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Welcome to the nurse biogas number three. Ninety four thanks. If he was talking about last night, which was the episode to breaking Ratsey private, have watched that too. If you watched our show, I was so much fun, Vince Gilligan, unduly, Bowen and thence. If you listen to the park ass, he was unless we gig adjust, he's such a sweet, nice guy, but his such good information. My only regret is that our shows only half our lawns. We just didn't have as much time to dig it, but I would that episode less than a Briton read so good. It makes me mad hooker. That shows so we will be on again next week will have cast members from the show on throughout the run of the next seven episode so upset. I have that sort of anxiety of like bombings and make us what's going on in the show and am anxious about the fact- it's gonna be over. I don't like series banalities, I always careful about when a doctorate,
rights are gonna, show ends or just I just feel this like leaving me. I wonder what that's all about telling you think stamped out compromises. There's packets, here's a fund not until God knows mail that I had a piece of mail. It have you picked up at the post office, so I go down to the post office have been possible for well past it. They still exist that they, there isn't just some sort of a weird person. This place that dispenses all the postal things that we so I say if us up, as others like couple people mine theirs for people at the counters for postal workers at the counters, and it's like this is not so bad, then other sudden, a huge line, a people shows up right as they get there and and two of the rules. The workers shut their windows there. So then others have now like fort
People are narrowed down to the two remaining prosecutors. I'm sure they had good reasons for doing what they did, but what you know should have been probably like. Ten minutes of the Post office was about thirty five, forty minute trip to the post office. My point is: why would you want that if you could possibly avoided stance, I can't help you avoid that you can print outposts. Anywhere in the exact those Janine look. Every dollar counselor running a small business, you're gonna throw away money. He shouldn't, if you are than your bad business, but was stamped out, come get the benefits of a postage meter at a fraction of the cost. So right now, of course, was a promo using the special offer. No rest. A hundred and ten dollar bonus, including a digital scale. Up to fifty five thousand free postage. Don't wait go to stand stock. How, before you do anything else, click the microphone off the top of the home and type in noticed, as
that come enter the promo code nervous and now this episode is Gerard Way, who should be like the nice guy in the world he wanted to come on. The pack has issued. Obviously I'm sure you ve heard about my chemical romance, but what you meant about draw is that he's huge count. Bookie he's written comic books, one of on call the Umbrella Academy and then most recently, which there dark horse now the true lives, the fabulous kill, joys and- and we had a blast hanging out with them and twitter is to be believed in the text. Messages the very sooner doubled adds a gay will weaken and you're not going to get together and play tabletop game, so I dont know what to expect, but there are really Dignan I saw you go, there is like ass. There were three ninety four with Gerard Way, no mean nearly starved,
not at all costs. Possession and right of drought way to talk about Iraq and roll say it's not here to stay. I just felt like opening the show like an old news like an old timey, should get it out the entire to ally. I like the brakes or so what I want you to keep your I'm captain bail out came the second. That's why I'm bad sketch comedy Jonah like rafter like two lines,
My firm and I always used to try to play as harden firmly. We try to do characters and after two minutes- and we like adds us bucket- where no no good, no good draw, they were being here's a two hour takes Ramey Agrafena how to adjust it yet to set little many right there have taken taken it out. You must have been melt down a million and a half times yeah, whenever a move to allay too especially moved Mount Washington, unlike his is awesome coming here and just on torrents of two before I left here, come here, yeah it where you re from Jersey, Jersey, Energizing, New Jersey at nice. What's what's the with the comic book shop in New Jersey, comic explosion, everyone knows his days out of obstacles that still together, I was too far from Amazon. Like me, I basically live near the airport near the worst part I grew up so so. Yes, I would I would go to comic explosion nightly, which is still heiresses indifference, botanizing outsourcing, but you ve never been a two caverns shop
thereby I've driven past it as like. I added a couple hours edge see and I drove by the quick outdoors but the idea that stop it enabled TAT had to go to Youtube. It's not like me, like a museum, sometimes like, if I may put it like a son, I'm a bad, I'm greater museums, I'll, stop, and I want to everything I want to look at and understand the history and goes our museums. Ok, I gotta go. I gotta go I just all the way through I just burn through. I just go over the museum, Attica Selfie some people think- and I hope I like toil over this earth fisher- exhibit whatever ok guys in insecure and bury our vines in. On the one hand, vines is six seconds in the grounds of fifteen, but there is no Android equivalents. Vine. You guys what's going to be they were all of Does it have any one? I I don't know I'm interested about. Does it do? Do you make a do make binds or doo doo doo interim period? I just discovered vine. I think I'm tournament
It was about a month ago it mother to go, and I think this is awesome. Super stupid self added the good luck, whether you can't go fix it. I love it. I haven't done enough of a me out by their own busy, sir, I like it, I like vine better because of the looping Canada's sometimes makes things funnier, but it as such, dammit. You just keep on saying that I know an outgoing at last in them to you We lack of new ones, and I mean I know the order they went in and forget the order that we can. I start there was real life. They gotta fix, Divine Ethel. I spent all day I was running around solves forming it's all, except a couple weeks ago
DE, I would run around and I was getting different pieces of SALT Lake City to be like saw my eggs and I got to the end of the day I went to go. The last shot I opened the vine have energy was gone, just likely that the time limit of I dont know Socratic like as far as examined irrational. I couldn't I don't. I don't think it's. I think it's just whenever the app decides it doesn't want to save it anymore. I go back and you ve lost all of your time, for it is really a bummer Worse than that could happen to anyone Gerard he some words at areas problem, it's the worst things seared answer upset for asylum, but his eye, Have you on, and I know I'm sure I mean. Obviously a lot of people know you chemical romance but alive. Sure a of nerve vote know you as a hen, Eisner Award winning Comic book writer, yet which is superfluous. To be known. As that there was such an honor was a huge seal was a bigger. Is it is it more? I mean for you for me, They can come it like that,
is there is a base it sort of up? Is it more have to carry more weight in some yeah because it was such a childhood thing to you know it was a big yeah yeah, I was really I was sweating and SAM Jackson was the award giver for that one. I think he wasn't was it the hosts, the mother Fucking Award yeah? He was pretty much like that, because we were really noisy at the dark or section to any. I beg you referred to, as is noisy motherfucker and that's how he found out. We won Well, congratulations whatever noisy! Well, if there a big oh yeah, in a lot of ways, yet the the biggest ever happen. If word was so your whole dear from what I'd the basic strokes, it ended the browser, what about you is that you really wanted to be a comic book. I like that was your. That was your passion, elegiac and then you sort of around nine eleven.
From what I read if Wikipedia is to be believed, use you were like, Maybe I anything out and see the world a little yeah. That's it that's pretty much. You know like I went on. I fifteen I got published, which was really rather like a Philadelphia COMECON and showed a guy. My staff and got publish was really cool ends at the, so we have to pay, for like you painted like show like in our professional, our I never saw me that I was told that he do that. I saw that in the movie COMECON Movie Comical movie, I ate issue yet, like you, you you have to like paid like show yourself to professionals and anywhere else. Yes, you hit a weird were lame nice and I always feel you should never painted doing is an artist like some. You should ask you too, and if not you shall wait and align all day for free, at least No! No! I mean I don't. I don't know what the of the meal, not enough, that's fairly standard for the chemical industry. I assume that maybe it is but it's like in performance. If someone says oh pay,
for these classes and will give you we know, will put you in front of casting directors form than about the smells like the hidden like your dick is out, and that's my wrong. So you really should never end now you don't have to give. You could just put your stuff up yeah, If you want to, let me loves it, they will end up on some kind of cool blog like super punch or something like a kid. I go level with time and I do see cooler and then see if they get jobs, you know I was looking for artists away for a while young. So when you I think that when you're running a comic book persons when you're writing a song does it does it feel like it comes from the same place or is it just do have? Is its separate? It comes in the same place kind of, but the the execution is so different that it takes me. I did the math. It takes me fourteen days six for work days to write a comic awhile takes me long umbrellas so dense that it takes a and generally anything else. I write,
There is a little less by them generally anything else. They re like tend to take that long. So it's not as as much that love it and I am proud of it but I feel like I'm good at it like it's not as automatic, is as music music. It just can't see guitar and dignity, a new instrument. I somehow no at least make noise with it and then in a brain disorder that it's a very different in with your people. Now yeah with people or even if you like, I am alone and like my office or my room or something in the solitary is pretty fun to four right: but it's just so different and you feel really more closed off and on us having selling metaphysical or whatever, but when you're sitting Tar writing music. You feel more connected to. I guess the universe than you do sitting there staring at computer rain comic book right, creating it percent against. I would say I don't. Even I mean part of me staring to computer feels in theory connected to the world like I'd like knowing that there is an internet connection, but
but but interfacing with the machine? The way that we do is so isolating. It is its word weirdly, isolating that that bit technology could make us more connected, but I think more, possibly more isolated. Then we will, been in a we're daylight, Aston, Misinterpret staff and takes up the right way or the wrong wave, which meant to be nicer. Evil Were I mean this is so much weird shit that gambling on the internet? That's why it's best to ride out there the banks is like someone says, hey what the fuck and like oh, I was kidding I didn't mean it that way, and you, like I, my dear, I am obsessed with myself and I shouldn't be wise, now, googling myself, a long time, that's probably this wise there's, no good, you do nothing. Good comes of it doesn't get you you either go hey! Look at that some guy, I think some awesome or what
long and I do like, but either way you're, not an ridged necessarily and about some cool enemy, the gifts of myself as a priority and gives the aim is that I get. To be honest. I keep shit like that to have. I find super weird funny. Gifts yeah, like I keep Yes, I'm here have marked a file names I collect means favoured me. Am I look on my phone. I collect them of my friends, my my brother, I just collect beams. Was I started making my own as reaction two questions that I got tired of hearing over no, so instead of responding, Did you see? I would give a little screen. I must give a little parents, so here's what you do is top question that you respond to all the time and then mean that is how to slash to respond to all the time. But then you have to tell us what the meme is, so that we could not gay, no eight. This recently just happen. So I got a really remember. I gotta take heart in my brain. There was something that I had to users are useless
may the meme first. I used this skateboard kid because our so bored of this one question and as a guy that's funny cause it's like I'm bored of this was aggressor resident I've come from now they're, usually like. That's it, that's fine I'll. Just usually you no good words. Noriega microbe at Roma are usually ignore those put on our ski kid I she's, so I found it. So anyway, the story behind at least a meme is then I just found this kid who skateboarding looks really intensity, looks like it's eighties: teeth like a fuckin vow, error something like a lot of work. You know any so intense and somebody like you that China Soyer, would have run allowances last things like a legendary, greater rights there I just type in it, wasn't something obvious heat I took to something we to find him, and I found it and was and have our time right now is a good document that guy's life called rising sun. It's nothing So how did I cushion has so I who was like one of the Big
skaters in the eighties and got busted fur math. Yeah I found stalking ever really excited than I found him on Twitter. I followed him and his stories the inspiring and, unlike for this dude surveyor, those orders in Orange County is a youth minister believe really one eye a favorite things that he does actually is he he tweets pictures of himself like thrashing or another dude totally rashly willing Bible quote it super superpower. Look at it! I still doing like crazy stuff. I made this blocking. When I block somebody's two guys in Nicaragua and if you guys blocking the blood and blogger David, I love that has great it's gonna get senator. You were escaping No he's creeping around here. Are you guys have the same case?
