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Henry Winkler returns to the podcast to chat with Chris about his character on Barry, winning the Emmy and doing the movie Night Shift with Ron Howard and Michael Keaton. They then talk about how Henry is always called the nicest guy in Hollywood, Henry’s dream of winning a Tony award and they discuss the upcoming second season of Barry!

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our whole staff for volunteering. Our time for the show, we are truly and dearly hope that it can be a huge success to help so many members of our community, It's are on sale now via Ticketmaster, more info can be found at stageaee dot com or, if you just want to contribute, please visit jewish PG, H, DOT, org and again if you want to have your thing, mentioned, that you're making email us events at id, ten t dot com. This episode, Henry Winkler returns, or rather we returned to him. We went to Henry Winkler's house for another. The podcast and I mean is it if I just decide to stay there with him forever, because he's a damn delight to be around? I don't know. Maybe I could sneak my wife over and then we could just live there or if that doesn't fly, he lives town, so I could like do a cross town exchange Program, half my time with Henry Henry half my time with Lydia.
A man just sort of see how it plays out, because when you now with any Winkler. You never want to not be around Henry Winkler. He's a wonderful lovely hilarious man promoting berry, which is oh brilliant, show it's bill, Hader Show on HBO, HBO go HBO now and season two is in two thousand and nineteen. I believe there shooting it as we speak and also Henry's book series for children, Hank Zipser. So this is the id ten t cast. Number nine hundred and sixty eight Henry Winkler returns. Aka we returned to Henry Winkler initiating id ten t protocol
in this very spot and it was like it was. It was great. It was my birthday, it was a big wonderful interview. I remember thank you How are you doing all my God, Emmy winner? Where is the me like? Why isn't it? Ok? What do you mean
the door? Not we can we put the extent of furniture right there in the dining room, that's right out of the dining, but take the probably pull use it for door. Stop yeah, not me! No some people say well, I'm going to put in the bathroom yeah, not me, no some people say Amber I'm putting in the garage. Why would they do that? Not me right! It's on the dining room table. So when you walk in that front door, yep it's the first thing you see need to set up some kind of like Indiana Jones Movie trapped. I have sparkling lights and I will be colored. You know the funny thing is when people try to downplay the thing they spend much time down playing. It's that's almost a bigger
production than just putting it out. You know what I agree with you. I was so thrilled and here's the thing I'm going to take this moment. Yes to sank, HBO. Ok, I'm going to thank all the people that, under the roof, and just above the lobby yep on both coasts, ok- and I'm going to say that I forgot to thank them in my speech. Ok and they took a some Barry. They said yes to Barry. They then sent us all over the country to talk about Barry, and I am grateful and thrilled that. Thank you and good nerd. Are you playing me? I'm hang up coming up attribute to pratfalls. Yes, it's yeah and then, of course you know the my my babies yeah, that's what they call them. The fabulous actors and actresses
that are in make up my class yeah, because I am a good teacher, because I've got great students, that's right, otherwise, I'm full of it. It's a great. It's such a great show, and it's in it's it's one of those shows that I feel like because I think comedy has evolved. You know like years ago, in the old days in the old days of television, this comet, we're very much comedies and dramas were very much drama absolutely and then there was a dramedy. Then there was the dramedy and now some of our and now you know, good characters were good characters in bad characters would get bad characters and now there's Barry, there's who is very complicated, saying yes, yeah he's complicated, he's he's a. I don't know what that they have to come up with a word for like a a sort of a flawed protagonist or it's like you know he
guy you're rooting for, but he does really messed up stuff and he's very fees very flawed or Sean Penn. God has shown up and not showing up and get have you it. You must be having a blast. What was he doing? The show? Yes, all my gosh, but you know I, I really I go to work everyday. I am real loud in my mind because my character is so crazy. He is, he wants to be a good teacher, he's not really a great teacher. He really cares about whether they can pay in cash on time, And then you are really good student right. Then yeah, that's how you know Ann just says the the most insane things, but it is so gratifying to go to work and be able to play
this character. You know a men, my age, a lot of men, my age play, you know what give me your badge I'll take a week off and don't show your face around here until you kind of cool off, but we got it? perfect Henry you you're doing great going home. Now or alright, listen, I'm going to close the blinds on my office right now and now sh sh sh! No one can see, is no. Can here's What were you thinking and you know, and it I get to play Goosen now, yeah, who the name cushion out, I think, is the obstetrician doctor goose. Now who delivered bills? Babies, that's the great yeah, that's really sweet who went away was like had it building a class of his own of bills, offspring, yes at one. She is, I think it's a shame. Oh it is yes an ice.
