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really I myself did I hear you away that's better here. Ok, your number to Vienna. Redo regarding number one. I'm number one shown a number one number three that support you on number. Six, now a draft a lot you I am not a number. I might agree. Man really gonna get him. He's my car. I am so it's the way because the confused broken this is the I'm. Having
I voted as I did. Take the internet. I've had so many connect J of a mere doing able days. That's happened, AIDS frozen or other males opening mail medium sized shirt. I love a mailman what any Graver, delirious, you guys do get remoter coup mail. Well now I switched over to male. Google Chrome I said can't really weird nose like climb people's names for Europe in your that it at that. What what do you got there? Jonah's opening that that's something from Giotto Radio, I've gotten many submissions from Jonah Radio, the best music has come from sub pops. That's very nice of them to send me stuff. That you're doing it. I guess I got a stack of us and that they would I get the others
that was family who says it on the box yet says family lives that maybe a demented ironically fan mail, just mail fans, here's your dad fan mail, This is a new out from king tough, This is labels. Names are aware. This is a great album ability do it a lot easier circle thing about the packaging. If you get the actual city The though this is the lyrics sheets, but each one has, different piece of art with lurks in the back of it. Now, let's go actually name, that's really good and the new jail record, haven't listen, that's gonna be pretty good, but here's one I got from the Ditty committee, which They have a logo. While I was in the Itty Bitty did committee Itty Bitty did in committee, which was just like really sure. Jingles right now is tiny, puffed and imprisoned. That would be amazing as well as they did in committee. Dinky music for a stinky future, as there are saying there. Bessie or maybe that's just then. Did he
many easy, but I go, they said dear serve as which is more Second, I deserve Tribune they think what else is opening Esther enclosed fine, the first official release from the ditty committee. Look at it hold it in your hand, snippet stroke it rabbit in your city, player computer! Listen to it like it play for the masses. The world will be a better place. Thank you sincerely that any committee did he committed at com. Answer if they have their business card here, which they the first website they have on. It is myspace dot com, flash the did it as long as they do all. That is what what's better than Myspace Is nothing my space of Lancaster is or sound cloud people example Yadda uncle us as much as band. Why Jonah issues the interfaces that says it looks very, can get him more of a feel for the artwork of the ban about what they do. Need is a way to bring in a socially working aspects so bans your listen to ban can will have like a here's, a other bands we like on band camp and that's
What do you mean? What you gotta do is dropped the from Thou band Camp and just make a band aid. I think it has just been ok. Well, both in my by stand thanks Sean about I just method, fifty billion yeah sure did meeting minutes. Oh I get it like a committee against together on us take the minutes. It is nice banqueting, its did you back, but it comes with the sea owner Oh god, like all the effort put an early hour. I know this is gaining I'd say this actually is an actual stay. I think they stamped the blank later pretty that looks really cool. I, like it sure yeah put it and see. If it can, you play Gary. Katy centre Sunday Sakharov do play soccer, different than her Monday Soccer Tuesdays Rugby Katy Thursdays, lacrosse Haiti is the summer time period, convinced
Katy lit up our summer time. She just sit back and unwinds Gimme shirt. Oh I like that shirt, its medium. It seems quite large I'll wash it wants a material, the hand, you're, really breaking down Julio grow into this is how interesting generate is gonna, be its angular, because I got so yeah shrink the black every region make me laugh. This is the military committee,
morning. Thank you also have many thanks for seven ahead? Hasn't we're not getting its common. I remember that Roma people had a nineteen eighty one way. Someone love can be hard, yeah, its moral haven't. We can you jump ahead to another tragedy, Gran larceny as against protect too
thumbs A big ABC were going. Did a committee almost as the arm about yesterday's meeting? You sounds worsening jingles that go further juggler meet up in Israel, education and this for, if I discover this when I was a teenager, I wouldn't listen shit at age, but as an adult about maybe I like it. I like
Joam Dacosta rarely goes to the operating this desperately good another. Maybe just maybe grand larceny will be a bit more for Africa. Doesn't while you that's the order, chaos, Z, sixty one, that's the order, goods and try the next track.
Because it has this morning. You know the real Tuesday world, in other words, about that's good, that's a little piece of Jonah radio that may never come what emitter, ok emitter, but yeah. I just recorded yesterday some a couple segments regenerate, what's recorded with Nick from the ban, unicorns and islands and MR heavily and we we talked about we're gonna segment, every
but I want your boiling talked about conspiracy. Come conspiracy. You know what I didn't. I barely I'd, never mind allegory, I didn't I climb anybody tat, like you, invented at your dad prior a lot more to do with bowling than you did he'd like to think so. The whole time has grown up going to Boeing hours. I had no idea that you are the reason for that: you'd gone back in time and planet, seed and where I psychically influence my dad from inside his balls nicely done sterling work, But yet we saw had neck talk about he's, really kind of obsessed with the rock n roll death conspiracies like how Jimi Hendrix, was killed by his angels manager, sure because generous my leaving them and in that guy mysteries, died in MID air collision over we are no plain wonder woman! Then there is there is the Bob Marley one who he was? He was killed kind of inertia, CIA operative,
You know there's a lot of like the CIA stepped in, like the Marilyn Monroe, like a lot of not other governments, step to widen, people think the government is organised to go in and assassinate celebrities. Yet the thing is there because of the well documented evidence of the CIA trace Tracking John Lennon, like out. It was a thing that happened. It's documented who they were. Keeping tabs on em. I would imagine they were keeping tabs on everyone. Who is super famous that wouldn't you think, but it's this, because this guy was cut of you, no talking a bit anti establishment and if you think about the stuff that was happening in Jamaica, where there was a there's a part, there was a president, a presidential election in Jamaica, and there was one candidate who was beams very backed by the: U S: government And Bob Marley was like trying to throw a concert kind of say, hey. This is kind of a bullshit situation wishing to go for the sky and the night before the concert some came in and try to kill Bob Marley well. I mean that would have to that. The council would make a difference, but no
