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Harvey Guillén (What We Do in the Shadows) chats with Chris about his cool house decor, how he got his role on What We Do in the Shadows and working with Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. Harvey also talks about his career path, getting into producing and directing and he talks about how he brings his personal life into his roles!

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Welcome to the eighty twenty Pike S number ten. Eighty two! If you go over to Idee twenty dot com right now, this week, the week of July, what is today the twenty third for the next couple of days? If you use the offer code zombie, twenty it twenty percent off all zombie related items in the eighty two anti shop in honour of the walking dead panels at virtual comecon. COMECON Con at home and it's been working related shirts, zombie phone case blood, splatter pop of me so yes, zombie, twenty at eighty twenty dot com for the next few days, here and now: you're twenty twenty. I don't know what you're gonna be a business or me This is some future. Civilization listening back and if it is thousands of years in the future that Africa will not work any more, I apologize. Also the internet was a thing that we had where we
shared information? I guess so that on the Tipp of COMECON at home, I'm moderating three walking dead panels that are gonna go live on common kinds, you two page, which issues Youtube Dekom, Flash COMECON and Friday July twenty fourth, here, the walking dead at noon. The walking dead panel at one and walking dead world beyond at two so Cast members producers, information, will be announced. That is, that you don't have yet so tune into that and support COMECON at home virtual comecon. There's like three hundred fifty panels are so many great panels that their that they're putting up so was amazing if they were able who pull all that together and am do
at best they could in a very challenging situation, and we hope to see you next year in person at the COMECON in San Diego. That's my hope. So that's that now, let's talk about you The idea is Anti Community Court board events at Eighty- twenty that come like Diego who writes so floating around the idea of creating a podcast for a long time. Never did it because as a if I tend to be a perfection, is and always feared. I lack the technical know how in audio production to make it happen, long story short, eight year old Son Joshua started getting the bug to create content, and it was the desire to do so. Created with him. The lead me to say tat. However, let's do does in fact along the way and created what I think is the first podcast hosted by a father and son. We call it geek ology wanna one and in it we cover all things. Geeky, Egypt, sodas focused on a single topic of victim and it's a free flowing chat between, and you're old and a thirty seven year old, who are both complete geeks. You can find the podcast at Geek Gee one or one dot come in on podcast apps. Dear
oh do you and Joshua. I ever had right now I am taking it off. I just actually. Can you hear popping up? That's my hat. Coming off. I am tipping, my hat will know, I guess I pulled up or down tipping, I put it back on it. I'm tipping it to you, because that's a beautiful and wonderful and brilliant thing you're doing an end- an amazing way to be destructive and a time where you're, probably home more than we were four months ago because of the state of the world. So wonderful thing that you're doing with your son and- and I can't wait to give it a listen so ecology one or one to everyone else who is listening now, events it idee ten, dot com is how you get your being known. Podcast star disappear. Is hard bbn, who is just a brilliant performer. Currently who plays gear MO? Who is a familiar to a group of
Mary unappreciative vampires and he is his character- is off to overlooked for promotion so to speak. They show what we do in the shadows, which is based on the movie. The A movie, of course, is great. The television series is, also incredible, both brought to you by attack on tv and germane climate. Everyone on the show is just brilliant and the chemistry, the I'll have the other I mean just it is it's it's What we do in the shadows is our favorite comedy until this right now, it is on. Ethics Hulu. The second season just ended. Thankfully they d get picked up for a third, so the problem shoot that when we figure out how to do things like she chose again, also in addition, to playing Garbo and what we do in the shadows. Harvey host Did a pre show for Jabez. So what we do in the shadows called before the shadows. So if you go to for the shadows, dot com-
you can see those episodes in error their video to, and he has cast members on in Jamaica, his domain on, and so it's it's great Harvey, is not only incredibly talented he's, also just a wonderful human being. Who is air brilliantly emerging producer and content, creator and writer as well. So. He is someone. That's you know. If your the affair of the shadows or, if you haven't once again, you should I be Harvey, is some you're gonna see a lot of really cool things from in addition to this in the future. So I really really really enjoyed this chat with him. This is the eighty twenty podcast number ten. Eighty two with again. I can't even
The sitting is amazing that carved woodwork, nineteen o chew gorgeous absolutely gorgeous allow. There I found there and I would like repulsed her dead and yeah man lay a little earlier that so much good stuff to talk about it. If that's just your office chair and that is the sort of gorgeous piece of hand carved wooden furniture, imagine is, is
the rest of your play, sort of filled with anti stuff yards, a combination of antique and new, an industrial like it's like a madman, sounds better order. So when these things are allowed again you where you have to come to our house and because I feel like there's a year going to see a lot of cross over because they tell us if I thought I'd chair and first of all, I would say to Lydia like I think we should probably get this chair That's why I'm getting serbian friends you over there, like your places like a museum but like it's like writer, they went mad, and by that I mean how do you do there's some really cool set pieces on your show, which I'm a this is nothing like. You doesn't do justice
so. We have on the shore- and this is I made this little corner tonight, like what we did, the showers interviews, some guy. Why did the pressure for the seriousness it up in a little sad to those colleagues who sat like lock him to say I mean these were already about these, like pain like they're, not peace, but they're, just empty frames on along just empty offers on the whole was covered in them, is moving in like show you, oh yeah, that's good, now that's great dealt with really the so for the audio different people, dismissing Audio Harvey has this. Mazes wall of gorgeous empty frames, but they're all like different shapes and all like carved, like you got an ovum like you know vintage. Like YO, I went to the rosebud like flea market and right at the mall myself campaigner, like God, just took them all consumer. All like you know all about to lose hope, and I said you could still reasons
I mean I've like there's some type of vampire theme date. She tv show in your future welcome back guys, people it's something we ve been watching. Our first follow me to start by saying my wife doors you I had. He wants me to tell you. Hello, she's out walking, are ever growing otter, Hounds Salter, but she she wanted me to tell you hi hi before reads like the idyllic we're gonna have so much fun start to talk about. I just want to understand so then it isn't. I've seen a few people pronounce. Your last name is given, but there's an accent mark on the last syllable. So it's not given its young. That's what I thought
I sold so why people are just say: IRAN yeah. I think it's our it's! It's not really common. Last name, I don't think alike, were no letter again. So Juliet areas school, unlike you know, being mispronouncing the time their decide to do. Good color is a golden egg. Now, like the devil, mixer yeah sounding your group and austerity. It's like did southern California. People understand that of well is it is. Why sounds as no it's a global people still groups look out for him. They say. Lastly, and I got it out- we don't I, technically we live in those I'm had. I spoke last year, they got the Alessio approve. It acts a bullet at LOS Angeles outta. That eventually said the way it's supposed to be said. So I guess I don't know I'm we love your show so much
You are so good on it. I swear to God. If, if there is not an every nomination this year, it will that be there's no there's just theirs. I don't believe it anything anymore, because the performance is your performance, whose performances on that show damages gush about it for a second it so hard to take a movie, that's great. And then create a show that its own identity and somehow the show is completely its own fate. And brilliant in its own way and in no way lives in a four Latin Butterworth shadow of the movie? It it's such an unbelievable feet, but the hermitage places on your show, our so flawless that I am currently like. I never how the fuck are they. I never lets engine you watch company. You can sort of track it. You know I see within but you're just juice.