He said she is a she's. A doctor very much like Kusano is a teacher yeah yeah, that's very sweet to pay on time and in Canada, I'm still holding my new baby. Can I just sign that paperwork and yeah? No, I just keeps the baby yeah yeah. Excuse me for a minute on lay away. Yeah you're not coming out so soon give the baby on layaway pay in installments will get a small okay, fine and then you can visit in one week. It could be, could solve a lot of pro for the health care industry. You know it's really it's really true. What was it and then you were doing so we're doing the NBC show where your traveling around. Why sound like Kanye, yet not thanks. No, not quite yet. Ok I'm working on your getting there. Do you know what on twitter people often confuse the two? There was a mashup of of of Michael Keaton and me in night shift.
And Michael Keaton was doing a riff and then they would cut to Connie. They did a mashup. What was the riff? You know, Michael said I've got so many ideas that they keep coming out of my head. I can't even stop him, you know, and then he was talking about the hydrogen plow right right right. You know yeah. I I ii, I emailed you a like a month and a half ago, because Wife had never seen night shift and I was like we're watching it tonight and I watched that movie once a year. I watch night shift so really good movie. It is still completely holds up. As one of the best RON Howard came to me. He said: hey, you can play both parts either. One just tell me which one and I thought well, I've played the Fonz now for ten years. Yeah I'm going to play Richie yep and you did. I did yeah my god. I love that movie. It's great that was RON's first major studio film that wasn't uh, oh right. No! He
it was his first movie, that's right now he did Roger Corman movies. You know low budget by the seedier pants movies eat my dust, an grand theft, grand theft, auto. He did television movies, but this was one or brothers. This was big time. Was it a big hit when it came out? Not it was thank you for bringing that up. No, no. I respect. I forgot that it failed. It wasn't big head guy remembers! No, you know when it was a big hit it they they. It wasn't, eighteen to thirty, nine movie right and and they marketed for kids. The the the poster was a cartoon right and when it not on cable, it became a cult hit yeah that done before I found it on cable shoot. I mean I I I just
I've seen that movie. I swear I've seen that movie one hundred times, and I know the exact same you're talking about it, takes out the tape recorder and it has the idea to feed mayonnaise to tuna fish. Yes, why it's your time by buying the mayonnaise and a can of tuna fish hold on hold on speed up call. Starkist I mean it's perfect. It was perfect match what I'm doing. I felt I felt the tuna that I raise in our best. I feel I'm feed them pellets of mayonnaise, and this is going to help this is going to. It would be my planet, but it saves you money. At the same time, death, yeah and I saw there's a great clip on of Michael Keaton doing stand up on like evening at the, but I don't know shows from maybe one thousand nine hundred and eighty in a wound he's got the manic Michael Keaton Energia,
but he's talking about his family. When Michael Keaton came in to audition, we were in Taluka Lake and we were in my house. We had met every young actor in Hollywood and nobody seemed to Raz RON, Howard's, Berry and Michael Keaton came in. In two minutes RON looked at me. I looked at him and he had the part digital man in the room. I I don't know I I that it was not my business to to you know because in it had to be the director sure sure sure no but wow he was great, I mean it is. Did they ever say? Let's make a sequel, I mean a lot of the great news movies with it that this equalized didn't turn out. Ok, did they not make a sequel of of night shift? I've never work for RON Howard again. What yes, I was thinking. You would call him. What did you do? Somebody come on him? What did you do?
He gave me a hug at the Emmys he emailed me. He said I'm going to come in for the Emmys. You know we have a show here at to imagine the Pablo Picasso show right right and that that was up for an yeah. I'm going to find you. He said I'm going to give you a hug it. Usually we have like at least a meal a year, but it's been reduced to dog needs. Now. Yes, we haven't even had a stir fry. We haven't had a rap, it's it's sad. How did he whisper in your ear? I'll, never forget that night shift was a cult hit and how to hit in the theater. With dizzy blame you for it, you know what he I think he blames me for everything I'm not kidding because it somewhere in there. I looked in his eyes, and I saw Everyone loves you you're the nicest yeah. Well,
do you want to do you really want a bad boy image now like? Is it time? No, but you know. I also think that it is really bullshit about the being the nicest guy in Hollywood right. I'm happy to be fucking alive I am happy that I'm breathing and I share my happy Nis. I am grateful grateful I am. I see somebody who does a great job. I write them an email. I write them a letter yeah, you know, Thompson was sitting opposite me at the end, we were up for the same award at the SAM. We reached across the aisle and squeezed each others, hands right and- I had done an animated show with him called stand up, sit down shut up. And it was a run by Mitch, Horowitz the genius right who does arrested Development Ann. I was happy to see him and then he said something
nice to me at the end of the night when it was his turn to present the last award of the Emmys this year I wrote him a letter. I said. Thank you that was really lovely that you acknowledged me. He went on Seth Meyers and he said oh Henry Winkler and he'd, just the cutest old jewish gun drop it just like old jewish gentleman like a little little little gumdrop, and so I just sent him a box of come from from one one gun dropped enjoy them. These are my children. You know the truth. Really. I can attest to the emails because I do get emails from you. Sometimes you're, like hey, I just watched the Wallander bad. I love it because you're great. I appreciate that you really aren't. You are an incredible hulk. I appreciate that it's a function of Jeff Daniels find him after every show. After it, whatever the performances. Does he write you?
