with benefits. So here we go unnoticed by gas episode number two: twenty seven: When I was in care. Browns dean of Fort Landy still available line by the way, so just gets its being dropped right. When the new season prepared, you can still go. Watch it now and pretend you're. Welcome. Now entering minister com there's no little obeyed of what what
these Sweden, Susanna hops drew together. They do this. This thing this is to open up a fund that these two problems, like a beggar set up under the covers under the covers. Vines went into all these amazing covers, and it's so greatly thinking there are plenty of other it's just like we would back songs Sunday morning, it's gonna write that down. Why don't you just recorded for prosperity, then you'll have it later demean posterity or do nothing. I shall not order a plant, see it's a great vigor pay or later on grow process its slogan and have seen into alive to any sound, so good to go
Oh my god that sounds amazing under the covers vines went into. I like both of those people so much yes, his inability to show tonight what does allow show consistency. It's like I'm us talking, then like some videos from season to us playing music. We have banned women. Drummer Nicky web player will do some signs from the chauvinism and then like every city. Would you like different covers that our approach two hours or out Donna solely to infer last April that its citizens have is gonna, be that's. On Sunday morning, Manic Bundy yeah. What New York is gonna, be here Cornwall from the stragglers. Yeah, my love, the stragglers yeah we're so slight and golden Brown you Gordon Brown, he wants to do he's gonna, do it acoustically I've been aim of. He is like a great warrior,
are you going to deliver a pie to him while he was doing like a delicious golden brown piety feel? Like that's true, on the nose. You know this is a serious aberration. Ok, I'm sorry, we known is not in our that were suffering our cells from company to good idea, anything with any, content. The onset of women are going to introduce ourselves and leave it at that. I am carrying on Fred. This is the show leave us alone nice to meet you goodbye signal, which is in a meadow waves, almost Portland being in a weird Conaway. I like it, I like, using that, did you just coin a new phrase accommodate Portland In India I love Portland, I will carry their return. I can't I just went up, therefore no produced between Christmas and new year. I just went to Portland like me, I did just for it just to hang out yeah. That was it just hang out. It's like the best place there. I don't think it'll ever get overrun.
Anybody, because it's a little out of the way. It's not that easy to get to the US. Like a very like anything, it's not that easy to get through that compared to San Francisco, like I feel like seventy five anywhere are Seattle, even though the Portland is weirdly hard to get to evil from LOS Angeles. There's like you have to it's nothing, it's pretty much. Just Alaska, it's better to reassemble Israel, you can't get direct light to Portland and you take it for granted as you like, but open when did the major these cars, everyone and new unethical Seven, a m or like a visit to flights that are like we're times that you know not not convenient video there is. There really are some turbo registers in the minutes it shot. When you see to see the hipster isms mash up with like ok, you have the moustache and the beard and the crazy shirt and the old work pants and the chain.
Thing a terribly brown doctor who teacher the matter. It is a matter of like five sub hipster sets legs. They could call we had together, but I'd rather have I mean, like you know, in the south, you got rednecks though hipsters. I welcome the fine by me. How did you has become were? Did you and she goes? We can. I just knew each other. We had mutual friends and then I was a fan of Siena Kenny, men, I knew JANET wise, Rhino, JANET wise from the ban- and I invited JANET and the band come to ESA. Now, an early days onto doesn't three men soon after party yeah, there we met the ETA showing you yeah. We became from being frank through ok, you know what we should do is show about a subculture. Was the earth thunder at first right, yeah, there's a couple like years five.
There's just these little online videos even have a website. No, we did before he had a website. What did we do them with email? The video round, some weird, I fell self bargain as I say just, has appeared a Christmas to re, write the Christmas one. Would you did you have
one I'm really do acting suffered. The Jew was just sort of like Belarus is fun and then all of a sudden, it's a thing actually get paid to do or both actually now. As a kid I did on the acting before I ever music, I did. I was like a drama nerd in school. I pick improv like act in acting classes in the summers, and I thought I was going to go into that, and then I discover music not just derailed everything else. They wanted to do for you comedy Daphne. I wasn't that also has not doing comedy as being serious plays an english teacher like him innovative thing ever when, like a teacher at school, decides that they're gonna write the play. Your initiative is a little bit closer to them. I was what I wanna hear. What in the english teacher play was well,
They re about his when they autobiographical what what he was doing here is a period piece of news about english teacher. The writing plays for urgency retorted own bad he's going back. Yeah I played the sister of a bride is very Jane Austen that sweet very sweet. Yes, where they were they good. Now, ok, they are horrible. I have pictures, others a picture from it and earn carlini alive. Shell yeah me inquiry. We include some slides to let people know what a bit about our back. There was preparing you because we were just having the downturn Abbe conversation before right before Fred got here. Do you like it? I haven't. I saw a couple episodes. My ex girlfriend used to watch it and my desk was in the den, and so I would catch pieces of it in the background and likewise the Brits, your love, the relations
between the classes as a premise: mining big, but at the same time allow your lunch. I did you guys. I watched the first episode right before I came here. I once the first ever I loved it. I like that a lot of stuff carriages, you turn it on it and within the first met you're, just kind of into bad upstairs downstairs something simultaneous right and liquid smartphone tat one vigorous offered. No one is that when something just works like IKEA ascribe RARE Islamic does any great story or murder mystery. I'm just like have to watch. I think I think it's a combination of just performance and good YO filmmaking and deepening its like a combination of those three things can just immediately just have invested in southern actors. To like data mean them mean guy, I'm noise. I too am likely he's a guy he's, been it up,
right, yeah sentiments, but it does the same thing as like you know do. Would you be able to tell, would you be able to give people the exact reason why per Landy a work so well and I got just every element, just kind of works together. We still don't have any idea. How third question and you can answer your question answer right yourself, but your show works. I mean like it's. It's I discovered a couple episodes. Actually I had watched you. We did that panel together, it's up myself west last year all about you know. The synergy online was adopted, lie that synergy. It we're gonna, go down, there's a lot of words like hybrid and basically you get a bunch of people in a room and then you'd take something magical and bore them with haven't you can see the baby? What I felt like I was doing well, there's then you this amendments connected to this. You know what you're saying
nor autistic value in it at all sound like I know it's just it's weird. It is weird to go up in front of a bunch of people who have like no pads and talk about. You know like, and people like there's a couple gave him is hard suits that's walking around and have no pads, and I looked it up. I dont know who they are and I look at their nope has to see what they had written down, walking one guy rode down three words: three words energy, as everywhere. It's like they're, too old for a page programme and they look like their suits. Aren't great, like there's like twenty five people with suits, don't hardly working, much progress that tomorrow the building its working. That's my guy! That's exactly! What could he has around? This will make a fine parking lot where the thought of the building, and right now that we're in a goddamn fishbowl I just Instagram, lose Nanda Baseball suits you we're urging you to that goal.