You're, amazing job, please tell me the shows is much further work on as it is to watch it. It is literally the funniest show and the funniest. You know that the chemistry, the castles, like unbelievable guy, I know about him, Sir Red, what came on and have been terribly yo detrimental to the to the Ark and these characters, because I. Never met and so to be on the first day on Saturday, the pilot and then no the backs ready every working together for ten years as an actor, and you know as familiar- and I was just like well, this could go terribly wrong, go bright and they just my cave on within my five seconds. I, like, oh, my god alike, This is very great and it hasn't it is and hopefully will continue to be, and I just love going to work every day like it's just some man, these, like all every single one of the castle, embers there when they bring to the table exactly how Patino, but the game never ends legacy.
Literally, never end like we had taken the our seas and where we have to take what have been like nearby twenty second long for the shelf. Am we just ran for twenty six minutes? Let me just let the camera role on a twenty six minutes take had been insane thing. They just let it role, because those Bunny funny funny funny without being funny for funny. You know Russia just try me, but it was a second naturally organically, and man you'll, never see that club the Universe Signal scenes, because it too long in the show going on how our scope, but is just how lucky to be on a show that that's probably no side. You have too much good stuff. I'm gonna pitches show- and maybe you maybe this is some defraud- remain, but digital shell what we cut in the shadows, and it's just that you couldn't use shall I read its near there had. It must be such an embarrassing
riches where they're like fuck with this is such a great job, but it takes away from yeah twenty minutes worry that were telling, so we have to take it out. There must there must be so much good self in their yeah this, it's so much like we this year. We we welcomed are so the editor who entered the film for attacking domain, yeah she she is now director and she directed to episodes, passes and moving first thing. She said when she got to set such just then she said you know, I knew I'd look. I know you guys. I see a faces all day long and anyone cause she's editor and she goes, and I hate that I have to stop the people. You know see the levers at other Hathaway see so busy habits of everyday another have like it's such a good, it's real Sophie's choice, I gotta get ends up in the room floor because not enough on its banks, because there's no time let us decide the first that she was so devastates used answer, because
use everything in it. So now that you pistachio idea actually where I think we have five seasons already, priesthood recruited it well, it's you know like in structured. Improv is really difficult. You know it's such a feed because I think a lot of people think of you know they don't think of lagging. They think of improper. Think of improper games. Mr Psycho, you just gonna go for until there's like a really strong joke, and then you get out but too to improvise within the structure of a story and know that use you still kind of have to land in a certain area? Because this? Because you have to serve the overall arc of the story, and play within those boundaries. This is. It is a real, that's a whole other level, love of improv. Yes, sir, I mean I can get him proud, like you know my whole life, while not like you know growing up. I didn't problem, but never really kind of thought that I will make
a short career out of doing a lot of Improvin. I was never miser cause. I think it was just going to our decision. They were just starting to like say: you know, o must get him profligacy. No, there was added in the last decade of like you know, of doing film tv used up, and I was like lots of workers. That's my that's! My job, that's really thrive and I loved do that in our own traditions, where that was not like acceptable like as extinct the script, exemplary role which I got because you're a writer once you know their story being told the way they rode at which makes sense, because that's the way the story was written, but for me I was a site where I can get on show that I can just like. I know the character and I can breathe objection. I can just improper in this. Is that shows the shower, like the it's so liberal till I have no germane. Tell us like a right, not deal. Why are you doing now and it's like? I would do it again.
You know we're going or about from aid? Bees are just get there just how about character. Get there. You get this freedom and decide if you like, your wings, are like examine you like and hurry. You know it's like I can fly and I would say the combination of Improvin scripted, fifty fifty as what you see in the final product for the shop, that's great and an germane to such a flowers performer himself that he obviously understand I mean. Did you know that the eye- and I know until the strain I guess before, but it but the beat the lack of ego in this sort of in the in the Breton Germane Camp, apply to the Concord and how I who spoke such I'm, an island of soldiers like, for you know they came here to the states they had done. The BBC radio show, they had been touring is finally Concord for years until they came to the states, did the HBO show they were so, they really had it down, but never heat that link. They never really seemed a compromise. What they want,
to do in exchange for, like the good serve entertainment like remember when they hear with when that he'd said when they got the call that the HBO show got picked up early good news. There HBO showed up they're like all the way we're reaching. Can you pull us back later at like they just like? It's just doesn't think they doesn't seem to make decisions based on the Hollywood machine. He really seems to make decisions based What do I like? What do I think it's funny? You know He was great on Legion, like he's just he's he's just someone who seems to really and take up who just really find the specific thing that they love. And they make the shit out of it and its wild original and unique, and that is, I think, inspiring to to have that level of knowledge about your conduct.