I guess he does instantaneously. Oh wow not run hey, but you Jeff, and we got to see him and I saw him off Broadway. I saw him on Broadway in On television in the movies he's just amazing he's I've never met. My I've ever met, Jeff Daniels, a lovely, lovely guy, that's nice and he's a guy that sort of like left Hollywood for a bit. Yes, he did and I went to do the yes well yeah. He opened his own theater, that's right, yeah, which I completely sand. Cuz. I think you know when you have talent, you truly have it in your good air in your your jeans, it doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't drip out. You can just go and
read your your me use your arm. Artistic need come back and you're still as powerful as when you left right those people who don't prepare, who have really very little to give in terms of acting it's hard for them. They they better stick around because otherwise it will be a flash in the pan, but I also think that there's a there's, certainly an air. I mean one to blame. The business or one could blame just how people sort of perceived the business, but there is something about the business that does prey upon this sort of the weakest parts of our ego that we have for sure psyche, and it also attracts people who maybe have a bit of a previous
listen to those weeks being in asking anyway. So yes, but at a certain point, but here it is, then it's our responsibility to prepare ourselves to not be sucked in by that totally to not think that all and you can walk on water, Becaus people all over the world have sent you a letter right. Do you know, write a letter sent by you, well, I I send letters, but I got you know. I got fifty thousand letters a week course. I didn't grow an inch. I wasn't water. I did not know math, because I got all that fan mail. You can't get caught up in that no, but I also think that, but I did keep the jeweler when it's right next to the yeah, but I also wonder if
you know when you're young, when people are young, when performers are young, you get this idea in your head and I believe it's a false idea, but it's an idea that most people have, which is. If I become successful, I will then be happy if I get this thing will be happy that same thing about if I get a lot of money. If I win the lottery which I buy a ticket, every week, of course, but it really funny if you want to yeah win it, I thought exactly as if you won the lottery. Would you be anonymous would you come out and be like yeah? I Henry Winkler did win the lottery this weekend and, of course he would and then I would. I know so pretty much in my head? What I would do with very little of it and give that away sure sure I would keep the line you should yeah. Absolutely I mean it's your ticket and then my children would have to show me a business plan on why they should get some and also compete with each other for who's going to get the most yes and and like the war games, you know
take whatever they would call that with bows and arrows. That's right, yeah, that's what it was. Games race of trials very fed, Jennifer Lawrence was so hunger and that way, yes, the hunger So the last kid standing gets all of it get Manat gets a little bit a little bit of it right. What's left over yeah from what I have given away yeah, but I would give some to the like the drama school and yet there's a and school for learning challenged. Children in Washington Salute Lee the lab school yeah. I give them a dollar or two of course, so hopefully you'll win the lottery this next time, I'm looking for it, but I think you know we're talking about like I am shy, do you know that I am shocked. Each week when I don't my run hours behind it, that. Are you kidding me, but one number that those now didn't come up,
but I I also they're saying I think people think that things will make them happy. I would just I would redo the rugs in my sh. Well, of course you have to my living. No one would fall you for that. Now I mean rugs they where they know like over time as you see yeah, but you know these are nice rugs, but I still because I've shown them up by hand. Come down there with the thread needle you've done a very nice job. This is this is like a woven yeah. You can't trust carpet. You can't tell no and when I leave, are you going to be down like where my feet are crushing? Ok, that I have my shoes. I guess it is ok, good! Yes, it is now in my daughters house. You cannot wear your shoes at all. You have to take your shoes. Do you feel about no shoes in the house? People Oh, I have no judgment about. Ok, that's nice! Sometimes sometimes you know people come to our house and then we take our shoes off. Like give it you know 'cause, I don't want to. I don't have to stress about the rugs.