just a minute ago, music area very aggressive and confrontational. Well, that's the thing if you think about above Bob Marley and John Lennon were like there they use the most of their size, is love, yeah I think it realized join when it might have been kind of dick. I'm sure he was a dick when it comes to dealing with people. S agree, you think agenda was dead. No, I don't think so. Are see that. I think that, because people who knew him and wrote books of Adam said that he was just like really mean, and if you are but I rather use any minute agenda is undoubtedly does it as being funny, nor I think our German was made. Listen, I think if you had, if you had the seeds of kind of being an arrogant dick to people when you're growing up and then all of a sudden become one of the foremost famous people in the world. You might that at that that might enhance that a little bit, You know. I think he is not really really don't say, though anyone wasn't ringer, it
I don't think I don't think you know that takes away him being a dick takes away from at his mouth. I was out at all, but yeah, like you know, if you can but an EU seat as early enemies. I e just cover Dick, doesn't care? Wouldn't you be at twenty two years old, That's the craziest thing everyone you know throughout their lives holds true. These lyrics from people that You think about it. These letter, written by like a twenty one year, old guy or twenty year old kid in, like you like you, what it was with twenty or twenty year old kid. Now now If you'd, like you, I hate twenty or get gimme some advice to live off of you're, all you need is love. I can invite you don't like she who yet heroic prepare authority was twenty five Right, leaning over sixty seven Kirk obeying died in twenty seven love again erodes the guy he's disguises whew he's what's going on now that I'm older than the allow these people, like you,
You know you're new, easier research because no way you gotta shows you see these. This kid sing and you like what you fucking know about heartbreaker. Taking weathered the cake you it's. It's really fuckin good man yeah. I don't know much about the. I don't know much about the Bob Marley murder, conspiracy, it's ready! It's it's! You know that it's I thought it. I would like some sort of gangrenous infection. It was actually it's it's weird you ass, he was, he was. The son of a CIA are not of a senator. Who was, against Bob Marley Senator YA. At this he comes the concert and gives Bob Marley legacy, I got you these boots and a really big fannys. I always try mine, it tries it on Genoa, the boots and it gets prejudice toe and they look inside the boot. There's like it just copper wire. Just and like from there. You know when they wouldn't when shoes are made, they have to
threats the weather around the copper wiring him. Yes, then he who breaks the tow food is later does another just the thing that happened so when he goes to get that fixed, they find that he has cancer and suitable and then He goes to a doctor in Jamaica I believe that the letter you held a broken tell me when you go to get broken, delicate Nego, you have cancer, that's it that's exactly it! you went to a doctor. This is this is, what this is, what this is the Cynthia not sanders like not holes, and I'm not saying I know I know, but this is because there is a very is when ever their laid out for me. I always laugh at some of the young, but it is just like your he'd be goes to a doctor. The doctors state run facility and their say: oh you know what? U turns out. You have cancer. You after will recommend you going to this place and Switzerland to for treatment, because RO bag and he's a part of the conspiracy is that he doesn't really have cancer and they send him to a facility that all central murder and like you, they can't get a hold of his like it is
they can get hold of his friends can get hold of others. I know it's part of a therapy. Maybe he just was following the grateful that it was possible. I then here's the craziest part turns out the doktor whose facility was in Switzerland was a former Nazi scientist, oh former vaguely I mean I can hold out against them forever and without the oh. That's just that! That's the conspiracy theory and that's when things we talked about. So what was it that ultimately, what are they suggesting as part of the conspiracy to actually killed him just then they it the whole weirdo. Is that the in that copper wire or on that copper wire there was a cancerous agent of some sort. Yeah how'd, you get kids from pricking your tone. I listen. I don't worry about it. Government knows we are I don't know, I don't know it just that it's a very interesting way of thinking about things. I would like to but by then say, maybe the conspiracy is that they he went to the door.
And they told him something that wasn't true and incentive to a facility and then just shot him when he got there. They positive that differs from that make, we also, they say Not my gave a German. Shall John Lennon. He was a it was kind of her. He was jogged and brainwashed to chew German really or he was just crazy. That might be more like lantern. I feel like the first one that you like it share. I feel like these are things that people think need to search German and choose for copper, wiring or any kind of cables, or any adjustments or early or any kind of like a lax I share Yoko took of jobs glasses the night after he died like it's like you, get the glass and broken and bloody. How should it opportune artists she put on an instagram? She put it. I the grant of the time which is Polaroid
and it looked at it looked like I was run like the sixtys. It was really cool about looking for nineteen. Eighty in the sixties, they wanted nineteen thirty Spiller filters. In the nineteen thirties, they wanted nineteen hundred, they just wanted to get a type and secured. In the late eighteen hundreds they just wanted. But you did, I needed a penny, one of their photographs. Look like woodcuts in a win, win, win a couple beds decades before that they wanted everything to look like. Crazy, able pictures that people would hand raw what the fuck are you talking about these. I don't know man, governments, drug me too much Jonah Ray. You know too much. I will be a martyr. Jesse Prometheus, I'm out of date, everybody everybody that I like that, I everybody hates it
I've heard everyone's I've never seen it loved. It will allow the people I went. Camille can't stand it well, he's picky, yeah, and also we want with foreign Rhine really hoo hoo modest. I'll just be named Ryan pot plot. Whole Ridley, oh, really gathered about myself everything. It was instant right right upon coming out of his eyes. Why did I dunno, maybe maybe to fill in other potholes, but we would have been for five hours long? Maybe sometimes you need a guy to just go where this is what's going down right now, the kind of guy who like back, I was just in another room. How do you get it's like? It's, the cat is complaining the kind of people that made dogmatic, though making you just have to show everything that happens in real time. All right now, come that guy's, a robot which guy no guy his eyes, like they brought up a bunch of questions and answers that an oh maybe will happen this equal and I guess I a guy we're whether with this guy, something like talking to someone following There is a very real