We point a finger at a more if you wanna come on em they're laughing and how they gonna destroy us, They argue that they all think they're getting out alive as them outside. I just take a picture of a lake. Really, if so weird, and they have. You noticed they'll. Have you think you're a mile, long, indirect, Slorc cyborg, but something is going now Borg assimilating their assimilating, the cat. This building has to be secured as a monument to demolition man, because, whereas those thing but there's other things, demolition. Man other is leaving commitments right now, but then that is leering lived under this building Naomi Noble devastating as this one Fred destroys math public asset the restaurant wars talk about. Gonna, win right. You I remember before you did as now Fred. You would know each other for eleven. We welcome you,
you did. The Largo shows the mundane. Alardo shows and you are one of the people It was so amazing a watch egg, everyone Larga was a very loose. Did you ever go to the larger show? It was a very sort of loose I'll. Do you kind of car? We let you go up with no books are, and then but Fred would come totally committed in care it as a character and never break for a second that, like everyone else has of the knee jerk reactions. We, like our wink lank, look at me, I'm being crazy and never fucking once he committee your level of commitment on back then and on as an ally and on all the stuff you do so is such an education for anyone who wants to do sketch cowering jeez thanks. I love that seem like I moved here, Dalai from Chicago and that's where I heard the other.
Stuff is going on, and I ain't married to go alone as examining go check this place out care and care of Polish Tomkins pen. Oswald was so great such a tiny little place too in a room. I've never seen anything like it says. I want to be part of this somehow. What did you you start doing comedy in Chicago before commoner. Not really are you coming for that purpose? I think maybe more came in for that purpose like I did some videos and stop, but not really any kind of performance, and even when I was here at in claim any other places, then Largo was at that boy. This advice ATLAS as it was after so stop myself, that's like as a gateway to getting to do more stuff, and then I was a girl I can. I can move to Chicago now of sky LE I love Ally sounds like a good ally of the self us was, but those
that chocolate was that it was night. Nineteen. Eighty eight yeah, I think I'm gonna- have a thing in their oh yeah, Henry Owings there. So we d you literally just how did you get booked at large like her? How did you remember? I went and then doesn't always worked for people just going to accompany, showed them getting to doing, and you said you remember, I met Mr Lange who was born in the book at an exact elephant. Access knew her and mix Watson. You who I am. I became friends of those two with his neck and neck and there would be no. I just met her and just trying to get on and she gave me some night. It's you now. Whenever I feel like I have this story, I'm I'm feeling I'm having this memory of Zack, forcing you to do impressions of all the other comics. Yet you resource pimping, entity, stuff, like that, did you do like a pile of tomkins digitally? I d python guns on state check him out
beer grown man. When you were, it was the Prince character, the prince character. I run seeing a logo I didn't like it was a hybrid of light cause. I was after nine, eleven Rome and I and on the news they will always play like really sad music. So I just I did a guy. You play that music who, like composes it came like amuse ecologist, just based him on a kind of music guy, but he's kind of a prince and kind of has the experience has been for you on preventive care? Browsing I mean just in terms of is it? Is it exactly you thought I was gonna Be- is it is it are you still enjoying Do you like I, I thought as active bigger, we fought, but it's just. I have to work all day. I enjoy every minute of it. Well, what's the most cereal is that it's still to spread, and I get it. We started out to its knees
your videos and we're talking about earlier and so much of it, despite the fact that we have obviously a great director Jonathan cries on a production Alec still at the core of it. It s. Just like looking for these absurd moments in these weird sort of like awkward causes and taking things often these tangents for a long time. So that's the weirdest part of it is that it still has the same kind of essential core, and we I keep waiting for that, not for not to feel like that, but it does it hasn't. Yet we ve only shot sixteen episode, so if I already However, it should be the georgian crisis during those vacancies into yeah. I think that's really good idea that a lot of sketches never really attempted before like this. It's always makes sketch a better when you have a single director throughout all the different sketches and episodes because it can, it gives it a singer. Well, you know it's funny, as I don't think of it as a sketch. So, even though I guess technically, it is
So for some reason I think of it as its a sunny seeing its just ask me to address. So we don't really think of it like that either. I always think of it almost think we're just making really short in new forms that all connected somewhere, he anecdotal stories kind, which sounds totally pretentious eleven there, even though it seems not cause it's don't neural, punchline stymie thing. You know like it's not that cloning now. So what was the first? When you go for a sort of sight was, it was past, remarked the one that bit brought it too. I have seen, as you know, we pushed the to bribery video in interesting or is there, and he just
he knew that I see was wanting to branch, I'm doing comedy so damn pattern because the guy he called and said would you want to be, and then before we knew we were do pilot. We don't even know it go beyond that like we were still kind of like wowie gets, do a pilot and imagine into serious, and I cannot support whose on shooting, yet, if still you know will it caught? I mean I, I feel like it caught on pretty quickly with a sort of early adapter, comedy just being itself by last year, which was still pretty early in your show, and people were shouting put a bird on it invaders and that at the had just happened. Yeah yeah, that was precisely That's carries idea about going to put a brake on the groom. Yeah me isn't weeds point. You ve always ask about that. That's if we like we're a marketing. You met, came up with a cast phrase, but everything that is not how we. Obviously you alone, you don't write like that, but it was as it would just turned the strange for them.