Ah my guys, okay, so as arguments this phone case real quick, this won't case I've had the visibility I've bought twice in. My life was put it that way or go to sites like maybe milk, eggs or so ago, and like it is the most comfortable cellphone case. I love her its first mine got scummed up and I still captain I loved it. It's the work, you it's that's the Chewbacca phone case. It's it's an end is its actual wookiee fur, Jonah actual working for you when I get it from a rookie world in dumb question, I gotta get that I got it from power. A dot com because I would like a shitload of free ones such as Turkey is we'll get get nothing for free. I didn't get this for free from a wiki Jonah I'd. Take it that's how you get something from a lucky. You had to shave. The work is back yes, just a little peace when he was asleep. I got this either. If you would, it didn't cut it, as I have two one for one film, bling air, something a woman I'm just like a worthy and that this either of you
The way toilets seems to be a rectangular space missing. It was by we're, not going by mistake when I'm gonna name. I went I found him, but I don't find I didn't financing anything. Super funny was usually oh yeah, I crisis started leg. Does he sees escaping? Rather I sent that somebody, and then I went by this really I laughed at myself a lot and then it went to a sigh with the same question. This is all the same question and then eventually just ended up fuck. This image bigger and bigger than the of it just keeps getting big, whereas the Gerard way mean generator that I use this for everyone. I don't know what it's called. I know I should I don't know peers gave you mean generator for everybody out there. I would imagine there is a shop the latter, I mean really guided city bootleg Photoshop, lately Jerry. I know it's kind of an old thing with its it
if the aim for really good instead of dislike cat heads on people, but if you try to really good you're, not that good at its illustrates like fuckin rad, are you not a Photoshop I never learned it quite so then I went as far as the aid back the comics. I want the art school and it put it was before the big shifted digital, so they would like hey. We have these computers. You might wanna check mark as we think that the future, no fuck that ever happened. Yamani do my lettering by hand. I had the little figure, learn everything see we're analogue style, which is probably a good way to learn earlier for sure and had really awesome tediously Carmen Infantine, Solemn Indulge Orlando legends. You know cavalry, he still DC, and then I enter Joey Kevlar Gummy, an internship and stuff like that site. So my point
Always I never learned. Photoshop was right away. I was kind of a curmudgeon about it as it now is fuck. That's our real comics. You gotta do by hand- and I like this- adorable kid. Curmudgeon dieters are dumb yeah exactly totally and then I got out could get a job, have foot chef skill. It says you and your resume the computers or dog. I still feel that what would you like to elaborate on that? I think it speaks for itself with your duffer ask about what sort of my words my destiny. I, like your moxa, your hired, no unfired, oh shit, please come back. You can hire me. I could have ass if nobody's ever said. I believe just stumbled into something nobody's ever set up put it in my luck. If you put it in your company like as yet hire me, I quit I'm Asia. I google that shit. Sometimes, if I feel like I've, I've stepped into something. It's never been said
I it out and most Ives, and am I guess they really yet most send works out. I forget, I just set it off into the cycles. Because back if it wasn't anyway, I'm gonna sit comment back our teacher. I don't get a few jobs that I we know we know originated with him. It turned up on thing that we know like I do it for the art why you're shaking so I mean this transition from comic book to administer, like our people only about a do. You remember like when my friend rob Zombie started erected. Movies public works. So do you think you're doing anything new year's in I've? Always this has always been my passion, muse, was this. This thing that I could do tat. He was the thing this was actually the thing that defines me Ray is the same way so, like you know, I literally was like I mean I amused. It was always the same kind of secret passion thing. You know,
and then am I gonna, keep to myself and then you know when I had like the life crisis as a garment good. Do this, I'm gonna, try this ban think because the comical actually wasn't working out. It was the worst period in comics to get out of school and tried drama was after the nineties boom. I was like all the people that had bought, unlike those Baghdad, the super as if that there were lots of money and has no there's a huge crash leg denominator like fucking hiring, anybody did hi you drew is so then I go to school because I'm I could get a job, and then you know anyway. So so that won't happen like a lot, you started a band, I started a ban like this will be a good backup, hereafter compare delay breaking in economics. That was my fucking behind be for bands ivy I'll start. This ban and its Emily as an immediate thing. How did that How I mean was a sort of like did you.