You know I mean like I don't wanna have to stress about it. Now I don't I don't care. So do you think that as people get as we get older, we start to like hey, rather than trying to find things to make me hey what, if I just was hey what, if I just Well, that's the work of the the whole eastern part of the world. Right works toward happiness right from with in in America, we are consumers. You are happy by sucking things off the shelf into your body, but it's a never ending, it's a never ending it. Just it's avoid that gets wider and wider and more, I want to just say you can never have enough cash, miss wet! No! very slow, and I like them in all the colors. They look great in earth tones bright, colors, like aside from that there's not a lot and again
in the summer and the winter like a cashmere anytime, a year old Cashman, no ones. Well, sometimes I just sleep on them. Yes, of course you should, while hugging the me yeah yeah the reason it's on the dining room table is 'cause the chain to make it into necklace hasn't arrived after measure. They already measured the first one broke. It's all good to go yeah what you need to do is win an Oscar or a Grammy and then make a like a finger ring out of it as well. In my dream is to win a tony. You want there's. No reason you couldn't win a tony award. Well so far I haven't, but have you how much in a few days, I don't know when this is going to go on the air, but in a few days, from a sitting here in my house talking I'm going to be seventy three better huh the fuck up
got a lot of time. Henry Winkler, I hope so you could win a Tony. It's the memorizing that entire script, how much you mute! You got to find a mute character, know what that true yeah. I that's still on my mind. You know what I want to play a mute and- and it's amazing that you remembered that I think. Did you listen to the last one? I think I did listen to the last one. I honestly think that would you know 'cause number one you're playing a character who has a that's right, no one would say Henry to what a brave if can communicate and be clean emotionally without ever saying a word I will have accomplished goal. Then this might be the Tony award that is waiting for you in the wings, but that is one that's on my bucket list. Do people ask you to do theater or do you do you try to do theater or is it just I I have not uh. You know who
give me the last person who asked me is Ed Weinberger. Who was the person who gave me my very first job in Hollywood I auditioned for him within four days of arriving in Hollywood for Mary Tyler Moore Show. I had four lines I have did I think, to six or eight, and he just called me he has written a play. Oh wow yeah. It's amazing. It's really well written 'cause. Well, he was great, then he's great. Now people really do stick around in the business for awhile and they remember if you were well. I have to say that I have a great lawyer that I was his first client skip. Brittenham, the third, and he said to me if you stay at the table long enough, the chips come to you and I'm telling you that
I now know. That is true. If you have prepared yourself, if you have that fire in your belly, if you have your will. You win an Emmy on the 17th of September. Two thousand, and eighteen thing is that now there are many times believe it or not. Before that I didn't get out of that chair. I say in that chair. They called somebody else is name now, because, yes, I'm sure you're very supportive, but deep inside there was a rage. You know what I'll tell you. He is not so much a rage. It's like a a a a four or it's a real, deep, deep seeded disappointment
inside your organs or crime. You know you can see. Tear drops falling from your heart or hemorrhage hemorrhaging hammer jammer each other yeah, but here's the thing you are so proud to be associated with these other talented actors. Until your tush hits the seat rife at which time all bets are off. You want to win and and you have to remember- keep the smile he gets in a camera out, ohmygod it is so much fun to watch those people who forget and that just the face- yeah I really like, but it's one of those things. It's like you know if you, if you had one it, if any
if someone doesn't get what they want in a moment that doesn't mean that it's over, maybe it wasn't right yet or maybe it would have loved. That is another key to living. That you know my my entire image of living is the boy with sand at the bottom, and you you blow it it's a clown or a cowboy and you punch it, and it goes. Down to the floor, and then it comes right back to center account. That resilience is the key to living, and I I heard a great quote. I think maybe it was in the Movie Grand Budapest Hotel, I'm not sure, but there's there's a quote that something to the effect of It'll all work out, fine in the end, and if it's not fine, now it's not the end right so that it. That is the truth yeah, is the way that the world circles around the sun and that the only
thing that we can. Do you obviously can't control what happens out in the world. We can't control that we didn't win a thing. Where we didn't get a job we wanted, but you control the the disappointment right. The overwhelming saddness of that you are, you know you think you're defined by stuff outside you right. I am right in the mix, I'm right in there with them, but then you have to pull back and say that just isn't true yeah and particularly for performance, because it can be so difficult to Spotify how well we're doing or what we're doing. And so we look at a lot of external things for validation, but if you can really push all that stuff the way and go. You know what I'm healthy. I'm happy. I have good friends around me like that really is
important stuff, it is, and not only that, but also it is life giving stuff my grandchildren. We have five grandchildren and they each one different, each one funny smart, You see the world differently through their eyes right. It's just like a nectar right from Heaven and but there's obviously one that you would trade if RON Howard would just call you back well, I know exactly which one, but I can't say, but oh my god, man, oh oh, but I can't say it out loud, but no. The kid is a pain. I'm not kidding not as much fun as the others. They don't hear the single was it to me. Yeah.