But a walked by me the other day and said Kaliko over the others. What she says, you're dogmas, restate word like the one that the directives are a cow again. That's it Yet in the mean, stop if they get a phone call from the cow industry, guys Thank you so much for me. You have no idea. People just didn't use that word before is a restaurant. I think it might be in San Francisco called cooker. Allow a chuckle place in Portland, not named after the Scots by Badcock account how long as you're season take to shoot. I mean you must not
a ton of time September. I think it was actually nine weeks if ya, shooting so about three and a half days. Her said, then, do you guys just do Jude, literally just right. Everything yourself now his ass and Jonathan crisis. We had woman in character, Neto, oh she's, great yeah, Alison Silverman Rights, some off and then one piece written by our editor Douglas and hop not banned. Yet I own, I sees an editor young again, but the editors like we saved you so much for the show. It's crazy, actually buildings of things we thought we'd gone in the garbage like they really turn. They turn them into like cohesive pieces. The things that they do on the other. There really incredible. It's amazing to me than anything I mean you have to get so lucky with who you pick, because there are so many. Places along the way where something can fall apart, totally that its remit
most standing than anything good ever gets made, because even if you have ninety percent of the people, amazing, a man just like one guy, when it editor, can just fuckin. When everything number it's it's the thing about, it is also bill of scary, like it feels a little scary depend so much on these matters and with John John himself, his dislike there so good at it menaces stuff the we don't do. We don't have added the have those guys working. We had worked with dug and sundry, and he was our editor for that and John and Dog had worked together into men, so those there is. Indeed, these like little like this chemistry, sort of between all the different like groups, and if you like John directs with editing in mind, but he sort of nose like when we ve we have enough or went to get more because he can he sort of. Has that, like short element, that is without having said a lot easier, I think How many are there other a bunch of sketches that you still? Is there anything that you
like I M unable to make this work yet that yeah we wanted to do something with public transportation sector. Everywhere in parliament's we're gonna. People like an old, so the guy is a basis for people. Listening there's this there's a small that it looks like a ship's window in the door here at the studio that were in and there's all these weird suited people outside Anne and one and one like comedy asian guy colleague, asian comical, like using community. He picked up and then made this weird face and then like like, like slid back down like he was going down the elevator over to block the window. What they want you to be like shut the fuck up group of suits. It looks like in a movie like the arrows in a movie with business, guys walking on you'd, like that's too unrealistic to whom we are human than that you have issued short hair, not really smiling,
they look like business, I'm pretty sure that are the one guy who rather county, except for that guy who's. The he's the life of the group is no em. He keeps everyone who keeps them. I want you shut your eyes. Awry guys are learning to live, work and put a spade any window in everybody s when this corner of the building to the like in every nook and creating a kiss fm is over there. Now there are no that's what they're here for their elders, I'd staring at the building for a while. Looking at it's so weird they brought. They were brought into the empty closed reception area was a movie Matt, Damon and Emily blunt? Were those of the one hundred euro note the agenda. The bureau, where there is a group of people and made direct fate? Maybe that's what this is. These guys are out there directing fate. May only do it a man we're not supposed to see them, we're not supposed to see them. Others was a day off. It should it's a holiday eyes. How would I just applied for this apartments? I put an application with landlord lady and she's this women from New York and
Saturday and she says: oh, you should hear back on Monday and I guess we're messages now. That's your pants, very subtle. Difference so I say to her eyes like a modest holiday she's. I guess if one haulage electrolysis, smartly the king, they just oh, I don't think the owner celebrates he's orthodox. Do you describe him lady? If she hears this good luck with your cancelling, oh, my god, you're sorry ugly waiting, I cast in a very lovely mister we as pretty LEO my yet we do it's weird. We came together as it we have. It is we're getting with. When you look at the demographic which it's like it's me We, like you, know nor landlady, young folks and then land Ladys, sixty eight to seventy four. Or like others, by landlord Lady regularly she's alive,
Lord Lady, that policeman, I don't think you're gonna, do it because she screamed when I hit the color. But none are copier and came out color with joy when you don't think she's an undue weightless, listen to about. Ok, did never learned very well. I can do about it color and then not cut she's, not ready. Martin Luther king now good point understand. I think about that. How are you guys in LOS Angeles, there are also tells us through the ship away before we capsizing near Cyprus. We leave Wednesday morning couple days been non, stop promoting the show. Yes, and no I mean yes current yes, but then we had to do other things. I mean this hasn't salesmen bad. It's been fine he's been great. I mean we just Philip.
That people wise I got the show is never a moment that we take for granted where we think that this is bananas. Yeah, it's been fine and also people are nice. Like every place, we ve gone, no one's. You know that obtuse about it axing obtuse. Well, it's a good word. Is I'm gonna? That's exactly what I learned that word really had almost like a scrap, turnings, Tehran's yea says you're being a boost to the warden. Ok, that's what makes him freak out gives it and I'm sick of so great men, because the whole from as there's one thing: confrontational pissy. So why don't you do show about another city? You mean something along those lines. Would that be computational? You gonna, do you gonna do Chicago we're like I just like fuckin start, president of which my own crappy versions are our ideas to franchise it out make as much as we can help to act. In Chicago Avenue. I carry flinty urban Michigan. Twenty, a mystic, India,
Are we not pay them? Some pittance? acting collect the rest. How is this received in Poland are that doing blooming Reuben awaited that they just had their shown. Interest is different practices and every sitting Gallagher too right there touring elegant one another diameter, your blue Maghreb. Yes, sir, I drums in the band yeah yeah in Chicago. Oh, my god. Forget about that. That is a thing about you that isn't that a failure, I'm not a wise decision makers and forget about it all times he turned out to be a blue men. He was possible times, write him because he was in Vegas. Amanda Vegas shown is that the guy's, though their invade now be blue group? Now, the actual I never saw a spanish another New York there, like the dread. Pirate Roberts, favorite
to Patagonia and their living like kings. They serve check in, but you have a nice life it for them. Colleague, from where did it start Chicago New York Authority are day. It was like a street performance group, a major. How does one performance thing in Central Park Willie? you did your funeral for the eighties, so they are for the eighties and dressed all in blue or they painter themselves, blue and in that became this show, and this became as and when they were. Then the Astor Street Theatre in Astor Place Theater and became a thing. I'm sorry were you ever a full fledged blue men not applied in the ban, which you're above the stage and use of lit by black, like some as a drummer zither player in his chair and stick where are the bloom and actually playing stuff? Are they just yeah? It's? Actually they play drums and was allotted drumming dependent is like drums with paint gardens where, but then they have like an ip racy that they extend to deepen the town. It's it's really impressive.