without any other uses, the worst. What Would you mean the worst. We just back and saw an amazing feat of Fuckin, like others, are dictionaries next oars and as a great bit about that, were so. Here's like someone's our Batman and like Batman, Socrates, like if you showed what Batman from like thirty years ago, their fuckin head would have allowed exactly, I I enjoyed it. I am looking forward to, hopefully may be seen a sequel to the preamble to the frequent which would make it another. What would you like a little separate, storyline regal? It's a sequel demonstrated that precludes the sequel. It's the movie after Prometheus. It's a squeak will it should should be minus one and should be from it should be aiming at minus one, ailing minus one and the daily minus two like the frequent animals, one point: five billion that it leads not only ailing aliens minus point: five there will be closer to
barber FED on your finger. So what I think about, where the gout and its tar wide secular, weird, that you don't have a better about your failure to trying to you, my rigour, just surround smells like a pit of silence. He shot his way out. That's how he didn't die, and you know that As you can see that his pack, you gotta get back and a gun heads deserves where they're nuts are less himself up whatever enzymes are in this. Our electorate keep you alive for two thousand years. This, though they have you digestive, they have to feed you and keep you alive. For so long. So did you. I guess I like slowly gather your slowly digestive. You feel it over two thousand years. How do you live two thousand years I think in West Africa Reiner Super enzymes inside of the silent battler recited the coroner we should add, you should ask mailbox, call em out where we can just hours. I don't think anyone. Sitting got the two thousand year old man reference. I don't think so. I don't think so. We'll get ready for a day
Myra. I understand the reverend. You know we're, not all kids, you know how he leading me. I was speaking to start. I wanted to. I am that's last week as were getting ready for a course of the forest industrial light magic. And I get the like. There were e waxen and there were, there was an our two units claims that he only has one or two has had to go and get one from like a farmer. I think there is. I think we couldn't you, Can we leave your farmers? We went through a fairer and we may I have the honour to unit in their store, like the original are tuna job as they were not going to use that, and so I believe there was the civitas go, has like a local, are to club yeah. I saw my maker fair couple years ago and it's fucking awesome, like all our two units, look amazing what is done by guy and are always done by deeds and more ladys and or late. I'm sorry. I just do then Ladys yeah
just, but we may they studies done by human being right at not companies of their art, Museum of England and asserting our right. I'm sorry, ladies. And so I was talking about, and so they each hour to unit has a different like that. The hold the whole thing in their community? Is they all try to make it do something cooler? one up each other, so one will actually like have like the little working arm that comes out and one like a lot of em like beep and were and then some from remote control and serves drinks. But I believe, the one with the arms- or they just put a fuckin keg tap in it that I've seen that It is almost upon those get you. It was amazing that we came back and then Chloe Dexter. I shot an episode of Epic mealtime, star wars, themed with It was really fun. I saw hardly at the E3 with. As for such a huge, he said I didn't reckon
I refer? You started growing the beard and we shot the also bowling episode, and it was just about where yours is right is like Scruff, yes and then a couple months later and its fight, like he Canadian, he's gone past. Yet he went, he went past Zack scale. Tat way, right, that's gonna be was Rosen steam territory, it's almost dead, but it's it's just super thicken. You know yet it's a jealous, I envy that so much higher. Wise got modern. I do apologise for you to look at his beard. Are you gonna start making tee shirts? It's a fiber fever. Nice? Yes, please do I M very excited that We were able to put up the third I Myra video this week, commoners jail of you singing. Only thirty blind and are at the behest of EU Did it really take a lot of courage is really just took the beaming miles. I must not just be a baby
what'd I need you guys are to parental leave it up to do. That's it, I can't help. It said that everything you put on their being. It is the same noise when you do when you draw a picture, but we are well aware we we were in between Denver, bolder driving your February, I watch that Iranian wound smile. I don't have it. I know it's on the Dropbox Bennett, The fund will now on Youtube, so everyone can have it and the one that will allow me that says from your birthday. The war yeah yeah. That's that's from my birthday party, where you were you. At some. You got some sweet karaoke. Actually there I love that song so much while I don't spoil if everyone they should just watch it. I was or or you don't have to watch it. Do you like everyone's gonna love? What you do in it you're adorable and your adorable and it gets, looks like oh. They could never say that going down on your part on the radio
It is true. It gets better just like the cedars signalled, is only allows Mars go down on you back I truly be a bag and then a charter. Moreover, we record more hostile that apartment- I am not going to rise and get annoyed at one had about old Charley watch my hand on some other fellows back one hand in my pocket, given the thumbs down to Jerry, you do the Charleston worrying picture figure. Thank you. Go down on yet in Turkey I did thirty, the let's
money mission by reports at nice, roman type, by reputable Moroccan up electric ties. Negative machine must apply at safe, was afraid or rather train. You know this new member who is with me when I was drunk and I popped on the old beaches soundtrack and it reach a barber Hershey movie yea with Barbara Hershey, because I bet they songs from like some of the musicals are fucking great. Like the all industry. The Blair believable that up the beach is central industry. There is now an axe Let's go more to what we are talking about area the Otto VON Tits link. This is by the way I just want to say it's much better. Recording gospels here. You like recording a much better Melton, we're closer right now,
It is nice to Katy running everything he's doing. Everybody feels it when I went to proceed to play a little tired. I am I don't listen. We don't ever. Record there again going to work in that building an out and out during weaker time on weekends. It just feels nice and I went to the building. I agree as do it here them Otto VON Tits, ling from the beaten centric. What you said.
The auto budgets have you to say over her get beaches then be just. How can it be just about the story of a guy that events is wrong right? You know this was the one who's possible felt. It would be wise to find our way out those terrible to well there's going to sleep over the shutter. How much of this other like and what she likes. You doesn't think what you like says something really fast and that just think as either there was listening to the men. Don't leave soundtrack! Oh yes, but that's it! I wouldn't you can check out o industry, it's a fucking! That's like this! The part, the movies.