Buddy boys yeah. I was just talking to me about this that I'm always know. I'm always an are like you so challenges than just watching him direct zone. Amazing writer bodies are great perform likening. I always like double taken. See and when something that you know he was in his characters are so like I mean all the cities play. It now like to say that to me we never hear his voice and, like you know, animations and banned like we is that as a crisis like the one of those moments were like that's a great thing for an actor were like theirs. Oh great, and a chameleon out they decide transforms different characters. A you'd. Do you never know? That's the actor plain that this factor. I know a tiger as well just so brilliant and you know that you're right about the whole thing didn't really go by the Hollywood rules. Like I remember now, when I arrived, I gotta listen to me to be a part of this by accident. I wanted
she's night and I met some of the wench user, whose they were a garret bash is the answer and they were like you're really fight an exit. Stacks needs gummy number from that of the house, and I was like utter know who this person is but ok, and because I go with the flow, Currently. There are moving quickly democracy for three months, and this is early January two years ago, and they were in London on fishing, for the animals and for the vampires and and at the last minute I suit, in addition, and this guy tests and agree on your chest and then we went by and I didn't test and I keep getting this phone call him the sixteen digit number on a Sunday knows: I'm ok, we can. Those are hardly ever Monday and so's. I think he's communist Sunday, this summer, american answer and then finally, my sister after hours with my city, said just pick up the fuckin phone in outside the editor. Who is a just pick up? and I picked up the phone and, as close at hand, is already yeah as I had to maintain that others have risen
and your Uganda and outside all I'm testing. For you, Mr Waiting, the I'm gonna take note was the onset holy shit, and I had to call my agent and tell him that I booked it that see better, let them even more because, must understand that certain parts of the traditional process aren't always necessary. It's like do we really have to fort. You know like we know we like these people. Do we have to just do the stance we put them in a room, so executives can there with their arms folded and government. Although I do have to say the folks it affects seem pretty great, like they say No, that's has been really cool and like that you're right about that their one of the few networks that work for that time. They know what the decree of team is doing and they give them pretty much the freedom sorts
they knew the tagging germane. You know at this vision and they have done it before with the famine, and it was just that they let them go with answers, psych, it's great to how, because the final product as what you see and people like how come this is so full indifferent in yourself, rations like because others at that many like people overshadowing each other and tied to many shops in the kitchen telling like now. Well, I think it's like let them what they know, what they're doing and the fire product will in the final product. We trust will yet because what can happen, and that is when there are so many cooks in the kitchen. Everyone's gonna give him so they can be like. Why did my job? I gave a note, and I well was that no necessary or was it? You know, necessary, for you didn't look like you're doing something, I'm busy. Typing slapping your hands on the guy have note Are you in my real hands? Look: look I'm working
particularly when you're just knew just cloud had been. One of those things is a hug. Now it's not even then even attached anything you're keyboards not plugged in what the fuck you. Nobody wants a busy and wants to kind of like look see, I'm I'm contributing, but it it just seems like time and time again some of the best and most original things are the things where the creative team that was hired is entrusted to me, the creative team, and to carry out their vision. I know it doesn't always work, but I do feel like the majority of time when something so fresh and original, like your show, comes along its like, because the creative team, it was kind of intact. You know like think they got to make it the way that day envisioned it yeah. I am like you said earlier. It was. It was kind of a little I had seen the film yet I had heard about enable it was on cue to watch. I am creator, I was also able to watch this again.
I'm glad you watch until after a because I was so like this is blue. And like the Togo and then I was like when intimidating like? Oh, no, oh guy who, by who good, let's go now, because it is so great that you're right about that. There are two different things, in the same world, but there too different worlds in out. I get sick too, and one and it's so nice, because we have our own werewolves and we have our own witches and we have no necromancer, isn't like all that controls and- and so there's all these things happening at the same time, all over the world out there. Just like the spin, the New Zealand as well, and so like it's just the paranormal. Liberty are willing centred on those eyes. Why didn't even know about that? Theirs is there's a spin off of the show in New Zealand We know there is no movie had never those cops. They were like on my right right. They got a spin off the cops they have their own show its car Wellington Paranormal. So, like it solemnly said
on the GPA and make my computer think I'm in New Zealand, so I didn't available in the States Wellington. I think I think you mean events. There was probably going to the states in, but you could probably do that the tv thing, but it's it's literally museum in its second season, and it was a spy so those are these black stories are going over the world at the same time were happening in our shatters. The movie happen, but also this will in turn you know happenings others it's nice to know that their maybe in the future, all these might process into each other's whirling earth. There's a thirty universe, tat. It is amazing, and I am glad that you have heard very little. Why was aware that, before round tracking Paris for the movie and and other sea, you know that you don't want it to be so precious to people, because they do not ratify, replace like mom and dad? Let me commend him I'd. No, no I'm just like
no word were like the cousin like urges visiting the barbecue were not higher place, your dad you're, not her wisdom law. You know it's like I'm just the pool and go visiting enough its agenda and somebody got the audience really kind has taken out to the sound, really loved the way that it is in its own way and accepting at as it something well, it's because you know it. I really do think something. That's just for comedy sake can work, but that really that missing element is the sort of the heart of the story like they are a dysfunctional family.
And at the core of it as awful as everyone is to each other. They really are, or there at least codependent, but they at least but everyone there there's really something sweet about their about. The relationship with a shout even is toxic, as they can be with each other, and particularly you know you your your relationship like there is definitely me. Would you say it's like a sort of like a father and son, but also sort of it. I don't know he combination of things I was compared to like it wasn't. What's yours, what is happening over gas, sometimes as a it's been through a lot, it's been near what you just said and also feel like. Sometimes it feels like Mr Burns and Smithers incentives. If you like you know, Annie and Daddy WAR butts travel touring company.
It doesnt there. So many emotion that go with them, because we have to remember that the animals only human and ask you men did that women still earn from vampires, as the recent crackdown is that we have emotions and were human and where we have a goal oriented and we have aspirations and all these things that you must go through, because the vampires I mean what's ten years to that, you know right there. You know, what's ten years or more you know like were more like please hurry up, like my clock is ticking like you know, and I wanna live become a vampire two young, beautiful age, where I can, at least in a feel great and powerful, like here. In our view, like fur forget more, his like trajectory in the last few years has been like a roller coaster of emotion,
is because these discoveries we is or what he wants to be, what he thought he was meant to be. Maybe has meant something else and all the while not keeping a secret from his house. Me too. He loves, he loves his house. He protects them literally kills a whole vampire and even at the end of killing elaborate council the only because other mouth is like. I don't give a shit. What your name is. We have to get dry cleaning and its weak. I do that. I just killed your assassin. They were going to kill you and you don't even repeated out at the end, and I do think there's something that really like the almost is the science of the day, the kind of narcissism of infinite time right where they don't you have got. You know like that idea that they wouldn't really be able to value anything, because everything is kind of like so many this sort of meaningless did and if they don't have to it is interesting.