It's up to them. I am in the, but I will say also one or less Hanukkah present their fifth with it go actually isn't like eight, let's Annika press, you know you mean one for every night, yeah yeah is it. I have a pitch for you I have an idea for you that I think could solve this. Help solve this Tony. Ok, ok, here's. My pitch for the Tony awards are always super fun. Yes, true, I think anyone from the Tonys is listening right now. Maybe this is something you put you to pitch to them. You should sent in a ward at the Tonys not being in a play at all this this year, when you present an award of the two and you go, you come out. You go and Henry Winkler Emmy winner, Henry Winkler. I want one of these put me in a fucking play you guys. What do I need do seriously? What else do I need to do for you it'll be funny and someone the audience will go he's our guy they'll put you in
say, and next year, you'll win a tony wow. Ok, so this interview, I'm so sorry, is over. I'm now going to call my publicist an I'm going to pitch that very idea right now. It's that compelling of an idea. Walmart of these put me in a fucking play I'm going to say it's just that I'm telling you so one of these only bleep bleep, I'm so happy that I'm Henry Winkler, and maybe it would kill it building words, couldn't do it at the Oscars too serious. It was too serious of the Oscar right, but the Tony awards Tony, is at the golden globes. I love the Tonys, the twenty five I love Broadway yep. I love going. I love seeing those people now I there's a play that is coming to to LA and it's called come from away, which is the store
of the morning of nine hundred and eleven every play that was in the air landed. Seven one thousand passengers landed a small town of Gander NL and there are only seven hundred people in Gander and the 80s, the relationship between the town and all the passengers. Oh my god come from away. It is fab. Where did you see it? I saw it on Broadway and it's coming and I've gotten tickets to come in, It is interesting that we lay not generally considered a theater town. We do. We do get little hints of it like at the panty is like there's a couple: theater you mention the Pantages. Yes, let me tell you my connection. What is that, if you go to the Pente Jews and you're under the portico, yes under the the signed yet, and he just sat and you look down you'll see
My style is that your star, the one man Hollywood star, that's so nice, it's a little out of the way, no yeah anymore. That's a booming part of Hollywood boulevard. Now, really, yes, I'm very happy for the for the longest time that was that had fallen in because that's right, let's look right at Hollywood and vine hi wouldn't Gower Howard in Hollywood. Do right down. The street is Paramount studios where I did happy days for ten years, all we are we doing my guyver right now in the third year of and reboot yep and we're shooting Barry right there? That's right, I always forget the any p on my guyver yeah. How did how did that come about? Well? when I was doing happy days, part of my pay package national was on the air commitments. They don't do that much anymore. I was very lucky.
So my partner at the time and I developed a comedy called Mister Sunshine, a blind english professor played by Jeff Timbor Brilliantly and Macgyver. We sold them. Both Mr Sunshine ran for thirteen episodes. Driver ran for seven years and is now back in its third year. Under the leadership of Peter link off, I have to know what the pitch for Macgyver was. Was it always 'cause? Obviously, 'cause macgyvering is part of our lingo. It's like! Oh this thing. What was for their showing wise. They they the first go around. He worked for the Smithsonian. Where might check it happens to, but not and MIKE my jacket Is there in this missile, but anyway he was. He worked for the Smithsonian and.
There was an anomaly anywhere in the world: sparrows were dying in Capri. He would go to Capri and figure it out and get into this uhm. You know this incredible adventure of intrigue. Then we had him that when the police or the FBI or the fire department or the Coast Guard, could not figure it out, You call the guy, for he would have a bicycle. You know at that time it was. You know it was like the early eighties, and so he had a bike in his trunk of his jeep that he could put together and if there was a traffic jam and he had to get somewhere, he could get on his bike that he built now. Of course, it's all
you know so something you take for granted right, but he was real good with his hands. He was real good with his hands swiss army knife and could make a bomb out of a stick of gum. Yeah. I met with you that I always love those characters who I mean I never. I never went in for like the macho protagonist by I always like the ones it's almost kind of doctor who, in a way where it's like it's his intellect yeah, he's a hero because of his intellect and he doesn't have to necessarily punch people in the growing. He just knows how think his way out of the only time he ever used the gun he punched out the barrel and use the gun as a wrench and literally unloose, and something that allowed something to happen where he saved a lot of people yeah
do as an ep in the show. Are you directly involved with the creative process or well now I have been invited to come and I join the editing process which I really like yeah. Then the EP of Television is the yeah you. It is your responsibility to get that show on the air every week