Did you live the that special montage moment that I've always wanted to have It's like we're plain and our garage annexing, hey guys. It the radio and then, when you think of my entire liven up the charts number twelve number, six number two. If you swap some of those things out for like base in college radio guy, I remember being in the parking lot of our votes, shithole studio and hearing and oncology you for the first linked first time, W S a? U pirate, radio, Seton Haul, it was amazing. It was like that was the most they'd. Never got In that light, given hearing in commercial ear, wasn't this court was the album for that already out, or was it like a seven ensure Rosa song just say we ate? It only existed, digitally to wasn't even the savage further for we we just had a digital file. We sent over the sedative yeah cause we had started. Local where the disease really liked us, and he said you have anything we said war will go record, something so we recorded one song, call vampires, never hurt you and then it just
build up inch by inch, though you know momentum, and it was like so quit my job, which Actually a rag jobs, designing toys at the time as doing link this stuff for toys, but a fanciful life. You know, colleagues over it, yell design, toys rags our furrow. While that's like cable coochie from Burma, gold out, she was like you're gonna, get hired to like design toys and other leg over. We should be an actor to the cook. A different areas like it was kind of like that. So then I was our get this toy design ways, and then we got this- we're literally just playing a basement the week before we got this offered to open up Jimmy World the island's, how very rapidly ten thousand something people that's right. One bleed American came out with zero. Lay self titled album here like white sampling, american after nine eleven they had, they took out the shells and it made it the self title them and actually it came up. Three times, because I was on Grand royal with a gradual without a business, isn't easy boys level
they re really set, as and when they had to. After nine eleven, they took it back off, the shells are released. Allow because bleed American was too much for people there was a budget items they pulled out. The shells afternoons handicaps got pull off the strokes, our murmur of a thousand, They headed they took it out because the cover I emphasise black hand- and I was this smell the gloves. I love that original cover that than the one after you know was in high school. That is what our maybe that was their point. Yeah discovered, fuck. You you shouldn't logs. There was like I M the World Trade Centre. There album had just come out there like that they got pulled off. There's a bunch of Siam, there's a wrap them with the world trade blowing up. Oh thank weak. I've yonder served in need, Calles, bye, bye, bushes. It today with an ambush think. So I literally lay out aids. Now as it was function,
in my brain out, like that can possibly be named Mean Vulcan, bad Evan, roster, elbows yeah, that's what I did mean, but I was not right. But back I'll fucking Bush remember voice was like because I worked at Cairo from ninety five to ninety eight, and that was like I just just road that way that was like it was the last breath of grub was like just it was good. The UK were correct. Ninety five. Ninety six was it was it was like it was. Box with a landed out of bucks? Here it was candle box awareness, it will deter. Elective saw collective saw a lot of collective Zol stone, simple pilots, just sort of Senator Silver Chair, just coming into kind of like Pearl jam live stuff, you know and release, and they just started doing they send you wanna up and then, and so once at a rapid Then everyone started Jedi wrapping metal, the afterthoughts allowance golf any? And you had a Dutch but an yeah? You know,
you lose even a time. I think, like early or mid two thousands were they try to like. Much better come another legal, its new grudge. There was no again That was never going work. I remember when they kept talking about that too. Is it was late, but we have all these really great Nirvana but now it. What do you do I dont know how to categorize music anymore, like invite. Maybe it's hard because we're in the time period right now, but if I were to think about all the music of the early twentieth hands. Like I dont know what I now I dont I call the music authority to intends is like an old fashioned suspenders, both at home yeah. It's like you illumine ears, Mumford sons, all those ban, some kind of acoustic, it's like You know everyone got really needed December S than another, though rather bans so say whatever that
I would point out in your web browser and get in my face are not dare call knew full. Well call you a call it growl. Yeah man for a while. I do a lot of my grandfather. Hey Ho Jon cost a lot. I hope what are far away for the microphone is alot about. I'm sorry, albinos shewbread there were more Jack Johnson knock. Ask as I was calling that jazz matters, and I really that there really that the catch judges, ever like you had the for while it was frontier I was. I was I frontier Iraq where it was like rose like MID lake in December ass. It was
These, like you, know, arise we gave in rock because areas like the people in work and the pop I movie and we like all those barons too, but we haven't them something really motherfuckers Macgregor from Sweden. Waiter about such a study I mean I'm always agree. I look like you know, I don't know what, for vampire? Whatever boy, though, is like the theatrical airbag he I was his ribbon of deviation you know so yeah I want so that's. Why can make fun of people dressing links we haven, because I had this, I predicted the whole thing to after parade. Like somebody that aspect would you gonna do next? I think I lost her dress. Like four Jimmy sweeps up, I gathered kindly and no shit like a year and a half later was fact Jimmy sweetie. I bought a whistle in LOS Angeles, Allow me a lot of living or less gloves ordering was gloves and little hats invest him you're next down like
That's so it doesn't matter how, when back now like when you see, because you guys We worry, you know the sort of cultural movement. When you look back, are you like do do? Do you go look what we are aware and or do you think of it? Finally, you figure it like. I, we were kids like what is what are your kind of all of it? I'm able to laugh at it. I made little Billy colleague here they can live a war that that day only occasionally though, but its superfine Yom really proud of it. I'm just like we were some crazy shit I look at especially by the time we had gotten a parade and, as we have with this funny was funny to me. We're here to that stuff. Like like the banjos into before that were you until the bands are all about the attorney ass of agony. I was actually it's funny, though, before I start my cam and in college especially I was listening to Super Grass Blur Brett pop was
We beg for me in that. Wasn't very theatrical the pro enlargement really down down down. We had gathered Jarvis that were very young. Very theatrically, but I don't know. I guess I felt like it was missing from what I wanted to see too because I wasn't actually like that at all. Like I was it, I need more black eyed in and then I just was Caroline of Physic. The universe needs says the weird thing I got. That is aware thing to when you see a ban that, like it's like I'm fine This is really good. Unlike their distress, I, whatever I lay out a young, they didn't have bothered it's fine, it's like its arguments. Why would I like I'll go and look at it like a blur videos like some of those the bear. Look like you're, just like football, otherwise, like it like a deed, is geared up all the way you do. I go with them. A little by little, I may I missed some of them. I think there was a logic by now, but I guess I guess my cabinet was a response to a lot
and one of them was the brick pop stuff aside, because they did ever sophistication and a class to what they were doing, the very stylish, even if they redress down, but then what can kind of to that end. I guess that like new mental era, but even like the the post grandeur would have It was the bad grunge at the end like it's gotten, so t shirt and genes, and it was this lake. He knows. I guess my kind was such a response to all that then it was a response to that and then also, I guess you know the home. Phobia in kind of that super Jonas of new metal was away. As a response to a lot of things. You know where that is causing testing the audience is totally. It is sort of funds. I mean I, I would love to two just sort of to track the waves of, like you know, Fifty's,
Clean cut, sixties never get a little shaggy, seventy fuckin to send us than in the eighties over one shaved. Never then it's gonna glamour, our governments, shaggy gold grunge, they lost all the glades round. Morrison has an entire theory on he's able to track it by eleven years appear and then it involves lake the spots in the sun and literally, will break it down. For you, as leg, basically of punkin happy, darts already back from Elvis vows and it's always dead on. You know, like grunders, actual exam, delicate. I never thought of it. That way, I thought it was partly like now we have therefore, because his accent is hypnotic and so anything he says, you're going to agree with no matter what I added. I guess chasm like half scottish I've never had trouble with it. I've. Never I've always been ever since and with it no, I can understand it s. Just fucking awesome its
You are it's very like it's. It's a little whisperer, ie and very powerful. Videos or its holes in everything he they make sense and is super serious when you say in it your raising my idea. How is always sounds like is right up on my right of my idea of being powerful is like I have to get. Or like in the wrong, is wrong. But then you know guys like guys like Neil Gay men and grants. It's like a very spoken Adele, is fucking commander. I know what it She had a listener. They for someone else to quiet down here with this com. Guy same has guided us go in autumn. We listen to him. That's threats of question is, if you know of your guy who's, essentially in this isolated artistic endeavour of red, making, comic books or even beginning to me, toys and another sudden, like you're performing for ten thousand people, which is which was, I feel very natural, do you, or did you have to sort of learn how to play into that?
of supernatural I can't explain why it was an automatic thing like from the first show, wasn't like greet the first show, but I had I felt like guide. I could get really get at it. You know I got sick, I can get it that's where you were before your thing. You're about to your opening urban for Jimmy out is returned. I wish there was scary, though Emily was like a little. What is it like? A stadium but a half, you know what they call a chip. Amphitheatre outside and the sun still our needlessly Legal remedy. This is crazy, as dress up crazy, you know in a beginning, everybody was just kind of their own thing. Mikey always had let alone the rubric pop thing going on and evil. Originally I was, generally with wearing black. Like I was, I was kind of almost in a very deep. Davy anyway, I was intentionally going for that, like I thought it was cool that we were so different and then later on, it made sense to match, but in the beginning I was kind of doing the ramp, thing in Vienna. Embryos discount,
shirts, whatever the hell they wanted and then eventually you start to feel like a gangs, things to dress like a gang, and that's really would happen. So it's almost like your in a way it's the male version of sinking periods. Nowhere survey you all sort of get on the same way I get out so much and again to the same. Come you get in the same sort of things and like I notice when I'm not when I'm not around my closest friends and I'm talking other people, I'll notice, affectations and things that I know I picked up from them that I didn't. You know that I just never never cry. Everyone in a man is all about sink periods. Really that's. Why as its hard till I even like, like if you like and hang out with bandits but unto her failure, and then there obviously like it's like yeah. Laughing everything that happened in the Van gas yeah. The idea or ago area. I we're like game is enabled weird shit like
fuckin rotten salami ears on wages and urge slick somebody would give you something that would be the van you give it a name like in a make fun of innovative funding, throw down the highway three than that had a name, and much about how much of relationship to you as a ban with your audience I mean obviously your sort of growing together there is sort of like the symbiotic evolution noon. We play this music I will these people are responding to this music. So maybe do we d respond more to them and then they respond more and then you respond more. They liked. You feel the relationship like that, or is it just like Morgan, we're doing this? No matter what and you can come along for the ride or not and so easily. It's always been this. What you know, I guess the intent was cool to see the response and risks two so like intent, meaning let's try to fight the good fight or do some good work
gotta this or even a vicious leaving with somebody with a good attitude or a good sentiment. I thought about having food drives procedures by changing attitudes when we get up there, especially I'm ever right before we put, is tasty chaos tour. It was a pretty big tour, and I noticed you know I do. There's nobody was really. There was all these kids shows and there they wanted to believe in some, and they wanted a little bit of not so much debate but maybe inspiration or are just something and nobody was give into them? You know, and I kind of felt like what we're up here for forty minutes. We should do something positive in between the songs so without trying to talk, much during the set which sometimes a failed out. You know I can't I can't do that. You know court worked out, and so do you feel like it was you're trying to them more of an ideology. Other then. Oh here's, some songs, the add my lonely man. It was very much like that I was pretty agro about it to leg. Fuckin do so.