You're in there have only entertainment Michel go you but you know how important the show tonight you have to do you're right or do you want to go simple man we're not going to Edison cover people have already Vegas, withdrew it they'll. Just think it's you guys didn't do in character. You gotTa Silverlake, maybe maybe the guy this and I dont think that guy realized it. But when he poked his face the window was additional. Are you saw? You must be solved with people I couldn't go and you shall go and we only Joe Joe, but not in them. Bad way and then eminent annoying. When here, I wouldn't call it an assault. Yeah word: someone just grabs you by the collar carry work permits is blocking show, but even then only lasted over the net have no money no one's like physically touched me to me on the show, I think, just from Jack, we bear the less how he was amuses lie: Lester Ass, looking to plead the Amazon, we're like ok You have always that ok with more enthusiasm,
Yes, when men fine here if you're going to be irritating about it, he's a wig, then I think. You. You look at something like for land, which is a show that I mean I don't it would have taken some unlike damp astronaut, giving to understand what the show could be. Would you jus ever consider, maybe pitching it to a network, or was it just something that Dan sought out happen that way there peasant the hip sky? We all know is happen. I mean it's like an opposite laziness or whether we just like you and I have seen Ok, we don't have that right. What but people aside from down there really got. It was actually Evan. Shapiro, yes, Evans, growing yeah have I've seen he was the one we didn't pitch it as Portal India. We pick shit at the time. It was then ran to it wasn't site specific.
Kind of sensibility. That seemed a little bit married to Portland, but we are totally willing to lake to not shoot and it was evident, said no. It should totally you guys, you keep it in Portland. It makes it very specific. It has a certain color palate and it's gonna be a character on the show, like I feel like as a network. They kind of got it in any sort of Greenland like the whole, like the whole, partly anything I think came about because of them and Jonathan. Wasn't it took them? He I took them as well to the kind of make your web site is assumed. I will just shoot this, maybe shooting and when we have been called partly in trying to get out of here. I thought I was eating it out, but I did at the Good NEWS you gotta show. Great efforts in Portland. Looks at last. Part was a most evident was really I mean, and quickly to Heaven was very he I made it move along quickly, success either. We didn't have time to spare really so he
whereas a month of the pilot they ordered the as yet another thing kind of two, even getting out elevate. Chris, like me, not coming from like a specific, a comedy background or acting backroom lily, I have seen sort of understood like the context that we both came from and they knew of my band and if they had no desire to sort of oh ok, Freds Graver, weakened, swap you out with you know. One of these millions of other like more famous more in of talented comedic actresses. They just they got it as like. This is a specific thing. You guys have its different, so everyone on board, like it only later. Do we realise how sort of lucky we were that it was just stowing to be ass, now that no one was gonna kind of shake that it places with better looking people did not even suggested symbols of jobs that we need this kind of joke Emma, like the kind of left Islam and see. Once again,
creative people, do the thing that they are going to do and it works totally against rules. I understand some rules in, but if you just trust them for a little while, I think here in good shape while an end its, but I feel like let them take away from port landy- is that you guys are funny and you got to carry out the vision of your show and stand still. I'm sure that there are other networks, fields, the dissecting going well, how did that sugar, popular and political cause? It's good, I don't know do you like? No amount of money you spend on did marketing or whatever like it doesn't matter of like if the show is good people will find it thanks for saying that I agree, but then I can agree to monitor that can be like yeah. Well, it's great my friend, I've always known you be a nice guy, be a little cocky for say what I do feel very good about the show. I will say when I wanted to go. I'm happy with that. Does it sort of fill a different place in brain from when you're going to do us, an area which are definitely definitely because Edison out
It is in other people's hands within you know, in a perfectly good way, but this there's a lot more, that we have to sort of look look over so on, he adds a whole different. They can also like with us now there's the cast in the writers with with this is just carry on eye and then in a wherever else were riding length. So that's where its different. What was your arrest
Additionally, it was magical, even if a magical, my life changed that day, like there's two levels to it. There is, I added you first at the U C B, where I got to meet Lorn and then so different stage at these. He be then Marcy Klein call me and do it at the studio and even walking into the studio like. I can't believe I'm in this. This is essential and those pictures of all the hosted have had and cast members and the audition is at the where they do. The monologue, so I did you to correct, I did too characters and two impressions and I just had a few things with me and it happened very quickly. The Lord and Tina some producers sitting there and I couldn't believe I was there and I got through it and I did fatty seater. I did the Self Defense guy
I did same waters tin and, for some reason, been diesel Vendee. So I have no. I didn't have an eye that I have no idea. Why did it most? I think he was just around the ladders and things so I did him and then, on my way to the elevators Marcy Klein, the talent, Booker sort of put me back that can I talking about something that moment. I work out we're talking about something. So she put me away from everyone and was like It's when I kind of new things together. So there was great, I loved meaning Lorn, and it was crazy self defense character. You do that also in that followed occurred, pilot next right, yeah next is kind of like got me to get the audition it s now cause. I was like a sketch show that Babo and corrected, and there's all these characters, and this I had all these videotape of medium characters. I didn't have it wasn't. Even at a club was like me in a studio, so thanks to Bob I mean he really. Thanks to him, I would have liked this tape. That was like.