in movies. The director is king and everything is comes from the Mount of the director yep. So we read the scripts cast edited went on sat solve problems, talk to the crew of cajoled actors who had had a toot and said what are you talking about? What do you have an attitude? Well, let it lapse. You know and like that I have another Broadway pitch. Ok now does it have to do with going to Tonys? It does not have to do it going I mean it. Has you don't go into Tony's when you go to when your typical work? Fine, fine, fine, but not, but this is no. No. I want to do the first idea of just kind of one I think is right, which is, I think, it's a great idea, but okay, so I haven't seen it yet, but I hear the Bruce Springsteen,
incredible? I saw it this is you like it? Yes, it well he's one of my idols. If I If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'm coming back as the boss right and if I can't do that I'll, come back and see that one of the two 'cause she sings like well, I mean it's incredible, she's, mind blowing. Why but for Springsteen so see Uncle go go ahead! No! No! Go you go! No! No. I want to hear the idea. I was digress. Sing that digression is, it was, is welcome, but I so a friend of mine went Sutton said it's on. Believable unbelievable he play like he plays. He tell stories really funny. It's true I don't see a reason, you guys have about the same career span right now. The the reason the Springsteen show works, isba cause he Springsteen he's been at the top of his game. For that long he said that many experiences. He is that much reflection he has that
I mean you could do the same thing as, except that I don't the guitar. I have been reading a lot on the if you should- and I don't play the piano it try to play anyway, tell really thoughtful story, and then just this from terribly and then just do it like you know what that is better than your first night. Did you like that? One better, I'm not kidding that I will not be booed out of the city now they won't tar and feather me and put me on a plane. I think, there's. I really think there's one man show in you do I do because you lie speak publicly and I have our point. You know I and I I show pictures yes and I tell the story of my dyslexia that that would be such a great part of the the whole. I honestly think the one person showing you that sort of spans your career, spans, your philosophy, sort of gets into
and you're hilarious, like there's. No reason that you couldn't put something like that together. You know, if you don't feel like writing. It alone just hire a couple people to kick ideas around with and then just go Rick Roll Roll, John Mulvaney, John Malaney, Malaney, yeah I've. You said his name wrong every single time, either one, met him yeah. I have never gotten his name and every time it takes a little piece, but it doesn't matter he's fine he's doing great. Have you heard there's a horse in the hospital? No, oh, my God was that from the last album from his last album, it might be it from the special it it's like. I don't know it's like genius. Yeah he's bill, haters, favorite writer You know, Mullaney is a guy that he doesn't waste a word in his and everything is sold perfectly placed and so evenly.
Based out yeah. I mean he's a flawless he's, a flawless writer and performer. I am I'm going to spend the next couple of years. Really practicing his name so that I It's really now embarrassed when you're winning that I'd like to thank Nick Kroll and John Miller T yeah for this award John with an m. And with the Johnny Am Johnny M John Mono, I'm getting the light and you're like no there. You still have plenty of time. Well, I gotta go. You know you could just trail it'll boost when you, so getting in the back, as you said. Oh, I forgot to think HBO and the Emmy speech. Yes, They really having stood on that stage before there's a lot of pressure, 'cause, there's a giant clock it's ticking down. This is what happened and if we get you better get the off the stage as best as possible. I walk up. The stairs can can can the audience here that my stomach is growling right now
No, no, no, it has been growling for this entire here. Is it now? Can you make it? it doesn't want to do it. When you stopped it's like the performing frog and where people are listening, it doesn't want to know ok, but so I called I kiss my wife Stacy, I see bill and I hug Bill and Alec Berg the two creators of the show I walk up on stage, and I see the king and Queen of England what Claire Foy? Michael Smith: Matt Smith, Matt Smith yep. I got his name wrong, also played. Who is the doctor in doctor who right and Matt Smith are up there and I start to geek out and I Oh, my god, my wife, and I we love that second season it was some
so interested and then I realized I had a speech and I turned it so technically, you think Netflix at the top of your speech, oh I turned around, saw the audience, and then I was just welcomed by the warmth yeah as and then it's sad thirty seven seconds and it reveals a good ticks down faster than sexual. I know it went from thirty seven to seven right awfully quickly, right and then said: stop stop strong leave. Stop targeting that. No, I can't stop and then I, when I thank my children and said you can go to bed now of insults and of course they with thirty five doesn't mean they can't go to bed, though, to be fair so for kids and the people who knew me knew, did you get it now it
you didn't get it just? You know it was one of my cameras. Tell me know we don't have an extra mike, I'm sorry, we can't make yourself and you can't make it jump in space, but it was and then was that a situation where, as soon as you got off stage when Tosh it- I forgot did. You beat yourself up about it. I did well here. It is almost a month later and I'm still beating no, but it's fine. Now, but I it really because you don't what I would you understand if you do, you won't get up there and receive that award on your own right. You are pushed up those stairs, that's a You are pushed up those things next year affected by your family by the people. You work with by the people who vote and you need to thank them. Yeah I got to present last year