Idea not to get all dumb about like you, don't like it. What was to be a fun comedy show, but the idea that if, if time really were infinite, what would you value and if, if if you had you'll give you were basically a time billionaire. Would you be that way, because I got a guy in ten years. That'll be some miles. I don't care. This is all they ve just seen so much and they lived through so much and they have all this power, and so you know are they just sort of empty inside, because in Europe you don't like sort of board and really only curious about diet things because, like that's just their existence and they can be changed by the exact like yeah. They can be created by like centuries of like having immortality and deadly threat, and that's like another century bring a book boredom to like you know some of them. Who's a human who long for that. It's always like the idea that the gradual
greener economy like there's, belike time we're, like all men, I'd, give anything to live in Hawaii, knockers, beautiful paradise, and then you know you could be in Paradise. But after three weeks or lack of it somewhere else in early life, ass, the mentality of like people, you know you'd always longed to want something once you get it then, and what will happen? will. You contents. Are you go like as his eyes but are now I want. You know that you're always trying to one up yourself, like you, don't make your goal and especially the little bit higher. So that's the danger. I guess men's UNESCO quicker lightly. Always about wants to become a vampire you like. What am I going to be on I'm amazing, I'm sexy, I'm glad I have orgies. I think I'm good enough, it's. What are you doing nothing and really hurt me money by, but the idea that the grass always greener thing is really funny, because I am talking about it. I said yeah, but the thing about
The grass is always greener, maybe greener and the other side of the fence. But the one thing: that's not different. Is you so you? What will be done? you will still be you on the other side of the fence, like that grass isn't gonna, make a difference to that girl. That is anything. That's always the thing with with serve vampire lore, early sort of contemporary vampa, modern, vampire lorries? You know maybe they're having a vampire bite. Oh my god, I wish you weren't a vampire like there's you do this to be laid. You may give you said you wanted, I. How could I have now It was a matter of war at the areas do you understand me, I think, interviewed up into the movie the vampire where'd you makes them a vampire and then, within a week there just skulking around that no mention in New Orleans like tat if it gives it is what you want anything
the brochure out I'm year like you're right, it's like! Oh, why straight. Oh, my god. I got eaten alive by now. Jellyfish than I had. I didn't know well. That was. I was watching. The twilight Zone episode that night, as I often do when I wake up at three in the morning with a Londoner. This old couple runs this junk shop and they find a gene in the bottle, regrets their wishes and, of course, its. This sort of you know like every every wish has it its acquainting goes horribly wrong in the genie they say, you're, just a combat and he's like I'm not. I just everything comes with the consequence that we never think about consequences when we're I d Eliza in like what
One thing we think is finally going to make our lives perfect. You know if we could not everything as a consequence, nothing. Nothing is flawed system, but I do love that you know. I forget my view. Like he's the audience like, we all go on this journey with them, because we can only relate to him. You know him and be like that. People always necessary, like I hate the way they treat you- and I was near I'd, be like us, talk yourself and also see everyone's been who's, gonna hate and they hate their like. You know Abbas or they begin their relationship where one person is fully committed and the process. I am ok, you know what it's like. What is that even Stevens? It's like that. The summit different metaphors, like the relations that year more number, have that somebody humans can relate to and compels us to where it belongs romantic
you know or employ boss relationship or even like an agent and in a hoop trying or something I'm looking earnestly to their characters, because dynamic of that has been done for so many years well over the world. So everyone like I've, been there was falling in love with my boss and they didn't know it and I couldn't be with them because the corporation, but but also like, I feel you know Pierre bone. Does there these little subtle sort of looks to the camera? Were it all sort of feels, like your mother, saying, like you're, seeing this right and lack of raising use a thinly. What I'd bucking go through use your seeing this right is someone seeing this. I'm levies but because of exactly why I looked to the camera, was travelling here mode because he won't verbal eyes what he's thinking, because he can't remember he gets demerits for speaking out of turn Friday night
so he can afford to add another year being familiar to his like already long list of speakers. So whenever someplace something stupid a ridiculous instead of answering what were all thinking, he just left. The camera, like you sought his right leg relates will, as we have heard this right is. It is not me but had cameras, and then you have you noticed on in a season two sorts email to different people when he's around the mosquito collectors and those group of people and end the camera crew and is always differently around the character on confession of one one and when he's at work here must wholly different. He submissive he's, like you know, he's on
media and, unlike those are the Regis, does their smaller differences in here. No as like the supervisors that, if you look he's a little bit differently when the weather he acts when these differing groups, parties or parties at the truth of the matter, is they wouldn't survive without him like they clearly would have been killed. Multiple times, if there were had been there
he's just he's. Basically, the under appreciated underdog Armenia and the heart and soul of it, but, but I do I, like I love what we're talking about before about how he has this one idea for his path and what is starting to reveal itself without giving too much away. If people who are caught up is that he's his his true path might be something else that he seems like he's resistant to, but might be kind of embracing it'll be interesting to see in season three, how that is all gonna play out, how season two ended, but but but that idea of thinking you want something thinking you want something and then really starting to come to grips with like. Oh, I don't I.
They have evolved. I dont know if that's me anymore, or this might actually be what I should be doing. I don't know what do you think about that? I agree. I think that you know, I think we ve all been there where we haven't idea. Goals are, firstly, that we hire lifespan of luck and he would allow the tower and we're like in high school. I would have friends who had already planned out there like with like a nearby town twinning pipes, and I had my first, you bet on twenty eight and I, like you, don't know that I do not envy you and it's ok and its eye, but people plan. Because it's a little afford to re enter and when life throws curb, as you like, this isn't what I planned. What's going on like this, why does got hate me outside? No, I think that is just like the universe, maybe directly in a different way. You know and you remember that you know like really wanting something really bad or wiser. Raul thousand my role I really want it did not gain it and then being heartbroken and then look
not the final brightened like like. Oh my thing, I ll get rich as it were like the way, the whole protection of rock a particular. Oh, my god. What was I thinking like in my direction? my other this. What I wanted and then the universe like. No you down ignite you bitch! Now you don't get it if you got one of other those one of those crappy things that you were heartbroken about. You would not beyond like the best comedy on television ass, soon ass. They do other typical there was a proud of that I got for and I was like others- a brilliant was right before I had issued for this and as an only going to see a series regular and like the yellow, and then I didn't get another man and then left. This went openness about a week after I went without action, and then I booked destined got this and then looked at that project.
And the pilot was made and never went anywhere, as I would have been out of the running for this in their heads, like everything happens, for a reason in its up his men and I'm a big believer in the hope, because you because this business is while the world the sort of the world is out of control. The moment like this, the sort of security bubbles than ever you know like all I can do. You know I can just go around and go to restaurant, like even just going to restaurants like that security like everything's appended right now and so the entertainment business is a- is a much smaller. You no less important version of that where we
Fortunately, we have no control over how any of it works and the really the only way to really emotionally survive. It is to be able to just not that you don't morn things. Of course. Sometimes you want something it doesn't work out or whatever and it can be a bummer, but you really have to get good just being like I, for whatever reason this didn't work out, and every little guy and tomorrow yeah yeah labelling, that's a big lesson for a lot of actors in this or art is in general is because you know we're not use that are growing up. You know you're free, sparing any points like creating what not, but then when becomes a business and like going to additions like I feel you know that actors here more knows in one week, a month ago, here in a lifetime, the acres you're? No for, like you know, I have a pitch idea now regard or have not ashamed eating. Gotta you gotta call back even got enough. See here knows a lot, and so it's it's not for the weekend.