Scared me and still have a scary zalm, but it's it's an industrial song, biography of cancer gotcha. I want administrative cover this or that is now or the faint anyone sisters. Mercier sisters of earthly is for you to smooth out the scariest bars where the barrier like this all these guys weird faces. I think this very turns around and she has the same face. While I think this areas, part is that bet. Member was singing merrily. Beach is not at all
I thought it was a sad best friend cancer move amateur, what we ve seen beaches and everything beaches Arcy Beach, oh my mom watchdog for those graves. Yes here, but I've never seen the reason I am. I think I have got a good what we now know about friendship throughout the years and maybe another. I can't watch said movies idle data. Workin was a movie also, alas, I know what I just waltz. I will not. I cannot watch said movies. I am like an emotional sponge, you're, the opposite Sean patent on patents, being loves watching. I say I saw all the emotion and then and then I can't shake it for the rest of the day. Now it's very hard. I hope you saw me that we didn't, I fucking couldn't handle it yeah. They get worked up when I fuck and talk about it. I was like, after the cabin prayers last video and attack. I never shaken up like today's, because I'm so sad and I've only cried during three or at the end of time winner, when tenor regenerates than their beds. I cleared up on that may be granted only three thing that our main cry was that attack Michaud Video
awakenings yeah, yeah and big rich. How big fish you know I didn't cry, as I like abide appointed in really enjoy the movie. I love it. I just wanted it to be the fantasy story of this guy's crazy life. They want to have it like a bad. Is it all real dad dad? I hate fuckin said dead shit by about said deadened Grat said designates my son Emmi Flabby yeah, don't like I get young until I dont want baseball, is a crime think about my dad, ah well than your pride, not gonna come to July Second STAR wars, native Dodger Stadium, when I'm gonna throw the four didn't secret. That seems DOM at what we can do, ironically, throw the baseball. I love it's over the gateway throat underhand like it's, a bowling, ball you're, throwing it your stadium, awesome. Well, you know it's funny because
then you won't appreciated that nobody is the life answers. I do appreciate it. I intellectually. I know that it's not that it's that it's a fun big thing to be. I I I Oh, my mother it s. Not just sports fanatic like she calls into sport shows- and she knows We think about everything about sports, both my parents reserves, and so you know I call my mom when I go okay, look I'm going to be doing something! That's going to be very big deal to you and just before I tell you just know that you're invited- and she was like ok is local and I go yeah yeah. Look on chagos. Does it have to do? the dodgers flowers like does she goes. We think first page and I go She probably knows about seminars, and she didn't you just because I'm It seemed like I know this is the thing that you will really. I am sure they Arthur Ferris Pigeon. I go yeah,
our aim for a minute straight. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god, you have to go practice. You have to go to that. Just stadium. You have to talk to one of the coach Napoleon cause. I don't do anything anyway and unified up there and you need to stand on the mountains lot higher than you think it's gonna be, and it's not funny thing is going to be and you need to get in there need and like it just turn another like, and this may be I never what matters is all she ever want to you. This is your entire childhood. That's gonna gear up for this one for your pay, and I cannot fuck this up. Don't I'm afraid, I'm gonna! Look it up. Nobody eternity splendid into something funny. No, he was tortured for months. Are you gonna practice, I'm going to throw a couple practice? Pitches? I think, When I go to a Dutch have, if they let me I'll, go and throw a couple practice pitches, I didn't mean to get a little out of all gonna listen catch with me, dad cress, I'm not entirely thy son. I'm bed, that's busy when you comin home than adults. Nowhere in the world
get a real time when abandoned louder when bow big fish in trying to reach a sound, try funny that both you and I have bad that will play that. You know what I What I want the breeders- and I cry really hard. I call the barber Hershey squirts. Some services that are totally different great was great. I so I yeah we're throughout this. Dad you stadium on July. Second, first of all a probably get booed. The second I walk out because, like fifty thousand people are, however, may have an impact on people's devastating holds holds like fifty five, but it probably will have July. Second, is what they believe that many Monday, I think Prague and have twenty four. Thousand people there
So can we allow Sweden is gonna freak out or floating insignia alot of people and one of them Lamb, producer, unknown or tb? Just like, I don't know, bigger dodgers and STAR wars Van than Trina, so Anthea, we come out dressed as Hon. Because you already have the offer work for fattening. Why are you laughing at that? Just I don't honest. I don't want you to do this I want to go with. Can you bring me yeah can bring you sweet? Do we get was a game to sir. The gate. I don't know if he knows the answer to that last part, but we can see that you can watch the game. You can watch the gave you. Oh, oh hell, yeah yeah. We should go fine, you rarely Ringo Syringa goods in your second story, of course, making a good faith Thursday I'll get you I'll get you good seats at borders, pitch I'll, be able to get you good see. I dont know magics pretty type. Oh yes, now. So what do I do? I throw baseball were
Abed charismatic lot lot of mechanics through it, but it's not as hard as you think. I'm not on a as you might think, right Really you gotta start grown a baseball. I really didn't bigger. Usa might think. Stop. It is out of the atmosphere. What it is you I thought you were, but a cook is used to play baseball so thoroughly baseball if it's easier than you think, there's a couple different groups like it is That's what I'm afraid of is is that, but if I parallel to bowling, I know that it's all about timing, the release of the ball properly and if you really subaltern early, it's gonna fly up and if you were overwhelmingly is going to go into that you're over thinking, it just throw it at the catch her here. The title does it doesn't have to be fast. It doesn't have to be on a token wasted as hard as I can add other, oh by the way, if you, even if you haven't really thrown a baseball and another son, you throw baseball as you can. It is on a map.
Double arm pain. Always all the sudden. Your elbow goes now release around how it's the right way to release it, but I mean you'd just get find your arms, latin and just release heaven what you're throwing up now. I know- and this is in a brag because I really care about sports. As I said a million times before, but I'm friends a bear NATO should I have him coach me was not the way. His Mccoy alleys outbreak, as yet it gets even season. You know. I think that the first pitch should have more at stake, where, like they should in the first part. That should be actually part of the game maybe something that happens before the game Chris wouldn't be doing it. Can I barely like that's the thing. That's will raise the stakes of the first pitch words that you know? U. Everyone set up in the team I would just like the kicker in football you'd get meets and this guy, whose only goal is one thing we need a sign of this is the first pitches, a celebrity thing rights than all the celebrities would be.