Then I saying shit like that, like the guy would say. Sadly you motherfuckers need to debate, but but you need to know their names, but I want to do idea. Hedges activate, you know like. I would try to just empower people basically and use the time wisely. You knew it was great. It was a good time. I was, I think, I've really getting that I liked about when I was getting until I can only real positive straight at hard core, supposedly or yeah, but, like you here, like a life stuff, and they like the guise of yellow light, darted scenes disease like it I'll make a ban like I go to the ball. Have the opportunity. Now you have the time you have the ability to go and do it like it's a really, as it does mean a lot to a young care gap when a ban like that you, like is a thing you can do to re, especially like mean it, you know in and you know I'm a dollar those posse corbians too, like maybe you know, they were all full of idealists, and I was the same Wayne eventually. If, if you let it happen, EU idealists always burned down and the devil,
when in the parade as an extreme idealist at that point, especially after avenge saying that kind of power, we can either use are used for good or wheeled and stuff, and I felt a little. It will do so. Any misconceptions about black prison led out with some of it. Was it wasn't crushing per se, but it was deadly and it gave me perspective in reality the world. Why do what I mean by? Have you mean that ideal is get burned? I think well, maybe burned is the wrong word. I think your fate you as an idealist. Your eventually faced with challenge and the challenges you know you could be ideal is hope. All this stuff is really gonna work out, but eventually, if you It's almost like, if you believe too strongly, in a name The way like it's gonna, let you down, if you believe in any anti strongly. Eventually it will, let you down, like your parents, will let down you know fuckin Lou, Guy Walker, actually looks Dahlgren Emily.
He's an almost almost at the yeah, but he didn't that and let him Dounia he get worryingly even advance pulled together. They together, so we don't ask you ve been a really have the opportunity like them, Nova suddenly like and then that's when I wore my dick, like a watch really get out there and help your community, you can really ivy use. Rickles does actually all about love. It's all look at these Jews done successfully like there was a bit of that. Go away, go and we, like you, know God do something. Positive. Are the songs about getting flocked in jail all the time you know see, because if you don't do something positive and I would say at all so we enact fear it all sort of waves together. So I put it is pretty you know it's pretty pretty staggering, just being a being a Youtube, whereas I am avenues, Superman, cynical, Kip, difficult, both minutes with of youth and laughing, because it's a fucking funny like sir the five million its creator.
Thirty million. I mean there is a gap for awhile, because there is like that weird. You know. Pissing mass between record companies in a lot of a mamma to sing are they were pulling down and you too, and so there was likes still like crazy Every turn me just use my apple dv, this teenagers Papa, because I feel like the most viewed or its close. You know whatever Why are insane army like it's? It's it's hard to get a million people to watch one Sixty five million people is a staggering amount of his leg. Is twenty percent of the population of this country allowed. That, though, is a testament to kidnap buying music necessarily as much as they are just going to Youtube to listen song they like over and over again right. That's a lot of repeat stuff. You don't say, decided, allow a lot does it did not mean in sort of. I mean you really. You guys really grew with the digits.
Revolution of mediating. You have about the same lifespan is blank broadband, and yet we yeah we use accounting crazy. No, we actually had to do a Nightline energy wants or somethin deep. I'm a camera which one though, if the same thing, I guess we're alive and one of the line is here because of that they were like We were literally like one prime example and litter the first being giveaway stuff, because we couldn't Pratt pay the price flag. We in our very small able so was just like just make it. We don't care traded and we generally be no felt that way for a long time. That change, not really not really much. You know we always fell. I give you if you like something you should support it eventually like, while because it got to point Rosalie billion, fuckin muscle, cars and re guns, shit, you is again my blackberry wasn't cheap, so
Eleven. My I started against so expensive re, ambitious. That then that's when, like you, would feel the sting of where it was just like. I know, but guys like we know, we'd like to share our, but this you know this uniform, My colleague outward made this. This is really guys, and then we were ended. The tour of it and again like we are warned like you guys, are probably gonna break even willing. We don't give a fuck and we have to accept up to now, and so then, at that point I figure wishes that come on guys like by the right. Or something upload, a picture mainly by acting as I guess that works out by teacher sovereign,
regulators getting mad it ass. He never that letter that were record actually in despite the climate like their record. It really well, and then you know I'm I mean I think you should you should get. You should support art. Just because a visa to steal like it's not easy to go still. Bees are enough, argued museum. So that's wrong. It's just as Wrongously art like the idea of Europe, you're the cool teacher for a while? They are driven you like guys. It is not cheap to get it to move our atmosphere. I you love did so come on. Thursday was leg. I got these pamphlet, lady guy. And I gave my make up and a truck stop to be here for you this week. It costs thirty dollars an end and then that outfit I stated, entire tore unwashed, so wasn't even like. I spent thirty dollars data because they didn't three hours to live for seven months in the same clothes right and then
you know you don't use and then, after a while you got me, no socks got expensive. Does it these stocks every night gold socks keep are usually there, but it wasn't exactly dry cleaning. So in a sense, is success, a bad thing or is it just part of the evolution it's like? While you know you're gonna, you can't. I gotta go through this and in some ways you burn out, but it's like the telegram. That, I think is a good way to look at it. I think it's, I think if it happens or does it and it is also a driver, it's a killer can kill you, but it could be awesome like it can also run at a gas. So you never know you never know because you guys are officially not a barrier we broke up. I think it's been linked three months. I need yeah, they ve been a good. Good way like all. We should all just move on arousal, oh yeah, I mean it doesn't mean it wasn't. Painful doesn't mean you know. One thing you know we all
you care about each other with something dramatic a bit. It was time you know, even if it was may ring of opinions on when that time should be, or anything I mean, that's, you know, but you know we we still stay in touch an ogre. We know we like each other as we let were excited ass. He would each other do you know? I'm really excited about that. Just a few people do worst headline that you saw worst pony headline that you saw I'm. My chemical break up. That was very. That might have been the worst one because it was also I get it. But this even though we have aids like a kind of something. Reach higher no one can only events romance is over. I for my camera romance there was the honeymoon It was our really awesome shit to reading obiang. It was a really cool, like I don't know, I guess I didn't really realise what kind of cultural impact we had dinner.
Nothing to do with calling it a day. Either by two to get our feedback and be like, while people really liked what we did and vague, they feel like something missing at the show me my friend do here and was lasers like a like right when you guys broke up nothing The day I heard there was a girl in the front row earned MIKE, from a certain as I did, you hear, start a well up I'm sorry. I was Hokosa goes into where there should be a limit. Has our phase your fault you, for I made them break up. You caused them to throw up her own heart spent, there's a whole like there's a whole group of peace, Oh, who also grew up with you yeah, you know, like they're, all you're, all sort of like there's a little bit of a girl will rest
This kind of thing that yard ideology, corrupt I'd, have any feeling. Every time the ban succeeded or failed at something. So today- and I think that's awesome, you know and that's why you know it seemed we saw such a blow for them. You know, I think it would have been I don't like the way I feel that allows the flicker ban. Breakups is you know, I think it preserves the idea to call it when it's time You know you keep doing here and eventually, do something. That's not genuine will there's a certain amount of there's a certain amount of luck or astrologers something like an old ban can release an amazing, album and then everyone's act as a vulgar, grave animal and then their next album can be identical, and then people go Oh, they didn't grow at all, or people can go, came to my Lord Razor or they can trust they can experiments. And if you like one,
I can do and re also you really. There is a sort of weird I guess, acts in a relationship that you have to have where you're in phase somehow, where your waves are in phase with people, however, you grow or turn absolute, and I dont know how that I dont know what the secret I mean. No one has yet again, there is no way to predict cater yet through its work. Because, like certainly one would bands, I like em him like the weaker than have been very much putting out the same I'll, never tender, but but like I love that out yet continued abide every time they put it out and then, but within some people get upset like the last drops out once more the same thought this I'm out it's a weird thing. You know we IBM there's these moments. That can happen. I spoke to grant a lot about. It too, like especially black parade mislaid car right on this weird pulse of a moment and is you know there is an astrology love. It's a kind of right time right, place, right sentiment in it's kind of what you end up.