And yet a thick skin to be in this industry? I believe, as you have to look at it like ok, was it was notes day by a mighty yes tomorrow, and they can get hard after what you like. I know- and I am sure you know like tons of friends like- are always in the pavement audition for stopping the else until they get a break in there on a show for a short period and it slow again in them, but that at the business right away you gotta do is, I feel like create content yourself and creates work. Yes, and now you can be As you know, there was a time when I, when I started this business, like an idea
in my daddy, you sales and I used to have a share back in the analogue times. You know you just you couldn't you couldn't just go out mixed up. It was very expensive. It was very difficult to do that and now and now people can, and so it is the idea of like pursuing stuff, because you love and are doing things and this one of the things that I respect so much about humane and take us that they really seemed you suffer themselves in specially. Like you don't guess, Breton Germane are technically they toured as comedians as recovery, but it never felt like they needed the audience to love them so much and every time I saw the perform the ill, but it never fat. They never felt thirsty about it. You know anything
This is the thing that we have worked on. This is the stuff that we do. You know I hope you like it. You know like there was just always there was just always and now I don't know, there's yard aspiration behind it, and I think it is such that such a wonderful thing to achieve yeah it completely. What they believe in and out and if the other exemplary down they pay. If I have no regret, they put exactly what they felt, this wasn't on creativity into another you except her. You don't and then at that moment it's out of your head, it's out of their like it's like it's on you like it or not, but they know that they did the product the way to the best of their ability. They want. That's what I love about. The shows that when we shot the pilot, I remember thinking if this doesn't get picked up, there'll be a shame, but if it ever doesn't give it up, I will feel so proud of just the pilot, because if that's like one of those moments, we're like, I feel like me, put everything
We have you know as a team together on that in a presentation and in its up it's out of our hands. So at the other day the network could be like we're picking it up. You know is because their beliefs and there the end and didn't like it. But it's what does Europe as an actor we like proud of what we did its grey now Leslie, not one of the few moments. We now have a lot, but you want in private everything that you doing just put your best, but and hopefully somebody like sex and then they will end if that had it for whatever reason in hand and picked up a guarantee that you know take her germane or other people worked on. The thing would go work and something else and go. You know, like party, was so great in the show and it's such a bummer. They didn't get picked up. Let's put him in this or pay. I saw that pilot. You did that sucks. I didn't get picked up. It was so good. Why don't you can be in this? Other thing you know like you just don't ever you just don't ever know you're, not so much. That is out of our
I feel the vision that we just don't know. You know how the universe is working, so yeah out of it? You gotta working when people like you know we work with the original costume designer the movie we worked out with the same dp. We work with the same no actress and shocking back and you work with them over the conquerors and they were before They worked with before you know, not bury and Jimmy how work done something ass. They got the idea you notes ass, not to be in it, doesn't
That was the only one that works. The church was written for, like that was already agreed that he was plain that character and all the other characters were up for grabs is alike that they do not do it out of working people. They want to work with an and contain that tat relationship, not on this project, but in future projects. Oh yeah, you're right, you never know just actually never know, and you know comedy company is a little specific in the sense that like look. If I I do have jokes, that I do myself back, that some of them think there are a couple that it'll kill, but I like them. So I do them for me, like. I wouldn't want to jobs that people didn't like a word enjoying, because I just feel like all. That's not that I don't have any it it's for me, but I do think I do hope that people now and are are kind of you know. Commodified, like heart button culture, jolts compromise the types of thing
Lip Syncher, fun or funny or that they like, because if something gets a few less likes than something else ago, I thought this was a failure. It's like know, if you really loved it and you enjoyed doing it, that doesn't mean that it that it wasn't, settle. It just means this other thing got more and for whatever reason this got less, but please don't abandon this chasing. I guess that's what I'm saying. I hope people don't abandon their sort of artistic ideals to just chase lakes, which is out of you, Try the following. I know you re, I agree with the underbrush sense, be life create where you think it's like you said. I see those jobs weak as I think that many high, like them and in the EU, Hopefully resolutely things every do you know it's like just for you and do you think it's funny an awfully? Someone comes on the wind like. I do think that any as well as I do I mean, but the company is also a relationship in your audience. So it's like. I do think there is a certain
meant of like knowing when I pray let this girl is it just isn't enough, but if you really in your got really believe in something- and you feel strongly about it, and it's like no, I know this is funny or I know this is good. I noticed you know, then I don't know I just did. I would hope that a lot of good artists are being washed away by like chasing you know and are being deluded by he's you're, never gonna. Nothing is for everybody. You know like right, it does. Nothing is for everybody, so I don't know. Did you are useful doing Europe? cast for the showered. You only do that, while the episodes are Erin. So am I didn't or will the shows on the air in only started this, and it was kind of a last minute thing. Only it's called before the Shadows gallery to an hour. Is why, though, the EAST Coast Premier every Wednesday
so it offers a guy owes, you add, no gone astray and live in, and people who are my friends and, like you know like shower or have been on the show I had he legalised on the first one in and the next in activities when the next or next week, Oh, I hadn't planned. Does anyone know from your day, and then I realized, because you know that in the place where we are and have been last month, people were really now eager to have content in front of them in and stories. Yes, I like the show you know what I'm just going to do it, but I'm going to do it, I'm going to go full out sex. I did it in and we know that a website before the shadows, the calm and you know, we'd stream simultaneously at Saint, like with that Instagram Twitter, Facebook seeking stream it anywhere in those places. At the same time, This kind of war are shouting no tuna in every Wednesday envy MR shocks in other times on people like in Australia. What not
world in London that I can watch it because it in the morning at my time. That's it! That's ok, I'll, go straight to a website and you can go to the website and all the up so do there. So that was all done would like needs as having that real water was a lot of work and I had my sister on board and help reduce, didn't? We wouldn't have company me on a mundane like talk about our guess that weaken pullup cliffs of that gas past work and do a little a of their work- and I we dug jones- we men, Doug Jones Career- was his. You know it's still emphasised so much So it was just nice like just sat due for the bands and- and I would love to do it again next year, what? Whilst he wanted like what are you wanna do like? Do you have sort of? Did you have sort of like a broad sweeping like? I want to try to do this kind of thing in this kind of thing, in these kind of rules and write this kind of thing interactive like what's what is your
What what? What? What is it? What does your dream? Barred? Look like yeah, I feel like I want do the electron, different hats and, like I just was inside, producing staffing and being a producer, is wholly different in overall and niggers. The everyone's their everyone's. I paid onto all that stuff is like well, so it makes you appreciate when I do get a role as an actor, because in our everyone's working to make it work, you know, and so I've done. Everything like I've been like. You know, writing producing acting so like it's just I want do like the whole thing, and I want to live everything possible by want to create more I'm like rain and pitching show right now with my writing partner, urging halt- and it's just nice to put on different hats in the way that I always make fun of us together with my report is that I can get the act
enemies or writing like I have to act out to sea. For then it like chemicals in the journey goes. What are you doing here and she goes totally amazing. I knew it I have to like, do it in the voice and as she won't have any other ways, even when she writes like her pages, does, does it again summit the seller read through plain other pirates who just like. Well, when I read I thought you were going to say it like it's gonna Benita, but it works at work because You got it. You gotta be no one ever was job is on sad to be able to try to do everyone's job in our intuition, create that piece of work and so I am slightly commend anyone who does not like like, since they could be one of the eight devour producers and slashed no also do acting in writing like they can do it. Also that's the goal for me as like. I want do everything and do dude vision when everything can sort of stars.