We should, I make sure, but it still just as a european I may ruining the bet should I mentioned, I met a bit more time a baseball. Should I make a baseball cannon out of like pvc pipe and no ok, you should break and have it here in a way that makes you throws above sort of guy now be rookie year, as it has done a few. You have your elbow. I just watch that on HBO Go and then cut too late at night. When you hear the scream from the kids bedroom when he ripped cock off, because these are in their masturbate and his arm super crazy. Get it do you, a lot of things that the wind was blowing anyways for that bit to make sense. You ve got a bit its baseball sound That requires sound border raises. I'm really, I'm I'm were I'm damned. I'm very nice love it let's go play, I'm very nervous about it. Pull my coat play turn upon me
No, The authorities allows more set covering John voted. Yes, there's a lot going on in their bid. Like a rabbit truck outside that party games regularly. Moreover, yeah there's big rules is nice. It is really nice. I never said it was a nice. I love coming it listening. Katie's got the fuck. I don't have to worry about handling the joke. Eighties got it covered over there. That's all christened! Looking for someone else to blame mixture of Katy. How cover this showed it? What happened? Would you do what happened? What happened? I gotta figure out how to throw a baseball in the coming weeks. Think I think we can do it. Montage raised his trade just training montage, where you get a little better than ever, Reset Montague training man to urge on training Manta just done up no another, then you end up talking for montage could take through long to show the whole progression to your friend who you're supper. With the with, was that in
was that in what movie was at montages train mats on the Frontier of America? They did it. There was it. America did it in an episode they did in the skiing episode yeah really where we did that on barnyard. What my our songs, or will we didn't all the time I M at the diverse? Maybe I'm sure, well if they did it in team America than they did to address, but I never thought on the actual show them asylum. It also me episode where Stan, because the aspen, weird I hate and where to me about South Park. Is that the good this they ever. I generally recognised cell park as one of the consistently best written things, guardian rain, all of television, and yet I don't watch the show The way you are gross for itself by itself, so consistent air messy level are much better than most people's heads. There's no question forget for someone.
I don't. I haven't it's only when I hats Window, Michael, you gotta, see this episode and although I think it's just a time issue for me at the Vienna Monsieur de there, I know this is a good Pakistan, where military picture so may I found in a tree in my back yard. Well, if you look at podcasting manual, section four sub section two, it says no pictures on the pod cast down out this that article four seven. This is for its of its well known, correct around national security, and I dont know what it is and is the size of a fuckin football. It's a second morphinist, its Furthermore, no I don't think it's a moth near I think it says it a mountainous monster. I think it's a its involvement prophecy Look, maybe the Hornets nest hornets it's a horse. Nestlike are in corners and on something that the size of a mobile? It's about that things about this below its motto is chrysalis. Yes, I think they're yeah, it's a bigger than that. Actually yeah
Various aired we're gonna. What we're gonna do is we're gonna, wait till trust the day before tragedy and then just like cut the branch have landed a bag That was something horrible. Jobs are well known, scared nothing horrible's image of a. I think. You're gonna be ok. I just hate it. When we spiders it's too big and one I want to break open and just have so many it's about it in spiders crawling spider storm on your face. Yes, the spider storms five year you shall Billy the exterminator Romania now to show yeah, I know another show we shall clips of it. Every stupid, joy joy? They shook hands with us, We also show of both its that target demographic. Our idea, we showed a Kosovo on websites. Well. What then website it's as elsewhere, NEO Day, looking at old, sketches witted wheel on a fun, there was a weird war between Tosh and robbed right here to hear the data data where here
Yes, I guess I mean target, is very technical and tolerate fundamental does y know and robs response was like. You gonna beat the shit out yet able to talk about this in person. If you know me in kind like that old jockey, fuck and not like hey, you know you have to show where you make fun of people right, yeah like that I'd live on, but also their priorities like touches thing was he did it full and sketch parenting rob erects of that was a dream factory or fancy factories with its re has like up like it like little kids go. I want like a fucking crazy scape Park. That's also full of liking abounds houses or some shit like that, and so like Natasha, sketch, whereas a parody of that, but I would just like it though he makes all the kids take their shirts off really homo erotic and tariff. Pedophilia is earnest, and so on
within then robbing right, direct directives upset and then, but you can't see anything the task as he can just like. You know, there's the with the two personalities. Those guys have it's just going to be fuckin silly for what tat touches is yeah. You cannot he's be he's, like it he's like a turret like you just can't yeah you can hurt like the more you try to attack and the more I mean he's amazing. It just kind of spinning it into enow, especially if you're, not professional, caribbean. But I just don't know I mean I don't. I didn't see it thanks a lot and maybe really bum this rob guy out. I've never seen his show. So I don't know he stands on a giant lad. Computer lesson as far as I am stardoll our clip shows, or so two thousand ten I've just moved on by together people, right. You involve me in the fight like hey. What are you staring at? I don't want to. I don't want to get hit by
neither of them guy arousal, like everyone, was treating a goal to sail USA thing about those using now. I don't need to. Why would why? Wouldn't I would one I just I just it's just an interesting to insist in adjusting to henceforth the MTV guy to take it's funny for me to refer to. Someone else is an empty vigour, He began to take what it's like, but your show makes one people. So you don't you go want someone to make class there all the Viacom family just get together Personally, I have beer with Obama. Maybe they worked it out. Maybe they worked it out. I don't want. I want people to fight I've, never mind the gulf every bit, as was on rubbed your dick show, but I don't I've never seen it on there, but I gotta check. So it happened, really should treated him and go. I settle things. My way see you soon, the even contest but yet did he make one of you want to show. You don't have my values: I've never seen it. So he probably one of you, a big guy, getting
over by a golf carpet than someone made fun of him and then he's like coming to beat the shit out of you. Let seems reasonable when We have on this score brothers episode that we did we just casually throughout a couple of scientific, your mama, jokes grass, people have in adding more diverse and oh honey bee here on the Squire brothers thread on the manoeuvres website? It just It just turned into this amazing, like site scientific. This once Matt grandest, your female genital is of such disproportionate volume, I'm simply baffled. And then a few later he had now janitor it turned into, whereas it whereas it oh, this is woods with Josh.
And on the web site. Your paternal unit, fertilized your maternal units, eggs and a particle collider. Actually wait. That's a compliment. I take it back. Your pretty union did not fertilizer maternal units egg in a part of a car. Glider. Take that and then MAC grandest this in essence of the recession all of your paternal spermatozoa, so advanced, the geocentric model, was still the general consensus in her youth. The child centred model. This genius, the downs, it sounds genius, that's their thing and then doktor incremental said. Perhaps all of what you have perhaps all of what you have said is purely factual, but it doesn't change the fact that your mother's recently joined a weight loss programme was so successful that the idea you downgraded them from planets to dwarf planet. I, like I, like that. I get that that's fine and indeed said
female originator of one slash of your genetic material was so most egregiously lacking and in typical facial bone structure that early twentieth century scientist ones briefly quarantined her as the last science the pin down man wow I said your mama solely the need to make her meares and three sixty pieced enter definition. Yeah. I saw fun. Tell somebody her mothers, oh and hey Jonah. I got some power, when news for you man, I now the day after the Fucking Conan up up up another day after a newspaper may reveal it here. Oh yeah, Jonah Ray. What am I gonna? Do we re rape? Is this that rape is done? Your arm, John! You know what, though the pain was there. Adela penguins and I have a south african Jack S. Bang went on my arm, so amen man.