and Julia Louis Dreyfus won the award of course and were walking off stage. I go, you would really funny if you would say I'm so sick of these and just throw it on the ground and she was like I would've been funny, but it seems like there are people that can get away with that. They are so beloved right and you could Tina. Fey can do pretty much anything you could do, though yeah, I'm not sure I I I want it, and I want that that me and in completely whole, I don't want to wing broken. Are you do more than NBC show we. You know what a small window that we well are. We were canceled and I don't know, but people have gone, the the public has written a lot about that. They want to see it again. Did you like doing it? I loved it. What an amazing job that I get to go to Thailand and
the day with Natalie this incredible elephant. I love elephants what one of the the children's books that I've written whistle in Oliver is little Hank, who is dyslexic right, gets lossed can't find his class in a zoo, he's loste and Gets locked in the enclosure with an elephant? What do you do? Fifteen thousand pounds you're, seven you play soccer and if you google, elephants playing soccer, they are brilliant at it really yeah. Do they play with their trunks that are they kick it with. Their stubby fee. I had no idea yeah did you know that an elephant cannot jump? I did, but now you do, but that doesn't hurt there. So I guess you don't do a lot of jumping
soccer. Will you don't do a lot of jumping into seventy three year old either? No, I guess not yeah. You do when you jump over the ball. People jump over people, yeah yeah and I and elephants choose. I think it's five pounds. It's like a block of live, looks like a block of salt right, which is great when you're playing soccer yeah for defending. Do they make good goalies? No, but what they do is they take the ball? They bite it. I think you've got no evidence. My mom begged me to bring her with me today and I was like no we're going to Henrys House. I can't, but you my mom adores you.
Been here we are and what is your name Sherrin Sherrin yeah, the next time we do this yeah in two years, whatever sure yeah I I want Sharon in one of these chairs. Ok, now I feel terrible that it 'cause I was like. Oh, we can't we're going to do something I want to bring a bunch of. She was like she embarrassing, no she's, the lovely smell the nice she's shower she. She does yes, she's very It's very clean lady, ok, yeah, terrific, but she's. My mom she likes to dress during the day she dresses during the day she wears shoes she gets out of her soft club gets out of her soft clothes she's now and I want Sharon in the house. You know my mom's like one of my favorite people, but I just didn't want to overwhelm you my mom. Just besides being a fan of your work, just a just bull nose, a lovely person you are, and every time I get a nice email from you. I tell her and she goes oh, I just
I just want to meet him someday, so I can just hug him and thank you for being so I want that hug. Ok, it's going to happen. It's going to happen. So are your shooting season, two of berry right now? Yes, we're. We start episode three on Monday and how are you feeling about the season so far. You know what I have no idea, and I remember there are two shows going on right. There is the killing assassin adventure show right and then there is the weird wacky funny kind of theater. Excuse me being in the theater, show right, I'm only in part of it. I have no idea what he's doing over there in those of the scene.
We need it. You do you, don't you don't read again to read all this week scraps, but what I've realized is that I had no idea that. That's what I read it's so you know it cleverly done and when does the show come back, I I would think we're going to shoot until January, jazz December January they're going to edit until more okay and then they will start writing Silicon Valley and we will go on again in sometime in the summer. That's great yeah, I'm very excited for the show to come back. I'm also very excite for this piece right here in your living room. Yes, that I would I would like to buy if you, if you ever decide cord sell it it's gorgeous. I don't know how to describe it. Just it's like it's a an let it sink is, has three drawers
skinny drawer? It has a desk part and then you open up the top of it and it is bookshelf or knack shelves. It's stunning and I it's blue gold, yellow greenish, but every little every little panel has a different painted scene. There are little circles of like ducks on it. I think it's from the 19th century. It's gorgeous. Has this been your family for a long time this has been in my wife's family. I think it was her grandmothers, I'm going to put down the microphone for a minute Okay, I'm going to go over and open the desk. Alright Henrys walking over to the desk. We're going to see what's inside the death but someday I will buy if his wife agrees to let it go which may not happen the death,
it's not opening others. On top we've got to move the candles so that the ask may be opened. We don't know. What's inside this is an Al Capone's vaults situation. There could be gay pictures inside money, there's more drawers in such a gorgeous scene inside it's a complete different color has been introduced into there is a head inside. It is that is stunning inside open or closed. This armoire is a winner. If this were antiques roadshow, I would tell you this is a priceless heirloom that is worth a fortune, but no one can put a price on a family heirloom, but seriously