He is everything I always. I don't know if you're over this, but if you like, I was used to bug you to do your same waters and cause no one else. Does the same waters than and it's fucking awesome. Why didn't you call the police? Finally, I right Mary, you find the words the timetable like we're like working on the worldwide album, but then still doing What land is like did you just do it and between her rewriting along, while writing ready While writing the show Fred Schedule S an all kind of dictates that we have
but without nine months were not working on what Landy it's less so this year this year is a lot more blurry. Both of us are kind of going back and forth between two things, but basically I actually we record of the wilds like out before we shot our first. Is it so it wildlife sort of happen first and then, but then we were able to do anything all summer and then the outcome of the fall, but anytime I was ever feeling like too busy like Fred, could always trump me like we ve rap. We wrapped up shortly. India and Fred flew out the next day for the Monday first money back s now no day off between one and then I had two weeks off which to me seems not enough time, but then would seem totally luxurious, competitive Fred schedule. So we both very kind of burning the cannot both ends, but completely
Happily it braver very happy about it. It's a griddle loathing when your thoughts on music business. Now it have you seen at the change in there's a lot of things about it that I find it incredibly exciting and I think, like the accessibility of music, it's like your labels. It doesn't really matter any morally there. Such a it's, such a democratic system, like some body with a basement mix tape, can be as exciting know. Excite people as some meta major artists having that's that's pretty cool and he is harder to find like curate sources like you could have defined or so much music it kindly contextual eyes all of it. Like oh music, is from everywhere, so it also from nowhere. You know like there is at this moment where things were really like, seen specific in their there's no rural areas, but particular sound from any region. Here, which I think has that is
awesome, but that is also a little weird. It's like hasn't done, studying kind of quality to it, but mostly I I love it, but I have to find like places to trust like you know, who is actually who who has good taste in music? What It ends up being friends. Mobile units were like the idea of being able to trust the label to yeah anytime, a label releases, another band disputable. I wanna go check it out, because I trust their judgment and ass. You I like that. Do you even know what the if someone said, because it's pretty it's pretty clear like what sick? Seventy music is what eighties musical ninety music, but if someone were to say like oh gimme, some two thousand music. What's that vibe? I would not know what to say things like outcasts for pop music. There, I'm saying even those for a few years ago and that's morals, Barkley Outcast and then another fellow
people say like eighty, music or united misery, though, that they, they are really pretty much talk about the pot charts. It's like, as if you said, Yo Eighties, music, to you, noticed any anybody that growth during that time, they might say in a leg, Madonna and stuff like that. But if he s another person, they would say black flag and the minute men and then now, just like my more underground, so wait a minute. Let me see Viner Stereo, saying Jonah. Are you telling me to make fun of them? I'm not ease, I'm not really just depends. From our perspective, are you telling me that differ vivo, see that you that there's a tom what you going? How are you serious- and I hear- is coming from the only way I presented on just turn out, as it has another generalizing an entire decade of music. None on Amazon aired decades, because you're taking out the two thousand and in these teams right right. What's the difference, there are basically two. I thought people liked all the same exact thing so yours
the different people have dip by his. What explained in the region have to be you'd have to talk about pop music. If you're going to talk about the sound of a decade, the song pop music by sea, hunting, arguably by professional by him, am got dammit? Or rather I thought I had armor on, but I may get on with it, but we can also argue that we are like the same stuff. Didn't think is now the further time goes. No, we love, it are doing. There is so much that there be no way and now, like it's all grades, He's your reminisce about there. That's the one thing I headed like a grown up like been really and upon is that you you push away so much stuff, because it doesn't have any kind of the ideal that you felt at the time. Then you go back. I was like fucking do internally and all because the same thing like
You mentioned Van haunts me and like when I was in high school no way, but you know by now just like it's all its the same as the class like it yeah I'll sooner Ya'Ll Justice either of them. Really even semi, Hagar Ben healing you would put very Hague wait. One to you would put on right next to my colleague. Like the same, my hatred for Van Helen was during their era with daily rots ironic that you get the garish around another. I got some very specific area in high school. It was like just from overseas a daily reality. I know contest and I don't like in terms of loving a ban, but in terms of I pod like if I may, to put something on you know it you could just as quickly put on the class. I will always favour the clock.
You have? How did you have an ipod in the seventies and went on understanding? Nothing? Ok. I understand. I know what you're going to is. You have your less allergic to stuff, diagnosing, I'm not even with Russia's another one. Russia will never listened a rush and I'm like oh absolutely, Ellison Rush was it just because it was because of the people that they were associated with its when your high school everything's, a fight, everything's, an argument and the fact that the long hair, your alike, against it. It. The second unities took sides for no reason real market ungrateful punk all the way. Oliver, oh, I picked up the seven it from the site you did on us now how he had tracks that he put out how things are gets its grey. I, like I had no idea that that came out on us with an hour that Iraq has therefore been through records like this fight sounds familiar as I look as like me. I I think I remember this
I like it for some reason: discuss the packaging, the artwork its was so realistically be in and eightys punk record that it turns out. It was from a sketch that fretted on us in the hell size. Gotta thanks, oh yeah, it's gotta be amazing that you both like just like that doors and I mean you're, already behead minimizing music career, but you enemies occur before too, but now you because of comedy, you can't it's it's it's give, this platform, where you can do all sorts of crazy staff, and not everyone know what the fuck is. Echo demons. I don't know it's Fred, that's of course you're gonna do the drum instructor, of course, he's gonna. Do you know like side bands? Even enough, I won't go into too much. I was ass. They, Turkey, freak and even like getting to work and carry him just like they? I mean I worked out. The thing rang like be close to this band. I used the lashes right. Actual. Do I know, but should not listening. Second Adele forgetting to meet Steve Jones from the sex pistols is beats jacket to meet people. You know nazi other leg.
Reddish so good to sign a nice, but we still, he still hasn't. He took Josie Dubai think rather than being an address, but they rightly even later, never media. It running more time, Hurrah now just now is beyond tomorrow you turn off. Away now, anyway, really Hawaii why I'm from Boston that's from Boston and I'm from Tennessee. You are from Tennessee, apparently on Myspace or the thing I message you read and TAT S where I work in a funeral home. When you told me when I was in high school, I try to work in a funeral home what happened a traffic light. I went to the funeral home and I knocked on the back, work is also how cool would it be if I were to the funeral son return living dead right out of work or like that- and I was just like you is the local valley stream of funeral home, and I just knocked on the back door and its leader Kim a success, and I was like
I like this even get a job here sick. This is a family business, and that was the end of what a rich. How corridor Then there are the biggest oil interview I how they worked in a funeral that's what he did but like all it was kind of cool by Roma. Some stories about outlining a likeness varies idea, embalming a day since that was a bureau assistance. I did everything to me pick up to the glamour one about lay? There was the charred body the bright red baron you now art of Abkhazia. You go Do you get a durable the coroner right? You flip a guy over the obviously think hey this guide, Dinah fire, but mobile knife in his chair, I greatly and getting a gas with that. Let me go while crime scene will call you back wait a minute. The fire stabbed a guy it sentient. Why I've playing skyrocket myself? If I a fire, that's true, you, this is the
right right, let em figure. They should think. Jesus. Why do I love you and I have written? No, I think someone's watching me, just create this France, racket. Put a map on your wall with a happy and may have to go to her aunts. They'd have to look into. It became a huge eleven o, my god that would be fucking test. You really could do that? Someone Richard Branson? so I do at the richer read that I've ever known, which had Branson was here, and please please. This is real fight him. Even if he's in space that Harcars make sure the note December I love do that you were sort of community aid. They were in a funeral home, but you just tried the one by right. Well, I guess I mean I don't know another kind of diamond. I went to the source of their at. If you know there are others fiddle homesick
exactly why when I moved out here, I didn't bother activists for dinner apathy. Asinine sudden, I guess I'd yourself. Is there an application, but my fair and ever more wherever saw, was a birth with more to worry, both where seems really cliche like that was trying to make any spooky it's in Hawaii there's gotta be Northwick. Is ever you during his absence, or is it, but this is, I think, that's the way of life for here is that the end Mary. Is that the funeral home that both with multiple who knows, I think you should go funeral home. Now you could. I can get you in Are usually a little while ago, work at the Madonna, Mcdonough Funeral Home and lower and lower Massachusetts? I think I'd be good at being, like you know, like consoling people like the family needs me am I I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry The boys are mortal, do their waters then, and they just want you to do characters that you're gonna show harmony. He would have wanted you do you know.