Pressing, hopefully what a lot of people just needed to express at that moment and that's great music, bad music numa. Any kind of music. I mean when new metal got used by people needed that, for some reason, the need for external, they needed a break stuff. They broke a lot of shit about Poobah repeated that boom boom baboon. I am a member madame I just didn't remember what do they so that that all your metal leads to Managua Nominal really does What is inside might phenomena so I greet us. I will love. I was love going back and looking at those moments at tat in time that were acts like just you know, reading about when ok compete. Ok. I was like all was just right time right ever the rate sentiment digital age coming, they sort of capture this weird kind of cultural
We, the people needed that they just fuckin, happened to catch it near the cat, the air they caught it. They were on tour. I always happens because of a ban, and I know it's funny to retract die was bans was her second home, so they toward a lot and people, M southern? They really saw the world they may there. First, still relatively small, be anyone who have fuckin massive hit creep, but that could have in it in the end, and so bans was great does so then the torn the world, and then you gain a perspective from doing that. Second out my belief, and then you know they made ok computer like based off that all that shit they went through just touring bands and that's kind of like a black bread was. Simply the result of touring years on revenge and, like then, the world view you see, you think I'd. I get it now. I think our earliest I've divide really forged
world view, and now I can put it out and you you sometimes ever hit out again, but the point is you're not supposed to like. Why do you wanna keep doing that? You want to keep lake having these. Cultural boomed, thoroughly analyse about that because you can't platinum. So do you know why you can't you shouldn't chain? it now were able. No people know of your dreaded erase it because they its then it's too intentional, then, is to pandering unintentionally. A t, shirts and slogan. Hearing in you know, their movements and staff and which is really it's all antis the stuff that apparently they preach early on echo is, I have always presented by Dear of you, know of part of sort of like that sort of punk idea of like a man, I'm fuckin no for lack of Belgium raging against the machine and then all of a sudden you get important like where you got another machine now, oh yeah, still raging against. Like do you fight that or do you
that sort of like Erasmus or like crusty courtesy, the clown? I you seen, the canyon arrow had fallen but I think you're right it. You know a guy like, I feel like we were even a response to that because I at a certain point like I would mean old partner: do that really got it and loved it? You know it was always like the trusty punks that didn't get it. That would you see now those fucking great name for your next ban. Rusty bogs, trusty punks, those are the ones it and get it. I would make eyes and all these amazing nineties bands fat record bands when I was a kid they all I d, like him Arafat. My coming to see us and be like doesnt, seem frightened kiss on us fifteen's Rugby league lot. Yet I'm leaving, I was, isn't it that's the way. I am a huge fan of him and in the whole band. You know so yeah. Yeah. You can guys like him. Obviously they understand that you can be part of the problem.
When they call it out. Berwick, no facts as a year ago, the guys they get like the labels got millions and he still foot figures at awaited make it work within the ideals, and you know it's a struggle. It seems but its laughing. I think my guess is that, as long as you have kind of an honest, authentic relationship to your audience, they'll Folliot, if is long as they know, you're not bullshit- then, and I think the second they feel like. I don't know, then, when that's real, whose people I'm now I know you're a hundred percent rate and I dont know how to its easy to uniformities trappings to you could end up in scenarios where you don't. You know, and nobody really France was maybe some people do, because their goal was to get into bed make millions dollars, but that's it wasn't. You could still given scenario like you won't work. This is my the full house over everything your tongue. Enhancing. At that point, you just like what the fuck happened. Likewise is how so big where's my family and even see them
why, when driving a fuckin porch wegg, what's going on, I you know when I go are far superior. Having said that, I really like nice cars and has the word porch came out of my mouth. I was Lakers drives a jack. I thought I didn't have down the preacher meter a little bigger. I personally don't need that driving a porch when the basically it's a beetle, and so I drive This is a real car that you should see over the weekend with jailer, something I don't get up under the man just tat, my wife Taxi Mohammed Fuckin car. The answer I have nowhere to talk. I couldn't have ye. I like that this point, I'm like a good Lamborghini. I just got like tankers that in leg
a lot of money. You can get the Fuckin ferrari. To start with travel as a car for couple years, but I honestly I'll drive by like like a cube or something like that, the cool you like you like me, yeah, that's what happens to me. I believe our and then I'll try to figure out my brain. Get out of the one I'm sometimes and try to bring ethics morals and do it just like? Oh no, I need it does need to dilute down needed, starving children in the world. Or would they want me? I am I ve been in Japan get everybody in DR cubes, like everyone else, that is a cool it's cool the Gorka, I'm wondering in say my is there anything? Did you feel like that? Everyone got, we are trying to say, or did you do if you like there was a piece of your band that you feel like fuck. No one ever picked up on this one thing that it was so personal that maybe they just didn't pick up on it. You feel like it everything that they got every I make they were. I think, for the most part, especially
like the fans that really did get it. They totally got it. I know, and then the people in- and I guess, music journalism- they really got it too. For the most part like the ones I weren't, trying to turn it into a suicide called the some papers or magazine. Like other sensationalism, aside, like they really did, get like the grandeur of the art spectacle. Like the glamour, the deaf to the vast, our young. They they got all that leg. You can read it all: it's it's really cool and they and the kids got there till they also got that yeah like we're here to do something porn, but that doesn't mean you have to be super serious about it. What does it then do? What sort of social responsibility do you feel if if, if there is a message of like the vast I and then some guys, like I'm a fucking killing. So, just like you would want nearly all you're that little Don T ass like how do you, what the point is you grab and that real early and then you know even one
that way, I didn't really preach that it was in the music for sure indefinitely in the energy of the music was the I leave you know. I was such a dramatic to employment. I didn't think I was gonna make it and then you may get their ears like our live. Yeah, because when year, when you're growing up, it's like you know, time is just this bottomless pit. That never again never I ever been then yeah than you had thirty new, like. I think I think it will have we boy mania for the kitten you feel it. I won't ever guys we're storage in writing de I I think they got they even got like some other in it. You know some of its pretty bad eat or hidden, but they got that stuff too. For the most part, I think I am I mean it was obviously you know beer, self really loud, you no bigger do it, There was super simple email,
he lay there is stifling EDA very recently have noticed people missed the point, a lot of the state for so I know you know. There's this attitude of basically like ok, well, if you're on stage and you You know mega with another Jude from your ban on stage to bomb out a bunch of homophobic earning audience, which was always the girl, like you know, there's United States, phantoms are there to write, fiction and explore stuff and have fun with it. But there comes a point words that you do know that's now. Real and, like you do know, is that it nobody's faking it because for them meet a moment with its in tat bomb somebody out, that's a real and tat lay gets you now, sir, was a little better, that I've noticed recently they got mass. There was all that that was the the only but again, I think these are people that are like hard core fans or get there
thing out of the ban anyway. It like, if you just basically arduous lay cute boy ban, postpone the warlike in getting the right thing out of the band. So if you know all your into with the ban, was you know challenging homophobia that that stuff, but which you size something else like something owes its basic design a gay, the fuck off its design of concern, the volume bum somebody out, you know and challenge staff with. A lot of what I thought our job was it. There was the challenge, constantly ideas, and things like that, so there was there is you ve ever had started with the maker it started there like. I can assure you that there are many guys I ripped off and looked up too late. Vain and instead of David Bowe III, that had done it before and maybe probably done it better. But at that moment
we were a baby ban. Nobody was doing it there's you know that, like I said, I had to get pants from wage gap because you couldn't get small genes black, you couldn't where tight sure it's like they did didn't exist. He got the guy. Billing for Roma. Skinny friends allows bandwidth. They would all shop at Lady get really. I couldn't get out like a fat cats, I'll just be like out where, like a big like we I'll see you later besides, I gotta look different uneven girl section in and my bodies and Thursday, the and they are aware in diesel genes, but women's yeah is that thing. Is that I didn't exist, you have. I wasn't going to get what it was all us all. My friends. Are there late night he's already thousands, so you know it started with that's definite. Like it there was no way doing that was nobody. Putting on I mean I used to get free scared, digs I'd Vienna Rock stop in a new era.