Normalize a bit. Do you envision a calendar where you you know like? You are an actor on the show for a cup for a few months. Then you jump over and you're producing and writing something else, and then you jump over and then you're. You know, like I don't know making a podcast to get. You really do want to sort of bread out your year and kind of do a different thing. Each time is that serve. With that kind of be the ideal yeah, that's where these are like that's kind of the way that it's been scheduled out by accident. Actually, this last season was up on my hands of seasonal ones, between the one to produce the filled witches this web series and it's really cool and All the elite characters like we are like it was nice, because I also want to create content that stop being afraid that you know it's like they're, not a lot of you, no conscience for fear, characters
I want to create that and then also in that same line ready for people of color. You know and so writing projects that really resonate with me and also give the opportunity, because it there's theirs we ve been, as we all know, there's always gonna gap between that opportunity. For people of color and you could work where an transition, and it is a site there. So many talented people out there who have to fight the obstacle of just given downwards. And so for me was a mission that, if I'm working on something as an actor- and I got a job and study I'm working that I want to create contents for my fellow does ends and artists who, having been seen yet that such a beautiful way to use the disorder
the position that you're getting now is be able to create not just not just content that you want to see, but content that is really important for for firm society like really important for culture and to elevate other voices, don't get to be elevated. In that I mean you know when you, when you sort of some day you know whatever fifty years around when you look back your career, you back like well, I really did something that was meaningful and not just pursue a career as an actor just for myself, or just try to win awards for myself, like the fact that back you're already trying to create stuff, rather people to elevate other people like it did this to me sounds like you're on such an amazing path, and I I don't know, I'm very excited to see what you, what what the next five years will look like for you, because that way, specially cause what we do in the shadows. I really do think season. Three is usually
about the time when something really tips and its people already know what it is, but I just mean like what it really becomes. A thing is usually around. You know season three of the simpsons around season, three of Like Rick and Morty like there are early adopters who know, and then everyone else catches on, and I think that's where the shadows is, and so think you're gonna have a lot more options and a lot more opportunities, so I love that you're, already figuring out how to use that responsibly. Yeah, it's fine. Because at the same time, you know, like you said you are doing, is an using your platform for trying to great content and an end uplift other artists as well, but at the same time you're on your own journey of black somebody's brought the attention you were talking about the unease in starting the like. You know that the ship. I want to get this renominated first and foremost, and then it, but if you get the nomination for supporting actor you'll be the first step
Ex person to ever be nominated. Oh my gosh category- and I said that can't be true- acknowledge the full your full latin acts like, but my parents from Mexico and and also the fact that your queer, like has never been a nose like ended in the history and like that's insane like I was eight the money they give. Like the latin excitement, because I need come this far. We ve never nominees, that's crazy! You know, but you know I think, they're like that, You guys like spread arms and was nominated internal sixteen in his mom site in Venice? Well, I think it it yeah, but like it was a sake might there has been no other. You know it's like that room and another site, that's crazy as much as I'm doing like work to try to create work is also like in the like. While there are still so many doors that I have to come and get the job, you know just myself just like another step further
answer. He blew my mind now that crazy, so ever equity why it would be very well preserved, I really hope it happens, but but but the more When your water level rises, it will raise all of the things that you want to do and it will raise all the opportunities for other people was well, and so it's you know again, it's it's it's. It's just amazing that Europe, this that you're already planning and thinking in writing in trying to make sure that you can manifest these things. So I mean I have very little doubt that you'll do it it. I think eventually, it'll, just sort of you know like the thing that you really have to wrestle with this, like which thing do I devote my time to you know like now you'll, have you you'll. Have these moments where you have a lot of options at once, but you only have so much energy in your body. So how do you? How do you responsibly,
you delegate: how can you make sure that everything is being service properly and with care and with love, and so it's like that that will be that's, also protect the next five years of interesting to sort of sea that evolution process too. I knew you haven't you doubly couple the pod cast every so often if you want to just sort of, I really want to check in a brain vested in your career. So I would love to see how it all, because you did it it's gonna, be such a unique journey. Now like as a content, every other area as a creator, as well as an actor and the balance of those things in being able to do all of it. Yeah uneven time that we should share, like you know, issue one episode in four days. Oh my god. But we should do so. A little bed under three months, so it's kind of its kind of weak, but it's actually great
because then we have nine months of the year to do and we want to do you now. So we but a worthy demonstrate insight. Fifteen our days, nonstop nonstop working, enabling your done. You sleep for like two weeks. I put that right to its end, you're, exhausted But then, when you come to you realize nine months to do other projects are create right producer. It's like the best gag. It's like a blow. In its like that. You know we gets, creates great working, really compact in no time and again and then have the rest of the year to devote to other projects. Is there a based announced, these three yet outbreak, Emerson and Gray you're gonna be shocked if acquiescent fifty days. No, we picked up. I've been run out, we're trying to build where are when we could shoot because of the state of the world, are entitled to it safely in Africa's different on another,
if it has been given up like you know, requirements for different studios manuals like how to like proceed with action, like? Oh well be grave actors. The throne near make up his supper were like a show, a lot of prosthetics you. Now they have the things they have hair that pasty skin nails up, in our troubles and end, which is and always that people into work on yes, said another, How do you video and how to make yourself or which would prosthetics into it right, and there is also so many. You know that there are so many there's so much somebody crew. Folks who is like how do you know it's such a business, a proximity yeah I'll, take people, especially if it's not like a massive massive massive. You know: tuna million dollar production everyone's. You know really clustered together young moving around, especially for moving around issuing extorted. A couple of days like to try to do that from a distance. You know like how can we keep our
here make people employed in the lighting people in their sound people, and how can we keep everyone safely implied? How do we reconfigure a business that is sort of built on everyone's just smash together in a small space? stir up spitting hours, like you said, and then that's it enter and hopefully will hopefully will figured out, like some productions are starting to go back and in kind of testing the waters but yeah or a bit of a question mark at this point. Yes, I think ground I'm a standstill, which is ok rather be safe than sorry and write about. They will figure now think you, know we're just resilient as the human beings and we always find a way so we adapt and was that that's the Improvin, you know like the empty improv people are so good at adapting. I mean those