Character. He he really like a dynamic. We feel better. I would be good at it. Probably would I was pretty good at it. We it in his recent ones I like five years ago. When it is about this. You have a different view on death. Yes, poorly desensitize do it. You couldn't remarkably legitimate. I let me just say so Then why are you now? You know you ve been very scared of it very, very, very, like can't deal with it my own time, I've had people that heard people in my life for animals that are on their way out. I'm dislike already on, like I just I can't go and do the good bye and it became a worrying where it is discussed, oh repetitive, to me that it just it became a thing when real lives of mine would die while I was working at the funeral home, I would go to the funeral and just like sort of delay cowardly. What can a casket is that what are these guys
that maybe they'll their way that your brain it very low not only does it made a very mathematical address, so Jonah drop dead right now from poison and even earlier always bring that up is a scenario I'm listening, then you would be you'd be likened and friend carrying. I like Jesus fucking Christ. You would be like pariah. Look over. There goes back to life. I have a question for you: it s just just off the top your head. What some advice in general that you can give to people like is there? Are things like hey, don't drink too much as like common thing, you saw that, like you know, it's a stupid thing that people do don't fallen a knife. Don't enter a nursing home because really and you're gonna die right, but also a bear their like rules that you say that we would say to each other when we knew all the relative or someone that we may was was on oxygen. We would give them three months is like an accident you get three months, is the advice and united
but this is still a globally on accelerated ice kinds of big, but I do there is something to that better. Like for self awareness like, maybe you know, because I think nothing, homes kapogo push you into thinking with ex absolutely I'm absolutely day think even just entering a hospital as an elderly person like I've, my grandfather was a doctor and he never what you always said. I don't wanna go to hospital when I go to hospital. That will be when I die, and it was just like that I think people way more control over them dying than they think I guess weirdly. It was so so many times we would have said when hanging on and they make their wife died in them and the necessary Glade Microgram. Parents were married for seventy two years. That is that they died within months of jobs. The living on me yeah. It just happened, though they innocent.
Their jobs at living for honest to God. I think. That's, I think to people say Steve Jobs is dead. Reliable may really said after the. I think what happened I worked at Apple too. I think we have a Steve was just waiting for the Iphone for us to be announced, see what the press was a many one like together. You let go as that was his life was that job and his kids, but at other any like dumb accidents, you like the universe like a bizarre like bout, Dat showers staff. Is there a lot of like drinking stuff? We would reining in the years that other some acts, here's the dumbest thing. Well, here's the Dorothy What I saw more often than not was New Hampshire still not required by where a helmet. When uranium motorcycle o F again it money Michael forget it might be. I would you contempt anything in that respect? So I've been out there motorcyclists view one hundred
a lot of those just because we have new laws like right on the Board of New Hampshire, and it just like why. Why do you have to make him up like valleys, sleeping on a side, because you can't thing to autopsy folks, because if you die This of Massachusetts. They love you die in your under fifty. You have to get an autopsy like they were not normal and if you die in a car accident, you have to get a lot of sea began so like they could find out of your actually murdered some made look like you're in a car accident. I guess so like where we're thing about. When an autopsy persons mariner moving their head, you have to be careful, so their skullcap doesn't papa. Shore will, of course, have the glue it. You gotta glue it you do popular, but eventually, when you're moving ahead friend your fascinated by this dark conversation, I know you got Courtland is great an inch
in a way it's a live thing is I'm just like there's gotta be way. You know you can't control everything, but the now me little things like seatbelts or whatever the female. Evidently soup. It's all percentages. Really. I think I was driving here today and I was like most people with my vote. I then asked me about my mother was driving. I would like to make a proclamation later. I'm not gonna die today that it might hamper maritime halves open live near my whole life, and when can we visit New York New York when times you put if outside on in the taxi and ever since a minute Where are you and me? I always buckle up in taxes that using the word either the worst virus. Also, I always think in terms of statistics, you're saying, and I always think, like them afraid of flying- and I bet it's so much safer- that the flight to New York is so much safer than the taxi the cab derive from the airport and, incidentally, I've much better chance dying right now, but you're afraid of your prob, I'm guessing,
you might be afraid of dread, not dying, because it's a much more dreadful way to die for going down a plane and if you just think, you're fucking hit by a car and it's over. But I did the same thing. I buckle up at TED, taxis and when it that are going to New York a lot. I almost felt bad, starting with the taxi driver, to think I didn't trust them than ever as like. Why do I give a fuck what this guy? about what will save my life. Doesn't care about us here. Do you must ever younger listeners? School bus is still not have seatbelts attendant, think buses have seatbelts weird concept to me, that they are even at other religions, evidence that we later after there's no see bills wouldn't go live so basically Fred you are going to start a company called open arms. And you are going to consult people, you're gonna be a professional, consoler yeah and the will to do it is no matter what annoys enact surprised. I know it's coming, I'm so worked up right. Ah, that's I can't believe it and then I'll ask percent
I'm alone with member states. I feel the shock waves. Are you get I from families from the person you I need like sit for a minute even if it is a matter like? Why are you being more dramatic than me someday you'll get put in a position where they like: hey, hey, buddy, it's ok, you're gonna, be ok, you're gonna get through this. I'm fine! Yes, yes, ethic attack, tat, they feel strength in yours the average ever do than a relationship where you're fighting with the mine and then they crumble, oven you're, like a ha I'll crumble more now, their petty, ok, I'm just making sure that it s not done rather ridiculous. Mostly we haven't manipulative and detrimental to the real exactly. Why would never have No, the rain gas, how many more lives you guys gonna. Do you just additive in debates in February? I think we have. Ten more shows
we like to our what's happening with personnel right now. How are you guys are were round break for a couple weeks? Man. There are now two weeks from the next week when Sweden, parliament pioneer and then to my shows and am into our our dates, gather ones, and that was not a surprising sentence going to Sweden, I'm so glad you're going to Sweden of noise, Have you been a voice? Will never I'm so excited, I came believe it. I'm always want to go to that are in the world. In a hang out the international most conspiracy, I possibly behind your guns, Rodya Mars from there to right. That's the thing. Yes, I can't wait because its funding goes to benefits for work. You know what I mean
do you feel like it must be nice for Yucas Economic. What you said you know this and now you're part of this group, but but poor Landy has just your voice. So the two of you together thing I'll of masters to think- and I love everything I do that like this is more like, The labour of love is as low as hard as everyone select ruling that every I've had enough. I have ever heard this item four b we worked on the show, but I a lot of people who are sort of ancillary like oh, my god, it's so fuckin hard. You know, I don't it's hard work, but in a good way it's hard and weightings should behind, but it's too fine, and on with my friends in the right as you all, As you know, other writers in performing their da funny smart people, so I sat really hard as compared to working in other jobs there, but I still think putting up a brand new sketched an hour and a half sketch