Dragging mega vine about to play a math lab you know and dislike for coming to get killed the night there is every sunlight, revoking killed. We were unto her once my them and we're gonna, we're northern California. Why Rica, some without tat met capital? California just like, but like you loggers too, like we went to a Blackbird diner like me driving all night, we like stuff to go to a blackbird on earth we walked in, and I I know I know The fact that it in here by like us more like a record scratch Gallia comes us all these burly bearded deeds. Well all them like that. Are there before Just turning. All of us are just like these, guinea, emaciated, long hair, that's a yak wherein lay polyester like all of us and about where Ladys tight polyester, Harrison will just you know I did like they're just like her let's not eat here, but I
your weird enough. They'll go! Oh it's a band like you know that I feel like bill. They don't want trouble, has value added overtake us land even light came into their head and they and then that's when you died, lotta even dead. This whole twitting service relate. We sat there for twenty minutes before anyone ever carries the worst. I am so sorry. Are you ok, yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine! but I'd like to sit in an empty right. Hey how's, your child days. You won't tell us about the times that they method to. This is a known fact: Decaf Latte chai, because I don't like the way they make guys at the one on pass ass, a cat and may we had a gig Europe of late Djibouti new duties, dig it wasn't right, persuade the drive it all right outside
you would have fucking you killed somebody county doorway twenty minutes somewhere, you may go with me this monster, because one time I was really tired. I got Snipy because kids, artisan bakery didn't have a delicious, have achieved great thought, which is the best. In the United Kingdom, Ireland with a bullet is a good thing that you just brought up by the time you were you were. You can manipulate forget about Burma, sometimes I'm in No, not the microphone, please don't move. You're by those bread
then what I've prevent did I say we, so I don't feel like it's just me your view of the thing where they allude underpayment, so they don't feel like they were just a denial is in our own or a lot of stress right now. I everyone shrined erotic this company. We got a lotta grown up to do that. Pay. Everyone needs that child day, three guys alone Abdul further they want me to be sugared up cabinet with a delicious beverage christened, I think Jonah. Let him get their child nodded this together. When you look back, the twelve years the you guys were banned, you feel like do is theirs Now that you understand that you didn't understand, then, where you go, oh, I guess we were doing this thing that I
didn't realize until until in retrospect the the great question- maybe maybe it maybe it'll- start to think it over there. You know the coming months in the years. You'll start too, as you gain perspective, I just find that wisdom provides a retrospective clarity. That you you know where you go. I was really trying to express these ideas and I didn't realize it at the time that it was do just what you were made. Yeah yeah. Not aware of it or conscious of theirs tons of that happening every day. You know like I started when I needed. Yeah thorough using my twitter a lot like a lot like, I think, be. That are friends of New Hampshire, Mute or don't follow me anymore, because I on that when the ban broke, it was good for them. The ones that were upset at least was for me to sit and actually listened list of concerns that I have listened to you since it was like like mastered like because then I'm performing their renown listen and sit around listening the record them. I make. I do up until the release, like all
every day when I'm workin on em but anyway, so there, listen to this stuff, and now it was really like so every day, there's some kind of revelation. I learned something by either something acquitted sadder sending the music and going Lake, Ireland's losing revenges like holy shit. I'm really pissed off our memories of man about by but at the time, as a sort of came out really kind of interesting, as is the is being this weird sort of emotional poor crux that you ve thought that you ve left somewhere that at the time real regular, I don't know I really cared about that thing. So much I mean I guess that's. I guess that that's part of that it sort of maybe part of it dies when a clear you may even, alas, are endangered is called vampire money. Is Does a man I was really mad about Twilight isn t. What eventually eyes like is not may I get it it's not design. Other me that's like Bobo thing here,
about maturity and like entertainment, just like it said getting angry bays Gump. That's not for me off me This is clearly not finding aimed at me yeah exactly it's almost. I gave the geese feel ashamed of yourself for thing, Everything should be aimed at either a vision of herself for criticising something that you know isn't for you yeah or going on line. We like to think so. Why are you even talking about it right rain? It was funny to, though, although I made a joke about being managed, toilet actually wasn't like actually fell. The landless lyrics in that song particular are really sympathetic towards the people it act in those films. I would think about them a lot, and I was a chemist good through some gnarly share, because I only had a taste of what that those two people pray go through, Three is there's three that are really popular from that devastated too. I had a watch.
I remember which what it was like a book, No joy was, but it was the one that it was leg rigid. You should do and they didn't really give a shit who did it the people there they just wanted somebody. They do Othello their bang thou my door record. Labels were banned their door lay Grey was an opposite thinks, so they were never like. Call me up like one or you didn't really gives a sort of mitigating factor. Was they described when their movie out, in only one, I'm sure, they're happy too heavily fuck amuse do it. You know It was an amazing ban. So anyway, I'm watching a partner in the ten. I think she has hope a mere something the home movies. Just basically like blue balls, teenage happening seriously as you're just sitting there like I'll fuck one of these people Mark Brenner, better, do it soon or something I could never die again, yeah yeah! That's what I thought about the first Harry Potter way
hang on as well. What are we gonna? Take the blue balls or teenage girls thing. We have again so show to say what I think about fences, no its, not whatever they do anyway there in that there are the fucking tat, had an she's guy, but their media and then cause he's a vampire. He can't warmer. So I'm way takes his shirt off the werewolf. This Jacob Break Jacobs, exists, shirt off ages, turn Edward says long hotter than you anyway she's. And I was like that so good. I was actually psyched out of the ground. Now there actually making fun. Of the real world reaction to this kind. Next Wednesday Eleven scene it Dr Weir, because I just you know what, when I bad cd in a movie, it's hard for me to like. When I see the trailer I go, I just get very unforgiving. Like you guys, made this. Could you could have made this?
good there's a lot of other southern makes it not good at. I know, but at least fifty g could have been good, but then I go but then that's my girl now for me every other year with the maturity that we're talking about yeah. That's exactly like I've had a point now, my life from like not everything's for me. Did you ever think like when you when you, when you started writing comics again when you nobody during Umbrella Academy, did you think, like I shouldn't put my name on it cause? I don't want people to have a preconceived idea before they, even for sure, because so literally we had a lot of discussions at dark horse, because I felt really confident I was a private with without way and I knew it was a real eject comic that I had gone to many drafts and really wrote scripts for so I was very proud of that and we talked about like the band and involved leg. Literally. The only time the ban name was mentioned was on the cover previews, when a shop owners could read it in order and Billy, while maybe this will bring some kids
You know, other than that. I figure on the back page of one out of something in a dark horse. Comic, and I was it never talked about manoeuvres and talk better a lot but never talked about it again, never pushed it that way, because I just wanted to get a fair shake. It did I was really happy with them, but the reaction in the answer, a question. I think he has the long time ago I was worried leg. You talked about the rob only thing, and I am deeply worried that I was gonna get some of that backlash in it and I guess not backlash, hesitation, the Fava report and nobody would people do have a tendency to go no you're in this box, in my hand, right? How can you be into Bach share that made sense? So I totally it was a big warranted. You know like how these books- I went as we ain eternity C and drew comics and need our data. They'll know that stuff. So so I get it to them. We were there. We were just very careful because that so at first there was leg up. Every
view umbrella Academy issue. One starts with he added. I was gonna like this because film the the same paragraph and then it goes either they did. I get a they didn't after that. So so that was really cool. So then I did get a fair, fair shake. It was really cool and then it will be just ended. The reviews By the time I was issued three or whatever they sat mentioning. The ban was pretty close Grosso. You proved wrong and allows it yeah Luckily, I don't think, there's too many of them that went into it with Ill will like not lying like a per se. I read much of that stuff. You know: well, that's good, although almost in a way it's you know. Maybe people came in with that idea of, like you know not having any expectations down and then and then they were able to be surprised that actually I,
I think expectation is a really powerful weapon here, who's in your arms at all as an artist and then that wasn't the first time it is it's going into it. I was like, or why do you think, he's gonna suck my notes pretty good? I worked really hard on it and its. It is actually really good, so because they have is we're Boomerang elastic effect with an embryo fucking love it, which kind of pre wench happened with it. A lot of people love that books, like you know so like out, because a week goes by well and of talking about umbrella academy. You know and a similar thing who did have with prayed. So what we did revenge ever use like as legal fuckin scream or make up then whatever and alcohol, but what you don't know is like order dress of boy. Marching. Grandees get really sabre weird blow. Shit up Enzo agree, again and obviously the work was good, that we did. The ban did with that record, but created this thing, where the expectation again was so fuckin locus. All they expected was due to black hair. You know screaming and crying and get this
thing in people really liked it because of that seek. It cannot always play with expectation. I think he can't do it too much. You betrayed if you think you're good at its when he fell at it. You know That is that is that, yes, we always we always talk about this on the show that term, you know the jokes that you write relay gonna fuckin slaughter, it almost never waters because it's too now get out of it. I think if something slaughter too much in your own head, it's just too inside your own yeah yeah. That's a good, difficult point. There did you says too many of its own reference points in your own head that other people were not privy to and then they just can't it just needs not relate above knowledgable yeah yeah. It's easy come non, not relate more to it can happen, I get so, but it but potentially Medvedev. That is, if you think, in those terms, then you're not minutes. Now again because you're trying to write too much for an audio yeah just is really is better too.