You you don't just learn, improv and then not unconsciously, taken out into life like that you're trying to do is your trade think fast make left and right turns pivot. You know like make take something and make it work, and that training must follow you into the world. It does, and I feel like that. Again, this is like a kind of it goes without saying that yes and like TAT, is just that it's just edges, much easier to be optimistic in, and a glass half war now as a poster, because you can get you can drown out of water in a half of you. Allow yourself to like you, make the choice in the conference to be positive and optimistic,
it's just better. If it is better that way anything say, you'll feel better at the end and I'm things will work out. The weather gonna work out an end and you have a better world and not only that, but if you put it, but if you can figure out how to cultivate he s hands mentality, you will also see opportunities that you may not have seen. Otherwise, you know if you were sulking in your head was down, and I was looking for around I've got I've I've made a career actually out of doing roles that weren't right for me because I remember doing I had just son in addition for a Dnp, the movie events on unwell, send em, I need accurate. Wasn't right me, like I knew, was writes me. Even I can make it my ass. It comes in and go in there and do it. How I would do it again and the director new shall levy was there like, whose thinner, four days like everything like stranger things and, like you know, everything and the light he just was lacking on the floor. Hysteric laughing- and I thought
good about the addition brand new. I didn't get part like. I just knew and get a browser like he was laughing on the floor, and I did my job and I left, and I was I was optimistic- well lighted. Sure enough in a couple weeks later I was an oral, is really something else, and they called me said the he wrote a part for me in the film suffer man. That's amazing. He wrote, apart from Vienna Summit as a grave like it's a small, I'd like to line above other occur despite atlantean combat, Confucius, dumb here, Norland and the Lechner. No, he wants you there for two months. Does it, for two lines and like because you're now part of the villain team but you're the only good guy the willing Oh wow, and so if you look at the movie, I'm in the home
will we be able to say a word, but that that is you know like there? There was an opportunity that you know in the wrong hands. Someone took two other system I should go out for this endeavour is or try to I'll try to force myself to do what I heard they want yeah and you sort of embracing like this is who I am. This is what I would do with this. This is this is what I believe in a minute. That's really bold. Move It gets kind of got me through my whole career, because the same thing happened when the animal the animal was twenty years older. So when I met the percentage of wine she's part in a party in the next day station for my Theosophy show, I looked at the script. Nose like he's too there's always a sight all you guys are glad now to your way and silence
right with yet more, he was twenty years older than I am Zackie was not right for me and I went in there like. I have together, because my entire was I wanted me out and Jones causing director rife in for another. I had to meet her I have thy love everything the office bridesmaids, like you name it like she's cats, everything that I love answer ones does economy, Housing Jones and, as I am your knee Alice and elections up here and now, as I like Mr Year as accessories now who's wonderful. The cast me so sit there, and I just remembered that I didn't share that moment. I was like I'm just going to do what I think he had a moment would be like at mine and it might Everything- and I remember when I didn't- I didn't remember the audition december- looking up at Benny- goes you're done in other, oh
sorry thank you and I walked. I was hardly wait. Another is you see. I did a great job, the microphone I've done, a career like going for parts that are not right for me like an it did just always happens just the way the things work out, but I go in every time. You know the rules out right for an equal, and so I go in and make it for me and make it and make it the best that I can't my ability in the thing. That's really genius about. That is I mean. Not only do you just want more connected what you're doing and you can be proud of your work and like those are very those are obviously very important things, but also you know, from their point of view, the printing watching a ton of people.
Oh in, and try to do what they think the producers want to see, and so they see the same thing over and over and over and over again, and so when you go in and you have such a strong take on a character, it must be refreshing for them to be like, oh, my god, with, even if it's that, even if, like walk this was a right for this particular role but holy shit. You got to surprise us and you got to you gotta, bring us something new in and give us a bit. Fresh air, from this kind of sameness that we have been seeing over and over and over again. You know if it don't work after this we're going to keep our eye on you and then this, like you, know right and something for you or immediately call you in for something else. You know Yet that is real. Always that way I feel like. I
The moment where I did it at a switch, because for when I first heard addition, I would try to do that. I was trying to like us. Is that he's this this matter my block and I was trying to fit what a mould was that a Hollywood is, placing and then it was pretty early on in my career that, as I know, I'm not gonna fuckin fiddle, not nine. My like you know, I didn't know my I go to my mind. I'm not gonna get em all. They know not fitting someone else's more. So therefore, I decided TAT. I am already emerald. This is why I am representing so wherever I go into a room, you ever want to work with this mould and this person and this character or you don't and in that their day, that's ok there's different products out there and you can go by the way you want in light higher than what you want. But this is all I have to offer Why do you want to work with it? Any love it or you don't and that's? Ok, so I have learnt the early on to it because you know, being you know, lucky next Bein in oh short and stout like these are all
What would pass professors that I, how reaction say, whirl strikes against me and to hear that these were strikes weaponry? holiday. These were all my strength right and so to hear that, because my professors happen taught by Hollywood, an old Hollywood. What the mould was I remember how it wasn't like. Are you gonna, lose the wheel, rebellious discussion about me is excessive. Use a little bit like you, be a leading man now that I feel I can believe in them yeah well inside, because traditionally that's what they have been told by Hollywood, and so what's happening thousands of a ship or like it's like you. Can
see leading men be a little, you know extra pounds on them and what is extra? What is an average body? What is normal? You know ass night, skin color, like one of these things, that Europe can making the traditional way of seeing a star an actor on tv must look like this. It's like we ve been foolish thing. That's the way things it was like. I had someone allowed it to now, it's time to reclaim their reef, shape them old. Well, that's beautiful statement, and also, I think it is. It should hopefully make people realize like that about.
Fitting that aesthetic mauled but a leading characters, a strong character, its character, who you know knows who they are, has resolve in and strength? And that's that those are the leading. You know like those the magnetic qualities and you have you have that a new you ve cultivated that, and so you had so loudly can do those things in your proving it in, and I hope that it, I hope that it shows other people. You know, performers like Joe dont worry about, like people always gonna, be quick to tell you what you can't do it stuck in a work is like you, don't have to listen to that you you can listen to you and and take all those things that people might say like you, centre strikes against her is ignored That's what makes you special better makes a unique. That's what makes you strong? That's what makes you interesting you know ends, and I hope that people realise that that they are.