yeah, that's pretty new without really being able the workshop its yeah. It's a lot of humility goes into it and in but its good work. It's like goods, it's good for a good cause. I'll, never forget! You can never knew how the audiences can react. You never know do has now formula there's! No, I find you. This is gonna, kill, you never know, it exists and the very sometimes between the dress, a luxury without stuff kill it dress, because on the ear, nothing also, there's that link disparity between linked to Syria audience is kind of a spit. Very specific demographic telling set stuff that works in that room is not necessarily working on television is, and vice versa. Please also justifies the watch when I watch tapes of it again, there's no laughing from the audience and, unlike all that, did not do that grey. Are you love it are you able to you know it's like that: cavemen unfrozen? Further, My lawyer, I do it again and maybe maybe my favorite sketch of us now of all times. I don't know about you
I gave my machine, they begin demons and midnight June. I realized I found online model affairs gives us the mimic available under alone, or is this guy I gather absolve crimes with his artistry, medical. He can recreate any voice or sound, and so when he doesn't just sadly like a lady's above has advised like. Let me do it This goes for Peter. Mrs regularly is like a citizen's bed, but I like it was always. I guess, whether all time best sketches that I go back and it's like silence S I'm really dolly relation with the crowd is when public gardens comes on stage so crazy four times a year, I have a dream where I'm on personnel- and I don't- I haven't been any- the rehearsals industry- live till it's just the anxiety dream. It's like the no pants and school dream like that. But what are you what what's going through your head when if you're in the scene- and you know like- I don't think this is-
work and isn't it you just go until like well, let's just get through it, it's very binding in cause. You know you're like we're, always and remember this. How funny is this that we were laughing so hard on Wednesday? Please get through it in any way. Doesn't matter it's fine, because this stuff, I unpleasant, came admire. You like it at some point, someone's gonna appreciate what this or are you know your honor with other measures, as I haven't even on the show ten years? Oh my gosh, really how fast the backbone, like really fast like I feel like you're, a new person in my life, but you're not I've known you for awhile locked. It was that we never again kazoo there and I live here and that you also live in Portland Part time and care have only met twice. I mean we're just the one panel settling greatly, you want to do more panels jewel. Go around and deconstruct gonna panels. I would love to do
and to our will, to go deconstruct yeah? What's your friend? What's your favorite character to do for lady, you have observed the dumper junk questions. I can change because we shoot like three different links sketches a day and so is like a kind of have to be in love with the caretaker in his sick there, just they're gone so fast, but in terms of like the ones I kind of like an indelible impression on me: there's a character calf. Where these characters cap Dave it last year, they would they got incense. Dora diving title has had a restaurant right here. They river rapidly live premier absurd and there it where this couples that, like they can
perform their relationship. Other people, you know everything's dislike, take em megaphone is whether it would be the ones with the decision to sketch with it with column the chicken. No that's Peter Nance by also agree perform their eliza I've. Our relationships on screen Arlette couples at perform, it being couples which I think is a really common way that people interact with each other. Like this is an element of our a couple years ago, more than with those guys gonna those guys been fired me I mean They ve been are limited slipped, maybe we shall now be in here he apprentices and run and on its reality, so as to ensure that those are the first four guys to get the gun. I wished assume it's because the NBC in Comcast merger, Now we just assume their greatest of all. They sort of like it, sort of like dark city where buildings, kind of like smash together and then people change identities and they like. I was feeling it's just that process. When you see chip
Our sands gone out of this building. There, though the rest is right there in the hallway again. I also feel it as a weird dreams day, we're all animal wake up tomorrow, assuming different roles in this universe, because of a week, rays of aliens whose using the substrate of our land to power their species, a gauge trailed author, then that's my valet, who didn't turn their phone off makers Eric
that's your answer. You phone. If we- because I like I shouldn t normally, do then- should make their hearings, I should totally there another round of makers, hardworking, that's nice, but the microphones in your face his face I'll, take a picture of you guys. I should go over to Fred here these panel, the famous stitches older, oh yeah, well heeled. I was western. Now, I'm pleased always based. I was de baby out? It's gonna love their picture moment, I'll cut that out I'll cut out the dead from second, so the audience won't even know you lock monuments,
Fuckin, dare you audience? Try to kill, momentary, Mean Fred, we're just trying to take a picture. Do you really have to be involved in everything audience issues not editing. Right again, we go back and put in a bunch of hilarious, sound effects of data. We like a little niece, You are you walk over more we're talking about that. There's gonna, be a lot of horns and by corns, unlike warnings by corns, exactly how do you think of any others card cars, limb star? engine is the indonesian airport. I got. Until the submarine accident to do
here water, he's right. Here is even that members can hear things, but if the people on this ship can't new Jonah, Gould Reggie School, no. Turning back to where I was having a greater amount of sound affected, but it sounds affected air yet put them at a great idea, pictures and missing you have got, you guys have ever do anything else. You don't really is that this is a bizarre life. What are amazing that you came in here, lived this project now we're happy and where we love you, I love you happen to be here. I, a complaining that when we say this that at that and now I am genuinely huge huge you happy, you release in the news- came into the irreplaceable that's if this is that they had a very
The attitude about their own band. They really do behind a visit. Last feel good we're up our band, who made a yellow, as there is very self congratulatory in every song. So you know, legs. I take my leave you a lot if you please cover of this. Is that their own barbaric the drought in those. I welcome our bickering about so we took a break for a civilian project is around or is it the base player, which one is the slick back here was always smoking? Is the base player, so your browser Sussex drop? It will you look like boughs and I think it was the base. It was the base where you're no longer with the bandit above me and then that, because he was They like we made the very day that this is it he was in the sand and he had the leather on in the sand. Echo is pretty further news. Ok, so you're going to start a professional. Our service. You guys are going to cover. If this is it. Yes,
Matt. You were going to get sensitized death one ever now I'll see had enough. Let me have you wherever you guys are Fiona gave the thing I need to do it, but hopefully will see as an open and again I poor lady is amazing and I watched every episode quickly. On the Ipad, all at once, it was land when rapid, yellow saxophone solo ban Do you really want, except for the one at everyone, went to watch and lost boys, which I guess was Jostlers idea of like what Tina, Just go to see is a guy in time, but what about Jerry? Rafferty is fuckin luxury Rafferty out front that sacks of Yahoo all about morphing, let's rock annals, etc.