I don't really have I play golf when I was in high school, my grandma grandfather was gone night. That's my beloved: and we want it that way. When I grow up, we play golf one and I would always find when I play golf alot. I will get worse and worse and worse and worse, because I was thinking more more about our every little mechanic of every little thing. I'm it backs. It gotta be difficult to make clear that this, then I would go away for like six months and forget everything and come back and do great, as I had forgotten to worry about. Every little micro managed everything and then it was just sort of back in the moment again their works outweigh yeah. Like I was making comics before I went to school to make comics. When I got out of school for making comics, I wasn't making them any more layers, and I don't regret the art schools
any or anything it deftly round me and I go. It was a fine art degree to so. I gotta learn a lot, a cool shit as well, but they give you do it and you're good at it, and I love it y y. You gonna go to school for just keep fuckin doing it and veto just get better at it, so there because it fifteen o making comic. So I just could I should I just kept making I'm gonna shit job kept making him in, but you know that's five, so that's kind of when I'm with the music thing was. I didn't get any training intentionally like I've I kept it very pure and very naive, and because of that it just was because I was good at it. I think it just which so- and I didn't I Didn'T- do the training thing. I met a lot of people in training in there. With like a hard core training- and it's almost like too much lived so much training that they know chess moves already and he can discover something. Do you think they are you looking to
is something like umbrella, Cabinet Academy, gonna be a movie or, as I see that things are done anything else. Well, it got option. It got option link with the weekend. Even ray before one eyes, thereby option, basically that we can pretty much like before the eyes was even happened like there was so much buzz about it. I was option. Is a film are universal got a pretty cool relationship with them like. I think it's a very challenging comic to make into a film, because I really think when it comes down to it at the end of the day. It's it's late. Gum kind of more of a study in story telling them. It is a story and a lot of There is a story there for sherbet it to me. It's like I enjoyed playing with the mechanics in the conventions and it was. It was a psycho, weird study. I thought so it makes for difficult film. So I heard I dont know if the stern up at someone on Twitter said that that lock and key is as a like someone's gonna, try to make it as a movie, which I hope is the case because I fucking
love. I have a red logging, he I read, but I I know I have been dying to read. It does show Hell Radio Hill. I read his first book of very excited about it because votaries thy. I love Stephen King and allow the fact changes name. There was awesome, he like gave himself a different name at its own identity gave us, and he didn't you know and again he'd. He didn't capitalize, he didn't You're not impose dad's knew anything. He was like forget wake. You know, I'm gonna put the South Sea what happens at first book in a hearty box, Crete and there He just sent me a new one. I got a red, but I'm right is comics is comic, yet you know, but that happens. Movies are comics a weird like that. Like em, you, your run shit tons of em, so especially the comecon. Stuff. So, like it'll, be a lot of heat on it than the he'll go away and all of a sudden somebody get help their eyes and look. What is this comic than my kid gave me? I'm gonna make this a movie and then a Oliver again, the cycle begins litter and then
personally how you feel like you're. Do you feel good? Overall, we agree feared. I'm I'm doing fine an awesome. You know it was a really crazy arrive. I really am you got you got through it. I got through it. I feel Agus arrive, and I feel I you know I did right. The people have believed in it and then that's like a really good feeling to wake up like yourself in the mirror and to feel funny. Awesome words really important when you Norman you, you and I have had some of the same struggles I think, but just the terms of You know what for someone like you, sort of gets through substance stuff, and you come the other side. Its helpful to people to go. I like, I can
Ok, you know for people who think maybe they can't ever re when you're in it it's sort of we rarely used at it yeah. I you know as the in the way that I can have a lot of people and things badly right and basically in rock and Roll Rockwell's, a crazy think. There's there's a few ways but there's death. He heard I mean they gruesome, dark ways. Out of that, when you feel trapped and is due suicide, this death is drug overdose. Those drug addiction for life to sustain new to keep you in a fog, Russia through someone you get any in the cruisers that shit and Jeffrey take off and disappear, and the words is someone thinks what I it's very rare you'll see any group or people come and say
You know what I know that we could probably headline a giant festival next year, but we're gonna stop now. Why wait till till it stops meaning something and nobody kind of says, like I quit like in a good way like our I resign. I resign because this is the you know. I want to protect us for you and for myself, actually yeah the bandit it, but that the banned the banned the mayor called the band, they did like they have ten years in and then they decide how they did it, and then they, that's why I was so confused. Giving the bad the lad s e o my very tough to Google believe they did. They had a great right, any re run. They decide. They're gonna call quits needed is a huge show that was turned into a movie called the last waltz sauntering device, precisely our ship with you that gets its really. It really is not really rare. It's a rare thing. The sea and I think that's why the media response was so awesome to it and why people like weird
will that I didn't like us were coming out of the woodwork thoroughly people that would normally billing back. I would assure me in a locker like me, I'm really bomb they're gone, make a born and do some kind of bone was that was unaware things like an I've. Read interviews with fat mayakin like a lot of guys adjusts are these bans that yield an audience will come that they don't as a surly, whatever get along with Is that what always like that mean? That was like? How way you did the making out with their members on stage was a kind of like fuck with them, but I think we can talk to Nevertheless, we stopped here like to point out, as I pointed out, that it was ever it was never plan. Thank within it was awful innocence. We start the would literally one we started a notice. People gain can act on it. The that's always onward stops and anyway, the Africa you're lying around like this under fire that sucks. So you can track the minute where we stop migration has regime, probably out umbrella. Like also said, the same thing was like you know they like there. They stop
just as abandoned like they put a house party and Hygiene Beach leg was another revelation record guys like Berlin. The people that sword cover their shows were completely different mindset that even at the drive into remember yeah yeah big time with I may well. No, I mean I feel like it almost had. I don't know the real story so, but it feels like some had a hand in the end that ban in a weird way like it playing one Caesar and kids are being the shit. I reach a village jocks near really bombed yeah. You can choose your audience like that. The other thing that's kind. I you know and they re very good at best for you, the best that actually went medical about comic see, I know a little way and you can't even now that some some doubts I swear. I guess we're lay acquisition gonna be due to the minute you touch especially a major character like a fuckin, Batman or a joke. Forget it like I've. Seen people get normally. I do you know what There is this idea, of course it doesn't have enemy, because everyone
my shows is perfect mom, and I really do actually. I have not. I have not. I have not had any dick. I really have not had any like dick heads, they even water to kind of drunk. He will benefit most. It was a really nice and I feel really lucky that way, and now it sounds like a pan. Even I'm not, but I do think it's interesting. You can create a thing and then, at a certain point it gets to become a thing. That is really not yours, anymore. Outside belong everyone whose enjoying it and then then it's almost like. Then you go having owing to do this. Like? No? No, that's not how I am. I not anymore re yeah It's a bit. It gathers that that does have they take over. As the president of the Republic is light years, the figure had raised like they went aboard for driving. You may start to know it better than you and you like nobody down in that it gets into a fruitless battle.
Driving you like the star whale from Doktor, who were on your back You may make a lot of my reference. Agatha I've got rid of other efforts. They have made further reaction. I will start to whom I know its awesome show, but to get to a fuckin ideas on watch it, but what they all I can watch paisley's down, Abbe, that's it here who's gonna, be under her policy of bodies I don't know why the newcomer, citing their fuckin dead, like, if I want to show even breaking bad, I can't watch that cause I'll get some good idea. It's different, whether we of unwanted who will be like will now really ten science fiction stories and I go Leggum are watching this show ten minutes in bringing about a migrant I'd want to cook methodology. Drugs Marietta area are ominous yeah exactly is to me. I d is go down areas I watch or, if you what's wrong,
I want to carve a bunch of people said the pretenders zombies yeah like walking dead is another one that like I'd like, while on paper. I should be watching his every week wherein the teacher popcorn fuckin lovely in theory. I would but I watch it and, like I got an idea for something else. Leave the room. Any genre thing you know. Well, it's you know, it's been a problem that is probably not a super eyes, then, if your brain works. That way like why I mean for me, I think, of why I used to drink twin. There's a day, was to try to silence the Chad. That's exactly what is Ireland. The charter is the sort of. The you know well now that policy makers deal, but when he's trying to adjust to that, he can hear everything, and it's like you know, may develop. Like a system you know, mine was I drink to get apt for the show to get ready the oxygen, tired and fucked up for the night before do the show
then cause your adrenaline is Reno chasing through your body. Point even hours after you ve performance now one a m. So then you just take a pillars. Annexes of the shut off is like being worked out. These systems thing hook, Tina, yeah yeah and it is sort of year. Your your body doesn't like to take hard and right left turns chemically. Naturally, yeah. I, like her body now, the sudden. I need to be able to do it to our show, hey body. Can you too They get down a its met. If you can, in the body just one to do that. Hey sorry, me again what I like about it hey rounding off back about elizabetta, robotic leaving years of residence messages to your brain but it is. It is almost kind of a weird thing to have to figure out how to ride with I just
If I take a breath, I don't have to react to every impulse since a lot of breathing a breathing. You now is that, in a lot of things that people don't understand too about addiction, is that it's not something that goes away and it's not something relapses can happen. Even if you, if you inspire people to get clean or something like there was a little bit about. I fell got got lost in the message. Sometimes at least my personal message was like a wall. No, it was almost like a little bit of a watchdog thing army like worthy cleaner. Is he not than this wild theories and stories in his sleep people fuck up people relapse. That's like that's part of the recovery lake is relapsing, you know, and one day that this really faked. About now, as it has been a really long time now, but it can't be, wasn't without real axes. Are misstep, sir, anything like that, but as long as when people fuck up that they don't do the thing that people sometimes
do and then just go. Oh, it's all ruin forever. Fucking! I think well know you. You know you fuck me! May I fucked up today, but that does you can still not fuck up to more exactly and that's the point in that. You are right that the shit that kills people and keeps him in the in the drugs or the drink, and eventually it kills them. You know, is the outs rooted like you know, ye heavily I'd like six years at one point. Didn't and then it's easier to going to do now, it's easier to smash the castle, it's easier to smash. Thank ass alone. I think a lot of people jumped to that because need that's easier to control, sometimes is like destroying. Something is easier to control the out come because you know what my do this I know. What's gonna handle what's gonna happen exactly even though its even the hurts the war they are worth nothing but having a kid for, you must have given you something else to focus on a wide yourself which the good thing tat was amazing and raw.