Or that they are unique and special. The way that they are. You know you. What are you gonna do now with the next few months? you're continuing to rights in Europe. I am over here, I'm right here right now, but I'm also working. I certainly a new project gene in an animated series. Oh I'm, doing a voice reporting for that which is really safe, and I go into the studio in and the door open the no one is in the hallways and no one's in the building and go straight to your room and it's been sanitized. You bring your own headphones, but I can headphones and the director pops up on a tv and engineers behind the glass window and you never know direct with anyone physically and you d reporting on yeah racial right now is a real sweet gig, because you have, the artists can work from home and you can do is over technically, you could do it from your home, and so
It's a real. That's a great: why are you had to say what you're working on the enemy to show you again not yet that it's pretty call I'm excited you ve been ordered some great stuff. We also we were cancelled. Still oh yeah. That was another story. I addition for that. Not one thousand too took them a movie and my my then manager said hey pierce about it for them for having produced a sudden and elect Marfa Magicians, and I shoot them drunk in that trunk. Vancouver sounded like over, and I call on those like I've put myself on tape in and then he cholera back is that you know what this is do you have options and allay so don't think a lot about you ve, something like no, but I'm really. I think I'm right with its role as we should over. That means by sag regulations. They have to have office in bank River, and so they can. I got it without, as there is a lack of course you would think of that. So you got me an appointment, Vancouver Office and I go into that. Could rob is addition and they sent the tapes,
producers which over the heads of the castle, drugs and allay, and they had to call the passing of the land we found a guy in Vancouver and they go the issue in that I hardly gear and the like, oh, and they had just told me not to budgets at Polaris. I mean again, you know is like you. I think sometimes people come to this because I think like coming to get an agent and then everything's gonna be great and energy can assume you, but you know like the many successful people have had the privilege of talking to one of the common denominators is most of them like yeah, you fucking have to like take a bit of charge and you have to get the eight the opportunities and you have to come to make your own locked in. You have big the things that you want to see in that it doesn't it
early just happens at you. I always never understand when I talk to a fellow like actor in their like I'm sorry, my age and a couple months and has a return. My corner, like he's not thinking about you play if you think the year eight year, it's like when I hear you say undoing someone out of the country they send them money and nothing in them, because their shies than everyone took on peace time ago. These pictures- and it's like, I, don't think, you're in a relationship here here behind it. I knew it each year by the gap in its sights. I was I was told. I know I know you, you It has to be in love with you if you're not either. I love with you because you're always bragging about the love of your life brains, you're not in love with you. There always pitching. You sound like a. Let me tell you about my client: no rats love anybody. If they can return your phone can't they, don't even remember that you're still a client?
you're, not gonna marriage. It right here. You're aside your aside these second, you need to go, find someone who makes you like. We know, marriage, mature you'll. I really hope you do. I really really hope that whenever you feel like you have time, I'm you know maybe there's a generally during corn team. I hope you give talks, because you know nearly thirty. Which is like you still have accumulated way more wisdom than I had when I was a thirty, but yours of such a great perspective, not just on the business, but also on the sort of like how to do it in a positive and constructive and responsible way, and- and I think, a lot of people who may be have been told by the traditional highly would machine. Oh here's a strike. Here's a strike years, a strike, I feel it you can come in and really affect people in a positive and very meaningful way. That would show
like you know. Your strikes me your strength and here's how I navigated these different things and here's how because even just the advice that your agent has to be in love with you and even just knowing that, like you still kind of have to you also going to have to give them stop to work with. You know: you're, not gonna magicians. If you hadn't known, they must have an office in Bank Hoover. How did you know that? While because you take a particular interest to learn those things, those are things that I think are always intuitive to performers coming into the business of like you can take control of more than you think you can, and I just think I think you I think you could help so many people if it was something that you ve, you know considered doing every so often arrive at that seventy something bad
I've been approached, you do like yourself, there's something that in there that I love you know if I can just tell a story of like where I come from in that encourage someone to, like you know, go up their dream, then then, by yes, I will tell my story over I'm I'm I'm sorry eating it to go to. Behind this year. I really, I probably would have seen more than a few key elbows on the floor. Yeah. I saw a couple last year, but which I was surprised bills overseas and other no one's gonna, dress up like us in an area where they were as a while, but I didn't see some are dragging on last year that we so so much like detail again today, the patter like finding the actual yogi are more the vampires, like the actual prince that are so hard to find the going out of your way to find those I was like. We have the best fans in and I think
I like watching the show, and everyone does watch though cuz you know it's all for that, and it's all because of that. I really can't thank you enough. This has been so great and again When will you said all you know, I'm hoping I kind of became friends on Instagram was like holy shit because we were watching. We, we ve been watching shadow since, like Episode one and it is, it is one of the shows that we don't binge watch we watch it like, as it airs, is part of our units. One of arts, one of our little marriage rituals is watching, is beautiful. Shell, and What we want, we actually think met in person. One time I think we just met a publicly acknowledge, got yeah, but then economic already knew you get sick, but I would urge that the thing in social media, like you, become friends in but we are still share mutual friend. You know that's how I was more like it's only a matter of time. We're gonna go well, they now. You know.
Setting Clare, you Know- and I guess you know so it's all you met her time. We're like these pools of people will intervene. But each other events Lee and when it does, you don't feel like it's the first time that our it's been in making for a long time. Yet anything else. I can promote to help can help promote for you or anything else and anything else. At the moment I mean if I see now that give people are going out there, we love you concerning the shell fur, a best comedy all that you can vote as well as they say, but we love support and down. You can go watch it all on Hulu or effects and goes watch other observe before the shadows out before the shadows. Tat come faint ass, Dick
this was a pleasure I really someday. I hope we get to do have like an exchange programme. Are we get to conceal amazing furniture, and then you can come to our house, like our house, really sort of like an idiot. I just had the shared thing by total accident that we both kind of wanted to live and like a weird natural history museum, and so we have like our house, has allowed spooky stuff in it. You know when you ve got more Lydia's Wednesday Arabs. She is that is so much more guy than I think people would assume she is. You know does just that when we get it off. I think that if we work in the darkest marriage like it's really had a big, you're wearing a long, sleeved, black shirt and black genes. It's ninety seven degrees outside you can wear shorts and she's like
That's not it exactly. As you know, I don't think that's it. Ok but I will tell her you said hi indefinitely we're gonna get me to see you guys and would actually have to have the get together. I hope so. In any event, if it seems like that were there's gonna be social distancing for, while maybe there's a social distanced way that we in a low and as long as sixty two probably can make anything happen. Ok, good! Thank you! So much Harvey. It's a wonderful to see. You think you have a good one. I can t incomplete.
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