I read I read my did not know this, but I read on cracked. Actually, words fucking great website that them that the states- yours we Second, the middle? I had no idea, they were just making fun of Dylan. There was the whole point of that song. They they did this list of songs that make fun of Bob Dylan. Now they did this list of songs that were a joke to the writers that everyone took it likes. Didn't they just didn't catch the joke. What else is there I think sweet child mine was just like those of Joker. If there was a joker if he was just doing ales, Dern, N, N, N, N, N n n n sound like a circus Zionism, other nice last practices. The slash always will pick a scale that makes me Strachan. That's how he practices. Millions of I mean rhythm and then in the part and then in the part in the eye private such was the bikers afforded the part at the inward axles going. Where do we go? Where do we go now was literally them going? What an or the lyrics go from. Where do we go now, whether
gaol, you see Bob Dylan, the critics choice yeah My girlfriend and like wow Bob Dylan has become what Tom we started us they're, my gown psyche, singing with a cup of gravel. Yes, what is it the land with gravel. Beside his, he sounds like he is gurgling Clint Eastwood, who is blowing christian bales bat man in his throat, while he's going to say at the same time, Anna Gravel pit operated by Mr Slate Bob Housekeeper Kenny. Nabob Hoskins, who would have made a great, fled, Flint, led wetlands letting go. Please I'm good, but I'm not gonna go back and fix that that movie You can try to reconfigure if I could go back a long way. Lay the blame on the earlier Thou, Rt Moran us that there was little as a couple daddy and anymore running. There is life.
Thing the differences we were so bad and their one thing actually the only man could have made it worse was dead Vegas! No! Well, it is nano. None o hang up when I when I was when I went to watch flintstones the kid sitting next to me, pissed himself, and it just started deferment. Them because his paralyze didn't even share laughter and other those gonna take you experienced, it might have saved me from From having to watch you, let use you laugh re no eyes. I Reich I kept. I just know, you know what it was. I sat there for some and I was more to the idea of staying in being being indignant about it. Rather than just leaving I just wanted to
hey there and be mad about it, mad about the movie mad about the smell of cold p, rather than just taken myself out of the situation and not dealing with it needed corona will fix for rigour. You guys things are having ass. A young treats tweet yeah. Well, I am, I am not really, but sometimes a forward stuff to them. Does the Portland. Yet I love that because you could long in so yeah higher yields rather do without it because when you take a picture so the terms under permissible essential put it up. This is easier for me. The forward. Through another pause, I can't write anything you're, an excellent radical. I can't for some reason that has one I've got writers block when it comes about Turkey
the great you do a great youtube. John. Even do it right now how I somehow just upload drawings- and I do so their minds- forgets that eight millimeter up you know that seven, send a little movies. You guys don't follow me at home. You ll see the picture of the suits. I tweeted that I already did you see her innocent I've gotta go. What suits big suits that had been here all day. I've already suits us to do something here. What are you mad Myra, our MIT, the M eyes about, introduces himself no high, I'm at that Myra.
I will say that we sometimes have to fight against it, but then I will go to it if I find out about other people, so I have seen that we really need you to do this and why no one cares, but then, when I want to find out who's going on tour, I always chicken- and I see ass- light ass, a sea Fred yeah. Well, that's a life raising and are yours caressing, ok, Rachel with my middle name. Ok, you, that's the maybe doesn't make sense, but yeah K Rachel its whatever you want. It is what everyone that's what I wanted. Ok, the shorter brown seen as a long life. That's all you're hold tweet right there that Gary resting, I that's all. I had room for life. Any of it that took into account your characters. It does or does not know idea. Not. I went out if you are tweeting at sundown. It takes it up, it doesn't take up. Your own name doesn't taken up. Ok, so lonely use idea. What is this? What are you talking about? What would you think of it
you guys immediately, I go on. The internet is very simple. Nike man ourselves for tonight, oh, I just took the Seattle one, whose turn awake, ok right, also to remember the lyrics to June I knew I warn everyone. We perfectly well against us like those break streaming. Video like many important, you have dancers, come out. The elements of the eye settlers from those two cities, the others? It sounds at risk of becoming a thing in somewhere yeah you we need. Someone else. Am I not in every starting tomorrow, murmur of togetherness, warming up
was over. Here will wait a second as we idea what you're asking me. I know anyway, does enough. There really got over. Another shows anyway, would be fine began. It we're doing two shows really short, where the shows a complex, the echo plaques. You can go back to the hotel for secondary yeah, I'm starving, honest, open, ie, and then I want to get a different jacket. I brought him a jacket for too plain. I ain't gonna get my base iter. Oh, you have instruments again, yeah drums keyboards she's in Qatar. Play some base, you have another two other ban, members, Japan, we have other men and where the real again at first it was like, would you mind doing
show me like you, gotta, have it's me so much better, much better! Well, we'll see you at the echo backs this gonna go up after that I hope the reviews are good crisis caused by helping people, but look here. And I was still recorded our wherever it is now now leading noticed dot com.
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