About a lot of stress and a lot of turmoil in that way. The boot lake- I guess a more worthy exam, a most proud of now is that I feel it. I've made it out the other side by Philip. I survived something awesome that I'm proud of, and I feel like I've figured out how to be a good dad, not just a dad and its awesome feeling a lot of people. I didn't go through their whole lives. Looking for their confirmation from the kid. If they were good parents, but to me I would I realize is just be: could fucking parent, perhaps but my good fellow look for that shit in oak? Is then you'll try to, throw money added or by it offer something. You think you know I'm not worried if they have had a point now my life, thankfully, where I'm not worried about that now, when they do, you think when you have a daughter written so do you think when she's a teenager, whatever them The romance of order. Are you gonna get it you're like Turner
hey. What about those working people wearing sheer, or how do you like that? I this is yours, z, recover yeah no way. No one is that the same thing I've met yeah these Geiger their holograms Reimer. Do, however, that there is all the hologram here look at a ritual Ireland is a city which she was holding up. The old guy he's gotta have the room of man. I had me: I've got over those that she's gonna be able to make fun of she's thing. It's huge. I actually fully support that shit. Like I'm saying Whoever is gonna, be the beaver when she's Bieber Aged right, either casino, there's gonna be another he's gotta go around you kid. You can give you cut off the baby, said to more Fever bureau in its place, all of Beaver will go and invest in another body. It's like like fallen
just find a cat. In a word I might almost died of the cross roads or, if they very well be the just a timber labour that is ill grow up, is beside the point, but yes, so whatever. That is when she hit that rate age. I know, and I will be there and I will be using everything in my book to try to get it like you to know. I was in a ban. There are others in Iraq being gotta, get back to you all that shit. That's the only time I pull shit for my daughter and for free coffee in that's, like I've tried about setting up a strategy, for example, the die, your daughter's boy band and we're honey. I owe you I've heard your bad parents, I said Virginia to get back at his death. We wait for that. She is. I got absolutely where he goes to the incorrect to get the God I was like. I can't wait to do this well, of course, and I think it is safe to announce that your next musical project is the trusty poem
the trust which evidently get questions other twitter about what you guys. I just Like to see, if I take a music, you can build trust him. I think it's just a bet. It's a bunch of trust fund. Kids die. What I was trying to make a few more of our guy. I ain't goin that I think my wife did. I'm always positive. My well she's the manager of a trusty points of our air. Of course, refer suddenly ever trust me point one again. She said she. I got all the time I'm like and using our people say that all the time- and they don't just made it up- that's issues. Putting everyone to make it seem irrelevant oh you're, but that the new comic that it is a month I not coming out monthly, yes and it just if I'm not mistaken. It just launched Recommit birthday, and may we get a free camp David and then last week because it feels like lot yet last week was the the baseball seeker headquarters, signing a lush. Let
it was surreal. It was like because also one of the things it's weird it's a book about endings- and you know I didn't know the ban was gonna break up. You don't I mean so Now this weird, how you re knew my brain was weird your brain, no ship before your before your conscious mind and that series was written and about loss and letting go, and all the staff in it was weird and so to have that kind of posts. Humorously, as I say posthumously, awesomeness later come out, is very surreal, see you. Trying to expressed often you didn't you just sworn aware of as yet in their that's. Why it's kind of fun to have a couple of different forms of expression to play with is that one might reveal stuff about the other before you actually are even aware of it absolutely yeah, I'm I'm excited too. I mean I've been like making music I'm fucking apt on it. So
now tell them. Some music is not in your view of your keep doing now. In fact, you know I had a man, I can't blob the spot on what this comic was gonna, be. I was about to take a really amazing gig. Writing basically like a dream, comic of mine and it wasn't Batman and it was going to be very amazing and it just wasn't working like I just never had the time. It definitely was happening around the break up of the man, but I plant it was always a alright comics. If the ban thing doesn't and its ignoble like you're musician leg. So what started a happy? They literally get up to write it and, like my guitars sitting, there is like just write some songs and I couldn't stop an end. It had been years since that had happened, so I you know, Some forcing comic I was working in isn't happening. Was a duck tales active bad, I wouldn't do something really good gritty within yeah.
These are drugs duty as a process to lily. Is a lawyer launch pad raise Luella that you can do a lot of stuff Launchpad he's a pimp. Do fists right! That was You have got into the game because he was running drugs over drug running, for example, did with I am you go down to two send that was get has been the island till. I don't know what the island way. Telstra was their business exonerated yak failed there, you go to Fuckin Jaffar, some shed get the drugs backed up Burg. It and give it to Huey till I could bring into the kids. Did they have that they have the genie, though, couldn't the Genie just they have to women the Genie thousand, the movie, the details movie was the generals, who became a real boy. I never saw the movie. I guess it's good, just sort.
Whenever I go out and get it it. What does that mean that what is the full name of the comic it's a long time on a true lives of the fabulous killjoy? Ok, yes, yes, It was also the name in the record because it can do anything easy and ahead of you like a router really. So that's that's. Where we're monthly. Now, yes, we're ivory in Britain, restore than I would assume. One comes algae as well. Yes, it was dark horse and but support. Your look comic book shall support you overcome. Although you know, I've said that before it gets honours, I guess I'm really sorry I bring, I confess to a legacy. Briefly. I use the comics Algeria because I read and he was like do it's fine we got a store and carve exactly so they do, but, like there's, a lot of smaller store that don't get Alex you could headquarters is just a little you re store. There is a really. There was a relief I buy went by when I was just in normal.
Oklahoma. Speeding, bullet comics School Little comic book shop renounced the birthplace of ahead, that I had dinner with redneck. Does cool tiny little comic book shop still just a comic book shop really really go so support your local comic book, our lily and that's where it that's. It we're just going to have me that was asked for carbon is awesome. It was to see you you to join me in your work, you can guess you're. The first person anti be that would hosting remember, was so self deprecating that I think this is some myself. I love that out, but nobody here themselves on tv, like you suppose, your alcoholic, you lied to me. You know young birds over like that is we are lagging hated ourselves sitting. There is excuse, awesome. He go Walter? You oughta you honestly what what it was was that
I met you know I moved alone as a kid. I was never comfortable anywhere. I live. I really did like the nerdy stuff. I said I didn't and hand it was not popular at the time by, and so I always sort of her. I wanted everyone like me, so I think that's where the comic thing came from, but you know It is, as I got older, I really comfortable, and so I get, but basically I get this MTV show and others, I'm surrounded by all these people that never would have been comfortable around in college, and so I was just I was never comfortable like over, and so I just got really. I made fun of myself. I made fun of everyone else can my breath, and that was that was just sort of that's we're. All that came out was just like. I am. I should not be around these fuckin me to soften its good. It's really cool identify that when it's happening you now cause I had very soon.
Experience is right would be like backstage. Some weird be amazed thing and I very much goes far be genuinely bullshitting every. Whenever I always felt like it was like an US and them sort of a thing or it's like well, that's where all those people are behind that robe over there, but over here, because I don't know how to talk to you know like I'm, you know a guy. What I'm noticing about myself is that I I could perform for a million people on, and you know from in control situation in performing. I you know I get nervous, maybe, but I could do it. I really feel like I could control, but when I'm in such situations that I cannot just out in public really weird and shy, and you know people like you know, in people's some guys enemy once like em because yeah, you know, you don't really give a lot back in person. You know like he just came up to me at a bar- I like it when I was a restaurant, our bar, something like I'm, sorry, I'm just
he'll really you know, but not let our shows, I'm not that way like embryo violations, I've or that way, because it sort of it's sort of you know it's like a safe environment, but when I feel like I'm outside a safe zone, I get really protective because I think just growing up, I just never felt comfortable in fine. I was like afraid of the wild via an acceptance of some people, just as they feel comfortable being final ivy controlled. Maybe it's a control thing you can kind of control is weird, it is, it is definitely a control but all those are all those are equal recordings, Nicky proteins this is already the wrong. That's a racist things, so the new LP, even Jonah, but I automobile gonna say I'm sure it was always a there. Those are all control issues, though it's like you know drinking whatever drugs? It is all eating disorders, all country
was used all of it. They are its money that it did. It can express itself in so many different ways, but when you peel back the layers like well, It's really this one issue: yeah they arms, yes and prepare anything, I'm frightened! I'm frightened of thing! I wanted, I just want to feel safer smear bored of everything he's a good man see like Jonah. I was afraid that I didn't get the child day exactly the way that I will needed it, because I just wanted to feel safe. You make it seem like if, through a giant tantrum wiping out just like where's,
Think I need a nod and media vacancy like attention, but it was exactly what you tell you that we had a thing that I need that I rely on every day. That's the alcoholic thing bubbling up, whereas the thing that I tell you tat, I have to have it. I think I can do, and why does it does our poorest understand? This is the only thing that I have to say that I can rely on what I said twenty minutes about like there was no one else in there and they looked at us and they didn't do. Anything must have felt like an eternity hoping like they were good. Unless you don't like an eternity you in that time belittling my situation. Begins with soda Where did you get what you want at the approach of the big bang? God, that's like two games
golden T, that you would have had to sit there. Twenty minutes it was a black diner. There was no golden to their like your fuckin booze held friends, pennant religion, it man you joined by, Marylin bears Homecare need a place to take if she had been opened and why Riga, six a m on that lab is over. Now I registered exists. We never clowes leg is like a delta new now, leaving noticed com
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