I was on. The inside of your jack aspect would actually rides motorcycles off ramps into waters and throw dwarves through plate glass window yeah. Exactly that's your jack aspect there. You know I gotta treated by T J match awkward ago treated by the actual store the agile strategic excavated everything bags arrive. I beg you. Remember that what time you took every girl to the prom, we didn't care, go look at these when's here like in wearing their smaller. They should kind, I view and then just run their twitter account like that kid were weak in autumn yeah, you're gonna, it's gonna be like hot pockets and gaff again with you. Man it's a year, I can I can. I can keep antagonist. Then of course, He is pretty cool there. Getting how old timer. Yet great good cause. Now is the perfect
for an hour mad so let that its Ali RO as regulators more set questions today and requirements so I had to pay out here and invite add project, but. This is what it's like to live in Wendy Carlos, his brain. What are we playing over there? right. I love is thanks a much toilet
press. Oh, would you rather have guessed, but as a survivor on walking dead or see Matt Jonah get, old, as zombies on the working bit, o o One weight can I be survive? who killed Zombie Matt Jonah. I don't think that's part of the deal. It's gonna, be one or the other about you. I could make it both. Do it I am just kill us now. Although although you I don't know, I don't that's a good one. I you know, I think I'd like to see you guys get killed as he's on the walking down to where do in it now like. You are amazing, based on that island people. Think you're being now here we go. This is from Sophia. I haven't inventors, What are you ve? Already internships? Yes sure we do have internships, we have lots enter,
who work here and as interns worker the theatre than into the work of the new letter they go. Interns were yeah yeah. We do just I I forward your email Sophia to the guy who handles that there you go, we gotta go and we got a guy for that. This is from grown L, a black man, it says in his email area. We got over the name, how Katy Levine has never been interviewed, she's an essential part of all noticed activities, and yet she never gets to be the receiving end of an interview? I think time learn about Miss Levine Ps3 inspires boner as all of the inter weird. While you could left that partner, I'm just reading at the way it says you read that wrong. Did it the notice exclusive interview with Katy Levine communique YAP drip no over. There he's not going to find out who's microphone, you're gonna. Take
don't just just lean into Jonas Magdalena mats might bigger than it did did editing get not now step yet know, people who make it work and wrong to keep alive pay. Katy Levine, where you from San Francisco. I wouldn't you moved over tuna four years ago. What was what's your professional history, professional history? I lived in New York after college for awhile and is worked out there. Would you want to do? What did I want to do? I don't know I just had a bunch of jobs like I was an assistant talent management for him for a while, I was appear on the shows Iraq. I worked as I worked as I guess at opposed house for the show called Doktor GI, medical examiner and I logged it was horrible. I logged YO cancer. I logged footage of autopsies all then It was the word. I love that all that further
and when they hired me, they were like you know of it, and I, like yeah, never used that's the show re learn the term pendulous belly? then I moved to allay and I worked for curl offer your Europe without a mirror, and then you and I met, and, and we talked in new, like you do you do this professionally yeah. Well, I had left Corolla and I wasn't doing anything and then I read that you are starting to network and I you run the network. Basically you produce pretty much. All of this shows. Except the road and you dont produce pot my culture. Now the eventual our will I post thrilling, but like yellow legacy, music, our upon my culture and comic book club. You know they all do the weakest posted on our side. I'm fine yeah doing a great job, and I then you do it. Tat, glass, show and pizza. You made it where you and
these? Are you changed? My life, it was dead. You changed my life coming on and taking over all the stuff. It's been amazing. I love it so how you're the best are you seeing a fellow Tired does Tyrone have a shot, I'm only asking because I used to host a dating Chopin, Tyrone L like now anyone, Tyrol, were thereby. Dialogue and so what we are, what you're sort of long term plans I don't know what more do you want to do with your life? I've always I've always liked comedy, and I knew I wanted to like being me since I was like Taiwan Ombu reporters producer yeah on our own funding yourself. Thank God. It's blowing upsides great show up
it's a guitar. You made this studio really nice and it's like a great it's a friendly environment and so wonderful you're the best Katy one. Looking unsteady I got work and people say hiding on those terms. Are you? Are you dear came money on twitter? Eighty candor scholar, Kate, underscore money on Twitter. Yet on the part of the comedy community here. Well then, I guess, Heroes room, railway I'll, hang a yes, it's one. You know we're appear fucking around this fuel shopping for comic, so shooting an episode. A nerd turns down below us. Our brothers and sisters Is it really is? Did something on his own the camera helped volume tat. He listens. Workplaces Us Oliver. He such an S brother here is a good brother, his braver than he was Why you shaking her head? I mostly manzella using you, have anything bad tonker. You should say hi. I am. I am getting
item rhetoric. Go by re or run rigs rudder excuses milk a moment. They re that's, why is it hasn't? Middle name is Michael. So he goes by ETA, Michael niggers. By Adam Roderick's, but why my name's Michael. I wouldn't you use. That is his last because it sounds weird Adam, Michael Michael, please like a brother, exactly not mine list, George might as well really They give it little. Oh George, Michael now, you think so scruffy I got the against them. Bothering you he doesn't have a microphone stay engaged I want to keep him from being as before this. That was a Katy moment good to get to know your Katy. This is from Zeit side, nosebleed. Matt, should be the new attack of the show host. I'm not gonna disagree with that. I think you should be the new attack but show host
Do your hired I'm guessing attack of show this week, the to gather problems we, madam I gotta be in there. Yes, I get a pitch that make a mirror, a kind of want Jonah what we're doing a gadget just behind us just standing there, maybe insulting me just Can you in the back of a year you want to sell, mean You know what it is that their glare man, while I just want to be the backroom yet way. Far in the beggar, hey, look invited, someone went right, There is a long walk into the back and we have to do that. Ok, we'll have any problem. Let us what am I going to do that? something's happened. It's live television are going to stop it well just tell Joe to recover the studio, and I will tell anyone it's gonna happen. The Joshua, don't really like me! So much progressively, don't pick him. They were smart guys this. From Andrew
I wholly crab test. It good follows my first email address ever was crap, drastic and AOL. I come now got over that lawyer combining words well, that's called portmanteau, there's another, let's there, a parade going on outside Netscape red we can, I got. Of course it is it's Sunday holy shit. I took a well get down here, Oh my god. I totally I totally forgotten today was Sunday was gay pride day. Oh man, we should be out there Elsie asked the really hot, outside West Hollywood, the crosswalk they're all rainbow, which is often that's amazing- weasel Man, I'm fuckin missing, is a fun fuckin phone, No, it is the fuckin vessel. Well, I Is my glass ass to your life? It is my driver to easy water. It all water. Now, no one or no watertight. So what is in it and just