you could put a price on it. How much? How much would I have to work to how many episodes of the wall would I have to do to what is in the their secret stuff in there there's secret stuff? That was the last time you open this thing yeah. I think I opened it a year ago. I mean there's like a stunning Vista every piece of this. I think it's russian, oh, my god looks like in their questions. What if you decide to downsize, and you want to give this or sell this, I'm happy to take it off and I'm so happy. I opened it because it's rather beautiful and we should leave it
for a while, I mean maybe the Emmy should go like right in the middle of it yeah. But then you know a yeah. I have to then leads people to the dining room through the living room. That's true, as opposed to a straight. It's a straight shot from the front door right. You can also ride on the rocking horse that we have for our grandchildren yeah. It's not a big rock course, but well they're, not big children. I love that they have. We have pint size, kids, it's adorable! Next, to this like 18th century hand painted priceless russian armoire is uh rocking horse with a little hat, cowboy hat and a tricycle, an attritional yeah we stickers on it every time they come, they put Cortana. What is your let's say,
someday my wife and I have kids, which I'm sure that we will do at some point. What is your father hood advice? Ok here it is yeah, I'm going to tell you. Ok, a herd child is a powerful child. Okay, if you listen to your child, no matter what- and sometimes it takes a very long time to get that sentence out. If you listen and you really pay attention, your child will be a very the person now. What is the line between listening and and also like not spoiling or placating the child too much like, because, obviously they kid needs structure. Well, this structure is, all the different thing? Okay structure is everything around the listening, but I've said this before, but let's imagine that you're late for a meeting
and your child says dad eight am you know I love I want John I have via, and you are thinking I have to go- right and you're thinking. This is not really important. What you're saying you can't even form a sentence. You must stop, you must turn around and you must listen until the child can say. I I'm an peanut butter and you are I'm so glad you told me. Can we talk about this when I get back and you know what will even share some peanut butter together, I have to go now now you've taken, maybe forty five
It's to stop to listen to let that child express what they were. It was on their mind. You will not be any later or any earlier to your meeting and you have given a very important, um, emotion, emotional feeling to that child and then, when you come home you can say well, daddy lost his job because of your peanut butter. Bulshit, that's right! So there is no more peanut butter.
So how do we learn and now we're going to learn to boil leave, and there is there's nutritional value in fresh mown grass so get out there grab that lawn, mower really yeah and push. I don't care that you're for yellowish the lawn mower right. This is an excellent place to land this podcast, and so just a couple things number one I had for you. I listen Cearley sincerely makes me happy to know that you're in this world. It makes me so nice thing. Thank you. Are such a kind in and you're always been so kind to me, and I I love your emails when I get them and- and I never bother you, but I always think to email you more but like I don't want to bother Henry, but maybe I'll every once in awhile. You could also- I don't get many- I also say RON, Howard? What the fuck, let's get it your shit together, is that I don't know
it is what do regular movies. He does this kind of I'm good. You are you listening an award right there? That proves it's really! Yes, what do you? What do you need to do like? How long do you have to know a person really forty odd years is not enough right. First studio, film called Classic comma You're welcome RON Howard. You are welcome right, but he's use Michael again wish people could have seen the sip of water. With such a great comedy punctuation at the end of that sends, and no one got to see it, but it was just it was. It was flawless. It was absolutely flawless. Thank you being here at our house. Just give my best to shower. I will give my best year. I'm sharing my my lotus are gone. Melaine Gargi Malania would like Nick role in John Moeller is a noble.
Real malaney, I got it right, yeah! Well, technically I got it right. Technically, no, you said Maghull Guy, This is what I was on the way to Melania you're on your way to Mullaney yeah on our way to Melania, but I can say is name or not. I think he's clean knows your level, but I'm very happy that you were here in my house, and one man show just think about it and crashing the Tonys Think about it and the next time I win an award smash it to the ground and say this is getting old funny, the second one. It's already old 'cause. I think you could win again next year. The second one did, then you just completely rebel yeah. They should give. You should just swap how to fake Emmy award yeah and then smash that one to me. It's just something to think about. Henry Winkler, I look forward to seeing you more thinking more in television
and enjoy your gum. Drops everyone. It's true brings you bring your smiles yeah. It comes out drudge Gumdrop a day. You know they say that's what doctors for years been telling really drop. People thought it was an apple know. They were dumb. It was a gumdrop that gets stuck in your teeth and pull you're feeling right out of your head, and you have to dig it out with excruciating pain and then take it back to the dentist and have them reform it and fill it again. What a great metaphor life that simple pleasurable things cause us irreparable damage and pain or death or death at the same time, death by gumdrop. Yes, Henry Winkler, thank you! So much leisure id ten t scanning complete enjoy your burrito.
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