Milton Arkansas yeah. Why don't you were the they'd think that the theory that the water unlocks the flavour of the Thai. I feel I get dilutes the flavour of the giant Starbucks Corporation. I have opposing opinions on this matter, but yours is correct. It is correct, is just more flavorful without the water, our air, you ve got a non fat child, That is a good idea that is going to know because milk fat is delicious YA, get it appeared at Nord Stream, I'm telling you they do. You have a go and kick it. I didn't believe you until we got one at the at the North sermon in Portland. Here. Right it was a pioneer swear, yeah minors, whereas I was gone and all of the amazing independent coffee makers. In Portland and I was like we got to go to Nordstrom and it's fun and it really pisses people off in that part of the country like I'm, going to go to Starbucks and then go to Northside liquor store. A year we had some tough copy was great. Is God but I I had all the local places we had all the local places that was actually
First time I think when we were in Portland were like you're like hey: let's go get coffee we didn't go to a Starbucks? nervy being confused, now go to Portland August for what they're doing smog cast of their so either. So. This is this. This is the criminal from Andrew. I thought you guys are heading to God, forsaken Houston in July. I will be there so excited and it wasn't her for a year and a half, I'm at the option to see you guys other than the scarlet spider. Of residence here not much exciting, as happened lately, but we have left did ukulele place format, a great outdoor dive, Hipster bar named Moon Tower in four Jonah and NASA hundreds of nor starve nerds excel. With you guys, a virgin gently are going to go to the Johnson Space Center I don't know how much time we will have cause Houston's Friday right, Mandela, Saturday. I believe so I don't know if we have time poems of light between two. Between the tools and Adele. It's a four hour drive, so it's dial again our fight if that
right, given that forty five fifty minutes yeah we're. What are our dates I might arrive to view Stan known as well believes you I've done it before firm it and I did it. We drove between use in Dallas, and it is so it's like it's like driving across the martian landscape is nothing we play. Had we ended up having to play? Roadkill bingo? maybe because its it was so far. There is literally nothing aiming least you kind of joke like. There's nothin in Kansas. There are truck stop than theirs corn and there's fallen down. Bards there's nothing, when used in Dallas, I mean where we week made the roadkill big? charred and it was like armadillo snake bird unrecognizable. We played like five versions of that name. So Houston as July Twin, if in Dallas Joy, twenty first, that's the week after saying your comecon, we're gonna, be there lay thirteenth while so not met not too far not not native overflight to Texas is its good uses a hub, so it's
metals. Hubs is a lot of direct flights. As I said earlier, almost died. This is from Jill De La crews almost died. Literally almost I listened it'll ass hopeful episode, Patrick Roadhouse. I was driving from work. Listen you guys. I sort of cracking up Chris noticing mascot Playing in certain singing about mats, virginal dryness to get that looked at by the way, good falsehood I burst, louder. I burst No, you have them check the wrong. Personal after and a car in the opposite. Lane came into my lane in almost ran into me. I swerved to avoid hitting the other car thought to myself. If that card hit me and I had died. The last words I would have heard would have been in reference to mats, bi regional dryness. Then I thought yeah I'd be cool with that nice. You'll be called anything. You want to be anything because you'd be dead or ice. It would give. The ability to hot mats vagina, maybe more than showed a little bit
was. That seems like somebody, you, girls, you must respond. Spit and spread it around? I gotta get applause Bootblue, that's it! let's just say you were with her if you're a ghostbuster, NEA and your with a lady, and that happen outside of the scenario somebody did you put a hot dog on her stomach and in slammer like right in the middle and then you're good. Its flies right through flat flies right through gets his hot dog, then you get an act of plasma ride to slick vagina down. When they got there, let's go, do you thought of your drive off a cliff Some advantage will link vagina. If I keep talking the punchline linearly settlers,
this all you get it over with, as gives a person whatever it was of such. Such a fund show they got a big deal. We would be doing something: the shooting a bunch of Amateur England, yeah they're doing some four BBC area. I I thought I would be better, etc. I was I feel like. I didn't have a great set when I did when I really must like a month herb six weeks ago or whatever his riff all the time I do, but you I don't know what do I just I don't know what it was. I if I have any excuse, I you know I had just come back from travelling somewhat brain was tired. I almost seems like it would help, because then you, you can't you're, so it for tv can over think things that you just go. I know about it, you know, for whatever reason I just my bed was rights base and I just didn't. I don't think I had a great it is such a great country level, the playing field. As I can see, you're the The guy's auditor YO lesson is great Fitzsimons and Jake Johannsen and Polish Year, Rick overturned in me and blank Apache, just like every one kind of did about the same day.
High levels of travel with their and it's all really depends on what you and, if it, if something happens through it with that problem, downstairs and their something who are playing danglars claiming to be summoned, goes loose well Think we know what the name is, episodes going to be blue with a bunch of use or go slow, because for male they haven't pageant runners, wasn't better grotesque I feel like. I was clear, the magic root out. I voted for Patrick Road House more than either of you guys, you're naked ornament in Europe active in I'm real web agro ballot box that we keep inside the studio where everyone boats on titles. It's only my vote in there and if we
stop having three different things to vote for and only three ballots. We might get something done, but I do I don't care about. Only one man in a mist on the part do end of the week. They also thanks ready for the people who tweeted about mine, cunning parents. By the way nice job on going and I'm so sorry. We know over the first thing we its online. If people want to see it, a TB, AIDS Tb S posted on their also team, Koko's It's always really funny to see an extra Karnak, as I think of him as a giant and the two of you, and I are much pretty much the same way as did you have fun. I had a good time. Yeah I was was a blur in oh. Can I just a joke while the two guys it open the curtain down. You know because, like any, when you don't set your just behind the cardinal two guys any aside pulled up of free- and I, like nervously, joking around with the guys like biosecurity like us,
monsieur glove armies, very symbolic of like, like comedy childbirth, Here I did, I ever hear us realize Rio and then euros that aids curtains and crying out of the piece of our have when you do instead of how far you from the crowd you're pretty far in its way, because there's more audience on your left, then there because we are facing, boards. The camera knew not plain to camera, but you can, if you want, but you have to face a camera and the way you using nuclear research is situated in the audience, there's more of them on your left. Then there are the right politically. I scare somewhat like so like You can you turn more to your left when you're talking to the audience, can you do to your right, and so it s kind of a little bit and in yet more the right of you there's another camera. Therefore the desk in you. Kosovo Gandhi, over there neat and then I get to sit on the had to sit on the couch after the set- and I say goodbye- that's I thought I was really is really neat and I like that lot welcome.
Graduation. Thank you now off to try and see. If I can get on late night, Fallon, oh yeah, I want to do another set and try again on that show I like it. Do it I support this thinking. Maybe you can go on when we go to New York in the fall alike, fizzled out, There is no such thing yet, and I will be there in October because we're doing another we're doing a podcast agenda. Comecon so are we gonna do shows again, images can do and picture. Probably just one can have a much bigger technique of yeah. That's right! The butterflies we're playing the venue that gabardine play this just that he will do like four or five shows yeah and will. Probably I don't Opel sell that went out the big place too big place. You please, everyone make a cylinder do have to shut venue for such a meal for about gas. For just a couple as we can see in the ship. Well, but
you know, we believe the gravity last year that that we did to shows that four hundred showed an honor people's door. But I like the venue cause, was not an intimate. It is nice and intimate young and it was right next to it. I cannot that, but now it happened here. There was another part of that elsewhere last year. Actually, I'm DNA cannot women trying to figure out how to take a trip to go to Europe. You mean Roger Sister, what's happened and no doubt the enemy, ok and were kind of thinking about the way we want a planet is too maybe when we're in New York for COMECON then fly out from there. My friends I am different SAM was TAT, tells us that if the UK there's a waking fly to ice, in and stay there for like a day and a half and then fly to England and, like a nice, lay over a kind of breaks up the trip, but there's this whole package and yet we find eyes when you go to this. Like results. Where there is a natural hot springs I've been shining Reykjavik for ever yeah Apparently it's like it's kind of like a package deal words in almost in a way it's like cheaper than it would be. If you just went there where you go
if I have a good day and a half and you fly back, you find a London after the other schools, but then we want to you. I really want to go to a like a pub like in the beginning of Morocco. Of London. We're gonna go to like you know some village pub Canada. In fact, by world level. Again I off the Moors Joan Orianas gotta. There's plenty this went off it is. That is sexy reenactments knife, but that's that that's kind of what I want to do, but I've never taken a dropped it. Europe raising. Let me there- and I just I just got my first like big boy credit card yesterday, bait boy, credit card Locrinos, as is as high as ever been something I should get a thing it gets me miles and should like the good for you is granted the man Jonas drawn up. Greece's credit is perfect, but it was not long time, long time we have a year now, I'm insane about its yeah. Now, I'm I'm I'm getting a check. It constantly
Am I I'm sorry, I don't give a shit when you're twenty like little. I don't give a fuck about buying a house and like six years, yeah, it's been a boats, take it from me or- and I only take seven years I had like three or four hundred like I was real bad, where I wasn't, but it just like you don't put in the effort towards having a car like car and had payments and, in my opinion, is the fuckin worse, but it's like its helping my credit now and then I am a nineteen percent even bargain with one of them. Right alone comes to the ninety five thousand dollars that I then live. We revenant disappointment no more talk religion, Christmas Jonah, I gotta but then I like, I gave my bank like young, hundred or so they give me a five hundred. Our credit limit grid occurred own eyes so then, that that help, because it just looks like it lady would get us you
given money they give the Gatt out of the ordinary memory it so fucked it so far from London, fucking ignored. I dont think it now, like you, ve got so far that big Men takes my taxes every year to pay a government better alone. Oh, I should have liked, like creditors, about bay. Only took two arises here, so I think that's paid off my discover you everyone's growin up whatever, I got it come finally, just give I'll give you money to the credit card, people and schools. This gave him a public credit. It is now I hated, but whenever I dont have credit card that spend what ahead and I spent a year, but I need I was a kind of wanted something to counter just put a bill on so there's always something you know it yeah he's for something, and then I pay that off in others, always something act on their cause. That'll help that helps.
The creditor the accuracy that you have responsible that irresponsible other criteria- and I want I just kind of one like the cried. The recent gather God is just like help. My credit and kind for miles by then also on top of that I just want to. I wanna have like oh shit, money, like in case something fucked up happens, yeah money. Of course it isn't it a responsible way too. A very simple responds away to hinder finances. Is You use you save up three months worth of living expenses. You put it in account. Just let us they're so that you have a safety net and listening? Then you take a minimum of ten percent every time you get paid and then put that into an interest bearing account at ten percent off the top? No matter what and then, if you're, making more, you can put a little bit more and then overtime yield a sort of build up this reserve of money. Then you can figure out what you gonna do with it. I could do that next time you should look at
Keep you from living like paycheck after paycheck last year. My landlord call me. Yesterday and she's a how's, the house doing. Could you take pictures of it? Oh shit, My kids, I, like we Roy Symbolic, like fix up the kitchen and about the socially sound like a russian lady she's, a israeli She's like, as I pleased you know, we want you to fix up the place because you guys we like the way you guys have style. So Do then take home every year. Maybe that's all it is, but at the same time, just like take pictures and send it to us Where are you? Are you my put because they they tried to sell it like a while before they rented it to us on one of them I got a well the pride of the first people vitality but we don't we're, not gonna we're not in a place right and we know what that has either it's nice renting. But it's like there's a lot of work there stupid under that place. I am slowly realising that my places too big for just me
but you know leading noticed Calm enjoy your worried. This absurd nervous about gas was brought. You buy to my pc dot com. Go there now could be tried, free button and enter the promo code, noticed for a special thirty day free trial. Just for nervous listeners, that's go to my pc dot com.
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